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12-11-2007, 11:30 AM
I thought it was a good show with great parts. I was very happy Lita got popped, because I thought it was horrible what happened to her on her last match. Trish is looking sexier than ever. The Lita/Kane was probably my favorite segment of the night, the only thing that could've made that better was if Matt Hardy was there. Steve Blackman still looks like the lethal weapon he once was in WWE. RVD was the biggest suprise of the night for me. The ladder match was the best match of the night. That main event sucked. Marty shouldn't be wearing those Rocker tights, it's not the 80's bright flashy colors aren't the rage anymore. Though I thought he wrestled well, he didn't do a good job at the selling the leg injury throughout the match. That match convinced me that Kennedy is no where near ready to be a main eventer. That crowd was just dead. Hornswoggle pouring beer "accidently" as they were signing off was awesome, along with the whole McMahon/Helmsly skit in the beginning. Except for the Moolah comments. All in all good show, could've better but i'm not complaining because nothing is perfect.

12-11-2007, 11:46 AM
And what the heck did he say in reference to the Macho man? the arena was loud at that point and we couldnt hear what he said.ANYONE KNOW?

He said, in relation to coming back to wrestle, "never say never, oooooh yeeeeeah." I'm not exactly sure what the point was taking a shot at Macho, but it was still cool.

I thought the show was good, if not a little predictable. I liked the opening segment with the McMahons and Hornswoggle. Sunny was HOT, damn. I knew Triple H would probably come out and interrupt, but it was still funny.

Jeff Hardy/Carlito had a pretty good ladder match, but it was too short. That spot when Carlito springboarded from the ropes to the ladder was stellar and the spot with the sunset flip over the ladder was awesome. I knew Hardy would win, but the match delivered.

The Khali/Horny match was what you'd expect and it was only saved by Hogan, who looked really good tonight. At least he's still keeping in shape. He looks better than any of the other guys his age that showed up. It was a nice change seeing him in all black again, with the black and white boas. I was hoping he'd body slam Khali but you can tell they are maybe saving that for Mania if the match with Austin doesn't happen, yet again. His promo was also a nice change from the usual 'whatcha gonna do?' He was even moving better in the ring than the last couple times I've seen him.

The battle royal was pretty cool. It was nice seeing Al Snow, Steve Blackman, Jim Neidhart and 2 Cold Scorpio again. Of course Gillberg was funny as ever. Ted Dibiase's appearance was gold, paying IRS to eliminate himself. I thought Sid may have made an appearance in this, but alas it didn't happen.

I was hoping to see the Iron Sheik. I'm do for another crazy Sheik rant.

The Kennedy/Jannetty match was what you'd expect. Jannetty looked okay in the ring, but he no sold Kennedy's attacks on his knee. The end of the match was predictable though with HBK coming out to save Marty and of course the DX reunion. I think everyone knew that would happen.

RVD's return was awesome. Too bad the match with Santino couldn't have been longer. That frog splash was dynamite.

The Evolution reunion was what I expected. Didn't think Orton would join the three of them, but the reason was cool and seeing Rated RKO reunite was awesome.

Trish and Lita both looked extremely good. I miss seeing them every week.

I liked Bischoff's return. He cut a good promo and still gets good heat. I'd love to see Bischoff come back as GM. I figured Austin would come out and stun him. Didn't expect to see Jericho confront him, but it was still entertaining nonetheless, though I can't help but think Jericho is being extremely repetitive ever since coming back to WWE.

We all knew that Vince would announce himself as the greatest RAW superstar ever, but I wasn't expecting Mankind to come down and attack Vince. That was cool seeing Foley like that. The Undertaker's appearance was awesome and seeing him chokeslam Vince brought back memories of the Attitude era. Austin's appearance was EXTREMELY predictable, but what do you expect from him these days? Everytime he returns it always is to stun Vince and drink beer, except for the Santino angle. Nonetheless that whole segment was entertaining, especially seeing Vince trying to drink beer while holding his neck in pain. The stunner was awesome, especially because beer flew everywhere lol.

Overall I think the show was pretty good, if not predictable as hell at points. I think they crammed in too many of the old guys just for short cameos who really didn't serve much purpose other than to have their faces on tv for maybe one last time. Nostalgia was the word of the night and it sure did flow.

I would have loved to have seen Scott Hall return and where was Sid? Maybe they are holding his return back until a later date, but after reading that he was backstage and not used, I'm starting to wonder.

Hopefully next week's show will be at the same level this one was, but I can't help but think that it will just be your average everyday RAW.

12-11-2007, 12:34 PM
i feel that raw has become terrible since the draft but last night made me remember why i was a WWE fan and why i watched raw in the monday night wars

it reminded me of what raw was made of, Austin vs McMahon, the hilarious promos like Val getting his dick chopped off and the birth of the hand,and the insane moments like Bischoff getting made GM (nobody was unamazed by that)

the video clips were amazingly good. WWE put together some brilliant footage.

the hogan promo was good but it was pretty sluggish. hogan still gets a good reaction and i hope we see more of him in WWE now that he and vince have patched things up

the matches were quite solid though they were all pretty short, i feel the ladder match should have been longer and i feel carlito carried the match and i felt he should have won.

Evoloution vs Rated RKO and Umaga was good because i thought that it would have been crap just to hear Orton say "im better than all of you" then leave. Seeing Edge on Raw again was good mainly because Edge is an outragous character and smackdown dosent fit his rated r gimmick. umaga was predictable. i was actually hoping The Big Show would team with them. the match was very short especialy for having 2 world champions and a number 1 contender in it.

the battle royal was fun to watch but i felt that a head cheese bit would have been cool or a hardcore bit by blackman would have made it better.

seeing RVD made my night. it was incredibly unnexpected and it just shows how missed he is in the world of wrestling. i hope this means that we can see more of him or a possible return. RVD 4:20 I JUST SMOKED YOUR ASS

the tag tyeam match was ok. i really dont like Cody Rhodes because i feel that he dosent have a proper move set or finisher and i hate the chlothesline that he does. but it was quite expected that he would win a title.

Jannety vs Kennedy. i was actually impressed by how well Marty is still wrestling but i feel the kenton bomb would have been a better finish to the match.

Trish and Lita did a great promo. i feel that they are the two best female wrestlers ever mainly because i would sit through and really enjoy trish vs lita matches. they are the only two divas that pulloed off the heel with a male partner well ie Lita and Edge, Trish and Christian. these two divas are missed incredibly because they had real wrestling talent. Lita cut a great promo with Kane and simmons. it was great to see that Lita god a pop when she came out because she is quite possibly the most hated diva ever.

Bischoff has still got it. he cut a good promo and still plays a great slimeball heel. i felt jericho could have made fun of him a little more but seeing the walls of jericho on orton was great.its been 2 years too long since ive seen that move.

the ending was great but i felt that if The Rock was there it would have been perfect. seeing Mankind was cool and im glad that Taker was a part of the show. Austin is still the greatest face of all time and he cut a good ending to the show.

best parts of the night:

Seeing RVD
Rated RKO
Trish and Lita
The video packages

12-11-2007, 01:48 PM
Raw anniversary , Thank you very much.

Did my day , what a episode it was.

The Jeff vs Carltio matchw as pretty good but coudlve had a better ending.

Lita and Trish , wow I almost cried of happiness at the end.

The battel Royal , LOL classic ending.

Hogan saying WWe being the greatest company of all time and fans went crazy...class

The ending was good but I really loved it when Austin said the Greatest superstart of raw history was...the fans. CLASSYY ACT from SCSA. The ending was only missing The Rock. Too bad he turned down. ANd Boy Austin knowsd how to throw a party or what.

9/10 , great show.

12-11-2007, 02:23 PM
i gotta say my true thoughts

marty vs kennedy-it was a lil boring but it was fun and marty can still go all in all a good match

the battle royal made my day and the crowd ruined it i mean come on cheer for someone! irs,slaughter,s2h,gangrel,JIM NEIDHART for god sakes

carlito vs jeff was awesome but i was realy pissed when jeff won carliti deserves the belt

the ending was awesome as well although it was weird seeing cm punk drink beer but oh well and bob backlund(i bet tna was suprised right there) was drinking water and regal was drinking coke lol but there were people missing scotty,taker,and foley weren't drinkin beer and i would have loved for bad ass taker one night only but all in all it was one of the best raws ive ever seen im 15 years old and i still knew who every person was that crowd and the past 3 crowds are a bunch of idiots

12-11-2007, 03:17 PM
OMG....I loved last night so much for 2 main reasons. #1. Divas....Lita is my all time favorite Diva ever and she was still hot(bigger but still hot) I loved that she got a pop she deserves it. Trish also love her and glad to see her(skinnier but hot), also nice to see Molly even though it was quick and Sunny my child hood crush is still pretty fine. For me Lita made the show. The backstage bit with Kane was also hillarious. Im just so glad she got some well deserved respect from the crowd. The second thing that made this the Best RAW in a long time was RVD. He definetly one of my all-time faves and it was great to see him in the ring.

12-11-2007, 03:47 PM
Great show.

First segment was funny, although the Mae Young thing was a bit much. Bashtion Booger got old! The HHH/Steph chemistry is on point---if they added some new twists to the McMahon/Helmsley regime I bet they could squeeze out another year of interesting stories lines with the two of them.

The ladder match was excellent, albeit a bit short. Some great spots, though. If (when) Jeff Hardy loses to HHH, they should have Jeff and Carlito feud for the IC title, maybe even give it to Carlito for a while.

15 Man battle royal was what it was. It was just nice to see some of those old faces.

Great to see RVD.

Kennedy vs. Marty. I was actually rooting for Marty. Am I the only one who thinks Kennedy is just about the most unentertaining wrestler ever?

Good to see Hogan, although I didn't really understand the Macho Man reference. Oh well. He should have slammed Kahli. I can't believe how they've ruined Kahli by the way and they are doing the same with Umaga. How many times has there been a tag team or a triple tag team with the heel side missing a partner...and then the GM or Vince or whomever will say, "Oh yeah? Well meet OUR partner...UMAGA!!!!!" Big whoop.

The last segment was class. Yes, we all knew vince was going to announce himself as the best but there really was no other way they could have done it short of making it a public poll on wwe.com (maybe they should have done that). I like how they did it. I had been waiting on the Undertaker all night and when I saw the time I thought he might not come out. Then when Foley came out I knew UT would follow suit and then Austin. I wasn't quite sure how they were going to pull off the transition as I didn't think they'd have Foley, UT and Austin in the ring at the same time but I think they did a good job.

I was really happy they didn't have Austin come out when UT was still in the ring. I spent the entire part of the late 90's with Austin always getting the upper hand on Taker, I did not want to see it again but I think they did it beautifully with UT "disappearing". Cool to see all the starts in at the end as well.

12-12-2007, 02:20 AM
So, I just now got to watch the 15th anniversary episode of RAW tonight, First I work on monday nights, and second I recently canceled my Cable for money reasons, and so I have to get on late monday night after work and download Raw everyweek.

This week did not let me down I have to say...

I completely Marked out when RVD :robvandam: showed up! OMG THAT was the LAST thing I was expecting!

I was amazed at lethal weapon's shape, damn, he looked in better shape then some of the current superstars.

Trish is hot as all hell, and I was so happy when the crowd gave Lita the positive Pop, I was gonna be pissed if they booed her.

The ladder match was pretty good, had an awkward start, but I do have to say, Carlito impressed me, and that springboard was awesome. Hardy, well as of late I've began to expect close to perfection week in and week out, and he was as good as he has been lately.

and yeah, HHH's hints and shit toward stephanie cracked me up.

Hornswaggle spilling the beer on McMahon was great too!

Good show, stone cold was predictable, but exactly what everyone wants from him anymore...

One question, What was CM Punk drinking? the only thing I could guess would be pepsi, cause it looked like a blue can, and thats what threw me off... I was like, no way thats a miller light... really? and I saw Regal with his Coke and shit, but they never did the close up on Punk.

ehh, whatever, good show, I liked it alot

12-12-2007, 09:28 PM
I though the show was completely weak!!

The only thing that got me was the surprise RVD return. Totally marked out for that as it was just not expected. But that aside there was nothing. The ladder match was good, but for a ladder match, kind of crappy. It was entertaining nonetheless but when you compare it to previous similar matches or even to what you would generally expect to find or get from a ladder match it was again weak. Spots were minimal (both in number and in impact), match didn't run for long enough as a whole and there was just something missing from it. And this so should have been the main-event ahead of Marty fkn Jannetty. Note to management: he doesn't actually work there!! Why is he headlining?

The 6 man tag I just skipped through. As much as I enjoyed seeing Evolution back together, seriously was there any fkn point to this? It was retarded. Trips was in so many segments I almost died. He comes out to re-unite Vince with his long-lost one night nightmares. He comes out to re-unite Evolution. And about ten minutes later he runs out to re-unite DX. I mean seriously WTF!!?? And I thought TNA booking was retarded. Dutch and Jarrett are looking like geniuses after this bullshit.

The ten man battle royal?? Don't we do this every fkn year at Mania?? Doesn't it happen at least once a year on Raw anyway when they run out of ideas to fill TV time, despite all the amazing talent thats sits there doing nothing? WASTE of fkn airtime!!!

I guess the biggest thing to piss me off was the fact that it was completely flashback mode. The Bisch/Y2J promo was fkn pointless and to be honest it was a reminder that Y2J doesn't have a role on the show. He is the number one contender for the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! Can someone please fkn remind us of it and have Jericho and Orton kicking eachother's asses all over the place all night long!! Build some sort of fucking hype - for the love of the wrestling gods!! (I know - wrestling gods is cheesy - so sue me!).

Again back to the whole flashback mode thing.... Nothing on this show highlighted the current and future stars. Hogan should not have been there. Bischoff perhaps should not have been there. Etc. etc. I mean fair enough - honor the past. This is why there was so much video on the show!! Why do we have to bring in Bisch for a mean-nothing promo. If what he had to say was of any impact or consequence or just worthy of a listen than fair enough. Even a reference to him attempting to take down Raw with Nitro and getting so close would have been noteworthy. But he had nothing to say. It was basically, "hey Eric we need you to kill 5 minutes, just go out and say something. Here's a mic. Don't say anything interesting or you're fucked!". Why were all matches featuring talents from other eras, or talents paired into factions that no longer exist? Why did nothing on the show build towards the PPV. Armageddon was completely forgotten about. It was an afterthought to the mish-mash of random bullshit segments that they strung together to serve no particular purpose.

Bottom line it was a train-wreck. Even if you take the show as a "out the window, one night only, just for the fun of it" type of deal, you can't hide the fact that it was a poorly pieced together show. It was as I said one random segment after the other and it made no fkn sense. But worse of all it was ONLY JUST entertaining. If you give yourself the freedom to put anything up on that screen and can just manage to make it bearably worthwhile you have serious problems.

12-13-2007, 02:08 AM
Omg some people just whine all day long. If u didnt like this Raw, then u wont like any other Raw because the 15th Anniversary is about as good as it gets. I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish. The Ladder match was awesome, the promos were great and the appearances were great too. The only thing that people shuld be whining about is the lack of quality matches. While that may be true, I didnt really care about the bad matches because this Raw was just amazing. It had awesome superstars even though it would have been nice for The Rock made an appearance even by video. The crowd was hot for 95% of the night. And Raw pulled a 4.1 rating which is damn good nowadays. The bottom line is THIS RAW WAS EXTREMLY ENTERTAINING. If u missed the show, I would stongly recommend you download it or something because you wont be disappointed.

Serious Mozzarella
12-14-2007, 09:22 AM
Omg some people just whine all day long. If u didnt like this Raw, then u wont like any other Raw because the 15th Anniversary is about as good as it gets. I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish. The Ladder match was awesome, the promos were great and the appearances were great too. The only thing that people shuld be whining about is the lack of quality matches. While that may be true, I didnt really care about the bad matches because this Raw was just amazing. It had awesome superstars even though it would have been nice for The Rock made an appearance even by video. The crowd was hot for 95% of the night. And Raw pulled a 4.1 rating which is damn good nowadays. The bottom line is THIS RAW WAS EXTREMLY ENTERTAINING. If u missed the show, I would stongly recommend you download it or something because you wont be disappointed.

This Raw might have been entertaining, but ask yourself this question: What did it leave you looking forward to for the other shows? Did it do ANYTHING to hype SD!, Armageddon, or the next Raw? I mean, yeah, the show was good and all, but it was like watching a televised house show... NOTHING happened.

Loveless Chulita
12-14-2007, 03:59 PM
I know I'm almost a week to late, excuse me.

I was pleased with the 15th Anniversary Raw. Now, the first 15-20 minutes were my favorite due to me being a huge HHH/Stephanie mark. I love the teasers they do about their love life which everyone knows about.

As far as the ladder match it was decent, but I was hoping for a Jeff & Matt Hardy vs. Edge and someone else (I know it couldn't be Christian) just to bring some of the old ladder matches back around.

I wasn't shocked to see Marty due to what Kennedy did last week with having all the impostors coming out.

The battle royal had me calling everyone I used to watch wrestling with, it was just a bunch of nostalgia going around.

I admit the THIRD time HHH came out I was like "come on!" When I saw the Evolution segment I knew that Randy Orton wasn't going to "join" back the minute he walked out, lol.
I was excited to see RatedRKO back together but it's so funny how they say "UMAGA" as their third partner like that's supposed to just shock and amaze the crowd. We all saw that one coming.
What else?
It was nice to see Lita and Trish back in the ring and the Kane/Lita awkwardness was interesting but I was expecting Matt somewhere in the background.
The ending was not surprising what did surprise me was it not going off until 20 after. I kept looking at the time and yes, I was one of the ones HOPING, WISHING, and PRAYING that the Rock would show up after "Mankind" (since they're thinking it might not have been him, lol, Stone Cold, and the Undertaker came out but no. It pissed me off though, it's not the WWE fault though.
All in all it was a decent raw. I thoroughly enjoyed the clips that made me go "oh man, remember when.."

12-14-2007, 11:17 PM
i thought it was amazing very good show but the slaming of khali by hogan just would not happen they made sure of it cause kahli is a bit bigger (not weight height) than andre and hogan is very old now and i mean he is nothing he was in the 20 ish years back i mean he was like cena back than huge face just money for vince at most he had 5 moves.

and that was just a big push for the ratings.

oh well

12-15-2007, 03:16 AM
This Raw might have been entertaining, but ask yourself this question: What did it leave you looking forward to for the other shows? Did it do ANYTHING to hype SD!, Armageddon, or the next Raw? I mean, yeah, the show was good and all, but it was like watching a televised house show... NOTHING happened.

Because this Raw was so good, what im trying to say is that people will want to see more and more. And it did hype Armageddon unless you missed the bit where y2j put orton in the walls of jericho. Or u missed that confrontation between kennedy and hbk. It also had Smackdown superstars competing in matches which encourages fans to watch the Friday night show.

NOTHING HAPPENED???? Are you serious because loads of things happened on this episode. Ladder match, 6 man tag match, Hogan appearance, Vince announced himself as the biggest raw superstar in history only to get bashed later by mankind, undertaker and stone cold. So i guess your saying that Hogan, lita, trish, sunny, mankind and all the others would appear on a house show. Give a break!!!

Italian MVP
12-15-2007, 05:01 AM
It was a great show which i enjoyed.

For the people saying it was weak because of the matches and so on, the night wasnt made for matches, it was made for special apparences and guests! and for that it was a very great show!

The first segment between HHH and Vince was very funny. And hornswoggles expressions when the godfather came out was priceless!

The Ladder match was good for the time it was given. Good spots and im glad they kept carlito. it should of been given more time, but it was still good.

RVD appearing shocked the hell out of me and he did get a huge pop. Bring back RVD!

Hulk coming out to save hornswoggle was expected but still great to see hulk back on raw.

The battle royal was not good but it waas great to see the legends back and that was what the night was for.

Evoultion returning was also great and i wish they were still together! Edge and Randy orton Rated RKO was also good and it was a decent match. Good to See two good groups back in action! Brought back good memories!

And trish and lita coming and kicking jillians butt was great, best two female wrestlers off all time! geez i wish they were back they were great and looked very very good!

The jennety, Keneddy match was alright, but the crowd was dead! HBK came in for the save which further promoted their match at Armageddon.

And finally Vince naming himself greatest superstar was expected but it was great to see mankind, undertaker and stone cold back to back. And stone cold thanking the fans was great

Overall it was a great show with all the old faces coming back. it wasnt about the wrestling it was about the legends and wrestlers that made raw what it is today!

12-15-2007, 12:42 PM
I agree, in fact I have thought Raw has been pretty weak for almost a year now. I am not seeing anything intersting and whenever something exciting has the potential to really take someone is suspended because of the drug policy. The Hardy Carlito match was not that good. I don't understand how everyone can get so hyped for a bland match that has been a hundred times over again. You might as well buy a best of Jeff Hardey DVD and save yourself the time of watching RAW every week. Some of the skits were funny, but I am tired of funny. I want to see some really good wrestling and some interesting matches. I think it was cheap for RAW to have a three hour special, but have almost and hour of that taken up with flashbacks. I did like seeing Trish, Lita, and RVD, but nothing actually happened. It was so boring. The Battle Royal really made me mad. They booked some great wrestlers and then let worst of all of them win. Scorpio or Blackman would have been a much better choice for the win.
So that is my opinion. I actually think TNA is more interesting lately than RAW.

12-15-2007, 09:43 PM
This Episode Reminded Me How Great Raw Was Back In The Day, And How Subpar It Is Now. I Think The Acquisions Of Wcw And Ecw And The Brand Split Destroyed The Wwf, I Mean Wwe. That Sucks 2

12-18-2007, 01:27 AM
Tonight's episode of Raw compared to the Anniversary one was stinker in my opinion. I agree that the anniversary one reminded me of it's glory days and how it's sunk to a level of mediocrity. And what is with Vince all of a sudden flipping out everytime he gets his ass kicked? Last time he flipped it was after he lost the ECW belt to Bobby Lashley. Now, it's after the claw from Mankind, Chokeslam by Taker and Stunner by Stone Cold. This whole crazy Vince McMahon thing didn't work the last time and it's not gonna work now. And you want to see how little confidence they have in Jericho, they take him from the WWE title to fighting JBL. And in the spot Jericho used to have is Jeff Hardy. I don't have a problem with Hardy going for the belt but ONLY if he actually gets a taste of the WWE title. And if the rumor is true that Triple H is backing Jeff Hardy, and considering Triple H put over Hardy at the PPV, maybe it'll happen. If it does, I see some hope. But if it doesn't, the sinking continues.

12-18-2007, 12:15 PM
I was at the show last night and it was an ok Raw, but not that great compared to the previous ones that i have seen in Buffalo. The only problem i have is people talking about how mediocre Raw has become, honestly if you dont enjoy watching the show dont watch it. Everyone continues to bash Raw and WWE for old storylines, I say if you have a problem with it, dont watch it nobody is making you. And for last nights show it was okay, but thats what you would have to expect. It was following a PPV, which them raw's recently have not been too great and its over a month until the rumble, so they have to stall on some storylines to make sure they dont get old, its too early for ppl to start talking about the rumble, which is why HHH was in that match. So for the timing of the show, it wasn't that bad of a show, not great but what i expected.

12-18-2007, 02:04 PM
Last nights Raw at first I thought too much talking was going on but then watched it a second time with my cousin and enjoyed it for being a decent show. The Diva's opening up was nice although when action goes on quickly it's hard to tell who is who when you have two blondes in there (kelly kelly and Michelle) the Vince was kinda interesting in that he was mumbling it made you kinda have to listen hard to what he was saying. HHH apologizing was unexpected I think they could have had Jeff out there to talk to Vince and then have Vince leave the area saying things that people couldn't understand. I do like Regal Wrestling it was nice to see him in there being a Vicious man once agian slamming HHH's Head with his foot into the Ringpost?
Flair cut another great promo but to cut to commercial I think the home audience kinda lost the flow when they did that. Match left a lot of questions like is this gonna be a DQ on Umaga? I did like how they showed Umaga destroy the barrier. Tag team match was also good with Cade and Murdock out there with a fire in them maybe they can make a nice feud for the belts in there but look out on the horizon is Carlito and Santino lol. Ultimately I would like to see Murdock and Rhodes as the Outlaws ,Yes I know Murdock is not in anyway related to Dirty Dick Murdock but I think they can pull it off. The end Tag Team match was pretty solid the workers in that match Orton Kennedy Micheals and Hardy the only way it could have stunk up the house was to toss in Vince in there changing stipulations and rules as the match went on. over all they had a lot of talk on the show but the Wrestling was above average.

12-18-2007, 05:40 PM
HHH vs flair every body knows that HHH is gona let Flair win unless a tital shot is on the line. And since JBL is gona be on Raw dose anybody else think that this is gona result into a tri branded war up until the royal rumble

Italian MVP
12-19-2007, 12:44 AM
I Thought Raw was alright this week. Lets take a look Shall we!

The divas match was your traditonal Divas xmas match, nothing really to it. But where was Beth? She is the damn Womens champ, She should be on the show and it was in her home town! That really dissapointed me not seeing her on the show. Anyway the match was nothing.

Vince's segment with Hardy was ok. Vince looks like he is going back to his mad ways like he was before blowing himself up, so it seems we are going to have a repeat of vince talking like he is emo which i hate. But Jeff is improving his mic skills and i was really impressed the way he was talking to Vince.

HHH vs regal and coach was just crap and a waiste of time. Havent they got anything for HHH to do? And regal should get back in the ring big time!

Ric Flair's promo i thought was awsome as it had a lot of passion. His match with Umaga was good and i thought it was the best with what Flair could do. I loved the ending and thought it was a perfect finish to keep Flairs career alive.

The tag match bored me. It was too short and Rhodes and Holly are just blah, they have nothing good about them. They should of kept the belts on Cade and Murdoch. This match bored me and it was again nothing.

Santino and Carlito as a tag team is interesting, Santino certainly is great on the mic and im going to see what they got together. they have the charisma but i want to see if they are good as a team. As for the match, it is sad to see what london and kenerick are going through. these two should be having the tag titles, they are the best high flyers on raw and should be fighting for the tag titles, instead of Rhodes and Holly. Sad it really is.

Finally, The main event between Orton and Kennedy Vs HBK and Hardy was great. I loved it, it went for a good amount of time and it certainly made Hardy look like a real contender for the title. Even though he wont win as its just a test to see how he goes.

I was suprised that there was no hornswoggle tonight as he is usually on their
and no Snitsky, but thank God for that!

Anyway im giving Raw a 7/10 this week, nothing special but lets hope it gets more interesting for the new year!

12-19-2007, 04:22 AM
This Raw was very disappointing in my opinion.

The diva match was good, I mean how can someone not like the divas because they are all soo hot!!

I absolutely hated the whole Vince segment with Hardy and HHH. The guy was fucking sitting in the corner for at leasat 20 minutes. I was getting so damn bored and that is not natural for me. Vince shouldnt be on TV anymore because nobody cares, the crowd was chanting "BOORRRINGGGGG" during the whole segment, doesnt he get the hint!!

As for the so called match, I thought it was completely BS. You must have been mentally retarded if you thought HHH was gonna lose.

The tag team title match was average but a little bit too short for my liking. I think Holly isnt the right partner that Cody needs to boost his popularity and therefore I think their title reign wont last very long.

Ric Flair vs Umaga was pretty decent. I must admit I was pumped up for this match. The ending was great especially because it made Umaga still look strong and unstoppable while it made Flair look like he only JUST won which is great since he is pretty old.

The Y2J/JBL segment was average mainly because I think it went on for too long. I thought the Vince segment was long enough not to have anymore segments but I was wrong.

The Londrick vs Marella/Carlito match was a pleasent surprise is my opinion. But the best bit was after the match when Santino spoke on the mic. Seriously the guy is gold is on the mic. I was laughing my head off when he called Carlito columbian and was hugging him 2 make it look like they are besties or something. My friend was cracking up when he pushed Maria into one of his opponents so he could escape during the match.

The main event was great and went for about 15 minutes which is very good. All four superstars really worked hard the pull off this great match. Kennedy and Hardy were very impressive. Michaels never fails to disappoint and Orton did very well 2. The surprise was that Hardy pinned Orton. Thats right Jeff Hardy pinned the WWE champion and HHH in just two nights. Good on him, the guy deserves it.

Im giving Raw 6.5/10 this week which is below average. Except for the main event, nothing at all stood out IMO. Ah well hopefully next year brings better episodes than this one.

01-01-2008, 01:31 PM
the last raw of 2007....it was good! i actually enjoyed it...shawn michaels vs. kennedy was great....the main event was great...except for the end...the jbl/jericho segment was alright...i just disliked the fact that the fireworks and jbl's stupid stare went far too long...the triple threat women's match was disastrous....too many botched spots...the randy orton/hardy feud seems to be doing good....mr. mcmahon as always entertains...overall it was good

Y 2 Jake
01-05-2008, 06:24 AM
Raw Roulette is pointless. It's just an excuse to have gimmick matches. Isn't that what the One Night Stand PPV is for? So we're probably going to have another cage match, possibly another ladder match, a handicap match, a lumberjack match, and a Judy Bagwell On A Pole Match. Great.

01-05-2008, 02:46 PM
Raw Roulette is pointless. It's just an excuse to have gimmick matches. Isn't that what the One Night Stand PPV is for? So we're probably going to have another cage match, possibly another ladder match, a handicap match, a lumberjack match, and a Judy Bagwell On A Pole Match. Great.

I actually love Raw Roulette. I know its nothing more than a pointless way to toss tons of gimmicks into one night, but I think its a nice way to boost ratings. A lot of people anymore, are getting tired of seeing single's & tag team matches anymore. People want violence, & gimmicks.

I could see Randy Orton v. Chris Jericho in a T.L.C. match, for the W.W.E. Championship (in a way to show Orton can do what Hardy does - & also J.B.L. could interfere, without getting the match thrown out)

I'm also seeing a hardcore match, or a cage match with Jeff Hardy v. Umaga for the Intercontinental Championship.

Possibly a handicapped match for Ric Flair v. the Highlanders. (stupid, but what other tag team could Flair end up beating without hurting them? The Highlanders haven't seen action in a while, so whats left to hurt)

Lil Wes
01-05-2008, 02:53 PM
I actually love Raw Roulette. I know its nothing more than a pointless way to toss tons of gimmicks into one night, but I think its a nice way to boost ratings. A lot of people anymore, are getting tired of seeing single's & tag team matches anymore. People want violence, & gimmicks.

It won't do anything for ratings IMO. This is WWE we are talking about...You don't get Hardcore violence and gimmicks. Instead I bet we get yet....anotherrrr.....:rolleyes:....Cage Match, possibly Extreme Rules, Handicaps and Arm Wrestling.

I like the RAW Roulette thing just because you don't know what's coming. So that part is fun but I doubt we see much of anything special during the matches. Other than Flair overcoming the odds again and Trips beating someone to a pulp.

01-07-2008, 10:13 PM
Dear God what a terrible Raw this was. Honestly I think the best part of the night was watching Jeff do the Whisper In The Wind off the top of the cage. Other then that one impressive move Raw blew hard I think. Normally Raw Roulette offers a nice surprise, but after tonight I noticed something. It's always the same. There is a strange bedfellows match with enimies teaming, handicap match, some sort of hardcore (first blood/street fight), Diva pillow fight, and there's always a cage match. None of these were impressive tonight at all. Once again we did not see the Women's champion... go figure... What happened to Flair? I guess the "offical Raw Preview" led us astray for once. HHH vs Regal was a waste of time. I must say though that it was very nice to see a beatdown like JBL gave Y2J, Haven't seen one of those in a good long time. However it did get dragged out a bit, but I think that the refs should have stopped it after Y2J was hanging for a few seconds.

My feelings
Funniest segment: Carlito... nough said

Best Match: Hardy vs Umaga

Worst Match: Diva's pillowfight

Lil Wes
01-07-2008, 10:25 PM
Meh, This RAW sucked IMO. The Cage Match was pretty good. It was just an average cage match up until Hardy's spot. Which was cool. That was my highlight of the night.

The rest sucked ass. The divas pillow thing was pointless and Ashley is a bore. I hope Maria stays away from the wrestling ring at Mania but if they go the Playboy route she'll be in. Sadly.

The HHH/Regal thing was ok I suppose. I expected HHH to come out with the win, we may see this again at the Rumble. Since HHH is out of it, I bet he goes after the opposite title that the Rumble winner chooses.

The rest nobody cares about. Y2J may be the Biggest Flop of 2008 or 07 or whatever. I want more promos between him and JBL because the matches will probably suck. Not enough building of the Rumble and dumb booking continues.

Regular RAW overall.

Mr. TM
01-08-2008, 01:29 AM
Raw Roulette
Is it me, or was all the matches to obviously fixed, if they want to make it interesting, have the wheel on the stage or something.

Shawn Michaels and Mr. Kennedy vs. Charlie Haas and Trevor Murdoch
- Boring
- Predictable
- This feud is kinda pointless, isn't it?

Trading Places Match �" Carlito (dressed as Hardcore Holly) with Santino Marella vs. Hardcore Holly (dressed as Carlito) with Cody Rhodes)
- The only entertaining part of Raw
- Carlito is hilarious
- I didn't understand all the talk about carlitos hair, if they weren't going to do an angle where carlito might have actually dyed his hair or something

Lingerie Pillow Fight �" Maria vs. Melina vs. Mickie James vs. Jillian Hall vs. Ashley
- I sure miss Trish vs Lita

First Blood Match �" Triple H vs. William Regal
- If i wasn't asleep during the rest of raw, i was nodding off here.
- The feud is at least better than the HBK/MR.K

Handicap Match: Chris Jericho vs. Snitsky and John Bradshaw Layfield
- Beat down was alright, just wish this feud had more passion to go with.

Royal Rumble Qualifying Match �" The Highlanders vs. Hornswoggle and B.H. Jordan (Replaced by Mick Foley)
- The faces are lovable, but Mick is getting slow unforatantly.

Jeff Hardy v. Umaga in a Steel Cage
- Whew, the overrun involved the only lively part of the show, and if anyone else saw it, they know what I am talking about, Finally warming up to Hardy in the main event.

Overall Raw was Pretty horrid

Best Parts
3.) Mick Foley returns
2.) Carlito/HH attire
1.) Whisper in the Wind

Worst Parts
3.) Charlie Haas's mask routine
2.) HBK/Kennedy tag team
1.) Pillow Fight

01-08-2008, 09:57 AM
RAW sucked hardcore, it was so bad that once the main event started I literally forgot everything that happened before then. That's how bad and forgettable this RAW was. As much as I may like seeing the occasional appearance of Foley he should no longer wrestle, he's getting fatter and slwoer and shouldn't be in the Rumble. Speaking of which, is it or does it seem like this Rumble match is gonna blow by who's in it so far? The main event was a great IMO, not amazing but had an amazing spot by the spot monkey everyone on here seems to love to hate.

Conor *Charmismo*
01-08-2008, 10:58 AM
This was a totaly flat episode of Raw

I'm sorry for those of you complaining about the lack of Raw tag division, i think tonight will show you why: The tag team wrestlers are really boring. Seriously, i respect their dedication and everything, but jesus christ come on! At least try to entertain me.

And what was up with the Wheel being spun between breaks? Come on. That takes out any fun out of it, and besides who didn't know there would be a steel cage match tonight XD

Also the choices were lame.

The saving grace was the main event, which was awesome.

The first blood match was okay.

The crowd seemed mega dead for everything, expect the high spot at the end, which was incredible.

01-08-2008, 02:19 PM
The ingenious traditional event hosted occasionally and innovated by Eric Bischoff, RAW Roulette. This should be a magnificent evening given to the Monday Night RAW fans and to impressively kick-start the New 2008 Year off. It's been too long since I've seen RAW Roulette.

(1) Shawn Michaels & Mr. Kennedy vs. Charlie Haas & Murdoch - Strange Bedfellows Match

JESUS CHRIST!! Sorry to say the lords name in vein. The name of the match...stupid. They put teams together who've not ever teamed up before and we've got HBK and Kennedy vs. ah, Haas and Murdoch? Eww. Thumps down to start off the night. Michaels and Kennedy couldn't even co-exist pass the 30 second mark and who couldn't forecast this coming. Haas needs to take that mask off. Send him the hell to ECW to join Benjamin. What are you doing, WWE? Moreover, this Kennedy/HBK feud has reached boring in my eyes and Kennedy is the one making it boring, no offence, and not to mention the sheer predictability. Kennedy and JBL would make a better rivalry in my opinion. I wish Mr. Kennedy turned the face way. But anyway, In the duration of this match had I gotten up and took off to seek something to fill my mouth with. Got back, Sweet Chin Music to Haas, Mic-Check to HBK, Kennedy pins Haas. Victory achieved. This match is equivalent to 2.0 stars.

(2) Carlito w/ Santino Marella vs. Hardcore Holly w/ Cody Rhodes - Trading Places Match

Second dimmest match of the night. Most of the crowd was silent, some gave a little sign of life...whatever. Carlito would dress like Holly, Holly would dress like Carlito. You know, The Tag Champions comes to me as a puppet show, though. They need to lose those championships now, and put them on... well... I don't even know. The tag division is surely deteriorating, that's for sure. Look at Carlito and Holly. Sort of funny, I guess. But come on, we couldn't get a Tables Match instead of a plain singles? I'm so disappointed and these fans have wasted money from what I've seen thus far. Henceforth, I couldn't remain seated. Alabama Slam! and this match is over after pinfall. Holly wins. Yeah, average stuff. Nothing interesting by like 45 minutes pass the hour. Mostly seen is Vince's face and plenty talking instead of great action. Match equivalent to 1.8 stars.

(3) Mickie James vs. Maria vs. Jullian Hall vs. Ashley vs. Melina - Lingerie Pillow Fight

Dimmest match of the night. Are you kidding me. You mean to tell me things can't get a little better tonight. Couldn't we have had an aggressive Six Woman Bra and Panties Match? Seeing how the damn show is indeed a fix? It sure would've been better and what I would've booked. Anyway, Ashley is BACK! YAY! Not that I care too much. Where the hell is Beth Phoenix? Yup, dropped off the face of the earth. She was always strong, pretty, and dominant to me but boring in personality. So maybe she went to get a personality check. The crowd was silent, I was bored and worried a bit those fans might have got up and left. It was that bad out there, though it picked up just by a spark by the ending with Ashley's momentum and when she scored with an elbow and picked the victory up over Hall. One hour gone, nothing interesting or entertaining or great and Lita, Trish, Victoria, Jazz, Molly Holly, we need you back! Match equivalent to 1.2 stars.

(4) Triple H vs. William Regal - First Blood Match

Gears shift as JR put it. Wow. William Regal looks great out there with Triple H and is hanging with him in the ring too. Perhaps, a wrestling comeback would be good. The show picked up with this match indefinitely. Exciting match. But wait, Ric Flair. He's not even here to be in HHH's corner? Continuing, crowd got behind match so it worked. This feud also is far better than Kennedy vs HBK. It sparks interest in me. WOW. Triple H clobbers Regal with several closed fists and draws blood from Regal. Game OVER Regal. Match equivalent to 3.0 stars.

(5) J.B.Layfield & Snitsky vs. Chris Jericho - Handicap Match

Match lasted about a minute or a little lower. Very short. I see them trying to make this really good but yeah, a bit drawn out. Found it quite hard to get behind the brawl but it was at least a plus to the already negative night. JBL a man possessed dragging Y2J up the ramp and intending to hang him on the metal frame constructional set but doesn't quite get to before refs come out to stop it and JBL leaves Y2J seeking breath. This was ok. Still leaving my seat a bit, though. Match equivalent to 2.7 stars.

(6) Hornswoggle & Mick Foley vs The Highlanders

Excels first three matches of the night. Mick, the pace, pick it up at least by a hair. It was watchable. Don't have much to say on this one besides not seeing Highlanders from some time. Frog Splash and Hornswoggle gets the win for the team. Everyone sure loves that Hornswoggle. Match equivalent to 2.5 stars.

(7) Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga - Steel Cage Match

Match of the night and Randy Orton wasn't going to miss this for the world. He was out there to get an intimate view of this match-up. A decent Cage Match between Jeff Hardy and Umaga and King made a bit of an overstating prediction saying it would be a match we'd never forget for a long time. The Whisper in the Wind off the top of the cage on Umaga was THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT! That one stunt Jeff did beats the show out, no lie. Pinfall and victory after that for Hardy. What momentum on Jeff's side going into the Rumble. I hope he wins the title. Match equivalent to 3.5 stars.

Overall show to me drew 2.7 stars and would of been less if it weren't for Main Event and Hardy. Not a very good RAW in my opinion.

01-09-2008, 02:36 AM
Ok lets see how I rated this Raw...... my Star ratings are out of 5

The Raw Roulette idea was unique and I personally liked it.

Match #1 - HBK/Mr Kennedy Vs Charlie Haas/Trevor Murdoch
This match was average but was a little intertaining with HBK and Mr K attacking each other during the match. WTF was with Haas and his mask. That was weird. Rating-**1/4

Match #2 - Carlito w Santino vs Hardcore Holly w Cody Rhodes
Below average match that had filler written all over it. I thought Carlito was going to win for some reason. Rating *1/2

Match #3 - Pillow fight that included Melina, Jillian Hall, Maria, Mickie James, and Ashley who made her Raw return!!!
Wow Ashley has some nice puppies and you could say that I missed them alot. Great that shes back though but the match was all over the place. Rating 3/4 *

Match #4 - Triple H vs William Regal in a First Blood Match.
For some strange reason, I thought this was going to be the main event of the night but it ended up lasting about 5 minutes!! Not a bad match but too short for anything special. Rating **1/2

Match #5 - Chris Jericho vs. Snitsky and JBL in a handicap match
This was more like a segment than a match. Snitsky disappeared after 2 minutes!!. So JBL beat the crap out of Y2J. Rating **

Match #6 - The Highlanders vs. Hornswoggle and MICK FOLEY
It was great to see Foley again but I dont understand why he is entering the Royal Rumble. Match was short and predictable and Foley helps Horny get the pin in another short match. Rating **

Match #7 - Jeff Hardy v. Umaga in a Steel Cage match
Absolutely great 15 minute match. The Orton interference was great and the Hardy whisper in the ring from the top of the cage was amazing DOWNLOAD IT IF YOU MISSED IT. The 2 mixed very well together and put on an extremely entertaining match. Rating ****

This Raw had it ups and downs. The Cage match obviously saved this Raw from sucking. Hardy and Umaga should get a pat on the back for that match. The Raw roulette was good but they should show us the wheel before EVERY match because we only saw about 2 matches decided on the wheel. Overall Rating **3/4

01-09-2008, 02:57 AM
this raw was ok i guess like everyone else here i think the best match was the hardy versus umaga match, other then that it would have to off been the worst raw i have seen in a long time.
I am a massive fan oh H.B.K and mr kennedy but i do not know why they are continuing with this fued.
and i pray to god they do not have hornswoggle win the rumble could u imagine that randy ortan vs hornswoggle headlining wrestlemania that better not be where wwe is going with this. wouldnt surprise me though

01-09-2008, 03:06 AM
and i pray to god they do not have hornswoggle win the rumble could u imagine that randy ortan vs hornswoggle headlining wrestlemania that better not be where wwe is going with this. wouldnt surprise me though

I doubt Hornswoggle will win the rumble. Wrestlemania is the biggest stage for the biggest matches and I will be surprised if Hornswoggle is even on the WM24 card. He will prob get tossed out of the rumble straight away.

Rated K for Kennedy... Kennedy!
01-09-2008, 05:26 AM
Personally, I thought this RAW wasn't awful, they seemed a bit afraid to do anything original though. Pillow Fight and WWE's basic stock match, a cage. Don't get me wronfg the cage match was off the chain, and I'd pay to see it again, I thought Orton really added too it as well with his assisting of Umaga.

I was just hoping beyond hope for some sort of a gimmick match with London and Kendrick, maybe a table match with whoever are the current tag team champs, erm.... I don't remember.

Not a waste of my time simply for main event and ending. I think Jeff is being built up awfully, just hope he doesn't lose at the rumble then get lost in the shuffle, but at least Trips likes him, till he gets too popular, or wears the wrong colour ring gear, lol.

01-10-2008, 02:06 AM
It won't let me post a thread in the forums, so I'm hoping someone can answer my question here.

But on the last edition of Raw where William Regal and Triple H participated in the first blood match, does anyone know how Triple H got Regal to bleed?

I know that usually it is done by the wrestler cutting himself with a small razorblade somewhere on the forehead, but after watching the show again, when Triple H picked up Regal's head and started hitting him, Regal wasn't bleeding at all.

