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04-18-2008, 01:12 PM
What are your top 5 ecw ppvs of all time? You can name anything from the original or the first two one night stands. Please no December to Dismember 06. And remember ppvs, no events before Barely Legal were ppvs.

My top favorites are...

1. Heatwave 98- This ppv was stacked with good matches like Justin Credible vs Jerry Lynn, Storm vs Candido, RVD/Sabu vs Hayabusa and Hakushi, and the main event is one of my favorite ecw matches.

2. November to Remember 98- Another good ppv with good matches. Sunny's pre-match warmup was sexy. Dreamer's mystery partner was a cool surprise.

3. Barely Legal- The first ppv was a big hit and most of the matches had awesome buildups(i.e. Sabu vs Tazz, Douglas vs Pitbull, and the main event)

4. Guilty as Charged 2001- This was the last of the original ecw ppvs and they went out with a bang with matches like Dreamer vs Anderson, TLCC, and the surprise return of :robvandam:

5. One Night Stand I- Just an awesome reunion show. The event was perfectly done. Actually it would've been perfect had there been no wwe "crusaders".

04-21-2008, 01:44 PM
Sweet Thread man, I was going to make something like this.

Anyway.....my list.

5. 95' Gangstas Paradise
The under card was alright. but 3 matches gave it my #5 Spot Mysterio vs Psicosis, this was right before mexican Lucha Wrestling became big in the US so it was a little before its time, The ME Steel Cage Match was great! Great hardcore spots, New Jack ontop of his game, and probably one of ECW's best matches, The Double Dog Collar Tag Title Match. Raven was so great in this match, The Pit Bulls stepped up there game in this match, Table spots were great. Great Match!

4. 00' Guilty As Charged
Good card althe way threw... Tajiri & Super Crazy vs Jerry Lynn & Little Guido was a good match, The Impact Players vs. Dreamer & Raven was Awsome, RVD vs Sabu, another classic in there great feud. But the match that sold it for my was Mike Awsome vs. Spike Dudley. I thought Spike was going to die. Awsome was great in the match, and Spike can take a beating like no other!

3. Tie...97' Born To Be Wired & 97' Barely Legal
These 2 PPV were great, and instead of going into detail about every match, i'll only talk about a few. B2bWired, The Sabu vs Funk Barbed Wire match was Insane! Sabu ripped his bicep off after he missed a move on Funk in the corner, and the end where Sabu jumps on Funk with Wire wrapped around him was crazy. BL Douglas vs Pit Bull #2 had such great emotion in the whole match. Taz vs Sabu was such a great match, and a great ending, started a great heel stable with RVD, Sabu, and Bill Alfonzo. The 3 Way Dance match was such a great match and I don't believe it gets the respect it should get...A 53 year old man doing a moonsault off a ladder to win, are you freakin kidding me! It was such a great match!

2. 97' Wrestlepalooza
What makes this such a good PPV was all the matchs and storylines in this PPV. Sabu vs Taz was just as good as the first time they met. And then after the match Taz challenges Douglas to a match for the TV title. But the best thing of the night was.....Dreamer Beats Raven!!! 2-3 years with out a singles win over Raven!!!! Then after the match, the Invasion angle with Jerry Lawler... It was so great and very well done.

1. Easy pick for me really. 98' Heat Wave
Best PPV EVER IMO. Douglas and Styles working together was such a great idea! Taz vs BAM BAM Bigelow was crazy good. Went everywhere, great ending, and a great end to there feud! Masato Tanaka vs Mike Awesome reallyt added to there feud from Japan, plus, the match was great! The ME of Tommy Dreamer, Spike Dudley, & the Sandman in a "Street Fight" with Big Dick Dudley & the Dudley Boyz was a great way to end the night. Major spots everywhere, best part was the 4 corner tree of woe when the referre dropkicked the announcer was funny as hell! New Jack coming in to make the save was so good! Mtch of the Night........RVD and Sabu vs. Jinsei Shinzaki and Hayabusa. Such a great match, it really made everyony in that match look good. IMO Greatest PPV Ever!

04-23-2008, 08:43 AM
I'm sorry, but Gangstas Paradise and Born to be Wired were not ppvs. Nothing before Barely Legal was a ppv. I guess I should change the thread title to favorite ppvs/supercards.

04-23-2008, 07:21 PM
First i would like to say my top five list is made up of only the ppvs/supercards that i have seen in their entirety. There are a few other shows that look very good on paper and would probably be on my list if i had seen them.

5. November to Remember 2000
A little remembered late ECW ppv which is a personal favorite of mine. Steve Corino wins the world title in a unique four way match. Other highlights include Super Crazy doing a moonsault of the balcony onto Big Sal and a great Kid Kash vs C.W. Anderson match.

4. Anarchy Rulz 1999
Taz losing the title to Mike Awesome is the highlight of this show. Lance Storm and Jerry Lynn put on a technical wrestling show. Yoshihiro Tajiri, Super Crazy and Little Guido have a great triple threat. If it were not for the lack of a Tag Title match instead of the 2 minute brawl, this ppv would be higher ranked.

3. Hostile City Showdown 1995
One of the best i have ever seen. Probably should be rated higher on my list. Eddy Guerrero and Dean Malenko have an absolutely DISGUSTING match that is exactly what wrestling should be. Cactus Jack and Terry Funk have a brutal hardcore match that is one to watch. Also, Douglas vs Sandman and Dreamer vs Raven are both pretty entertaining.

2. Heatwave 1998
Great for all the reasons listed above. RIP Mike Awesome.

1. The Doctor is In 1996
This is one of my favorite shows of all time. Not only is the wrestling great but some of ECW's greatest moments happened at this show. The RVD vs Sabu stretcher march is fantastic and a great ending to their feud. Dr. Death make his first appearence at the ECW arena and gets a huge reaction. Chris Jericho and 2 Cold Scorpio have a good match and of course there is the pre-BWO impersonating Kiss at the beginning of the show