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Wildcat66 07-17-2017 07:00 PM

RAW LD- The Mystery Show
Zoinks Scoob! Looks like we got a lot of mysteries to solve in this show!
  • Who will be Brock Lesnar's next challenger for the Universial title? Joe? Reigns? Maybe even Braun Strowman somehow?
    Will The Shield actually reunite?
    What the hell is going on with the women's division?
    Who will be next to challenge Shesaro?
    Will Finn Balor find an actual main eventer to feud with?
    What is Kurt Angle's big secret?
    And most important...Who ate the crazy bread?

All of these questions will be solved tonight on Monday Night RAW!

BaconBits 07-17-2017 07:00 PM

RAW 7/17: Kurt Gonna Come Clean
Prepare to be a little underwhelmed.

Sai the Uganda Guy 07-17-2017 07:01 PM

Kurt is coming out of the closet.

J-Dogg 07-17-2017 07:01 PM

If it's Claire Lynch I'll fucking die laughing. If it's Chad as his love child I'll be somewhat happy. But if it's Dixie I'll be underwhelmed.

BaconBits 07-17-2017 07:02 PM

I'm hoping the love child is Jason Jordan.

Wildcat66 07-17-2017 07:02 PM

No good dean shall go unhinged. Especially not without his trusty chair.

J-Dogg 07-17-2017 07:03 PM

WE WANT KING MAXEL sign....Maxel for world champ

BaconBits 07-17-2017 07:03 PM

I forgot about Joe/Roman. Should be a fun match, but I predict a clusterfuck of an ending.

Wildcat66 07-17-2017 07:04 PM


I liked the plant better.

Jeff Deliverer of Mail 07-17-2017 07:05 PM

I'm here for the Angle angle and that's pretty much it. Joe vs Roman should be good though.

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