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ShinChan 05-19-2017 11:28 PM

It's All About Bliss.!

Click for Spoiler:

Real Name: Yemrez Reqonic

Gimmick Name: Yemrez Reqonic

Nicknames: Ms. Unorthodox / The Pride Of Estonia

Announced As: "Ms. Unorthodox" Yemrez Reqonic

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 151 pounds

Hometown: Tallinn, Estonia

Billed From: Tallinn, Estonia

Alignment: Face

Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

Introducing first from Tallinn, Estonia weighing 151 pounds, "Ms. Unorthodox" Yemrez Reqonic!


Hair Colour/Length: Black and Blue

Eye Colour: Black

Ring attire: As in the sample picture

Backstage Attire: As in the sample picture + a hoodie

Tattoos: Yemrez has numerous tattoos on her body, some of which are mentioned below:
  • Shine written on left wrist.
  • Rise written on right wrist.
  • on upper back.
  • Red rose on right shoulder.
  • Bird on right shoulder.
  • Karma on right arm.
  • Truth on left arm.

Sample Picture of Wrestler:
Click for Spoiler:

Image Rep: Gurbani Judge

Main Gimmick: A successful professional weightlifter who retired at an early age. Joined WZCW after developing a fire in the belly for professional wrestling.

2 Characteristics of Gimmick:
  • In one word, Yemrez is intrepid. She won't hesitate to make herself vulnerable to high risks. She feels honored to receive several opportunities to represent her lovely country Estonia internationally. In WZCW, she proudly represents her country again.
  • Yemrez has some basic values in her life, against which she won't go at any cost. She won't cheat to win. For her, winning via some cheating is pointless and thus an even greater loss than that of a match. Always opposes the untruth and injustice, be it anywhere anytime. She's here to fight tirelessly against anyone but with an extra responsibility of being "fair & square".

Brief Bio/History: Yemrez Reqonic was born on 21 February 1992 in a middle-class family in the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn. Just a month before her birth, her father died in an unfortunate accident. Her mother decided to raise Yemrez and her elder sister Erina single-handedly.

Yemrez was just above average in studies while Erina was excellent. Due to critical economic condition of the family, only one could pursue for higher studies and that privilege was given to Erina on Yemrez's insistence.

Yemrez then started watching various sports events and Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008 inspired her to represent her country Estonia internationally. Her country rarely won medals at Olympic Games. She vowed to win a gold medal for her country in Olympics and started training for Weightlifting. Weightlifting was rarely learnt in Estonia and she decided to go for the unthinkable. Since she wasn't economically sound yet, she pulled double duty by doing a job as well to raise funds for her training.

After 5 years, she represented Estonia in World Weightlifting Championship and won the gold medal. She won the gold for consecutive three times and then participated in Rio Olympic Games in 2016. She was the favorite to win the gold medal but couldn't do it. The day the finals happened, her fiance Kıvanš and Erina died in a road accident. She couldn't bear the loss and thus could only get a silver medal instead of gold as performance wasn't good enough. She retired from Weightlifting the next night as she held herself responsible for not being able to bring the gold for her country. She couldn't withstand coming second and choking on the biggest event of her life.

Sometime later, a passion for professional wrestling ignited in her after watching a bunch of WZCW programming. She joined WZCW after going through a rigorous training for more than 11 months.

Accomplishments in Weightlifting:
  • World Championship, Wrocław, Poland (2013)
  • World Championship, Almaty, Kazakhstan (2014)
  • World Championship, Houston, United States (2015)
  • Summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2016)

Entrance Music: "Spiteful" by CFO$
Click for Spoiler:

Entrance Description: Lights go out as soon as the entrance theme starts playing. A dark-orchid colored light starts flickering around all over the entire arena. After a while, it converts into a single spotlight on the entrance ramp when Yemrez runs towards the ring. She then removes her hoodie after entering the ring and makes a "heart" sign with her hands to the audience which results in a cheer from them. She sits on the lower rope with crossed legs and anxiously waits for her opponent.

