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08-16-2009, 10:52 PM
so im here to make a list of the greatest wrestlers in the 80s-90s.

10. ricky "the dragon" steamboat- this man had phenominal matches. and he had 2 huge wins by upset. he won his first world title by beating ric flair. and he had an awsome match against randy savage.

9. MR. Perfect curt henning - the name says it all he was perfect and was the second or third longest reinging intercontinental champion in the wwe. and was a former awa champion. he was probably one of the best to never won a wwe title.

8. The Undertaker - undertaker maybe one of the most dominating wrestlers in the wwe . he debuted as a heel and people still cheers for him. and he can still make the crowd go wild

7. Triple H - He had great matches and great feuds and his debut with restraunt music was awful but his ring work was amasing.

6. Hulk hogan - OK some of might be suprised why Hogan was number 6 . Because he was one of the most popular wrestlers of all time but his in ring work wasnt that great but he can sure get great raitings.

5. Sting- the greatest wrestler to never work for the WWE.

4. Bret Hart - this man posably the greatest canadian wrestler ever this man won his first world title by beating rick flair. and he was one of the best wrestling family in the world.

3. The Rock - This man was the youngest wwe champion in the 90s and He had great mic skills. he had great rivalries.

2. Shawn michaels - this man debuts as a member of the rockers and he had great heel turns and forms DX. He had the greatest match in the 90s against bret hart and he was a part of the montreal screwjob. but the crowd in the USA still loves him no matter what
1. steve austin - stonecold had great rivalries. great mic skills and was responsable for one of the greatest eras of all time the attitude era. so thats my list of the top 10 greastest wrestlers from 80s - 90s. but make your own list to pick your top 10.

08-17-2009, 12:24 AM
10. Chris Benoit. Just a great technical wrestler to watch.

9. Triple H. He would be higher now but until the end of the 90's I would only put him here. He was great feuding against Stone Cold and The Rock but he really started stealing the show after 2000.

8. Mankind. For me he always grabbed my full attention with his chilling promo's and crazy bumps. The mask and hair was perfect and he was one of my favourites as a youngster.

7. Ricky Steamboat. He was so good to watch and very enjoyable in the ring. Just a great all round guy who captured everyone's attention in the ring during his time.

6. The Undertaker. Taker really took his chance throughout the 90's and has remained a great entertainer/wrestler. His character/gimmick is one of the most popular and over gimmicks of any decade.

5. Bret Hart. What can I say, the man was a legend and a GREAT wrestler who deserves to be in the top 5. His name is a household name for any wrestling fan.

4. Shawn Michaels. The Heartbreak Kid is surely the most energetic in ring wrestler of the 80's and is top 5 material for obvious reasons. His attitude and wrestling ability made him so interesting to all fans.

3. The Rock. The most charasmatic man to cut a promo in the WWE. His heel persona was awesome and he could capture an audience as soon as his music hit. He easily fills out the top 3.

2. Stone Cold. He was the man through the late 90's and really carried the company to another level as a face. His character was the most over after Hogan.

1. Hulk Hogan. You can't go past Hogan as the best entertainer ever thus he would be the best throughout the 80's and 90's. You can't beat Hulkamania.

08-17-2009, 02:27 AM
10. Goldberg - Biggest WCW draw.

9. Macho Man - Such a recognizable face and name.

8. Ric Flair - One of the biggest legends in the business.

7. Undertaker - Unbelievable durability and fan favorite.

6. Sting - WCW's captain.

5. Bret Hart - Incredible wrestler and talent.

4. The Rock - So much charisma and a huge star.

3. Stone Cold - Would have been number 1 if he was as popular in the mid 90's.

2. Shawn Michaels - In my opinion, greatest wrestler ever.

1. Hulk Hogan - No explanation needed.

Honorable mention - Kevin Nash, Ultimate Warrior, Scott Hall, DDP.

Dre Guevara
08-17-2009, 12:03 PM
okay here's MY list....

10. Shawn Michaels- The Icon, The Show Stopper, The Main Eventer, despite refusing 2 put over wrestlers who weren't part of "The Clique", either way, another great story teller.

9. Goldberg- the TRUE definition of the word "BEAST" still bogus 4 prematurely ending the career of the Hitman.

8. Rob Van Dam- a good thing his greatness was briefly recognized B4 the REAL ECW was phased out.

7. Owen Hart- stepped out of his brother's shadow 2 become a superstar in his own right, until being tragically sent off by Vince McMahon 2 die in the ring.

6. Curt Hennig- Greatest ring technician 2 NEVER win the WWF title, greatest matches were with Bret Hart.

5. Sting- The best wrestler 2 NEVER work 4 Vince. WCW's Franchise Superstar.

4. The Undertaker- one of, if not THE BEST ring psychologists.

3. The Rock- The 1st 3rd gen. superstar & THE MOST ELECTRIFYING MAN IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT. 1st Black WWF Champion.

