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IrishCanadian25 12-09-2008 10:04 AM

Holy Shit Moment of All Time
Taker throws Mankind off the HIAC Cage

Who saw this coming? He could have killed him, but there it was - Taker tossed Mick Foley off the top of a cage and straight down, through an announce table. HOLY SHIT!

The Montreal Screwjob

Wait, did the bell ring? Bret didn't quit, did he? What's Vince doing in the ring? Bret just spit at Vince! They screwed him! HOLY SHIT!

Suplerplex Ring Collapse

What happens when The Big Show and Brock Lesnar do a superplex? That's right, the entire ring collapses before our very eyes. HOLY SHIT!

The Kat Skinny Dips

I remember the first thing my friend said to me after The Kat took her top off at Armageddon. "Well, Vince pulled it off." Boobs! HOLY SHIT!

Bobby Lashley breaks the walls down

With Umaga on the outside, Lashley gets a running start and breaks a wall of a cage off it's hinges and onto the Samoan Bulldozer. HOLY SHIT!

Michaels takes a little off the top

After superkicking his former tag team partner, Shawn Michaels throws Marty Jannetty face first through The Barbershop Window. HOLY SHIT!

Hogan slams Andre

No way he's gonna get him up. 90,000 people are on their feet! 90,000 people just got bounced OFF their feet! HOLY SHIT!

The TLC Spear

With a Hardy Boy hanging from the cable suspending the tag team belt from the ceiling, Edge climbs a ladder, and as the Hardy swings his way, he spears him in mid air and down to the mat. HOLY SHIT!

Triple H and Foley atop the HIAC

Flaming 2x4 and all, Triple H finally pedigrees Mick Foley atop the Hell in a Cell and ends his WWF Wrestling Career. HOLY SHIT!

1-2-3 Kid pins Razor Ramon

Seems out of place, I know, but who saw this jobber coming from out of nowhere to defeat a top contender like Ramon on Raw? I sure didn't! HOLY SHIT!

HBK-aholic 12-09-2008 10:12 AM

Thinking about some of these once again made me say Oh my God. Or, more appropriately, Holy Shit. And here it's between Hogan slamming Andre, and The Montreal Screwjob.

I mean, seriously, did Hogan just slam Andre the giant? Did he? Trick of the light? Digitally slammed him? It couldn't have actually happened. Could it? Which is what was going through everyones mind. At risk of stating the obvious, Andre is HUGE. Hogan did the impossible. And at that moment, I don't think anyone believed what had just happened.

However, we turn to Montreal. Over 10 years ago, and still the arguments. Still people can't let it go. Still people say "I can't believe it happened." At that moment in time, everyone in the world stopped. Bret Hart, loved by everyone, champion of the WWE, had just been screwed. Badly. By his enemy - this guy no one really liked. This sort of thing doesn't happen. Yet, it did. And it changed the face of the WWE forever. Huge impact on the business, and on the careers of both Shawn and Bret. This is the biggest Holy Shit moment of all time.

Uncle Sam 12-09-2008 10:13 AM

It's gotta be the toss off the cell, surely. I mean, yeah, it's been dulled by the amount we've seen it at this point but looking at it objectively, millions of people watching Mick Foley fall to what may well have been his death was pretty holy shit.

The others may have been surprising and you may not have seen the coming but they weren't nearly as holy shit as watching The Undertaker throw Mankind twenty feet through an announce table. Now that's shocking.

Gelgarin 12-09-2008 10:29 AM

This one isn't even a contest. If it was WTF? moment of the year then I could understand the Screw Job being in the running, but since it's HOLY SHIT, then Foley's cell drop comes out miles ahead.

During the time the screw job actually happened, most people watching were in a stare more akin to confusion regarding what had just happened, and certainly weren't bouncing off the walls. Conversely, Foley's dramatic decent literally had me believing that the man was, likely as not, dead...

I don't think professional wrestling has ever had a moment that can hold a candle to that one in terms of shock value. I don't think professional wrestling ever will have a moment that can hold a candle to that one in terms of shock value.
It is something of a hobby of mine to show that match to friends who don't watch wrestling and gauge their reaction... I don't think it's ever failed to elicit a reaction pertaining to "HOLY SHIT!".

