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CyberPunk 01-30-2018 01:23 PM

Bayley's fall
While the women's Royal Rumble was historic, it made me take notice of something: how far Bayley has fallen on the main roster. She isn't in any main program as of now and in the Royal Rumble she came in at 29 and still wasn't part of the final four; eliminated under 10 minutes. So much for an over former WWE women's champion.

She is a decent worker with a character which was truly over around her debut on the main roster. She was very popular in NXT and was coming to the main roster at the back of some phenomenal matches in NXT. However, everything that made her the lovable babyface are all but gone. Her character is a shadow of her former self and she has almost no momentum. Unless Banks is turning on her (a big possibility), she'll end up in a multi-woman pointless match at Mania. Looking at WWE, more than one singles match for women would be too much for them. So what happens now? What is her role going forward? What is her plans for Wrestlemania?

And how did she fall so far?

brahuma_bull 01-30-2018 03:22 PM

Bayley's Fall
IMO I think the Raw writers have no idea how to use her. They totally buried the character during the Bayley/Bliss program. Her promo's were awful and they really dropped the ball having her take the title 1 PPV before WrestleMania that was maybe one of the dumbest booking decisions of 2017. The title change should of def. happened at Mania. The worst part is probably the only thing they can do to fix the problem she has to go to Smackdown there's no way she can turn hell she's the Ricky Steamboat of women no way she can work heel. I'd be stunned if during the next shake up she's not moved to Smackdown.

Wildcat66 01-30-2018 03:59 PM

Having covered her fall from grace several times before, I can confidently tell you what happened that caused this in just one simple phrase.

Anything and everything that could've gone wrong, went wrong.

There was some lackluster writing on the part of RAW creative that really broguht her down from Feburary of 2017 to June that same year. The Bliss vs Bayley storyline went from a great contrast between two talents from Payback to nothing short of a disaster by Extreme Rules. And then there was the promo she cut two weeks later which regardless of your opinion, it should've at least lead to something. But what really killed her I think was when she got her arm injured before her SummerSlam match. The very moment that happened, I knew she was done for on RAW. At least as a top star. Even as she has come back, the moment she was boo'ed on RAW was bar-none the absolute low point of her career and always will be.

However, I cannot place all of the blame on creative. I never have and I likely never will, because I feel that you can always find a reason outside of creative not getting behind them or using them all wrong for a wrestler falling short of what they're capable of. Some part of blame has to be put on Bayley herself for simply failing to live up to the hype. Simply put, she is not the female John Cena as we thought she would be and that is because she is not on the level Cena stood for. Cena and Bayley are clearly strong workers that have made psychology their partner in crime for years and when it comes to inner charisma, they're among the top of their class; everything else on the other hand is another story entirely. Where as Cena has the A.A, a long great move that has ended many matches over the years with an exclamation point, Bayley has a belly to belly suplex which is fine for a moveset; but not as a finisher. Or at least, a good finisher (I actually like her elbow drop more). And where as Cena can sell you ice cream in Antarctica without a sweat, Bayley is extremely forced when it comes to promos and at times, she sounds completely wooden. This is not a problem she has just recently occurred either, this is a problem she has even as far back as NXT. She was able to get away with it however because-

A. She was in a different environment that catered to a different group of fans.

B. There is a different group of writers there than in WWE and thus, different ways on how to write and book storylines.

C. She was (and still is) one of the most genuinely lovable people you will ever meet and is a fantastic babyface.

And D. She was carried by many of her other peers. (usually on the mic, occasionally in the ring)

It's funny to, because from August of 2016 to April of 2017, she was doing well for herself. She debuted to thunderous applause, she won the RAW womens title, she was a part of WrestleMania. And now? Nothing. Just a footnote. To me, personally: The warning signs began when she first won the women's title. It was a great moment, yes. But it was too much, too soon and went against her character, and from there on: It was all downhill from there.

But do I feel all hope is lost for her?: I personally don't think so. So then, what can (realistically) be done to bring her back to prominence? I have four solutions, that I would like to present.

A. The most obvious- Send her to SmackDown and completely start over from square one.

B. The most risky- Turning her heel, I argued for this before and I still believe that it could work given the right context. And given everything she's been through, I could see her snapping and pulling a Sami Zayn.

C. The most interesting- A feud with Sasha Banks. People have wanted to see this happen on the main roster for a long time now, myself included: If this were to happen, Bayley could get over as a babyface once again. Especially if Sasha were the heel.

And D. The most unexpected- A temporary stay on NXT- You don't have to have it last long, three to six months at best. And you don't even have to have her win back the women's title, all you really need to do is to have her go on a barnstorming tour to remind the fans why they loved her in the first place.

