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waylonmercy 08-25-2010 03:27 PM

TNA should look back at WWE when they moved past WCW
When TNA first started up they were fresh and relatively good. They had LOTS of fresh young talent who were independent stars and made a bit of noise. Enough to get people to check out the show and garner some interest. Forgive me if I am wrong but they had talent such as Kaval, Red, Styles who weren't at the time good enough for WWE but could put on a hell of a match. You had CM Punk who had a good indy following, they brought in Samoa Joe who had a good indy following and all could put on a good match. The best part about them is that they work for CHEAP! They have NO name value when it comes to commanding $$ but yet they work harder than most of the establish talent and 95% of the veterans there today. As they built a bit they were clever enough to sign talent who could also work like Angle & Christian and they were developing talent very well. TNA could have very easily signed all the ROH and skilled indy talent at that time and established a SOLID wrestling first national promotion and as time went by build THEIR OWN STARS! That's what WWE did 15 years ago. They couldn't afford the Nash's, Hall's, Hogan's, Savage's, Piper's etc. and brought in younger talent. Some were hits and some were misses but WWE was smart enough to throw out the waste and bring in fresh talent and didn't get stale. They believed so much in developing talent that they established farm systems like OVW and HWA that groomed talent the WWE way. TNA had the opportunity to keep the good and release the trash, some talent makes it (AMW was someone they developed nicely) and some talent gets released and goes back to the indy's. Obviously theyh ave a lot of financial backing, otherwise they wouldn't have all these old wrestlers there right now. They could have locked up the NEW STARS to long term contracts and established their own following. They had all the tools to do so. THere is so many indy wrestlers who are STARVING for a break. Instead they have pigs who are making 6 figures working dud matches with their thinning hairline or their greying hair and boring the hell out of us. WCW was a disaster at the end and TNA is going that route. WWE may be the big dog in the USA but there is no reason why TNA can't be a very profitable, successful promotion who builds up the same way WWE did 15 years ago...


realdealasshole 08-25-2010 03:55 PM

I had absolutely no problem with having people like Flair, Nash, Sting brought in as the really old veterans because they have helped establish stars. Flair is making the guys in fortune get more character and seem more powerful as wrestlers. Nash helped Lethal, Eric Young at a point, and Sonjay Dutt. Sting has helped make champions a bit more credible by having them beat him as an iconic figure.
I absolutely love the idea of bringing in Mr. Anderson because he's young and can carry the company if given the shot and not booked by idiots (unlikely in TNA). I like having Jeff Hardy in TNA because he does have a following and kids like him.

Here's where the problem comes in though. Bringing in ECW has officially made me give up on TNA ever becoming a success. They have absolutely nothing to bring to the table and are only robbing people of air time.

Instead of wasting money on ECW guys, they could've brought back people like Daniels, Austin Starr, etc. Given more shots to people like Amazing Red, Samoa Joe, etc.

TNA can and should easily be able to increase ratings. But they won't. Why? Because they are looking past what was able to bring them success in the first place. The X division and homegrown talent willing to do anything to make a name for themselves. You wanna throw in established stars in the mix every now and then? I say hell yes. But don't let them take up most of the time.

mrbooker 08-25-2010 05:02 PM

The facts are you need the old timers in their because people 20 and older grew up on hte monday night wars and ECW, ans especially with older wrestling fans guys like your hogan, flair, sting thats going to get attention from older watchers who might check it out and in the process see an AJ styles or a Ken Anderson. The problem with bringing guys back like daniel, amazing red etc.... is because TNA doesnt have a strong base to begin with who is the best in TNA without argument??? TNA is building their main angle for bound for glory they cant focus on mid card matches/feuds which is exactly where daniels would be right now if he was on air every week.

