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Mustang Sally 01-20-2016 09:21 AM

Daddy's Little Girl
From a creative standpoint, it's been interesting watching the Ric & Charlotte Flair Show as it's developed from him rooting for her in NXT to what they're doing now on the main roster.

Until recently, they were both faces, as Ric has been for years in WWE. Whatever factors are turning the two of them heel are impossible to determine; it's more fun to speculate whether he's turning her bad.....or the other way around.

At any rate, we're seeing the old Ric Flair......the 'dirtiest player in the game' persona that is much more enjoyable to watch than celebrating Flair as a good guy....and many of us are anticipating a split between the two of them.....soon.

What I've found most interesting and unique about their relationship is how much Dad is (or isn't) following the script, as opposed to how much his natural.... er, flair for self-promotion has been causing him to overshadow Charlotte as they make their way toward the ring; doing his 'Nature Boy Shuffle' as he walks beside her, with Charlotte seemingly baffled as how to get the audience's focus back on herself....alternately wanting him with her yet knowing she'll never be the center of attention until the match actually starts......and perhaps wishing he'd stay home when she wrestles.

When he accepted a match with Becky for his daughter to fight, you could see her anger.....er, flare.....and we realize that father & daughter are headed for a split. After all, no one thought Ric was going to accompany his off-spring to the ring forever, did they?

One thing's for sure; if you're a new performer and are 'blessed' with a famous veteran (retired or not) to help you get over, can you think of anyone better than the immortal Ric Flair?

Or is it really Charlotte the crowd is really noticing?

Jack-Hammer 01-20-2016 09:33 AM

I agree that Flair is infinitely more entertaining as a heel, he always was in my opinion, and Charlotte just seems more comfortable in the role of a heel. She did well as a heel in NXT and she just seems more at ease at this point.

To be honest, I'd have preferred that they didn't do the whole daddy/daughter thing, though I had no doubt that was the route they were going to go because I just don't think Vince wanted it any other way. I get that Ric Flair is her father and that he's arguably the greatest of all time, but I'd rather Charlotte establish her own identity rather than run the risk of putting her all the more in the shade of her legendary father.

With that being said, I'm hoping that this is all to help establish Charlotte and that she'll be able to ultimately establish herself as more than Ric Flair's daughter later on down the line.

Mighty NorCal 01-20-2016 09:40 AM

Its the worst, and has long since outlasted its usefulness.

Ric Flair can longer be a heel, no matter what he does.

His daughter has every single natural heel element there is, and the talent to back it up....but will never be center stage as long as Ric is out there with her.

Move on, please.

J.J. 01-20-2016 09:46 AM

It's actually cool to see a guy I grew up watching in the 80s, who I greatly enjoyed. It's cool to see him being in his daughter's company and I feel this is one reason why she has been pushed to the moon since she came in. Even when he lets go of Charlotte's hand I feel it'll be a struggle for her afterwards. Initally I felt Ric was hurting Charlotte but now I feel without Ric she can't get over. To be honest, I find her boring. It's hard to get her over as a heel as long as she's got Naitche in her corner because he's going to get cheered for simply because of who he is.

I sense a split coming soon and hopefully he will quietly go instead of them using him more in the storyline.

Kodo Sawaki 01-20-2016 12:00 PM

WWE pushed Charlotte to the moon giving her WWE title. Unfortunatly for them not even Paige and her comments about Charlottes brother could help Charlotte to get established as face. So they were going thru different route. They gave her Ric, she screwed Becky in that match so they kinda make her heel. Which was weird because after all that heelish behavior from Paige she suddenly converted too. Ric helped a bit with reaction but she isnt nearly as over as WWE wants her. So wouldnt be suprised if she turns on Ric so she could get full heel reaction even for that moment alone. Eventhough Ric helped with just his presence it could be after she turns on him that crowd reaction could be better in terms of fans reacting on her. Which is shame that it didnt happen even sooner because I think she is great performer in ring eventhough her promo work needs to be lot better.

MERPER 01-20-2016 03:24 PM

Whether she's face or heel, the big issue is Charlotte can't work a mic and give a promo or get into a back and forth dialogue. Her delivery is so awkward it's actually difficult to get through. Heck, by comparison she makes Nikki Bella look like The Rock, and Nikki isn't that good on a mic, either.

Bottom line is that as long as Charlotte is a focal point as champ, Ric needs to be by her side to handle the mic to either keep Charlotte from speaking entirely or to distract from her awfulness.

