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Jack-Hammer 01-25-2018 05:32 PM

The A-Lister VS The Monster?
According to Dave Meltzer, one of the top matches at WrestleMania is set to be the Miz defending the Intercontinental Championship against Braun Strowman. Meltzer also reports that there are some in WWE who believe that Strowman should win the Universal Championship this Sunday, face Lesnar in a 1 on 1 rematch at WrestleMania and retain the title but word is that the plan is still Lesnar vs. Reigns.

This feels like something of a consolation prize for Strowman, though that's not necessarily a bad thing. It'll be interesting to see if they have Miz actually hold his own for a while against Strowman or of it'll be little more than a glorified squash if this is indeed what the plan is. Strowman has destroyed the Miztourage on several occasions already so it's quite easy to see that he'll do the same thing at WrestleMania as there's little they can do to Strowman aside from distract him.

Maryse is set to give birth a few days before WrestleMania so whether it's Strowman or someone else, it's a foregone conclusion that Miz will be dropping the title and will almost certainly take some time off.

Strowman will be WWE and/or Universal Champion someday, it's just probably not going to be as soon as most would like.

Pika 01-25-2018 06:08 PM

It's better to keep putting it off. Performers like Braun don't need a championship to begin with, because how special and entertaining they are just by themselves. All three men in the upcoming match for Lesnar's title don't need the Universal title really, but in reality, Lesnar is the one of the three does make an excellent champion whether people like him or not. I'd like them to keep Braun where he is being such a special guy and affording to have losses and bad matches like the match where Roman initially went over and the Universal Title bout with Lesnar. They've pretty much made a majority of their roster feel like nothing more than fodder talent and it's nice to have a legitimate star feel on the show. He could literally do these pure cartoonish freakshows of segments and matches and as long as they kept just altering it little by little he'd continue to be over.

WWE is behind him though so I won't jump the gun and say that the championship run would expose some of his major weaknesses. They have a done great at hiding them and of course, Strowman has kind of always had a massive amount of charisma. I also just am tired of the same damn few people fighting for the championship. That AJ Styles match was so refreshing after nothing, but an endless nightmare caused by Vince's fetish for huge men. Then we went straight back to it. I enjoy Lesnar, but when Rollins was champion he literally managed to do something new on both Raw / Smackdown, every PPV, and have great matches at the same time as endless memorable moments. I'd enjoy a fresh champion on Raw again.

Not even sure how you even book this outside what you expect it literally just reading the sentence. I mean Miz did literally try to kill Braun. Sure Cesaro & Sheamus helped, but that's too much depth already for WWE. I guess the story is already there and Braun is such a monster you pretty much just turn your brain off and enjoy the carnage. I enjoy seeing Miz cut promos, work matches, and get his ass kicked so I'd be keen on the idea. Braun might actually add something to the IC title as well so it'd be cool to see it as a test run of sorts for a future Universal / World title run. Not sure what else you'd do with the two anyway. I mean this is probably the most entertaining and literally killing Miz is a solid way to write him off TV again to film his new show or hang out with his new family. So I'm 100% chill with Braun just murdering Miz and Bo / Curtis at Wrestlemania and going on to do whatever with it.

Kodo Sawaki 01-25-2018 06:30 PM

Yeah, no. Strowman is set for HHH and his big nose. Only way this would happen is if they dont have anything else for him.

Y 2 Jake 01-25-2018 06:51 PM

Probably better for him than a match against Hunter where he'll be put into a situation where he's expected to have a 20 minute match. Triple H rarely knows how to book him own Mania matches and they very rarely flatter anybody.

Hard Hit Prince 01-25-2018 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by Kodo Sawaki (Post 5785395)
Yeah, no. Strowman is set for HHH and his big nose. Only way this would happen is if they dont have anything else for him.

There's been also rumours about Triple H fighting Kurt Angle, so maybe they go that way. I wouldn't mind a Kurt Angle vs. Miz feud though and that would clear some space for a Strowman/HHH feud. Also, time passes and Strowman's push really made me forget that he attacked The Game in the past. It has no heat whatsoever for him to comeback and attack him as payback for something he did months ago. They could save that match for another time post-Lesnar (as his contract is expiring and there's no guarantees he'll renew).

As for the thread in question, it's really interesting to imagine a Miz vs. Braun Strowman rivalry. One has a big mouth, the other is just big and menacing but it kinda goes against Miz's character just to have that rivalry. Miz's character has been one that shows fear against monster characters. I remember when Brock Lesnar entered the Rumble and he actually fled the ring up until the point Brock was eliminated, so I see no reason for him to believe he could actually beat The Monster. It could be interesting to see Miz trying to get rid of the match, instead of talking smack about Strowman as he usually does against his opponents.

