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Dave 08-10-2017 06:43 AM

D4 - Brock Lesnar versus Andre The Giant Last Man Standing Match
The final day of the WrestleZone International Cup is upon us and things could not be tighter in the hunt for the trophy. After Day 2, Team U.S.A had a healthy 4 point lead over their opponents. However, Team R.O.T.W made the most of Tag Team Turmoil and have bounced back to trail their opponents by just one point heading into the final day. With the winner being the team that hits 23 points first, things have really gotten interesting. Who will make the most of the gimmick round and bring the trophy home?

Matches were determined through a random number generator. Boards are open for 1 day for discussion and then polling will begin in 24 hours. Polling lasts for 72 hours afterwards. The winning team gets the point. In the event of a draw, teams will half a point each.

Fire Marshall Bill 08-10-2017 07:44 AM

Can we say unstoppable force vs immovable object? I'm leaning toward Andre, but there's no question Lesnar could take the fight to him. This would be brutal match for sure.

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