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TheOneBigWill 08-06-2009 04:42 AM

WCW Monday Nitro: The Complete Season?

While I'm coming to the conclusion that this is almost 100% impossible, since W.W.E owns the video archives and all. Can someone please kill that last .01% chance in my head that this is legit true?

I randomly found this while searching something else off google. It lead me to a web-site similar to e-bay, but not e-bay, where someone was selling entire Season sets of Nitro.

Basically, Season meaning year.

Season 1 - 1995
Season 2 - 1996, etc, etc.

Is this fake - or could it be legit and real????

Y 2 Jake 08-06-2009 04:45 AM


TheOneBigWill 08-06-2009 05:18 AM

Thats what I kinda figured. I like the concept, and whoever made these (once again assuming the job he did is as described in his "each DVD is in great quality, each show is in perfect condition") seems to put a lot of time and effort into it.

The complete series (95-01) is selling for a mere $125.00

If I knew I'd get the complete Nitro series, I'd do that in less than a heartbeat.

Y 2 Jake 08-06-2009 05:19 AM

Sounds like a lot of money for a video recording transfered to DVD. Even if it is a whole series.

TheOneBigWill 08-06-2009 05:38 AM

When you consider, 20 DVDs spanning the entire history of Summerslam, or the Royal Rumble cost you closer to $200.00 (when they first came out)

A DVD complete series of the entire Nitro shows from 95-01, for under $150.00 is cheap to me. But even at being cheap, its still a lot of money to waste on someone whom I've never met.. giving me their word, these discs are in perfect condition, and the show(s) are 100% all there and in perfect order/length.

Y 2 Jake 08-06-2009 05:42 AM

Copies sometimes don't take properly. He can't give you his work because I doubt he watches each individual copy.

How many discs is it? 1995-2001, I still think it'd be a couple of hundred discs.

Uncle Sam 08-06-2009 06:09 AM

Get Billy Gunn: The Complete Collection instead. I hear they have his appearance on Sabrina The Teenage Witch on the extras.

Y 2 Jake 08-06-2009 06:12 AM

He was really good in that cameo, imo.

Steamboat Ricky 08-06-2009 09:01 AM

So, isn't this like....MASSIVE copyright infringement?

X 08-06-2009 11:31 AM

Am I seriously the only person on this forum who's ever heard of CrazyMax?

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