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Pay Per Ghost 06-05-2018 08:03 AM

Monday Night RAW Sucks
And I don't mean that as in "Thiiiisssss suuuuuuuccckksss!, I mean like WOW...this sucks.

Bobby Lashley needs to be future endeavored, good lord almighty! so this, this is what TNA were building their company around. They're better off now. Sami Zayn is not funny, hasn't been funny except Montreal where the crowd would have blown him & KO had they told them too. This week's RAW was so fucking bad, so damn bad. From start to finish there was really 1 moment when the crowd even seemed interested. The storylines, matches absolutely nothing makes this show watchable. I was cringing like I was watching Impact in 2011, fuck.


The Women's division and storylines...

If Strowman wasn't breaking random things and Bobby's entrance not been so sweet I had have never even checked the highlights.

And I watched SD last week, good show. New Day tore the house down.

GOOZEKING 06-05-2018 08:50 AM

I blame creative 100%. The lack of interesting storylines and purpose in matches makes it difficult for people to get invested. I mean constant 6 women tags every week, and having feuds like mahal vs reigns and lashley vs Sami make the how very difficult to watch. Plus Nia Jax is unwatchable as a character and a performer. Not only that but Bobby Roode as a BABYFACE is a failure, turn him heel or get him off my tv. But hey atleast we get to have Seth Rollins for 30 min out of 3 hours of a show

Ceen 06-05-2018 10:32 AM

WWE generally sucks
The fact we see storylines really repetitive, without saving matches, and not building matches in proper feuds.
For the record, just watch Upupdowndown, the GM mode between Creed and Breeze. Itís quite better than RAW...

wrestlingmasters55 06-05-2018 12:35 PM

Personally, i don't think that Raw sucks but it just being a bland show for such a long time. But that's been the WWE for a long time. They only focus on the main characters every weeks so those guys are getting stale because they been focus on way too much. For god sake, this week, my favorite segments we're the battle royal and the curt Hawkins match because thoses characters aren't on tv every week and felt fresh.

They have 3 hours plus on monday night every weeks, they could use that time to put the focus on other characters a little bit more. It's not going to hurt them if Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens or any other guys and girls that have regular spots on the rosters don't appear on the show one week or another. IT's not going to hurt them if they have shorter matches and use those extra segments to put on squash matches or just smaller matches or vignettes for guy that normally don'T have anything for. Build up some tv feud with the lower card guys. Not everything need to be about the PPV.

In the end Raw as a lot of problem and the mentality of using the same guys over and over again is becoming dated. If they not going to use everybody on Raw, why keep them on the roster?

Issa Genesis 06-05-2018 12:48 PM

Bobby Lashley just plain SUCKS! I probably was the biggest advocate for them not to sign him. People only wanted him in the first place for a Lesnar bout, that won't even happen. If it does, I hope Brock is booked to just beat the shit out of him. Bobby Lashley sounds and looks like one of those Elementary school kids that plays in the bathroom toilets for fun. He's a decent wrestler, but it's hard to get invested in him. I've seen some of his late heel run in IMPACT, which was sort of decent to his credit. He's just hard to like for me personally, Sami has tried everything and have still gotten a flopped feud here. I however blame creative more than Bobby Lashley.

To be fair, Reigns and Mahal has actually had a decent feud, aside of that corny ass "wall" Spear.) Last night, we seen a little glimpse of a potential upcoming heel run for Bobby Roode. Crazily enough, his match with Strowman was the most interesting and entertaining he has been in his entire main roster run. Braun Strowman, Elias, and Seth Rollins continues to be the highlights of RAW, Baron Corbin just received an interesting new storyline, Sasha Banks and Bayley still can't decide if they're friends or rivals, Finn Balor and Kevin Owens are apparently in a mini rivalry, and Ronda Rousey still can't get through a single sentence without saying "Uhh?.."

RAW has been unbearable, as SmackDown gets better and better by the week. The biggest problem is lack of main event stars, that can't change until the Universal Title is back. Another issue is that they don't truly have a big heel, and Roman doesn't feel like THE big face. Why not have Seth be the babyface to beat Brock and become that guy, and have a jealous Roman Reigns finally go heel and be that guy? Roman Reigns, Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn, Bobby Roode, Dean Ambrose, Jason Jordan, Dolph Ziggler on the heel side. Then you have Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Finn Balor, Braun Strowman, WOKEN Matt Hardy, Kevin Owens, Chad Gable, Drew McIntyre on the face side. There's your top of the card right there, eventually add in guys like Curtis Axel and Bo Rotunda (I know what I said.)

Pay Per Ghost 06-05-2018 12:53 PM


Originally Posted by Ceen (Post 5808827)
WWE generally sucks
The fact we see storylines really repetitive, without saving matches, and not building matches in proper feuds.
For the record, just watch Upupdowndown, the GM mode between Creed and Breeze. Itís quite better than RAW...

