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IrishCanadian25 12-14-2008 08:12 PM

Tag Team / Stable of the Year


Beer Money


La Famiglia

Miz & Morrison

CTC (Cena and Cryme Tyme)


Main Event Mafia

Punk and Kofi

AnthonyMango/NoFate007 12-14-2008 11:26 PM

Hands down, Miz and Morrison. Some of the others weren't together long enough to make an impact (like Kofi/Punk) or didn't do anything noteworthy when they WERE together (Jericho/Cade). Legacy is just getting started, so they haven't done much yet. They've been feuding with each other longer than they've been teaming up.

Miz and Morrison, though, have dominated the tag team scene in the WWE. They had a very long and successful title reign, they're just getting a second title reign now, they've both improved their skills, and they've been the most consistently entertaining aspect of the WWE over this past year in my opinion.

Cena's Little Helper 12-15-2008 12:38 AM

Oh man...this is going to be tough. I am torn between LAX and Beer Money.

On one hand, you got Homicide and Hernandez. While horrible on the mic, Homicide is, as a high-risk wrestler, exciting as hell (and, I don't care how dangerous the Vertebreaker/Cop Killah is; it is, in my opinion, the sickest move there is in professional wrestling). While also not so good on the mic (but a little better than Homicide), Hernandez is an extremely quick and agile big man (as strange as it seems, I can't help but see a little bit of Vader in Hernandez). Mark my words: in the coming years, Hernandez will emerge as someone very significant in the professional wrestling world. Also, he has the potential to become one of the greatest "big men" ever.

On the other hand, you have Robert Roode and James Storm. As much as some people loved America's Most Wanted, I think that Storm found himself a better partner in Roode. Not only can these guys put on a good match, but they are also funny as hell and can create chemistry with even the blandest of tag teams. For example, when Abyss and Matt Morgan show their faces on Impact!, you can sense that there is nothing but indifference in the Impact! Zone. However, Roode and Storm have done the impossible in their feud with Abyss and Morgan: by taking advantage of Abyss' naivete and making Morgan extremely angry (this is about the only thing he is good at doing) in the process, they have made them both amusing and worthwhile to watch outside of the ring (I don't mind Abyss in matches; I think Morgan sucks inside and outside of the ring, even though, to his credit, he has a wrestler's dream body and build).

In the end, I will have to vote for Beer Money. While I think that the members of LAX, as singles competitors, have brighter futures, no one (not even anyone in WWE) is currently as on top of their game as Beer Money is.

P.S. When did La Familia become Italian?

Mighty NorCal 12-15-2008 02:32 AM

I mean, is there really any other choice than M&M?? they sorta win this by default since the rest of the teams/stables were shit. M&M are both pretty over, rising stars, in the midst of their second title reighn of the year, and have pretty much been the backbone of the WWE tag roster, as lowly as it may be. Team of the year, in a 1 out of 1 field

Rusty 12-15-2008 05:42 AM

Miz and Morrison win this award, hands down. These two had a great year. I remember when they won the WWE tag team titles in November 2007, everyone was downright confused by the move as they were meant to be feuding with each other. Nobody would have thought that these two teaming up would be the best thing for them. They both improved in basically every aspect and the Miz actually looks very legimate right now, which is pretty good considering he was being called a reality star reject not that long ago. They won titles, the fans, and they just improved both in the ring and on the mic.

For TNA though, the Main Event Mafia really stands out to me. Beer Money was/is good, but they just aren't as dominant or as intimidating as the MEM. All 5 members are all former World Champions and have credibility. If you don't watch TNA, I recommend you do just to see this awesome stable develop further. Their role will be to help and the put over the younger talent. Which is a brilliant idea.

But the the Miz and John Morrison were more successful this year than the Main Event Mafia. I hope they both break-out as singles stars in the near future.

wwesince2004 12-15-2008 09:00 AM

Miz and Morrison easily win the award. They were the reason I tuned into ecw for the first 6 or so months of the year, they also have gotten 2 tag title reigns (one at a house show, pretty good imo since that rarely ever happens).

