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Lee 11-06-2009 08:38 PM

WZCW Show Reviews
Anyone can post in here, just give us feedback on the shows what you liked, what you didn't.

NB this is not a spam thread.

Just FalKonika 11-08-2009 04:28 PM

I figured I better start this review thread out. This half of the entire thing will be feedback about the overall usage of the shows.

Positive Points:

- Great timing and teamwork. The shows are posted on the specified dates, sometimes even earlier and everyone on the creative/writing team works well to post everything up. This is despite hinderances like outside commitments and people leaving.

- Ability to work with what has been given. All you guys have to use is a roster page and one RP to write matches and storylines. I can see how frustrated you can get if someone no-shows or writes something crappily forcing you to write a shit match.

- Separation between matches. It's a good idea to do so and makes it for much better reading. I also like the idea where you post who writes what matches.

- I could go on and on... so, how about I just skip to my own personal criticisms?

Negative Points:

- CHECK YOUR SPELLING! If we need to spell check in our RP's, then so too can creative do the same in their posting of shows. It frustrates me when I just sit there trying to decipher what you attempted to spell sometimes.

- Use the same style of formatting. Some creative members use different colour codings for the same people, which can confuse people. Some write matches in italics and others in nothing... what I am trying to say is have a set basis for setting out the shows.

- Limited use of the commentators. I know why, but it wouldn't hurt to make them add something more to the match. Like, instead of describing pinfall attempts or submission moves... get the announcers to call them and describe them to use mid-match. This will allow you to make Cohen rise to his feet in joy or anger about what is occurring or either of the play-by-play people to become more emotionally attached to the match.

- - - - - - - - -

What I liked About the Shows:

- Interesting storylines to rid of leaving superstars such as Drake Callahan being carried away by Lars Reidar.
- The swerve balls of the Ascension ending (to which I know its translation) and having every title change hands.

In all seriousness, there was nothing about the last couple of shows that I can say that I didn't like. However, I will mention that I was extremely shocked when I was crowned the Tag Champ. I thought for sure that since I was debutting and Second Coming just won the titles, we wouldn't take the titles away from them. But, I guess that's not the system.

Super Crazy 11-08-2009 07:18 PM

Great show guys. I must say I love the idea of WZCW all together, that's why I joined. I really am enjoying my stay here thus far. It has given me a new thing to do on these forums. I like the fact that you guys base everything off very little information such as the RP's and the roster pages. I can only imagine all the time that goes into this. Anyways, onto the shows.

I rather enjoy the segments with Chuck Myles and Vance Bateman on each of their respective shows. I love that each show has a general manager as it has become a likeable element of the wrestling business to me. As I've said in the discussion thread, I love that your title matches don't just happen at pay per views, they happen on all the shows. I like that there are also no limits to the length or RP's, as they can either be short or long as long as they can get you over.

At first I didn't like that not everyone had a titantron video, but then I realized the time and effort it would take to make one for every single wrestler, but the thing I don't understand is how do you choose who gets them? Who decides that someone gets a titantron?

I loved that Jordan Lights had a strong showing in the debut match and that he had a shot at the Lethal Lottery and now potentially has a shot at winning a championship.

This is my first time really RPing for anything and I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work guys. If you ever need/want a new creative member, give me a shout and I'll gladly oblige to help out.

The Doctor 11-08-2009 07:27 PM

I really liked the battle royal. I suppose that's an obvious one, given it had me in it. But I really thought it was well-written and exciting. The entrances needed a little work, though. I know you were trying to get through them quickly, but the commentary in some didn't work for me.
The opening promo was funny, but it didn't flow very well when I was reading it. It needed a little more work.
The Cougar/Callahan match was fantastically written.
Overall, a very good show.

First off, digging the ending. Really left me wondering.
The backstage segments seemed a little out of place to me, for some reason.
I think Chambers should have been beaten up more.
I liked the Excellency/Baller match, and Baller's cockiness was well done.
Fajitas come from Mexico, not Spain. Funny line, though, one I will reference if I ever have to face De La Noche.
The backstage segment after Chambers/Obsidius confused me slightly.
The tag team match between Teach/Kurtesy and Second Coming was absolutely top notch.
The main event was, as well.

A solid round of shows, and I highly enjoyed reading them.

Father:_Polley 11-08-2009 07:28 PM

Guys, I have to say the shows were VERY well put together. Although I admit I didn't get the guitar solo (it has since been explained and is not clear to me). I likd the idea of Drake being removed by Lars (sneaky git took a win off me when I'd asked for the show off), but a coffin would have been a better way rather than a stretcher...

Developmental BR was good and a nice preview to Lethal Lottery.

Good luck to whoever gets to write that baby!!!

Pimpin 11-08-2009 07:46 PM

I really loved the triple threat Mayhem Championship match. I know that was an obvious one seeing as how I was in the match & I won.
The main event match came of really well. Plus I am a fan of how the entire rWo bit came off.
Liked the commentary on the show & it's one of the enjoyable aspects of the show.
The first match of the show was really well written & the writing made it into an enjoyable match for me to read.

Just for the shit's & grins, Chambers should've been beaten down a little more, but he's gone now.
The whole Fajita reference is a funny line
The Mr. Baller/Exellency match was good. It's always nice to see Mr. Baller come out on top (he's a good heel character).
The backstage segments were kind've a hit & miss at times (mostly a hit), but not every segment can be on par right.

Just FalKonika 11-09-2009 12:58 AM

Since I completely missed the point the first time around (or some creative members don't take constructive criticisms lightly) :p, here are my thoughts on the show...

