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shadyfozzie 12-28-2017 04:37 PM

Would an all woman PPV work?
with the growing size of the woman's roster on both shows, would an all female PPV work?? I'm thinking it could be 5-6 matches long, maybe introduce a woman's tag team championship belt, what do you think?

Dagger Dias 12-29-2017 12:38 AM

I wouldn't be surprised if they did try this. It would give Stephanie more to brag about with how much more history it would make. This show would absolutely have to be dual-branded, if not even triple-branded with NXT getting a showcase on it. There are only 11 women on Raw and 11 women on Smackdown. Matches could include a Raw Women's Championship match, a Smackdown Women's Championship match, Absolution VS 3 Raw women, Riott Squad VS 3 Smackdown women, an NXT Women's Championship match, and a couple of filler matches. Maybe Carmella could cash in here too. It could work. Maybe.

d_henderson1810 12-29-2017 03:55 AM

This is more chance now with the WWE Network.

Not only do i say that because women are taken more seriously now, but also because, people wouldn't be paying any extra to see it, since it would be part of the $9.99 that they pay a month regardless for the Network. Therefore, since subscribers are paying for it anyway, more might watch it.

But it wouldn't have worked a few years ago, not just because there weren't as many talented Divas, but, even today, no-one is going to pay $50 for an all-Diva PPV.

I can see it happening. Whether it will be included in the official PPV calendar, or be a "Special" show outside of that, remains to be seen.

wrestlingmasters55 12-29-2017 04:52 AM

Nothing against the women's on the rosters because they are all talented wrestlers, but the way they are booked right now, I don't feel that a all women ppv would work.

Just look at how the women's have been booked lately, we are back to having short matches that mean nothing. The riot vs Naomi match from last Tuesday is a perfect example of that. It lasted less then a minute and didn't help anybody involve.

The other problem is that this would be overshadowed by Stephanie and all the PR surrounding it. They would use the words history so much that the in ring product Won't mean a thing just like all the other first.

Also, you have to take into account that women wrestling is a niche product, so it might be popular with people that subscribe to the network, it Won't bring in new subscribers which is the goal of wwe. Again look at how the Mae young classic was receive last year. It was popular but didn't increase traffic or subscription numbers, so a all female ppv will probably have the same impact of blah.

In the end, they don't have the star power in the division to carry a all women's ppv. They spend so much energy in making sure that Charlotte become a household name that they sacrifice the rest of the roster to do it. Asuka is the only one that still fill like a star outside of Charlotte and That's not enough to carry a ppv and be successful with it.

stingray11214 12-29-2017 05:34 AM

At this juncture? Not a chance. You do not have the QUALITY that would make this little more than a "Superstars"-Lite event. As much as there is criticism over how Stephanie would handle it, the reality is that she would actually get people to watch it....to its detriment. People will tune in, see what it really is, and then shit all over it. Now, if they split the Women to form a subsidiary under the WWE banner, you might be able to pull something like this off long term. But, as for now, an all Women PPV will be catastrophic.

Navi 12-29-2017 05:45 AM

As a woman even I wouldn't watch it to be honest. Even though there are a number of women on the roster that are capable of headlining a RAW or SD, I really don't think an all women PPV would work. They don't seem to be able to focus on more than a couple of them at a time, so the rest get lost in the shuffle.

Sure the women have come a long way since the bullshit of the Attitude Era and there have been a lot of firsts, but there is still a long way to go. With the advent of the Network maybe have a network special instead and see how that works, before committing to a full fledged PPV.

#HELLNO 12-29-2017 05:56 AM

It will happen and it will work. Here is why, the Mae Young Classic was a tournament that featured some of the greatest females from all over the world, people watched, people where intrigued and most people forgot the old stigma that the women can't keep up with the men. Now if people watched that, I am damn near sure they would pay for an all female pay-per-view, I mean they paid for a PPV that was headlined by a 50 year old, who could never really go for long, against an ageing beast who had his last great match, about 12 years ago.