As for Bayley's fall: It's unfortunate that something like this could happen to someone as nice a person as her. But that sadly is how the wrestling business works at times, you want one thing: But the wrestling gods go the other way. The ones you hope to succeed don't turn out the way you plan them to be and the people that have the potential to be game-changers either fall hard or simply never reach it.

In short: The wrestling business is unfair and in some cases cruel. But in the end, we can't do anything about it except watch the repercussions of this week and see what next week brings for us. To put it in more blunt terms: It is what it is.

FromGlasgow 01-30-2018 06:28 PM

I like Bayley, Never seen her have a bad match I cant see any problems with her and would be disapointed to see her just get lost in the shuffle, Maybe if she was around more than a couple of years ago she would be guaranteed to be at the top of the female divsion but the female roster is so packed at the moment, In my opinion the female roster is the best its ever been even more so with the addition of Rousey so I guess they can't have everyone on top but do think she deserves more.

Navi 01-30-2018 11:58 PM

For me the way I see it there is one glaring problem with Bayley and it's the fact that she is too nice. It is understandable that she is a fan and always wanted to be a WWE superstar, most of the wrestlers on the roster have that claim to fame. With Bayley that is about all that can be said about her.

She is a good wrestler all be has the worst finisher in the division. When you compare it to the Figure 8 or the Bank Statement, it just doesn't have the desired effect. Also there is no edge at all to her character. In other words she is boring. I'm not sure if all her fault or part of it can be put on creative as well.

One thing is for sure though she needs a reset. I don't think a stint back in NXT will do it though. That is almost like saying her character only works there and a call up will again prove to be futile. To me, going back will be seen as a failure, considering none of the others haven't been sent back, Ascension I'm looking at you.

With the acquisition of Rousey and the edge she will bring to the sport, Bayley will only move back a few more spaces. There is an expression, nice guys finish last. In Bayley's case I'm afraid that is true.

Naniwa91 01-31-2018 12:13 AM

One thing that I think might be able to help her in regards to a heel turn, might be too give the impression that she may have an ulterior motive behind a gesture or a comment. Then again, maybe not.

Was there ever any noticeable edge/hostility in her matches in NXT? I'm not purposely asking a BS question, so I do apologise if it came across as such.

The Yes Guy 01-31-2018 06:00 AM

Bayley was always going to be a one hit wonder. Her storylines in NXT revolved around her being the underdog and overcoming the odds. You can do this only so many times.
From then on her character never evolved and the fact that she can cut only half a decent promo didn't help.

I'm not sure if turning her heel would help because I severely doubt her capacity to work as a heel unlike Charlotte or Banks who are natural heels

d_henderson1810 01-31-2018 08:04 AM

I have always wondered if WWE made a mistake not bringing her up the same night they brought in Banks, Charlotte and Becky in the "Divas Revolution" storyline.

In fact, if they had brought the four of them up as the "Four Horsewomen" or even together, but feuding with each other, it might have sent the message that Bayley is as important as the other three.

But debuting the other three the same night, while keeping Bayley down in NXT, sent the message that she isn't as important as the others, so now she is perceived and booked that way.

wrestlingmasters55 01-31-2018 08:26 AM

The problem with bayley is pretty much like what happened to 90% of the NXT stars when they get called up, they thought that everybody in the wwe universe was familiar with her and they just continue doing the same thing they we're doing in NXT without introducing her to those that don't watch NXT. Then they gave them a huge push right away with a title reigns that she truly didn't deserve and the rest is history. She was expose as a decent performance, that's decent on the Mic. The fans rejected her title reigns because they thought she didn't deserve the spot she gotten and then, their the whole feud with Alexa bliss, which killed her because she couldn't hang with Alexa bliss on the Mic.

In NXT, the performers are more protected because they're not on tv or on tour every week, so It easier to get over in that environment, but it doesn't prepare then for what's coming on the main roster where you have to be on Every week and being able to perform every week and make the fans cares about your character even if the creative for the character is awful, some are able to do it but most aren't and bayley had a lot of hype kinda like Finn balor and both didn't live up to the hype, the difference is that balor still got a chance of making it, bayley is pretty much stuck at the bottom of the division now, especially with all the other's NXT women's that are near getting a call up.

FlashMarston 01-31-2018 01:32 PM


Originally Posted by Naniwa91 (Post 5790223)
One thing that I think might be able to help her in regards to a heel turn, might be too give the impression that she may have an ulterior motive behind a gesture or a comment. Then again, maybe not.

Was there ever any noticeable edge/hostility in her matches in NXT? I'm not purposely asking a BS question, so I do apologise if it came across as such.

Don't know how well she'd do as a heel. She just seems to have a natural babyface look. But then again, maybe that's can be utilized to get her even more heat (if she goes the heel route). Super talented though and would love to see her higher on the card.

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