Ok I was gonna say fuck off till you mentioned the Battle Of Brands; we can be friends now.

SD is awesome. Storyline/angles are fresh and good.

Mother fucka RAW is the worse I have ever seen in terms of entertainment.

StraightEdge 06-05-2018 02:24 PM

I was at Raw last night and I agree the show was meh. Only time the crowd got into it was at the beginning with Elias, when Balor did his finisher off the ladder and and when it was announced the fans get free tacos if Hawkins won. Houston is a top 5 wrestling crowd and even our crowd is bad.

Radical 06-05-2018 06:09 PM

Raw has no top title visible.

The Universal Title is hijacked (choice of WWE Creative) by Brock Lesnar. So when before this Brock experiment has Raw ever had their top title basically invisible from the show and any ongoing storylines? Certainly not ever when they had decent ratings.

This is not the only problem, but it certainly doesn't help the situation. It would almost be like if in the Stanley Cup Finals the NHL announced that instead of awarding the Stanley Cup to the winners of the series they will just acknowledge that they WON the series but they will not get to hold the Cup this year or they'll have to wait months to see it. And instead of giving them the Stanley Cup they will just say, hey, be glad you won your conference final and just go and enjoy that trophy.

By choice of Creative, Raw is saying to the fans that their top talent that should normally be scratching and clawing to get at the Universal Champ and get a shot at the title, well too bad. No real development on that front most weeks.

Even with what they have, it could be so much better. But the tag team division is weak as hell. The Women's division is bland and boring, pretty embarrassing actually. A few decent matches and storylines but it's not nearly enough to be worth watching most weeks.

Get some INTRIGUE and INTENSITY throughout the entire show! Get some intertwined storylines for crying out loud. I've said before, they might as well tape Raw with different talents in different cities because they rarely have any interaction with the others or any reason to. Or when they do show up later in the show it's almost nothing new.

Anyone could pitch an idea and if WWE really went with the idea of having intensity and intrigue then it could work.

Quick idea: Bobby Roode shows up next week in the middle of the ring with a briefcase filled with $100 000. He says he is rich and glorious and he is not shy in showing off. He also thinks he is not being respected enough and needs to make sure that changes. He puts out an offer: $100 000 to join his new Glorious Money Club. How to get in? Show your allegiance to me (Bobby) in some significant way and I will consider you for the club.

Right there, now you can expect some chaos on Raw as you can expect ruthless attacks and promos. Roode, of course, turning heel, but building his faction and towards a IC Title shot. Could flesh that story out more but, all I'm saying is ... just the idea of: GIVE THE FANS a tangible reasons to watch the show week to week. In a "What's going to happen next?" kind of way, and not a "I hope something interesting happens."

Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. 06-05-2018 07:31 PM

Here's what the lack of top heels does. WWE kept Joe, Nakamura, Cass and Miz on Smackdown while RAW has Jinder, Corbin, Owens and Zayn. The only real deal in there being Owens and Zayn, who WWE haven't really capitalized on. Elias is actually the one credible heel on RAW right now and that's because of his amazing talent to get heat and control a crowd and not because of anything WWE creative has done.

And as it is expected a place where you have:
a) no top heels
b) too many babyfaces and one of them isn't really working *cough* Roman *cough*
c) no top title

plus: no writing for the woman. "Hey Ronda I like you let's fiiiiiight".

In overall, a show with no direction in anything. No plan for the tag division, no plan for the Universal Championship and no plan for the women.

Rollins, Elias and Braun are keeping the show alive due to their individual work and nothing else. The creative feels like it doesn't really exist.

Razz 06-05-2018 08:55 PM

Creative is vitally important to something working. To those saying Lashley sucks probably didn't watch him revitalize his career in IMPACT. From his pairing with MVP and the BDC to his run as a heel mma/wrestler destructive type character. They booked him very well there. His return to WWE has been rubbish. With his smiling and tame character. Whatever this garbage they were trying to do with him Zayn, his sisters, and being a liar? was bad from the beginning. Sami Zayn's potential has also been wasted for years. He has yet to win a single main roster title. He has shown to be quite good at playing an underdog serious babyface when he is portrayed in those types of angles and cuts those types of promos. He should have been a passionate top babyface that could connect with a lot of the crowd by now in the veign of an Eddie Guerrero but they have made him an annoying jokester. This is just the root of the problems creatively on RAW. What they have done to make Bobby Roode this one dimensional character has been horrible. 99% of the show has no long term booking, planning, direction and when they do the best they can come up with most of the time is rubbish like Zayn/Lashley storyline. Or drag things out forever like with Bayley/Sasha...

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