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ShinChan 04-17-2016 05:26 AM

Back to NXT?
So in the last 1 year, NxT has lost Neville, Sami Zayn, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Kevin Owens, Apollo Crews, Baron Corbin, Emma, Vaudevillains, Enzo/Cass and Tyler Breeze to main roster. I am hoping that I didn't forget anyone. Oh Yeah, I forgot Eva Marie but was she valuable enough to be lost?

The above mentioned wrestlers have been pretty valuable in NxT. So now that they are gone to the main roster, we don't have much valuable stars left in NxT.

Male wrestlers~ Balor, Joe, Nakamura, Aries, American Alpha, The Revival.

Female Wrestlers~ Asuka, Bayley, Nia Jaxx.

So I reckon that WWE should send some main roster wrestlers to NxT who aren't doing anything at main roster such as:

1. Damien Sandow~ A huge underutilized talent. He was damn over during his stint as "Mizdow". Then he returned to his original gimmick. But then he was nowhere to be seen thus shattering my hopes of him atleast having a good IC or US title reign. He was last seen in ATGMBR as a comedy jobber. As we note that he isn't doing much here, why not send him to NxT?

2. Paige~ The inaugral Women champ of NxT. I can't believe the steep fall she has undergone from the top to now being a jobber. Yeah, We have seen here too much in title picture but atleast she deserves a personal feud match. Instead she is being knocked out by Lana. So I would want her to go back to NxT. It worked for Emma, should work for Paige too. Even the thoughts of Paige encounter with the likes of Asuka, Bayley and Nia are amazing.

3. Tyler Breeze~ The flag bearer of NxT for a long time becomes an ultimate jobber easily. He has lost so much that I can't remember him winning except once against Doplh Ziggler. Nowadays, He has been losing two matches per a live event. Why not just send him back to NxT where he is atleast something credible. The man who had a good match with Thunder Liger is a jobber now.

4. Ascension~ The most dominant tag team of Nxt straight to being the Jobber team at main roster. Yeah, Konnor has been suspended now, but when he returns, just send Ascension back to NxT.

5. Natalya~ Really happy for her getting a title shot. But we all know that she wouldn't win it. She appears on Raw/Smackdown for just 2-3 months in a year. Why not use her in Nxt against the likes of Asuka, Bayley and Nia?

I want to clear that I am not supporting the above mentioned to win a title in NxT. I just want more credible opponents in NxT.


Azane 04-17-2016 08:08 AM

Damien Sandow, Tyler and Ascension would do better in NXT

Damien was a MITB winner and set to be World Champion at one point, but Cena had to bury him. I don't think he necessarily needs to develop anything in nxt, hes a fine wrassler, but the exposure to what is mostly his fanbase (The people who watch nxt), would probably sate people.

Tyler Breeze is a great jobber, and a good gimmick for a jobber. The World needs jobbers to create stars, I'd keep him being a jobber. His look and pretty gimmick generate a ton of heat among the average mainstream fan, so keep i going.

Ascension Ya, toss them back to NXT, they don't click on the main roster, the discount Legion of Doom look killed them, repackage them if you want, give them less generic names than Victor and Connor, and get em off the drugs.

Natty and Paige? No, They're both great women wrestlers, and as soon as the dust settles from the divas revolution, they'll be set where they need to be, having Paige and Natty wrestling with the new girls adds plenty to their credability.

sMark 04-17-2016 08:28 AM

NXT in general could be this much wanted by some fans brand extention again, unlike SD, NXT doesn't need huge names on top, but could use some regular RAW guys and 2 hours format. RAW should be a family show, NXT - ultimate smark show. This is what brand extention should be today.
So i absolutely FOR guys who doing nothing going "down" to NXT.

Uncle Sam 04-17-2016 08:32 AM

What makes you think NXT wants failed main roster projects? NXT is about emerging talent and constant turnover. When the cupboard is bare, fresh talent comes in from the performance center, from the independent scene, and from abroad. It's fine to have cameos every now and then, and I'm still waiting for Bo Dallas' triumphant return, but if they're not hacking it on the main roster, the dustbin is a more fitting destination than NXT.

Besides, the main roster needs enhancement talent too. Not everybody is a megastar; that doesn't mean they're useless.

