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It's Damn Real! 01-30-2018 11:54 AM

Impact Loses Everyman Jeremy Borash to WWE

According to Pwinsider, WWE has hired long time TNA & Impact Wrestling employee Jeremy Borash. Impact Wrestling has confirmed to the site that he is leaving. Borash was backstage at the WWE events over the last several days in Philadelphia, but initially was telling those who asked that he was just visiting friends; the word at last night’ Raw is that he’s signed. Borash was doing commentary voiceovers for upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling this past Thursday and was at Friday night’s House of Hardcore event in Philly filming material for Impact, which appears to be his final duties for the company.

Borash had worked in so many roles for the company since 2002, including ring announcing, commentating and doing backstage interviews at different points in front of the camera. With his departure, that means that Impact will be airing several months of Impact with a lead announcer that is not coming back.


What a massive, massive loss for Impact. This guy did everything -- creative, announcing, interviews, was the driving force behind the entire Broken Universe, etc.

Good luck filling even one of the dozen shoes he wore with half the passion.

wrestlingmasters55 01-30-2018 12:41 PM

If this turn out to be true, this is a huge blow for IMPACT wrestling especially since they we're already promoting a lot of stuff for their Twitch channel and Borash was suppose to be in the center of all of this new content. They even gave him the old Live Audio Wrestling show that he was suppose to host on the channel.

So again if this is true, who do you get to replace him on commentary? Really at this point, is there even anybody from outside the company that would be willing to step up for the next set of tapings.

I get they are in a rebuilding stage but at this point i feel like that if this is true, they just lost their foundation and it's going to be very hard to replace him. At less we might actually be able to get the whole Broken Matt character in WWE with Borash on board.

mooseman 01-30-2018 06:30 PM

Someone that could probably step in and help with a bunch of those responsibilities and mainly announce is Joey Styles.

FromGlasgow 01-30-2018 06:43 PM

I think Jeremy Borash is one of the most underrated talents in wrestling, Seen him live several times during the Wrestling All Stars tours where everytime he almost did everything on the shows except wrestle, Was the host of the events, Ringside Commentator, Ring Announcer, Done the wrestlers interviews then later seen him in the TNA events doing similar except for the commentary. Big loss for Impact and big gain for the WWE I just hope WWE uses him to his potential. A lot of new signings by the WWE lately, They almost have the whole old main TNA roster just missing James Storm and Jeff Jarrett now.

Cena Is A Punk Rocker 01-30-2018 06:48 PM

Good get for the E. JB is the greatest backstage interview man since Mean Gene. I'm happy for him.

Razz 01-30-2018 07:46 PM

That is a big surprise and good get for WWE. Hopefully they will involve him more and let him work with the Broken Hardyz stuff again as that is one dimensional, going nowhere and has lost all direction. It looks like it is truly the changing of IMPACT wrestling guard. I hope IMPACT still succeeds and to stay around unlike a lot of people who like to crap on it. Without more platforms you wouldn't get guys getting second chances or a chance to create a star on another noticeable platform as proved from all the guys WWE have signed from IMPACT over the years (AJ, Roode, EY, Joe, Xavier etc.) and guys who have gone there to restart like Angle, Dudleyz, Christian, Lashley, Hardyz, Drew, EC3 etc..

Lowdown 01-30-2018 10:26 PM

Safe to say I didn't see this coming at all. It's not a death blow to Impact, but this has just about the effect as losing James Storm and EC3. I was unaware of all the jobs that JB has held down over the years, and there's no way one person will be able to fill that void. Maybe they'll pair up Josh Matthews with Jimmy Jacobs on commentary. Huge loss for sure.

stingray11214 01-30-2018 10:37 PM

If Impact is paying by appearance, I can see why Borash left. A full-time paycheck is a lot better than a sporadic one. If Anthem was not going to pay Borash full-time money, then it is time to leave. Impact's loss will be huge. But, they will be able to pivot from it. Borash is a nice pickup for Stamford.

FlashMarston 01-31-2018 01:23 PM

Yeah, he was like the core of TNA/Impact. I met him at one of the tapings and he was really nice. Big loss for them but really good for him. He deserves something more steady and secure - which I'm hoping the WWE gig will be for him.

Jonyboyuk2 01-31-2018 01:57 PM

I feel so sad for the people behind the scenes and the Impact/TNA performers who did their damn best for the business over the years and I cannot blame Jeremy for going to WWE - much like many former TNA/Impact performers have. TNA/Impact has never really been run properly. Look at Dixie Carter - she gushes over WWE and I must ask, would Burger King's CEO gush over how well McDonalds latest promotion is going? NO! It is a slap in the face to everybody who has ever worked hard since day one for TNA/Impact. I know Dixie left TNA a long time ago now - but she was the face of the brand for long time - but she is still a minority shareholder - and she still gushes about WWE. Is it any wonder Impact is in the dogshit heap?

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