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Iscariot 05-09-2008 04:21 AM

Character Changes
Request changes to your character profile here. Make sure to refrain from selecting the following character reps, theme songs & finishers:



For reference:

Bold = Duplicates
Gold = Legends

Character Reps (Currently in Use)

Click for Spoiler:

Adam Rose (Armando Paradyse)
Adrian Neville (Cassanova)
Anthony Pettis (Vee A.D.Z)
Bram (Ramparte)
Bray Wyatt (Mikey Stormrage)
Cesaro (Flex Mussél)
Chris Sabin (Matt Tastic)
Cloud from Final Fantasy (Theron Daggershield)
CM Punk (James Howard)
Corey Taylor (John Doe)
Damien Sandow (Dr. Zeus)
Finn Balor (Alhazred)
Fire Ant (elegANT)
Kevin Owens (Logan McAllister)
Lacey von Erich (Eve Taylor)
Luke Harper (Abel Hunnicutt)
Mantis from Metal Gear Solid (Fallout)
Momoji from Ninja Gaiden (Kagura Ohzora)
Pooch Hall (Kendrick Xavier)
Sami Zayn (Garth Black)
Shannon Moore (Johnny Scumm)
Triple H (Constantine)
Tye Dillenger (Noah Ryder)
William Regal (Steven Holmes)

Official Fed NPC's:

John Slattery (Mr. Banks)

Jack Tunnay (Vance Bateman)
Maria Kanellis (Rebecca Serra)

Jesse Ventura (Jack Cohen)
Georgie Thompson (Cat Connor)
Mike Tenay (Sebastian Copeland)

Bobby Heenan (Johnny Klamor)
Maryse Ouellet (Stacey Madison)
Todd Grisham (Leon Kensworth)

Beverly Mullins (Selena Anderson)
Tony Chimel (Truman Harrys)

Bryce Remsburg (Keith Morse)
Carley Rae (Katie Shepard)
Laura Mattano (Elizabeth Prince)
"Red Shoes" Unno (Jurou Akiyama)

WZCW Legends:

Dolph Ziggler (Showtime Cougar)
Lance Storm (Everest)
Stevie Richards (Titus)


NOTE: The following reps can be still chosen. They are subject to approval by the WZCW Creative Team

A.J Styles (Austin Reynolds)
Austin Aries (Drake Callahan)
Black Dynamite (Action Saxton)
Brad Pitt (Chris K.O)
Bret Hart (Blade)
Clint Barton as Ronin (Saboteur)
Criss Angel (Ty Burna)
Curtis Axel (Barbosa)
Evan Bourne (Big Dave)
Hrithik Roshan (Veejay)
Jimmy Jacobs (Triple X)
John Morrison (Ricky Runn)
Johnny Depp (Vega)
Kaitlyn (Celeste Crimson)
Kurt Angle (Steven Kurtesy)
Mick Foley (Steamboat Ricky)
Mike Knox (The Beard)
Randy Orton (Sam Smith)
Ray Rowe (Dorian Slaughter)
Raven (Alex Bowen)
Robot (S.H.I.T)
Sid Vicious (Rush)
Super Dragon (El Califa Dragón)

Entrance Themes (Currently in Use)

Click for Spoiler:
Currently in Use:

American Horror Story Theme (Johnny Scumm)
Beethoven's 5th Symphony (Steven Holmes)
Castle Crashers Theme (Fallout)
Creepy Piano Composition (Constantine)
Pokemon Tower Theme Remix (Dr. Zeus)