Only after being punched several times, with his head held facing the camera, did Regal start bleeding.

Did Regal cut himself and it took that long to start bleeding? Or did they use some other way?

Did they use a fake blood capsule? Anyone know?

After watching it again online where I could stop and rewind the video did I notice this. My first thought was that maybe Triple H had something in his fist that cut Regal, but IDK.

01-10-2008, 02:28 AM
i actually didn't mind this raw that much. the steel cage match is great. i think hardy is taking it to orton and the first blood was alright. i wopuld like to see another raw raoulette this year but with a table match, and a last man standing. but i give this raw 8/10

01-10-2008, 02:29 AM
I thought Raw was alright this week as well. The Diva match was pretty boring wrestling-wise, but hey, we got to see bunch of scantily-clad women run around.

I thought the Umaga v Hardy match was great when he hit the Whisper in the Wind off the cage.

01-10-2008, 02:33 PM
It won't let me post a thread in the forums, so I'm hoping someone can answer my question here.

But on the last edition of Raw where William Regal and Triple H participated in the first blood match, does anyone know how Triple H got Regal to bleed?

I know that usually it is done by the wrestler cutting himself with a small razorblade somewhere on the forehead, but after watching the show again, when Triple H picked up Regal's head and started hitting him, Regal wasn't bleeding at all.

Only after being punched several times, with his head held facing the camera, did Regal start bleeding.

Did Regal cut himself and it took that long to start bleeding? Or did they use some other way?

Did they use a fake blood capsule? Anyone know?

After watching it again online where I could stop and rewind the video did I notice this. My first thought was that maybe Triple H had something in his fist that cut Regal, but IDK.

When HHH was measuring Regal just before he started the last series of punches, he bladed Regal. You can see his hand above Regal's eye make a small quick movement that would be consistent with that.

Edit: I took a look at the video on the WWE website, and realized clarification may help you see it. The blading was done once he had regal in the sitting position, between the first and second punch.

01-14-2008, 10:14 PM
This Weeks Raw 1/14/08 was an ok it seemed they were so much into talking about HD they forgot to write a show.. Womens match nice to see all the Diva's but Beth dominating every week it's getting pretty boring watching it week in and week out they need to be competitive to make this interesting. It was Nice to See HBK in action and well I kinda lost interest in the rest of Raw other than when Flair had his match with Regal, good match not the best for either one, and the Hardy Orton Match I was looking forward to but who was I kidding they wouldn't give a PPV match away before the PPV, Nice OMG Moment by Hardy though he put his body on the line and made me believe he is gonna go the distance with Orton. the Gimmick Royal Rumble was kinda funny but they should either put in Hornswaggel (sp?) or the Diva's in a squash match to Beth blah blah blah these 2 reasons are why I gave this a B in what was some decent matches and a nice build to RR they worked it by hyping HD, Hornswaggle, and a Diva Squash. what was up with "the deal"? between McMahon and Finley? kinda interesting.. and HHH gets a shot at the Royal Rumble against who? With News of the Big Show back in the WWE and Ron "K Kwick" Killings in the WWE it should add a nice shot of here is a temp fix to some terrible story lines.

Lyez. D
01-14-2008, 10:14 PM
Jeff being a spot monkey finally paid off. It saved the first boring RAW of 08'. This RAW was full of mishaps and difficulties but everything came full circle for the Main Event. Sure we've seen it in TNA before but this time it looked a lot better.

RAW programming has been lackluster the only thing decent to me worth watching is the Orton/Hardy program.

RAW is seriously full of too many replays of Ric Flair and just replays in general. They have some sort of story with Kennedy and Michaels going on that needs new life, they have useless belts in the Tag titles, establishing stories and not elaborating on them (carlito and Santino), divas that want to be known for something more than pretty faces but get no reaction cuz they can't wrestle.

RAW has offically become the B show as of tonight's edition.

The Sentinel
01-14-2008, 10:22 PM
I do like Michaels new use of the the Reverse Figure 4, it is good he is expanding his moves. The Hardy Orton segment was good, but done many times before, but always enjoyable. And when Hardy put his hand up at the end, that was really good. It was a good raw.

01-14-2008, 10:26 PM
Raw this week summed up in one sentance... A shit show with an insane ending. Raw broken down...

Opening Promo: Must say that Jeff is getting a lot better at them.

Diva's Match: Another 6 way tag, with Beth dominating. I'm also assuming that Ashley is back on Raw full time now and will *sigh* probably challenge Beth X_x

HBK vs Murdoch: Any reason why they had this match. I mean really they couldn't have pulled mabey Santino or something, Hell even Carlito. Why did HBK have to qualify in the first place. *shakes head* Waste of time...

Vice and Horny segment: Vince pumping up Horny for the Rumble... more wasted time IMO...

HHH vs Snitsky: *sigh* It doesn't matter what they have Snitsky do, he'll never get heat on him. He'll keep on wasting time on Raw by either winning by DQ or squashing someone... Shoulda kept the baby killing gimmick... Result: HHH possibly back in the Rumble pending next weeks match.

JBL Promo: The man's good on the mic. Not his best promo, but certainly got him even more heat then he already had. Enjoyed the fireworks that left the arena a smoke house for the rest of the night.

Midget Royal Rumble: Utter waste of time... Though a couple, Batista, and Kane were kind of commical they got old quickly. Khali coming out was unbelivably predictable. As was Finlay coming to the rescue...

Vince and Finlay: I wanna know what the damn deal is...

Ric Flair vs William Regal: With Flair facing MVP at the Royal Rumble, why would they make this match??? It made no sense and certainly was far from entertaining. I didn't watch most of the match so it's hard for me to say much...

Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy: one kick match over...

Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy: Holy Hell, Jeff is going to wind up breaking himself in half. Swanton off the titantron's supporters I belive they are? Damn I don't care what is under the area of which he landed, that's gotta hurt...

Highlight of the night: Swanton off the support

Funniest part of the night: JR's crack at Terril Owens

Best Match: tough one......... I guess HBK vs Murdoch... Aint that sad

Worst Match: Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy...

As I said in the beginning... Really a shitty show... nearly as bad, if not worse then last week... WWE needs to get back into the game. 2 weeks away from the Rumble and 2 straight shit shows... With the end of both being the exception...

Steamboat Ricky
01-14-2008, 11:10 PM
Jeff being a spot monkey finally paid off. It saved the first boring RAW of 08'. This RAW was full of mishaps and difficulties but everything came full circle for the Main Event. Sure we've seen it in TNA before but this time it looked a lot better.

RAW programming has been lackluster the only thing decent to me worth watching is the Orton/Hardy program.

RAW is seriously full of too many replays of Ric Flair and just replays in general. They have some sort of story with Kennedy and Michaels going on that needs new life, they have useless belts in the Tag titles, establishing stories and not elaborating on them (carlito and Santino), divas that want to be known for something more than pretty faces but get no reaction cuz they can't wrestle.

RAW has offically become the B show as of tonight's edition.

B show? No way. No matter how stale Kennedy v. HBK is, no matter how old Flair becomes, no matter how bad the divas are, they are all still better than Chuck Palumbo v. Jamie Noble or anything involving Vickie Guerrero. Never. EVER.

I actually really enjoyed RAW tonight. I thought the Jeff spot was a good twist, as I was expecting to see RKO get the upperhand on things tonight. But the more they do this with Orton, the more they are ruining him. They need to be careful.

01-14-2008, 11:19 PM
That was one of the worst Raw's I've ever seen... and I've seen plenty. I can't help but wonder what the hell the members of the creative are thinking when they throw this trash together. Even the spot at the end did nothing for me because I was already too pissed off from viewing the rest of the show. The midget battle royal was a tremendous waste of time... JBL's promo also wasted even more time... and who on this earth wants to see Flair wrestle anymore? I don't. Snitsky vs. HHH... why not just tell us HHH wins without putting on the match. Michaels vs. Murdoch... ditto for Michaels. Not one ounce of suspense throughout the whole program until the very end... when it's already too late. Good to see that the Creative Team is hitting their stride on the way to Wrestlemania... what a joke.

01-14-2008, 11:28 PM
I thought that swanton was insane!!!! In my record book that goes up there with Foley getting thrown off top of the cell and Shane and Steve Blackman.Still my opinion is that RAW doesn't put its best effort into the show.Great end but bad show, you had good performances with another good pedegrie and smashing the screen with the sledge hammer.You also had the Flair match going on which wasn't all great but good concept I guess.But overall I give the show a 7/10.

01-14-2008, 11:46 PM
all I can say is what a finish! Hardy is really becoming a headliner now lets see if he can do it for a whole match.can't wait to see vinces plan back fire with HHH wonder who he will be fighting? Flair has gotta go dear God its worse every week

01-14-2008, 11:56 PM
all I can say is what a finish! Hardy is really becoming a headliner now lets see if he can do it for a whole match.can't wait to see vinces plan back fire with HHH wonder who he will be fighting? Flair has gotta go dear God its worse every week

Yeah as much as I would love to see Jeff Hardy win the WWE title I really doubt it will happen.Seriously WWE today is too predictable in some cases, but you never are too sure.Who knows maybe Jeff wins it then loses it at Now Way Out? But what I am almost positive is that the only way Jeff will headline WrestlMania is if Mr.Kennedy wins the Royal Rumble and they have a triple threat match, which I wouldn't mind seeing.

01-15-2008, 12:14 AM
On normal WWE circumstances, and especially how vince and finlay talk about their deal and how its unsafe for horny.. I predict that Kennedy will win the rumble and that finlay will disclose the deal that Kennedy is actually the real bastard son and horny is just part of the deal to keep Kennedy in the dark.

01-15-2008, 12:21 AM
On normal WWE circumstances, and especially how vince and finlay talk about their deal and how its unsafe for horny.. I predict that Kennedy will win the rumble and that finlay will disclose the deal that Kennedy is actually the real bastard son and horny is just part of the deal to keep Kennedy in the dark.

that's actually a pretty good idea... like... Finlay and Vince had a plan to lie about his son... something like that... and ends up with Kennedy being the son... yeah.

In other ideas... you all know how Vince smiled when he said, "yeah, your match next week." The first thing that popped into my head was BIG SHOW... I don't know though, I didn't think that Big Show would come back so quickly. Hmm... you never know.

01-15-2008, 04:13 AM
either big show or lashley.....i dont think it will be lashley really cause last time i saw him he was shaving mr.mcmahons head......but i cannot belive that swanton...holy crap.....i didnt think that jeff could win the belt, but after the past two weeks i feel the crowd is even more over for him and this push is insane... i will still be shocked if he wins but i belive that its possible now...plus i am actually looking forward to this match...normally i could care less about the title matches at rr..cause it has the rr,but this fued interests me..

01-15-2008, 05:28 AM
I thought Raw was OK to be honest. Not amazing but it seemed like a fairly solid show for the majority.

I disagree with the people talking about Ric Flair, I personally love seeing Flair in the ring and even though it's a forgone conclusion that he is going to win for now it's still great to see his last matches and the finish was classic Flair.

The HBK match was obvious that he was going to win I suppose. But it was good to see a bit of something different at the end.

JBL's promo did seem like a slight waste of time however. He didn't say or do anything which he couldn't have done stood on the stage. He didn't need to take all the time coming to the ring.

The Royal Rumble preview. I don't usually like skits such as this, especially the midget things, but this did actually make me laugh. It was due to the surprise thing i think. Although WWE are usign midgets waaaaaaaaaaaay too much. They deem to be popping up everywhere.

The Randy Orton thing about the WWE & I.C title was good, because it was all mind games. When i first saw Orton take out Hardy and get DQ'd I was annoyed and thought it was a massive let down, but the aftermath was good. So what if Hardy is a Spot Monkey, at least it gets a reaction from the crowd, which is something the WWE is lacking BIG TIME!

01-15-2008, 05:54 AM
Wow, I see so little faith in your comments, it's just very saddening.

I thought it was a very nice RAW. Jeff Hardy is quickly rising to the top among my favorites, as he proves time and again his complete disregard of the laws of physics. Amazing Swanton! It got me kinda worried though, his landing seemed (as far as I can tell, since the cameras didn't show the landing) abrupt and I think he may have hit hard with the back of his neck on one of Orton's legs. I'm actually posting to ask if anybody has any news of his condition.

Ric Flair is probably going to retire soon, so please stop criticizing him. His match only lasted a short couple of minutes so really that wasn't where they could have introduced something else. And his match with William Regal was made to further develop the failures of W R in front of McMahon, which is something that may become an angle in the near future.

Trips vs Snitsky was a match made to give HHH the opportunity for another shot at the Royal Rumble. McMahon, who hates HHH tells Snitsky to go hurt him, which makes HHH even more angry, which forces McMahon to give him another shot against a mystery opponent. What better way to set up an angle or a comeback of a star? I really don't see why you would enjoy somebody lacking charisma and talent as a wrestler as much as Snitsky to mop the floor with HHH.

The mini-Royal Rumble I thought was very funny, although the impersonations could have been a little better. The finale was indeed predictable but necessary to keep alive the mystery of the McMahon - Finlay deal. Why else would Finlay go visit McMahon again? Of course the writing is not going to win any Emmys (if they're even applicable), but keep in mind that they have to also lure in people who just tuned in for this week's episode so let's make SOME allowances.

The Divas simply cannot wrestle. Correction. I think Beth Phoenix can wrestle, but we've never seen her at full speed. But the rest of them are just awful. Excepting the Glamazon , all of the girls have been around on wwe prime time for at least 3 years and most have been wrestling before that. Yet they look unbelievably amateurish in the ring. It feels like they're scared of grazing each other's bodies, which shouldn't happen in wrestling. Notwithstanding that I still like watching them flap about :D

The qualifying match of HBK wasn't bad at all, and reasons for making it may be to try to push Murdoch as a single wrestler, or simply to showcase HBK's new move in a more believable fashion, or allow Kennedy to rest for a week, etc.

01-15-2008, 07:30 AM
last nights raw was a very nice suprise... i was expected a win for hardy at the end but the disqualification was kinda nuts cause they rolled all the footage of the ultimate worrier and trips winning the belts... i would have liked to see a clean win for hardy or orton but i think that would have hurt ortons character...

everyone isnt so sure what they thought of the high spot at the end of last nights show... i for sure was curious if he was really going to jump, shocked he did with the crappy landing with foam flying in the air... why did they put that stuff ontop of the padding... poor planning if you ask me... oh well.

everyone is excited about jeff hardy having all this momentem.. everyone knows that whenever WWE gives someone momentem they dont win at the PPV... for as much as i would love to see jeff win the belt it wouldnt be a good idea cause it would be just like when cm punk finallly won the belt from morrison on ecw.

the flair match could have had more emotion leading up to the match, the 6 women tag was nice to watch but they need to put ashly over or mickie james over b/c right now im not convinced anyone can stop the glamazon... the mini rumble was funny until it lasted so long.. that could have been a backstage thing and in a mini-sized ring.. would have been a lot funnier...

hbk qualifying match was a little on the predictable side... would have liked to see them do something with murdoc.. i know kennedy was off on his hunnymoon, thats why he wasnt there but, i would have liked to see murdoc win, sad but he needs a job, right now he is a jobless jobber, if that.

jbl, my favorite heel right now, he is actually doing things to be annoying and spark some interest... i didnt know y2j had kids... kind of a shocker last night.

trips partner next week will be lashley. i think the tone in vinces voice was forshadowing the fact that he will be wrestling someone that is a hard-hitter...

wwe has done a good job with building up to the rumble, lets just hope next week is drama filled and exciting. i give the show a B- for its ability to keep interest before a ppv (which is good) and for its lame booking and techical difficulties (which of coarse is bad).

01-15-2008, 09:09 AM
if Triple H faces lashley next week in lashleys first match back, is it possible lashley could be a heel when he comes back?, cuz it looks like if it Vince is putting lashley back against trips(which would be a bad idea cuz he probly should vs. kennedy). the only thing is kennedy is already in his own feud with michaels. Personally I think big show returns to face trips next week and lashley makes a suprise come back sometime around the royal rumble, screwing kennedy out of a match against HBK or just spearing him or something.

01-15-2008, 10:42 AM
That was the best Raw I've seen in a while. It kept me entertained, and I could watch it again without getting bored.

The highlight was obviously the Hardy and Orton match. The two really put together a good match. And the ending was something we haven't seen in a while. You've got to respect the wrestlers after seeing something like that. Anything could have gone seriously wrong.

Everybody knew Shawn was going to win his match. But I really enjoyed the ending. I expected the Sweet Chin Music, as did everyone I'm sure, and was pleasantly surprised (:

I like the differences Raw had, lets hope it continues. And Triple H made me laugh, didn't expect him to go that mad.

01-15-2008, 03:05 PM
Give Jeff the belt, even if it's only for a month or two. I understand that he's probably not a 'long term champ' but for crying outloud, the guy deserves a run. I got chills last night when I saw that and I haven't gotten chills from wrestling in quite some time. Give Jeff the belt!!!

01-15-2008, 03:18 PM
Give Jeff the belt, even if it's only for a month or two. I understand that he's probably not a 'long term champ' but for crying outloud, the guy deserves a run. I got chills last night when I saw that and I haven't gotten chills from wrestling in quite some time. Give Jeff the belt!!!

If that gave you chills, you should find some Shane McMahon videos, those will down right make you piss yourself then.

Raw was good, I'll just give a quick run down of everything, & I'll debate on making a recap later.

The "mini Royal Rumble" left me in downright tears. I loved it so much, & when Khali's music hit, I knew it wasn't going to be a mini version. I think, however, that Khali's days are completely numbered because he's completely being owned by Finlay on a weekly basis anymore.

Triple H. v. Snitsky went way longer than it should've, & Trip's anger management definately needs to be controlled.. if he's gonna go all psycho, then do it on someone like Snitsky, leave the poor helpless video screen alone.

Also, whats with Triple H. getting another shot at entering the Royal Rumble? I've heard rumors or thoughts that he could face Big Show.. but seriously, I see it being another match against Ric Flair, or worse.. Triple H. v. Hornswoggle. I definately see it being against Hornswoggle, for Horney's spot.

Not sure what to make of the divas anymore. I just think W.W.E. doesn't know how to manage their Women'd Division, so they just toss them together in endless 6-diva tag matches.

Unfortunately, I missed the H.B.K. match, although I've heard he won via submission.. so I'll definately have to rewind the tape to see this. Gotta admit, I was disappointed that it wasn't from the sharpshooter though. I think it'd serve him well to take that over. Afterall, noone else is using it anymore.

Finally.. Jeff Hardy v. Randy Orton.. the match was a straight kick to the nuts, & a bell. It would've been so much greater, had they had title v. title at the Rumble. Then, & only then would I of actually thought Jeff had a legit chance.

Also, his leap from the top of whatever it was from.. come on, when they kept replaying it, showing the angle where the refs had to jump in front of the camera, as to cover up Orton moving under Hardy, & Hardy slightly getting up to lay across him. I dispised that so much. The original leap at the full speed shot of everything was amazing. They shouldn't of replayed it from the one angle though..

01-15-2008, 04:28 PM
the ending to raw was one of the most breath-taking things i've seen in wrestling for quite some time, the image of jeff hardy doing the swanton of the staging has stayed in my mind and made a permanant impression on me as wrestling can do to one every now and again.

like every raw there was many ups, and also a few downs which i will try to sum up quickly as i dont like to dwell on them... triple h smashing the staging was too theatrical, it annoys me that ideas like this which have the potential to be such good segments seem rushed and put together last minute, if this was planned better and maybe followed the idea that less is more, the image of trips smashing the tron would have been quite somthing.... it has just occured to me that this segment took place in order to make way for the new stage for next weeks raw in hd.

i am really quite intrigued to find out the meaning of the deal between finlay and vince, also i am intrested as to who will be triple h's opponent next week.. also although the result of the hbk match was predictable the figure four looked fantastic, i thought for a minute he was going to try the sharpshooter.

all in all i give raw a B + for this week, quite high, made higher by the ending

01-16-2008, 03:36 AM
On with my weekly Raw report.....

Opening segment was good but not great, how many times does Jeff need to say "Im gonna take you out Randy".

Match #1 - Beth Phoenix, Melina & Jillian def. Mickie James, Ashley & Maria.
The usual 6 divas tag match, I was entertained and in all honesty who wouldnt be entertained by the chicks??? Rating *1/4

Match #2 - Shawn Michaels def. Trevor Murdoch (Royal Rumble qualifying match).
Pretty much a filler but it wasnt that bad of a match. Predictability hurt this match because everyone knew HBK was gonna win. However the leg lock was a pleasant surprise IMO. Rating **1/4

Match #3 - Snitsky def. Triple H by Disqualification.
Surprisingly match of the night IMO. Snitsky really did shock me, he looked good out there. I thought it was a decent match. HHH going nuts after the match was pretty cool but I never knew breaking a big screen would cause all this explosion. It could have been a bit more realistic. Rating **3/4

JBL segment was good but I jst dont find him to be that entertaining in all honesty. The storyline is quite pathetic since all Y2J did was give JBL a little love tap. Last weeks segment involving these 2 was good but I find JBL a little boring on the mic sometimes.

Match #4 - Hornswoggle def. mini-Mr. Kennedy, mini-Mankind, mini-Batista and mini-Kane.
Not really a match but it was damn funny and entertaining. Mini Kennedy and Batista looked hilarious IMO. Hornswoggle actually looked good wrestling superstars his size lol. Rating(on humour mainly) **

Match #5 - Ric Flair def. William Regal.
There was no way a 4 minute match(2 of those 4 minutes was commercial) was going to be Flairs last. No way was Regal going to defeat Flair and retire him NO WAY! This match was jst a plain filler, the mini Royal Rumble got more time than what this did. *1/2

Match #6 - Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton (No contest).
The match itself couldnt have been longer than 5 seconds. But the segment after the match was amazing. 30 ft high Swanton I think it was. Absolutely amazing, something could have seriously gone wrong there, but thankfully it didnt!
Rating (based on segment) ****

Overall an above average Raw. The matches jst werent that good though. The segments were great especially the final one but there wasnt a match that stood out IMO. Match of the night goes to Triple H vs Snitsky but even that match was a great one. People watch SD because of the good wrestling and it proves that Smackdown shuld be called 'The wrestling show' as this Raw didnt have good wrestling. Final Rating - ***

01-16-2008, 11:46 AM
My beefs with RAW this week. Some should tell Vinny Mac that tearing a screen doesn't involve an explosion. Hell, Stone Cold destroyed the Titantron once with a long sharp metal object once and the titantron didn't have explosion like electrical equipment was destroyed. Vince unless you were watching a tv monitor, how did you know HHH was going to destroy that little screen, just wondering? Gee was Kennedy's segment taped this week???? Isn't there a display button someone could've pressed to avoid the timer from showing up at the bottom of that segment.

OK now with I liked. Jeff Hardy actually had a decent promo IMO he's getting much better, granted it's not upper echelon (i.e. HHH, HBK or Flair) promo work but getting better. My only complaint with it is that when he's trying to sound intimidating it helps if well you know, actually sound intimidating. I liked the new submission move HBK used on a predictable match. I think Flair and Regal should've had mroe time for their match because I would imagine a match between 2 wrestlers as those 2 could've been MOTN. Jeff's swanton off the light structure was incredible. Made up for an average show. Sucks he won't be winning the title but I'll enjoy watching him in the spotlight for as long as it lasts.

01-21-2008, 08:17 PM
Wow.... so I think the HBK vs. Kennedy match (1/21 Raw) was actually one the best matches I have seen in a long time. I actually enjoyed it and didn't think it was 100% predictable like most matches are. Very cool.....

01-21-2008, 10:16 PM
HBK Kennedy was a good match long and the new set was very vibrant and alive!!! another Beth Win over M J boring but if you want a title win to mean something you have someone hold it for a while give it some meaning and then have them lose it in a close match on PPV. Why have Hornswaggle(sp) at all he just is there like Eugene was cept Eugene could actually wrestle believably. To be Honest I lost interest in RAW then they had so many flashbacks to 2 weeks ago and last week etc. like they are afraid that everyone is gonna screw up on the first HD Broadcast so they hold everyone back? HHH vs a Mystery Opp. was wel done I like how they held off for a while make you want to know who it is was it Big Show was it Bobby Lashley was it Ron Killings , RVD? It is my wish they wrestle more and talk less the less time some of these guys have infront of the camera the less they can be probed in HD... just a thought if you had good action and more action who cares what people look like , look at Ron Jeremy in the Adult Industry he didn't look good at all but gave all action and nothing but haha

01-21-2008, 10:20 PM
Alright everyone here I go again with this Raw review thing. In my opinion there were wayyyy to many promo videos and promos tonight. I don't know wether or not WWE was still trying to work out some of the HD stuff with all the videos, but the amount was not needed to help the show. I give tonight's show a 2.5 out of 5. Kennedy vs HBK was really a great match. Back and forth, and actually a little unpredictable. I figured HBK would win, but I was not sure as to when after Kennedy ducked out of 2 Sweet Chin Music attempts. Best Kennedy match I've seen in a while. Mabey he's finally getting it back together a little. Mickie James vs Beth Pheonix was a pretty good match as well. It does not matter how many times we see it, I still say that that is the best Women's Match that WWE can do right now, and for the most part they are great matches. Then came two filler matches between Kendrick and Umaga as well as Holly vs Carlito... Both matches were not impressive. Then came HHH... 3 man gauntlet match including Snitsky, Mark Henry, and Regal??? Why? what was the point? I'd rather have watched Snitsky vs HHH again then have to have an extra 5 minutes of my life wasted on waiting for Regal to call out Snitsky and Henry b4 going insane and running down to the ring... Then we have Jeff Hardy owning RKO...AGAIN... Why has Orton been made to look like an incredibly weak champ?

Best Match: Kennedy vs HBK

Funniest Moment: Santino talking about cows and milk...

Worst Match: Gauntlet Match with HHH

Overall Thoughts: Got excited during the first two matches, thought it was going to be a good show... then it died...

01-21-2008, 10:51 PM
Some of the promos were good, others I wanted to stab one of my eyes out.

Positives: The HBK and Kennedy match was pure gold. I enjoyed the Beth and Mickie James match. As well, the first part of Raw really had me excited. I enjoyed the Santino cut backstage (lmao), and even enjoyed Vince/RKO and Vince/Hardy talks, they were brief and to the point. Even the Rhodes/Kendrick segment I enoyed. (Cause we all know that is the way Holly REALLY is, ha)

Negatives: The Umaga/Kendrick and Holly/Carlito. Both horrible. The Finlay/Hornswoggle vs Highlanders was better than the previous two matches mentioned, but not by much. I was bored as hell during the HHH interview (did we really have to have him promote the HD stuff, talk about clearity and then zoom in as far as we could?), and the Y2J promo found me drifting off.

Undecided: I didnt see the HHH match, well the 3 of them. I had to leave for work and got here in time to watch the ending segment. From reading about it though, I would bump it up into the negatives, but I've got to see it to say it for sure.

And the Screw Ups: The RKO/Hardy feud has been great, until tonight. They needed to give Orton one night on top of Hardy. Seriously, Hardy had the clean win in the tag match, the steel cage where he made Orton look like a fool, the now infamous Swanton last week, and this weeks twist of fate. Orton has only had one "up" on Hardy, and it was on a different Hardy! RKO really needed a strong night tonight.

Overall: 2.8/5

Not quite a 3, more than a 2.5. The HBK/Kennedy match really did a lot for me as did the Beth Phoenix/MJ match.

01-22-2008, 12:46 AM
I enjoyed tonights RAW. My favorite match was HBK/Kennedy..Did anyone else hear Kennedy ask Shawn if he was alright after he went over the top rope or was that just me? I actually thought that Kennedy was going to win this one, so i was happy with the results. I think my least favorite was Finley/Hornswoggle vs. the highlanders. I just didn't see the point honestly. The HHH match itself didn't bother me, but i definitely don't think it lived up to the hype of the mystery opponent,but then again why bring Big Show back just to lose his first match? I like Hardy getting the upper hand on Randy, because i think it's fairly certain that Jeff isn't going to win at the Rumble so might as well give him the advantage somewhere. Some of the promos were good, some bad, but I'm looking forward to the Rumble.

Tommy Boy
01-22-2008, 12:46 AM
I agree the Kennedy/HBK match was a great match....Anyone else notice that(probably because of the HD) HBK came out with an extra patch of hair attatched to the top of his head?...I noticed immedietly due to the HD and Kennedy actually tore it off and through it out of the ring when it started to come detatched.

I defenitly like the new HD presentation aswell....gonna take a couple months before all the looks back at the non-HD are done.

01-22-2008, 12:55 PM
I found Raw rather disappointing this week. HBK was again for two weeks in a row, seemingly more happy in the ring, which was entertaining, and the match was a decent match. The match between Mickie James and Beth Pheonix was pretty good, a few mistakes but it was still a good match, the storyline with that is what annoys me, its the same storyline as always, the bigger wrestler keeps winning and the smaller one then overcomes them because they have heart. They need to be a little bit more creative with mixed size matches.
Santino's back stage segment was enjoyable too, but they really need to do something with this storyline, its moving very slowly, and both Carlito and Santino need more mic time if you ask me.
I didn't mind the end segment, with Jeff and Orton, because it just showed Jeff is slowly improving on the mic, and he is getting more of a character, and I found it quite funny, he kept having to tell people to move, and he said it too close to the mic.
Other than that, the other parts of Raw where a let down, they could have done a lot more with the Triple H qualifying match/es. The match with Holly and Carlito could have been far more interesting, they don't seem to be using any of the 4 wrestlers involved half as much as they should be.

02-18-2008, 11:30 PM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: February 18th, 2008:

Opening Promo: Triple H. enters, unfortunately in my opinion he'll never be as good as he was back during the 2000-2001 era, with the Leather/Jean jacket and the real badass look/feel to him. He cuts a decent promo about being the number one contender, and of course that enters.. Randy Orton. Orton, who then cuts a promo about how everything has come full circle. And I really got lost on whether Orton meant full circle from No Mercy of last year, or full circle to when the Orton/HHH feud really all began in 2004. Anyways, Orton runs his mouth about beating everyone.. which then brings us to.. John Cena.

Of course everyone knew Cena would somehow find a way to come out, continuing to stay in the Championship picture.. when the fact is.. dispite never losing completely, he still didn't win, and that should've been it. Cut and dry, no second chance. Then again, when refering to Cena, the guy has an unlimited amount of chances.. its like he has a bag with Main Event spots. He can just randomly reach in and pull one out.

Finally, Regal makes the Main Event. Orton v. Cena, if Cena wins we get the Triple Threat match that'd been rumored since shortly after the Royal Rumble. Yay! I'm happy W.W.E. catches up with the rest of us, only took them about a month.

The Matches:

1. Money In The Bank Qualifying: Jeff Hardy v. Snitsky: Jeff Hardy comes out first to *new* theme music. Of course he's gotta win now. :rolleyes: The only good thing about this entire match, is that it wasn't completely predictable. Hardy truly sold his Elimination Chamber injuries, and made Snitsky look very dominating. I like that, especially since Snitsky's being pushed nowhere fast.

The reason I say this wasn't completely predictable, is because sadly Snitsky really could've been a random name in a 6-8 man ladder match. Just because he's in it, obviously doesn't mean he'd win it. But seriously, look at the previous MITB matches and tell me if you felt every single guy in each one, had a legit chance for winning. No, the answer is no. Therefore, thankfully Jeff Hardy picks up the victory.. meaning one thing is definate at Wrestlemania.. we're gonna see daredevil leaping off ladders.. at its best!

2. Paul Burchill w/ Katie Lea v. Super Crazy: I really didn't get to watch the match. It was over before it really started anyways though. Burchill in a squash, its just a shame whats happening with Super Crazy. He'd be much better served jumping to T.N.A.

And as far as the Incest angle goes. I really don't want a two month slow build to this, if they're doing it.. I wish they'd just completely jump into it.

3. Money In The Bank Qualifying: Mr. Kennedy v. Val Venis: Seriously, Val f'n Venis?! Why not just have Kennedy randomly pick a fan to squash?! Who the hell qualified Val Venis and even being a random contender for the Money in the Bank?! Its for a chance to win a Championship match, but I suppose someone didn't clearify to Venis, it really meant WORLD Championship.. not midcard.

Kennedy goes over in a match that never should've happened. This is how they allow Kennedy to redeem losing to Flair? Squashing a has-been? Nice.

4. Steel Cage: Mr. McMahon v. Hornswoggle: I love midget violence. Seriously, I'm warped in the head, but I laughed my ass off the entire way through this match. Theres just something about seeing a midget rag-dolled around the ring for 10 minutes, and randomly bouncing off the cage and the mat, that brings laughter out of you.

Also, J.B.L.?! :wtf: Does Chris Jericho know his feuds apparently over? Because short of J.B.L. and Mr. McMahon v. Chris Jericho and Finlay at Wrestlemania, I really don't see Jericho/J.B.L. anymore at all.

What I do see, however, is either Finlay v. J.B.L. (snoozefest) or Finlay and Hornswoggle v. J.B.L. and McMahon. (glorified handicap at its finest!)

5. Maria v. Beth Phoenix: So, the match was made in the attempt for Santino to keep Maria out of the magazine I'm sure she's already shot pictures for. Yeah. Anyways, this is quite possibly one of the worst things they could've done for or rather against the Women's Champion.

Candice Michelle returns, which was nice. It'll build that horrible single's match up for Wrestlemania, and in the process, they allowed a Diva to go over a Women's WRESTLING Champion, all for the ability to pose nude in a magazine. Isn't it nice, how they tie all that together?

One main question. What happened to Mickie James and her wanting to win storyline? Any chance of a Triple Threat match for the Women's Championship, with Mickie coming out on top? Doubtful, but the 3-way might still be possible.

The Promos:

1. Hall of Fame Induction: Ric Flair: So, Shawn Michaels comes out to get the pleasure and honor of introducing the first inductee into the 2008 Hall of Fame.. Ladies and Gentlemen, its.. someone who ISN'T YET RETIRED!? Seriously, what the **** I mean COME ON! This is the biggest crock of shit to me ever. The Hall of Fame is, or rather SHOULD BE, restricted for guys who are at least mainly retired.. and if at all, only wrestle on a limited basis.

NOT, for guys who are currently on a winning streak, and appearing for the most part each week. I'm ONLY assuming this is either building up to Shawn Michaels v. Ric Flair - Hall of Fame match at Wrestlemania, or they're giving us one hell of a spoiler by letting us know Flair will end up retiring before, or at Wrestlemania.. since he's being inducted and all. Finally, I can ONLY hope its one or the other, because if a miracle happens and Flair ends up winning at Mania.. the entire Hall of Fame induction ordeal, and quite honestly, the legacy of the Hall of Fame to begin with.. will be destroyed through my eyes.

Why?! Because the Hall of Fame is meant for guys who are retired, done, over and mainly not wrestling, if at all. Not for guys who still compete on a weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly basis.

2. Triple H./Randy Orton backstage: Orton tries to basically get Triple H. to screw John Cena out of the match. (which for the record, even if that did happen, we'd only be prolonging the undeniable) Triple H. explains roughly to Orton that you can't play mind-games with the guy who taught you how to play them.. Orton leaves.. Triple H's expression changes.. looks like he could play them after all.

3. Big Show/Mayweather II: Big Show is asked to apologize for getting his nose broken. Classic stuff, in my opinion. So, once again we get the pre-build to Boxer v. Wrestler. Mayweather slinks in and out of the ring, almost like a heel. (notice how he backs out under the bottom ropes?!) Yada, yada, hand shake.. assumed exit.. Show begins talking again..

Show runs his mouth about how Mayweather could only do something when Show was on his knees, and that Mayweather couldn't beat Show or rather Show could weather (haha weather) Floyd in 2 minutes. Sounds to me like we're gonna have a boxing exhibition match at Wrestlemania, with 2 minutes being the length?

You know my favorite part of this whole storyline? Big Show is playing the heel.. the heel thats being cheered. Floyd Mayweather is playing the face.. the face that not only gets booed, but also that brings 10 guys with him everywhere he goes, and suddenly doesn't act scared when they're surrounding him. uh huh.

The Main Event: John Cena v. Randy Orton w/ Triple H. as the Special Ref: So, Cena/Orton what, like 6, 7? Lost count. Anyways, the match is basically punches and kicks.. again. A couple body slams, more kicks to random body parts. Signature moves. NOTHING out of Triple H. to question how he'll react to Cena winning or losing.

Moving ahead.. Cena locks in the STFU, Orton glares at Triple H., then finally reaches the ropes. Cena refuses (let me reclearify, the FACE refuses) to break until right around a 4 count. tisk, tisk, tisk. Triple H. tells Cena that when he says break, he means break. Cena then gets in Triple H's face.. (let me reclearify, the FACE gets in the official's face) tisk, tisk, tisk. Orton rushes in, F-U.. Triple H. counts normally to three.. Cena's done it again.

Ah ha! Pedigree, is Triple H. suddenly heel? I don't think so, I think it was more of a point in saying.. even though you're in the match, I'm still going to beat you too. Thus would be the indication when he does the exact same thing to Randy Orton. The show then ends, and Triple H. is left holding up the Championship. Sign of things to come? Hopefully.

Overall Thoughts: Randomly, where was Chris Jericho, Umaga, the Tag Team division, Carlito and Mickie James?! Seriously, Raw was lacking some major star power on their first official Raw to Wrestlemania.

Each match was a definate one sided affair. The Money in the Bank qualifier matches were both crap, and it was clear to realistically see which of the two opponents would go over. Especially regarding Mr. Kennedy.

I understand the need to push Paul Burchill, but why? Sometimes I sit and question what they're even doing, bothering with a storyline such as this.. when ultimately, where will it lead? Seriously? Any type of Championship match? Doubtful. So whats the purpose of giving him all this air time, in squash matches.

Regarding John Cena yet again finding a way into the Main Event at Wrestlemania, or any Pay Per View for that matter.. its not that I "hate" John Cena, I don't hate him. I just can't understand how he keeps getting all the Championship matches, when its becoming clear that the fans are cheering louder and louder for a guy like Jeff Hardy.. and they're beginning to really boo the shit out of a guy like John Cena. If you turn Cena heel, it'd be understandable in keeping him in the Main Event.. but they aren't. They're still allowing him to remain the "top" face, and its pointless in my opinion.

The show itself sucked for being directly after a Pay Per View.. and all Raw's leading up to Wrestlemania in the final stages, shouldn't suck. Because of the lack of star quality actually wrestling, thats why the card, the night, and the show sucked. Rating: 3/10

02-19-2008, 07:41 AM
Im sorry, but is it me, or was the crowd last night rubbish? I can't remember the last time there was such a dull crowd! HHH hardly got a pop, Hardy hardly got anything, Kennedy got nothing, everyone got nothing except John Cena.

I think this is because the arena is full of 6 year olds with high pitched voices saying "Go Cena, go!". And then you get the ladies who just plain fancy him. Both these sets of fans just pop when Cena is around, and then sit there in silence for the entire night. (Not all women are like the above).

Mayweather got nothing when he came out, a tiny bit of heat. That was it. Hell, if that was in NYC, the roof would have come off! Especially for the Big Show. I feel the fans of today have really changed, and there are only about 10% of the crowd, which were around in the attitude era.

So my question to you, what can we do to improve the crowd?

My plan, you must be 16 or over to enter. Hell, im sure the great parents out there don't want their kids looking at Maria up n down do they?

Scrapyard Ape
02-19-2008, 08:23 AM
So my question to you, what can we do to improve the crowd?
Dud crowds happen. Not much that can be done about it except to try and improve the product. Hand-picking who could attend their events in order ensure a lively audience would only serve to alienate the fanbase... a sure-fire kiss of death.

Skullz Crack'Em
02-19-2008, 11:38 AM
I do agree that last night's crowd was dull and very quiet, but they didn't get a very good show either so I wouldn't blame them for their lack of enthusiasm. Jericho didn't have a match, Umaga didn't have a match, HBK didn't have a match, and Trips was only the special ref in the main event so the only big match was Cena vs Orton and that was utter crap IMO. The rest of the night was filled with the most predictable MITB qualifying matches ever with Snitsky vs Jeff and Val vs Kennedy, then there was Paul Burchill's squash match against Super Crazy and Vince's precious cage match against Hornswoggle, and in the end there was no reason for that to be a cage match in the first place unless you think JBL hitting Hornswoggle against the cage twice was that important. And to top it all off, JR and King was totally lost last night, they would keep pausing and could barely finish their sentences as if they heard some horrible news before going on air last night and they couldn't concentrate. One of the worst RAWs of 2008 IMO.

02-19-2008, 04:29 PM
Raw in my opinion: Major let down coming off a PPV.

Opening segment: Nothing we haven't seen before with the number 1 contender talking, the champ interupting, and the loser from the previous match interrupting him. Nothing new there at all. Set up for what would be a rather bland special ref. match.

Hardy vs Snitsky: Utter waste of time. No point in having Snitsky going over, but good job on Jeff's part to sell off his chamber injuries. Jeff won and still made it look good, even though he only had Snitsky to work with.

Paul Birchill vs Super Crazy: Quick, but nessecary squash... Look to see a few more before the incest storyline picks up...

Mr. Kennedy vs Val Venis: Biggest waste of time of the night. Honestly what the Hell was WWE thinking, I like Val, but I don't think one person in that crowd through he had a chance...

Hornswoggle vs Vince Steel Cage: I'm all for the Hornswoggle angle, and I thought Finlay's acting was the best part of the whole damn segment. Anyway, another real waste of time. JBL runs in kicks the crap outta Horny and that's that. I see a possible tag match between Vince and JBL vs Finlay and Horny.

Maria vs Beth Pheonix: Wow... Just wow... Complete and utter stupidity to have Maria go over here... We all knew that she would be in playboy, but this'll probably make her #1 contender...

Cena vs Orton: Honestly I did not watch this match. With HHH as the ref. I figured either it'll go Cena's way or be called right down the middle. I tuned back in just as Cena Fu'ed Orton (thanks Luther) for the win. I enjoyed HHH pedigree to Cena, hoping for a heel turn, but then he hit Orton with one so I dunno.

Promos: Overall the promos were rather bland. Flair into the HOF without being retired confuses me. Big Show by far had the best segment with Mayweather.

Afterthought: Where was most ofthe tv talent... IE: Carlito, Y2J, Umaga, Mickie James, Melina, the whole tag team division...

03-03-2008, 08:46 PM
Wow this idea for the 3 hour Raw is a great idea but something tell me not every match will be a rematch from a previous WM. As if they are then they didnt there research very well or there are some old stars coming back just for one night. Unless there are going to do the MITB, or not going to have all 3 ppl from a triple threat match then we are looking at dud here.

Some matches that might happen:
HHH possible opponets- Taker, Y2J, Batista, Kane, Cena
Cena- JBL, HHH, Show, HBK
HBK- Vince, Cena, Y2J
Taker- Orton, HHH, Flair, Kane, Henry, Batista

If anyone else can come up with any do tell.

03-03-2008, 09:16 PM
This could actually have some potential to be a good show. Wrestlemania matches for the most part are pretty good.

I think they said it was tribranded, so you can throw in kane vs. taker or khali, taker vs show, flair, hhh, orton, and i'm probably forgetting a ton.

Y 2 Jake
03-03-2008, 09:55 PM
Didn't they do a version of this last year? I'm sure this show will throw up more intresting matches than Mania will this year.

The only problem I see is some of the potential matches. I doubt WWE will want to give away really good matches. So we'll probably get Taker vs. Henry, Cena vs. JBL etc. Big matches. But ones that wont deliver. Or I might be wrong and we'll get HHH vs. Taker again.

03-03-2008, 11:06 PM
I had forgotten about taker and henry. It does however sounds better than what we saw this past week. HHH and Taker sounds pretty good no matter how you say it. Some of those other matches on the other hand just sound dull. I do remember somethign like this last year. It wasn't bad, but not as good as it could've been.

03-04-2008, 01:10 AM
I see a Cena vs. HHH match next week with the possibility of Randy Orton taking over to pick the main event as per the Triple Threat Takeover.

Also, I think we'll get a HBK vs. Y2J match from WM 19...

They did mention CM Punk in the preview and since he's wrestled in the MITB from WM 23, I see a Money in the Bank redux involving Punk, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, Edge, and Finlay, omitting Orton, Booker (obviously), and Matt Hardy.

The possibilities are endless.

