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ScruffDog 05-01-2012 08:36 AM

Top 50 Tag Teams in WWE History
So WWE.com made a list of the 50 Greatest Tag Teams.


Now I've seen several lists like this, and every one of them has a different idea of what the greatest team was. The only reason I'm bringing this list forward, is because the WWE put it out, and I have a few problems with it.

First; The Brothers of Destruction #32, are you kidding me? They ranked X-Pac and Kane higher than The Brothers of Destruction. Now I was a big fan of X-Pac and Kane, and I do think they should be on this list, but not higher than The Brothers of Destruction. The Brothers of Destruction are one of the great Tag Teams, and at least should be in the top 20.

The Steiners and #41. I don't get this. How is Chuck and Billy a greater Tag Team than The Steiners? Whenever my friends and I talk greatest Tag Teams, The Steiners are always brought up; Chuck and Billy never come to mind. I don't understand how The Steiners are ranked so low.

Edge & Christian #1. Now I love Edge & Christian, and they're defiantly in the top 5, but I don't think #1. I think, like most people, the Legion of Doom should be #1. They have them at #8 on this list. How are they not in the Top 5?

Well that's the thing about these list; no matter what order you have, you're going to have people out there who think your list is wrong. So, why do you think of this list?

HBsam31 05-01-2012 09:03 AM

It says the teams were ranked on WWE accomplishments only. While LOD was one of if not the greatest tag team ever, their greatest accomplishments did not come in WWE. Same with the Steiner Brothers. This is why I don't really like these lists. It is just one persons opinion or a group depending on how they come up with the list. I have not seen a WWE list that satisfied me. Did you watch the Top 50 Superstars of All Time dvd. A lot of misranked guys on that list for sure.

Lowdown 05-01-2012 11:12 AM

Those countdown lists are based purely on bias and the longevity of tenure within the WWE only. E&C were a great team, no question. But I would put Demolition, LOD, and the Powers of Pain above them. That's just me. This isn't a list compiled by PWI or anything, but chances are if some stars like Hogan would've never went to WCW or TNA, they would be higher on WWE's top-whatever lists.

Ding_Dong_#2 05-01-2012 11:15 AM

This listing is such an abomination it's hard to know where to start...

If you are going to comprise a Top 50 tag teams of all time, there is no way you can really discount any of these:

1) Tony Garea and Rick Martel (x2 champs)
2) The Strongbow Brothers (x2 champs)
3) Shawn Michaels & Diesel (x2 champs)
4) The Natural Disasters (1x champs)

Honorable mentions:

1) Powers of Pain
2) Power & Glory
3) Men on a Mission

To have the Steiners at number 41 who I thought were a cert for Top Ten at th very least is a disgrace; they are ranked below the likes of Billy & Chuck, Jeri-show, Too-cool & the Bodydonnas is an insult to anyone who has ever watched or appreciated Tag-team wrestling.

LOD at no.8? Below the New Age Outlaws? Are you kidding me? I thought they would undoubtedly be no.1 as they always rightly are. The Blackjacks, The Bulldogs and The Valiants are the only ones which are about right and much deserved.

It's hard to know whether it is some back-office goon who put this together or one which has been "doctored" to de-list or put down all the people who have wronged WWE in some way as they usually do. Pathetic, laughable listing.

Foshinzo 05-01-2012 11:19 AM

E&C don't belong at the top of this list.

If we're talking WWE tenure only (meaning that I can't make my case for The Dudleys at #1 because we discount their ECW tenure,) then my top three candidates for #1 are: The Road Warriors, The New Age Outlaws, and The Hart Foundation.

E&C were great, but their comedy bits were overrated. They were a good wrestling team, but they still weren't the Bulldogs or the Hart Foundation. They won TLC 1&2, but Jeff Hardy was the real star in all of those matches. To be frank, E&C found their success because they were a good team in a time where there was an opening at the top. Edge was an overrated performer, outside of his WrestleMania 22 match with Foley, and Christian is overvalued by the IWC. He's underrated by the WWE, but he falls somewhere in the middle of our expectations and their expectations, in truth. In summation, they're a top ten team, maybe a top five if we only count their WWE tenure, but they're not #1.

The three teams I mentioned, only counting their WWE tenures, those are the teams that I would vote for.

The Hart Foundation were the frontier heel and face team in a time where tag team wrestling was great. Jim Neidhart worked the cameras, and Bret Hart worked the ring. They were the epitome of why tag team wrestling works. They had the look, they had the skills, and they are probably the greatest tag team ever, strictly speaking of the WWE.

The Road Warriors were a great team, and they were insanely popular in the WWF, especially against Demolition, but they were best when they wrestled for the NWA and the AWA. I think that they're probably the, "Hulk Hogans of tag teams," for better or worse of that, but their matches were usually really bad and their promos were hilariously bad, sometimes. Still, I think they're better all-time than E&C, if we count non-WWE promotional work.

Finally, The New Age Outlaws, again, only if we're counting WWE tenures, deserve top honors, as well. They too were a prime example of why tag team wrestling just works. Road Dogg had charisma out of his ass, but he didn't have the look. Billy Gunn had a great look and was a sorely underrated wrestler, but couldn't get over to save his life. When you combined the two, before they joined DX, they were an awesomely fun tag team. In the history of WWE television, they were a great tag team.

There's my best three cases as to who should be over E&C. The WWE is lobbying and kissing Edge's ass, though they were really good, but still, they just weren't #1.

Peoples_Champ 05-01-2012 12:39 PM

The list starts off by mentioning that its WWE-centric. Using that as a guideline, I think its fair that the team that has won the tag team titles the most are rated by WWE as "the greatest tag team of all time".

I would have ranked Dudleyz higher and I think New Age Outlaws and the Bulldogs are overrated.

Also, one thing to note is that Billy Gunn really should be recognized as the greatest tag team wrestler in the history of the WWE. Not only was he with two successful tag teams, he was a 10-time tag team champ, and held the tag titles for 916 days (second behind Mr Fuji at 932). Those are some amazing accomplishments for someone who doesn't get much credit (and someone who I really dislike).

Peaky1969 05-01-2012 01:16 PM

As usual, the WWE lists like this are pretty laughable, depends who is currently working for them or in their good graces....I don't know who I would rank where, but when I think of all time greatest WWF (and let's face it, havent really been any great teams since it became E rather than F) I think of Demolition, The Hart Foundation, The Bulldogs, and yes, I have a soft spot for The Rockers...

Natural Selection 05-01-2012 02:05 PM

WWE only the top team to me is New Age Outlaws. Awesome in the ring, excellent on the mic and could always get the story across. On top of that their countless title reigns, back when the tag titles mattered. E&C were great, but New Age Outlaws were the best.

lil bitch Kid 05-01-2012 07:09 PM

Well, wwe did exactly what they wanted to do here, which is create controversy and get people talking about tag teams. Notice a but more ficus these days? Notice Abraham talking tag teams? Notice at least 1 tag segment per show? It's called creating a buzz and it worked. It's a mark list to get people talking. Edge is a buzz name right now.

relentless1 05-01-2012 07:31 PM

this list is shit, why are the steiners so low, they should be in the top 5, and wheres the outsiders? harlem heat?? i know it says wwe top 50 but cmon, they own the wcw and ecw libraries this list should be a bit more comprehensive than this, wwe isnt the end all be all.

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