"99 Problems" - Hugo (Ramparte)
"A Welcome Burden" - Disturbed (Logan McAllister)
"Come With Me Now" - Kongos (Noah Ryder)
"Freeze Up" from the Ninja Gaiden OST (Kagura Ohzora)
"Happy Symphony nr.5" - Izydor Mazur (elegANT)
"Here I Go" - Mystikal (Kendrick Xavier)
"Howl" - Florence & The Machine (Cerberus)
"Immigrant Song" - Karen O & Trent Reznor (Abel Hunnicutt)
"Live & Learn" - Crush 40 (Mikey Stormrage)
"Lonely Boys" - The Black Keys (James Howard)
"Loser" - Beck (Alhazred)
"Mama Said Knock You Out" - LL Cool J (Garth Black)
"Run Rabbit Run" - Eminem (Vee A.D.Z)
"Sacrament of Wilderness" - Nightwish (Theron Daggershield)
"Sex Metal Barbie" - In This Moment (Eve Taylor)
"Sexy and I Know it" - LMFAO (Armando Paradyse)
"Suicide Woods" - All Hail the Yeti (John Doe)
"Together As One" - Rockman Holic (Matt Tastic)
"We Will Rock You" - Queen (Flex Mussel)
"White Rabit" - Egypt Central (Cassanova)

WZCW Legends:

"Diamond Eyes" - Shinedown (Showtime Cougar)
Super Smash Brothers Brawl Theme (Titus)
"Supernova Goes Pop" - Powerman 5000 (Everest)

WZCW Official:

JBL Theme (Mr. Banks Theme)

"Anti-You" - Blue Stahli (Meltdown Theme)
"Falling On" - Finger Eleven (Chuck Myles)
"Holy Diver" - Killswitch Engage (Aftershock Theme)
"Legs" - ZZ Top (Becky Serra)
"Omen" - The Prodigy (Ascension Theme)
"On the Run" - Judas Priest (Jack Cohen)
"Oh, the Boss is Coming" - Arkells (Vance Bateman)
"What I See" - Lacuna Coil (Selena Anderson)

Finishing Moves (Currently in Use)

Click for Spoiler:

Double-Arm Snap DDT (Armando Paradyse)
Emerald Flowsion (Matt Tastic)
F-5 (Logan McAllistor)
Fame Asser (Titus)
Fisherman's Driver (Fallout)
Fisherman's DDT (Vee ADZ)
Go 2 Sleep (Garth Black)
Gotch-style Impact Mat Slam (Flex Mussél)
Headlock Driver (Noah Ryder)
Inverted Stomp Facebreaker (Eve Taylor)
Olympic Slam (Constantine)
Osaka Street Stunner (Kendrick Xavier)
Rock Bottom (Everest)
RKO/Diamond Cutter (Theron Daggershield)
Pedigree (Ramparte)
Single-underhook DDT (Dorian Slaughter)
Tombstone Piledriver (Abel Hunnicutt)
Twisting Spinebuster (Constantine)
World's Strongest Slam (Mikey Stormrage)


Heart Punch (Kagura Ohzora)
Spinning Backfist (Alhazred)


Anaconda Vise (James Howard)
Camel Clutch (Abel Hunnicutt)
Cattle Mutilation (John Doe)
Dragon Sleeper (Everest)
Gogoplata (Logan McAllistor)
Inverted CHIKARA Special (elegANT)
Koji Clutch (Eve Taylor)
Mandible Claw (Alhazred)
Muta Lock (John Doe)
Sharpshooter (Cassanova)
Sleeper Hold (Kagura Ohzora)
Triangle Choke (Fallout)
Texas Cloverleaf (Showtime Cougar)
Torture Rack (Flex Mussél)


630 Splash (Cassanova)
Asai DDT (Kendrick Xavier)
Avalanche C4 (Showtime Cougar)
Diving Somersault Sit-out Neckbreaker (James Howard)
Frog Splash (elegANT)
"Leap of Faith" Diving Elbow Drop (Garth Black)
Running Boot (Noah Ryder)
Senton Splash (Mikey Stormrage)
Shooting Star Press (Theron Daggershield)
Shooting Star Corkscrew Elbow Press (Titus)
Shooting Star Press Leg Drop (Vee ADZ)
Springboard Corkscrew Senton (Matt Tastic)

K Web V3 08-25-2015 03:39 PM

Real Name: Logan McAllister

Gimmick Name: Logan McAllister

Announced As: Logan McAllister

Height: 6'5

Weight: 275lbs

Hometown: Lowell, MA

Billed From: Boston, MA

Alignment: Heel

Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

Introducing first from Boston, MA, weighing 275lbs pounds, Logan McAllister!