03-04-2008, 11:31 AM
Boy oh boy did RAW suck this week. That opening segment with Big Show was horrible. Just give him a real feud please and not this Mayweather crap. Also don't let Mayweather talk on the mic again, please. HBK & Flair against Cade and Murdoch was an alright match, nothing spectactular and short. Good promo by HBK after the match. If you blinked during the Umaga and Super Crazy squash of a match you would've missed it then. Highlight reel, was probably my favorite thing of the night other Carlito's commerical. Good promo cut Y2J, Hardy continues to improve on the mic but still sucks. I like the fact that he twist of fated Y2J to prove that he really wants to win the MITB match, I don't think it was to start a heel turn. To anyone that saw it, that Carlito/Maria Wrestlemainia commerical was awesome I thought, very funny and entertaining. Cena didn't use the 5 moves of doom to win, which is a plus I guess, his match with Kennedy wasn't bad just average. Carlito vs. Cody Rhodes was a good match for the 2 of them I thought, nothing memorable but solid. Cody sold that backstabber pretty damn well I thought. This whole Hornswoggle thing has run it's course and should be ended now. The main event did nothing for me, except I like seeing Orton RKO Cena.

03-04-2008, 05:58 PM
I dont think we'll see a money in the bank match because its a gimmick match and shown twice in quick succession (i.e monday and wrestlemania) would loose some of the excitement from it.

hhh versus taker is just too good a thought to even get hopes up for. with randy orton in charge and edge and randy orton being on good terms, it is likely that edge will persuade randy to make 'taker face mark henry.

at a long shot, big show versus akebono (i know it sucked) but woud keep in tune with the boxing theme kindof.

With any show like this the possibility of a return or two is always a big draw for me... Will we see a legend back in time for wrestlemania (probably no) but with the rock inducting his father and grandfather, is there any chance of him setting up a one off match with stone cold or hulk hogan (probably no)
Or what about a remake of the mcmahon in every corner match with big show, triple h, mick foley and the rock (slightly more likely but still not very.)

03-04-2008, 06:38 PM
Well like someone said ahead, SAY if randy orton is in charge, edge his good friend... they could even do something like a undertaker n kane vs cena n HHH or god knows... HHH as GM and Undertaker vs Orton (WM rematch). Possibilities are endless! Hopefully they wont blow it this time though and make it better than last years.

But really, no one should get their hopes TOO high on the episode seeing as WM isnt too far away... im sure they wouldnt wanna put on a great show (possibly BETTER then WM) on an episode of raw....we'll see i guess

03-04-2008, 07:09 PM
This was definitally a not so good raw. I loved the commercial too but not so long after I fell asleep. I completely agree this Hornswaggle thing needs to be over and this Big Show thing is really dumb. I am still waiting to see what is going to happen to cody Rhodes.

03-05-2008, 02:12 AM
I was surprisingly annoyed at this weeks raw, because im usually a huge WWE mark.

Exhibition was pretty annoying, mayweather isn't very good at promos, especially for the WWE. Pretty much a big show squashes someone match.

Triple Threat GM thing is pretty interesting, it adds a MUCH needed spin to the fued, and it fills up the weeks to WM, I was kinda anoyed with the fact Randy Orton was yet again made to look weak rather than a heel. 'I dont wanna get hurt 4 weeks before mania.' Etc.

MY NAME IS FINLAY, and I hate my crappy new theme. What a stupid thing that was. No reason, takes away from his character totally. Looks like we will be seeing Mr. McMahons mania inclusion in this. , I doubt the JBL Filay will be anything great.

Maria's playboy introduction was a good promo. Good for the eyes at least.

Y2J's promo was good, EXCEPT, if this is a heel turn for Hardy, it will take the place for one of the stupidest things you could do. The guy who got the biggest face pop in the business going heel, if it is a hell turn, I bet Triple Hoe is behind it.

HHH, Orton match wasn't great, although DQ finsih, Orton coming out on top wasn't too bad.

Average show, nothing memorable

03-05-2008, 09:22 AM
I see HBK vs Cena happening and Batista vs Undertaker happening...last years two main events...and Trips will interfere in the HBK Vs Cena and hit them both with a sledgehammer showin he is the true king of kings and how bad he wants the title also makin him turn heel again.

03-05-2008, 09:29 AM
My only question is, will the "Triple Threat Take Over" be in effect during this show? If it is, I see Triple H. being in charge, and making two Wrestlemania Rewind Matches.

1. Triple H. v. John Cena & 2. Undertaker v. Randy Orton

Those two matches alone would be worth watching 3 hours of Raw. Then you factor in the likelyhood of..

3. Shawn Michaels v. Chris Jericho

Then some type of possible 6 man Tag Team match between former Money In The Bank wrestlers. I'm really not sure how Jeff Hardy will ever be able to have any type of match, short of a Tag Team match with Matt Hardy, since hes never technically had a single's match at Wrestlemania.

I'm hoping the 3 above mentioned matches will happen, and we don't get screwed with a possible Chris Jericho v. William Regal type match. Or dare I say.. Undertaker v. Kane.

Obviously I'm sure not EVERY match will be from Wrestlemania's past, unless they could use the excuse that the "match type" was from a previous Wrestlemania. Otherwise stars like C.M. Punk, M.V.P., Mr. Kennedy and Finlay likely won't have any match on the show.

03-05-2008, 01:23 PM
since orton is in charge, i think we'll see john cena vs. big show (wm 20) and triple h vs. batista (wm 21) and i'm sure some how, orton will get pitted against the undertaker (wm 21). i also hope to see maybe hbk vs. y2j.

03-05-2008, 02:14 PM
since orton is in charge, i think we'll see john cena vs. big show (wm 20) and triple h vs. batista (wm 21) and i'm sure some how, orton will get pitted against the undertaker (wm 21). i also hope to see maybe hbk vs. y2j.

In complete honesty, I think your possible matches are very likely to happen. Although I think Triple H. would likely be in charge for them to happen like that. Also, you could replace Cena v. Big Show, with Cena v. J.B.L. then have Big Show take on someone else.

Either way, if you had those 4 main matches.

1. John Cena v. Big Show

2. Triple H. v. Batista

3. Randy Orton v. Undertaker

4. Shawn Michaels v. Chris Jericho

Then this up-coming 3 hour special of Raw would be awesome. Unfortunately, I somehow see W.W.E. screwing us out of such classic return matches.

Steamboat Ricky
03-05-2008, 04:55 PM
I'm pretty stoked about this event. I've always wanted to see a 3 hour RAW and see if it could out-do the 3 hour Nitro shows.

I would bet on seeing:

1) Cena v. JBL....They want to keep putting Cena over, so JBL is a much better candidate than either HHH or HBK.

2) I say Orton gets the takeover stip that night...gives himself the night off...and he makes Trips v. Batista. It makes sense. I don't really see Batista fighting anyone else.

3) I'd put ALL of my chips in on having Jeff Hardy v. Edge. It's a rematch...of sorts. I would absolutely LOVE this match. It would be a good testing ground for Hardy, also. I think these two could put together quite a feud. Blowup Smackdown, do one brand, and let the awesome feuding begin.

4) HBK v. UT...I think Flair somehow causes HBK the match.

5) Big Show v. Carlito....why not?

6) Hardcore Holly v. Big Daddy V (Hardcore Battle Royal WM2000)....again, filler.

7) Y2J v. Regal....um, because they fought at mania 18.

03-06-2008, 02:47 PM
If this episode of Raw was made to make me spend 54$ to buy wrestlemania, i did a really poor job at it. First what was it with all these in-ring promos this week, i'm sure that they had more people talking then wrestling during this show. So let'S look at all those in ring promos from this week's raw, First one of the night was the post match confrontation between Big Show and Floyd MAyweather. The only thing that this prove is that MAyweather is either really bad at promos or he did'nt when it was his time to talk because he was basicly talking over the big show. Then the highlight reel was pretty much useless. What was the point of this outside the fact that they took 2 of the most over stars on raw and made one of them turn heel. The Playboy cover unveilling was good but again what the point of it, does it help promote the match at wrestlemania, not really because MElina and BEth weren't nowhere to be seen during the unveilling. Finally we get more nonsense between JBL and Finlay. I use to like the Hornswoggle storyline but now with this promo i'm really getting tired of it. I completly forgot about the Floyd Mayweather interview. This was the most horrible interview ever done on WWE T.V.

HAs for the match themselves, First the MMA Match was stupid basicly because it didn't made any sense. Since when does a MMA match can be won by pinfall? Why would The big show not wearing MMA Gloves and his opponent was wearing boxing gloves. If that supposed to make me excited for the big show vs floyd MAyweather match, vetween that and the interview, they pretty much turn me off this match.

The tag team matchup was a decent match but then again, after the match you get a confrontation between HBK and Ric Flair that didn'T make any sense. The already sign the match for Mania so having HBK say that he can'T do it doesn'T make any sense.

Then we got the match between super crazy and Umaga. What does that prove exactly. That Umaga is a monster when he face a cruiserweight. I got nothing again super crazy but he'S in the same league as Batista and having Umaga beat him doesn'T prove anything.

Cena vs kennedy was a pretty good match and that's pretty much what i got to say about it.

CArlito vs Cody Rhodes was a good match and prove how much they don'T care about the tag team division on raw. Instead of having a tag title match at wrestlemania, they just put Carlito ,who with Santino is the no1 contender for the tag titles, into the money in the bank match.

The main event was your typical boting match between HHH and the forgotten champ randy orton. It wasn't a great match and i didn't help build-up the momemtum for the mania match.

They got 3 weeks left before Wrestlemania and since most of the match on the card are Raw matches, i hope the found a way to build interest for the PPV because after the last couple of weeks, the build-up for wrestlemania is very week and for a event like this one, you really should have a better build-up that the crap that RAw has been delivering lately.

03-07-2008, 12:52 AM
Triple H vs John Cena - They'll have each of the 3 people win a match in the coming weeks.

Edge vs Mick Foley? - They need to feed someone to Edge so he can still look like a legitimate threat to the Undertaker's streak.

Undertaker vs Batista/Mark Henry - For some reason, they're hell bent on doing these two matches 100 times over. Either one is possible and boring.

HBK vs Jericho - Can't see them doing many of the other options.

*Possible Undertaker vs Orton, which ends in a no-contest as Triple H, Cena, and Edge get involved*

Eh, you know what, they probably won't have every match be something from a previous Wrestlemania anyway, so its sort of pointless to predict. I mean, who is Jeff Hardy going to face when you can't bring back a lot of talent that has left in the past few years? Kennedy has nobody to face, and neither does CM Punk.

03-07-2008, 02:18 AM
In all honesty Im actually really looking forward to the special 3 hour Raw Wrestlemania Remind next week. I think the WWE should at the very least, give us 2 good matches involving main eventers preferably.

Im hoping Cena vs HHH will happen and if that match were to take place, I would hope that match lasts over 14 mins.

Undertaker vs Orton sounds pretty darn gd to me aswell.

HBK vs Vince is another option but I wont be too interested in that match.

Khali vs Kane could also take place but this match will most likely suck.

Edge vs Jeff Hardy would be awesome because hey.. they were both involved in the MITB match last year.

I really hope the WWE puts on a darn entertaining show.. the last time we had a 3 hour Raw.. it was the best Raw ive ever seen IMO, so I hope Wrestlemania Rewind is a night to remember and is much much better than last years Wrestlemania Rewind.

03-10-2008, 09:11 AM
This should be good and I believe that it is Orton's turn for Triple Threat Takeover. So there are a few main event possibilities, Orton could choose Cena vs. HHH which i hope he doesn't, because it would be too similar to last week and then it would be Orton vs. Cena next week, which would be dull. On the other hand we could get lucky and Orton could put HHH vs. Taker', that would be good, then HBK vs. Cena, probably the best match Cena could be in. I dont expect Orton to wrestle, because he isn't going vs. Taker if he has control, and his other Mania' matches were MITB and the Evolution vs. Rock and Sock, and Rey vs. Orton vs. Angle, obviously wont happen. Which means unless he is forced to face Taker', and sense he has control, that probably wont happen, Orton will just get involved in Cena's and HHH's Matches. Which would be fine because HHH vs. Taker and Cena vs. HBK would be a great 1-2 main event.

03-10-2008, 10:24 PM
Wow this Raw, for me came on the heels of a really tough day, and it made it no better. I was so let down by what I thought was going to be a great show that I had to turn it off twice. Once I went and played Nintendo 64 and the other I just sat around in the Live Discussion. Ok so let's review...

Opening: Another promo of HBK talking about how he's Mr. Wrestlemania until Orton comes out and makes 2 matches. HHH vs Kane and Cena vs HBK. Why HHH vs Kane???? Kane has been beaten just about by everyone over the past couple years... I give the segment a 1 out of 5...

Mark Henry vs Undertaker Casket Match: Worst casket match I've ever seen. 1.) I'd rather see Heidenrich in a casket match against Taker again over Mark Henry...
2.) By WWE making it a casket match, did anyone actually expect Mark to win? I don't think so... However the ending with Takers submission was cool. That thing just looks vicious... My rating: 2

Finlay vs Kennedy: Why make Kennedy the whipping dummy??? Two weeks ago he mic checked Cena as the show went off the air, now he gets pummeled by Finlay. Kennedy was my choice for the MITB match at WM, but when you have a guy literally get the shit kicked out of him... Well let's just say that it sent a message to JBL and that's about it...Nothing interesting involved, just a plain old whipping... My rating: 1.5

At this point in the show I turned it off... After watching it up to this point I give the show a 1.5 out of 5... Which for me in a word is... Terrible... I missed Y2J becoming the IC champ, but after hearing about it I could only think... What is happening to Hardy's push. Unless they felt that he held the title long enough and they'd move him to do something different, his push seems to be on it's last legs...

Iron Sheik/ Volkoff vs US express: Uhhhhh... if this match happened I'd give my opinion on it... Jillian came out to sing, but that's besides the point... Another waste of time segment gets a 1 out of 5... Though it was nice to see a couple of legends on the show tonight...

HHH vs Kane: I hate to say it, I really do, but Kane just looked horrible in that match. I mean he is one of my favorites, but he is getting older now. Perhaps he'll be hanging up his boots soon.. :(... HHH did not put on that impressive of a showing either here as he botched the Pedigree at the end of the match...Thus a painful Raw continues... 2 out of 5

Melina vs Ashley...Maria: So I was not at all surprised that Melina wound up facing Maria again. I was however surprised that she beat her. Melina's finisher is probably one of the sickest finisher in the Women's division. Santino came down and did his thing, which was funny as always. One of the best parts of the night right here. I gives it a 3 out of 5

Weigh In: Just when I thought the show was improving... Another stupid ass waste of time, I'm Floyd Money Mayweather waste of 15 minutes blah blah blah 20 million dollar man. Give me a break. Worse WWE celebrity angle ever IMO... Cannot wait until it's over... Terrible segment gets a .5 out of 5

Edge vs CM Punk: Save_Raw.Edge... Even though the show was really beyond saving I completly freaked when Edge came out. I don't watch SD! so I don't get to see him anymore, but for what this match was, it was really not all that bad. Edge got huge reactions from the crowd, and the crowd for the most part was into the match. Edge winning actually put a smile on my face. My rating 3 out of 5

Umaga and Batista thing: So... Let's cut a cool Umaga promo, then have him get owned by Batista... Ok... makes sense right... Another waste of time when it could have just been the promo without Umaga getting owned... My rating... 1 out of 5

End Raw for me. At that point I said enough is enough and shut it off till the end 11:00EST. HHH tells us that next week it will be Cena and Orton vs the Raw roster... Ok... They'll probably win it.

Cena vs HBK: Again... Didn't see the match, but read that Cena sold a knee injury rather well, and Orton wound up getting Fu'ed by an injured Cena... Probably happy I didn't watch it...

My Overall opinion: HUGE LETDOWN. I would have taken the two hour Raw over this 3 hour disaster anyday. I was really excited for this show, but as it went on it just was one letdown after another... My Overall rating...... 2 out of 5... Show got that simply due to the diva's match and Edge's match...

Funniest moment: Santino... of course

Worst Moment: The entire weigh in

Best Match: Edge vs CM Punk

Worst Match: HHH vs Kane

Mighty NorCal
03-11-2008, 12:13 AM
My first show as a newly converted RAW guy...ended up being a pretty big let down. Besides one match of course.

Shawn-Ric promo
Eh, was ok, nothing really good. Just kept reaffirming for me that the right decision was made as to who would do the honors at WM. And it also kinda made me think the symbolism of "to be the man, you gotta beat the man" was cool, as in, after WM, Shawn will be established as, THE MAN. 7/10

Casket match was pretty ho hum, some decent outside action going on. I liked the finish with UTs new submission. seemed pretty brutal puttin the big man down for the long count with that. 6/10

Y2J Vs Jeff Hardy, IC title match

Hell yes. very very good match, with lots of back and forth action, reversals, high flying, spots, and some brawling. good hard fought, clean finish for Jericho as he becomes the new IC champion. Im not sure why so many are doubting Hardy's push becuase of this match. He cant be fighting for the WWE title with the IC title around his waist for fucking ever can he?? LOL if anything they may have been further elevating him tonight. Now he is more than primed to win MITB. I mean who elsewill win NOW? Jericho who just won the IC belt?? No...Kennedy, who they obviously could give a fuck less about right now?? No. Hardy, who they have been grooming for the main event, and to be in the title hunt, and who just got himself out of the IC title division?? DUUUUH. LOL. He even has real music now. cmon. anyway, excellent match, showing that Hardy is very ready to be in the position they are about to put him in. 9/10

Iron Sheik/volkoff Vs Us express
Fuckin sweet even having hope of getting to see Mike rotunda. Sheiky baby looked ridiculous. Jillian has big boobies. 2/10

Kane Vs Triple H
eh, so-so okay power match here. Kane made the pedigree look like shit. Nothing special or good, but Ive seen worse 6/10

Melina Vs Maria
Pretty damn terrible, but what do you expect with Maria. gosh she is terrible, and not particularly hot, so is practically useless. At least Melina won, and with one of the more impressive finishers in the entire WWE id say. It was awesome.Santino's involvement was minimal, which was unfortunate.

The weigh in
well, this actually was about the only segment in this whole thing that ive enjoyed. I liked them playing to the crowds natural dislike of mayweather, and playing up all the wrestlers not appreciating him and his big money being around. Shane took a damn rough shot, and it mightve been legit. I personally really liked the segment, and though it was badass of mayweather to let the big show chuck him through the air like that. Is this really "good"...no...does it own the holy living fuck outta the celebrity angle of last year..hell yes...7/10

CM Punk Vs Edge
Marked out crazy for Edge, and was very happy to see him, as I dont get to watch SD anymore and he is one of my favorites. pretty bland match, that the crowd was supremely hot for, becuase BOTH guys were crazy over, and got fat pops when they came out. Another ending that makes edge look weak, as they further and further weaken the intrigue of the WM match with Taker. Way to go WWE.

The Umaga promo was fuckin dumb. why not just have them square off, why the fuck would u have Tista own him ALREADY?? We all know Tista will win, in probably a glorified squash, but shit WWE at least TRY to hide it a LITTLE. whatever. lets start ruining Umagas small re push already. Why wait til Mania?

HBK Vs Cena
The crowd was fairly apathetic during this, and was getting downright aggravated with it by the end. Cena tries to reverse the music into an STFU, and it looked terrible, which received a chorus of boos. It was ok, but not even close to their best. Actually probably the worst match these two have put on. At least Cena semi sold the knee injury this time. 6/10

Pretty lackluster show, especially given all the time and the roster they had to work with. Didnt really do much besides LESSEN and weaken any build for WM. they are reverse building I guess, its the new strategy. The Jericho-Hardy match was the diamond in the rough, and the bets match ive seen on free TV since HBK-Cena from London.

03-11-2008, 01:46 AM
I think this night has just been wasted in some cases. The Casket match.....sure great gimmick match but seriously, I respect mark henry as a company worker who acts well for the business. But he isn't a great wrestler as such. Other than that, it was a decent night worth of matches, although the matches weren't fantastic.

Y 2 Jake
03-11-2008, 09:50 AM
I'm really not sure why last nights show was 3 hours. Wasn't it WrestleMania Rewind? I haven't seen the show so I might be wrong. But weren't there only 5 rewind matches? On a 3 hour show. Why did they bother? They should have had a WrestleMania themed show just with opponents teaming with each other or something.

Y 2 Jake
03-17-2008, 10:10 PM
That main event was beyond stupid. Cena & Orton vs. Everyone. Come one. It's ok to make heat regulars look like jobbers. But why was Birchill pinned several weeks into his re-debut, why was a tag champ pinned so easily, and why were Umaga & JBL on the team?

And why have your new IC champ look like shit one week after he wins the title? WWE have a habit of doing this, but I'm unsure of the point of it.

03-17-2008, 10:17 PM
I don't understand why they try to bury the entire roster for the sake of 2 guys who don't need to get over anymore. Ridiculous. How is Umanga going to stand a chance against Batista when he AND 15 OTHER SUPERSTARS couldn't even beat orton or cena. just baffling how they feel the need to destroy any sense of competition.

Are we as fans supposed to think "oh look how good cena and orton are, they can beat the entire raw roster by themselves. that is gonna be one good match at wrestlemania between those two and triple HHH. They are so tough since they can beat 16 superstars. who cares about the other matches on the card since non of them can ever stand a chance at beating orton or cena for the title. i mean they are just soooo good."

03-17-2008, 10:30 PM
I really gotta agree with ya Y2Jake, they made Jericho and the entire RAW roster aside from Umaga look like trash.

The Jericho/Show match had my hopes up, I thought that match would easily steal the match of the night, but no. They just turned Jericho into another jobber for the Mayweather Interactive Experience. And here I thought they had started to care about the IC belt again.

The RAW roster vs Cena/Orton was jobtastic. Apparently if you are a lower midcarder, your greatest talent is running into finishers. And the ending was completely predictable, the RAW roster clears out then HHH comes out and finishes them off. Spectacular.

Mighty NorCal
03-17-2008, 11:29 PM
Raw 3/17

Really liked the opening promo. Jericho is awesome on the mic, Big Show underrated. Very good, old school promo, with a challenge laid down, and accepted.

CM Punk Vs Carlito
Pretty solid, if not a tad sloppy, opening contest here.Very good closing sequence, with a good reversal to the GTS, in which the winner was in doubt. Carlito sold the successfull GTS about as well as anyone has. 7.5/10

Youmaynga Vs Londrick
Meh, monster heel squash at its finest. Weird segment towards the end with seemingly a heel turn for Kendrick. Not sure what they can do with a heel Kendrick, but we shall see. 5/10

Jericho Vs Show
Ended up being pretty shitty as compared to what I was expecting, but not bad in general. Pretty dumb, wealk ending though, as there is a semi turn/use of heel tactis from Jericho. Didnt really get that. I dont like it when HEELS use the belt to get disqualified and retain the belt, why in the world would u EVER have a face do it?? Let alone one who JUST won the belt???

Vince VS Flair, street fight
This was an abolishment, but very very fun at the same time. HORRIBLE "punching" from both guys, bad selling from both guys, and most absolutely slpa in the face obvious blade job ive ever seen. But it was pretty brutal with flair taking some pretty stiff chair/kendo stick (why the FUCK was that under the ring??)....and WHAT an ending...not for quality factor, but craziness factor...if upon waking today, if someone told you that you would see Ric Flair beating Vince by doing a top rope splash through a table, would you have belived it?? Fuck no. That definately goes on the list of "NOW youve seen it all" 8/10

Cena and Orton Vs everbody
er..well....all the heels, sans Kennedy. Which makes me wonder if they are trying to protect Kennedy from the jobfest, and save a little cred for MITB. Hmmmmm.

I personallly thought this was OK, but couldve been a lot better. If it were given more time, then it couldve made everything, and everyONE involved look stronger. Thought it was pretty entertaining for a 5 minute span, but much better than that can be done 8/10

Pretty decent RAW, although more, and better couldve been done with just about everything, however it wasnt a huge letdown botch like last week. Not Bad 8/10

03-18-2008, 12:29 AM
I watched an entire episode of RAW for the first time in a long time. I refreshed my memory on why I don't do that anymore. much as everyone has stated, the "entire" RAW roster vs. Orton and Cena was craptacular. While it was a little interesting seeing the team work of Cena and Orton, but beating a slew of midcarders means nothing. This was the first time I saw D.H. Smith on tv. wasn't impressed. Had some people who had been on RAW past the first hour been on the RAW team, that may have been interesting. No Shawn Michaels, no Ric Flair, no Y2J, no Big Show.
Not really sure why they split London and whatever his partner's name is...but then again, I really didn't care. Seeing CM Punk on RAW was....well, not a big fan of his either.
I did wish the Jericho/Big Show match would have been better but how many clean finishes are you going to see two weeks before Wrestlemania?? Sadly, I think the match of the night was watching Vince McMahon beat the shit out of Flair. Nothing else really entertained me.
In my own opinion, what I watch on RAW is about the same, if not worse, than what I flush down the toilet.

Steamboat Ricky
03-18-2008, 01:18 AM
Aside from the Y2J/Big Show promo...which was still questionable...a pretty horrid Raw. I forgot to spring forward the time on my VCR, so I only got the last hour. Not too pissed about that.

The whole Y2J/Big Show thing just befuddles me. They were BOTH playing heel roles.

A) In the promo, Big Show was heeling Y2J by calling him WWE's version of Mayweather, etc...then Y2J came back with a "junior" in classic face-Jericho fashion.

B) Then Y2J misses the pin on Show after the Lionsault and gets the belt and DQs himself. *Applauds* Way to make (IMO) the only legit contender for MITB look AWFUL. Why? So Show could give him a punch to the face. Cheesy. Stupid. At least put some jobber in that role. What a stupid filler storyline.

Street Fight: McMahon v. Flair.....why? What purpose does this match serve? Both looked terrible, and I was either waiting for Shawn to come down or Vince to win and have some prolonged loophole clause next week. Why not have a tag title match in here? Or heck...what about resurfacing the European Title? What about some GOOD WRESTLING. Crap. Such bollacks.

Match at the end was really stupid. Hacksaw Jim Duggan? That man looks like the stranded hermit from the old Monkey Island DOS game. He has no business in the ring (but meh, Flair is still in there). It was obvious from the beginning that the entire match was going to be finisher after finsher after finisher. Predictable and boring. And then, what was the point of HHH coming out to give the two Pedigrees? Stupid ending to a stupid RAW.

Boy, do I miss Jeff Hardy. How many more days? Blah.

2/10 (Only reason it gets a 2 is because it contained a Hardcore Holly appearance. Hardcore Holly = best RAW superstar. FACT.)

03-18-2008, 11:29 AM
So I missed the 1st half of Raw, which after reading, I'm glad I did. I'll just pick up the show from where I started watching... SUBWAY AND JARED. Why why why why was Jared there, let alone given mic time. God I hate that guy... Anyway...

Maria and Candice vs Jillian and Victoria: The only saving race of this match were two things. Victoria on Raw which is always nice to see. and Santino stealing King's sandwitch. Santino is probably the most entertaining thing on Raw nowadays. FACT.

Big Show vs Y2J IC title: Come on who honestly didn't think this would end in DQ as it did. Right from the start it was either Mayweather was going to come out of nowhere, or Y2J would get himself DQ'ed stupid waste of time that did IMO nothing for Show or Y2J.

Cena and Orton vs Raw Roster: I actually was enjoying this match a little... That is until it ended in a retarted fashion. RKO was basically cleaning house RKOing everyone in sight. Best part was right before the match went to shit. Cena tosses a guy into the air into an RKO. Would've loved to see how the rest of the match shaked out. Umaga dominated Cena and Orton when he was in, and delivered spikes after the match was over. Then chased JBL out of the arena. HHH coming down to Pedigree both of them after the match was pointless... Besides the fact that both men were already killed by Umaga... I would have loved to seen Orton and Cena nearly win and then DX comes down and kills them... HBK was not in the match. SO I was really hoping for it. Oh well... Another BLAH Raw over.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5: It got that because of Santino and Umaga saving the show otherwise... for a half show that I watched it would have gotten a lot less.

03-18-2008, 02:24 PM
where was kenndy ??? RAW was not a very good raw, maint event was dumb, spliting up one of the only legit tag teams in the wwe ... even dumber, jobbing the freaking crap out of dh smith who they could build up as the future of the business, hes bulldog/hart and he can wrestle and hes jobbing every where. RAW hasnt been hyping me up for wrestlemania and im pretty uninterested for this years wrestlemania.

03-18-2008, 05:05 PM
Kennedy is taking a little break right now, that's also why they chose him to be beaten up by Finlay.

I actually liked the main event, what I didn't like is that so many talented wrestlers have been degraded to jobbers recently. Especially Kendrick and London, and now Kendrick even seems to be turning heel. I think he is charismatic and letting him have a bit more mic time wouldn't be a disaster, so I'm hoping this choice is not as bad as it seems to be and actually helps London and Kendrick get out of that jobber status.

03-19-2008, 02:31 PM
Raw was good and I enjoyed Triple H as being the boss for the night, though I wanted to see more of him but I like the end like how he beat both of them and stood still with the gold.

03-19-2008, 09:00 PM
1. Londrick are nothing but jobbers. Making them champs was stupid. Vince had to have been watching a 1-2-3 Kid highlight film high on acid to even sign them. They aren't believable, they look and act like jobbers. Rule 1- If the average viewer could kick his ass, don't sign him. I couldn't care less about a heel turn as now they can job to each other. MooreWang is what happens when Londrick's gimmick is done correctly.

2. Burying the midcard, the whole midcard, in one match is never a good idea. A couple of those guys won matches earlier in the night, how does that make them look? Weak? Irrelevant? You pick the phraseology.

3. Whoever asked if we'd ever think the words, "Ric Flair beat Vince McMahon with a splash through a table off the top." would ever come out of our mouths, that was funny. That match was pretty entertaining to me.

Edited to add:
4. Jericho is a tweener. He is such a badass heel that people like him, i.e. Stone Cold, Rock, HHH. The lines are still cartoony for everyone but the top guys. You know Hardy is a face, you know Kennedy isn't. Y2J and HHH can go either way depending on who is in the ring. That is a valuable asset to the company. Putting Triple Haitch (Regal) in the ring with U-Manga makes people cheer, with Hardy, the crowd is split. Cena is such a cartoonish face, that people boo.

03-24-2008, 10:23 PM
Oh lord Raw is finally over tonight... Well... Lets say in my opinion it was one hell of a boring show... Let's review shall we...

Show opens with a rather long segment where Cena, Orton, HHH, JBL, Big Show, and Umaga all cut promos about how they're going to make history, and as a result we get the main event tag match of those 6 guys and Flair and HBK... Best part of the night happened right here during Umaga's promo. (Yes Umaga did a promo)..... Rating: 2 out of 5 okay

We come back from commercial to a tag match featuring Y2J and CM Punk vs MVP and Carlito. I was let down right off the bat, I was really hoping for a MVP/Kennedy team, but oh well...Match was ok I guess. However it was rather sloppy for the most part. MVP got the win. I actually would find a CM Punk/MVP feud kind of interesting. Completley opposite gimmicks if you think about it. Hardcore SXE and Ballin... Match Rating: 2 out of 5. okay Commercial time again.

Kennedy appears on screen as the show returns and cuts a rather dissapointing promo, but still one of the better of the night. Too short to give a rating.

Then we had the match of the night... The Great Khali vs Hardcore Holly... What the Hell was the point in this. Honestly and why bury 1/2 of the tag champs. Squash match cause they couldn't have had Khali go up against someone else on a different show, so they had him squash Holly??? Rating: 0 out of 5 Pathetic

I didn't mention this yet, but there was an unbelivable amount of promos for Floyd Mayweather vs Big Show throughout the show. All of which were terrible and said the same thing. Evidentally Big Show is bigger than Floyd? Wouldn't have guessed... All the promos for that match combined get a... Rating: 0 out of 5

Flair cut a promo that actually got pretty intense and ended with HBK sayin he was going to bring Flair to the back of the barn and beat him, or something along those lines, which caused Flair to go berserk, stomp his jacket and slap HBK in the face a few times to which HBK did not retaliate... Rating: 3 out of 5 Good

Melina, Beth, Santino vs King, Maria, Ashley was another terrible display of the divas. Ashley is now in the Playboy Bunny match at Wrestlemania, and showed oh so much skill tonight. I mean a forearm to Melina was about all she did. Santino got the pin on Maria as it seems that every week leading up to the match at Mania. Beth, Melina, and Santino get the last laugh and I hope they do on Sunday. This match though gets... Rating: 1 out of 5 Bad...

More Floyd Mayweather nonesence here...

Main Event of the 6 guys mentioned before really broke down. Finlay came out and he and JBL brawled to the back, Batista and Umaga did the same, then HHH and Cena did the same, but not before Big Show chokeslammed his partner Randy Orton. HBK punches Flair in the face, in which Ric followed with a low blow. Then Flair locked on the figure four for the win... Commercials completley killed this for me. Just as JBL and Finlay started brawling. Also... I understand that it could be Flair's last Raw, but why have him make Orton tap???... Rating: 2 out of 5 okay

The show in my opinion gets a bad rating of 1.4. The center part in which Khali and all the Mayweather BS occured really blew the show apart...

Funniest moment: None
Best Promo: Umaga
Most Intense Moment: Ric Flair Promo
Most boring segment: Anything involving Floyd Mayweather...
Best Match:Y2J and CM Punk vs Carlito and MVP
Worst Match: Khali vs Hardcore Holly

Mighty NorCal
03-25-2008, 02:37 AM
A pretty much utter crap RAW tonight, very weak in making any kind of build.

Opening segment
Eh, so-so stuff, nothin in comparison to the promos we have seen in earlier years, but decent and falls in line with the WWEs currently geared toward children tough guy talk. Umaga cut a promo which I think did nothing but set his character back, as the whole crowd was laughing at him. 5/10

CM Punk & Jericho Vs MVP...and...carlito???
Seriously, was shelton Benjamin busy??? Or Morrison??? fucking carlito is what we get?? Ugh. you could almost here the air come out of the arena when Carlitos music hit, and he wasnt Kennedy lol. Very sloppy match, pretty crap. MVP won. so that was cool. LOL 4/10

Kennedy cuts a weak ass promo. good times

Kahli Vs Holly
Completely useless pointless squash. seriously WWE did this serve ANY purpose?? so JR and King could say "HOW in the WORLD will anyone EVER be able to get Kahli over the top rope in the battle royal????"...like every other fucking Rumble that Kahli and all the other monsters who are so impossible to eliminate get eliminated from. Utter shit. 0/10

BTW, ill mention that all of this was in the midst of 948 Big Show Vs Mayweather promos. Apprently they are fighting this weekend, and from what I undertsand there is QUITE a size difference between them...AND ITS A RATHER HUGE FUCKING DEAL!!!!

Intergender tag match that I didnt pay attention to...But smashley is back, with seemingly even BIGGER tits (she is up to like 38 double F or some shit) and is subbing in for Candice on sunday. A scintilating contest it shall be.

Ric Flair and HBk cut a promo which I found to be EXCELLENT and even got me a little emotional over here sitting in the bean bag chair of doom. Very good, intense work here. The highlight of the night, by far and away.

some decent mark out moments during the 8 man main event, especially when Finlay emerged, and JBL looked like he was gonna shit himself LOL. Pretty much what you couldve expected, and they have Flair going out (of RAW at least) putting away Orton with the figure 4. RAW ends with Flair standing tall, which was good I guess. too bad it didnt happen about 5 years ago.

Besides the sick HBK flair promo, and the pretty cool Triple threat promo video, this RAW was absolute shit, and did nothing to build WM. The crown Jewel of the worst WM build EVER. D-

03-25-2008, 02:48 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: March 24th, 2008:

Opening Segment: So the final stop for Raw before WrestleMania and you have to start big and finish big. What better way to do that, then with the guy who everyone hates yet he draws the most. John Cena! So, Cena cuts his typical promo about how hes fought and fought to get back to the top, and roughly put at Mania he'll reclaim what he never lost. Now, somewhere in between the lost promo that Cena was cutting, he gets interrupted by none other than.. .. .. The Big Show? :confused:

Big Show decides to explain to Cena that instead of the Triple Threat being the top highlight of Mania, him ending Floyd Mayweather's career will be the new highlight, that even replaces Hulk Hogan slamming Andre the Giant. (classic) Now, before anything else is really done.. we get our third entry for the night.. J.B.L.? (If noone else is lost yet, then you're better off than I am)

So, J.B.L. decides to put his name in the hat for best match of the night.. :lmao: and how it'll be the greatest Wrestlemania moment, for the greatest beating in Mania history, because his match has no rules. Cena & J.B.L. exchange some history, which gives us our 4th entry of the night.. Randy Orton! (finally, someone from the same storyline as someone else in the ring)

Orton runs down the possibilities for Wrestlemania, then explains that noone feels he'll win, and that drives him. He then exclaims he'll be the talk of the night, when he does the impossible and retains. So.. you'd logically assume the final member of the triple threat is next, right? Wrong.. Umaga! (I was completely waiting on a diva to be after him)

Umaga.. talks?! Well, he tried anyways. Thats the important thing. He showed better mic skills than Randy Orton in cutting a promo about Batista and Wrestlemania. It was all jibberish, but hes more understandable than half of what Orton says, and hes more believable then most of what Cena says. UMAGA FOR WORLD CHAMPION!!!

Triple H. now decides to enter, but not before instantly plugging his new t-shirt. (now available on wweshop.com for those who don't know.) Now, by this point in the cluster thats forming in the ring, I've just become lost. The basic point of what I got from Triple H. is that hes winning the match. (shocking, that he'd push for himself as the winner. You never see someone claiming they feel someone else is going to win, it'd be interesting to say the least)

William Regal! This segment has went on far too long, and we finally get the General Manager to come out and explain what tonight's Main Event is going to be. Yay!

The Matches:

Tag Team Match: Carlito & M.V.P. v. Chris Jericho & C.M. Punk: The best match of the night, how fitting its the first. A mini preview of the Money in the Bank match. Not to mention a mini preview of Chris Jericho v. M.V.P. for Smackdown! Overall, while this was the best match on the card, nothing overly exciting happened in it.

It was your typical back and forth Tag match, that ended on a great note when Jericho went for an enzuigiri to M.V.P., who ducks allowing Jericho to connect on his own partner. M.V.P. picks up the win, Carlito points toward him on the outside as the heels exchange words. Meanwhile, Jericho just stares blankly toward Punk, then glares at M.V.P.

The Great Khali v. Hardcore Holly: Another Mania preview, of the 24 man Battle Royal, as Hardcore Holly has been confirmed for being involved. More or less, this was a squash match in favor of Khali.. who learned a nerve pinch!!! Unfortunately, Holly doesn't understand how to direct his head under Khali's hand on the way down, so we got a botched chop to the shoulder, followed by a double handed chokeslam for the win. Go Khali, with luck you'll be the first guy eliminated at Mania!

Intergender 6 Man Tag Team Match: Santino Marella, Beth Phoenix & Melina v. Jerry Lawler, Ashley & Maria: Originally this started off as a single's match between Melina and Maria, until Ashley without music, or even the camera directed on her decides to randomly wonder down the ramp and into the ring. I'm downright shocked security didn't body tackle her. She looked lost.

During this screw-up, the match was changed to a 6 man Tag Team match. Also during this match, it was explained that Candice Michelle did infact reinjure herself, and Ashley will take her place.

Unfortunately nothing special about this match in the least, except for the fact that Santino got the biggest win of his career, with the pinfall victory over Maria!! Celebrating as if he'd just became a Champion again!!!

The Promos/Segments:

Mr. Kennedy/MITB: Mr. Kennedy's first time back on camera since the beat down he took in his hometown of Green Bay, via Finlay. So.. the promo was average at best, in all honesty it down right sucked. He predicted several things for Mania. Flair retiring. Taker's streak ending. And Kennedy (shockingly) winning MITB.

If anything, this only further proves to me that Mr. Kennedy will indeed.. NOT be winning the MITB match. If he does, I'll be downright amazed because this is the weakest push, not to mention promo ever for a man about to win a chance to become the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Ric Flair/Shawn Michaels: Best segment of the night. Hell, best moment of the night. Ric Flair calls out Shawn Michaels to complain (again) about how he feels he isn't getting the respect he wants. He feels unsure on whether he would've defeated Vince McMahon a week prior, due to H.B.K. interfering in the match after Flair repeatedly asked him not to.

Out comes H.B.K. who explains that throughout Ric Flair's entire career, Flair has always been the dirtiest player in the game. Flair has ALWAYS had someone there to watch his back, and to help him out of jams. H.B.K. was only doing what he thought Flair would've wanted done.

We get more history lessons from H.B.K. then Flair on what hes accomplished, before H.B.K. refers to Ric Flair in the greatest way possible. Old Yeller! H.B.K. exclaims that come WrestleMania, hes going to take Ric Flair out back and end him. Great segment, excellent promo. (Kennedy should take notes)

Triple H./John Cena: Boring pre-Main Event promo where Cena says the title's coming back to him at Mania. Triple H. disagrees. CODY RHODES BREAKS IT UP!!!!!! "Save it for Wrestlemania, guys!" GREATEST PROMO OF THE NIGHT! RHODES FOR CHAMPION!!!! WOOOOO.. okay, seriously, I just had to get it out. I'm done now.

Main Event: WrestleMania Showcase: Triple H., John Cena, Ric Flair & Shawn Michaels v. Randy Orton, J.B.L., Umaga & The Big Show: Nothing too exciting to be honest. Normal match that had Finlay's music erupt within the first 3 minutes I'd say. J.B.L. and Finlay fight to the back, leaving the heel side a man short. Batista interrupts next, gaining Umaga's attention, putting the heels in a very unusual place being at the disadvantage.

So, Randy Orton begins commanding the Big Show to do everything, which lasts long enough for Big Show to tag Orton in the hard way and leave him with a 4 on 1 major disadvantage. So, naturally we've had the heels break apart leaving the faces to figure out how to do the same. Triple H. and Cena quickly figure out they'll be against each other Sunday, and decide to tour the building violently. Leaving Flair to get slapped by H.B.K., only for Flair to low blow H.B.K., lock in the figure four and pick up the victory! Raw goes off the air with Ric Flair celebrating what could be his last match, or victory, in the W.W.E.

Overall: The final Raw before Wrestlemania was definately better than the previous 3.. unfortunately that doesn't say very much, and even more sadly, it doesn't mean tonight's Raw was anything great. It was good, don't get me wrong. However 4 total matches, one being a diva's match and another being a squash. The Main Event getting broken apart bit by bit within the first 5 minutes, and that leaves one great match on the night.

The only segment worth anything was Flair & H.B.K., which is all they've done within the previous few weeks, and I'm assuming that randomly placed Superkick from Shawn Michaels is just never going to shockingly find Flair's face, before Mania anyways.

All I can hope for is the Raw after Wrestlemania provides us with more matches, and a better storyline build for everything leading into Backlash.. or Mania Squared, whichever you'd prefer to call it.

03-31-2008, 11:00 PM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: March 31th, 2008:

Opening Segment: John Cena's music jump starts the show, to more mixed reaction with mainly boos. No Cena? Triple H's music the kicks up, as the fans erupt, yet just like before, No H.H.H.? Finally, Randy Orton's music erupts over the speakers and the W.W.E. Champion walks out.

Orton opens with the classic "You were expecting someone else?" He continues with a great promo, in saying that no one expected him to walk out the winner & Champion. He demands respect for doing what hes done, and continues to address that people might not like to hear the list, but its growing. Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Triple H., John Cena, & the Wrestlemania Main Event winner. He then finishes out with telling people to forget about Hulkamania, forget about the Attitude era, because this is the Era of Orton!

John "Bradshaw" Layfield interrupts the proceedings, as he makes his way to the ring and agrees with Orton about how Triple H., & Cena neither one deserve another shot at the Championship.. but he, J.B.L., does. He goes on to talk about how Orton got lucky during Mania and walked out Champion due to nothing more than that luck. He says Orton's entire reign as Champion has been based off luck. Then mentions himself as the longest reigning Smackdown Heavyweight Champion, and how he was dominate during that period. He went on to mention beating the toughest guy in the W.W.E. at their own game.

J.B.L. finishes up with saying the fans may dislike Randy Orton as W.W.E. Champion, but they'll downright hate J.B.L. He sticks his name in as the unofficial Number One Contender for the W.W.E. Championship then takes his leave. As Orton demands to know who J.B.L. thinks he is, he isn't getting a reaction. However what he does get, is the shocking return of Matt Hardy to Monday Night Raw, completely destroying the W.W.E. Champion. Officials rush out and we go to commerical.