Papa Shango 12-09-2008 12:21 PM

Again, seeing as this is "Holy Shit!" and not "OMG!" or "WTF?!", I also have to go with Taker throwing Mick Foley off the Cell. I don't think I've ever seen any spot in any match where I think that the performer may really be dead. I was just a little kid watching this, I think I was like 9, but even I could process that I may very well have witnessed an on-air death. My father insisted it wasn't real, that wrestling was scripted, that Mankind was fine and was just doing a really good job looking hurt. The next day after everyone knew without a shadow of a doubt that Mankind really did almost die, my dad refused to let wrestling appear on our TV. Fortunately, my parents divorced less than a year later, so I didn't miss too much wrestling lol.

Point is, my dad never swears, but this moment was possibly the closest he's ever come to saying "Holy Shit!"

klunderbunker 12-09-2008 12:24 PM

My first thought was the Montreal Screwjob, but then I passed because that's not holy shit. That's what did I just see. I only have two real contenders here, and that's the Cell throw, and Hogan slamming Andre.

The cell throw has been played probably over a thousand times on wwe televison, and it still hasn't lost it's power. Mick Foley is about 6'0 tall and weighs close to 300lbs, and he was thrown over 15ft, through a table. Just the pure roll of the dice of that is mind blowing. The amount of risks involved in that are too many to name, and I'd pick it anyday, except for one.

That day is March 29, 1987, and the bodyslam that shook the world. A big part of this is the setting: nearly 100,000 people in one building, with this being the main purpose most of them are there. Looking back, it's still not clear that Hogan would win going into this, even knowing what we know now about the inner workings. Sure the script called for it, but Andre could have turned this into a shoot and mopped the floor with Hogan like it was nothing. From a total mark standpoint though, this is unbelievable. For Hogan to get beaten up for the 15 minutes of the match, then Hulk up, and pick the biggest man anyone there had ever seen off his feet, turn him over and slam him to the ground was mind blowing. Cell dive is more famous, but this is legendary.

jmt225 12-09-2008 02:00 PM


Where the hell is the moment when Jake Roberts had his fucking cobra bite Savage on the arm? While Taker/Foley was unbelievable, the Savage/Roberts angle had me in fucking tears, scared to death for Savage. That's the ultimate 'Holy Shit' moment for me. I've never been more shocked as a wrestling fan then I was for that.

IrishCanadian25 12-09-2008 02:21 PM


Originally Posted by jmt225 (Post 706697)

Where the hell is the moment when Jake Roberts had his fucking cobra bite Savage on the arm? While Taker/Foley was unbelievable, the Savage/Roberts angle had me in fucking tears, scared to death for Savage. That's the ultimate 'Holy Shit' moment for me. I've never been more shocked as a wrestling fan then I was for that.

Oh man, a classic! I didn't expect that at all! It's a great honorable mention. I don't feel bad leaving it out, mind you, but I can certainly respect someone wanting to see it in there.

I was terrified when Jake's snake bit Macho Man, and since I was very young at the time, I was also crying when Savage started swinging wildly because I truly thought he was about to die. Savage sold it so well, and Elizabeth shreiking on the outside just served to further Jake Roberts as a sadistic madman of a heel.

Mighty NorCal 12-09-2008 06:39 PM

there is zero chance that ANYTHING else should even have a chance here. The throw of the HIAC stand to this day as the most incredible thing I have ever seen in wrestling. I could pop that in TODAY, and still say holy shit, and shake my head in disbelief. after seeing it some good 500 times. You do all realize, that Foley had a better chance of DYING than living through that?? Just inches further away, and hits the rails, and dies. inches short, he lands only halfway on the table, and dies. Shit, he landed PERFECTLY and almost died.

Also, IC, I would suggest the entire sequence be made the option. ALA Foley flies, GETS UP OFF THE STRETCHER, then goes through the roof, on fucking accident. And lived.

Holy shit.

Shocky 12-09-2008 06:49 PM

This is about as cake walk as it gets. Nothing in my entire life watching anything has shocked and scared the hell out of me more then the Cell toss on June 28th, 1998. Watching it live with my brother and three cousins on pay per view, we were loud, but instantly everyone shut the hell up after saying Holy Shit. We all realized what we just saw, and couldn't believe it.

There have been plenty of moments in the business that have genuinely shocked me, but nothing will ever beat out the Cell toss. You can watch it a thousand times (probably a legit number of times I've seen it) and still not be numbed by it. It's cringeworthy every time, yet not as over the top as a jackass getting thrown into barb wire.

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