Appearance: McAllister looks like just a normal man. Coming from a childhhod with little money, McAllister is content wearing loose jeans or basketball shorts, with a simple T-Shirt.(usually of a Boston sports team) Always has on his Red Sox hat wherever he goes

----------------Hair Colour/Length Short Dirty Blonde hair that always looks as if he's just woken up

----------------Eye Colour Bright Blue with a Silver tinge

----------------Facial Hair patchy stubble, looking like he needs a shave

----------------Ring attire McAllister wears Blue jeans, sneakers, a Boston sports team tshirt and a custom MCALLISTER Sox jersey, unbuttoned. Taped wrists n hands, no elbow or knee pads.

----------------Backstage Attire Same as ring attire, plus a Sox hat

----------------Physical Features At 6'5 275, McCallister is considered far from ripped. He has no six pack, but rather a noticeable gut. Don't let the appearance fool you however, as he is very agile, with an unseen amount of cardio for a man of his "pudgy" appearance

----------------Tattoos: Has his son's name "Hayden" in cursive on his right forearm, with the Sox logo over his heart

Sample Pic of Wrestler:

Main Gimmick: McAllister is a single father of a 7yr old boy, and will do whatever is necessary to provide for his boy. Strong street fighting exp with a amateur wrestling background

2 Characteristics of Gimmick: Will do anything to win, regardless of how violent or underhanded it may be.
-Sees others as not people, but just obstacles preventing him from providing for his son.

Brief Bio/History: MccAllister is from a broken home. Alcoholic father. Drug addicted mother. Due to this, Logan preferred spending as much time away from home as possible. This led to him getting into many fights, and over time, McAllister would eventually come to be feared in his part of Boston.
Logan was convinced to try out for the high school wrestling team, and found himself to be very successful at it. Using his street fighting mentality, McAllister would earn a full scholarship to Boston College.
It wasnt meant to be however, as he would eventually be kicked from the team due to being described as too sadistic by his coaches.
Shortly after, Logan was told he was going to be a father. Logan was ecstatic about this, but there would be no "happy ending" as the child's mother would not survive the birthing process.
McAllister knew he was now alone with a newborn to take care of. McAllister went back to what he knew. The streets.
Currently, McAllister and his son travel around the Northeastern United States, with McAllister doing whatever is necessary to provide his son with the life he wished he had as a boy growing up.

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description: Lights go dark. As soon as the music hits red light begin flashing throughout the arena. McAlister walks out slowly, his son Hayden close behind. He stops at the top of the ramp, turns to his son. Hayden pushes his dad twice to hype him up. McAllister gives his son a high five before turning and walking purposefully to the ring, Hayden returning backstage. McAllister rolls into the ring, walkimg to the turnbuckle and sitting on the top rope awaiting his opponent, evil look on his face. (If entering second, McAllister immediately gets in opponents face)

Fighting Style: Vicious street fighter with ample amateur wrestling background.

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Due to being in many street fights, McAllister has a strong tolerance to pain. Only care is to provide for his son and is quick to get into anyone's face if he feels they've wronged his boy.

Finishing Moves (2 max):
The Provider(F-5)
Boston Massacre(End of Days)

Signature Moves (3 max):
Multiple German Suplexes (ala Benoit)
McAllisault(Moonsault, used on rare occasions)
Illegal Figure Four Leg-Lock (using the Ring Post trick)

12 Most Used Moves:
Fallaway slam
Short arm clothesline
multiple knee strikes(corner only)
Exploder suplex
Release German Suplex
Eye Rake/Thumb to the eye
T-Bone suplex
Ground and Pound strikes
Northern Lights Suplex
Tilt-a-Whirl backbreaker

Changes in Bold. Mainly just dropping the "sadistic" nickname, changing ring gear and a few moves. Thanks!!!