The Matches:

1. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch v. Cryme Tyme: First match of the night and we get the big return surprise after Wrestlemania! Cryme Tyme's back!! The match wasn't anything great, but its nice to see Raw has added an old Tag Team back into the mix. Who knows how long it'll last, and by the looks of the finish with Cade & Murdoch, it seems like we'll be losing another good Tag Team soon enough.

2. Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes v. Paul London & Brian Kendrick: London & Kendrick are reunited, as they face off against the Tag Team Champions. Quick note that J.R. pointed out. He claimed that Londrick reminded him of the Midnight Rockers. (I know its not THE Rockers, but I'm thinking that was a hint at where this storyline is going)

London didn't do too much, until he made the hot tag to Kendrick who cleaned house and picked up the victory over Cody "Wet Dream" Rhodes. Kendrick seems electric with his victory, and in my opinion I can see this turning into Kendrick turning on London, thinking he can do better without him. Sadly, I don't see Kendrick being the next Shawn Michaels.

3. Chris Jericho v. C.M. Punk: Match of the Night! It was definately a back and forth match, not the very best but definately the best of the night. Jericho seemed to bust his mouth on something, not sure if he lost teeth or not. A lot of nice counters, but in the end its Jericho picking up the victory with the Code-Breaker on Punk.

The only unknown I have with this, is if they're pushing C.M. Punk as the next possible Heavyweight Champion at some point within the next year, do you think its wise to let him come out on Raw first thing and job directly to the Intercontinental (midcard) Champion? Overall, I'm still not sold on Punk being the Money In The Bank guy.. and I think he'll end up losing it, or being challenged and lose it at possibly Backlash.

If they are, however, giving the nod to Punk.. then I suggest they start putting him over Main Event talent, such as Chris Jericho.

4. Matt Hardy v. Randy Orton: The grudge of the night, and its not in the Main Event spot for matches? Matt Hardy did everything Jeff did against Orton in this match. He controlled the entire thing, from beginning to end. Matt hit every one of his signature moves, and even connected with a Twist of Fate on the floor.

Unfortunately, the outcome was exactly the same as it was for Jeff. All In, No Win. After connecting which his finisher, Matt picks Orton up and slides him back in the ring. Upon sliding in himself, Orton catches him with an R.K.O. and picks up the victory.

5. No Disqualification: Santino Marella v. Maria: Unofficially Main Event match of the night. I'm so happy the night after Wrestlemania could have this as something to remember. :rolleyes: Apparently there was a stipulation that Jerry Lawler couldn't interfere.

Not that it mattered, after Santino pie-faced Maria to the ground, the entire diva lockerroom emptied and Santino found out the hard way why you don't piss off a female. The match ends with a falling headbutt to the crotch. Maria picks up the victory, and the divas celebrate.

The Segments:

Matt Hardy/William Regal: After the opening attack. Regal demands to know why Matt Hardy is attacking his Brand's Heavyweight Champion. Matt explains in anger that he hasn't forgotten about Orton's kick, and putting him out even longer. He (Hardy) demanded a match.. Regal said he'd have to think about it. (only for it to be confirmed two segments later)

Shawn Michaels: Shawn comes to the ring, looking a bit depressed for what happened the night before. He addresses the crowd in saying that he was asked to do a job. He was asked to give his best, his 'A' game, to be the Show-Stopper at Wrestlemania. He said he has too much respect for Ric Flair to give him anything less. He expresses that he isn't sure how to feel about that, but its what he did.

He goes on to say that one of the greatest careers in Professional Wrestling is now over and its because of him. He says that its just another burden he has to live with. He goes on to sarcastically say "Lucky Me." Then he just stops, doesn't continue anymore, hands the mic. off and walks out.

H.B.K./Regal/Batista: Regal confronts Shawn Michaels in the back, after his promo and says that H.B.K. did what he had to do, and its something that should've happened a long time ago. Regal then walks off, as we see Batista burning a hole through Shawn Michaels. H.B.K. glances over his shoulder, as he then walks off.

The Big Show/The Great Khali: Big Show enters the ring, and gives congrats to Mayweather... Mayweather, along with his manager, his 6 body guards, a steel chair and his brass knucks. Big Show mocks Mayweather one last time in saying "Mayweather, greatest fighter on the planet." Show then moves on to the Hall of Fame show & Ric Flair addressing him as the best big man in the business.

Big Show says hes going back to what he was, and that noone can match him one on one. This brings out The Great Khali! Khali enters the ring, as both men go eye to eye. Khali rambles in jibberish, as Show demands Khali step out of his face. Khali backs up a bit, before making it look like the two biggest guys in the sport are about to collide, only for Khali to take the backdoor out of the ring. Khali walks up the ramp, before turning around one last time getting the crowd pumped to see the head on car crash, before deciding otherwise and leaving.

Personally, I know this match will draw big, but its a disaster waiting to happen. Khali has less than no talent, and the guy barely knows anything more than basic chops, punches and kicks. Its likely that Big Show will go over and this will be Khali's exit, if hes taking one, from the company for a while. It'll likely happen at Backlash, but the question is.. outside of seeing the tallest two guys go head to head in a horrible match, is it Pay Per View quality? I suppose for Backlash.

Santino/Maria: Santino with an incredible 88 reps that most people would consider 5. Thats pure talent right there. Maria approaches Santino in expressing that she doesn't wish to fight him. That his girl's won at Wrestlemania, and she doesn't know what else Santino wants from her.

He replies first with asking how her date with Snoopy the Dogg went, and if they had a nice dinner, with some nice Kibbles n' Bits. (:lmao: classic) He then says hes been held back by the divas. He said he should've been in the Royal Battle, but was stuck with the divas instead. He then expressed that he felt the divas should be at home making pasta and babies. He says he needs to release some frustration and unless Maria knows another way.... .. which is followed by a very nice slap from Maria, and the agreement that the match is on. (Apparently Maria doesn't like pasta?)

Dusty Rhodes: There isn't a big secret that Rhodes and Flair aren't the best of friends, and thats likely why Rhodes wasn't one of the names who came to the ring personally. Rhodes cut a small promo expressing that the terms, the words "legend" & "icon" are tossed around loosely in this day, but when it comes to Ric Flair, they're national treasures.

J.B.L./Randy Orton: After Orton's match, J.B.L. enters his lockerroom, picks up the Championship, glares then tosses it back to Orton and leaves. I'm only randomly assuming Backlash will give us a Fatal Four Way with J.B.L. entered as the 2nd heel with the Wrestlemania Triple Threat contenders being the other 3.

Ending Segment/Main Event: Ric Flair's Farwell Speech: Ric Flair enters the arena and the ring one last time to address the world with his Farwell Speech from Professional Wrestling.

Flair says that he isn't sad and the fans shouldn't be sad either, because he feels he had a full, great, career. He said he lost to the best man last night and that he thanks everyone for all the memories. Enter.. Triple H.

Ric went through his entire (small) speech without crying, until the Game's music played in which I'm unsure if Ric actually need it was going to happen. Ric busted out the tears almost instantly with Motorhead, as the Game expresses that he loves Ric Flair for everything hes done in the business and he wanted to give him his thanks. H.H.H. bows to Flair, then says that things aren't done. There were a few guys in the back, who wanted to thank Ric for his entire career as well. Thus enters roughly everyone from Ric Flair's past...

The original Four Horsemen, Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat, Harley Race, Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine, & Dean Malenko. From here, things get a bit off-note, as Triple H. then introduces... Chris Jericho, John Cena, Ric Flair's Family, & Shawn Michaels.

Finally, Triple H. opens up and says anyone else not brought out who wants to come out and give thanks can do so now. The entire W.W.E. roster fills up the rampway, minus the McMahon Family & The Undertaker. Raw goes off the air as everyone is celebrating Ric Flair's tremendous career in Pro Wrestling.

Overall Thoughts: While we knew the night was going to mainly surround Ric Flair's exit (for now) from Professional Wrestling, I was a bit disappointed to not see anything big or shocking happen in the line of storylines.

Big Show & the Great Khali isn't exactly shocking to me. J.B.L. wanting a Championship match after picking up one of his first big wins since returning to wrestling wasn't something I'm too concerned with either. I was hoping for a possible Shawn Michaels or Batista heel turn that didn't come, and clearly something is stirring between the two of them, likely to head-up Backlash.

The Ric Flair tribute show that played throughout the night, followed by the ending segment of the life of Flair brought tears to my eyes the MOMENT the Four Horsemen entered the arena. I have always been a Horsemen fan, and I lost it at that moment. I was completely upset that Chris Jericho & John Cena decided to play a role in being two of the solo names brought out, when neither guy did shit for Ric Flair in his career.

Jericho had a feud with Flair, but clearly Cena was only there for the spotlight, as the f*cker did jack all for anything regarding Flair. You want Jericho & Cena to be apart of it? Play Cena's music, with him leading the lockerroom out. But don't play him into the damn ring, when the bastard doesn't deserve it. Big Show deserved to be in that ring more than him.

In the end, I question how long before Ric Flair returns for another match? Could we see him against someone else in a Hall of Fame match at next year's Wrestlemania? I wouldn't expect Flair to think he'll ever top last night's performance, but I know Flair likely isn't done with wrestling completely. If he is, I'll be shocked more than probably anyone.

04-01-2008, 08:05 PM
Actually Jericho and Ric interacted alot back in the good ol' WCW days. . . they actually got into an argument backstage because both men wanted the other one to beat them in the fued.

04-01-2008, 08:43 PM
The Ric Flair segment brought some tears to my eyes as well. It was then that I truly understood the impact that Ric Flair has had throughout the business and will continue to do so. Seeing the past, present, and future of the business praising and thanking Ric was truly a sight to see. I now have a newfound respect for The Nature Boy. Punk and Y2J definitely have chemistry and can put on a darn great match so I really hope this fued develops into an amazing rivalry. Those two were the best things that I think Raw offered last night. Big Show's promo was pretty good as well and he handled "You Can't Wrestle" Khali pretty well. I really thought that Big Show was gonna take him down right there, but we have to wait for it. Seriously, JBL getting in line for a title match. I knew it would happen. I just hope that it isn't one on one. Can you say sleeper? The show was a nice Wrestlemania wrap up and a new direction for the next wrestling year. "Have a nice dizzle!"

04-02-2008, 12:00 AM
While it was nice to read that Undertaker and McMahon did come out after the cameras cut, it would have been more appropriate for both of them to come out while cameras were on to pay respect to The Man. I think by now people understand that Undertaker and Mr.McMahon are gimmicks and not the real men. Hopefully when they release the new Flair DVD, the retirement will be shown in its entire length.

Mighty NorCal
04-07-2008, 03:03 AM
Meh, RAW was cool, but it wasnt real strong at all for a post WM RAW. I was expectinf better. And were the fuck was Kennedy?? The de-push continues. Nothing enticing in the way of matches, but the beginnings of a Batista-HBK feud, with Batista looking to be a heel. Which is awesome, becuase with Batista's look, he makes a better, beast lookin heel. I like him in that role. And HBK sells power offense very well. I wish they wouldve ditched the Santino-Maria segment to give more time to Flair, and I thought we might see some kind of badass return to save Maria, but that was a no. Big Show Vs Kahli is intriguing, but I dont like how they are making Kahli look pussy. Besides a pretty decent match between Punk and Jericho, and the return of Cryme Tyme, a rather uneventfull follow up to WM. Somewhat understandable though, given the occasion. Hopefully things resume this week.

04-07-2008, 10:27 AM
The Raw preview for tonight (on wwe.com) is headlined by the caption - "Title Tormoil" and they also go on to explain how Randy Orton has defeated everyone, however guys like Triple H. & John Cena will still be looking to get their rematch. (just curious, when did people who were cleanly defeated randomly earn rematches?)

Then you got the likes of Matt Hardy & J.B.L. being discussed in the mix for wanting Championship title matches or unsettled business with Randy. I'm going out on a limb in saying tonight they'll announce a sorta 6-pack challenge match (remember 1999, when Triple H. had everyone gunning for him, then the Championship ended up being won by McMahon then held up in that match??)

I bet they'll announce something along the lines of.. Randy Orton v. John Cena, Triple H., J.B.L., Umaga & Chris Jericho. They're building it up in the lines of Orton v. everyone, and overcoming in the end.. what better way to have him look dominate than take the path Triple H. took in 1999? Outside of Umaga & J.B.L. hes defeated the other 3 in single's matches. (one way or another)

I'd love for Backlash to host a 6 pack challenge, especially instead of the assumed Fatal Four Way with J.B.L. added on top of the Mania 3-way.

Outside of that, I predict more H.B.K./Batista fireworks. Santino Marella likely challenges Beth Phoenix for the Women's Championship. (you KNOW its coming) C.M. Punk jobs to Mr. Kennedy. (:lmao: It fits) And I can ONLY hope to see more squash matches with Cody "Wet Dream" Rhodes & Softcore Holly going over!!! CODY FTW!!!!!!!

04-07-2008, 11:25 PM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: April 7th, 2008:

Opening Segment: Raw kicks off with William Regal in the ring to announce the Main Event for Backlash, first, the W.W.E. Champion Randy Orton.. then his opponent, John 'Bradshaw' Layfield. J.B.L. extends his hand to Orton, who shakes his head no. Regal explains how the match is going to be outstanding & should be a classic. At this point the assumed music kicks in.. and so enters.. Triple H.

Trips exclaims to Regal how he understands with being busy regarding Flair's farewell that he may of missed a couple things, but he was confused on whether Regal was out of his mind with announcing Orton v. J.B.L. as the Main Event for the p.p.v.

He continues to explain while Orton may have won at Wrestlemania, he didn't really beat anyone so much as took an open advantage. Then he questions how a guy who spent the passed two years as a Smackdown announcer, who's biggest claim to fame was beating around a midget, could suddenly lay claim to being a Number One Contender to the W.W.E. Championship.

Triple H. wants in on the Championship match, as a Triple Threat. Regals agrees that it could happen.. if H.H.H. wins his handicap match tonight.. against Orton & J.B.L.

The Matches:

Val Venis v. Umaga: Okay, who's bright idea was it to give Val Venis his entrance back?! Much less AFTER Umaga? The guy's been off Raw as a main stream player since 2003. His only purpose is to job, so lets give him the last entry spot complete with music and full out gimmick? He couldn't of done all that during commercial? Eh, anyways.. Umaga, squash, victory. So much for that 2 minutes of entrance time wasted. I literally thought I was about to see an upset with Venis magically getting a push from yesteryear.

And what the hell are they doing with Umaga? I'm almost completely convinced now that he'll be on Smackdown by Backlash, or shortly after since its clear he has NO storyline on Raw right now except for to give past-their-prime former stars entrance time on Raw.

Jillian Hall & Melina v. Ashley & Mickie James: First diva match of the night, and I must say I was impressed. Ashley is a screw-up like usual, she can't even fall off the second turnbuckle properly, but Melina is tremendously coming along as the next top diva turned wrestler.

Mickie gets another random television spot with no purpose, but picks up the victory in the end over Melina. Will this go anywhere? I doubt it. Was the match better than the average diva match, absolutely.

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch v. Paul London & Brian Kendrick: Week Two of Kendrick steals the match & the victory. Seriously, anyone who can't see that this is building to Kendrick turning on London because he'll claim London is the weaker link, well.. its just obvious.

The match was average at best, nothing too special. Kendrick botched the finish at the end when he dropped instead of jumped with Cade, so how to you fix any botch? DO IT AGAIN! Cade picks the cruiser up and slams his ass down for the second time! That'll teach him! Then Murdoch walks over to get rolled up and loses the match.. wait, what? Hmm, someone forgot to mention to Cade that his finisher apparently wasn't very affective anymore.

After the match, seems like theres a bit of trouble between Cade & Murdoch. This will build to Backlash in a Tag Team Tormoil I'm sure, where Cade & Murdoch will likely finally implode then split, only to either both end up on E.C.W. or fired one.

Handicap Match: Triple H. v. J.B.L. & Randy Orton: Nice solid Hour One Main Event. Even playing time for Orton & J.B.L. taking turns on Triple H. before Trip's fights back for the victory. In the end, H.H.H., Orton gets cocky tagging himself in when J.B.L. seemed to have everything in order.. goes for an R.K.O. that gets reversed as Trip's shoves Orton into J.B.L., then connects with a Pedigree on Orton for the Backlash spot!

The only thing I can say, is at this point during the show I was extremely pissed off simply because I had read the spoiler of a 3-way between these three and that was such a disappointing match. Unfortunately, I really shouldn't feel sad, because even worse comes out afterwards... (more in the promos section)

Softcore Holly & Cody "Wet Dream" Rhodes v. Carlito & Santino Marella: This was a sad night indeed. Not only did Wet Dream lose, but he lost to the guy who suddenly discovered a new finisher? Santino connects with a saluting headbutt (looked more like a botched elbow drop) for the victory.

The question begs to be asked. What the hell is up with Santino's wrestling tights? Each week those things get smaller and smaller, or hes getting fatter. By Backlash he'll be wearing a damn G-String.

Did anyone else notice the screw-up with the official? He must of forgot that heels don't need to be seen to Tag in and out of the match.. but the hilarious part was when he complains Carlito WASN'T legal, yet demands Santino tag IN to the match to come back in. :lmao: So what would've happened had Santino NOT tagged back in, yet the official continued to complain about never seeing Carlito tag in.. would noone be legal? No way this official keeps his job with another screw-up like tonight. Classic, but awful.

I'm calling it now (for the second time) at Backlash this is all building into a 5 man Tag Team tormoil match. Rhodes/Holly v. Marella/Carlito v. Cade/Murdoch v. Kendrick/London v. Cryme Tyme. (I'll update even more in the Backlash section about this. :lmao: Shameless forum plugging at its best)

Maria v. Beth Phoenix: Its official, Beth Phoenix is the WORST Women's Champion in the history of the W.W.E. :disappointed: Seriously, she almost lost to Maria.

Now while Maria has no business being in the ring against the Women's Champion, the one thing I will say is Maria greatly impressed me tonight with showing off some new skills. Shes officially better than Batista in the ring.

In the end, the Women's Champion picks up the victory only barely. I think at the Pay Per View we'll either see a rematch of these two, or a multi-woman match of sorts. I'm thinking Phoenix drops the title at Backlash if thats the case, since they really haven't done anything with her.

And it'd be pointless to have her hold it & attempt dropping to Candice, only for Candice to break her shoulder dancing to the ring for a 3rd time.


J.B.L./Randy Orton: Very little drama between the two opponents for the Championship at the Pay Per View. J.B.L. begins to explain how teamwork should be key, when Orton simply explains for J.B.L. to stay out of his way while he defeats Triple H.. again.

After 1st Handicap Match: Regal enters the ring, announces the Triple Threat match for Backlash.. thus, enters John Cena!!

Cena exclaims that he has a proposition. Cena explains that hes defeated Triple H. at the Royal Rumble, and Wrestlemania 22.. continues to explain he defeated J.B.L. at Mania 21 for his first Championship.. then explains about defeating Orton a year ago at Backlash. (do you think W.W.E. truly circles this, or just gets extremely lucky?) This is all followed by some beat-off jokes aimed at Orton.. which leads us to... Cena wants a Fatal Four Way.

Regal loves having braindead ideas, so hes been hit with yet another. Cena v. J.B.L. &.. Triple H.??? In yet another handicap match, as the Main Event. You know, personally I figured it was gonna be Cena v. all three of them, but the way it panned out was far more stupid, so I understand why they went with it.

Cryme Tyme: Once again back with some more special sales for the W.W.E. Fans. Wrestlemania Clearance sale. First, some soul gel from Rocky Johnson. (apparently the reason for why we have The Rock, Ladies and Gentlemen) Maria's playboy.. which then gets taken off the market. (well, at least someone bought one) And finally.. Kim Kardashian's Hall of Fame underwear. :confused: Well.. that is until Jay's reminded by Shad that Kim wasn't the female that was inducted.. and those panties are the former undies of now Hall of Fame legend... Mae Young!

Horrible, horrible set-up. I thought these two were a Team? How could you let your partner take that bombshell?

Highlight Reel: Batista/Shawn Michaels: Best segment of the night. Botchista might suck inside a ring, but he works as a heel. Meanwhile, Shawn is tired of the shit. H.B.K. informs Batista that the reason Ric Flair picked him over Batista, is because he knew Shawn would be the only one that could deliver. (So basically Flair knows what the rest of us do, and he was afraid if Dave would've been his final match, it would've REALLY been his final match after a botch-bomb killed Flair accidentally.)

Bottomline, Chris Jericho is a f*cking instigator. Whenever dramas brewing, hes the first one to cause more chaos to it by hosting both parties on the show. Way to draw shameless ratings. Anyways.. H.B.K. tells Batista do something about it, if he wants. Batista smirks (heelishly?) and replies with.. "I already have." Then leaves.

William Regal/Randy Orton: We find out what Batista was refering to, as its official. H.B.K. v. Batista, Backlash. (didn't see that coming) Orton storms in, demanding respect. Regal explains he'll show everyone respect when Raw heads to England next week.. when Orton will face.. William Regal? WTF?!

By this time next week, Regal will have fully abused his authority and turned the match into a Championship match. In which Orton will add another "Legend" to the list, by killing Regal in his home country.

Main Event: Handicap Match: John Cena v. J.B.L. & Triple H.: John Cena v. J.B.L. to start, and continue, and finish.. because J.B.L. refused to tag until Cena started getting the advantage, at which point Triple H. allowed Bradshaw to continue with what he felt he wanted, which was the spotlight.

J.B.L. attempts jacking his partner, who blocks it and replies with a fist of his own. Triple H. and J.B.L. brawl outside the ring, which brings Orton to grab H.H.H., only to receive a misplaced fist by Bradshaw. Triple H. slides into the ring, J.B.L. follows, as does Orton.. Bradshaw turns and gets an R.K.O. in return, Cena tosses Orton out and picks up the victory.

Backlash, Fatal Four Way! Woooo, I predicted this all along, hopefully it won't backfire with Cena winning the Championship.

Overall Thoughts: Where was this type of action during the entire build-up to Wrestlemania? Where was this last week when the show needed some post-Wrestlemania action? All in all, we got 7 matches! 2 Diva matches, 2 Tag Team matches, a Squash & Two Main Event handicap matches. Not great, but definately above par for their average.

I hope next week's overseas show will prove to be like usual. Typically each out of country show has a lot of classic matches. Regal v. Orton proves to be technical, if it happens, but outside of that I hope something else is planned. Triple H. v. J.B.L., perhaps? Cena v. Umaga?

I'm not sold on giving the diva's two spots on a show, but W.W.E. is pushing the shit outta their Women's Division suddenly. I suppose you can thank T.N.A. for that. I have no clue whats going on with the Tag Team division either, but they're wanting to showcase the only 5 teams they have.. so while half of them suck, at least it provides action.

I doubt H.B.K. will be in action from now until Backlash, to play off the "broken ribs" Jericho mentioned on the Highlight Reel. Unfortunate, as he really kicks into another gear during overseas shows.

All in all, good show tonight. Not the typical shit I've been used to. Hopefully this streak continues into Backlash, its doubtful, but who knows.

Mighty NorCal
04-08-2008, 01:13 AM
NorCals NightCap (ooooohhh schnazzy eh)

RAW wasnt bad tonight, and we got SEVEN matches out of it LOL. And a very good promo from Batista and HBK. HBK was prestine in his promo tonight, and the battle is on for Backlash.

Val Venis got obliterated by Umaga. it was a decently done squash tho. So I guess this is their basic plan for Umaga forever. Have him squash folks for a few months, then job to some huge baby face super hero. Eh. Venis sold the Spike damn well.

Jillian and Melina had a half decent tag match with Mickie and Smashley. Smashley just looks more and more washed out and smacked up every week. she is repugnant, and even worse in the ring. Melina and Mickie did well, and Mickie picks up the clean win. Match had no point really, but I personally feel that every last match doesnt have to be wrapped up in soap opera, u can just have a match to have a match, especially in the undercard.

The rednecks had a decent match with Londrick, although its tough to have a shitty match with londrick. Good preformance by everyone, besides the botched finish. They are tag teamin it up on RAW....THREE tag matches this week. ridiculous.

Triple H overcomes Orton and JBL to get into the triple threat, to an extremely hot crowd. Trips was way over in this arena, and it made this battle a lot of fun. Regal then enters, and announces the three way. and Cenas music hits, and he cuts a promo that makes no sense really, as he uses victories that are years old as a reason for him to be a number 1 contender. whatever. he has his own handi cap match to win and qualify in.

Holly Nd Rhodes have a run of the mill tag match with Lito, and Santino, without anything great to speak of. for being the tag chamos, Rhodes and Holly sure as fuck dont ever win lol. SANTINO picks up the pinfall win

Cryme Tyme cuts a stupid promo. It wasnt funny.

BETH goes against Maria in what was an embarassment. Maria might very well be the worst wrestler ive ever seen in my life. she blatantly botched out almost EVERY last move that was done in this short match. Beth did her best, and was hot while she did it. Still though. fucking heinous.

Cena overcomes Trips and JBL in what generated down into a 4 way brawl, to get him into Backlash, and make it a fatal 4 way. Pretty heatless match, that was fairly boring, which wasnt suprising since the vast majority of the match took place between JBL and Cena.

Not the greatest most exciting RAW, but much better than last weeks. Did a decent job of building BackLash. Speaking of which, what is Jericho doing?? They had better start a build for a backlash match for him real soon.

04-15-2008, 12:21 AM
OK, not to give the women's title legitimacy or anything, but does anyone else think it's stupid that Mickie won tonight? I mean, cool, she's hot, but no fued, no build, just a random one-off match between two girls who haven't gone one on one in three months?

We complain that Raw is too predictable, so 10 cool points for a shock, but minus 50 for doing it a non-sensical, stupid way. Oh well, I'll just go look at those Penthouse pics of her, maybe that will make me feel better.

04-15-2008, 12:42 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: April 14th, 2008:

Opening Segment: Shawn Michaels kicks the show off, in London, England, as he once again addresses the situation with Dave Batista regarding Ric Flair. Shawn explains what we've more or less heard for the passed few weeks in which everyone's moved on, Batista blames Shawn, claims hes stabbed people. Shawn explains that he'll finish everything at Backlash.. etc, etc, etc..

Ric Flair's music erupts over the arena, as everyone jumps to their feet expecting the former multi-time World Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Famer. Instead what they get is shockingly Chris Jericho?!

Jericho enters the ring and explains that hes sorry for the misintention of playing Flair's music, but he had to get a point across. (so the point of playing the music is that regardless of him retiring, he'll still never go away? I got it) Jericho explains that hes out there to explain that he feels Batista would simply quit and back off of Shawn Michaels, if Shawn simply owned up to ending Ric's career when he could've easily laid down and allowed it to continue.

Jericho went on a small rant about how he feels Batista might be in the wrong for how hes going about dealing with Ric Flair's retirement.. but he doesn't feel Batista is wrong in how he views Shawn Michaels. (I feel some Wrestlemania XIX hatred still brewing) Jericho continues to explain that he feels H.B.K. is a phony, and that Batista is telling the truth about Shawn stabbing people in the back, and using others to get himself to the top. He goes back to the Marty Jannetty story, in saying he was the first one to suffer.

Jericho finally expresses that he wouldn't put it passed Shawn, to go all the way back to the beginning and find out that it may of actually been Shawn's idea to start the whole Ric Flair retirement angle to begin with. (surprisingly, as far as real life goes the irony is probably that this is true) H.B.K. has heard enough, as Jericho berates him into trying to get him to own up to being behind forcing Flair to retire. H.B.K. delivers a Superkick that if it didn't connect solidly to Jericho's mouth, I'd be damn shocked! Shawn says the one thing he will say.. is that felt pretty darn good. And then leaves.

The Matches:

#1. Contender's Match: Santino Marella & Carlito v. Paul London & Brian Kendrick: So much for assuming the W.W.E. would place focus on their entire tag team division in a turmoil match for Backlash.. looks like the winner of this match will move on to the Pay Per View.

This was the opening match of the night, but by leaps and bounds was no where near good. Somehow Carlito and Santino barely look as if they work well together. Carlito seems bossy to Santino. The ending saw Carlito connect with a back-stabber on Paul London, that was nicely wicked and London over-sold the shit outta it with a backflip.

Santino gets on the mic and explains the reason they'll go on to win Tag Team gold is because they're international, talented, and weiners!

Women's Championship: Beth Phoenix v. Mickie James: It looks like W.W.E. is taking the next step in confusion with their Women's Division. I'm not sure if this match would deserve match of the night quality remarks, but I'm gonna go out and give it that title anyways.

Mickie James had some nice offense, and Beth had one nice submission crab like move that impressed me. Overall, I think this direction is being taken due to the injuries suffered by Candice Michelle. I was talking with a diva lover earlier and she felt that it was crap how Mickie is being given the title for a 4th time, while Jillian has yet to have it, or Melina wasn't given the chance.

All in all, I believe Mickie James was given the Championship back, because Beth wasn't being used since she had noone she could properly feud with. Maria and Ashley would've been her only other biggest opponents. Meanwhile, with James now Champion again.. it sets-up the possibility of Melina, Jillian, Nattie, Victoria and Beth to all get matches against her.

All in all, T.N.A. owns W.W.E.'s Women's Division.. but if the W.W.E. gave the title to Mickie, so we could go back to matches of the quality they used to be, against the likes of Jillian, Melina, Victoria & Nattie, then I'm all for it. If Mickie regained the Championship to play a face role of Beth and just sit with the title.. then I agree this was utterly pointless.

J.T.G. v. Trevor Murdoch: I almost would've rather watched the HeAT squash match between Snitsky and Val Venis than watching this match. What did I say about Tag Team wrestlers NOT needing to be put into single's matches.

J.T.G. & Trevor Murdoch neither one are single superstar material.. and the only purpose this match served, was for the further blow-up between Cade and Murdoch to be seen yet again for another week. J.T.G. wins when Trevor connects with a cross body block off the top, but J.T.G. rolls through.

Randy Orton v. William Regal: The England fans popped insanely huge for this match.. and the hilarious thing is, they weren't even paying attention TO the match. The entire match, they were as loud as ever, and not a single fan was actually watching the ring. They were cheering amongst themselves, apparently finding humor in the fact that an English wrestler is jobbing to the World Champion.

Regal connected with one hell of a stiff looking suplex that I believe was meant to be a version of a cradle german suplex into a pin, when Randy must of thought it was meant to take him over all the way. Either way, Orton landed directly on his head and neck and I'm completely surprised we aren't reading a new article about Orton's neck being broken right now.

As always, the ending came out of no where with a surprise R.K.O. which Regal completely sold like shit. And Orton walks away with a victory.

Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho v. Umaga: I believe this was the longest match of the night, but I'm not sure. Apparently Jericho has nothing better to do for Backlash than turn heel and end up being an official for a match that he has utterly no purpose in.. than to find his next major feud, in screwing Shawn Michaels over.

Meanwhile, Umaga is apparently changing from heel, to tweener, to face, to tweener, to heel, to face, to tweener.. you get the point. The guy is used to destroy random jobbers and vets.. then hes used as a tweener, while Jericho picks up the victory with his feet on the ropes. Apparently knowing Jericho "cheated" to win, makes him instantly heel. While Ooh-Ooh-Umanga, is left to wonder aimlessly until he gets switched to Smackdown.

Like I said, I think the match was the longest of the night. As a result, it went way too long. Wasn't a bad match, infact it was likely the second best match of the night. It just went way too long, for the ending to be a roll-up with feet on the ropes. They could've did that a lot sooner.

Paul Burchill w/ Katie Lea v. 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan: Regal returns to England and gets a huge ovation. Burchill gets announced as "England's own" and noone knows who the hell he is. :disappointed: This is why the guy will never get pushed, his own country doesn't even cheer for him, or boo him for that matter. Completely Squash over Duggan.

The Promos/Segments:

Mickie's Celebration: We go to commerical and come back with Mickie being hugged by Ashley and Maria. No doubt wanting more spotlight since Playboy has a new issue coming out and everyone's forgot about Maria already.

Todd Grisham ends up getting a kiss because Mickie is so thrilled to be gone for monthes on end, only to return and win a Championship. :lmao:

Regal/Jericho: Jericho bursts in on Regal asking if he seen H.B.K. knock Jericho's teeth down his throat. (way to see the kick) Jericho says he wants entered in as a wrestler and to have the Batista/H.B.K. match a triple threat. Regal agrees to enter Jericho into the match.. as the official. :wtf: So you let someone who openly has an issue with one of the two guys, ref the match. Yeah.. that just made the match worth watching. Dumbass.

Jericho bitches (about as much as I was) about not wanting to be the offical, but instead wrestle. Regal agrees (again) and says he'll wrestle Umaga, tonight. Jericho doesn't understand how thats giving him what he wants.. Regal then says the Intercontinental Championship is one the line. (I have no clue)

Triple H. pre-match: Grisham wants H.H.H. to explain his game plan (haha pun intended) for tonight's match with J.B.L. -- Triple H. explains that he'd have to be pretty stupid to just tell the world, and J.B.L., what hes gonna do in the match tonight.

I kinda zoned out on what was said after all this. I think Triple H. said something about how hes gonna prove why he'll be the next Champion, blah, blah.. I got bored. Sorry.

Main Event: John 'Bradshaw' Layfield v. Triple H.: Shit. They kept pushing this as the first-ever meeting between the two when thats straight up bullshit. It MIGHT of been the first-ever meeting of these two since J.B.L. has been calling himself that.. but I'm almost definately sure Triple H. v. Bradshaw back in the A.P.A. days happened on Smackdown and Raw, especially during 2000.

At any rate, the match went back and forth.. nothing too exciting. Orton interferes at the end, attacking Triple H. The fans suddenly cheer for Cena (hahaha who wasn't there, thankfully.) Apparently when Cena's not a Heavyweight Champion, he no longer feels the need to show up every Monday.

Orton R.K.O.'s Triple H., only for J.B.L. to tell Orton to kick his head off. Orton sets up, J.B.L. backs Trips up.. Orton runs in, J.B.L. blasts the shit outta Orton with a Clothesline From Hell!!! WOOOOOO! The show comes to a close with John 'Bradshaw' Layfield holding up the W.W.E. Championship, exclaiming that he will indeed be the next Champion.

Overall Thoughts: Overall, this was a horrible show. Especially by England standards. Each time they've went to England before, they typically had several great matches. Apparently their view of great this time around was Triple H. v. J.B.L. (ending in a no contest) and Randy Orton v. William Regal (dispite Regal not wrestling in a couple monthes) then the added surprise of Jericho v. Umaga.

Mickie winning the Women's Championship gave the fans something to pop over, but in the end, people who read the spoilers bitched before it ever "technically" happened. And people who watched the show, without knowing, bitched after it happened. Something tells me noone is happy with Mickie being the new Women's Champion.. when the fact is, whether anyone wants to deal with it or not, Beth Phoenix was a horrible Women's Champion (not her fault) because she merely had NOONE to feud with.

What did you expect them to do? Keep the title on her, and let her continue to fade without having any Championship matches while Candice works on figuring out how to enter a wrestling ring without breaking more bones?

Jericho's heel turn was nice, and hopefully that'll give him whatever it is hes been missing since his return. Hopefully that tied into a Jericho v. H.B.K., Judgment Day match will give him a new spark.

I feel sorry for Umaga who gets used randomly for no purpose other than to lose. And Paul Burchill, who's own home country doesn't even know who the poor guy is.

Next week is the 3-Hour King Of The Ring special.. and I'm already pissed because the tournament is lined up to be a who's who of Backlash opponents. Batista, Shawn Michaels and Jericho are all in. Big Show, M.V.P. & Triple H. are also selected to be in it, yet all have their own Backlash matches. That leaves C.M. Punk, who since winning Money In The Bank has done nothing.. and Umaga.

All I have to say is.. if C.M. Punk wins this tournament, he'll officially win both the MITB & KOTR tournament yet still suck worse than ever. How many titles are you gonna give the guy, before realizing noone gives a shit about him? John Morrison was robbed. And Raw from England sucked.

Y 2 Jake
04-15-2008, 07:09 AM
It was an average show. But that is how it's done when WWE is in England. Why have your talent do anything good? Take the week off guys we're in England, they'll pop for anything. It always happens. Not that it's important. WWE tickets go on sale, I buy them, I see a poor show like always. It's cool. It makes me more excited for the TNA & NOAH shows.

I love how WWE gave us a title change. That'll keep 'em happy they think. Man if only people gave a shit about that title.

04-15-2008, 10:52 AM
What the HELL are you guys on about!!

RAW was amazing last night! The best I can remember for a while!!

The opening match didn't need to be a classic, it did its job, and did it ok.

The Womens title match was awesome compared to the usual. To be honest, didn't see Mickie winning, but maybe thats because I don't read the spoilers.

JTG vs Trevor was not the greatest, but furthered the division between Cade and Murdoch.

The Intercontinental title match was awesome IMO. Back and forth with some great moves. Awesome match.

Regal vs Orton was fantastic. Regal was awesome. Orton played his part well. The crowd was absoloutly amazing. The FOOTBALL chants were awesome (not fucking soccer, stupid Americans, FOOTBALL!), "Lets Go Regal" chants awesome too. Crowd made this match. Shame about the ending but y'know.

Squash match, meh.

HHH vs JBL wern't great, was expecting Cena but what the hell.

All in all, at 2 - 4AM in England, I was seriously into this RAW. Better than the two of you above my post think anyway.

04-15-2008, 11:24 PM
Ummmm, Y2J didn't turn. It set up the possibility, but he's always been a tweener. He takes the heel role in matches against Jeff Hardy, and the face role in matches with Umaga. Secondly, with HBK and Batista both being faces who happen to be angry with each other, he would have to attack them both with chairs and piss on them in the ring to turn before or at Backlash, as I am sure that match will end with the "hug of mutual respect."

Secondly, two non-sensical title matches in one show. They should've had Rhodes and Holly wrestle London and Carlito too, you know to sell the idea that HHH's baby is writing the show by throwing colored labeled balls to manatees with monkeys and typewriters duct taped to them.

Does Mickie James deserve two segments....a month, much less on the same show? I know that the shows when they go overseas never do much to further story-lines, but this one gives me the idea that they just don't care. One night after TNA throws a 4 star out of five PPV, they need to come up with something better. Where was Cena? Seems like if you're going to be in the ME at the PPV they're shilling, you should show your face. The British speak English, he's still only getting booed in one language, it's ok.

The ONLY segment that did anything was Cantino winning, and the only reason I liked that is my hated of Londrick. As I've said before, I don't think I should realistically be able to kick anyone in the WWE's ass, and I think I could take London and Kendrick at the same time in a confined area.

WWE, you're better than that.

Mighty NorCal
04-17-2008, 01:07 AM
NorCals NightCap

I am somewhat baffled at some stuff im reading...did we watch the same show???

First off, Big Willie, those ARE NOT the guys who will be in KOTR, and no one seems to know whatthe fuck WWE.COM was thinking when they put that Graphic up. Maybe thats why Joey Styles is running it now. LOL

Santino and Lito beat Londrick, in what is pretty obviously looking to become the storyline ive been crying out for, in giving these two guys a comedic tag title run. Its pretty easy to tell thats whats coming, probably the night after Backlash. Santino cut what was one of the few promo's that have ever made me legit LOL sitting at home. Decent, if not a tad sloppy match here. You can see Kendricks heel turn coming miles away.

Mickie James and Beth Pheonix had an EXCELLENT match, that the crowd was pretty into. For a WWE womens match, this is quite the feat. Neither girl botched, and there was a lot of good looking submission moves used, and an EXCELLENT finish, which saw a victory roll that could NOT have been executed any better. Crowd explodes, Mickie cries. Good shit.

JTG prevails over Murdoch in what was a fast match, padding the way for the break up of the team. Not much to speak of here, besides that Cryme Tyme werent much over til they cut the promo in the ring. England aint feelin them boys LOL

Regal Vs Orton was awesome. The crowd was on fire, and Regal is an absolute fucking ring general. He showed up, and preformed DAMN well in this match, and damn near broke Randy Ortons neck. Holy SHIT that was a fucking nasty suplex. I thought for sure Orton was fucked up. Match ends like every Orton match, him getting the shit whipped outta him, and then busting out the RKO outta nowere FTW. Funny people get all fired up about Cena supposedly doing this, yet I have yet to see nary a one post about Orton doing damn near the exact same thing.

Jericho and Umaga had an absolute WAR, that kept everyone guessing til the end. Very good match up, that was given a good amount of time, and both men went at it damn nicely. I was actually pumped for this match before it happened. I actually wouldve been all about an Umaga win, but no matter. Still a very very good match.

Burchill absolutely squashes Duggan. Funny when the "USA USA USA" guy outpops the proud englishmen by about 1000%. Wow this couldve been a ton better had WWE not squandered Burchill again.

Pretty Hard hitting, physical match up between Trips and JBL to finish the night, but I thought the end was a bit of a let down for an excellent RAW. Pretty weak to go out with JBL's gut jiggling in triumph over Trips and Orton.

Personally I felt this to be the best damn RAW ive seen in ages, and better then a few of the PPVS. The night had an "anything can happen" feel, and you just NEVER get that anymore these days. Very funny promo, and all solid matches, and an insane crowd. fuck guys, what the hell else to you need???

04-19-2008, 10:35 AM
I know Im late but can someone think this weeks episode was bad.

First of all we got an IC title match between Umaga and Jericho , this match was awsome , full of back and forth and a unperedictble outcome.

We got the Awekning of the Tagteam Division , with a great match between Carlito and Santina vs Londrick. Very good match with an amazing Backstabber with Carlito for the finish.

A Womens title hand change in what was another good match between Beth and Mickie. Nice ending.

A very good match between Regal and Orton and Regal is one of the most underrated wreslers ever. Hes Awsoem

Triple h vs JBL , Very stiff but not a very great match , but loved the ending and How Jbl was standing tall.

A Tweener turn for Jericho.

Overall you guys asked for Tile matches and less promos and here you them and still complaining. It was a great show.

04-19-2008, 06:26 PM
I enjoyed Raw up until the Regal match. After that it seemed to just peter out.

The Burchill reaction really peeved me off though. We do know who he is in England, just take a look at the pop he received previously here in England against Nunzio, but the way he's been used recently seemed to suggest the fans didn't really know what to do. Maybe having him cut a quick promo about how great England is, or to have announced he was from England before he hit the ring might've helped. Plus why book him against Hacksaw? No matter how unexciting his matches are nowadays, with who he is and his "Ho" chants, nobody's going to boo him!

I enjoyed the Regal reaction and his vicious suplex (although I thought I saw the ref give the X sign after it which concerned me slightly) and the Women's match was good. I was so hoping for them to milk being in England with solid bookings for Birchill & Katie-Lea and DH Smith. Damn!

04-21-2008, 09:50 PM
i was totally shocked regal won and i dont think anyone will be happy about except me because i beleive he has deserved a psuh for many years and i am extactic that he won the whole thing he deserves the wwe title and is a great wrestler and hey it would make more sense then jbl jumping from tag division to wwe champ regal is a high midcarder

04-21-2008, 10:35 PM
Alrighty here we go with another edition of Raw. KOTR style. 3 Hour broadcast.

First Impression: I was really excited for the show. I was hoping for a really intense KOTR race, but that didn't happen. The Presidental Canidate thing I had no intrest in as I figured it would be the same as the Rosie/Donald thing. The main event... Looked awesome.

Match #1 Y2J vs MVP: This has been like a mini feud between the two of these guys and it seems that Y2J may have won it here. A great opening match that I thought would have set the tone for the show.Damn was I wrong... A few little mistakes that were visible here and there, but nothing major. Y2J wins with the walls. Match rating: 3.5 out of 5

Match #2 Matt Hardy vs CM Punk: I'm sorry, but every time I see Punk he seems sloppier and less entertaining to watch. However the match was rather high paced. Not as good as the opener, but still a very solid match, Punk's best of the night that he won with a GTS. Match rating: 3 out of 5

Match #3 Khali vs Finlay: All good things must end... Here is where the show died for the most part. Finlay wins via DQ as Khali slams his leg into the ring post and ignores the ref's count. This disabled for the most part Finlay's leg and made it obvious whoever he faced was going to the finals. Big Show came out and Khali walked away. Pointless and a waste of a KOTR match... Match Rating: 0 out of 5

Match #4 William Regal vs Hornswoggle: Alright so let me get this straight... You have 2 good matches to open the show, then follow them with this shit. Regal beats Horny in about two minutes, then cracks Finlay in the knee. The next round would be Finlay vs Regal... Match Rating: 0 out of 5

Match #5 Hardcore Holly vs Carlito: I don't understand how many times we need to see this match. How many times do we need to see Carlito pick up the win? It's gotten old and the only thing saving it is Santino's commentary after it. Cody was actually given some mic time, and I thought did rather well with his two lines/hit Santino with mic. and the champs cleared the ring The match though... A rather bland filler... Match Rating: 1.5 out of 5... If I did post match stuff that rating would be at least a 3.5 out of 5 for comedy XD.