DirtyD79 01-20-2016 06:48 PM

I honestly think Ric Flair is holding Charlotte back and she needs to move on from him. The audience is gonna cheer Ric Flair no matter what he does. At this point he's beyond the whole heel and face thing. Dirty tricks are expected of him. The problem is Charlotte isn't at that point yet and they're trying to get her over as a heel. Plus what's more most of the attention is going to Ric Flair. The audience thinks "Who cares about these goomers? We've got Ric Flair! WOOOOOOO!"

m0t1ve 01-20-2016 07:21 PM


Originally Posted by DirtyD79 (Post 5391109)
I honestly think Ric Flair is holding Charlotte back and she needs to move on from him. The audience is gonna cheer Ric Flair no matter what he does. At this point he's beyond the whole heel and face thing. Dirty tricks are expected of him. The problem is Charlotte isn't at that point yet and they're trying to get her over as a heel. Plus what's more most of the attention is going to Ric Flair. The audience thinks "Who cares about these goomers? We've got Ric Flair! WOOOOOOO!"

This x1000.

Charlotte will always be in Ric's shadow while in the current role. As others have mentioned the attention is on Ric from start to finish during the matches. And with Flairs ego it will stay that way until they cut her loose from her fathers Shadow.

George Steele's Barber 01-20-2016 08:02 PM

Charlotte Flair has improved tremendously with help from her new character and father. She was terrible from the get go. She seemed so uncomfortable on the microphone whether it was cutting a promo or doing the back and forth dialogue. I'd go as far as saying that she really brought down Team PCB and was a poor choice for the hero in the Divas revolution.

Separating her from Becky has been very good. Becky has come in to her own and is by far my favorite Diva (for what it is worth). Her music is distinguishable from the rest of the roster, she is comfortable with her lines, she wrestles well. I wasn't noticing her much at all when she was attached to Charlotte. Now I think she's working a decent program.

And Charlotte is better too. I like her relying on her dad more often. She is a tall blond, who comes from a privileged background, and clearly has the nepotism thing helping her career. It makes so much more sense for her to be a heel. And so what if Ric overshadows her. She has been in the WWE for like two seconds. This is the best way to get her recognition and experience.

As far as a Flair break up, I don't know. I didn't see the disgust on her face as a sign that she was moving towards dumping her dad but maybe it is. Overall It was a great look from her, she totally caught my attention. However, It is perfectly reasonable that WWE may not want to pay for so many Ric Flair appearances. Maybe she loses the title at the Rumble and then on Raw Natch accidently costs her the rematch.

After the match, she can get pissed, cut out her dad's knee, and stick him in the Figure Eight thus writing him off TV and getting her mad heat.

Nah, when they break up it will probably be scripted for her to openly blame Ric for Reid's death cuz, ya know, that's mad controversial.

Skinsley 01-21-2016 06:33 PM

She is taller than the other Women. She has a more muscular physique than the other Women. And she has a heritage that would give her an automatic superiority complex which the other WOMEN DIVAS don't have. (Jimmy Snuka & The Anvil are not on the Ric Flair level.)

I don't see how anything but HEEL isn't the first choice of persona for her. The transition to HEEL was brilliant and Becky Lynch did a damn good job of sorting that out. Daddy's little girl and that sense of entitlement is the absolute perfect way of getting that message across, and I think it's great! Ric will always steal the spotlight. I certainly do focus on him more than I do Charlotte, but it is still helping her out. I might love the guy but I can tell he is HEEL and I distinctly remember muttering "you dirty bastard" to myself when he cheated to let Charlotte win on one occasion.

Problem is there is no credible opposition for her...or nobody anyone really cares about.
The "Divas Revolution" 50/50 booking basically destroyed any chance of any of the Women gaining any decent momentum to provide them with any relevant excuse to garner a title challenge over anyone else anywhere anyhow....
Lynch is coming on great as a face right now but that feud needs to end at Royal Rumble.
Paige needs to take a step back from the title picture just for a little while longer (I love this WOMAN...maybe because I am English).
Natie is currently irrelevant, though she is the best wrestler on the Womens Roster.
Tamina's daddy is on a murder charge...and has done nothing since arriving with the USO's
Brie Mode is the most ridiculous catch phrase I have ever heard.
Cena Bella needs to take a step back from the title picture.
Foxy just seems to exist at the moment.
Naomi has talent and a giant posterior, but has no momentum and never seemed over during her last title attempt.
Sasha banks.... is injured and also HEEL and WWE commentators never hyped any of her victories or matches in order for her to seem credible! even though she deserves to be pushed to the moon!

What else can they do? They called up 3 NXT women already so that shouldn't be the answer surely!
In summation... Ric Flair is great with Charlotte, he does steal the spotlight but it's acceptable. And yes they should split eventually, but amicably... Like he just isn't on TV anymore unless he is needed.

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