2. Steve Austin- after getting canned by Eric Bischoff, he came 2 the WWF 2 show & prove how great he really was.

1. Bret "The Hitman" Hart- the best story teller 2 ever step in the squared circle, IMO, the Michael Jackson of wrestling.

Honorable Mentions:

Chris Jericho
Rick Rude
Mick Foley
Chris Benoit
Booker T
Sid Vicious
Davey Boy Smith

Dre Guevara
08-17-2009, 12:52 PM
after looking @ my list, I realized that I only did wrestlers from the 90's, so here's my list of wrestlers from the 80's

10. Nikita Koloff- the epitome of a wrestling heel.

9. Roddy Piper- without him, there'd be NO Hulk Hogan

8. Dusty Rhodes- no one could sell a beatdown like Dusty

7. Magnum TA- the greatest wrestling superstar that never was.

6. Kerry Von Erich- the brightest star 2 come from the "Kennedys of wrestling", the Von Erich family

5. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat- one of the greatest high flying technical wrestlers of his era, & I agree with the fans @ WM 25 who chanted "U STILL GOT IT!!!"

4. Randy Macho Man Savage- Greatest Interconitinental Champion of all time, not U Honky Tonk Man!

3. Nature Boy Ric Flair- THE greatest storyteller of his era, lived the character in & outside the ring.

2. The Road Warriors- The GREATEST Tag Team of All Time!!! not U DX, not U Miz & Morrison!!!

1. Hulk Hogan- pretty much put wrestling on THE map.

Slam Master
08-17-2009, 02:15 PM
No particular Order

Ric Flair
Hulk Hogan
Owen Hart
Chris Benoit
Mr. Perfect
Shawn Michaels
Bret Hart
Ted Dibiase

Someone said HBK never lost to anyone outside the clique...He made a career out of losing when he was in the early Heartbreak Kid Stage...He lost to Sid at Survivor Series 1996...He lost to Shamrock by DQ...And he lost to Stone Cold in the last match of his career(so he thought then, and he did the RIGHT THING by putting the next guy over before leaving).

Ted Dibiase was a great wrestler, and probably the greatest villain ever. Its a shame he didn't get the IC title.

Hogan could wrestle, watch his matches agaisnt Great Muta and others in Japan. He executed chain wresting takedowns and holds that I didn't even think he knew, and did them well for someone his size.

08-17-2009, 02:55 PM
I dont really think you should combine the two decades as both were completely different eras of wrestling. With that said, here are my top 10 for each decade:


10. Andre The Giant - The BIG man of the 80's. Although never coudl wrestle - his fueds with Hogan put wrestlign in the spotlight.

9. Arn Anderson - Part of the definition of "wrestling" Arn knew what to do and how to do it.

8. Dynamite Kid - Pure skill. Helped define Tag Team wrestling that was better than anything you see today.

7. Brett Hart v 1.0 - The rookie Hart had success written all oevr him from day 1. Like Dynamite, he made Tag Team wrestling what it should be.

6. Ricky Steamboat - See Arn Anderson but better. Pure genious in the wring. A true Fan Favorite.

5. Ted Dibiase - Possible the most entertaining wrestler in the late 80's that never had a dull storyline. His boring fueds were better than todays top hueds. Best Mic worker in the 80's.

4. Road Warriors - look up the definition of Tag Team Wrestling and you will see their picture. Tag Team wrestling died when they eventually hung up the boots.

3. Randy Savage - Entertainment. Period. Wrestling + great fueds make him one of the best pieces of wrestling ever. His late 80's were great.

2. Hulk Hogan - Hogan is the defenition of Wrestling on an entertainment aspect. Bigger than life. The non-comic version of Superman. Could do no wrong.

1. Rick Flair - The Definition of Wrestling in a whole. Wrestler first, Entertainer second, God third. Put his soul into the business to be the best as it in every direction wrestling took him. Still gets the biggest pop today.


10. Dudley Boys - They are what has kept a meaning to Tag Team wrestling. The only real relevant team that stood when Tag Team wrestlign was made up of two singles wrestlers thrown together. Not to mention they can put over any team. Helped push wrestling to new boundries.

9. Mr Perfect - Helped make promos what they are. You loved to hate him but was also a lot of peoples favorite wrestler. Earlier career was gold until the back problems.

Mick Foley - From day one he was like nothing ever seen. Very hard not to put him higher. Nothing he wouldn't do for the business he loves. Still doing what is asked of him until this day. Writes better books than Stephen King.

Rick Flair - As mentioned earlier - continued to do whatever the direction of wrestling went. Consument performer and entertainer. Early years in WWE were gold.

Hulk Hogan - Continued to be the sport. Passed the tourch on like a true legend but continued to stay relevant with NWO.

Triple H 2.0 - Became pure genious when he became Triple H. The product of good writing. Great worker. Great wrestler. Great Entertainer. Helped carry wrestling into the new era.

Undertaker - Pure legend. Took the definite meaning of "gimmick" in the late 80's and made it believable in the 90's until it was no longer a gimmick and more of an entity. Changed with the times and continued to be relevant. What the Big Shows and Kanes failed to do. Not the best wrestler but could still work a match (see Wrestlemania 25).