Match #6 CM Punk vs Y2J: An alright match. Started very slow, but did pick up as it went. Punk got no love, and there was a lot of Y2J chants. Not too sure what happened with that Lionsault. I don't know if it was supposed to happen or if it was botched. Punk looked a bit more sloppy then his match with Hardy... He won with a GTS. Match Rating: 2 out of 5. Match just was not intense enough for me. Yes there was some nice reversals, but still... Rather bland...

Match #7 Finaly vs Regal: What's the point in going into detail in this. Regal won with a stretch in an intriguing match. Now the match gets a rating of 0 out of 5 due to the fact that it literally was a waste of time, but I wouldn't mind seeing Regal vs Finlay in some sort of brawl.

Match #8 Obama vs Clinton: Just no... Umaga comes in and the match is over. He kills the canidates... End section... Match rating 0 out of 5... I wish I gave negatives...

Match #9 Regal vs CM Punk: Very surprising outcome with Regal winning. Do I like it? I dunno we'll have to see where WWE takes it. Now the match though... Regal stuck to his brawler style and literally schooled Punk. I don't see why WWE made they're MITB winner loose to Raw's GM, but ya know... Overall a great match compared to the crap before it... Match Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Match #10 Randy Orton, Edge, JBL, Chavo vs Cena, HHH, Kane, Undertaker: Awesome main event... For the whole 5 or so minute match. They began doing entrances at 10:30EST, and the match did not start until around 10:55EST. Wayyyyy toooo long on entrances. The ending was sick with Kane crushing Chavo, only to get speared and Edge gets the win. It was awesome seein Rated RKO back again, as well as the Brothers on Raw. After the match all Hell broke loose and ended with Taker chokeslamming RKO and JBL. Match Rating: 4 out of 5

Promo: HBK/Batista: HBK calls out Batista on a question Y2J asked last week. Batista comes down and says the same thing he's been sayin for weeks now. Promo ended on a rather intense note with HBK faking a kick to the face, where Batista didn't even move. Then Batista just knocks HBK out of his way as he left the ring. Promo Rating: 3 out of 5

Promo: Divas: Maria leads out the faces to celebrate Mickie's title win. Beth brings out the heels. They brawl after Beth gets slapped in the face. Faces clear the ring, which I don't agree with since all the faces have as far as talent is Mickie, so it really made no sense. Beth leaves saying it's only a matter of time before the title is hers. Promo rating: 3 out of 5

Promo: Presidental Promos: I figured I'd do all of these together. As they were all shit and not needed. We have Hillary "hulk" Clinton, Barack " The Rock", and "the man" Mckain. who cares... Promo rating 0 out of 5.

Promo: Fatal Four way promos: All of these promos had the same idea that the guy talking would walk out of the match as champ. Generally the same promo you would get before any PPV. Promo rating 2 out of 5

Overall Match Ratings: 2 out of 5... The amount of stupid wastes of time really killed the quality of the show as the 8 man KOTR tourny was basically 5 guys...

Overall Promo Ratings: 2 out of 5... WWE needs to just quit doing the stupid bullshit political stints. They are not funny and are not entertaining. Also... Come up with some new pre PPV promos...

Overall Show Rating: 2 out of 5: What more needs to be said. WWE still has serious work to do. What started off as a great show deteriated into a 2... I thought with that first match it'd be a solid 4... Oh well... Theres always next week... KENNEDY RETURNS!!!...

**Final show ratings, match ratings, and promo ratings all rounded to nearest 10th...

04-22-2008, 03:18 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: April 21st, 2008:

The Matches:

King of the Ring Quarter-Finals: Chris Jericho v. M.V.P.: The night officially kicks off with the KOTR Quarter-Finals, and Chris Jericho is the first man entered, followed by his opponent, M.V.P. This was quite possibly the best match of the whole night, and it was very fitting that it started the show. It gave people hope that their 3 hour treat would be one to remember for the ages. Sadly, if tonight's event is remembered at all, it won't be seen as a 'treat' of any kind. But I'm jumping far, far ahead.

Jericho and M.V.P. put on a classic showing and a match that could later spark a feud, should M.V.P. be moved to Raw, or Jericho to Smackdown. Jericho picks up the victory after countering M.V.P.'s 'Play of the Day' into the 'Walls of Jericho' for the submission and the advancement into the Semi-Finals.

M.V.P. on the other hand got a nice losing prize.. a 'goose egg' on his forehead that won't likely be gone by tomorrow night's Smackdown taping.. so you know a "V.I.P. Lounge" will be had, in regard to that.

King of the Ring Quarter-Finals: C.M. Punk v. Matt Hardy: While I wasn't the least bit happy C.M. Punk, Mr. "Money in the Bank" (who since has lost basically every match) was added into yet another midcard push spot.. I must admit he put on a great showing against Matt Hardy.

Nice back and forth match that would've been even more in favor of Matt Hardy to pull out the victory, had M.V.P. advanced and it gave us the glimmer of hope that an early Sunday match-up might take place. No M.V.P. interference either, as C.M. Punk counters into a sitdown pin to advance to the next round.

King of the Ring Quarter-Finals: The Great Khali v. Finlay: I could not have called this, at all. When The Great Khali's music began, the first thing I did was throw my remote on the floor and yell as loud as I can "Fucking W.W.E."

With Finlay coming out to face Khali, it was almost instant that I knew Finlay would advance but not without being injured enough to either make a run for the Finals as a wounded underdog, or drop an easy one to a heel. Finlay (as we seen) picked up the victory, after Khali refused to quit slamming his knee against the ring post. (thus, the injury)

Big Show comes out after the match, only to once again have Khali back down and walk away.

King of the Ring Quarter-Finals: William Regal v. Hornswoggle: Okay, before I even start.. HORN-FUCKING-SWOGGLE?! Seriously, William Regal is technical and could've at least jobbed to someone great. Paul Burchill would've been the better, more reasonable replacement than the current Raw General Manager, but Regal was still SLIGHTY okay.

However, when his opponent was announced.. I simply had to remove myself from my chair and walk away. Not only was Mr. Kennedy & John Morrison utterly FUCKED out of a great opportunity, but to not even place a reasonable opponent in the 8th and final spot. I mean seriously. Elijah Burke, Shelton Benjamin, The fucking MIZ! Hell, Shannon Moore, Jimmy Yang, anyone but a fucking midget?!

At least I know Vince didn't get his complete wish, otherwise we would've seen Hornswoggle win the damn thing. I can see Triple H. convincing him in the back now.. "Vince, I know you love midgets, but the people will never buy one going over 3 of your better talented athletes, wait a year and make him W.W.E. Champion for a week."

Hardcore Holly w/ Cody Rhodes v. Carlito w/ Santino Marella: So, is the Tag Team Championship match unofficial for Sunday's Pay Per View? Because it was never announced, and they continue to push Santino & Carlito into claiming an upper hand over the Champions. Apparently this is a Number One Contender's team that'll just never receive their shot. (Kinda like Cryme Tyme.. who apparently weren't smart enough to show up on Raw and try to steal the crown)

The only worth while part in this whole time wasting experience, is Cody Rhodes turning someone aggressive. After the match, Wet Dreams cut an average promo demanding that Santino shut up. Then when Santino refused, Cody slammed the mic into his head and the Tag Team Champions took it to Carlito & Santino. Not bad, I just don't know if Carlito & Santino have what it take to be the next "heel" top team.

King of the Ring Semi-Finals: Chris Jericho v. C.M. Punk: I honestly don't know what it is, but anytime these two wrestle C.M. Punk looks above average and downright great. I don't like the guy, but Jericho works well with him and somehow has the ability to bring the best out in him.

There was one solid botch in which Jericho went for a Lionsault, and I think Punk was suppose to roll out of the way, as Jericho instead of laying out to connect properly for it, tried landing as if he 'knew' the guy had moved. Only problem was, someone forgot to tell Punk to move.. and as a result, Punk got Jericho landing foot first directly across his face and nose. (suprised completely that it didn't break)

The ending saw C.M. Punk connect with the G.T.S. and the replay they showed of it really had a great angle in slow motion of Punk's knee connecting hard with Jericho's jaw. Great replay, and Punk advances to the Finals.

King of the Ring Semi-Finals: Finlay v. William Regal: When this match happened at (I think) the Great American Bash in 2006, it was an okay match and very physical and tough for both men. As each have similar skills and styles of brawling.

This time around, however, it was obviously meant to be with Finlay at a distinct disadvantage as he came out on "one leg" to face a man who delivered a solid knee to the face, then locked in the Regal Stretch to advance to the Finals. (how funny that Finlay's injury gave a direct opening to Regal's finisher - shocking)

Presidential 'Smackdown': Hilary Clinton w/ Bill Clinton v. Barock Obama: Rosie O' Donnell v. Donald Trump saw TREMENDOUS RATINGS.. :rolleyes: So why not pull another mock fight? :disappointed: And wrestling fans get upset and outraged when people call wrestling fake and stupid. Hmm, I wonder why.

Seriously, I get W.W.E.'s will to drive their viewers to vote. But what purpose does it serve to make the Presidential Hopeful's look like fools? Some say Hilary was actually played by Mickie James. I can only HOPE that isn't true, as its such a horrible role for the *New* Women's Champion to be put into. Meanwhile, a local indy wrestler played Barock.. and the guy playing Bill, I think, is the same guy who played him during the 1995 Survivor Series.

Overall, I popped louder for Umaga, than ANYONE ELSE on this entire night. I was so thrilled to see W.W.E.'s poor misuse of great talent coming out to squash and kill a horrible angle and storyline. (By the way, when the creative masterminds were thinking of the KOTR entries.. when Umaga's name was brought up, what genius said "Nah, he doesn't need built for anything, lets have him squash the soon to be next President, it'll be great!"

King of the Ring Finals: C.M. Punk v. William Regal: So before the match ever started, when Regal defeated Finlay, I sat in my chair all night thinking to myself how horrible its going to be to see Punk flush away both the MITB case as well as the KOTR crown. Then I stopped and asked the question.. "Does Regal actually stand a chance of winning?"

It was at this time I began talking to a friend of mine, Mighty NorCal, who told me his ideas for how William Regal should be and ultimately would be winning the KOTR. NorCal believed solidly that Regal would be winning. And he told me the reason behind this, is because Regal could pull off a faction with guys such as Paul Burchill, Lea, D.H. Smith, and Mcyntire. (sp?)

Going into the KOTR, there were rumors of the winner replacing Booker T. in the "King" role. And when I grouped together all the guys who'd advanced from the Quarter-Finals, I knew instantly William Regal would be the ONLY guy capable of filling that role. However at that time, I was more convinced they'd just give the whole thing to Punk, because I'm solidly convinced W.W.E. is braindead and doesn't understand that Punk is NOT a better talent then the likes of Mr. Kennedy, or John Morrison.

Now, while I'm not sold on Smith or Mcyntire (sp?) I do solidly believe that Paul Burchill will still benefit from this greatly. I think he'll become William Regal's personal bodyguard, or hired muscle.

As far as this match (Punk v. Regal) goes, it wasn't by any means great. And the funny thing is, Punk didn't look at all like he could win. Regal was in control 90% of the time and took the whole thing in the end.

The Promos:

JBL: J.B.L. cuts more of a promo on his own personal lifestyle and businesses on the side then he did winning the W.W.E. Championship. Its your typical promo from a guy who likely won't be a factor at all. In the end, he claims he'll be crowned (KOTR reference) Champion, and he'll be the big news story come Sunday.

Shawn Michaels/Batista: A solid month of nothing but promos. Seriously? I love Shawn to death and the guy is great on the mic, but did we really need a month worth of promos ON RAW AND SMACKDOWN?! Shawn calls Batista out, says Jericho had a point.. and asked if Tista wanted to end Flair's career. Batista says he won't give H.B.K. the pleasure of hearing him say that.

Shawn says the funny thing is, he is everything Batista says he is. And he feels that regardless if Batista's mind is on winning the World Heavyweight Championship come Smackdown, regardless of all that, thus Sunday he will be in the ring, in a match, against the guy that will take any step, do anything, to win. (Is that H.B.K. saying he'll cheat if he has to?)

Shawn offers a handshake, Batista does so, then pulls H.B.K. back when he goes to leave. (What is it with Wrestlers and handshakes? Its like neither know they have to let go when one walks away, someone's always forgetting and the result is the guy walking away always getting pulled back) When H.B.K. finally does get released, he goes for a fake out with an attempted Superkick, however Batista doesn't move a muscle. (and believe me, in HD you can see those things pop with even the slightest movement) Tista smiles, then walks by H.B.K., shoving him with his shoulder as he leaves the ring.

Triple H.: Another average promo about being the best of 4 guys come Sunday. Trips goes on to explain that all everyone is doing is talking, all that is is a bunch of words, but on Sunday, words won't win the match and the true Champion, the best of the best will come out victorious and with the Championship. Oh yeah.. naturally, he says it'll be him.

John Cena: See Above. Seriously. Cena basically said what everyone is meant to believe. He has 25% chance of winning, as does the other 3. He claims that its not up to him to prove hes a winner, its up to everyone else to prove hes not.

Divas: I have no idea what to say about this, except for if Joey Styles was commentating on Raw he would've died from saying the words "Cat Fight" over and over.. and over.. and over.. and over. Mickie tells everyone to never give up, Beth says she'll win her Championship back. McCool bitch slaps Beth which starts a huge blow up between all the divas. (way to go Cool.. that was definately anything BUT)

Randy Orton: Orton cuts a live promo. (Sad thing is, I never knew he didn't cut a taped one before) Orton goes on to explain hes tired of continuing to hear everyone talk about how someone else is gonna be walking out of Backlash with his Championship. He says he'll let his actions do the talking for him, for the most part, except to say.. No Mercy, Survivor Series, Armageddon, Royal Rumble, No Way Out and Wrestlemania. (listing off all the times hes proved people wrong, apparently)

Presidential Promos: Yes, its getting its only little section. I'm not gonna bother with Hilary, Barock or John's outrageously horrible "promos" on what they're gonna do as our next President. Instead, I simply wish I could meet each of them and slap the fuck outta them one by one.

Who's bright idea was it to tell them to use wrestling phrases? Who's genius thought sparked them to each write speeches in which they used phrases like "Hil-rod" and "People's Elbow." "Smell what Barock is cookin'." "To be the man you gotta beat the man," "Game Over" & "Because McCain said so."

Not only do all three deserve to be publicly shot.. violently.. but none of these fucktards deserve to be our next president, because between the three of them, apparently they find the wrestling related viewing audience naive, simple minded and utterly braindead. I have no other reason to think on why it was a great idea for them to use these dumbass terms.

Certainly noone in this world thinks any of these three are as entertaining as the likes of The Rock, Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin. And I'm almost positive there wasn't a single wrestling fan who wanted to be treated like a moron, in having these three idiots refer to themselves in wrestling terms.

Main Event: 8 Man Tag Team Backlash Preview: Triple H., John Cena, Kane & The Undertaker v. Randy Orton, J.B.L., Chavo Guerrero & Edge: I love how Edge received one of the biggest pops of the night, only for the fans to suddenly realize midway down the ramp that hes still heel, and then they boo him. :confused:

This was more or less exactly what I dubbed it. A "Backlash Preview" match. Overall a pretty solid match but for as much mega star talent as it held, you'd think they would've allowed the match to have a bit more than 10 minutes to run. This had all the makings to be a great, if not the greatest Raw Main Event ever and they 'W.W.E.' themselves in the foot by having the overall entrances take longer than the match.

The end saw Edge pick up the victory, only to receive an F-U from Orton, as things began spiraling out of control with each wrestler from here delivering a finishing move until the final remaining one was the Undertaker, standing solid in the end.

Overall Thoughts: H.B.K., H.H.H., M.V.P., Jericho, Batista, Big Show, Randy Orton & Umaga. Those (I think) were the very first, original, graphic for the King of the Ring tournament. I wish I never would've opened my mouth in the first place to complain about it. Because had those names had remained the same and those solid type of matches would've been had.. I wouldn't be ranting like I'm about to, on how horribly disappointing this whole fucking show was.

Night starts out.. Jericho, M.V.P., I thought perfect. Punk, then Hardy, I thought.. well, Hardy was a stretch, but still above great. Khali then enters.. I stop. Instantly I hate bottom half of the brackets. Doesn't matter if hes only one person outta the bottom 4, hes still one BAD person. Finlay.. thats fine.

Then I get William Regal, and its my second :wtf: of the night. Followed by the most shocking development of all. Horn-fucking-swoggle. I shit you not, you are my favorite turd. The midget somehow out boosted the likes of Kennedy, Morrison, Burchill, Benjamin and Burke. Apparently W.W.E. feels the little bastard is more over than any of the above mentioned names. Hooray for idiots.

The only justifying thing out of the whole tournament is I hope they use NorCal's idea for Regal to start a faction on Raw. Because if they don't, then why on earth would Regal have won, much less even been entered into the fucking tournament in the first place? Hes definately not "young" and he isn't (to my knowledge) gonna receive a sudden push for W.W.E. Championship gold any time soon. So outside of taking on a fresh "king" gimmick, Regal winning served NO PURPOSE!

Raw had quite possibly the greatest chance, EVER, to blow the roof off of entertaining the world by giving us SEVEN, count them, SEVEN GREAT KOTR MATCHES. We got, maybe, 4. If you look at the upper half of the bracket, you'll think to yourself "Wow, thats a nice line-up." Then if you look to the lower half of the bracket, you'll more or less have a heartattack because you won't be capable of believing it to be true.

Mighty NorCal
04-25-2008, 11:41 PM
NorCal's (late as a motherfucker becuase im lazy as fuck) Night Cap

as if anyone's week was really fucked up from not having this around to read :rolleyes:

aaannnyyy WAY....

KOR qtr final saw MVP and Jericho in what was probably match of the night to be honest. Very good back and forth action, just not sure if I think its a great idea having a giuy who has a very high profile match sunday being owned via submisson by a guy who has NO match sunday. especially if the winner of this one was just gonna job next round ANYWAY. I digress. Jericho goes over in a good one.

The next KOR match saw ANOTHER guy with a high profile match on sunday losing to someone with NO match on sunday. I guess this is that new "reverse build" technique the WWE is trying out LOL. Match was sloppier than a pig pen. thumbs down. Bland and sloppy. felt like I was on a date with a drunk sorority sister.

Kahli against Finlay, part 74. I love how the commentators talk as if this match has never happened before, and as if Finlay hasnt beaten Kahli soundly about 4 times already. No matter. Right when the match started the obvious "Finlay goes over, but Kahli whips the brakes off him first" scenario was gonna happen. Nothing flashy here, and nothing better than anything else they have done.

Will I AM Regal goes against Hornswaggle in a match seemingly purposely to utterly piss fans off. and no, not in the heel way they are supposed to piss people off, but in the "i payed money to see THIS shit?" pissed off way. Regal goes over after a hardfought entrenchment by Swaggle.

Not really.

Hardcore Holly and Carlito have a match for no reason that accomplishes nothing. sweet. so what the fuck exactly are they saving this "epic" tag team title bout for?? A RAW in the fucking middle of this month??? Lets get Santino and Lito the cheap win and get this comedy run going already for fucks sake.

Jericho and Punk had a decent little match, as Jericho overcame Punks sloppiness to give us something better than bland shit. And punks face got its ass whipped on accident, which make me chortle. Decent finish with Punk getting the heroic GTS outta nowere.

Finlay put on a game fight against Regal, in what was actually a pretty damn good match. Finlay "passes out" in the Regal stretch.

I found it funny that it seemed like WWE KNEW the presidential thing was gonna totally suck balls and be met with anger and outrage, so they in advance set Umaga up to come out there to destroy it. Hey WWE. Generally things that you know for certain people would rather masturbate with Icy-Hot than watch, arent good things to put on your television program. Just sayin.

The KOR finish saw basically the greatest thing ever, with Regal going over Punk cleanly and making him tap out. first REAL mark out moment that had me cheering in my living room in a VERY long time. As I posted in the KOR thread, Regal could REALLY start a stable with this, and have a reighn of terror over RAW. I really truly hope this goes down.

ANNNND they had tag match that accomplished absolutely nothing. I dont even think every person got into the match.

In summary, this match may end up being a very good one retro actively, as in if they used this as a luanching pad for other things. Will Regal start a stable??? Will this up the entertainment value of the show?? will the laborious rating make Ortons boring ass title reighn end?? we shall see....

Lil Wes
04-25-2008, 11:44 PM
I'm not going to write a book but here's a little short summary on what I thought about RAW.

Complete shit folks. Seriously, Did WWE really really really have to pass up on this opportunity for a Kennedy push, but yet gets a short return promo, only to start a feud with Punk next week and job in the end? Christ's sake. That alone was the whole travesty of the show, Punk's push is why WWE is a mockery. Back to KOTR, Hornswoggle? Khali? Need I say more. No wonder this shitty show is getting low ratings.

Put the belt on HHH Sunday, terrible build, terrible booking, terrible show.

04-28-2008, 09:42 PM
Ooookay, RAW just ended during Orton's title clause, with him still in the crossface. So, does this mean Age of Orton has restarted and it's Game Over for Triple H? I really want to know who won... news soon, please.

04-28-2008, 09:50 PM
How can they wonder why the ratings suck??? What a piece of crap show. The main event starting as early as it did really got me excited. Great match going and they end it with that freaking loser Regal telling them to go off the air??? What a lame ass ending! Where is CM Punk's title shot? Oh wait, they'll keep having him lose and make him so illegitimate we'll forget he ever won money in the bank. Where's Kennedy's push? Regal sucks, this is a terrible angle. Just terrible!!! And perhaps one of the only good things going for Raw right now, Santino Marella, loses to Cody Rhodes??? Holy crap, they're basically ruining so much potential in so many guys and keeping the same old faces at the top of a crappy show! Wrestlemania was good, and there hasn't been a good thing since!

Don't even get me started with that lame excuse of a King of the Ring. Vince ought to fire every writer and get some fresh ideas. It's all so terrible!!! So many guys they could have had in KOTR and they put in Hornswoggle? He's good at comic relief but maybe they don't realize he's a MIDGET! Wow this is a sad day for WWE!!!

04-28-2008, 09:55 PM
I am sitting here now, wiping the spit of Vince McMahon off my face, and so are any of you that watched Raw tonight.

I have long been patient when it comes to storylines, no matter how dumb, insulting or lame.

But, to cut off a world championship match to further the storyline of a wrestler who is, let us face this, washed up and unimportant, is a disgrace, and rarely have I felt so utterly insulted as a wrestling fan.

First off, IMO, tonight Raw sucked. Absolutely and completely. We had a singing wrestler, a tuxedoed wrestler who talked about nothing important, and another idiot being slapped by Roddy Piper.

Then, when all was said and done, Randy Orton and HHH saved the show with a very good match. Excellent give and take, and some great moves. I was truly enjoying it, and thought it was one of the Game's and Orton's better matches.

And then, to cut us off over something so dumb, so unimportant, so lame and so trivial. No storyline has ever called for such a disruption. Not only an insult to two great wrestlers, but an insult to the fans and a glob of yellow spit on the world title.

I am serious about my anger, and, quite frankly, my disappointment in the WWE for doing such a thing. They could have easily ended the title match a little earlier, and then did the Regal crap.

Even if the storyline calls for Regal to be punished next week, that is no excuse. I cannot recall any organization doing such a thing in recent memory.

Yes, back in the old days, Raw used to be cut off at a certain time, even if a match was going on. But this was clearly a business decision, and a selfish, idiotic and insulting one at that.

Are we expected to truly honor the world title, a title that WWE has always said personifies the best in wrestling, after this fiasco? After this slap in the face to the tradition of wrestling?

Are we to understand that the bland, lame, promo cutting abortion William Regal is more important then a title bout? An in ring interruption, a DQ, anything could have set this up, but to simply cut off a good match, again, the ONLY good match of the evening for such drivil is shameful.

It looks like we cash cows are only respected during a Pay Per View, when we open our wallets and further the McMahon legacy.

I am sickened by this, and I am sure you all will have your own opinions, maybe even saying it's not a big deal.

But, it is. This was a world title bout, a good bout, a bout between to guys who were giving it their all and having a great match. A bout for the most important belt in wrestling, now, or in the past, and it was stopped to show a 90 year old man being angry for not getting a plastic crown.

Shameful and disgraceful, and, IMO, the lowest Vince McMahon has ever sunk.

04-28-2008, 10:06 PM
NYSandman, well said! It's an absolute disgrace. It sickens me that such a good, RAW SAVING match ended so bad. I was texting my friend telling him that it was a great match and that it was saving Raw. Then they cut to Regal and the way it ended, when I called my friend who was unable to watch, he just laughed! It's so ridiculous to see them try to push someone like Regal. HE IS ONLY GOOD FOR GENERAL MANAGER DUTIES! Man I am so disappointed.

04-28-2008, 10:07 PM
With the abrupt end and few viewers, I'm guessing Orton won. HHH couldn't lose a main-event match with EVERY viewer watching, agreed? It was an okay RAW, great promos from Kennedy, Jericho, Orton and HHH... and okay-ish matches until the main-event. I was really wrapped into it until Regal was an asshole... D<

The match was canceled... so HHH is the winner by default. D: I put my hopes too high, aw well... hail the King of Kings.

04-28-2008, 10:19 PM
What happened tonight confirms what I've been thinking for a long while. From now on, fans have to pay to see the WWE title change hands. Any chance of that happening on Raw, someone either interrupts the match, the champ gets themselves DQ-ed, or there's some unexpected twist and the champ keeps it.

When wrestling was at its high point, the #1 Title belt was contested on cable tv. It changed hands on cable tv. The weekly show was a quality program and was worth talking about the next day.

With the ending tonight, it just goes to show the lengths WWE will go to ensure that their fans pay to watch the champion lose their title. I only tuned in tonight to see the title match becuase i couldn't remember the last time there was a WWE title match on Raw and I get that crap with the ending. It was a solid match, great counters, and it kept you wanting more. To end like that just shows how far they will go to make sure you pay for a title match. This was a disgrace.

04-28-2008, 10:43 PM
You're right, Trips... and I can't believe I've been so dense, not to realize this. Sigh, well with Regal's interruption and cancellation of the match, it makes the match itself null and void... therefore, Orton keeps his title rematch clause. So... Judgment Day, does anyone see Triple H losing the strap? Sadly, I don't see it happening... not yet at least.


Yes, it happened... and it was mildly hilarious. :D

04-28-2008, 11:44 PM
Wow, I didn't think it was that bad. You knew Orton wasn't going to win that match. It could've ended with JBL or Cena interference. Would that have been any better. The only title change that happened the next night was Kane and Stone Cold because that Kane character couldn't go any further than winning.

I thought the show was good. The Regal promo was intense, and to watchers of historical television, kings would give speeches like that upon taking a throne. Kennedy was awesome. I never saw him as a face, but he got a good pop tonight.

Katie Burchill is hot.

So is Kelly Kelly.

Ditto McCool.

The last match had nice action, and since it was a foregone conclusion that the match would've ended screwy, kudos for finding a new way to be screwy.

If Regal gets a push, at least there will be another singles heel. Too bad they have to use broadcasters and GM's, but it's an effort.

Now is the time for a Shelton push. Put him with regal and Jericho, and you have a Raw stable with everything, and solid heels at that. I was entertained.

04-29-2008, 12:46 AM
I personally believe the ending of Raw was BRILLIANT.

I can, however, see how many of you would hate it. BUT trust me when I say that the WWE was banking on just as many people hating it as loving it. They WANT you to hate it. Do you really think they're going to say, "Oh, we're going to cut the main event World Title match off before the ending...fans will LOVE this!"? Of course not. This was all very well played.

Look at what it does for them.

1. William Regal now has LEGIT heel heat. Without question. The most despised man in WWE right now, in fact, I would venture to say. All in just two weeks. That's unheard of.

2. Because of this, Kennedy will now become a SUPER face with his apparent program with Regal coming. So this puts Kennedy more over than he has ever been. So instantly they have top level heel AND a top level face.

3. Those people who believed that H and Orton were having a classic match (I thought it was okay, myself) will be starving to see the finale and will get to do so at Judgment Day as that feud can finally climax. As has been mentioned, this is, indeed, Vince's way of getting the money straight out of people's pockets. And it's going to work.

4. The WWE website, which has been lacking in hits and they are obviously trying to get going on a larger level (see mentions on RAW and Joey Styles taking over several aspects of the site) obviously got hit hard directly after RAW went off the air by fans wanting to know the conclusion of this match.

These four reasons are why I think this was a brilliant way to end the show. Again, I understand why many will disagree; but if you look through it I think you'll see that the same reasons you are upset are those that the WWE is banking on to bring interest into the product; and for most fans (not us internet "smarks"), it should work.

04-29-2008, 01:15 AM
I personally believe the ending of Raw was BRILLIANT.

I can, however, see how many of you would hate it. BUT trust me when I say that the WWE was banking on just as many people hating it as loving it. They WANT you to hate it. Do you really think they're going to say, "Oh, we're going to cut the main event World Title match off before the ending...fans will LOVE this!"? Of course not. This was all very well played.

Look at what it does for them.

1. William Regal now has LEGIT heel heat. Without question. The most despised man in WWE right now, in fact, I would venture to say. All in just two weeks. That's unheard of.

2. Because of this, Kennedy will now become a SUPER face with his apparent program with Regal coming. So this puts Kennedy more over than he has ever been. So instantly they have top level heel AND a top level face.

3. Those people who believed that H and Orton were having a classic match (I thought it was okay, myself) will be starving to see the finale and will get to do so at Judgment Day as that feud can finally climax. As has been mentioned, this is, indeed, Vince's way of getting the money straight out of people's pockets. And it's going to work.

4. The WWE website, which has been lacking in hits and they are obviously trying to get going on a larger level (see mentions on RAW and Joey Styles taking over several aspects of the site) obviously got hit hard directly after RAW went off the air by fans wanting to know the conclusion of this match.

These four reasons are why I think this was a brilliant way to end the show. Again, I understand why many will disagree; but if you look through it I think you'll see that the same reasons you are upset are those that the WWE is banking on to bring interest into the product; and for most fans (not us internet "smarks"), it should work.

Brilliant post, i agree with you 100%. Its a good move for the business, but im pretty sure many people are upset right now. This episode of Raw had about 2-3 really good promos. I just think they were missing a good midcard singles match of some sort that would have done wonders for the show at the hour half.

04-29-2008, 01:28 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw April 28th, 2008:

Opening Segment: Triple H.'s music hits and the *NEW* W.W.E. Champion comes out. Still sporting the Championship thats apparently going to stay forever as the current face of the company, regarding Heavyweight gold. Triple H. cuts the opening portion of his promo surrounding how 8 monthes ago, he returned to that very arena and didn't know how good he'd be, if he'd ever be the same. Now, 8 monthes later he stands there once again, as the New World Champion. Triple H. makes mention to the 'Age of Orton' being dead....

Which ques up Randy Orton to make an entrance. Orton claims Trips doesn't deserve a victory speech and asks if hes proud of what he did. Trips fires back with how one night removed, Orton was making claims of being unstoppable and retaining the Championship, and now hes claiming hes a victim. Orton says hes a victim, of his own success!

He claims its because he was too good to face anyone one-on-one, so he was constantly placed in Multiple Man matches. Triple H. feels its because Orton was scared to face anyone one-on-one, and that Orton liked Triple Threats and Fatal Four-Ways so Orton could sit back and pick the bones while someone else did all the work.

Orton originally said hes requested his rematch to happen at Judgment Day, however one mic. shot to the head and a pissed off attitude later, Orton is demanding his rematch happen TONIGHT!

The Matches:

1. Backlash Return Match: 12 Diva Teag Team Contest: Apparently one cluster wasn't enough and the W.W.E. felt we should witness the car wreck again. This time all the divas who didn't get a decent amount of time in the ring, got to wrestle. So instead of seeing wrestling.. we seen Kelly Kelly, Layla, and Ashley for about 5 minutes. The Face Divas picked up the victory, as Mickie James pins Jillian Hall.

I'm slightly disappointed in this simply because Natalya didn't get tagged in at all. I understand this was their way of letting those who didn't wrestle the night before, get their chance to shine. But just remember this.. If you polish a turd, its still a turd.

2. J.B.L. v. Robbie McAllister (w/ Rory): YAY for squash matches. Anytime someone doesn't get an entrance, you pretty much know they're dropping in a squash like fashion. This time the (I thought they were released) Highlanders get the job. (literally)

J.B.L. makes quick work of Robbie, then issues what I can only assume will be a Judgment Day match. J.B.L. versus John Cena, with the winner receiving the next W.W.E. Championship match. J.B.L. proclaims he wants his damn torch back. (I love that saying)

3. Paul London & Brian Kendrick v. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch: Cade controlled most of this match in his favor, against London. Murdoch asked for the tag later that ultimately lead to yet another roll-up and defeat for the Redneck Wrecking Crew.

I'm unsure if they're continuing with a London/Kendrick break-up, but it definately looks as if Murdoch and Cade are officially over. Not only did Murdoch take a tremendous face turn, from the looks of it.. but Cade is breaking away from the "Cowboy" gimmick, if Murdoch's song lyrics hold true. (He mentioned Cade, refering to him in an Ivory Tower, meaning he felt he was better than Murdoch and all the regular average people) Murdoch, not only is a damn great singer, but had the crowd singing with him. Absolutely astounding.

4. Handicap Match: Paul Burchill & Katie Lea v. Super Crazy: Lea addresses the crowd, informing everyone that thanks to the new Monarch in the W.W.E., in Lord Regal (so she didn't use those exact words) he allowed them to make this match, a handicap match.

Crazy, who I figured was on the cutting block with Balls & Taylor from earlier today, may of seen his last match. A match in which he took one hell of a top rope dropkick from Lea, and then the curb stomp from Burchill, followed by Lea pinning him for the 1-2-3. All I have to say is, where has Lea been in the Women's division? If she can take on guys.. then she should have no problem beating the crap out of the likes of Kelly, Ashley & Maria.

5. Santino Marella (w/ Carlito) v. Cody Rhodes (w/ Hardcore Holly): Raw's apparent answer to Smackdown's Miz/Morrison/Moore/Wang feud. For the billionth time in 2 monthes, we get the pleasure of seeing Cody, Hardcore, Santino & Carlito facing off randomly.. while the Tag Team title shot goes still unaccounted for.

Rhodes picks up the win with a nice DDT, then sticks around just a little bit too long to run his mouth, and he receives a back-stabber for his trouble.

The only issue I have with this, is Carlito & Santino aren't that great of a team. And sadly, Rhodes & Holly have held those Championships WAY longer than they should've.. so this is a feud thats pretty much fighting to stay with its head above the water, as is. And right now, with the never-ending single's matches that happen week in and week out, it looks like this could horribly turn into a Pay Per View match.

The Promos/Segments:

William Regal/Mr. Kennedy: Regal is sitting in the ring, as the lights come up. He says he wants to end all question, and states that he will not relinquish his title of General Manager. He says hes great enough that he has earned and deserves both the role of G.M. and King of the Ring. He says people naturally won't like him, because its not in them to be capable of doing so. However, they will respect him. They will.. fear him.

This prompts everyone to explode, as the familiar "KENNEDY" pops over the speakers and the long awaited return is upon us. Kennedy comes to the ring, clearly with the biggest face turn of this century, let alone year.

Kennedy gets in Regal's face, as he asks Regal why he feels he became King? He says he would like to give Regal praise, but he simply can't because Kennedy knows if he'd of been invited to be in the tournament, Regal would've never won. Kennedy begins to address himself as the reason why, but Regal cuts him off.

Regal demands an apology, as Kennedy begins to give him one.. only to then say those famous words everyone's been dying to hear. MISTER.. KEEENNNNNNNNEEEEDDDDYYYYY!!!!! This is followed by Regal drilling Kennedy directly in the mouth, which was on contact and then a brawl followed.

Chris Jericho/Shawn Michaels: Jericho comes out dressed in a full out tux. He says that hes there to give the award for best actor in wrestling to one of the following three individuals.

First, Mr. Fuji, for Fuji Hospital (or General Fuji, I forget) the clip is of The Rock (not the one you think) in a doctor's outfit, with Fuji randomly cutting a promo. (weirdest shit I've seen ever) The second, is a classic with Micheal Cole and Heidenreich, in which it almost looks like Cole's getting anal raped. The final was of H.B.K. apparently selling his knee injury against Batista, only to pick up the victory.

Jericho says the winner is his guest, Shawn Michaels. H.B.K. (still incredibly selling the injury) limps out and very slowly gets into the ring. Jericho says that he can quit selling now, because he won and tricked everyone. He did everything he said he was going to. He told Batista he'd win by any means he had to, and he did just that. Shawn doesn't look too happy. (Almost as if he lost his smile.. apparently that thing is hard to keep track of lately for him) Jericho leaves the ring, as Shawn just stands speechless.

Santino/Rowdy Roddy Piper: I'm not sure what I dispise more. Stupid storylines, or stupid cameos. What purpose did it serve for Roddy Piper to have his overweight, aging ass show up on camera? Seriously. I marked out crazy when Piper & Flair won the Tag Team Championships from the Spirit Squad. I think thats the last time I gave a shit about Piper.

Santino somehow confuses him for a Woman. (Apparently Santino's tastes in Women aren't very high at all.. says a LOT regarding Maria, huh) Santino begins poking and annoying Piper until Piper fires back with a slap. Then asks whether he has a death wish, or is just special. (hehe, well if he did had a death wish, I'm sure he'd have to wait in line behind you, old timer)

Main Event: W.W.E. Championship: Triple H. (c.) v. Randy Orton: Almost a 20-30 minute match that ends with no ending.. What was W.W.E. thinking?! I was happy to begin with, because I was dreading the assumption this was going to be a Judgment Day match. When Orton pushed his return match up to tonight's Main Event, I went nuts because I knew he'd lose and that'd be that.

Sadly, I had NO idea Lord Regal was about to screw me over in which he did. Apparently because Kennedy disrespects him, he feels the whole world shouldn't get the pleasure of seeing the finale to this match. (Where was he 4 years ago when this shit first started?!) Right when Triple H. had Orton in the crossface (which apparently only Shawn Michaels and Triple H. are allowed to use!?) Regal demands the feed get cut. And the Raw Main Event ends about 5 minutes early, as my television went blank and I suddenly got to witness the eary beginning of Law and Order. Yay!

Overall Thoughts: Maybe its the pneumonia, but I actually liked tonight's edition of Raw. I figured the opening segment was going to happen, and I was pleasantly surprised with the Orton/Triple H. match getting pushed up early. (With how it ended, it'll likely still take us to Judgment Day)

While I'm not a fan of squash matches, I'm a huge fan of Paul Burchill, and Katie Lea looked good for a "diva." The J.B.L. match was horrible, but the overall point that Cena for the first time in 7 years WON'T be involved in a Pay Per View Championship match is absolute music to my ears. Whats even better is I'm almost 90% sure Cena will job to J.B.L. come Judgment Day, as the winner is likely awarded a Championship match at the gimmick Pay Per View "One Night Stand" and I'm almost positive it'll turn out to be Triple H. v. J.B.L. in a bullrope match.

Murdoch singing a country song wasn't very original for his character, but his voice being down right amazing was. I was shocked I tell you! I don't think either guy will get a great push, infact I'm sure neither one will make it for longer than SummerSlam before they're either teaming up again, or released, or jobbing on HeAT.

Kennedy's return was long awaited. His face turn was even MORE long awaited. While I'm not very pleased with how it seems Regal's "King" gimmick will only carry him through a feud with Kennedy in the midcard ranks, I hope Regal's ending stunt on Raw will push him as being a very dominate and hardass as a General Manager. I can definately see Mr. Kennedy v. Big Show for next Monday..

All in all, not a bad Monday Night Raw at all. Could've been better, they could always be better. But this Raw was more action packed with storylines then the Raw after Wrestlemania. So with that being said, I loved it.

Lord Regal comes out after Raw gets cut from television, and says the fans viewing live disrespected him and don't have the right to view the rest of this match, either. Regal orders the match stop. Triple H. delivers a Pedigree to Orton, when hes caught off-guard. Show ends completely for the live audience.

04-29-2008, 07:09 AM
I just think they were missing a good midcard singles match of some sort that would have done wonders for the show at the hour half.

Totally agree. Before, their tag team division was nonexistent. Now it's like they're trying to take the few teams they do have and shove them down our throats. Just bring it along gradually, guys. Don't sacrifice your singles wrestlers for it.

By the way, I'm glad someone agreed with my stance on the ending of Raw. Haha. I was a little nervous about that post - especially since I'd never posted here. I've read a lot, but this was the first time I was passionate enough about something to drop in my opinion.

04-29-2008, 09:37 AM
Okay why did William Regal take Raw off the air for last night? It was a blow to the USA network and the WWE fans watching world wide. Was Regal upset because MR......... Kennedy came back ( which I'm really good for his face turn) and kicked his ass last night and the fans were cheering loudly for it, and if i was that man he took down to the floor I would of beat his ass for doing that to me. Okay Raw was lame until the Title match this week, The Cody Rhodes match was good and i think that he will be a great wrestler in the near future. I give raw a 7 out of 10

04-29-2008, 10:03 AM
Ok this ending to tonights show and all of you know it was Class. , this makes you hate the shit out of William Regal and it showed he his the King. You'r saying you dont get to see titles change hands on weekley basis , well why woould Trips lose the title the next night , whats the point of winning it ?

First of we start with a good promo with Trips and Orton and my god it felt good seing the gold aroudn trips waist again. Amazing pop for Trips.

The Regal promo was A class heel.

Mr Kennedy returns to a huge pop , a face turn I think wich he is dying for , and A A+++ Talk on the Mike it was awsome.

04-29-2008, 11:07 AM
I don't think it was a bad way to end RAW. People have already mentioned the reasons why it was good (heel heat on regal, face on kennedy, huge wwe.com traffic, etc.). But you also have to consider the following: there was no way that HHH was going to lose that match.

True, the world title is rarely contested on cable television, and almost never changes hands if it is. And the idea that HHH would drop the belt the very next day after winning it is ludicrous. In general, that has almost never happened, and in this case, we know that HHH would never agree to do it.

So what has to happen? We can't have HHH win cleanly, because that would either end the feud altogether or cause orton to lose credibility. We can't have outside interference, because that would throw others into the mix and right now it looks like it's going to be purely orton vs. HHH for now, and cena and JBL will be busy with each other. No way is HHH going to lose via countout. So we're left with orton getting himself intentionally disqualified. But that wouldn't make sense from a story perspective, and while it may work if it has to, it's been done before and no one likes seeing title matches end in DQ.

So another option would be to do something so weird and random that will have the same effect as an intentional orton DQ, but will be something different and unique that hasn't really been done before. So the match getting cancelled, while strange, accomplished what it needed to do in a way that isn't stale. It's not something they can do very often, but I thought it was something different and a good way to accomplish what they needed to do, and for the reasons already mentioned, it also accomplished many other purposes simultaneously.

So in summary, i think it was a good move. It served many purposes, and it was something unique. Of course, they shouldn't and I doubt they would do it again anytime soon, but it was a good move.

04-29-2008, 12:53 PM
Monday Night RAW. The greatest weekly cable television installment the World Wrestling Entertainment produces... gone inferior and offering quality entertainment on an occasional basis. It's glory days are doubtless over. The glory days where The Rock, Austin, Triple H, Mankind, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and more, completely molded the show into a worldwide phenomenon with cable ratings rocket blasting up to the 6.0 area, once upon a hell of a time!

Those superstars worked hard labor, runned the mic nine yards and back with some of the most brilliant, clever, and awesome skits and storylines ever devised, and vastly contributed to much of RAW's utmost success. Those days are now behind us as the new generation is in and things are certainly just a former shadow of itself when it comes to RAW. The occurrence was once a month that you'd see flying colors on a RAW show and last night was certainly not a show of flying colors.


Last night, you received RAW's typical explosive pyro opening, a half-ass cheering audience, surprising, considering Triple H won the WWE Championship the night before. Perhaps, that was the indication of a terrible night to come.