Someone mentioned Miz's baby daughter being on the way and he taking time off. He'll take some personal time as he should so he'll clearly drop the title at WrestleMania at least. Braun would be an interesting Intercontinental Champion and as a babyface he would also be open to different opponents. Finn Balor comes to mind, specially his Demon character going against The Monster. It has money written all over it.

Thinking about it now and the potential for both characters past that, it just seems like a good decision. Miz would be free to challenge Roman in the Summer for the Universal Championship as he should and it would also give a breath of fresh air to the IC Championship, up until the point they make Miz tie with Jericho and we finally have their feud.

As for the match, I would like to see a competitive one, but there's no way Miz gets barely any offense and so for that reason, I'm sad we'll have a ten minute match at most. It's not the "monster push" I was thinking, but he'll definitely challenge for The Universal Title this year.

bjarvis 01-26-2018 01:36 AM

Yeah, it seems WWE was looking at Braun - Triple H. Braun, as good as he is, and enjoyable, needs an adversary to sell his Face movement. As much as I love Miz, he's not comparable physically to Braun. At least Triple H has his physicality and the company behind him.

I also want Miz to have a World title run soon (in my opinion, he's been one of the best works allround for the last 2 years) and to not be squashed at Mania, where he traditionally doesn't get a good match.

I guess if WWE goes down the Braun - Miz, I guess that locks in Trips-Angle, Jordan-Rollins; neither really excite me. Using those 6, and not accounting for an early Ambrose return, I think WWE should have gone - Trips-Braun, Angle-Jordan, Miz (c) vs. Rollins.

The Life Of Pablo Ren 01-26-2018 06:24 AM

Even though I predicted in the other thread that Braun Strowman could be Miz's "major" opponent for WrestleMania... I'm not really sure if this counts as a huge push for The Miz.

I guess having a one on one match at WrestleMania is a big deal and I love the fact that The Intercontinental Championship is going to be featured pretty prominently but it's not like Miz is gonna be going from feuding with scrubs to feuding with Braun Strowman. At the end of 2017 before he took time off to film, he was feuding with the likes of Braun and Roman Reigns... and heading into WrestleMania last year he was feuding with John Cena. This isn't that huge of a step up for him and if the end result for him is to lose to Braun in a short, one sided match... I'd argue it's not a step up at all.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he should beat Braun... that most definitely should NOT happen. But I don't see how this is going to be the major boost to Miz's career that Meltzer claims it's going to be... unless that happens after Mania.

Starkist 01-26-2018 06:41 AM

Miz on the microphone is going to be bad for Strowman. I am not sure but I don't really recall Braun getting that much microphone time. Miz is one of the best guys on the microphone today and Braun, I am not certain if he could keep up with the Miz. The best thing WWE has done is hide this with Braun by actually giving him a well thought out push. The guy is money right now and Miz is doing his best work of a good decade so a feud could work. I just think it is a step back for Braun going from fighting Brock Lesnar to a feud with Miz. If this is going to work, they need to let Miz carry the feud on the microphone and let Braun do what Braun does best. Destroy shit.

ComeOnVince 01-26-2018 12:40 PM

I don't want to see Braun with the IC belt... I want to see him relentless go after whomever is carrying the top belt. That's just how they've built him. Miz is doing great work and I don't want to diminish that or the IC belt. But it just doesn't seem like a fit for him at all.

This guy believably bumps Lesnar and tosses Kane around like a doll. I kind of like that the WWE Universal Title is just the big heavies right now, and that Kane is finally getting a nice little cred in what could prove to be his last hurrah.

Also, Heyman does all the talking for three of these big men. He talks, they fight. It's working nicely. I'd like to see it carry over for a little longer, even if they do throw Roman into that mix.

wrestlingmasters55 01-26-2018 12:49 PM

The thing is that i feel with the way the current wrestling fans are, that as soon as Strowman gets a title, they will turn on the guy because they would realize that he's a Vince project and that they are pushing him too hard when others that's been they're for years haven't won a title in WWE yet. The other problem is that if you do some bullshit finish at mania we're Strowman wins by count out or DQ but Miz retains the title, the fans will hate this so it's a lose,lose situation if you want to do this match especially at mania.

Strowman right now doesn't need a title to be over, he's gets reaction just by causing destruction. He's technically the modern era of Goldberg, so they need to ride the wave as much as they can and just wait. Then when it's when the reaction is staying at the same level every week, then go and give him a title. But for now, he doesn'T need it and it would hurt both guys if that's was their programs for mania.

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