MeltDown 31:

- rWo spoof was pretty good... seemed a little forced, but what do I know about comedy? Nice solid promo to get some momentum into the main event.

- On demand role-plays are good, they do their job in delivering what they are meant to do. Generic, but it does well enough to hype everything.

- The Developmental Battle Royale was good. J-Dogg getting eliminated as soon as he enters was pretty funny, but I thought he has asked for his release? CB getting kicked out early is funny as well. Beckford deserved the win, with Karzai coming a close second. The right people got signed to a contract.

- All the matches were solidly written (the ones where people RP'd) and the James Baker win was a little shocking, but no suprise. I like the way that these released superstars like Drake Callahan get pushed aside.

Ascension 6:

- Good short match to kick the show off... with the build to the Tag team Title match.

- That protolock is being built to be something fierce. Good match between Rafael and Payne, that was good writing.

- I'm with the majority, Chambers should have been kicked the shit out of... but considering neither character RP'd I can see why Obsidius didn't get the full work done.

- Nothing to complain about the Zander segments/match refereeing.

- The main event match was the highlight of the night, it was really something. Great idea to pit opponents as tag team partners. The twist ending was great as well.

- Last but not least, MY TITLE VICTORY!1!!1! I was both surprised and shocked me and Teach got the titles. I thought considering that I just started with my new character, Teach has sooooo much momentum and Second Coming just won the titles... I thought for sure that they would retain and it would be a win-win situation. However, I appreciate that we got awarded the titles.

Keep up the good work guys.

Kanye South 11-21-2009 08:11 PM

The Lethal Lottery was great. Although I think it's kind of sketchy that Titus won the match in the section of the match that Lee wrote...

Just Joking.

The show was great and can't wait for Kingdom Come.

Titus vs. Everest

grateztz mainz event EVAH#1!!@!@#@!!!!!@!!!

Leeds Guy 11-26-2009 01:11 PM

Meltdown 31 - I loved the opening segment with Titus, Steel and Bratchny impersonating the RWO. It was funny and a good set up for the match later that night. The opening match between Royal and Hammond was a good opener and a decent match. The Developmental Battle Royal entrances could have been done better but I understand that to write out everybodys entrances would be too time consuming. The match itself was fantastic, faced paced action. I liked that basically everybody got some time to shine. Obviously I was happy with the match due to my guy being in it and I liked the suspense of the last 3 men in the ring, anybody could have won that match.

The Eurasian Championship match was weird I had expected it to go much longer than it did even though we knew the outcome before the match. Having said that though the Lars Reider taking Callahan and putting him in the casket was very well written and took me by suprise. The Bowen/Christiansen seemed too short, I liked the attack at the start of the match but then that was it, I thought it would have gone on much longer than it did considering the length of the match before. The Mayhem Championship match was my match of the night, well written and great entertainment, the length was just right and it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.

The main event was a very good 6-man match I kinda guessed that the RWO would come out victorious after they were embarrased in the opening segment but that didn't take anything away from the match. It was very entertaining and set everybody up nicely for the Lethal Lottery.

Ascension 6
- The opening match was good.....I can't believe Baller won. It was a usual opening bout which brought about a decent level of entertainment and set the tone for the rest of the show. Payne vs De La Noche was a great match extremely well written and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout , that submission is coming accross as really deadly, The Obsidious vs Chambers match up was alright nothing majorly special. The triple threat match was my match of the night, triple threats are usually awesome and this one was no different very well written,suspenseful and entertaining. The tag team match was top notch, again well written and entertaining like all the matches although I didn't expect a title switch, it was quite shocking but in a good way.

The main event was fantastic pitting oppenents as tag teams can sometime bomb but it worked really well here. It was frantic fast paced action, again suspenseful and made everybody look good going into the Lethal Lottery.

Lethal Lottery 2 - The opening was fantastic, I liked how you had various people preparing for the match in their own unique way. The opening bout between Karnage and Blade was amazing as was the triple threat Elite X match. I enjoyed the match on Ascension so to get it again for the title was a bonus. Thought Zander would come away with the belt thought so it was quite a shock when Smith won it. The Showtime/Hammond match was good, I didn't really know what to expect with it being an open challenge but it came off well although I didn't think that there was any danger that Showtime would lose. The World title match was amazing unpredicatable and definitely well written. If it wasn't for the lottery that would be match of the night.

The Lottery was amazing, I loved the way the enterances were in the the spoiler tags, it kept up the suspense. I liked how some of the big names came in at the start and lasted till the end. The Baller segment was funny as hell, starting with the thundering silence that he came out to. Titus maybe deserved to win but anybody of the last 5 could have won it and I would have been happy but overall it was a great show.

Just FalKonika 02-22-2010 05:13 PM

Kingdom Come - What can I really say other than excellent show? Everyone poured their hearts and souls into their required creative writing pieces, both RPers and writers, to bring out the best WZCW PPV, period. My opinion probably doesn't count due to me being here only for like a couple of months.

The matches and characters were used down to a T from the standpoint I take and I was surprised by some of the events that unfolded. The ending of the Blade vs. Rush match nearly made me do the same thing when I read that. The sick spot between Lars and Ty in the KFAD was epic, not to mention Corey Payne becoming the victor. Bellamy the Disco Spider making an appearance at the PPV made me laugh for quite a bit. The one thing that really shook me over was only one out of three rWo members becoming a champion by the end of the night and four title switches! I really thought every title would switch hands. If I had the vCash, I would have bet everything on Mr Baller winning, so that shock factor really got me going to read the entire PPV.

Excellent show guys. Nothing can touch this PPV.

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