My second vote goes to Legacy, since unforgiven they have kept me watching, waiting for it to come together, which it has. Before Legacy Priceless did a quite a good job with there 2.5 title reigns (I count rhodes first reign since it led directly to his 2nd). Lets hope once DiBiase returns Orton wins the World title, Manure actually does something and might win the IC title and Priceless wins the tag gold again, or give the IC to DiBiase or Rhodes during there Tag Title Reign. Now im talking about what they should do with the team instead of what they;ve done. I shall stop now

Little Jerry Lawler 12-15-2008 09:08 AM

Miz and Morrison by a landslide....They have been the premeire tag team for the past year and have individually improved with their mic skills and wrestling ability....They have been the workhorses of WWE wrestling on RAW, Smackdown and ECW like every week.

IrishCanadian25 12-15-2008 09:36 AM

Nobody is giving any love to La Famiglia?

For the early part of the year, especially around WrestleMania (and the entire Edge / Undertaker feud), the team of Edge, Vickie, Ryder, Hawkins, Chavo, and Bam really dominated Smackdown. Miz and Morrison were the Tag Team of the Year, but since this thread is for Team / Stable of the year, my vote goes to the obnoxious Famiglia.

My issue with Miz and Morrison (and they ARE my favorite team, and I HATED La Famiglia), is that they never seemed to have a permanent home. I felt they were always floating in limbo (Raw, SD, ECW) and never locked in to a reoccuring feud or setting. La Famiglia, as I referenced above, RAN Smackdown, and with Vickie Guerrero as the GM and Edge as the champ, it was the most effective "abuse of power" angle since McMahon / Helmsley. They had a great lackey Tag Team with Ryder and Hawkins, the mid-card mainstay in Chavo, and the hired muscle in Bam.

Everyone forgets how effective they were because a) the 3rd generation team was forming, and took it's time (which I love - look out for them in 2009!) and b) they were so flippin' hated. The La Famiglia angle led to three HUGE Edge / Taker feud matches at 3 PPV's, including SummerSlam and WrestleMania.

Uncle Sam 12-15-2008 09:52 AM

Beer Money won't win this but they should.

Sure, I'm known for giving a lot of credit to TNA teams. I've never felt that was undeserved though. The primary reason that people hate on TNA teams is because they just want to hate on TNA - but the tag division is normally the primary exception to TNA's shittiness. Sure, occasionally the wrong team (i.e. not the Motor City Machine Guns) will win, but that's as bad as it gets. In the so-bad-it's-just-bad world of TNA booking, the TNA tag teams have been relatively stable and can always be relied on to put on the most sensible, most entertaining, most impressive and most universally appealing matches on the card.

Better, I think, than the absolutely snorefest that have been WWE's groups this year. I liked Miz and Morrison for about three hours. That's the best I can say.

Beer Money are, oddly, TNA's two most promising singles talents. This year, they've come from "what are they doing together?" to "dammit, they stole the titles again". Perfect evolution and a great heel team. Less bland than America's Most Wanted, I'll say that much. Storm and Roode have both grown as a result, not inhibiting each other (as I thought they would) but playing off each other and becoming a great tandem. Sure, they've got two different types of gimmicks but y'know what? I'm fucking sick of teams where two of the same wrestler come down to the ring and pull off some careful choreography. No, not the Motor City Machine Guns. Not to mention that they put on the best under-appreciated matches of the year with LAX, MCMG and the other random teams. I'll never get over the complete WTF that is Matt Morgan and Abyss.

The only other contender to this is LAX. They've had a successful year, but they're not as glorious as they have been in the past. A singles split seems on the way, so say goodbye to one of the modern great tag teams. You'll appreciate them more when they're gone.

So Beer Money won't clinch this but they've earned a much more important award: Uncle Sam's TNA (and overall) Tag Team of the Year.

Everyone knows I'm the authority when it comes to TNA tag teams.

klunderbunker 12-15-2008 12:24 PM

Wow. This just goes to show you how truly awful the tag division is in modern wrestling. There's one real team on here that has done something at all, and that's Miz and Morrison. They were decent singles workers, but the real strength they had was in their tag work. The Dirt Sheet is great, and they even have a bit of a gimmick with the Be Jealous thing. They've won titles and looked like a truly great team taht can stand up to anyone. Growing rapidly on me, and they almost win this by default.

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