BEAT THAT ***** ASS 04-17-2016 09:06 AM

First off Natalya was never an "NXT" Superstar. But I do think that Adam Rose and The Acension should be sent back and repackaged but shouldn't stay in NXT for longer than 8 months. I would have Finn Bálor beat someone to retain his title on an episode of NXT around SummerSlam season and the light a goes out and a creepy vignette shows on the tron saying "1-2 he's coming for you,3-4 lock your doors,5-6..." and this keeps happening for weeks and the last time it happens it gets to "7-8 you're too late" and the lights come on and Leo Kruger and The Acenaion: (who is now wearing all dark gear and pitched the cartoon look and now with a new name) surrounds Bálor and jumps him alluding to wanting the NXT Championship. Kruger beats Bálor for the NXT Championship at Takeover: Brooklyn II. And dominates with the belt before returning to the Main Roster after putting over a deserving talent. The three returns to WWE as a destructive force taking out everyone into their path and becomes what The Wyatts should have been. I know it sounds cheesy but it could be great TV.

Just Zay'n 04-17-2016 10:25 PM

I've got the feeling that Damien Sandow has a bit of an attitude problem backstage. Don't get me wrong, he's a great performer and very entertaining, but there's just something about his demeanour and general attitude that might be preventing him from being on TV. There was this YouTube interviewer who was referring to him as the Miz throughout the interview (this was during his Mizdow stint), which is objectively funny, however Sandow refused to play along and have a bit of fun - instead looking visibly irritated, correcting the interviewer that he is not, in fact, the Miz, and in the end threatened to have security escort him from the building before storming off. This guy just isn't any fun. Any other wrestler would've played along and insulted the interviewer back in their usual heel shtick (which is exactly what Rollins and Sheamus did when he interviewed them). So my theory is that Sandow is headed for the unemployment line at some point, and not really NXT.

The Ascension weren't getting a push before Konnor got suspended, and they ain't getting a push when Konnor's suspension ends. They're more or less done IMO.

We all know Tyler's gimmick wouldn't really get over on the main roster, but I don't think he'll go back to NXT. He'll stick around on the main roster for a bit and may have a few Intercontinental Title reigns (it'd fit well for him, he has 'seasonal residences' in different continents!), but he probably won't go much higher than that.

Dagger Dias 04-17-2016 11:38 PM

As great as NXT is, it's still a developmental brand. Anyone on the main roster should not desire to be sent back there. Now, someone like Sandow who is struggling, that might actually be a decent idea. Have him build up a new persona down there and then give him another shot at the main roster. He'd benefit from it. It was good for Emma. Why would you send The Ascension back though? There's nothing wrong with them, it's their booking. Same goes for Breeze, and in his case he hasn't even been on the main roster for more than 6 months. Give him time. Also, Paige? Seriously? Why would you demote one of the best girls they have? Natalya shouldn't be on the poll either. No one should be sent back to NXT unless it is a last resort because it is, no matter how you look at it, a demotion.

dsotm5150 04-18-2016 12:04 AM

It wouldn't be the first time WWE has sent somebody back down to development, they did it quite often back in the days of OVW and Heartland. Good way to rebrand a talent or get the ring rust of them after an injury. Its not so much alot of those named need to go down to NXT so much as it is they need a storyline which is assanine to think that with the amount of television WWE producing a week that anybody on the main roster is getting lost in the shuffle.

Harthan 04-18-2016 12:07 AM

In general, a main roster wrestler should really only head to NXT to undergo a meaningful character change in an arena where it will be received better than the main roster. An obvious example are Tyson Kidd, who went to NXT largely to turn heel, which turned out phenomenally, leading to two Takeover main events and then ultimately his excellent tag team with Cesaro. Cesaro is another good example, as his trip to NXT to work with Sami Zayn led to his "gimmick" of being a really, really good wrestler, which helped not only his tag team with Kidd but hopefully a future as a main event tier talent. Emma is yet another good example, as she came to NXT to turn heel and gained enormous credibility in that role; she now profiles as one of the more important heels in the women's division.

I don't think the argument for adding credible opponents isn't really valid, to me - why not build someone up, or add a new indy talent instead, if that's all you want? Every NXT spot is very valuable, and rebuilding a "failed" talent is a pretty high risk endeavor only worth doing if the talent is obvious.