It's delightful to see Triple H as WWE Champion again after his shortest reign ever in October. But that championship belt is just awaiting to be thrown off the friggin bridge or something for them to bring back the previous version of the strap that JBL once carried. The segment between Triple H and Randy Orton was expected. I expected to hear everything HHH stated and the same goes for Orton. Least It didn't last very long. I say good timing, decent confrontation.

Diva Match was like watching puke spill from a mouth for the second time. We'd seen it at Backlash, why the hell would you repeat it? I didn't even bother to watch the match but whoever did, get your two minutes back.

JBL vs. Robbie: Squash, mash potato, pancake, (Any spot the WWE vs. TNA sign during JBL's entrance? First time I really seen that) and in the end, JBL stands tall, obviously.

Londrick vs. Cade & Murdoch: So far a decent match of the night. Londrick with the upset, Cade and Murdoch likely over but did anybody hear the reports following RAW that several ear drums of the fans in the arena were blown out by Robbie's pitious attempt of singing?

Paul Burchill & Katie Lea vs. Super Crazy: I'll admit that I like Burchill and Lea, and Lea surely impressed, hope she joins the womens roster. But the shit way the match ended with Burchill stomping in Crazy's back into mat? Ew.

MRRRRRR.... KENNNNEDYYYY, honestly, this was the first time I've heard Mr. Kennedy's music and had gotten really excited. Backtracking my statements, I've said many times that this guy was just fuel wasting away. Nice move by WWE to turn him face though because on SmackDown some years ago, he did an excellent job such as that. And Regal got his ass beat but unfortunately, we didn't here or see the last of him for the night.

Santino Marella vs. Cody Rhodes: Cody is so full of stardom bottled up inside of him. He is going to be big soon, Rhode's son is cool. Marella on the other hand, deserved the loss as comedy is best suited for him. A pretty ok match between Rhodes and Marella though and right when Rhodes was gonna possibly break out on the mic, Carlito ruins it with a backstabber. Damn you Carlito.

Y2J in a tuxedo, he was fly out there but that's about it, truly. Nothing too sensitive came out of the HBK/Y2J segment. What? A sports-entertainment acting trophy? HBK just stands there, says nothing, looking almost like a half-dead somebody. Pftt. Y2J dressed up just for that? Ok whatever and someone needs to tell HBK to stop sporting them raggity clothes.

What in the mother-fucking hell happened to Piper? He looks like a big ass balloon-inflated blawb and his little skit, so unoriginal. How many times we gonna hear him say, "does that boy have a death wish or is he just special". And the slap to Marella, it just wasn't funny whatsoever but just stupid damn pointless shit. Piper, love ya, but you pounds needa go and the stupid creative, I shouldn't be too blaming you.

Triple H vs. Randy Orton (WWE Title): I thought this match was going to be no more than adequate. Turns out, it was just a slow, half-ass boring performance that focused too much on submission holds. The pace was too slow for me. I don't like extremely slow matches and then ladies and gentlemen, the stupidest signal cut the WWE has ever done, Regal heads to the production truck during the Orton/HHH match and demands that it's cut. This was absolutely the most stupidest, lamest, Soprano-like, Law and Order start-up-like finish I've ever seen. Not to mention a WWE Championship Match at hand. None of the viewers were able to watch the finish. RAW scores very poorly this week. It reaches about a 4/10. Bad, forgettable RAW.

05-06-2008, 12:05 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw May 5th, 2008:

Opening Segment: Raw starts off with Mr. McMahon making a special surprise appearance to let everyone know that hes there to address the current situation regarding William Regal's actions from the week prior. He says that several fans have sent in their dislike for the actions to W.W.E. Headquarter's, via e-mail, and telephone. McMahon says that Regal has done something noone else ever has, and thats blacked out a nation-wide audience from viewing a Championship match. He feels that those type of actions were reprehensible.

However, McMahon also feels that Regal is a visionary, that Regal is cutting edge, innovative & daring. McMahon says that Regal reminded Mr. McMahon of himself and as a result, he is giving a full endorsment to William Regal not only as General Manager, but also as King of the W.W.E. He orders the fans of the World Wrestling Entertainment to give William Regal the same show of respect, that they give him.

Following this, William Regal comes out to address the crowd. He says that they don't have to like him, but they will respect him. He goes on to show his power to the disrespectful Canadian crowd by cutting the lights once again. Upon turning them back on, he explains that while he won't cancel the show.. he is fine with it being broadcast in pitch-black darkness, and he will not tolerate disrespect.

Naturally this is the que for the one person who's shown Mr. Regal the most disrespect since his new found power. Mr. Kennedy comes out, and says that if Regal wants respect all he has to do, is the one thing Kennedy asked of him. A one-on-one match, against Kennedy, tonight. Regal refuses, saying that Kennedy doesn't understand the situation, that Kennedy doesn't understand his place and that Regal is his superior. Kennedy demands that Regal prove it, which is quickly answered with Kennedy in the Main Event, against the entire E.C.W. Roster.

This is quickly cut off by the interruption of Triple H.. who wants to congratulate Regal on his new found position. However he wants Regal to understand that with his new found position in power, if he wants to keep it, he has to make sure he doesn't make mistakes. Mistakes, for example, like turning out the lights last week during Triple H.'s match. Mistakes, for example, like continuing to show-off his authority, by coming out and out-right cancelling the whole match in general. Finally, H.H.H. explains that if Regal wishes to stay in power.. the one mistake he does not want to make, is going to war with Triple H.

Regal quickly shows that hes not threatened by the W.W.E. Champion, as he says he has no thought of going to war with a man so busy. A man who has a Steel Cage Championship match in less than 2 weeks, and a man who's just found himself teaming with Kennedy.. against the E.C.W. Roster tonight.

The Matches:

1. Women's Championship Match: Lumberjill Match: Mickie James (c.) v. Beth Phoenix: Unofficially this would likely be Beth's return Championship match, and as par to W.W.E. lately if any divas are gonna be seen.. then they're ALL gonna be seen. Beth controls most of the match, utilizing her fellow divas to do her dirty work for her. The match doesn't stay inside the ring long, as several heel divas attempt cheap shots, including Jillian who grabs at Mickie.

As a result, Mickie takes to the outside, and it breaks down completely. The ending saw Melina attempting to use her boot to knock-out Mickie James, unfortunately (for Melina) she missed the target and drilled Beth in the face. This allowed Mickie to roll-up Beth, yet again, and pick up the victory, retaining her Championship. As the heel divas remain in the ring, Beth looks at the boot, then gives Melina a stare that she definately doesn't want to get.

2. Handicap Match: Paul Burchill & Katie Lea v. John Cutler: Before the match begins, my thoughts and theories about Mike Adamle come true. (more on that in the promos/segments column) Culter is a Toronto native, so naturally this is a filler match for Katie to show off more skills against the jobbers, while Burchill continues to drown in meaningless matches.

Quick work by the Brother/Sister duo, as most of the crowd seemed more entertained by harassing the William Regal appointed announcer, Mike Adamle.

3. John Morrison & The Miz v. Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels: MATCH OF THE NIGHT! This has got to be the greatest Monday Night Raw of my life. Not only do I get the pleasure of seeing Regal's power, position, and heel status continue to go up. I also get to see John Morrison showing the world why he will indeed become the next future World Champion. (mark it!)

While Shawn Michaels (unfortunately) did not see action in this match until the ending, the main portion of this contest was John Morrison showcasing his abilities against Chris Jericho. The Miz did quite the job as well, as all three men showed a great ability to work together.

The ending saw Morrison taking a cheap shot at H.B.K., only for H.B.K. to return the favor with some Sweet Chin Music to Morrison's face, allowing Jericho to pick up the victory. Immediately after H.B.K. hit the Superkick, he went down, and directly after the 3 count, he gimped to the back, leaving Jericho unsure on Shawn's injury. Fake.. Not Fake?

4. Randy Orton v. C.M. Punk: We go from Match of the Night, to Why continue to Push shit? The fans didn't really seem into this match, yet Punk tried his hardest to continue trying to prove that he belongs. Orton did all he could to carry Punk as well, but 20,000 chinlocks and headlocks aren't all that impressive.

Right as Punk begins getting the upper hand, William Regal saves the day once again, as he comes out and says this is enough and the match is officially over! THANK YOU! (And the nerve of some people to claim Regal isn't impressive. Apparently those are the same people who think Punk is the future. :rolleyes:) I'm sure Punk's fans, (both of them) were very disappointed that they couldn't continue to watch paint dry.

5. J.B.L. v. D.H. Smith: J.B.L. picks up a nasty, what could only be described as stiff, victory, against the Canadian Hart Family member. That isn't the story to me, however. You see I didn't add J.B.L. to the promo list, however his promo was the one thing that was note-worthy about this entire match/segment.

I've heard a lot of promos in my day. I've seen a lot of heel heat/face pop, but without a doubt J.B.L. takes the cake in my opinion with his promo on the Hart's. Even "I" was outraged and pissed by the comments he made. None more so then his reference to the "Hart Family, being dead." Which is a huge no-no to me, considering who he was facing, and the tragedy regarding Owen.

J.B.L. definately sold being a very over heel with this promo, and might be lucky to make it out of Canada with full protection by several body-guards. Again, I understand it was just a promo, but holy crap was it ever a deep-felt, real to life promo.

The Promos/Segments:

Jericho/Regal: Regal asks Jericho if hes sure H.B.K. is faking the injury. Jericho claims that faking injuries is exactly what Shawn Michaels has always been about. Regal confirms that he hopes Jericho is right, because later tonight they're a team against the Tag Team Champions. And if H.B.K. isn't hurt, then Jericho will have nothing to worry about.

Trevor Murdoch/Trish Stratus/Ron Simmons: Trevor Brooks is backstage serenading the make-up lady (Janice, I believe for those who care) when we get a surprise appearance from Trish Stratus, who is speakless. This of course can lead to only one thing.. the second surprise appearance, and return, of Ron Simmons! DAMN!

Randy Orton: (before Punk match) Orton explains that Triple H. would love to lead everyone into believing that he had the match won, but come Judgment Day the 'Age of Orton' will resume. Meanwhile, he says tonight C.M. Punk is going to get a taste of the cold hard reality that will face him, if he decides to cash in the MITB case on Orton, after he regains his Championship at Judgment Day. (after Punk match) Orton is furious! He states that he respected Regal tonight, and he respected last week's decision to cut the lights, but two weeks in a row is uncalled for, and Orton is going to Regal's office to DEMAND an explanation!

Mike Adamle: Ladies and Gentlemen, the man who went from zero to everyone's new found heel announcer! Adamle confirms the suspicion of having the W.W.E. play off him being so horrible in real life, to actually now allow him to willingly screw-up, because he gets such a great heel reaction from the audience.

During the Handicap match, while Good ol' J.R. sat on his butt and twiddled his thumbs, Adamle was busting out classic phrases such as.. "We don't know anything about Cutler, other than his name rhymes with Butler." and lets not forget the beautiful gem that was "This is NOT a handicap match, because most the time Katie Lea is on the outside of the ring, and now, shes on the inside!?!?"

I swear, this is working beautifully as I'm already sold on this guy being so horrible hes great. I'm gonna love E.C.W. now. Tuning in just to hear the butcher job he'll pull.

Carlito's Cabana: Roddy Piper: Sadly last week wasn't just a one time appearance, as Piper feels that since Ric Flair is retired, the position of "old has-been" is open. Carlito expresses his dislike for what Piper did last week, in slapping Santino. Piper goes on to explain that hes beat Mr. T., Hulk Hogan AND Cancer! He then says he isn't afraid of the Super Mario brother. Carlito says hes lucky he wasn't there, otherwise he would've slapped Piper. Piper snaps back with Carlito's lucky he didn't bring any seagulls with him, to beat him up and make a nest in that thing Carlito calls hair.

This brings out Santino, who explains that it took Piper 8 years to become Intercontinental Champion, when Santino did it on his first night with the company. Piper snaps back with throwing Santino's recent arrest in his face, and that prompts things to get a bit ugly.

And when you think about ugly, of course you have to think about Wet Dreams, Cody Rhodes! Who explains that while Hardcore Holly might not be there with them, Cryme Tyme are. Carlito & Santino take a backdoor exit, while Cryme Tyme and Piper, along with C-Money all bust a move in the ring. (Piper may of broke a hip too, although it wouldn't be the first time)

Regal/E.C.W. Roster: Pep-talk before the big Main Event. Regal says that he will not tolerate disrespect, and E.C.W. has a chance to prove tonight that they aren't just the 3rd brand, but instead that they have the chance to get a legit pinfall victory over the W.W.E. Champion. They have a chance to remind everyone who they are. Regal says anything less than a victory, will be considered to him to be failure and disrespectful.

Main Event: Triple H. & Mr. Kennedy v. The E.C.W. Roster: Not very much time is left after the entrances. Sadly it took Triple H. and Mr. Kennedy longer to get to the ring then the entire E.C.W. Roster, and Kane who felt special with his only entrance.

Triple H. and Kennedy worked well together, although the crowd wasn't nearly as hyped for Kennedy this week as they were last week. (hmm, one week removed and his spark is already going out?) The E.C.W. wrestlers begin having issues between themselves. (Does this surprise anyone when a heel and face are paired together?) However in the end, it wasn't the new found Golden boy picking up the victory.. but instead, picking up the loss.

As Chavo Guerrero..... ..... GUERRERO! Picks up the pinfall victory over Mr. Kennedy Kennedy, with his frog splash. Directly after this, all hell breaks loose and this prompts the lights to once again go out. (Okay, I admit, Regal's light switch gimmick has already gotten old) As the lights come back on, Randy Orton delivers an R.K.O. to the W.W.E. Champion, and the show ends on a heel note.

Overall Thoughts: Best Raw in a long time. First and foremost, William Regal got massively over with "You suck" chants, and he seems to be falling in-line rather nicely as the next heel Main Event guy. Meanwhile, Kennedy's one night wonder that was last week.. came to an end tonight, as the fans didn't know whether to cheer him, boo him, or wait for Triple H. to give their cheers to.

For the Kennedy fans. (all thousand of you, who recently came out of the woodwork last week) I'll allow this to be chalked up as the random unknown that always seems to happen in Canada. (they really don't know who to cheer, boo, or react to in general.. right? :lmao:) Next week will give us a better glimpse at whether or not Kennedy's sudden impactful fame will continue, or if the night that wasn't in Canada wasn't a fluke, just like last week might have been.

I know people will bitch and complain, but screw them. John Morrison STOLE THE SHOW! "Hes never gonna be a Main Eventer." "He sucks, midcarder for life." "He doesn't have any charisma." "He doesn't have any talent." Do me a favor.. go watch your hero get pinned by Chavo Guerrero again, and when you're ready.. the band wagon for the real future, is waiting in JOHN MORRISON!...... MORRISON! :p

Not sure what to think of Trevor Murdoch, other than its apparent they'll push him as a singing act. W.W.E.'s answer to Jeff Jarrett? Trevor Murdoch = Ain't He Great?

Mike Adamle is my new favorite announcer. Seriously, its amazing how the guy doesn't have to change at all and gets instantly put over by replacing J.R., only to suddenly become the biggest heel announcer since Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan. (not nearly as good, mind you)

The Orton/Triple H. storyline is way beyond old, but the Regal/Triple H. seed was planted tonight. So much for that not happening, huh. Shit or not, its coming sooner than you want.

Overall, like I said. Best Raw in quite some time. I loved every aspect of it. Only downside, I wish they'd start giving Paul Burchill a push for the Intercontinental Championship. At least with Regal in charge, hes now appearing on each Monday Night Raw. (looks like that Regal faction might happen afterall)

05-06-2008, 01:38 AM
Oh for the love Christ....

I like HHH, I do. I really do. From way back when. But does he need to be a fucking glory hound?

Twice. Twice he stole Kennedy's show right from underneath him. Kennedy could have cut a great promo in the beginning of Raw when Regal made the main event. We know the man can talk on the mic. He used to have his own mic because he was so good at talking on it. So tonight Ken could have made the best of his situation. The cushy opening segment that the likes of Stone Cold and The Rock used to have to pop the crowd and set the tone for the rest of the night was his.

And what happens? HHH comes out and delivers the same promo he ALWAYS delivers.

But I accept it and move on. Because I say to myself Kennedy is going to get the win for his team. Maybe get to look just a little bit better than the champ, just for tonight. And I wait for it.

I sit through what felt like 3 hours of eye candy. I like Divas because they are nice to look at, but they aren't putting on 5 star matches. Couldn't we have cut this down and gotten a match showing off Kofi Kingston skills on the A show? I would have been down for that.

Then Mike Adamle, of all people, shows us how being a heel is really done. Probably the best segment of the night was him replacing JR, totally being terrible and getting heat like a dog in July. Also we see Katie Lea, who creative looks at and says "What if Lita was British?" If Paul Burchill is playing the part of Essa Rios, who will be Katie's new Hardy's?

Then we're are truly entertained by 2 greats, a rising superstar and a Miz who managed to not piss me off as much as I expected. And we did get a great tag team match. Which sadly did nothing to help the fledgling tag team division. What would have been cool, though not as a good a match, would have been Miz and Morrison vs Cody and Holly. To try and spice up 2 sets of meaningless titles.

I hate CM Punk. I don't like what he looks like, sounds like, wrestles like...I don't like him with a fox, I don't like him in a box...can we give MITB to anybody else? Give it to Adamle for all I care. He sparks a reaction when he comes out at least. But Randy vs Punk doesn't matter because Regal says its over.

Regal and Adamle are the two main event heels in the WWE. Almost as shocking as the day Eric Bischoff hugged Vince.

Now for the biggest waste of the night: JBL vs DH Smith. JBL cuts a boring promo and destroys the Canadian Bulldog. Yawn. Too bad Teddy Hart is gone, maybe if he wasn't DH and Nattie would be doing more than their current nothingness.

But we also got a long awaited and much needed DAMN! A nice reminder of how hot Trish is and how little the Women's Title means now that her and Lita are gone. We got a Carlito's Cabana that actually was really entertaining except for the part where Cody was given a mic. He's no Dusty when it comes to being a talker, but maybe it'll come with time. And Piper is always nice to see. I mark for guys in Kilts I guess.

And now for the moment we've all been waiting for, we get to watch the Main Event. And we get to see Kennedy get pinned by Chavo freaking Guerrero. Eddie isn't coming back. And Chavo is not EVER going to be another Eddie. And it sickens me that I watched, who I thought was the next big face on Raw, lose any and all momentum he had by being pinned by Chavo.

And why did I see this? Because HHH stole Kennedy's spot FOR THE SECOND TIME. After Kennedy loses to a guy nobody cares about, HHH steals the end of the show, hogs his spotlight and is met with an RKO for his troubles. And do you know what will happen next week? The same thing that happens every week, HHH will once again be the star of Raw, and Kennedy will decide if he wants to wipe his ass front to back or back to front as he watches WWE fans around the world stop caring about him for the 27th time.

Raw was better than usual. Trevor Murdoch sang to me. I could swear he looked into my eyes as he was singing. My girlfriend tells me I'm crazy but I could swear he sang to me. But Kennedy loses his steam and I'm left holding my junk in my left hand as my right hand scratches my head. When will they get it right?

05-06-2008, 09:22 AM
i was at the air canada centre last nite for raw, was my 1st show so found it pretty decent, biggest pops of the night were:

1) Y2J
2) HHH
3) Piper
4) Whenever Flair was on screen
5) Believe it or not cryme tyme


1) Regal
2) Cena on screen, crowd was baying for blood
3) JBL
4) Orton
5) Vince

After raw ended and orton was standing over HHH, Y2J's music hit, orton was facing him as he was on the ramp, orton turned around and HHH hit the pedigree! Y2J & HHH shook hands and then Lilian said Jericho will now take on orton in a IC tite match, was a good back and forth match but of course Jericho being in toronto, he won, orton went for the RKO & Jericho pulled out and hit the codebreaker for the pin fall!

Overall pretty decent show, not sure how it came off on tv, but in person it was pretty decent, except for regals antics but obviously by the end they do make sense to set up for the RKO!

Heard alot of fans really angry that cena wasnt there, which makes me laugh coz if he was they would of all just booed him anyways!

Mighty NorCal
05-07-2008, 07:22 AM
NorCal's NightCap

Honestly, I felt this was one of the best RAW's in a long time. Hot crowd, unexpected turns, storyline progression. good times.

Show opens with a badass rpomo involving Regal acting like a fool, only to be interuppted by KENNEDAAAYYY to a huge pop, and a Kennedy chant. Basically states that Regal is an asshat, and wants to fight him. Regal belittles Kennedy, and then Trips comes out, to yet another resounding pop. good times ha dby all, as the Kennedy-Triple H coaltion is looking to lead the revolotion.

Beth and Mickie had a decent girlie match, both looked dizam good :) Mickie picks up the win, in a very weak fashion. I can understand not having her go over in dominant fashion, but making it look THAT flukey, like she didnt do it on her own, is a bit much IMO.

Purchill and Katie squashed a loal guy. goodness, they need to use this guy as an enforcer for Regal. The set up is so damn easy for a stable, its sickening. Regal goes for the WWE title, Burchill wins the IC, Lea takes the womens, DH Smith and Mcintyre take the tag belts. Its so easy, its no wonder WWE hasnt figured it out :rolleyes: . This jobber sucked, totally fucked up the curb stomp and made it look stupid. Moron.

Next we had a pretty decent tag match, between some of the best of the present, and the future, between Morrison-Miz and HBK, Y2J. Couldve been a ton better if it wasnt for this whole HBK is hurt angle, but good showcasing regardless, and Morrison sold the superkick well.

Orton Vs Crowd Mute Punk was...erm...I dont even remember this match. seriously. Have no idea what happened besides a lot of headlocks, and regal turning the lights out. thumbs to Regal for turning the lights out on this match. well done sir.

JBL whips the shit outta DH Smith. The promo he cut before the match was completely out of control LOL. I cant belive the live crowd didnt get more fired up, becuase he said some pretty crazy shit. The canadian Bulldog is actually a pretty slick name. woud be much better served to a technical shoot style wrestler, not to mention one who wasnt a jobber getting his ass deciamted by JBL, or by whomever this week on heat.

The ME was decent, as Kennedy tries his best but succumbs to chaos and finishers. Not a bad finish, furthers Regal as using his power (I guess he DOES have a stable now...its ECW lol) and Orton as sneaking up on Triple H. Regals tyrant charcter gets over a little more, and I guess they sorta (not that I belive it at all but I see the point) cuased doubt as to wether Trips will be able to handle Orton in 2 weeks.

I really enjoyed this show, and they made everything progress. The JD ME, the Regal character, and the Kennedy face movement. good show.

Mighty NorCal
05-13-2008, 09:51 AM
NorCal's NightCap

Welp, due to a high intensity confrontation with the female who resides in my place of living I only saw the second hour.

Actually, I showed up just as Jeff Hardy's music came on!!! While im not a huge fan of the guy, I enjoy and appreciate the energy he brings to a show, and a crowd. And he had a fucking ridiculous shirt on to boot. LIke seriously, WTF was he thinking when he picked that one out??? He comes back to, of all things, pretty much squash Umaga :lmao: I really dont get why that needed to happen. It didnt benefit Hardy any, and Make Umaga look totally ridiculous. eh.

Cade turned on Murdoch. bout damn time. Im not sure why agents are so high on Cade. He has a puffy face. So therefore I find it hard to take him seriously for some reason. Cant see either of them really going any place, and way to weaken the tag division further by getting rid of one of the last proper teams. See you both on heat soon guys.

Orton and Cena have a pretty damn good match, and Cena's face pops are getting continually stronger. Orton debuts new music, and I need further evaluation before I can offer an opinion. Show goes off the air in a fairly predictable manner, with Cena and JBeezy brawling to the back, and Trips and Orton fighting in a cage that wasnt connected to the ring for no reason :wtf:.....Okaaaaaaayyyy...:rolleyes:

Overall, a decent hour. Lots of pointless, non progressive shit by WWE lately. Ok build and lead in to JD...for two matches....

05-13-2008, 11:08 AM
Pretty decent Raw, a downfall from last week IMO. The opening segment i thought was great with regal making Lillian sing "God save the Queen". Major heat. And then when Cena's music hit, i of course grunted as he has NOTHING to do with regal, or at least the apparent storyline with Kennedy (which nothing happened tonight as far as that feud), or even Hunter. Cena "saves the day" i guess, but really didnt see the purpose other than to put Cena more over with the crowd. The tag team match was ok, just furthered the storyline tween Santino and Hot Rod. The Kennedy/Snitsky match was ok, Kennedy looked pretty good, but i guess this was Regal's way of getting at Kennedy??? Didnt make sense, but then again i remembered we're dealing with WWE writers. Hardy's return was pretty nice, but hate what they're doing with Umaga which is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! i like Umaga, and think it's a waste what WWE is doing. get with draft already and send him to SD. The HBK/Jericho segment was pretty good. Figured something was up when JR said his right leg was injured and HBK came out playing the left leg as injured. The Orton/Cena match was pretty good up till the interferences. Orton's new song didnt strike me the first time, but have to give it a few more listens to completely base my judgment. Show ended how i expected with the exception of the broken steel cage. Don't know what the deal was with that. All in all, i still probably wont buy the PPV sunday as i've no interest in HHH/Orton or any of the other matches really, but i dunno we'll see. Decent Raw, see ya next week

05-13-2008, 04:30 PM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: May 12th, 2008

Opening Segment: The show opens once again in darkness, until William Regal brings up the lights and proceeds to have Lillian sing "God Save The Queen." From this point Regal goes on to say he will not have the lights shut out, however he does have the authority to throw disrespectful people out of the building.

This leads to him wondering aimlessly around ringside until he just out of shear accident :rolleyes: happens to find Mickie James' brother and girlfriend. At which point he has them tossed out of the building to be made an example of. This of course brings Mickie James out, pleading with Lord Regal to allow them to stay. Regal tells Mickie that if she does not remove herself from the ring, she will be stripped of the Women's Championship.

This brings up John Cena's music, as the mystery man who hasn't been seen in the previous few weeks returns. Cena says typically hes ready to fight when he comes to the ring, but tonight he wants to talk man-to-man to Lord Regal. Cena says he can relate to Regal, in giving your best only to hear "You Suck" in return. This leads to Cena popping a lame Mr. McMahon/sex joke.

Cena then decides to read random internet fan comments about how horrible Regal's been as a General Manager and KOTR. First fan.. claims its so horrible, its like comparing Raw to W.C.W. Thunder. Second fan.. claims its so bad, hes going to attempt getting a "Fire Regal" chant going in every arena Raw goes to. Final fan.. (from Iowa, no less) claims that Regal as G.M. is like pooping in your mouth, and thinking its Ice Cream.

Instead of Lord Regal viciously firing off on John Cena, he in turn says he wants respect so he'll give it. He says tonight, Cena v. Orton.. and if anyone not apart of the match interferes, they'll be suspended. Furthermore, Regal says (again) that he won't turn the lights off during any match tonight. He hopes hes earned some respect and with that, takes a leave.

Naturally, Cena can't just leave well enough alone and has to be a dick. Cena says that Regal didn't earn respect, he did a couple good deeds. Cena points out that at the beginning of the show, Regal had Lillian sing "God Save The Queen." And because of that, Regal needs to understand its not about where you're from, but instead where you're at. And they're in Detroit. Home of crime, a flopping Football team, and Ford cars. (of course Cena pointed out the positives.) This lead to Lillian singing "R.E.S.P.E.C.T." by Aretha Franklyn, and the segment ending.

The Matches:

1. Tag Team Championships: Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly v. Carlito & Santino Marella: The match that took 4 monthes in the making. And still didn't make a Pay Per View spot. Wow.. So apparently, Santino wanted Rodney the Piper to sit at ringside. Apparently so it would give us all a reason to see a rematch between these two teams in another 6 month build.

The match itself was pretty weak, and overall exactly why it wasn't made into a Pay Per View match. The finish came when Santino ended up getting distracted by Roddy Piper, which lead to allowing Cody to connect with a D.D.T. and pick up the victory. (So much for building Carlito & Santino as any type of team)

2. Snitsky v. Mr. Kennedy: You're kidding, right? For 2 straight weeks, since his return, Kennedy and William Regal have had a good thing going with their feud. Apparently 3 weeks straight is a bit much, as Kennedy is now beating a jobber, and cutting a promo just to hope people don't forget who he is.

The reason this is pathetic, is because I'm still getting Kennedy marks telling me how its a HUGE thing for Kennedy to defeat guys like Snitsky, cause its a "slow build" and you can't just give him the Main Event spot instantly. Of course this is also coming from the same group of idiots claiming that Kennedy should've won last week's Main Event match, or at least NOT took the pin. So which is it boys? Kennedy defeating jobbers, or losing to whole rosters? You can't have both.

3. Beth Phoenix & Melina v. Mickie James & Maria: Very short match. Beth gets hit off the apron, accidentally, by Melina.. which results in her leaving Melina in a one on two handicap style situation. Mickie James and Maria pick up the victory, as Melina is left to wonder why her partner just left her in the ring.

4. Jeff Hardy v. Umaga: JEFF HARDY'S BACK! (So much for Mr. What's his name) Hardy attempts cutting a promo explaining that he did some wrong deeds and paid the price, but hes back now and wants to win the Intercon.. (he claims his mic was cut off, but my theory is hes been stuck in midcard hell for so long, he forgot when he was last there.. he was competing for the Heavyweight Title)

Regal cuts his mic. Then sends the returning Umaga to dispatch of Mr. Hardy. This turns into a match, which turns into Jeff Hardy's first win since returning. So Umaga is now officially pointless and worthless on Raw, much like Snitsky.. only without the horrible teeth.

5. Cryme Tyme v. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch: The confusion match of the night. Cade & Murdoch back together, so it seemed. Dispite NO explanation on their patch-up.

Rather one sided match, as Cade & Murdoch seem to be a 'well-oiled machine' as they work great together, picking up the victory with Murdoch getting the win this time. Cade is fired up and says that he'd be honored if Murdoch sang their victory song.

Murdoch begins singing, and upon finishing the song, receives a beatdown from Cade apparently, officially, ending their partnership.. for the second time. (I'm pretty sure this time its done)

The Promos:

Santino Marella: Marella is upset over Piper getting involved in the match and apparently costing Carlito & him the Championships. Marella says he's looking for Piper, and when he finds him.. he'll hurt him worse than a coconut to the head. (Apparently this is leading to a Roddy Piper v. Santino match-up, yay.)

Mickie James/John Cena: Mickie wants to thank Cena for saving her earlier in the night. She claims her brother is a big fan. (she's clearly lying) Then asks if Cena would like to join them? Cena does his best Lance Storm impression, claiming that he has to remain 100% focused on his job and that if he doesn't remain focused he will lose. She asks if hes joking, he says yes. (who knew?) Then he says he'll join them for two reasons. 1. Her Brother's a fan... 2. Her Brother's a fan! (yes, both reasons were Cena in shock over having a fan) Cena warns James that he gets pretty wild, she replies with being able to do wild. :eek3:

Chris Jericho/Shawn Michaels: Jericho states that he'd like to apologize to Shawn Michaels for thinking he was faking an injury. He says that 72% of the fans knew he wasn't, and Jericho thought he was, but now believes after last week that he wasn't. He then goes on to say that if H.B.K. doesn't wanna cancel their match Sunday, then he will.

This brings Shawn to the ring, in which H.B.K. claims for the first time (hahahaha thats funny) in his career, he was faking an injury. Jericho feels H.B.K. is now trying to use mind games on Jericho, for the p.p.v. and claims it'll work on people like Tista, but not him. He then says H.B.K. has to try harder.

That leads to a Shawn Michaels Superkick, which then leads to H.B.K. telling Jericho.. "Trust me, when I tell ya, I'm not hurt." :confused:

Okay, so I completely don't understand whats going on here. Jericho's tweener, then hes face, then hes heel, then tweener, now H.B.K. faked an injury which is a heel tactic, yet Jericho's the guy getting booed anyways. WTF?!

Beth Phoenix/Melina: Beth comes up to Melina & Jillian backstage, when Melina flips out on wanting to know why Beth just left her. Beth claims Melina didn't accidentally cost her the title last week, but instead feels she'd have a better chance of winning the Women's Championship from Mickie James, than from Beth Phoenix. This leads to Melina & Beth getting into a brawl. (what a strange night for confusion on faces, tweeners, and heels)

Main Event: Randy Orton v. John Cena: Not long after the match begins, does Lord Regal interrupt and declare that the official in the match isn't doing a proper job and as such, J.B.L. will replace him as the main official. Cena naturally throws his arms up, knowing all along it was coming.

Before J.B.L. can do a thing, upon entering the ring, Cena just decides to strike an official right off the bat. (well thats not sportsman like) As soon as Cena turns around, he gets hit with an R.K.O. and a fast count, giving Orton the win... then the two on one beat-down of Cena begins. Triple H. comes to Cena's aid, as J.B.L. and Cena brawl away from the ring, meanwhile the cage above the ring lowers as H.H.H. and Orton brawl inside it. The show ends when Orton gets out of the cage, while H.H.H. stands on the top of it.

Overall Thoughts: All good things must come to an end. That should really be the W.W.E. slogan when promoting monthly shows. They started out good, with two solid weeks of programming, and the show before their Pay Per View.. it was filled with shit matches, squash matches, a return, and a bunch of B.S. in between.

The Cena/Regal promo to start the show was half assed, and Regal didn't show ANY authority dispite Cena clearly "punking" him out by saying he better realize where he is, otherwise those people will "eat him alive." PLEASE. Regal is the power on Raw.. any ONE individual threatening to touch him will be tossed in a flat second, Cena included. So I doubt Regal should FEAR anything.. therefore, why make it seem like he feels threatened?

I'm sick of the Tag Team division in the W.W.E. in general. SD is trying, Raw is failing, badly. Carlito & Santino losing.. its understandable, but WAY TOO DRAWN OUT for them to lose in the end. This feud started in March, if not sooner. I know it was before Mania. So whats the point of having the heels lose? If they were meant to lose.. why not just job them instantly? Apparently they felt having this draw out forever would build Santino & Carlito into a worthy team, dispite the loss in the end. haha WRONG.

Then, Cryme Tyme (who honestly aren't great by any means) randomly get jobbed to a team that BREAKS UP afterward. Because THAT made sense. Cade gets the heel push to nowhere, while Murdoch begins announcing with Lillian and they'll likely have a duet's album out later this summer.

I'm not sure if they're leading to a 3-way with Beth v. Mickie v. Melina, but if so.. neither Beth or Melina have what it take to become a face, thereby making it heel v. heel v. face.. yet both heels are apparently disliking the other about as much as a heel would a face. Completely bonkers.

Kennedy fans need to take the blinders off and get with the program. If the guy is getting a push, then I'M HAPPY FOR HIM.. but winning endlessly over jobbers, then jobbing to Main Eventers is Kennedy becoming the NEXT UMAGA! Kennedy marks are worse than Hardy marks lately.

Speaking of which, that brings us to WHY Kennedy was likely picking up a pointless victory. Hardy's suspension was up today, and they wasted NO time bringing him back. Honestly, I was shocked. But now that I think more about it.. it shows truly how much faith the W.W.E. has in guys like Regal, Kennedy and even Orton & J.B.L.. because clearly Hardy will shoot back up the ladder into the Main Event spot he was once at.

I'm honestly confused with where they're going with Shawn Michaels, other than likely another Batista match at One Night Stand as a result of all of this. Furthermore, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see Shawn get a "real" injury at Judgment Day.. then play off the "crying wolf" storyline. Apparently W.W.E.'s creative staff are now getting their ideas out of children's stories. NICE! (next week Cena will come out in a hat, with a fish)

Overall, I was not impressed with Raw this week. It completely lacked the edge, the feel for a big time show before a Pay Per View. I feel bad for them, because they (to me) were on such a great role.

05-15-2008, 08:11 PM
I somewhat enjoyed Raw this week, but I have a confession to make. I am not a John Cena fan one bit, but when he came out to defend Mickie and confront Regal, I rejoiced. Regal made me loathe him which says he is doing his job. I am not sure if I should be ashamed of being glad Cena came out or not. On the HBK/Y2J, I thought HBK was lying, but after his confession, I wonder if he was lying. His confession seemed too laid-back and calm to be genuine, so now I think he was injured within the confines of the storyline. Jericho not buying it just added more to my doubt that HBK was confessing. The Murdoch/Cade had me confused a little bit with the victory and Cade being happy, but when Cade asked Murdoch to sing, it was made clear that they would split. I liked how they did it with the win and all. Like JR and King said, you see betrayals when you lose, not when you win. I was really surprised that HHH only came out for the last segment. Considering he's Champ, I thought he would've had more screen time. Let's see what happens at Judgment Day.

05-20-2008, 02:14 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: May 19th, 2008:

The Matches:

1. Jeff Hardy v. Umaga: The show kicks off with Jeff Hardy, still rolling from his victories over Umaga and M.V.P. from the 8 days past. Umaga apparently wanted revenge, as hes once again the opponent.

The match leaves little to the imagination on whether either man could hold a technically sound contest. Umaga, much like M.V.P. from the night before, controlled the pace and contest throughout the night. Hardy misses with a Whisper in the Wind, as both men wind up on the outside of the ring with the official quick counting to 10.

We get a double countout, as Umaga catches Jeff after he tried running on the guardrail, only to squash him like a bug against a windshield.

2. Beth Phoenix v. Maria: Melina is out first to do commentary. This match is all about (hopefully) building toward Phoenix v. Melina at One Night Stand. Melina expresses that Phoenix is crazy, because she still holds her hands up as if she's still the Champion. She also points out that it was her that carried their Tag matches, and she's always forgiven Beth for her mistakes, yet Beth can't forgive Melina for one.

The actual match was nothing more than a squash on Maria, while Melina talked. The only note worthy thing was the slap Melina verbally gave Maria, when she said she refused to pose for Playboy because she wasn't that type of girl. The match itself ended with the "Glammaslam" and then another show of massive strength, as Beth locked in a great looking submission finisher.

After the match was over, Melina ran up the ramp behind Beth and clocked her with her boot, which only added fuel to the fire on this rivalry.

3. Chris Jericho v. Batista: Its not often that I give out two match of the night's to one person, but Chris Jericho really carried Batista in this match. The overall point was that the winner would face Shawn Michaels at One Night Stand.. therefore Batista's "I pick when" statement from Judgment Day was rather pointless.

Several missed finish opportunities, and the classic "knee injury" seems to be a running theme in this trio's feud, as all three men have now tried playing off legit knee injuries. Of course Jericho recovered rather quickly, whereas Batista is apparently playing off what could be considered "real."

In the end, Jericho attempted a hurricanrana, but Batista countered into a Batista Bomb and scored the victory. Shawn Michaels came out on the stage and seemed somewhat concerned with knowing he'd once again have to face Batista. My personal opinion is Shawn is likely questioning how many more times he can escape having a successful match with Roid rage before he ends up with a real life injury from the Botchmaster.

4. You're Fired Match: Mr. Kennedy v. Lord Regal: One night shy of Judgment Day, two weeks early from One Night Stand. I'm completely curious where they're taking this angle, as I'm almost definate Regal won't stay "fired" for long.

The match itself could use a bit of work. And I'm giving Kennedy all the props in the world with the crowd noise he got tonight. By far, loudest (to me) yet. And while I still think they need to jerk his ass away from the brawler gimmick, his roundhouse kick is awesome! Regal controlled half of the match with part technical ability, part brawler instincts.

Toward the end of the match, Regal changed the rules (as I claimed he would a long time ago) and made the match a no disqualification match, so he could in turn use his knuckles. That however was short lived, as Regal decided to wait on Kennedy to get up, instead of taking the fight to him. As a result, we see a Mic-Check and here the fans explode into singing, as Regal seems confused on understanding that they actually loved seeing him fired, as opposed for giving him a standing ovation for being there. :lmao:


Batista/Jericho: Tista joins Jericho in the lockerroom and feels that it'd be the wiser choice if Jericho just didn't show up for the match. He said he seen the match H.B.K. and he had at Judgment Day, and he felt Jericho wasn't 100%, much less capable of wrestling Batista tonight.

Jericho felt it was cocky of Tista to say such things, and said he might not be in the best condition, but perhaps he wants to take Batista out for the B-Bomb he got on the Highlight Reel, or perhaps he wants to take his frustrations out on Batista tonight, in building to Shawn for the p.p.v.

Regal/Kennedy/McMahon: Regal is in the ring, as he announces the Main Event, as well as the Hardy/U'manga' O.N.S. match. Regal expresses to J.B.L. & Orton that if they win, they each get their respective rematches, however if they lose, then Cena v. H.H.H. will happen.

After that bit, Mr. Kennedy once again interrupts Regal, as the storyline is apparently not over. Kennedy said that since Regal was handing out matches, he wanted his match request that he'd be asking for, to be answered. Regal said that Kennedy still doesn't get it, and he is beneath him. He also said that for interrupting him, there will be severe consequences. Regal goes on to say that hes so outraged, that the next person who interrupts him, will be fired on the spot.

Unfortunately for William Regal, the next person to do such a thing, happened to be HIS boss, Mr. McMahon. Kennedy, being the dick that he is, got in McMahon's face and said he was in big trouble, then proceeded to tell Regal to let him have it. McMahon put Kennedy in his place, then proceeded to do the same for Regal.

He expressed that while he backed Regal as G.M., they've received more complaints about Regal than anyone else in the history of the W.W.E. And McMahon also said hes mainly about the money, and dispite Regal being on a role with great matches.. for some reason, the ratings always drop when Regal's 'on-camera.' McMahon feels that its because the people dispise and hate him so much, they simply change the channel because they can't stand him. So as a result, hes going to make a ratings grabber of a match. Regal v. Kennedy, with the loser being fired.

Mickie James/Katie Lea: Mickie is looking on backstage, when shes interrupted by Katie Lea. Lea says that sometime soon she'll become the next Women's Champion, and she says it'll be for the best as she'll bring a bit of class to the Championship. Mickie asks how she figures, as Lea explains she feels Mickie is sleeping her way to the top. As Katie walks off, Mickie's bold statement consisted of "Whatever." (hahaha Go Katie, you tell that slag! Thats what she gets for trying to STFU Cena.)

Shawn Michaels/Regal: Michaels bumps into Regal, as he says that for once he'll get to sit back and watch Regal compete, much like Regal did the night prior. Regal replies to H.B.K., explaining that while he might have the night off tonight, he will be wrestling at One Night Stand against Jericho or Batista.. in a Stretcher's Match. H.B.K. has a somewhat worried look on his face.

McMahon/Ted DiBiase: As Regal is about ready for his match, he wanted to have one more word with Mr. McMahon who was a bit busy with the return of the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase. Regal seemed somewhat upset and jealous of Ted being there, as he left. The segment ended with McMahon discussing his money with DiBiase. (Where is THIS leading?)

Piper's Pit: I'm not even truly wanting to explain all of this, but the short of it is Santino takes up the role of playing 'Rodney the Piper' and introduces his guest, Cousin Sal. Santino runs his mouth to Sal, who returns with the same about how Santino has failed to do everything he set forth to do. Become a Tag Team Champion, (He's working on it) defeat Steve Austin, (It was a draw) and sleep with a Playmate.

Santino laughs at this one, until Sal informs him that he spoke with Maria backstage, and she informed him that he was hung like a 4th grader. Santino quickly expresses that 4th graders are maturing very quickly for their age, he apparently has photos. Que a Ron Simmons "Damn" clip and we're continuing.

In the end, it was the real 'Rodney the Piper' who once again took a cake in the ring, as Sal shoved it into Santino's face. Somehow in the end, a match between Santino Marella v. Cousin Sal was made. (PLEASE, don't let it be on Pay Per View)

Regal/Teddy Long: Regal, following his loss, is pleading for Mr. McMahon to open Regal's office door. As the door finally opens, Regal is shocked and surprised with what he sees. As the camera turns slightly, and the 'figure' walks out of the room, we see its Teddy Long, who will apparently take over the Raw G.M. side of things.

Triple H.: Trips is asked if Orton & J.B.L. have an advantage since Cena & Trips aren't the best of friends. H.H.H. says that while its not a secret that He and Cena don't get along, he doesn't feel Orton and J.B.L. are going on lunch dates either. He goes on to express that the night prior, both Cena and himself picked up victories, so that (to him) gives them the advantage. He finishes with saying be it Orton, or Cena, the one thing that remains true is that Triple H. is the best in the business.