Marcesto Del Santos Vega 08-25-2010 05:46 PM

First lets start with Jeff Jarret, I believe he holds grudges with VKM for the reason he never got anywhere in wwe. So he came up with TNA a wrestling show where there stars are wwe dropouts or werent good enough to compete on a raw main event. Why does TNA keep picking up wwe nobodies??? its almost like TNAs wrestler qualifications standards are "the wrestler wasnt good enough" WWE build stars in 3-6 months look at brock lesner was wwe champ 6 months and to be a wwe champ is big it means you are a "draw" though i stand corrected BY MY OWN SELF I can't really say shaemus is a draw but back to my point WWE builds stars in no time CM PUNK, JACK SWAGGER, WADE BARRET, and so on how long has aj styles been in TNA? and can not cut a promo and look like he gets his haircuts in gaybash california. TNA is dwelling on the same stars for years or picks up wwe cuts. HELL TNA is too southern probably prais that confederate shit in the locker rooms. BRING in some new guys stop with the whole samoa joe, chris sabin, sting, abys im so tired of these guys. WWE wassmart they brought in Alberto Del Rio who does tna bring? Orlando jordan hes as tough as a play girl model. tho i did enjoy the whole FN show TNA does not bring that type of quality everyweek. think about tho they got low ratings they were still praised and can put on the best show in history does not mean they will get the rating its all in "CONSISTENCY"

yea and these old stars are dilusional its a new day and new age WWE does not rely on old stars unless they can keep up with the younger guys like undertaker, the rock,jericho KANE, HELL i think wwe went the TNA route bringing Bret Hart Back. but in all fairness they build stars MIZ is on fire while Styles is..................... GAY not sayin he cant wrestle but damn i hate his promos.

one more thing I cant stand sting, nash, eric young, foley and all the has beens/ never were like steven richards


vampirek 08-25-2010 05:49 PM


Originally Posted by mrbooker (Post 2360631)
The facts are you need the old timers in their because people 20 and older grew up on hte monday night wars and ECW, ans especially with older wrestling fans guys like your hogan, flair, sting thats going to get attention from older watchers who might check it out and in the process see an AJ styles or a Ken Anderson. The problem with bringing guys back like daniel, amazing red etc.... is because TNA doesnt have a strong base to begin with who is the best in TNA without argument??? TNA is building their main angle for bound for glory they cant focus on mid card matches/feuds which is exactly where daniels would be right now if he was on air every week.

What the hell are you on about? People don't tune in to see the old timers (this is reflected in the ratings alone). You say about people who grew up with the Attitude Era, lets get this straight they cared more about the younger guys than the has been repeating storyline after storyline. So to say they are now tuning in to see the has beens repeating storylines is far off the mark.
Now on to the rest of the silly post. I bet a large amount of the audience knows how Ken Anderson/Kennedy is and as for AJ, he has a huge following and much larger than what you think it is.
As for building their main angle and can't focus on the midcard. What the hell, a wrestling company should never rely on its main event. Ever. It needs a strong midcard, its where WWE have been going wrong for many years now. The midcard builds the future, the future feuds and so on. Its very valuable to a company and by doing so a company can establish their own wrestlers, with a career in the company behind them rather than filling the roster full of guys people are sick to death of seeing.

FitFinlay4Life 08-25-2010 06:41 PM

Okay.. here we go - the two main storylines at the present -

Sting, Hogan, Nash and Jarrett - a storyline that makes sense; two aging stars who (apparently) want to hold their spots while the founder and the new boss want the new guys to shine. This hasn't been stretched across the two hours of Impact but compacted into one segment - hardly hogging the spotlight and it gives the nostalgia fiends amongst us happy.

EV2.0 Vs Fortune - this also makes sense and can operate as an ECW rub on the organisation; young guys not appreciating old washed up garbage wrestlers hogging their PPVs and TV time, so they take things into their own hands.

Outside this, TNA has a Tag Division to be very proud off. Plus Angle, Anderson, Hardy and Dinero are to tustle for the World Belt. And finally the carrot that is the mystery of 'them'.

I like TNA at the moment, the capable are doing the vast majority of the wrestling and talking has taken a back seat to matches. Is everything perfect? Hell no, the XDivision doesn't get anywhere close to enough TV time. The Knockouts division is too light for my liking, but if rumours are to be believed this should be in the process of changing.

No, it's not perfect but compared to the early days of the Hogan/ Bischoff regime when there was famously a quarter of an hours wrestling in a two hour show and characters like Val Venus, Nasty Boys, Bubba and Hall and Waltman were running around? Nirvana

snoopy 08-25-2010 06:46 PM

While I agree with your thoughts I have to say that 15 years ago the WWE didn't exactly bring everybody up from OVW.AUSTIN,Triple H ,MICK FOLEY,VADER,LOD,MARC MERO,and a few others came from other places namely WCW. The thing was they gave these guys a chance to become something and that's something WCW didn't give them.

