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It's Damn Real! 06-17-2015 07:04 PM

ROH LD for 06.17.15
Anyone watching?

Scotty 06-17-2015 07:06 PM

I'm about to start

It's Damn Real! 06-17-2015 07:08 PM

Holy shit, the beards on these guys... War Machine.

Scotty 06-17-2015 07:09 PM

Who let Mike Knox into ROH? Lol

Scotty 06-17-2015 07:09 PM

And here goes the destruction.

Scotty 06-17-2015 07:11 PM

What is the match listing for tonight? Do you know?

It's Damn Real! 06-17-2015 07:14 PM

No idea.

Scotty 06-17-2015 07:16 PM

Are you very familiar with this Moose fella? Did he use the rolling spear first or did Lashley do it first?

It's Damn Real! 06-17-2015 07:16 PM

Love the entrance for Moose.

I saw him once at a DragonGate show. That's the extent of my knowledge of him.

Scotty 06-17-2015 07:21 PM

My Moose knowledge is about 3 matches and 10 seasons of Supernatural.

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