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shooter_mcgavin 10-05-2017 03:28 AM

This funny thing is that I did stop watching in 2015. I think it was after The Rumble with Reigns winning the Rumble. Even if the WWE tried to rectify the fan backlash with Rollins winning the title at Wrestlemania the feuds and rivalries after that didn't feel compelling. Add that with Sting/Triple H match being a debacle, Orton being the first challenger for Rollin's title, Sheamus winning the MITB for no apparent reason, and other poor booking decisions. I kind of stopped watching around this period.

In fact, the only Network Special or PPV shows I saw were the NXT Takeovers.

I did start to watch in 2016 though epecially after WM32. WM32 for me was bad but I was pleasantly surprised with the Women's Match and the Undercard talent in the event and the Takeover before WM did show a ton of promise moving forward.

The shows right after WM32 to Summer Slam that year was actually great. You had a main roster Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Cesaro, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Sami Zayn, and a promising tag team division at the time.

You had a great rivalry in Zayn vs. Owens, Seth Rollins being on top of his game when returned, Styles vs. Reigns tearing the house down in two consecutive PPV's, the Women's revolution, the Cena and Styles rivalry, and so many things going. Add to the fact that NXT was still a very solid show.

There was a drop off after Summer Slam but I suppose it has a lot to do with the brand split and how thin both rosters have become especially Smackdown!

2017 was just weird in terms of their booking decisions nothing really make sense. And while it doesn't turn me off from the product like what happened in 2015, it pales in comparison from that amazing 5 to 6 month period in 2016.

Just Do It 10-08-2017 06:30 PM

To be honest, I thought Goldust talked sense here. I didn't have a problem in what he said, although I do see where the OP is coming from.

neildittmar 10-12-2017 09:00 AM

I've always liked Dustin / Goldust. Can't say I'm a fan of the shut up and like it argument though, especially when it comes to entertainment based programming.

I understand where he's coming from though. Overly critical fans in wrestling are tantamount to overly critical fans of any entertainment medium. However, there are so many choices on TV nowadays (both in channels and programming) that effectively telling viewers to take a hike just isn't a smart business strategy, unless you own a camping supplies company.

This isn't the mid-late 90's or even the Hogan-era 80's anymore. While still entertaining, WWE hasn't been consistent must see TV for quite awhile now. Back when the audience was fairly captive, performers could get away with blowing off the overly negative fans. Today the stakes are greater and the options (on-air and off) are much more plentiful.

Ultimately, Dustin's (as well as any other WWE Superstar's) job is to entertain to the best of his/her abilities. If the "kids" as he put it are getting overly criticized, present facts about the performers in question that not only refute the unfair critiques, but put those same "kids" over. Sure, you're probably not going to win with the person being pessimistic just for the sake of being so. With so many eyes on social media though, you may just establish / reinforce what you're saying in others and build the base, replacing negative fans with positive ones in kind.

BIFFtheJEW 10-21-2017 08:49 AM

Hello Everyone,

I think a few people misinterpreted what Dustin said. He said people aren't trying to purposely dislike the product that they are given, that people aren't going to watch something that they don't like. If people are watching wrestling and they aren't being entertained, they are not going to buy the product or turn the channel. I think you guys are just reading into to much. (If you don't like a TV program, do you watch or do you turn the channel? If you don't like a product, do you stop buying it or do you pretend to like it and continue to buy it?) Those are the questions he just asked.

FromGlasgow 11-02-2017 08:28 PM

It would be impossible for the WWE to please everyone all of the time, They need to keep both their current and older long term fans on side as well as trying to draw in new fans. Over a whole age range and various demographics who all have different favourites and tastes which I can't imagine being an easy task and some people are never pleased and can't be pleased so I do agree with Goldust as certain wrestling fans do seem quite negative and critical all the time, Only 5 minutes ago I read loads of complaints about part timers and legends competing at Wrestlemania 34. Also how many anti TNA comments have we heard over the years? If you don't like it don't watch it instead of incessantly putting it down and wishing they would close down.

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