Main Event: Extreme Implications Match: Triple H. & John Cena v. J.B.L. & Randy Orton: The match opens with Cena and Orton, which I never thought I'd be as thankful for seeing as I was. Both seem evenly matches, as they both tag out. Upon this happening, Triple H. takes complete control of the match.

The ending saw Cena lock in the S.T.F.U. on J.B.L., as H.H.H. chased Orton around the ring. As Orton rolled back in, he took the opening and punted Cena, as Triple H. and Orton once again squared off, leaving J.B.L. to pick up the pinfall, setting up a pair of rematches to make Judgment Day completely worthless and utterly pointless. J.B.L. wants first blood, while Orton wants a Last Man Standing match. They end the show with both men owning Triple H. and John Cena.

Overall Thoughts: Building Hardy/Umaga for the p.p.v. is about like building Triple H. v. Orton. Even if its a gimmick, you clearly know which one is coming out on top and all its going to do is create a filler spot for the jobbing opponent.

I'm personally loving the fact that they're now bringing in Katie Lea into the Women's Championship picture. This is four of the top talented divas, with Jillian next in line as the 5th. I doubt we'll get two diva matches on Pay Per View, but each feud - Phoenix/Melina and Lea/James are matches I'm completely looking forward to.

They showed clips of Cade/Murdoch, as I assume they wanted to keep it fresh, without wasting television time on either of them personally. I'm still unclear what they fully think either could do as a single's Superstar.

Would it be shocking to discover Jericho finds his way into the Batista/H.B.K. match, at One Night Stand? I mean does anyone truly wanna see Tista v. H.B.K. 2? And a Triple Threat Stretcher match seems very interesting.

Regarding Maria/Santino.. How does Maria know how 4th grader's are hung to begin with? As far as Santino and Sal go, well all I can say is.. this is W.W.E. meets W.C.W., they had Dennis Rodman, Karl Malone, and Jay Leno. We have Cousin Sal.

I'm almost dreading the entire week that I have to put up with hearing about Kennedy finally winning a match that meant something. When the sad, pathetic truth of it is.. Regal will either A.) Return, or B.) Honestly stay gone forever because the fans dispised him so much. Either way, I won the debate I was expressing.. which is Regal becoming a great heel. And face facts, I don't know how much bigger of a heel you have to be, for an entire federation's fan base to WANT to see you gone. Thats downright "hatred." And if its even remotely true, then Regal is going to go down in history as the greatest heel to ever play the fans.

However, when (not if) Regal returns, the match with Kennedy will likely be on Pay Per View, at which point Regal will go over. So, Kennedy wins a Raw match that "ended" Regal's career, for what I assume will be roughly 1-2 weeks. Regal returns, gets a rematch, wins over Kennedy on Pay Per View.. and my other point gets proven, in which its actually Kennedy's "band wagon" of new found fans, that boast him, to put Regal over.. instead of the other way around. Yet, "I'M" the moron because Regal lost the first match.. :rolleyes: Storyline isn't over, boys.

Speaking, however, of storylines that should be well beyond over. Triple H. v. Orton, A-F*CKING-GAIN! Seriously, how utterly useless and pointless was it to have a Steel Cage match at Judgment Day, when this feud extends to where it unofficially began, in a Last Man Standing match. At least I understand J.B.L. v. Cena 2, although the First Blood gimmick is completely retarded.

Overall, Raw has regained my full attention with most of their shock-value matches and storylines. Outside of H.H.H. v. Orton, for the 40974074900972 fucking time, I'm interested in every storyline. I give tonight's Raw a 9 outta 10 rating.

05-26-2008, 10:07 PM
Alright everyone here we go with another exciting edition of Monday Night Raw. By now Im sure you know how it goes I'll give my thoughts on the night's events and rate them on a scale from 0-5. The overall show rating is the average of all the rating combined. Tonight I'll start off with hmmm.... Promos.

Promo1: Orton and HHH: For the love of God how many times are we going to have to sit through an Orton/HHH promo. They not only have gotten really stale, but they are literally the same thing over and over. If I had a recording from the 1st time these guys had a Last Man Standing Match, I could play the promos leading up to them and they would probably be word for word. So for me the show started off kinda crappy. Orton's promos I feel are not really improving exactly, but he has been adding a lot more emotion into them which is great. The promo starts the show off at a solid 1 out of 5.

Promo 2 Cousin Sal and Piper: Could they have drawn out that stupid thing any longer than they did. I had to include it as a promo cause it took so damn long and really wasted a slot that could have been used for a match... I give it a 0 out of 5 cause I just despise when WWE wastes show time like that, not to mention I don't think too many people actually cared about it.

Promo 3 JBL/Vince/Mickie: Funniest quote of the night found right in this lil thing by JBL. I don't remember it exactly, but it had something to do with a pinata. I give it a 2 out of 5.

Promo 4 Vince's Announcment: Well we finally have our draft. In four weeks things will finally be shaken up once again, and I think I say for everyone, it's about time. I was happy about that. However..... I found the surprise very stupid. Giving away 1 million at each Raw... They hyped it up to be so huge... Just ugh... 1 out of 5 and it gets that only cause of the draft coming otherwise it'd be a 0...

Promo 5 Cryme Tyme: Same old stuff here. Y2J asks Vince for a rematch with HBK... Then we have Cryme Tyme do they're stupid money money thing... OLD NEWS... 0 out of 5...

Despite the lack of great promos, the matches tonight were all right. There was not one that I didn't see as not needed.

Match 1 Jillian Hall vs Melina: I like the fact that they are making Melina seemingly go face. Her and Beth will I think be able to have a pretty intense feud. As for this match though. It was certainly not a blockbuster by any means, but it was needed. Since Beth proved last week she can destroy Maria. Melina needed to have a match this week and... Whata shock win by submission. I was rather entertained the whole time though and Beth was great at ringside. I give it a solid 3 out of 5.

Match 2 Londrick vs Rhodes and Holly: We've seen it before, but it still was an alright match. Lonrick did they're usual high flying stuff which is always sick to see. A decent amount of back and forth action, and Londrick getting a damn close near win. The real treat came after Rhodes and Holly retained when Ted Dibiase introduced his son, who looks like Orton as the newest member of the Raw roster. The match... I give it a 2 out of 5.

Match 3 Cena and Jeff Hardy vs Umaga and JBL: I must go on the record and say this. Since Cena has not been in the title picture I have had no problem with him other than his entrance theme. This match the fans I think were into the most. Primarly for the fact that it was Cena and Hardy. The ending looked kind of sloppy, but it may have supposed to look like that. JBL actually picked up the pin on Hardy after Umaga derailed himself and Cena. Good match with a lot of back and forth action. Still waiting to see the day Hardy goes for a Whisper In The Wind and JBL boots him 1/2 way. I give it a 4 out of 5

Kennedy vs Carlito: Another match that had to happen. After knocking Regal off last week they could not have Kennedy be on Raw. So he owned Carlito in a rather quick, but still good match. Afterwards the Burchills owned Kennedy setting up both of they're next feuds. Alright match gets a 2 out of 5 and I have realitivly high hopes for this feud after pondering it.

Y2J vs HBK: Finally a rematch that I get to see. Huzzah. I loved the match. I have not gotten to see HBK vs Y2J since before Y2J left a few years back. So happy to see it. The match I thought was excellent. Great ending with both guys trying signature moves and dodging them all. I was not happy about the double count out due to the Walls on the floor. Y2J I thought was going to crack HBK with the chair, but hey I'm liking the possible heel, possible face thing for Y2J. He helped HBK back to his feet so... I give the match a 5 out of 5. Great main event for the show!

Alright that's my take on everything. Now for the overall rating... We have.... a.... 2 out of 5. We can thank the promos for that rating. They were IMO horrendous. The matches though were great. WWE please fix your promos!!!!! If they amped them up just a bit this could easily had been a 4-5 show for me...

05-26-2008, 11:21 PM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: May 26th, 2008:

Opening Segment: Raw opens with Mr. McMahon on the tron. He explains that while William Regal got exactly what he deserved last Monday, are we the 'fans' getting what we deserve? He continues to express how we deserve action, excitement, drama, etc, etc, and appreciation. So McMahon says that he will show us appreciation, even if it means doing something thats never been done before in the history of the W.W.E.

In connection to the opening segment, they begin the show with a Face Off between the W.W.E. Champion and Challenger, Triple H. and Randy Orton. The first question is to Randy, and its asked how he feels he can beat Triple H... Orton says that its just like all the other times, everyone overassumes and under-estimates everything Orton has done. Why can't it just be said that Orton has already proved how much of a threat he is, and instead everyone continues to want something more. Orton says that Sunday, the joke is over & the laughing will stop.

Triple H. counters back by saying the people laugh at Orton, because hes a pussy. H.H.H. says that he isn't under-estimating anything Orton can do, however. H.H.H. knows how great Orton is, even more than Orton does. Triple H. says all those times Orton said he was the best, he felt that it wasn't Orton trying to convince the fans of it, it was him trying to convince himself. Triple H. continues to exclaim that in order to be the best, you have to thrive on competition, you have to accept everything that comes your way.

Orton fires back with the greatest point of all. How can Triple H. of all people claim thats the truth, when so many times in the past, whenever a threat has come up. Triple H. either brings it close and becomes friends with it, or eliminates it quickly, before it can build a serious threat. He uses Shawn Michaels as the first example, claiming that the only reason H.H.H. and H.B.K. are friends again, is because H.H.H. knows H.B.K. can defeat him, so he wants to make sure that threat isn't there.

Orton continues, using Evolution as the next example, saying that Triple H. put together the greatest faction in history, the biggest group of power, ever. Orton says he (H.H.H.) did that, so he wouldn't have to worry about facing them. And one by one, Orton, Batista, Flair, all became a threat, Triple H. took them out one by one, until the threat wasn't there anymore.

The segment ends on a Triple H. note of -- "This Sunday, one of two things will happen. Either the 'Age of Orton' will resume. Or it'll be as if it never happened."

The Matches:

1. Jillian Hall v. Melina: Beth Phoenix is doing commentary for this match, as Melina gets a nice face welcome from the Denver crowd. (Its surreal to hear them cheering Melina) Jillian says that while she loves Melina, she feels that at One Night Stand, in the I Quit match, Melina has 'No Chance In Hell' as she breaks into song.

Melina & Jillian have an okay match, but it wasn't without its fair share of botched moved. Nothing above average in this match, as its just a small statement from Melina, to Beth, proving that she can stand toe to toe with the monster diva in the brand. Melina wins with her old school submission finisher - the Kyrapractor/California Dreams.

2. World Tag Team Championships: Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes v. Paul London & Brian Kendrick: Holy crap, can you say super-sized burst of excitement?! MATCH OF THE NIGHT! Its definately rare that I'd give this to anyone, especially over a card that has Jericho/H.B.K. on it. But if you seen both, I'm sure you'd agree that this Tag Team match is exactly what the Tag Team division needs more of.

Great tags, fast paced action, and a superior finish! Kendrick & London looked very strong in this match and I thought for sure we had new Champions on the way, but in the end it was Holly who took advantage of London, as he (London) tried 'skinning the cat' back into the ring, but found himself on the wrong end of an Alabama-Slamma! Holly & Rhodes retain, in their best match yet!

3. John Cena & Jeff Hardy v. J.B.L. & Umaga: How funny is it that this match wasn't even half of what the above mentioned Tag Team contest was? Thats not just sad, its down right pathetic. This was a piss poor attempt at building off two feuds, going into Sunday's Pay Per View.

The match showed an equal amount of everyone getting their just shots in, as the ending saw Jeff Hardy take a slightly botched Clothesline From Hell. The only stupid thing I see is the opening bit with Cena seemingly too weak to lift Umaga. (Yet he was perfectly fine with picking Big Show up.) Overall, this was the worst match on the card to me. Still great for the two feuds, but nothing special.

4. Mr. Kennedy v. Carlito: With Regal, Kennedy is huge. Without him, hes defeating jobbers. This match was average at best, and I blame Carlito more than Kennedy. During the match, Carlito botched the roundhouse kick, which is the one move I enjoy by Kennedy. In the end, Kennedy connects with a Mic-Check, and picks up the victory.

But the fun didn't stop there, as my prayers were answered, and the greatest new Diva on Raw, Katie Lea interrupted Mr. Kennedy explaining that while most are thrilled with what Kennedy did, in ending Regal's career, some aren't.

This was followed by the greatest development of all. PAUL F*CKING BURCHILL delivering the shot of the night, to the back of Kennedy's head, and single-handedly continuing the Regal feud, as well as pushing what should be a decent mini-faction upon Regal's return. In the meanwhile, upon waiting for Regal's return, it looks as if Paul Burchill will get the push, which is the greatest news yet!

Main Event: Shawn Michaels v. Chris Jericho: While it wasn't the final thing to happen on the night, it was the last match, making it the Main Event. This would have to definately be considered an under-achivement of what they can do. While it was still a good match, it had a terrible ending, and anytime these two have a match, they deserve more time.

It started off pretty decent, and we seen a lot of what we've seen before from the two of them. Each man counters the others signature moves, and in the end, it was Chris Jericho locking in the Walls of Jericho on H.B.K. outside the ring, as the official counts both men out for a Double Countout finish.

Jericho refused to release the hold, and ends up shoving the official then grabbing a chair. As Jericho gets ready to swing, full force, he pulls back as if to question everything hes done. Jericho instead extends his hand, as H.B.K. looks on quite honestly scared for his life, as Jericho pulls him up, tosses the chair down, then walks away.


Jericho/Cryme Tyme/McMahon: McMahon is in the back with Jericho, asking what he feels Jericho would do, to make the fans feel appreciated. Jericho says he feels they'd wanna see Jericho v. H.B.K., tonight. McMahon makes the match. Jericho then expresses his ability to sing, and sadly enough I'm unsure if he was trying to sound just as horrible as Jillian or not, but I do like some Fozzy songs, and he definately shouldn't of tried doing McMahon's song.

This is followed by Cryme Tyme coming in, a small promo between all of them is cut, involving what I can only describe as utter shit, and Cryme Tyme leaves with Regal's old pictures, that they (during commercial) sell off.

Ted DiBiase/DiBiase Jr.: BEST PROMO OF THE NIGHT! After the Tag Team Championship match, the Million Dollar Man comes out and announces that the Tag Champs days our numbered, as he announces the newest Raw Superstar.. Ted muthaf*ckin' DiBiase ESQUIRE! (I marked incredibly hard for this shit)

TD2 cuts the greatest promo ever, in recent memory, and explains that Everyone has a price, except for him, because hes PRICELESS! (GREATEST TAG LINE, EVER!) The only flaw that leaves the door wide open, is typically when you challenge a Champion, its a Single's Champion. TD2 is one partner shy of having a complete team, so I'm very excited to see who he'll bring in, hopefully next week.

Roddy Piper/Cousin Sal: We go from the greatest debut and promo in recent memory, to the worst thing in wrestling, with the pathetic version of the "entertainment" aspect of it. Piper destroys Sal in a "training" session, while Jimmy Kimmel sits at ringside, eating popcorn and naming off retarded names, as he relates them to wrestling moves. :disappointed: Not only am I not a fan of this whole storyline, but this storyline alone is setting wrestling back by about 20 years.

Mickie James/J.B.L./McMahon: McMahon continues with asking the Superstars how they'd show appreciation, and apparently Mickie wants to single handedly go from High School to High School and fuck every jock there, since not only can she not SEE Cena, she can't find his penis either. :p

J.B.L. interrupts with the greatest segway possible, in expressing that he feels Mickie is wanting the divas to become an escort service. (NICE Smashley reference) Mickie says that was low, then J.B.L. says he has a better idea. Cut up the ring mat from One Night Stand, specifically the parts that'll have Cena's blood, and sell it.

He (J.B.L.) says that Mickie & Cena have exchanged enough bodily fluids as-is. She says that was uncalled for, and McMahon protects J.B.L. in saying he thinks Bradshaw meant saliva.

Shawn Michaels/McMahon: Continuing along, H.B.K. says that he isn't trying to discredit Mr. McMahon, but the idea of McMahon doing something decent, for the fans, just doesn't seem like his type of thing.

McMahon says that when its all said and done, even H.B.K. will have to give the devil his due. Shawn says McMahon would know greatly about that.

Trevor Murdoch/McMahon: Yet another audition segment of "So You Think You Can Sing" (McMahon's song) with another dropout from American Idol. McMahon tells Murdoch to gather everyone on the roster up, and have them on the stage, after the Main Event match. Murdoch says he'll get everyone except Cade. (yet Cade was out there, how EVER did he know to be out there. Hmmm)

Ending Segment: McMahon is in the ring, and announces that he is there to prove he'll show appreciation to the fans. He says what they need, are new Superstars, new Divas, new Feuds, new Action. So in 4 weeks (I believe that'd put it the Raw after Night of Champions, but I could be wrong) they'll hold a Draft Lottery. However that wasn't his big announcement. (It honestly should've been, because what I have to say next, is flat out stupid)

McMahon says that hes going to do something thats never been done before, hes going to give away the sum of One Million Dollars, to the fans of Raw. (yeah, that'll boost the ratings) He claims it isn't fake. He claims its real. He claims its never been done before. I claim its pathetic, stupid and won't help shit, because much like me, 80% of the other wrestling fans know they won't be winning any money.. and until one of us does, and can prove its 100% real, noone will tune in for this crap.

The show ends on the note that he'll be giving away money. Seriously.. I think they could've ended on the Draft note, not the money part.

Overall Thoughts: I completely loved tonight's Raw, and from top to bottom I'll tell you why. First, the addition of Beth Phoenix v. Melina to the Pay Per View will mark two p.p.v.'s, back to back, in which they've done something right regarding the divas. I'm very excited for this match. I think the build could've been slightly better, but overall I'm very excited for Sunday.

By far, the greatest Tag Team Championship match Raw's brand has ever held in recent memory, happened tonight. And it didn't even involve more than two teams. I loved this match, and hope to see more of them to come.

Ted DiBiase's son debuting, and carrying on the Million Dollar Gimmick no less (I assume and hope, anyways) is the single greatest thing to happen in a very long while. Although TD2 looks more like Randy Orton than DiBiase. Thats a bit odd. None the less, consider TheOneBigWill the very first TD2 fan!

J.B.L./Cena in a First Blood match is still up there on the worst idea ever, and the feud could've had such a better ending, with J.B.L. gaining the victory another way. Oh well I suppose, take what you can get, and short of something outrageously shocking and completely stupid happening, I don't see Cena having a shot in hell of not getting busted open Sunday.

Meanwhile, Umaga & Jeff Hardy are going to have a W.W.E. version of Abyss & Jeff Hardy, with Hardy very likely picking up the victory. IF, Hardy loses, what would be the point of ever pushing him again? Umaga is so far gone into jobber-hood, that having him suddenly defeat Hardy won't help him, so much as hurt Hardy.

William Regal's wellness violation could very well be Paul Burchill's gain! Burchill made the first strike in the war on Kennedy, and it was a nicely done one at that. I was just as excited for this to happen, as I was seeing TD2 debuting. They tie on tonight's greatest moments chart.

H.H.H. & Orton have absolutely NO build going into Sunday, which is funny and pathetic all in one. Their lead-up was a face to face debate, in which neither man actually hit the other. What the hell was that?

Jericho needs to pick a character design and stick to it. Face, Tweener, Heel, Tweener, Face, Heel, seriously.. I'm almost sure when he agreed to return to wrestling, it wasn't in the books for him to be used as if hes a fucking retard who doesn't understand whether he wants to be a rule follower, or breaker. Meanwhile, is the result of tonight's assault on H.B.K. going to cause Shawn to go into One Night Stand, less than 100%? Or will Jericho v. Batista happen on Smackdown, with Jericho doing the same thing to Tista?

Finally, the draft has been announced. The one thing that is almost a yearly event anymore, has finally been revealed. (Its getting later and later in the year, each time it seems) However apparently it was suppose to be over-shadowed by McMahon apparently wanting to give away a Million dollars. I said it before, I'll say it again. I think its stupid just because regardless of it being real or fake.. the only way everyone will think its NOT a scripted ploy to get you to tune in.. is if THEY actually win the money.

I'm 99.9% sure that I won't be winning a single dollar of the million he's giving away. If I do, I'll be the first to apologize and go ape shit over it being true. But until that miracle occurs, I'll lay firm in my theory of it being no more real, than the "Raw Fan Nation" which consists of the Sign Guy thats suddenly at every televised event, it seems. A former diva search loser, and the rest are either Dentists, Doctors, Detectives, or any other number of "highly successful career individuals" who do NOT make out the roughly billion fan base that wrestling holds.

In the end, I rate Raw a 10 outta 10, because tonight was outragely awesome and with the down play of the ending, everything else was out of control and the way EVERY Monday Night should be!

05-29-2008, 12:11 PM
I find it interesting that previous posters liked the 5/26 raw, because I found it incredibly boring and pointless. It took almost half an hour to get to a match, and even then, it was only a women's match.

Every once in a while, the company throws out a RAW that is more talking, promos, and filler than matches. And every time they do, the overall show becomes boring and slow, and suffers. This episode was one of those.

The HHH vs. Orton promo was predictable and dull, and took way too long. These 2 didn't really say anything that they haven't said before. And of course HHH had to get the last word in. It wouldn't surprise me if this whole promo was HHH's idea just to build himself up even more. Similarly, it wouldn't surprise me if the whole reason we're doing a last man standing is so that he will have a win over orton in this type of match instead of a loss. And it will give him an excuse to do that stupid "flexing while looking like some sort of roaring beast" post-match pose over orton's unconscious body.

The whole piper/santino/cousin sal thing is beyond stupid. santino is a funny character, but it's obvious that creative doesn't have anything for him at the moment. we all know that eventually this santino/sal match is going to be nothing more than piper getting involved and turning a humorous stint at santino's expense. yawn.

another promo of cryme time stealing pictures in the office? they really need to go somewhere else with these guys. the "money money, yeah yeah" wore out their welcome a long time ago. I also found the backstage segments with mcmahon talking with various wrestlers to be dull...except for JBL just staring down and sneering at mickie james. that was amusing.

the dibiase introduction was cool and i already like him. but he's going after tag team titles? and specifically putting rhodes on notice? what a waste. either rhodes or dibiase will come out on top (guess which one) and the other will get buried. but then again, tag teams on raw tend to get buried anyway. only if rhodes turns on holly and joins forces with dibiase will this have potential. otherwise, it's a waste of time.

the matches in general were ok, but not really all that interesting and didn't really go anywhere. i guess that's what happens on nights that you have to trim down on matches in order to make time for all the promos.

06-10-2008, 01:53 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: June 9th, 2008:

Opening Segment: Mr. McMahon makes his way out onto the stage as the fans in attendance suddenly erupt with cheers. Before we can start, we need to introduce the special guest of the night.. THE MONEY! (of course it gets more air time than anyone on the E.C.W. Roster, half the Smackdown roster, or anyone on Raw that used to be in a Tag Team) McMahon quickly asks for the code word of the night, the code word was WWE Universe. Because apparently he wants to establish just what he feels his company is, over everything else.

McMahon quickly gets things rolling by explaining how things will work, and he states the first call will be directly following the opening contest. This leads to the opening match.

The Matches:

1. Mr. Kennedy v. Paul Burchill w/ Katie Lea: Could this of been anymore of a let down? I have to be completely honest, I don't get overly excited for much regarding wrestling anymore.. but lately Raw has left me wanting more of a few things, this feud being one of them. So, how does W.W.E. keep me interested in it?

Mr. Kennedy picks up the victory, after a 4-5 minute brawl-fest in which the guy who SHOULD be more of a brawler than Kennedy, gets cleanly and clearly over powered and out brawled. All of this leads to a clean victory, in which they could've at least had Katie Lea grab the official. (I thought she honestly was, then she didn't) So, they've built a great angle with this feud, and leading into this televised match what do they do wrong? They let the face get the first victory, with next to NO offense from the heel.. congrats on fucking up yet another possibly great feud.

The only saving grace of this, that leads to another match (possibly next week) is that after the match, Lea slapped Kennedy, then Burchill connects with his *NEW* finisher. (The Twisted Sister :lmao: Seriously, thats what its called)

2. Mickie James v. Beth Phoenix: Another average at best, and incredibly short match. While I do admit I'm utterly tired of seeing these two wrestle, the fact that both of them can is still something worth watching if they're gonna have Women's matches. James barely gets any offense off, and Phoenix still looks like she's a modern day Chyna to James' modern day average diva. Mickie wins with a top rope press into a pin.

After the match, Melina comes out from the back and takes it to Beth, just completely destroying her. (Mickie should take notes instead of whoring herself out to Cena, since they're doing this whole "Friends w/ Benefits" angle) Melina absolutely fucked Beth up and left her for dead. Now THAT was downright entertaining to see a barely 100 pound Woman downright beat the piss outta a Woman thats likely topping 150 or more and has the power advantage.

3. John Cena v. J.B.L.: We get the point, J.B.L. will NEVER defeat Cena in a single's match, ever, even if its pointless. QUIT MATCHING THEM UP! Seriously, Triple H. was at ringside and even with J.B.L. winning it would've ultimately meant nothing, yet they still for the life of them can't give the guy a break, or a victory.

This match was just like any other, with Cena controlling the offense with exception to whenever he got distracted by Triple H. Then J.B.L. took over and dominated for a while. J.B.L. hits his finisher, but Cena found the ropes, then "Hogan'd" back. In the end, Cena gets another "fluke" roll-up, in which he wins the match and J.B.L. is yet again left in the dark on why he can't win against this guy.

After the match, Triple H. stood on the announcer's table, posing with Cena's Championship. Cena gets up as both men look face to face once again. H.H.H. got down, then quickly trips Cena and storms off to the back.

4. Umaga & Snitsky v. Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly: As the Tag Team Champions continue to disagree and not remain on the same page, we see their opponents are clearly the two biggest, baddest, once upon a time top of the mountain monsters there were in the W.W.E. I love how Umaga & Snitsky were suppose to be seen as "underdogs" to the "Champs" when either guy (Umaga or Snitsky) in a handicap match could've likely killed Rhodes & Holly.

Misunderstanding between the Champs left them trying to do different moves at the same time. This ended up leading to Rhodes taking a Samoan Spike, while Holly didn't have the strength or energy to stop the pin. Umaga & Snitsky pick up the victory.

5. Cryme Tyme v. Santino Marella & Carlito: Did we really just get two Tag Team matches back to back? Furthermore, did we truly just get two Tag Team matches that in a day's time won't mean shit? Santino apparently has short term memory loss, as he seemed uneffected to losing to a guy that is apparently in some cultures considered a "celeb." Carlito looked embarassed to even be seem with him. (apparently Carlito has a learning disability, as hes clearly slow)

In the end, Cryme Tyme pick up the victory, as Santino takes yet another loss. With this loss in the books, I'm pretty sure the Santino/Carlito push is well passed over.


Triple H./John Cena: In the back, prior to the J.B.L./Cena match, Triple H. and Cena are conversing over how this match isn't personal, or anything of the sort. Its only about finding out who's the best. (nothing big, I mean, H.H.H. has placed yet another seed in Steph, so hes well on his way to making sure his spot is never taken) Cena reminds H.H.H. that in their Wrestlemania match, it was Cena who was the best. H.H.H. gets a little annoyed and reminds Cena that it was over 2 years ago. That was then, this is now. And now, Triple H. has the Championship. (dispite it still being Cena's original self-made one, minus the ability to spin.. because we all know.. white people, excluding Cena & Edge, can't spin)

J.B.L.: Bradshaw is unimpressed with the McMahon Money give-away. (join the f*cking club buddy) He feels that noone deserves Mr. McMahon's money, however he said John Cena will deserve everything he'll give him tonight. (Ironically, Cena won.. which means apparently he deserved to. haha funny)

Highlight Reel: Jericho/Shawn Michaels: Chris Jericho quickly sucks some H.B.K. ass by explaining that as a child, H.B.K. was who he looked up to. Shawn Michaels was who inspired him, and his hero. Today, he feels Shawn is a great mentor and even a best friend. He introduces H.B.K.

As Shawn comes out, he doesn't seem as if 8 days prior he got the holy shit beat outta him. Sure, he mouths the words "ouch" and "owwe" but come on.. I'm sure they were about as real as me typing them. I'm sure he could've faked it better than that, I mean, that is his thing lately. I guess you could say.. he "Botchtista'd" selling the injuries.

As both men stand in the ring, Jericho does a bit more ass kissing, before Shawn cuts him off and asks if this is going anywhere with a question. Jericho quickly explains it is, then he rambles a bit more about trying to claims Shawn Michaels lied to everyone about faking an injury. Shawn claims that "technically" he only lied to Jericho. (Uhm, no I'm pretty sure he lied to the world when on the Highlight Reel with the award and the injury, he clearly said "I'm hurt" and he was refering to everyone, only saying it through Jericho) Its okay though.. look, I thought this might happen.. so I brought a clip. Roll it.


And thats that. Anyways, going back to this Monday. Jericho quickly changed his tune, saying that the question he had for Shawn is how he doesn't understand that regardless of what H.B.K. does, be it lying to the world about a fake knee injury, or being the good guy.. he always gets cheered for his actions. Meanwhile, Jericho, regardless of trying to be the good guy and NOT blasting H.B.K. or J.B.L. in the head with chairs, or trying to do the right thing by pointing out the truth.. he gets booed. So Jericho wants to know mainly, how Shawn went from being so great, to turning into a lying, cheating pathetic person. And this leads to a final clear cut indication that Chris Jericho is indeed now HEEL!

Jericho attacks Shawn, and makes sure that he understands the old saying of "what comes around, goes around" as this time its H.B.K's head slamming hard through a version of glass. (Somewhere in a crack house, Marty Jannetty half way smiled between delusions) Jericho leaves the ring, as H.B.K. (without any cuts) is being attended to as if his eyes were suddenly butchered with the television screen pieces.

Ted DiBiase Jr.: In continuing with somewhat ruining a good angle.. Upon this man's debut, I absolutely went nuts over the tagline. I went crazy with excitement over how great it was. Now I believe its time for him to figure out how to ADD to promos. Otherwise, he'll quickly become the white version of Ron Simmons.. instead of saying "Damn" it'll be "Priceless."

At any rate, he cuts a promo explaining that dispite the Tag Team Champions losing to Umaga & Snitsky (which in old school years, would've made them next in line for a title match) he explains that his debut match will be at Night of Champions, with a "Partner of his choosing" as they challenge for the Tag Team Championships. (How does someone just debut and become instantly a number one contender? I mean sure Santino was picked outta the crowd and fluke won with help.. but its rare that you can debut and just have your first match BE for a Championship.. well, without the Champion wanting you to have that shot, that is)

McMahon's Million Dollar Mania: I'm not even going to dignify the entire group of mini segments. "I" didn't win, so its still "rigged" and "fake" to me. Unless someone from this site claims to be one of those who won. None the less.. I'm pretty sure I explained earlier how I felt it was fake from the beginning, but lets just go through the flaws in tonight's plan.

First, for those who actually read the instructions, including the cash prizes, you would've seen that he literally PLANNED to give away $2.00, then another couple of random figures. Yet on tonight's Raw, he claimed he was giving away $2.00 because of a "spur of the moment" decision, in which it was based on how much he felt Jillian & Trevor's singing session was. He also gave away another random amount that was compared (apparently) to the figures of Lillian. So I ask you.. if its not pre-rigged, then how'd he explain WHAT the figures that would be given away were, if he "just came up with them."

I'm not even going to go into the issues with the phone, especially the first call in which he only dialed 9-10 numbers and unless his phone doesn't require you to dial "1" first.. which he dialed 11 the rest of the night.. then I'm pretty sure they were also "fixed calls."

Lets continue with the theory of it being "rigged." Not ONE of those individuals seemed the least bit "shocked" or "surprised" it was him on the other end of the phone. Only ONE GUY actually cussed to the point of it being bleeped. And that was pretty late in the show, so I'm assuming he was told to prehand. I mean seriously.. I'm about as mature as they come, but if my phone literally rang, and upon answering I heard McMahon say "This is Mr. McMahon and the W.W.E." I'd quite honestly probably be like "OH MY GOD, ARE YOU SHITTING ME?! I THOUGHT THIS WAS FAKE! FUCK YEAH! WWE UNIVERSE!!!! HOW FUCKING MUCH AM I GETTING?!" I mean, maybe I'd be a little more "adult" about the situation.. but still.. I'd be shocked and I'm sure I'd give that much away in excitement for winning money. (except $2.00 - I would've downright told him to shove that up his ass and then explained he just paid for me to start watching T.N.A.)

So, in the end, we found out he'll be giving away yet another million next Monday. So once again I preassume NOT to win, and once again I preassume the show will be shit, because it'll focus on giving away money to random people.. at which point everyone else watching will likely still either see it as A.) Not real or B.) Not caring enough to spend all that time listening to phone conversations with relaxed winners. -- Which, I will promise you this much. I guarantee next week, we get at least one, if not more, "shocked and surprised" winners. I'm sure it'll be in the meeting that people on the phones didn't seem "surprised" to get the call.

Main Event: Triple H. v. Jeff Hardy: So this is the Main Event, yet it wasn't the last remaining thing on the show. Triple H. and Hardy evenly squared off, with both men seeming equal. Triple H. countered or moved out of the way of all Hardy's signature moves, while Hardy too most all of H.H.H.'s.

Toward the end of the match, while Cena was doing commentary, and Hardy got hip tossed into him. As the official was apparently counting quicker than The Flash, Hardy makes it back into the ring, while Cena pulls H.H.H. off the apron, and the official resumes his count, and Hardy wins via countout. Nothing overly special about this match, as it basically meant nothing. Well, almost nothing.

After the match was over, and to end the segment, Triple H. and John Cena were both glaring at each other, when out of nowhere Hardy lays them both out with a suicide dive over the ropes. I'm only curious if this will somehow become Jeff Hardy being added into the match, next week?

Overall Thoughts: I honestly can't wait to see the ratings. I'm banking on the fact that if they were so poor, McMahon will either do next week's and one after, or he'll stop completely after next week in general. Another thing I've been curious about.. I'm more than sure they have a way of seeing where the most viewers come from, such as what state, anyways. So I bet 10-1 that each phone call is made to someone in a highly viewed area.. which means if the winners WERE real, then they'd tell all their friends and bam.. higher ratings for as long as money is being randomly given away.

The one thing that sticks out the most to me, is not only was this an attempt to gain more viewers, or older viewers. It was an attempt to bring up their ratings. So, in doing this.. they're dropping the overall quality of what the show should truly be about. Which is building feuds, having great matches, and combining overall talent. The entire show revolved around ending matches quickly, so they could get to more random calls. Stupid promos in the ring, or on the stage, that lead to more random calls.. and half-assed segments that seemed rushed, all to get to yet more random calls.

So, in trying to "promote" the business by giving away the sum of a million dollars, I honestly believe if this shit goes on much longer they'll in turn be LOSING viewers because its greatly cutting into how the program is seen as a whole.

Regarding the Kennedy/Burchill feud, I agree with what someone on the main site said. How are you going to establish Burchill as even being capable of wrestling Kennedy on a somewhat sub-par to same level, when you have Burchill instantly lose? Sure, the face should win in the end 8 times outta 10.. but you don't let them dominate and pick up an instant victory on a television show. You have the match end in a no contest, or you have the heel cheat to win the meaningless match.

So the way I see it, the only saving point in this is if Burchill somehow picks up a Pay Per View victory, in which case would almost kill Kennedy's push because Burchill losing instantly on Raw threw him back into the trash with the rest of the jobbers. Note to creative.. when building a feud, don't have the heel look like he doesn't belong. At least let him destroy the face, and if hes losing, have the face "barely" get the win. Don't have the face completely destroy the heel, then win cleanly and have the only thing keeping the feud going on, is a cheap shot after the pointless match. Whats gonna happen next week, Burchill gets beat in under 3 minutes then hits Kennedy with a chair to see if he can come back and lose even quicker?

I'm still holding out hope to see a Mickie James, Beth Phoenix and Melina - Ladder match, at Night of Champions. Apparently Katie Lea is back to solely being with Paul, as she had nothing to do with the divas tonight. I'm happy with how Melina is being booked, but should she truly be beating the shit outta the most dominate diva they have? I'd think "hell cat" would be suitable, but not downright domination.

J.B.L. is becoming a quicker jobber than Umaga. He can't catch a break and needs to get the hell away from John Cena. This is hurting him as badly as the Taker storyline hurt Edge. One more loss to Cena, and J.B.L. won't even be capable of being viewed as Championship material, even if he has been a former long reigning Champion.

Meanwhile, the H.H.H./Cena feud has already started off like shit. I mean, both men are faces with Triple H. trying to take the "cool" advantage to going into the p.p.v. as the heel, yet hes still cheered for what he does. Could it be possible for once to listen to the fans and slightly agree? Cena gets booed completely, regardless if he follows the rules or not. So why not let him be the "tweener" going into the p.p.v.. it might make things a bit more interesting. Of course that'd mean Triple H. might have to look weak, and everyone knows we can't have that, now can we?

All in all, the first "McMahon Money Mania" is in the books, and I rate the overall show complete SHIT! I said from the beginning, the only way this type of situation is worth anything watchable, is if "we" win. If "we" aren't winning, then its just "us" watching phone transactions with people we aren't completely sure are even real, or staged. Whats the point, and more importantly, how on earth does it have anything to do with the long-term storyline of Raw and Professional Wrestling? Money is nice, I doubt anyone would turn free money down.. you'd be stupid to do so, but this is the stupidest thing to do, when you're trying to help promote your company by showing everyone why they should remain watching, long after the money is gone.

A word of advice? Run Raw regularly. Call people during commericals, not live on the air. Recap who won what when you come back. If you did it this way, I wouldn't have to get pissed off each time you randomly fucked up dialing a number, only to take 5-10 minutes away from the televised time to find out the number you did dial, isn't mine.

If I have to sit through another show like tonight's, in which I'm sure 40 minutes of it was used up entirely to talk with people on the phone, and have them say a password (that never changed from the start of the show, on) then I might just quit watching until they figure out the way to gain viewers isn't by giving away money to 4-5 people, but instead giving millions something enjoyable to watch.

Mighty NorCal
06-10-2008, 05:54 AM
Was I the only one who felt really kind of sad and embaressed for Mcmahon and the WWE?? Really. Is seemed like some hokey noon time game show. It was fucking terrible. Just laborious. That, and it seems like such a huge desperation move, him giving away MONEY to get people to watch. Sad.

What the fuck is going on with the tag titles. Goodness gracious. Umaga and Snitsky?? Whipped the brakes off them?? Serious?? Silly. The least they could do is make it somewhat of a suprise when Rhodes turns on him. You know, I was thinking last night, Rhodes would do fantastic as a cocky heel. He s a good looking young man, could be Orton- like I feel.

The rest of the night was stupid. I dont do RAW reveiws becuase its so weak, it gets nothing but apathy from me. Just felt the need to say how uncomfortable the entire Million Dollar give away thing was. Bad show, really. The Cena Trips build is pretty ass, although I see it only leading to bigger things later, even after NOC. So yea.

Y 2 Jake
06-10-2008, 06:30 AM
Gee Wizz, what a terrible show. Are WWE not aware that Raw is live in the UK. And by live I mean it's on 2-4.15 am. If I wasn't an insomniac I would have fallen asleep. Terrible show. Just awful. Not from an in fing standpoint. It was no better or worse than usual. But the McCahon Million Dollar Mania is awful. If only Vince had the foresight to have the numbers dialed while there was some in ring action taking place.

Did this show remind anybody else of the old Free For All shows? Where Todd Pettengill used to give away money before the PPV. Fine then. But on an actual show it's awful. How many segments of this were there? About 5-6, something like that. Each call got the same reaction. The whole thing could have been summed up in about 5 minutes. They should have done it as a press confrence. Then had highlights. Even then it would have been awful. There wasn't even any amusement to be had from the woman who recieved $2. Just terrible.

The one thing I did enjoy though was Triple H burying Hardy. Hardly any offence for Jeff at all. That's two times he's let him win, yet hasn't made him look impressive. The other being at Armageddon.

06-10-2008, 07:39 AM
First off all i thought that raw last night was awful, not because of the match but because how much time the money mania contest took out of the show. The problem with this contest is that it'S only open to U.S. resident which means that if your watching raw outside the U.S, like i am, you're just watching Mr.Mcmahon giving away cash and fumbling with the telephone for absolutely not reason. Also the fact that the contest is presented as the most important thing on the show is plain stupid. Because of that i couldn'T cared less about all the storylines and feud that was going on during the broadcast because it was made to look like they weren'T important.

I know that this contest will continued for a little while but i hope they find a better way to give that money away because if it continued like this, i don't know how many people remember that there is a ppv coming up in a couple of weeks.

Y 2 Jake
06-10-2008, 07:43 AM
It was also the most anticlimatic show of all time. They have a match, like most the time. But instead of ending it there they go and have another money give away. Then the show ends. There's no real pleasure to be had from watching other people win large sums of money. I'm not sure how exactly fans are supposed to give a shit. It doesn't benefit then, nor is it entertaining. The problem being is that Raw is going to be like this for the next couple of weeks. It'll be all lazy booking until they do the draft, which is also always a crippling disappointment.

06-10-2008, 09:51 AM
I'm determined that this Money Mania is rigged........................... I mean seriously, like BigWillie said, if McMahon calls me and says i just won $250,000 dollars, or even $100,000 then im going to go insane...................heck, if he called to say i got $2 then im goin to act up!!!! But the people who were called, acted like it happens everyday to them!!! As for Raw, i swear if they keep putting the stupid giveaway before actual matches and storylines, then im done watching Raw, period. I dont see hopw this is going to raise ratings AND KEEP THEM HIGH!!!!! not with sorry matches and lame storyline buildups..................Its pretty sad to see WWE go to these extrems, look so desperate, and so much talent, just they dont know how to be innovative at all!!!!

06-10-2008, 01:48 PM
I love how the Money Mania was created to raise ratings yet I'm sure they're only going to drop. It takes up far too much of the show's time and I don't see why the fans should care anyways. Hell, the winners didn't even seem to care at all. I loved how the lady that won $2 didn't find it amusing at all. They really should have done it outside of RAW, and just shown the highlights.

The only good segment was the Highlight Reel. The rest of the show was pretty boring. I hated how the Money Mania concluded the show over the main event too.

FOTH 3:16
06-10-2008, 03:23 PM
You know that highlight reel was real good last night.Best part of the show.The main Event was real good to.I really enjoyed seeing Hardy take out both men after the match.That really made a satement to me.

In all honesty another lackluster RAW.And since it had a 3.0 rating I guess I am not the only one who thought so.Most of the matches sucked.I didn't think much about the money mania.It was boring.Seeing other people win money is boring.Nothing I'm really interested in.

And you would think Vince,with all the money he has,could buy a working phone.

06-10-2008, 05:37 PM
that was one of the worst RAWs I've ever seen. only part that was at all useful was the Y2J/HBK segment since they've finally given Jericho's character a heel turn. and I'm already getting tired of DiBiase's dumb little segments. you throw on a pair of tights, come out and say the same thing every week to remind the fans that you're wrestling at Night of Champions. ya, we get it. simply priceless? more like simply Randy Orton's long lost brother.

06-10-2008, 06:05 PM
I didnt see Raw, since I live here in Mexico, I get to see raw until the weekend, but I saw the hole Million dollar mania or whatever its called on youtube, and I gotta say this is about as fake and credible as Cenas wrestling skill...

Ur telling me, out of the thousands of thousands of people out there in the world, the very FIRST caller just happens to have a Rick Roll for his ringtone or whatever??... Are you KIDDING ME?! and not only that the guys didnt even sound excited, like all of uve said, I would have screamed of absolute excitement if I would have won 250 thousand dollars, hell I woud have flipped with 1000 dollars, but it goes:

-Hi there, whats ur name?
-Mr. Im faking this stuff up
-are you watching the show
-do you know the code?
-yeah, its WWE universe
-congrats you have won 250, 000 dollars!


What I find funny its that they did this for reatings, and the ratings are the same or worse... lol...

06-10-2008, 06:39 PM
After that horrendous Raw, the rating came in at a 3.0.

After all this bs, the rating is even worse than the two past couple of weeks. What do you guys think Vince is going to do now? Maybe have a sex segment between a diva and a wrestler. Charlie Haas and Mae Young are great together :blush:

Canadian Knight
06-11-2008, 07:42 AM
What do you expect? McMahon practically alienates alot of the WWE fans, and I am talking about the fans in Canada. You can say what you want but Canadian fans have been there for along time, after all they toured here very early and most likely before any other country. How come we could not be in that Million Dollar Mania?

