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  1. Daliah Gonzales
    Daliah Gonzales
    Here for the comments
  2. Spidercanrana
    When my fist clenches crack it open before I use it and lose my cool / If I smile tell me some bad news before I laugh and act like a fool
  3. Spidercanrana
    If my fist clenches, crack it open
  4. Jeff Deliverer of Mail
  5. Crockydile Dandee
  6. Dave
    Check out The Media Corner in the World of Wrestling sub-forum
  7. King
    What happend with the old Avatars?
  8. SRFan
    I just got here today and, WHAT 2 DO! I hope I get friends soon.... NOT LATER
  9. enviousdominous
    I'm a very nice person, and history has no record of me. There's a moral in that somewhere.
  10. Jeff Deliverer of Mail
    Jeff Deliverer of Mail
    Jeffnado 5 -This time, it's not really that personal. It's kind of just another average time.-
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