Note: For special occasions like PPVs, Yemrez wrestles with Estonia's flag painted on her face.

Fighting Style: Yemrez Reqonic always fights in an unorthodox manner. That's why she's known as "Ms. Unorthodox". She tends to add her own special touch to every regular wrestling move. For example, She will transition from a regular suplex to a sitout suplex slam.

Previous Injuries: No serious injuries.

Character Psyche: Yemrez Reqonic doesn't consider herself just as a simple professional wrestler. She observes herself as a fighter against the likes of injustice and untruth. She tends to fight without caring about the risks involved.

Finishing Moves:
  • Upshot {Diving Corkscrew Stunner}
  • Via Crucis {Lotus Lock}

Signature Moves:
  • Eerie Blitz {Rolling Fireman's Carry Slam followed by a Moonsault}
  • Elongated Ride To Estonia {Spinning Backbreaker Rack, sometimes while no-handed}
  • Nigh The Bliss {Running Double Knee Strike}

Regular Moves:
  • 180░ spun flare transitioned into a leg drop
  • Chokehold STO
  • Corkscrew neckbreaker
  • Double Palm Thrust to a kneeling opponent's face
  • Figure-four headscissors, transitioned into multiple Push-up Facebusters
  • Gator Roll
  • Handspring Elbow Smash, to a cornered opponent
  • Leaping Double Foot Stomp
  • Leapfrog transitioned into a One-handed Bulldog
  • Matrix Evasion
  • Running Body Block
  • Running Low-angle Shoulder Block

Sample RolePlay:

It's All About Bliss.!


It's All About Bliss.! A simple yet deep sentence. This sentence signifies the ultimate goal of "Ms Unorthodox" Yemrez Reqonic. Bliss is all she craves for at the end. In fact, she believes that everyone in this world should yearn for bliss. It's mind-boggling how a simple five letter word means everything for Yemrez.

Numerous people in this world desire strongly for name, fame, wealth and what not. Rarely do people think about Bliss. Yemrez is one of those few human beings who only think about Bliss. Dictionary says that bliss is perfect happiness. Yemrez believes that it's the happiness of our immortal souls. Only bodies die, souls never die. So, Bliss is never-ending happiness of our souls.

And the only way to attain Bliss is to engage in what one's soul is happy. Not the body, but the soul. If your soul is happy and healthy, your body is also happy and healthy. But it doesn't work in vice-versa. The happiness of body is temporary while the happiness is soul is permanent.

Earlier, what enchanted Yemrez's soul was representing her country in Weightlifting. Now, it's representing in Professional Wrestling. In WZCW.

ShinChan 05-19-2017 11:47 PM

ShinChan 05-19-2017 11:54 PM

ShinChan 05-20-2017 12:02 AM

Da Prophet 05-20-2017 02:04 AM

Can you explain to me what relevance the term 'bliss' plays into Yemrez?

Lee 05-20-2017 04:53 AM

I think we all know that.

ShinChan 05-24-2017 07:18 AM

So instead of predicting winners of the upcoming matches, I'm gonna vote as a reader considering my own point of view.


Justin Cooper & Titus Avison VS Batti Otaku & Tyrone Blades
Flex Mussel VS Obi Okafor VS Will McKay
Constantine VS Vox
Kagura VS Remarkable Mark Keaton
Lynx VS Wren
Callie Clark VS Eve Taylor
Randy Studd VS Yemrez Reqonıc
Tony Mancini VS Vee A.D.Z
Logan McAllister VS Xander LeBelle
Gabi Clark VS Matt Tastic

ShinChan 05-25-2017 05:23 AM

I'll give my reasons for every vote in a day or so.

ShinChan 05-26-2017 01:09 AM

Did match by match analysis and then got the tab closed by mistake. Everything gone. :disappointed:

ShinChan 06-17-2017 05:00 AM

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