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Davie Broon 02-10-2017 06:02 AM

BREAKING: WZCW Aftershock To Return For One Night Only

What's up, everyone? David Kerms here, making his return after Kingdom Come and bringing you some hot news headlines into the PPV cycle. And with Apocalypse on the way, what better way to celebrate the new year than with the WZCW Awards Show?

Celebrating the achievements of WZCW and it's workers has always been important to the board of directors and this year will come as no exception. In fact, the WZCW board of directors have commissioned a special edition of WZCW Aftershock that will make room for the Awards to be given out. As you can imagine, giving out the awards will take up some time and by bringing back Aftershock, even just for one night, WZCW hopes to make the most of it's air time.

As far as other ways WZCW will mark the occasion, I am afraid we are still at a loss. However, we are hearing that WZCW has massive plans to celebrate the revival of the former TV staple. Keep your eyes peeled for more info...

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David Kerms

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