Just FalKonika 09-07-2015 06:19 AM

I don't think we can put the Hell's Gate as a signature. Otherwise, everything else seems good.

Dan Severn's Moustache 09-07-2015 07:16 AM

Just a couple of changes I thought were overdue upon re-reading my application:

New Masked Rep:
Click for Spoiler:

Entrance Music:

K Web V3 09-07-2015 03:50 PM


Originally Posted by Faluttershy (Post 5285503)
I don't think we can put the Hell's Gate as a signature. Otherwise, everything else seems good.

That's fine. As long as the rest is good lol

Theo Mays 09-07-2015 04:42 PM

Some changes for Beard. Let me know if something doesn't work. Thanks fellas.


----------------Hair Colour/Length: Long brown hair, usually in some sort of ponytail

----------------Ring attire: Black trunks (with Beard diagonally on the right side), black kneepads (colored silhouette of his face on just the left knee pad), black and white wrist tape on left arm, colored sleeve on right arm, white boots

----------------Backstage Attire: Black Hoodie (with a silhouette of his face on the back), colorful Zubaz pants, and black converse

Alignment (Heel or Face, not Tweener): Face

Main Gimmick: Beard returns as an evolved man, looking for forgiveness from his peers and the WZCW universe. Returning back to his roots.

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description: The lights are out and as the music hits a spotlit Beard is staying there with a towel over his head. He bounces up and down and draws the crowd in for more noise with his hands. The lights fly on and Beards runs across the stage shouting Beard as the crowd chants along. He runs to the other side and repeats the process. He hurries down the aisle slapping hands with Beard Nation.

Finishing Moves:
Flying Beard (Diving Headbutt)
Poetic Justice (Cross Rhodes)

15 Most Used Moves: (No finishers, 3 signature moves):
Running Crossbody
Cannonball Corner Senton (Think Kevin Owens)
Exploder Suplex (sometimes into the corner)

Snap Suplex
Corner Splash
Repeated Elbows to cornered opponent, followed by a shoulder barge
High Speed Leg Drop
Backbreaker (sometimes double arm)
Running Elbow to a cornered opponent (Beard runs into the opposite corner and does a flying elbow)
Jumping Elbow Drop (occasionally done from middle rope)
Belly to Belly Suplex
Beard Wash (Think a face wash, but with a Beard)
Jumping High Knee
Spinning Heel Kick
Flying Clothesline (either running or off the top)

Johnny Scumm 09-07-2015 06:22 PM

If possible, I'd like this to be Scumm's new entrance theme. Thanks guys.

Dagger Dias 09-07-2015 07:09 PM

I've been thinking of a new song for Theron and this one, despite being from WWE, stuck out. "In the darkness, light will take you to the other side" fits perfectly, and this may be the best time to debut a new theme so.... Here is the update. If it cannot be used because it was a WWE song or for other reasons, I'm fine with keeping Sacrament of Wilderness. Just felt that with the gimmick tweak and the title win it was time for a change.


Entrance Music:

"Just Close Your Eyes" by Waterproof Blonde

Entrance Description:

He walks out with his trenchcoat and sunglasses still on. Red, yellow, blue, green, and purple lights flash as the song plays. He has his prop sword in hand and does poses with it on the ramp and does some slashing poses while pyro goes off. He then walks to the ring and rolls his d20 before entering, jumps into the ring, takes off his trenchcoat and sunglasses before striking another pose, briefly says a prayer to himself in the ring, and is then ready for his match.

Find'er Woo'er Ryder 09-07-2015 08:36 PM

New Finisher

Replace future shock DDT with Razor's Edge (Dream Crusher)

New rep for more seriousness
Click for Spoiler:

Dagger Dias 09-07-2015 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by Find'er Woo'er Ryder (Post 5286529)
New Finisher

Replace future shock DDT with RKO (Dream Crusher)

Theron uses the RKO for his Critical Hit finisher. I'd check the ban list in the Application Thread to see what everyone uses so you can pick one not already being used.

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