And I see TNA as no diffrent with guys like POPE, MR.ANDERSON and MATT MORGAN!But the problem is that there's so much focus on where these guys came from and not on wheter these guys got a chance in the WWE.They didn't they got fired like AUSTIN,TRIPLE H, and others now their in TNA and getting a chance to become something like those legends of 15 years ago!

disturbedbob 08-25-2010 07:10 PM

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The older guys are there because they are names in the industry who draw attention. The idea is for the old guys to be hyped and then the young kids beat them, thus establishing them as genuine believable stars of the future.

I saw someone say some derogatory things about AJ. Well, I hate to piss on your parade but he just happens to be No 1 on the PWI500. Not bad for a boring guy who can't cut promos.

Have the majority of WWE fans forgotten about.....um....wrestling. OMG he said the w word.

I don't care how good Miz's promos are he can't wrestle. If you want to talk about boring, lets talk about Supercena, or Orton's predictable match endings, or just Raw in general (minus Santino and Seamus). Smackdown is by far and away better than Raw, at least I get to see wrestling. Look at all the guys buried on Raw who have thrived on SD. I even see more wrestling in 2 matches on Superstars than I see on Raw....but I digress.

EV2 had their PPV tribute to ECW. I enjoyed it for what it was, a lot of people didn't. I like the fact that TNA chose to mention in detail Joey Styles and Paul Heyman. If this was a WWE show and these two weren't on it, then they would not have existed in the WWE universe. I liked the honest way TNA approached this as a tribute. Let's also remember that Tommy Dreamer is the only guy so far (I haven't read any spoilers) who has actually competed on Impact in a match. It's the old guys against the new kids (similar to the Nexus angle that everyone seems to be orgasming about) difference being the new kids can all wrestle, can all cut promos and can all have matches with any talent on the roster, hence showing adaptability. The Nexus can't (not even Barrett, don't forget his botch against Henry). Bottom line is Fortune batter the hell out of EV2 and become even more of a hot prospect. They will keep the guys who can still go and cut the others. There will be some swerve involving the Nash/Sting/Jarrett/Hogan situation, but I don't know what......but thats why I love TNA because it's so unpredictable.

I'm fed up of some WWE posters on this site who talk about Raw like its amazing. It sucks....and guess what? Ratings just dropped again. For a Florida based company TNA is keeping afloat and pulling off consistent ratings, which are already a third of what Raw does. Impact beats Superstars and NXT on a regular basis, but no one mentions this. In fact in the UK Xplosion gets better ratings than Raw, never mind Impact. TNA isn't perfect, but with time and great storylines it can be. I fear Raw will never be good again. Not as long as I have to put up with guys in the title picture like Miz, Orton, Barrett and the rest of Nexus, whilst burying Jericho, Edge, Morisson, Regal, MVP (who I don't even like but at least he has wrestling ability) Notice what these guys have in common? Throw in Kane, Swagger, CM Punk and Rhodes and you'll notice they are all better off on Smackdown.

I know some of that rant had nothing to do with the OP, but I had to get it off my chest, because of stupid comments like 'AJ is boring' or 'TNA will die soon'. I love wrestling and for that reason I hope TNA pushes WWE to better there product so we can all benefit. Instead of WWE just throwing in green guys who have the 'It' factor or the 'mic skills' but can't wrestle for shit.

Stormlor 08-25-2010 07:56 PM

@ OP

They couldn't get the money. There ratings have always been in the dumps. They got the RVD, the Booker Ts to help bring in an audience. That didn't work so well did it. There is two simple things you can do to improve the TNA product. One fire Dixie, and two get off Spike TV.

Marcesto Del Santos Vega 08-25-2010 08:01 PM

what are you kidding me buddy?? u must work for TNA cuz u sure are kissing ass.... AJ styles i have seen every match hes been in. TNA guys are wanna bes of WWE, think about it you ASS Smooch. ( hope i dont get another infraction) AJ already sold his soul wanting to be the next Jericho/Rock/Orton. those
TNA guys are WWE wannabes. though Raw is stale i fast forward through it everytime I like barret, the nexus angle is great! i watch raw for the great story lines. smackdown for wrestling and tna for.....???? to watch time limit matches, run in interferences and old has beens who cant wrestle a 5 min match and then be hailed as TNA classic. AJ is on pwi? so wat.........SO WHAT i think the blu meany ws on that same damn cover. point is who R u? and what do you know about anything!


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