People can argue that this would be a shambles, but let it happen, let them work it out. Like mentioned above, have a RAW & a SmackDown Women's Championship match, then have a few fillers, but they wouldn't really be fillers if they could get you invested. A Charlotte vs. Becky, Sasha vs. Asuka, Charlotte vs. Asuka; wouldn't need a title to make you want to watch it. So yes, I do believe this will happen and I definitely believe that it will work.

George Steele's Barber 12-29-2017 08:16 AM

With the right investment and promotion it could certainly "work". It could work from an entertainment standpoint and it could work from a financial standpoint. This is certainly the best time in history to do it. WWE is supposedly sitting on the greatest women's draw in fighting history. Time magazine named women standing up for themselves as their Persons of the Year or something like that. It sounds like GLOW was a success for Netflix. Chrissy Teigen just tweeted about her love for WM (and when given an invite by Stephanie to come to the next WM, didnt know when it was, teehee). Charlotte just came off as the best story and biggest star of the Ric Flair doc. And finally, can you think of a better way to pull new viewers to the WWE Network?

But it shouldn't be your typical PPV. It shouldn't focus on six to eight matches with little much else. It should focus on showcasing/exploiting what WWE does best, vignettes that give people the feels. The female empowerment type stuff, women's wrestling revisionist history (mostly focused on the recent growth), and WWE's charity work. They should build it through story on Raw and SD, not just announce it. They put obstacles and confrontation in the women's way. Maybe a RTC type Ivory character who doesn't believe the women can do it without the men. Maybe backstage scenes where some of the guys (heels) are insulting the idea only for the women to overhear. Go even further and make the women earn the show by winning something or a Daniel Bryan type protest. Introduce a new character that wants to give the women their own show which forces Vince's hand to the women what they want. Maybe piggyback off a popular PPV on a Saturday night the same way NXT does it. Maybe it can be Rousey's idea and she can be the catalyst that convinces Vince to book the show. SO MANY OPTIONS!!!!

It could work. It might be the best way to pull new viewers to the Network. They should be able to get great social media help and possibly celebrity help. A name like Rousey would pull in men, celebrities and social conscience would pull in women. Most WWE fans would watch as it is something different and a first in WWE programming.

I don't know. I've come up with these reasons/ideas just this morning, I'm sure WWE can do even better. Or maybe they can't and that is why this simple idea that seems to have so much potential hasn't happened yet.

Starkist 12-29-2017 09:15 AM

It could work but it would be cool if WWE brought back the King of the Ring tournament and also did a Queen of the Ring tournament as well. Have it be a dual branded pay per view and have quality matches for both men and the women. 1.5 hours for the men and 1.5 hours for the females. I don't see right now a 3 hour all female pay per view in the close future but maybe 2019 it could happen.

Jack-Hammer 12-29-2017 09:32 AM

Would it work in the sense of Vince trying to show how progressive he is in his views towards women, all other evidence to the contrary? Sure, probably so. Of course, Stephanie would be there in an attempt to take some of the credit and spread it about to every other woman that's ever worked in WWE, whether they genuinely had anything whatsoever to do with how far women have come in WWE or not. After all, what's a notable achievement without some self-important bullshit artist being there to soak up as much adulation and credit as possible?

We've had women in the main event spots of WWE television, a few have main evented ppvs, we've had all female versions of favorite gimmick matches like Hell in a Cell & Money in the Bank, a woman's match has been voted by numerous fans & wrestling journalists alike as the very best match of the year a few years back, we've had an all female tournament air on the WWE Network and we're going to have an all female Royal Rumble match a month from now.

To be honest, an all female ppv comes off, to me at least, as a bit redundant at this point and strikes me as more of a self-congratulatory "we've made history" moment more than anything else. I think they'd be more focused on touting how progressive this is, hyping how WWE is creating role models for young girls, etc. than actually making a good show; not that it would really matter as they'd try to tout the event as the biggest boon to womankind since the invention of the pushup bra. In order for it to come off as being "equal" to the men, there'd have to be substantial TV time given over and WWE would have to actually focus on more than a single women's program rather than try to lump all of them into something, which is what they often do & which tends to result in most of the women being little more as background.

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