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Dagger Dias 04-01-2017 11:10 PM

New NXT Championship Belt Designs
At NXT Takeover Orlando all three of the major Championships in NXT debuted new title belt designs. The NXT Championship still has the large X decpiction as part of its design but now looks more like a World Championship than the X-Shaped plate the previous one had. They have also gone the route of palette swaps like the main roster did for the Universal, World Heavyweight, Raw Women's and Smackdown Women's titles. The main thing that is different about the NXT Championship and NXT Women's Championship now is the color scheme. I'll miss the old title belt designs although I understand why they went with new designs. The tag team one is my least favorite of the three, which is still a step above the old one.

NXT Championship

NXT Women's Championship

NXT Tag Team Championship

What are your thoughts on these new belts? Do you like them? Why or why not?

Please keep the forum rules in mind when responding and do not spam.

Discuss! :)

Navi 04-01-2017 11:27 PM

I sat there tonight and watched Takeover and didn't even realize that the new belts had been brought out. Did read earlier and someone stated on the LD thread that new belts would be presented, but thought they would make a big deal out of it.

For example, call each champion out when the event was over and present them with the new belts in the middle of the ring. They look so similar to the old ones that didn't see the difference. Felt like an idiot asking on the LD thread when the new belts were being brought out, and they had already given out two of them. God I'm so lame at times.

Anyway Dagger as to your question about thought's on them. Do like them better than the ones on the main roster. The NXT belts look like wrestling belts, the WWE championship and the other's just look too generic with the only difference being the colour's. Only the IC and US titles stand out. This is coming from someone who is not a belt person to begin with, so take it for what it's worth.

ShinChan 04-02-2017 01:11 AM

I love these new designs. I didn't like the old Women’s Championship much but this one is a lot better than that.

The NXT Championship and NXT Women Championship are quite in contrast with each other and I love them.

The tag titles are okay but I think that they will grow on me soon.

Good upgrade.

Vanilla Midget 04-02-2017 02:35 AM

The old tag title design was fine, but the women's and men's NXT championships have ling needed overhauls, especially the women's title.

Silver championships are not good designs unless there is a logical reason. The top prize of a division should not be cast using a metal that isn't as valuable as another available.

Gold is more valuable that silver, that's why gold is for first place and silver is for second. The top prize for women in NXT should not be using a runner up metal.

The NXT women's title had the look of Diva's Championship junior. The pink jewels made it look like a children's toy more than a championship holding any prestige.

I'll miss the great big X design of the original NXT title, but good lord that thing was a finger printed mess. It's never looked good considering it's been smudged to all hell from the jump.

Some holders made sure to shine it, but others didn't and it did not look like a professional title at all. At the very least it needed to be redone with a texturized look to prevent the fingerprint goldmine that it once was.

These titles are good. They're safe, they're designed smart to avoid smudging and they're basic wrestling championships, which is ideal. They could have done something risky, but that could blow up in WWE's face. The belts are primarily gold, with silver accents which is a must for a top pro wrestling title. The women's and men's belts being similar is a big plus.

Jack-Hammer 04-02-2017 03:24 AM

Overall, I really like the new title designs. I do sorta wish that the X in the men's and women's titles weren't so prominent but that's a minor complaint.

I'd gotten to the point a point a long time ago where I was okay with the title designs, but I was never crazy over them. I think the new title designs look more majestic as a whole, especially for the men's and women's titles as I thought they definitely needed a facelift. The men's and women's titles both had total overhauls while the tag titles look to have been updated. The same overall shape & design of the center and side plates are there, but the WWE logos are updated, the diamond patterns on the center plate are new as are the words "Tag Team Champion" above and below the NXT logo.

I hadn't been online all day and had no clue that new titles were going to be introduced, so I wasn't all that sure how things would be but I felt at ease once I saw the new tag title design and the live crowd really liked them as well. They're sort of a little mix of old and new school, they're a simple design but they also look elegant with the gold accentuated with silver.

Y 2 Jake 04-02-2017 05:12 AM

I like to think they were forced to get a new women's belt because Paige bought shame on the last one.

The Life Of Pablo Ren 04-02-2017 05:52 AM


Originally Posted by Y 2 Jake (Post 5674611)
I like to think they were forced to get a new women's belt because Paige bought shame on the last one.

I'm almost positive that the one Asuka had is different than the one Paige had. They changed the belts sometime in the Summer of 2014 due to the WWE logo change, and the one Paige had was the old logo. Only Charlotte held that title after Paige.

Granted it was still the same design so my point is probably moot.

wrestlingmasters55 04-02-2017 06:29 AM

I'm not a huge fan of the new titles, I thought the old title belt made them look different now they just look generic kinda like what the belt on the main roster look

The Perfect Max 04-02-2017 11:15 AM

For the NXT Championship, thank God. As someone said above, the amount of finger prints on that thing was terribly embarrassing. Hopefully Bobby Roode keeps this new one shined up because it was looking dirtier than Paige's women's title. Anyway...

The NXT Women's Championship looks a million times better. Like the main roster, I am happy that the women's and world's title belts are similar. I like to think that the WWE are saying a world and women's champion are on the same level and that's cool.

The NXT Tag Team Championship design is better too. Not much of a change, but it the darker tones seem more prominent and it just looks much better.

The new NXT title belts are much better than some of the one's on the main roster at the moment. Keep the guy who designed these belts please.

MWRedskins 04-02-2017 01:25 PM

NXT Championship

i love this new championship.....while i'll miss the original championship (due to how unique it was) this one is a really nice championship....WWE should take notes on what a title is supposed to look like and use this type of design for their Universal and WWE Championships. i did like the old NXT title (despite the fingerprints all over it).

NXT Women's Championship

the Women's Championship looks so much like the NXT Championship (likely done on purpose). i liked the original a lot....the original (if i'm right) was brought around when WWE had the Diva's Championship and if i were a woman holding the Diva's title at time, i'd complain about the NXT Women's Championship looking much better. as for this one, it's a fine design that looks like the NXT Championship and it's not a bad thing here....i dont find the WWE Women's championships being bad looking either (when compared to that awful Butterfly title).

NXT Tag Team Championship

as i've said previously, i like this design much better than the main roster's championship design and it's rinse and repeat here. WWE improved their tag team championships by getting rid of that stupid copper look, but gold is always better to see than silver. as for the new nxt tag team championship design compared to the old one....it's a very similar design with a different look and i like the new look better, but it's not like the old look was bad because it wasnt...but the new one does look nicer.

So basically i like the new belts they have. they are very nice looking and while the originals werent bad, the upgrades were very fine. i'll miss the older championships, but the new ones are very fine upgrades.

rmp0012002 05-07-2017 08:53 PM

They're an improvement from the old belts but look too identical and don't really differentiate from the level of champion. It's cheaper to make identical belts also.

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