So, that said, who profiles as a person who could undergo a major character change and seriously needs it (recalling that Kidd, Cesaro, and Emma were all doing fairly poorly on the main roster at the time)?

Sandow is probably the best candidate to do so - he's obviously a talented wrestler who threatens to punch above his current class as the lowest tier of jobber. He's also proven his ability to carry a face character very well, with his older Intellectual Savior of the Masses character working as a pretty solid midcard level heel. If the WWE was interested in rebuilding Sandow as a credible upper midcard level character, NXT makes perfect sense - he's grown into the kind of folk hero status that will get over huge in NXT as a heel or face, and he has the wrestling skill to work at the highest level of NXT.

The rest of these characters don't work so well, for various reasons.

Paige has enormous credibility on the main roster to the point that short of a prolonged burial and losing streak that would require enormous effort on the part of the company, she could be a challenger for the Women's Championship at any moment. There's really no need for her to be in NXT at all.

Breeze is someone who might work, but he has an Adam Rose type problem - his gimmick is all he is, and the gimmick has not worked on the main roster at all. Sure, he could go back to NXT and do just fine in that role, but why bother? They would have to change his gimmick to be worth anything, and at that point, you're practically hitting the reset button, which is a massive endeavor. The idea of turning Breeze face just feels like an uphill battle, but maybe. He's very talented, but it would be a lot of work.

The Ascension have the same problem, but to a greater extent. The Ascension's biggest problem is they were developed to wrestle as big men when they really aren't. They play the role well in NXT, but it doesn't work on the main roster, where the other talent as well as the arenas are bigger. Furthermore, they are deeply, intrinsically tied to their gimmick. Not only would they need an overhaul in gimmick, but they would need a total transformation as wrestlers, which would be very hard to pull off.

Natalya is very similar to Paige - constantly over and constantly credible. No need for her to go anywhere.

If anyone on your list makes sense, it's Sandow - everyone else strikes me as a lot of work for no clear reward.

Jack-Hammer 04-18-2016 04:31 AM

Paige and Natalya strike me as extremely odd choices. As of right now, Natalya looks to be the #1 contender for the WWE Women's Championship, she's been consistently over with fans for the better part of a decade, she's sort of a locker room leader for the women on the WWE roster and she's arguably the most technically sound female wrestler the WWE roster has ever had. There's no reason for her to go to NXT.

As for Paige, again, why? Just because she isn't challenging for the Women's Championship every week is most definitely not a sign that she's had a hard fall. As for her recent loss to Emma, so what? Paige has long since built up a lot of credibility on the main roster, she's also been consistently over with fans even in the midst of highly questionable booking decisions made for her during much of last year, she's entertaining to watch inside the ring and her unique look helps her stand out on the roster. Paige is all of 23 years old so she hopefully has a long career ahead of her, but that means that there are also going to be times in which she's not the focal point of the Women's Division.

As others have suggested, I can see the use in sending someone to NXT as part of a major overhaul and/or to strengthen them up in some areas where they might be lacking. For instance, Tyson Kidd vastly improved on the mic during his time down there and actually developed a pretty entertaining heel persona. Emma went back, actually developed a personality and ditched the goofy dancing bit that would forever doom her to the role of comedy jobber. There's this notion among fans that, for whatever reason, if you're not a big star or if you're not moving towards being a big star that you're being wasted; it goes hand in hand with this prevailing idea of some fans have that being a top level star in WWE is something that everyone should get an opportunity at being and that's just not how it works or ever has worked. There are jobbers in every wrestling company whether it's WWE, ROH, New Japan or wherever; they're an important part of a promotion because the simple fact of the matter is that everyone can't reach the top of the mountain. While everyone has dreams of reaching those lofty heights, it's just not to be for some and it's easy to understand how frustrating that can be for some fans of certain wrestlers they feel could be put to better use.

NXT is WWE's developmental brand; as consistently entertaining and as high quality as the NXT product is, it shouldn't be the goal of anyone on the main roster to head down to NXT. As I've said in other threads, one reason why NXT has been able to expand to levels nobody really thought of is because it's essentially a separate wrestling promotion that's funded by WWE itself; the WWE Performance Center was built using WWE money, WWE money is what lured away guys who were making lots of money in Japan like Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura to NXT and making it to the main roster should be a goal for anyone in and if it isn't, then they probably shouldn't be on the main roster in the first place.

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