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Spidey 06-23-2016 03:25 AM

WZCW Roster (Alignments & Handlers list)

WZCW Roster & Handlers

11 Faces / 11 Heels


Ace Stevens [Sanka]
Brooklyn, New York
  • Punchline (Roling elbow smash)
  • Winged Eagle (Cross armbreaker)

Anthony Mancini [Milenko]
Little Italy, NYC
  • Riposa in Pace (Sitout Spinebuster)
  • Il Siluro Italiano (The Gore)

Batti [Spidey]
Neo Japan
  • Kawaii Kick (Scissor Kick)
  • ❤ Sooo Kawaii Kick ❤ (She takes off her boot to perform the Scissor Kick )

The Beard [Theo]
Beard City, USA
  • Flying Beard (Diving Headbutt)
  • Poetic Justice (Cross Rhodes)

Eve Taylor [FalKon]
Milan, Italy
  • Extreme Makeover (Reverse STO into Koji Clutch)
  • Fashion Statement (Inverted Stomp Facebreaker)

Kagura [Echelon]
Ise, Mie, Japan
  • Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami (Sleeperhold With Body Scissors)
  • Fifth Dance of Amaterasu Omikami (Two Fisted Heart Punch)

Lynx [Dagger]
Times Unknown
  • Dimensional Vortex (Stone Cold Stunner)
  • A Lynx To The Past (Disarm-Her)

Matt Tastic [Killjoy]
Southwestern, Puerto Rico
  • Headache Driver (Emerald Flowsion)
  • Screw Attack (Running Springboard Corkscrew Senton)

Vox [Dmbfantomas]
Limerick, Ireland
  • Difference Maker (Crossface Chicken Wing)
  • World Pieces (Package Piledriver)

Wren [CyberPunk]
Parts Unknown
  • From east, with love (Skytwister press)
  • Songbird (Spider Twist)

Yemrez Reqonic [ShinChan]
Tallinn, Estonia
  • Upshot (Diving Corkscrew Stunner)
  • Via Crucis (Lotus Lock)


Callie Clark [Phenominal Matrix]
New York, New York
  • Lights Out (Small Package Driver)
  • Calliesault (Best Moonsault Ever)

Constantine [Dave]
St. Louis, MO
  • Collateral Damage (Twisting Spinebuster)
  • The Axis (Angle Slam)

Justin Cooper [Prophet]
Sydney, Australia
  • Your Final Verse (Mic Check)
  • Remix (Rainmaker)

Logan McAllister [K Web]
Boston, MA
  • Boston Massacre (End Of Days)
  • Logan Lock (Edgecator)

Milenko [Milenko]
The Dark Carnival
  • Hell's Pit (Buzzsaw Kick)
  • The Tempest (Pepsi Plunge)

Randy Studd [Tastycles]
Venice, Italy
  • Hey Ladies (Rude Awakening)
  • Studd Muffler (Stretch muffler)

Remarkable Mark Keaton [Jeff Deliverer Of Mail]
Detroit City, MI
  • The Canadian Clutch! (Cobra Clutch with body scissors)
  • The Voltron Suplex! (Jackhammer Suplex)

Titus Avison [Lee]
Keystone City, KS
  • The Red Comet (Shooting Star Corkscrew Elbow Drop)
  • The Tit Drop (Fame Asser)

Triple X [BK]
Hell's Kitchen, New York
  • Project X (Claymore Kick)
  • Singularity (Springboard 450 Splash)

Tyrone Blades [Ty Burna]
Cleveland, Ohio
  • Click Clack (Superkick followed by the Kinshasa)
  • Street Dreams (Muta Lock with Dragon Sleeper)

War Zone [Wildcat66]
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Nuclear Winter (Burning Hammer)
    WMD (Inverted Piledriver from the Top Rope)

Image Reps:

Click for Spoiler:

Ace Stevens - Domino
Anthony Mancini - Johnny Stamboli
Batti - Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa
The Beard - Mike Knox
Callie Clark - Alexa Bliss
Constantine - Triple H
Eve Taylor - Taya Valkyrie
Justin Cooper - Chael Sonnen
Kagura - Momiji from DOA and Ninja Gaiden
Logan McAllister - Brock Lesnar
Lynx - Seth Rollins
Matt Tastic - Mr 450
Milenko - Violent J
Randy Studd - Victor Manuel Resendiz Ruiz
Remarkable Mark Keaton - Billy Idol
Titus Avison - Stevie Richards
Triple X - Jimmy Havoc
Tyrone Blades - Criss Angel
Vox - Bono
War Zone - Batista
Wren - Garrett from Thief
Yemrez Reqonic - Gurbani Judge

Dagger Dias 08-28-2016 12:16 PM

If an update for your character on this listing is needed you can request it over in my thread (link is below), posting it there would help remind me it needs to get done.


EDIT: Please note that revisions have to be approved in the Character Changes thread first before you ask for one in here. I go based off what your individual character thread says when updating in here.

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