Bret Hart v 2.0 - Had it now been for his last couple years in WWE, this man would have owned the 90's. Until 1995/96 he did. Best wrestler I think I have ever seen as far and mechanics. Always had great storylines but was a bit of a baby. Could have left a better legacy but will still always be remembered by my generation fo wrestlign fans.

Shawn Michaels - The definition of change. The defenition of heart. Like a draft pick in the minors workign through a Hall of Fame career. Single handedly the most remebered Wrestler from start to finish. We can all remember the top rope fist drops with the Rockers. We all will remeber where we were when he kicked Janetty through the window. We will always remember the originator of the Ladder match. He has continued to leave landmark events in wrestlign - probably more than anyone else. Maede al lthe right moves to be the best wrestler or one fo the top 3 or 4.

Steve Austin v 2.5 - The 2.5 may seem off but it took a mediocre run in WCW to a successful run in ECW to an irrelevant run when he first came to WWE to get to the biggest entity in Entertainment in the 90's. He owned the 90's and every tshirt verdor in any mall. The biggest catch phrases, the biggest PPV draw, the biggest everything in wrestling in the 90's into the 21st century. In my mind he saved wrestling. If not for him I don't think WWE would have emerged from the Monday Night wars and we would have been left with the likes of WCW's modern version of what WWF was in the 80's: 1 dimensional. Whether you liked him or not, everyone owes there love for the wrestling product to him.

08-17-2009, 04:09 PM
1.Bret Hart (1990's)
2.Ric Flair (80's-90's)
3.Hulk/Hollywood Hogan(80's-90's)
4.Sting (1990's)
6.Stone Cold Steve Austin(Late 90's)
7. The Rock (late 90's)
8. Macho Man Randy Savage(80's-90's)
9. Curt "Mr.Perfect"Henning (80's-90's)
10. Ricky "the Dragon"Steamboat (80's-early 90's)

Honorable Mentions
Road Warriors Greatest Tag Team
Steiner Brothers

08-17-2009, 04:46 PM
10. Andre The Giant - The BIG man of the 80's. Although never could wrestle - his feuds with Hogan put WM3 on the map! Greatest Tag team with Haku as Colossal Connection!

9.Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat- one of the greatest high flying technical wrestlers of his era, & jobbed @ WM 25 to Chris Jericho!!"

8.Hulk Hogan - Continued to be the sport. Passed the torch on like a true legend but continued to higher limits and draws within NWO.

7.Paul"Mr Wonderful"Orndorff -without him there would be no HULK HOGAN or WM!!

6. Randy Macho Man Savage- Greatest Interconitinental Champion of all time, not Honky Tonk Man!

5.Magnificent Muraco- big feuds with Jimmy Snuka and Ricky Steamboat put WWE as a sport on the map

4. Goldberg- the TRUE definition of the word "BEAST" and his undefeated streak ending the career of the Hitman made SCSA fear him!

3. Sting- the greatest wrestler to never work for the WWE.5. Sting- The best wrestler 2 NEVER work 4 Vince. WCW's Franchise Superstar.

2. Bret Hart - this man possibly the greatest canadian wrestler ever this man won his first world title by beating ric flair.

1-Ric Flair - As mentioned earlier - continued to do whatever the direction of wrestling went. Consument performer and entertainer. Early years in WWE were gold.

There you have it thats the best list I can come up with I am suprised many of you never mentioned Davey Boy Smith,Paul Orndorff,Jimmy Snuka,Magnificent Muraco,Tito Santana,Ken Patera, Lex Luger,Brian Pillman not stone cold steve austin or rock!!
HHH not the best wrestler either if Bret had a match he d beat him! Curt Henning was not as perfect or wonderful as Paul Orndorff! lol

The Brain
08-17-2009, 07:58 PM
I dont really think you should combine the two decades as both were completely different eras of wrestling. With that said, here are my top 10 for each decade:

Agreed. I thought about separating the WWF and NWA, but that would make for a long post and would kind of be taking the easy way out. Itís hard to narrow it down, but hereís my choices for the 80ís then 90ís:


10. Bob Backlund

9. Jerry Lawler

8. Von Erichs (as a group)

7. Road Warriors

6. Randy Savage

5. Andre the Giant

4. Roddy Piper

3. Dusty Rhodes

2. Ric Flair (How is he not on everyone's 80's list?)

1. Hulk Hogan


10. Mankind

9. Outsiders

8. Undertaker

7. Ric Flair

6. Sting

5. Shawn Michaels

4. Bret Hart

3. Hulk Hogan

2. The Rock

1. Steve Austin

Why stop there? The new millennium:

10. Chris Benoit

9. Randy Orton

8. Batista

7. Edge

6. Chris Jericho

5. Undertaker

4. Shawn Michaels

3. John Cena

2. Kurt Angle

1. Triple H

I should note that these are not necessarily the best wrestlers or my favorite wrestlers. These are wrestlers who I feel best identified that decade.