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a0161613 05-27-2012 11:00 AM

WZCW Kingdom Come IV LD
Come one, come all. This is what we have been building to for the last few months.

It's going to be fun!

Coco 05-27-2012 11:02 AM

Have a good time, y'all. Hope it exceeds your loftiest expectations.

Gelgarin 05-27-2012 11:05 AM


Awesome_Miz 05-27-2012 11:13 AM

Lets get this party started in here!!!

Johnny Scumm 05-27-2012 11:14 AM

DISCLAIMER: Filler will be provided by Ryback & Brodus Clay squash matches.

Can't wait, this is gonna be an awesome show.

Find'er Woo'er Ryder 05-27-2012 11:26 AM

I think it's time for an Armando joke.....someone say it before I do...

Johnny Scumm 05-27-2012 11:29 AM

Ladies & Gentlemen, we'll be holding a live chat with Armando Paradyse and all... two of you later as unfortunately he did NOT make it onto the KC Card.


The Doctor 05-27-2012 11:36 AM

So glad we're doing an LD again this year since 2's was so much fun. Hope I can be around for it, gonna go see Men in Black today.


Shotaro 05-27-2012 11:39 AM

WOOOO! Kingdom Come!

I heard Armando Paradyse is in Dallas!

In a motel!

MMSoldier 05-27-2012 11:44 AM

Oh Kingdom Come, my favorite time of the WZCW year. and I'm the opposite of Armando. My second straight KC, very excited.

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