Anyways, the stories have been poorly done. Although I am very happy that Jericho beat up HBK after the things he has done in the last couple of months. I mean he is able to superkick anybody and not get any boos. Well, now he can get some of that medicine back

06-16-2008, 09:43 PM
I have to say that this evening's edition of Raw was among the best I have seen in a very long time. There were great matches (notably Cena/Umaga), great promos, the return of Ric Flair - it was all great. I didn't even mind the giveaway segments as they were much better than last time. And Cade at the end - what a shock! This was great.

06-17-2008, 04:51 AM
Here my take on last night'S raw. It was better then last week but a couple of things did bother me. First think was the bikini contest, what'S the point of having two woman's championship if everytime you want to have a bikini contest, all the diva from every brand are able to show up. Also where was Ashley during that segment, if there ever a segment she should have been in, it'S this one. Also why was melina in this? i thought she was in a feud with Beth Phoenix so there no point of having here in a bikini contest unless you have beth take her out before the contest begins. Secodly, The Million dollar mania was better then last week but again i got to say that this should not be done live simply because Raw is playing in other countries that are not eligible to participate in this contest so while in america, everybody is waiting to get a phone call from Vince Mcmahon, In other countries they just wait for it to be over, so you might get more people watching in the u.s but outside of it there is more people changing channel.

Finally, what are they doing to Chris Jericho, last week the guy was so over for what he did to HBK and this week they turn him heel, while i was happy about ric flair showing up, i hate the fact that HHH got in on this, what'S the point of having HHH facing Jericho anyway. Also, what happen to Y2J being a fighting champion like he said 2 weeks ago? He the only champion that doesn'T have a opponent for the PPV in 2 weeks and it doesn'T look like they really want to promote the ic title match that much.

So still outside of the bikini contest and money mania, the show was better then last week and next week, we got the draft and it's going to take a back seat to money mania so let just see how much wrestling they are going to fit in the 3 hours next week.

Canadian Knight
06-17-2008, 06:35 AM
I actually liked last night's Raw. I liked the bikini contest, although i am getting sick of seeing Maria. The only thing i did not like is the fact that HBK has an injury to the eye, yet he was not bleeding last week when he hit the bloody TV. Then Cena came to help HHH when Cade got involved. HHH then starts to attack Cena. WTF! If I was attacked I would like help even if i am champ or not. As for Cade, I hope that they explain why he helped Jericho.

06-17-2008, 11:17 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: June, 16th, 2008:

Opening Segment: John Cena is out first, just like old times. He quickly makes a couple remarks to attempt putting over the Million Dollar Hoax, then explains that you know where you were when big moments happen. Moments like Hogan bodyslamming Andre. Moments like Shawn Michaels' boyhood dream coming true. Moments like Stone Cold Steve Austin whipping some ass. But he says that won't be it. Because in two weeks, another transcending moment will happen again at Night of Champions, when he regains the W.W.E. Championship.. and finally can say.. The Champ.. is.. cutoff.. by the reigning W.W.E. Champion, Triple H.

Triple H. quickly agrees that Cena is correct, and in 2 weeks and Night of Champions, history will be made again and it will be a moment to remember. H.H.H. continues by explaining that he'd like to believe the issue is not personal, but after Cena cost Triple H. the match last week against Jeff Hardy, he has a hard time believing it anymore. He said that he warned him once, he won't do it again.

Cena quickly explains that he felt what comes around goes around, (more or less) and said that apparently it was okay that Triple H. tripped Cena, when Cena was on the announcer's table, but its not okay for Cena to return any type of favor. Triple H. explains that Cena is so uncoordinated that he likely would've fell anyways. Cena laughs, trying to overlook the comment, then throws the lone victory over Triple H. back at Wrestlemania 22 in his face. H.H.H. said it was two years ago, and things have changed. Cena doesn't think so. Triple H. said things HAVE changed, as he's now the Champion.

Cena quickly gets to the point of what this entire feud has come to.. and thats his selfish remark of how this is Monday Night Raw and until you defeat John Cena.. you haven't beaten anybody. So in other words, Triple H. will win.. so he can lay claim to finally being "the best." How funny that would happen, eh?

Things get into a shoving contest in the playground, and shirts get taken off because just like real life.. whenever a fight is about to go down, the big boys gotta show how big their chests are. Its nature of the beast like that. However, its quickly interrupted by Mr. McMahon (yay) who says he isn't giving that away for free, however he is giving this away.. (again, yay) here comes the money. (no, not Shane, the actual money) Oh yeah, he also announces Cena v. Umaga in a street fight.. right now.

The Matches:

1. Street Fight: John Cena v. Umaga: If I said the match couldn't touch their Royal Rumble (I Quit) match from a year ago, could I just stop there? The fact is, this match (like all the others) sucked due to the money issue being such a big storyline. (if you call it that) A mic and steel steps were about the biggest things used in this match to make it seem as if it was anything more than a regular single's match.

In the end, John Cena with the F-U wins the match. Again, it wasn't anything overly exciting but for Raw I suppose it was still a good match.

2. Jeff Hardy v. Carlito: Quite possibly the Match of the Night as it was a good contest, that had a obvious winner, yet still highly entertaining. Carlito & Hardy went back and forth, and after all the drama surrounding Carlito lately I'm kinda shocked he'd even get this match. I guess when the draft comes, he could be headed back to Smackdown where he'll disappear from matches like these and be replaced by Shelton Benjamin & Elijah Burke. Overall, Hardy picks up the victory in the end. (As I said before, obvious winner)

3. Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes v. Cryme Tyme: Okay, I'm going to rewrite this whole match. The bell rings as we get everything under way. J.T.G. and Hardcore Holly to start off, as both men stare each other down, until J.T.G. notices Ted DiBiase Jr. walking down the rampway.

J.T.G. turns his attention up the ramp, along with Shad, as Hardcore quickly rolls up J.T.G. The official gets down to make the count. 1......... 2.......... 3!!! Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes pick up the victory!! (YAY for the fucking Money shit taking up all the time to have any type of time to watch wrestling.)

4. Paul Burchill & Katie Lea v. Mr. Kennedy & Mickie James: Once again, they're single-handedly destroying what could be a great feud by not giving it any time to build through mic skills. Burchill & Lea are already out when we come back from break, as James then Kennedy come out.

Burchill & Kennedy pair off to start, as both men go back and forth until Kennedy begins to get the upper hand. This causes Katie to bring herself into the match, as she tags herself in then rushes up to Kennedy. Kennedy isn't backing down, but isn't making any motion to attempt hitting her. As she goes to slap Kennedy, Mickie rushes in, moves Kennedy and plows Katie first.

Both ladies roll around for a bit until Mickie gets the upper hand and looks to be in control. This prompts Burchill to attempt coming in, until Kennedy spears both of them to the ringside area. Back in the ring, with all the confusion Katie gets the upper hand and connects with a neckbreaker to the knee, and picks up the victory.


Summertime Beach Bikini Blow Out: For the second week in a row, Charlie Haas is doing something other than losing. I'm shocked. So we get our first diva contest for the summer. All the divas they want in the thing are out: Maria, Eve, Jillian, Layla, Lena, Maryse, and Melina.

As typical for W.W.E. and their divas, its a weird type of dance-off, with none of them likely actually knowing how to dance. Hmm, maybe I'm wrong, maybe it wasn't a dance type of thing. I mean, it was a bikini contest. Which I'm pretty sure thong-like bottoms are bikini's in today's world, yet all of these girls must of not understood. (minus Jillian who came to sing, bitch)

In the end, like always, the fans get to vote and even though some of the heelish divas, and lesser faced divas likely did a better job.. this year's Playmate for the W.W.E., Maria, picks up the win. (shocking, real shocking)

Chris Jericho/Ric Flair: Jericho is still getting mixed reactions, and I think that means he needs to do something else heelish to establish what he is now. He comes out and exclaims how hes noticed the fans react differently toward him. He said that its not his fault what happened to H.B.K. He said he couldn't believe that people would boo an honest man, and so what happened to H.B.K. was a result of the fans, thereby making it.. their fault. (that makes sense)

Hes explains that he returned to "save us" but he realizes now that people don't want to be saved, because they're fine with associating with back-stabbing hypocrites like Shawn Michaels. He said he hasn't changed, hes still one of the greatest performers around. But he doesn't want the fans cheering for him anymore, as they have changed. (well thats good, what with him being heel and all)

He continues to explain that its kinda ironic that Shawn Michaels' blood is on the fans hands, (especially since there wasn't blood involved?) and he finds it funny how H.B.K. said he'd do what he had to, to get ahead.. and they cheer him, yet when Jericho does the same, they boo him. The fans begin an H.B.K. chant, all wishing and hoping Shawn would come out. Jericho wants Shawn too.. (which means he won't be coming) Jericho goes into a name calling contest, until RIC FLAIR comes out!!!!! We also break for commercial (what an odd time to break)

We come back and get informed that Flair had been cheered the entire time we were away. (I believe that) Flair grabs the mic from Jericho and tells him to shut up. He then says even though hes retired, he wants a fight.. in the parking lot! Flair goes to the back, Jericho follows.

Triple H./Chris Jericho/Ric Flair/Mr. McMahon: (cont. from above) This leads Jericho into Triple H. who tells him he should think against it. Jericho says it isn't his business. H.H.H. replies with ever since Jericho returned, hes been looking for an opening in the business. H.H.H. wants to fight Jericho, Jericho declines. BREAK!

We come back as the longest segment in recent history continues. This time, Jericho is gone but Flair is hugging Triple H., expressing man-love for one another. Mr. McMahon comes up and explains how Flair looks good (it never ends) but because hes retired now, he can't have Flair interrupting his program anymore. Ric Flair is tossed out. This leads to McMahon & H.H.H. getting in each other's faces, and McMahon gets booed for more or less giving Triple H. what he wants. Jericho.. tonight. (Jericho's theory of the fans seems correct)

Triple H./John Cena: Before Triple H. heads to the ring, Cena does what H.H.H. did to him.. wishes him luck, and hopes he doesn't get hurt.

Mr. McMahon's Million Dollar Give-away: Once again, McMahon must have misdialed my number. So to me, the whole thing is still a hoax and a waste of time. Even if I'd won, it'd still be a waste of time, but what would I of cared, I'd of been semi-rich then.

One question I have. How much of this money do you have to pay to the I.R.S.? (No, not I.R.S. the wrestler) I mean, McMahon is giving away LARGE sums of money.. so naturally, you have to give a portion to the Government, thats how it works. Thats also why its only an American event. (Well, that and McMahon hates you if you don't live here. lol) So lets randomly say "I" won $75,000.. does that mean $25,000 is going to the government? Cause I'm assuming a chunk would be, but how much?

Anyways, the callers seem more "excited" this week. (hmm, interesting how that happens after a week full of forum talk on how the fans seemed to 'fake') I don't know what else to say, except this crap will continue next week as well.. I guess the third time is the charm for McMahon finally learning how to work a phone and call me. I doubt he will, because I'm not his relative, but it might happen.

Main Event: Triple H. v. Chris Jericho: Nice back and forth match, as most Main Events usually are. Jericho gets the Walls, but Triple H. gets out of it. All in all the match boils down to apparently the start of a new faction on Raw, as LANCE CADE (?!?!?!?!?!?) comes out to attack Triple H. and help Chris Jericho. This brings Cena out, only for Triple H. to attack Cena. (haha classic) In the end, Raw goes off the air with Cade & Jericho standing over the Champion & #1 contender.

Overall Thoughts: For the second straight week, we get a Raw deal (pun intended) on the Million Dollar crap taking over most of the storylines and airtime. While I still believe greatly they could switch it up and do the phone calls, live, during commercial. I also believe that changing the password during the show, might make for more interesting details, as I'm willing to bet the ratings have once again dropped this week since all you had to do.. was start Raw, get the code, then quit watching. Next week's Draft ratings should be fairly entertaining. I personally can't wait to see the W.W.E.'s biggest mid-year show BOMB!

The Kennedy/Burchill feud is apparently died out completely, as they had nothing other than a handicap match which is fine and all, except it had no story to it. It was just a way to continue their "feud" (if I can call it that) without doing anything interesting. I suppose it built Katie Lea v. Mickie James a bit more, but that was about it. I'm hoping Regal can return soon to get this thing restarted, or perhaps someone can come over off the draft to help Burchill and give Kennedy someone else to fight as well.

Anyone care to explain to me what happened to the Beth Phoenix/Melina feud? Would it of been so hard to have Beth attack Melina in the Bikini contest, taking her out of it.. that way Melina (Raw's newest face diva, and bigger than all the rest in that ring) didn't have to lose in a smut-show to Maria?!

The Jericho promo was LOOONNNGGG! I mean, maybe its just how I typed it, but it seemed even longer afterwards. Great promo, hopefully this will help him get back to what he forgot. I can't wait to see Shawn Michaels return next week (its his hometown, you know) and sign the match for Night of Champions. I'm sure it'll happen, but I wouldn't count out Hardy somehow getting involved. Not having Hardy on that p.p.v. will be shocking in its own right. And I'm sure H.B.K. wouldn't mind skipping a B-show p.p.v.

I think the W.W.E. needs to do something NOW with Ted DiBiase Jr, as this no-wrestling crap and only letting him say his tagline in promos is wearing very thin on me. I downright blew a load when DiBiase Jr. debuted. Since then, its been just like any other typical sexual encounter for the average female in the world.. over too soon, and it leaves you unsatisfied.

I honestly feel they should've held off on the Cena phrase of the night being "Until you beat me, you haven't beat anyone." Not only does that almost guarantee a Triple H. victory, just so he can then say hes "beaten everyone." But it also makes Cena (the face) look like a cocky jackass. (which he is) I do have to be honest though, I'm glad this match is now happening at Night of Champions, because if I had to put up with this crap on a major Pay Per View, like Summerslam or Survivor Series and deal with the even longer build.. I'd wanna kill McMahon.

In closing, the biggest (ending) shock of the night was Lance Cade jumping all the way from on-again/off-again tag team Champion, to Main Event contender?! :wtf: Seriously, did this just happen? Who in the W.W.E. seen this guy as being that good? If I tune into E.C.W. later, will I see Delaney get a shot against Kane for the Championship, inwhich Delaney for the first time actually looks like an opponent instead of a punching bag?

I get why Cade is suddenly Jericho's shadow though. And I also understand the haircut now. THEY LOOK ALIKE! Well, in W.W.E. form anyways. I can see this playing into storylines, because noone can forget the W.C.W. version of Lenny Lane & Chris Jericho. Which also makes me laugh, because in the end.. Lance Cade is a wannabe Lenny Lane.

Overall, I give Raw a 4 outta 10. And even then, I'm being overly nice. Bottomline, either "I" win some money next week.. or this shit needs to end. Actually, I need to win some money AND it needs to end. Because I'm sick and tired of spending 40 minutes of Raw, watching other randomly picked (my ass) people win my money. Lets get back to what Raw was originally suppose to be about. WRESTLING!

06-17-2008, 11:40 AM
I think I was disappointed in that once again, HHH had to come out on top when cutting the promo with Cena. Now, I've never been a big Cena fan, since I really don't like the whole "superman" image he's been given. Although I will admit he has gotten better in the ring. But I digress.

It just really bothers me how it seems that the whole point of promos involving HHH are to put him over his opponent. It's like it's not enough that he almost always comes out looking better than his opponent in the matches, even when he loses. But he always has to get the last word and has better, more cutting dialogue in promos as well. Last night all the promo did was make Cena look like an immature child.

I guess I just don't personally understand: HHH is already in the top spot, given the role as unstoppable monster that no one can pin cleanly. So why waste more time putting him over verbally as well? I understand the point of promos as far as feud building, but every time HHH comes out just to talk, it's the same thing and he always ends up looking better than the other.

Ok, my rant is done. For now.

06-17-2008, 01:50 PM
I thought last nights Raw was terrible. I consider myself a die hard fan but after last night Im considering finding something else to watch on my monday nights. If it werent for the draft next week Raw would be screwed.

The street fight was terrible. That wasnt a street fight at all. That was a stiff regular match with a mic being used as a weapon. BS. With a predictable winner too. Same for Hardy and Carlito ZZZ. Speaking of ZZZ how about that bikini contest. Hey Vince, everyone saw Maria naked a few months ago, who cares about her in a bathing suit? Not me. And for divas no Beth/Melina fued progress? Thats like the second best thing going behind y2j and hbk. Even that segment was boring this week! Flair didnt save anything his return was just wasted on him being chased around sweating. It took an hour and a half for a match that was unpredictable/entertaining. That was the mixed tag match. Listen I dont know about you but I watch Raw for wrestling. ONE HOUR AND A HALF FOR A DECENT WRESTLING MATCH, IN A 2 HOUR PROGRAM. Horrible. OMG dont even get me started on the main event...that didnt even start until 1058!

Please god let the draft save us.

06-19-2008, 05:09 PM
It was a bad raw and that Money Mania is so damn annoying and boring and when ever something good is happening it comes up and destroys it.

First off It was just sooo irritating Seeing Trips Makes of Cena who prodbably was the greatest disser during his thuganomics days and seeing Cena just standing there making comeback how he beats him and shit instead of him doing what he's capable of. And still I think Cena went over in that Segment and my god what a pop Cena got. HUGE POP. A very good segment wich was very enertaining.

Wich lead to the stupidest Street fight Cena vs Umaga , if that was a normal match it would have been great but condiring it was a street fight. Come on a Mike and a Steel Steps ?

The other only good thing about the night was any scene that Jericho was invloved in. God he's awsome.

06-24-2008, 01:20 PM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: June 23rd, 2008:

Opening Segment: Jim Ross & The King open the show as they explain that this year's Draft will be similar to last year's, in which we'll have inter-brand matches to determine who gets draft picks. They then announce that all the announcers are here as well. Mick Foley & Micheal Cole, Tazz and The Adamle. Each announcer decides to jump in on giving Adamle crap, as Adamle just sits quietly. (I feel sorry for the guy, that a group of 5 grown men can't get over immature shit)

The Matches:

1. Triple H. v. Mark Henry: Mark Henry uses his power to his advantage throughout the entire match, including reversing a pedigree into a World's Strongest Slam only for Triple H. to kick out just barely. Henry also connected with a Vader Bomb, and they were very clear in addressing that being what it was. In the end, it was Triple H. who connects with the worst pedigree I've seen, as Raw picks up their first Draft pick.

2. Santino Marella & Carlito v. Finlay & Hornswoggle: In what could've been the shortest match of the night. (seriously, no pun intended) Carlito didn't even get a tag, as Finlay & Hornswoggle worked over Santino until the Tad-pole Splash picks up the victory for the Father/Son duo, as well as a Draft pick for Smackdown.

3. Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes v. Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely: While this match may have been so much better with Miz & Morrison replacing Guerrero & Neely, I suppose Tag Champ v. Tag Champ might be saved for later.

I found this match rather funny, as Hardcore & Rhodes haven't truly picked up many wins over anyone special, and yet they clearly defeated Chavo Guerrero (instead of Neely) who is getting a United States Championship match on Sunday. (way to kill his drive) Once again, Raw picks up another draft pick.

4. John Morrison & The Miz v. The Hardys: Originally this match was scheduled to be Hawkins & Ryder against the Tag Champions, but due to the fortune of the draft.. we're treated with a classic. The Hardys reunite against Morrison & Miz in what was definately Match of the Night!!

Both teams showing exactly how great they are, as they each display some high-powered high-flying moves. In the end, it was Matt who looked strong with a leg drop onto Morrison, however the ref. was distracted by The Miz, as Matt takes his focus off Morrison, who makes him pay with a role-up and just like that, E.C.W. is on the board with their first and what would come to be, their ONLY Draft pick.

5. Announcer's Only Draft: Mickie James & Melina v. Natalya & Victoria: As announced prior to the match beginning, this was a special Announcers Draft only. Each announcer looked extremely shocked at this announcement, as clearly they had no clue.

In the second shortest match on the card, it took an inprompto ending when Melina seemed to have seriously hurt her ankle. (Reports from Raw claimed it was a very bad sprain, but I've also heard torn ligaments.) Either way, as it was reported in the WZ review.. it played right into the ending which makes the injury questionable. In the end, both SD & Raw traded announcers.

6. Edge v. John Cena: If I do recall correctly, these two had a match on last year's draft show in which Edge won which brought over Khali. So in a return match, a year later, we get a reversal. The match was exactly like all the rest of their matches have ever been, excited to watch but overly the same.

In the end, both men were fighting on the outside of the ring, until Cena made it back in, while Edge went up the ramp. His back-pedaling was short lived however as Batista made a guest appearance to attack Edge, sending him back into the ring and continue the beatdown. As Edge escapes, Cena & Batista stand in the ring to reveal Batista being the one traded to Raw. Edge was highly joyed at that.

7. M.V.P. v. Tommy Dreamer: Colin Delaney comes down with Dreamer, which clearly meant he was not only losing.. but the person coming over on the draft was going to be someone who'd destroy Delaney.

In the end, it was M.V.P. connecting with his Boot to Dreamer's head, and picking up the victory for Smackdown. After the match, Delaney and Dreamer were left in the ring as Umaga is revealed as the pick for Smackdown and he destroys both faces.

8. J.B.L. v. Kofi Kingston: In what can only be described as a difference of styles, J.B.L. seemed almost perplexed with Kofi's stance at the beginning of the match. Kofi got a lot of his trademark kicks in, but in the end it was J.B.L. leveling him with a Clothesline from Hell that turned Kofi inside out. Once again, Raw wins another pick.

Backstage Segments/Promos:

Triple H./Mysterio/Cena: H.H.H. is in the back, welcoming Rey Mysterio to Raw and says that hes always wanted to face him, so hes truly happy that hes on Raw. This brings Cena in, as Rey leaves. Cena argues with Triple H. about how Cena came down to help H.H.H. last week, and in the end he got his ass beat.. by Triple H. Cena says that if Triple H. wants to be the man, he has to beat the man. Triple H. holds up the Championship and replies with.. Until you take this from me, you're nothing.

Ted Dibiase Jr.: Dibiase is on commentary during the Holly/Rhodes match. Hes mainly out to promote his Father's new book. And its official, what was once the greatest Tagline in recent memory is now being overblown and over used in a major way. Dibiase screwed up on the mic during this match, and was tripping over his words worse than Adamle. I sure hope his skills and mystery partner come through, otherwise this is going to be one of the biggest turn arounds ever.

Chris Jericho/Lance Cade/Shawn Michaels: Chris Jericho says that he no longer expects, nor does he want the fans to cheer for him. He said they're brainwashed by Shawn Michaels and his lies. Jericho then rolls some clips of Michaels betraying Marty Jannetty, Kevin Nash, John Cena, Hulk Hogan and then Batista.

Jericho then says he found one guy who is better than the fans, one guy who turned on H.B.K. before H.B.K. could turn on him. And thats Lance Cade. Its revealed that Cade was one of Shawn Michaels' best students during his training days, and Cade explains that he knew H.B.K. would turn on him and use him, to stay on top.

The fans start in with an H.B.K. chant, as Jericho explains he wishes he'd be able to face H.B.K. at Night of Champions, but he hasn't been cleared by the doctors. He also says he doesn't expect H.B.K. to show up for a while. This, of course, prompts H.B.K.'s music to interrupt.. and the chase insues.

Shawn Michaels chases Jericho to the outside of the ring, until Jericho sends him (hurt eye first) into the edge of the announcer's table. H.B.K. is down and hurt, as Jericho smirks and leaves the ringside area.

Edge/Vickie Guerrero/McMahon: Edge is thrilled that Batista is gone from Smackdown, until Mr. McMahon breaks up the couple's joyous occasion and explains that Batista will still get his Championship match on Sunday. And then teases the couple that one of them could end up drafted away from the other.

McMahon's Million Dollar Mania: McMahon dies. No, but seriously they've decided to repeat last year's storyline that had to be scrapped. However instead of McMahon dying, he was only "injured badly." In the end of the segment, you could hear McMahon claiming to not be able to feel his legs. So I assume they'll be broken on next Monday's Raw.

The best thing to come out of all of this, is the Money crap is finally "suspended." (no doubt until the ratings show whether or not its worth continuing)

Randy Orton, The Great Khali & Ric Flair were all special guests who gave away money. Well, Orton didn't.. he instead said when he returned, Cena & Triple H. had better hope either they get drafted, or he does.. because there will be hell to pay. Orton then explains he isn't in the money giving mood, and leaves. Khali screams at the person they called. And Flair.. well, hes retired yet still on in a weekly role.. go figure.

Main Event: 15 Man Tri-Branded Battle Royal: Triple H., John Cena, C.M. Punk, Kane & Batista v. Edge, M.V.P., Great Khali, Jeff Hardy & Big Show v. Chavo Guerrero, John Morrison, The Miz, Matt Hardy & Shelton Benjamin: Not too bad of a battle royal. Everyone ganged up on Khali to eliminate him, then tried to do the same to the Big Show until he fought them all off.

Batista and Edge went head to head when both men tried for a spear. It was a botch on someone's part, and the end result was Batista being busted open.. the hard way, and both men not knowing where they were. Batista seemed to take the extreme worst of it.

In the end, Cena & H.H.H. worked together to eliminate the Big Show, then Edge shoves Cena into H.H.H., who got eliminated because of it. Cena & H.H.H. argue, as Edge eliminates Cena to win Smackdown the final two draft picks.

The show ended with Mr. Kennedy & Triple H. being the final two draft picks, as H.H.H. and Cena neither one looked happy about it.

Overall Thoughts: E.C.W. got screwed in the biggest way possible, and outside of Kane and C.M. Punk going to Raw, or Matt Hardy and the United States Championship going to E.C.W., it was entirely pointless for that brand to even of been on the show.

If the announcers truly didn't know who was getting drafted, then that means Tazz was extremely (no pun) upset that they only got one guy, and ended up losing their World Champion. Speaking of which, since Kane is now Raw and Big Show was in the battle royal as a Smackdown guy.. regardless who wins the E.C.W. Championship, I'm going to highly enjoy seeing how they shit themselves outta that hole in explaining the title going back to E.C.W.

W.W.E. should've kept the Hardys together. Not only would it of gave Smackdown another great Tag Team, but it would've also gave them the chance to feud the brothers, as together both can put on great matches against the other. It was rather funny to see them reunite for one match, then get split as a result of losing though.

I don't quite know what to think of the Mr. McMahon angle, but I do know that this week's Raw proved once again the money give-away was fake or staged. I doubt seriously that the lady in the crowd was randomly drawn. If anything, they had everyone in the arena put their phone number in a hat.. then picked one and called it, to make it look like someone from the live crowd could finally win. Furthermore, it was horrible how they tried adding humor to the give-away, with Khali & McMahon berating one of the callers in saying she was a loser. Albeit I don't blame them, as the lady didn't sound like a winner. If they would've ran the McMahon-Death angle all over again, at least I would've been happy to know someone killed him over how horrible this crap was.

Overall, I don't have much to say as the entire show seemed to only boost Raw as the Heavyweight division show. Smackdown hit the jackpot with Jeff Hardy, Mr. Kennedy & Triple H. all going. Jim Ross didn't seem pleased at all about his switch to Smackdown, which I thought was hilarious just because he didn't even seem as if he was acting professional about the issue.

I'd give the show a 6 outta 10, merely because it had some good matches. The draft wasn't the greatest, and without an internet draft after the show, it leaves most of the Championships in weird positions without any idea on how they'll find their way back to a respectful show.

07-01-2008, 12:54 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: June 30th, 2008:

Opening Segment: Jim Ross is welcomed to Monday Night Raw, as he makes his farewell address. He said that hes loved being on Raw and has had some very rememberable moments. Hes also said hes had some awful moments at the hands of Mr. McMahon, but hes not the type to throw salt on a wound. (yet he still mentioned it?) He claimed McMahon could be a Texas Longhorns fan.

Jim Ross thanks Jerry Lawler, and claims Lawler was a world class friend, co-worker, partner, and he was even like an older brother. Ross has the biggest "uncomfortable" moment on Raw, when he expresses his undying passion for the King in true Goldust fashion, minus the rubbing of the chest.

J.R. continues to run on and on about Oklahoma and how hes had some very memorable moments from there on Raw, and he hopes to do the same on Smackdown. The crowd boos J.R. like crazy for mentioning his draft to Smackdown. He addresses the fans in hoping they'll give Smackdown a chance, and Michael Cole as well. Of course that didn't go over well, as Cole was booed out of the building. As Ross continued to go on and on, he was shockingly interrupted by Edge.

Edge said the reason he was there, was because when he heard about Jim Ross giving a farewell speech, he just had to be there. He said J.R.'s arrogance never ceased to amaze him. Edge completely goes off on Jim Ross asking why he feels the people in Oklahoma give a crap about him. He yells Hook'em Horns, as well as telling Jim Ross to put that in his blog, and calls him a BBQ Boy. (The intensity is outrageous) Edge lightens up saying that it won't be completely bad however, as now J.R. can continue his Hall of Fame career.. but instead of cheering "Stone Cold" he can cheer "Edge wins!"

This prompts Edge to demand that Hawkins and Ryder remove him from the building. As they escort Ross out of the ring to the back, Edge explains that hes actually not just on Raw to see Jim Ross, but to also address a couple things for Raw.

Like the fact that they have no General Manager. Unlike Smackdown, who has the love of his life, Vickie Guerrero. Like how they don't have the Undertaker. Then quickly explains noone in the W.W.E. has Taker, cause Edge ended his career. He then says they also don't have a World Champion.. and that they needed to take a picture, because this was the last time they would see one on Raw. Edge leaves up the ramp.

As it seems all but over, and headed for commercial we suddenly get Batista's music erupting over the speakers. Edge turns around to see a very pissed off Animal staring him down. As Edge attempts running for his life, Batista catches him and pummels him within an inch of his very life. Beating Edge up in violent fashion, without any concern, care or well being for the World Champion. Batista did the only thing he knew how to do, and that was attack a defenseless man.. from behind.. who could've been injured from the night before. (Could've been)

Batista destroys Edge with several power/impact moves, ramming his back into the ring apron, then guardrail. Tossing him hard into the steel steps, then finally taking him into the ring where he proceeded to once again attack Edge from what looked to be from behind, as he ends the violent (no good reason) attack on Edge with a Batista Bomb, leaving him lifeless and completely destroyed in the middle of the ring.

The Matches:

1. World Heavyweight Championship Match: Edge (c.) v. C.M. Punk: Punk spent all weekend watching Edge videos to get a clue on exactly how to use his Money in the Bank case, and unfortunately for Edge fans the little Punk bastard didn't fail. Punk gave his best Edge impression as he cashed in his MITB case, lifted a lifeless Edge, connected with the G.T.S. and stole the World Heavyweight Championship! :disappointed:

2. Mickie James v. Jillian Hall: Overall a squash by Mickie James, with Jillian getting a couple moves in on the injured shoulder that Katie Lea Burchill worked over from the night prior. The match came to an end when Jillian caught Mickie's knees, then got caught again by the Mick-Kick.

3. Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes v. Darren Wayne & Steve Anthony: Once again, this match was more Cody Rhodes than Ted Dibiase. I'm curious why they're afraid to let him wrestle. Cody more or less showed some heel tactics, as he ended the match with a more violent looking D.D.T. (I'm gonna start calling it the Cody T) Ted Dibiase only got in a form of his Father's signature fist drop, before tagging Cody back in to pick up the victory.

After the match, a promo was cut in which Cody Rhodes said that he tried doing what his Father raised him to do, and that was be patient. But Cody said he was anything but patient, and he got tired of carrying Hardcore Holly so he had to drop him. Cody then uses the best one liner of the night in saying "When you're as talented as I am.. you take what you want." I lost it.

Dibiase got on the mic and more or less said that unlike the rest of their Generation, they're taking advantage of their position. Dibiase goes on to explain that Cody and He took matters into their own hands, because they were Priceless.

4. Intercontinental Championship: Kofi Kingston (c.) v. Chris Jericho (w/ Lance Cade): Once again, in almost similar fashion to last night the match was straight down the middle with talent. Neither man getting a clear cut advantage, with the exception of one guy hitting a coupe signature moves here, and then the other hitting some later.

The ending was downright stupid, as the official Disqualifies Chris Jericho for hooking the tights of Kofi Kingston. I think this would go down in history as the first time a Wrestler has ever been completely disqualified for hooking the tights, instead of just told to release them. I hardly see how it warranted a DQ, but obviously Jericho wasn't meant to win his Championship back.

After the match Jericho tried helping Kofi be more like Shawn Michaels, as Jericho went for Kofi's eye, trying to cut and rake at it.


Shane McMahon: Shane McMahon technically started the show with an opening segment in which he said that his Father was a great person, and in respecting his Father's wishes to keep their health issues private he would do just that. He said that he hoped and wanted everyone within the W.W.E. to continue doing what they do, and don't stop because of Mr. McMahon because Mr. McMahon wouldn't want that.

Rey Mysterio/Santino Marella: Mysterio (still very apparent he isn't happy about being on Raw) expresses his congrats to Punk (bastard) and explains that his whole career has been on Smackdown. He got heavily booed for that. Raw fans really don't like people mentioning rival brands. :lmao: Mysterio said its a good thing though and that hes excited. (I love how the most he could remotely stumble out of his mouth was that he was really excited to be drafted to Raw.. I can just feel the excitement, Rey)

Santino interrupts him and explains that he wants to welcome Mysterio to Raw. Santino then explains he doesn't understand the big deal, because anyone who hides behind a mask is either ugly, stupid.. or BATMAN! Santino cuts Rey off, telling him to shut'a his face up. He then brings up the new cover of W.W.E. Magazine with Rey on it.. and explains that Rey must of been thinking "Look at me, look at me, I'm taller than Horn'a'swoggle. I like cookies? Booyaka, Booyaka!

Santino then shows the photo the magazine didn't use, as he continues to explain to Rey that Raw is where true stars (such as himself) rise and become something. Santino said if Mysterio doesn't watch himself, it could end up very bad for him. After all is said and done, Santino said he'll allow Rey to say what he has to say. Mysterio decides to attack Santino, dropping him on the ropes and connects with a 619.

C.M. Punk/J.B.L.: Punk is in the back, experiencing what its like to be a winner for the first time this year, as he stumbled his way through an interview thanking random people.. including Batista. (conspiracy at its finest, I think) J.B.L. walks up, unimpressed and asks if Punk is joking about being Champion.

J.B.L. explains what the world was likely thinking, in which Punk is proud of being a paper Champion, and loving becoming a Champion in a way that is so unfitting on winning a Championship. J.B.L. says Punk can do one of two things. The first is, he could go to his hotel tonight and remember that he'll always be a paper Champion, an asterisk in the history book.. or he can defend the Championship against someone who wasn't already beaten down. Punk accepts.

John Cena/J.B.L.: Cena comes to the ring almost directly after this and explains how his match with Triple H. would be remembered as a great moment, a classic moment. He said he won't make any excuses and he lost, but regardless it'll go down in history. He then connects the dots and explains that it'll go into the history books just like Punk's title victory tonight.

He gives congrats to Punk for using his brain and winning the Championship in a smart manner. (yet when Edge defeated Cena in roughly the same way, although without as much cheating, it was considered "cheap." :rolleyes:) Cena then says J.B.L. took advantage of the situation, and he felt Punk would've accepted anyone's challenge.. so since Punk is the Champion, and there isn't a GM on Raw. He feels Punk should decide who he wants to defend the title against.

J.B.L. comes out, with his own group of security guards and explains that since there isn't a GM, and since McMahon is gone, J.B.L. is running things. He says that he can't afford to risk Cena ruining his chance to become Champion, so hes brought his own group of security to escort Cena out of the building. After a short scuffle, Cena is promptly escorted out of the building.

Katie Lea & Paul Burchill/Jamie Noble/Kane: Katie Lea is in the back telling her Brother Paul that she had the Championship won, and knows if she can get a rematch she'll definately win the title. Paul agrees and tells Katie to stay out of trouble while he goes to see about getting her that match. As Paul leaves, Noble comes up to Katie.

Noble tries smooth talking Katie like he did with the ladies on Smackdown, as he explains that since hes new to Raw the best way for him to get respect, is to go up to the biggest guy in the locker room and take it. Katie notices a Superstar in the distance and says heres his chance. Noble turns to see.. Kane. As Noble goes up to Kane, he decides to run his mouth a little too much as Kane grabs him by the throat. Noble kicks Kane in the knee, releasing the chokehold, as Noble takes off toward the ring.

Kane comes out to ringside, following Noble and leaves him broken on the announcer's table after a Chokeslam.

Edge/Edgeheads: They show a recap of Edge as hes leaving the arena, irate after losing. Edge beats one of the Edgeheads' head against the car, asking where they were, then he turns to the other and completely bitch slaps him demanding that they just get in the car and drive.

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship: C.M. Punk (c.) v. John Bradshaw Layfield: Somewhat of a back and forth match with Punk getting the early advantage with his speed, until J.B.L. realizes hes an actual Heavyweight wrestler and puts a stop to that shit. J.B.L. capitalizes on the match with his power, as he looks to gear toward a victory.

Punk regained the advantage and hit most of his signature moves. John Cena and Cryme Tyme appeared at the top of the ramp, as all three men rushed toward ringside and collided with J.B.L.'s security. J.B.L. regained the advantage by knocking Punk down, but was quickly distracted by Cena and company. As J.B.L. turned around he was lifted and caught with the G.T.S., as C.M. Punk picks up his second victory of the night and retains the World Heavyweight Championship.

After the match, Punk dove up and over the top rope, coming down onto everyone, as Raw ended with chaos everywhere.

Overall Thoughts: You'll have to excuse whether or not the review was half assed in a lot of spots after the Punk/Championship victory. I was slightly busy breaking anything I could find, and swearing rather violently at the television for how unbelievably stupid the W.W.E. has become.

Ratings must be absolute shit for them to go this low, and attempt bringing them back up. I mean, seriously. It was just a single night ago I was horrified by Mark Henry becoming a Heavyweight Champion, and now hes suddenly the second best Champion they have in the company.

Furthermore, it just leaves me dumbfounded to ever wonder why on earth W.W.E. would allow C.M. Punk to win the World Heavyweight Championship, and be the top guy, on their flagship show. Clearly Smackdown is becoming their flagship because Punk will take Raw to a whole new low. I mean, we're talking W.C.W. 2000 type of low.

C.M. Punk won more matches on tonight's episode of Raw, than hes won all fricken year. The guy contributes nothing to the program, other than making jobbers look like they might actually stand a chance at becoming something some day. I'm going to be rather honest.. J.B.L. NOT winning to end Raw left me speechless even more than Punk winning in the first place.

I can understand needing to give him a Championship in return for winning that case, to make the MITB match continue to mean something for the future.. however to allow Punk to KEEP the Championship, when you have a golden opportunity to place it on someone who has proven himself and could lead your brand.. its just a stupid decision. C.M. Punk couldn't even carry E.C.W., how on earth is he going to carry Raw?!

In other news.. I'm hoping Katie Lea Burchill gets the Women's Championship at the Great American Bash. Melina should be fully healed and ready to come back by Summerslam, setting up Katie Lea v. Melina.

Ted Dibiase needs to have a single's match against Hardcore Holly, or an actual wrestler that he won't squash with one or two moves. I need to see him wrestle. If it continues to go too much longer, I'm gonna start assuming he can't. Cody's first night as a heel was pretty good as well. No Hardcore though, and I don't see this storyline carrying on forever.. so they really need to get Hardcore in there if they're gonna build it for all its worth.

Chris Jericho challenged Shawn Michaels to a match at the Great American Bash. I'm almost sure this will happen and Jericho will get a half-assed victory as H.B.K.'s eye won't fully be healed. That will allow the storyline to either continue to Summerslam, or even beyond to Unforgiven.

Kofi Kingston's first night as Intercontinental Champion, and he didn't look like anymore of a deserving Champion than C.M. Punk did to start the show. Kofi won via a fluke DQ call.

While I could see John Bradshaw Layfield and John Cena involved against C.M. Punk for the Champion.. okay, literally I have to stop. I can't see it, and its fucking retarded as shit to even try. Punk will either face Edge in a rematch, or he'll lose the Championship before the Bash. Punk won't, or better fucking not be carrying that Championship into Summerslam. Punk needs to be thankful he isn't jobbing in dark matches, and he sure as hell sucked someone into utopia for even GIVING him that Championship. It makes me sick, and I'm finished.

On a professional level.. Raw was fast paced, full of shocking developments and deserves at least a 7-8 outta 10 rating. On a personal level, Raw was completely fricken awful and gets a NEGATIVE 10 from me. I'm done.

07-01-2008, 10:16 AM
After reading two reviews on RAW, and given the fact that there was apparently only 30-odd Minutes Wrestling in the whole World Wrestling Entertainment RAW Show, I wont be watching the recorded or repeat versions of this show.

Its an utter disgrace that a fighting show, which is what Wrestling is supposed to portray, has come to Promo after Promo after Promo.

Id have to disagree with Will, although I havent seen the show, on a Professional level, the guys at WWE should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such a mediocre Wrestling show be aired.

If this is a trend they want to continue to follow (I believe that this has been done before, except the RAW in mention then had 40-odd Mins. Wrestling involved) then they are going to have to change their name.

The reviews seem to suggest that there was no point even setting up a ring for Monday's show. I bet the fans feel ripped off, too, having to watch the Titantron for the majority of the show.

And even then, whose to say these Promo's were cut live? They might have further conned the viewers by taping the Promo's and sending them out at the appropriate times.

Negative 10 is very fair, especially given this guy watches RAW every week, and reviews it, which I do enjoy reading.

On the competitive side of things, I wonder if a name trade could be applied, as WWE doesnt want Wrestling on their show, and TNA doesnt contain the word "Wrestling" in the title.

In my own opinion, it seems that Monday Night RAW this week could have been named "Total Non-Stop Action RAW - LIVE!" with the only "Action" being the director shouting "Action" for the Promo's.

Of course, this 22 year Old Wrestling Fan knows nothing, so let the WWE Marks come in and tell us how this was "the Greatest RAW ever" and that "the Wrestling World will never be the same again."

If just one Wrestling Fan believes this to be an acceptable Wrestling Production, then they deserve to burn in hell.

Today, I am actually ashamed to call myself a Wrestling Fan. Thank you very much, WWE.

07-01-2008, 11:24 AM
Amy's ‘take’ on Raw 06/30/08:

Seriously, they followed up Night of Champions with a night of long, boring, waste of time promos!?! JR gave almost the same speech on Friday night Smackdown. Towards the end, he just kept repeating himself; it was annoying. I know they were in his hometown and he’s arguably the best announcer in the biz today, but JR’s had more promo time in the span of three days than some guys have had or will get all year long.:disappointed:

Edge’s appearance and promo truly saved this pitiful excuse for a show. Not only did he shut JR up and get him off my TV, the “Instead of Stone Cold! Edge wins!” line was hilarious, classic stuff right there. Too bad his Raw appearance was all just one big setup and letdown.

Unlike Friday night, Rey's Raw promo came across flat and halfhearted. Thank you Santino, Mysterio was starting to put me to sleep. And in his Raw debut, Jamie Noble delivered more of the same comedy we’ve come to know on Smackdown. Other than the Larry the Cable Guy tapes line, his appearance wasn’t anything special though.

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase’s promo lasted longer than their match. Maybe that's because WWE (a) truly could care less about the tag team division, (b) are trying to make us care about Rhodes when we all stopped about two months back (c) are hiding some in-ring inadequacies on DiBiase’s part, or (d) all the above. You decide.

With John Cena’s ringing endorsement in his promo, how can we all possibly NOT welcome and accept Punk as a legitimate champion?:lmao: Following his long, boring NOC promo, JBL spared us and kept it short. Throwing Cena, Raw’s top babyface, out of the arena is the most exciting thing he’s done in months.:thumbsup: How much longer is his lackluster, off-and-on feud with Cena going to last? I stopped caring about two months ago. So JBL is the first to get a world title shot. Someone please tell me exactly what has he done to merit another shot? Clearly they’re pushing him as Raw’s top heel...to that I say, get well soon Randy!

Jericho delivered yet another promo where he put down the fans and their hero HBK. While I loved the 'Y2Jaded' moniker, does it seem like he's trying a little too hard? His heel turn just seems forced. He had an uneventful sham of an IC title run and so far Kofi’s reign isn’t getting off to the strongest start. Again, he was just a pawn in the Jericho-HBK ongoing saga. As for the match itself, they cheated us as it was already in progress when they returned from commercial break.:wtf: Jericho being DQ’d for pulling the tights is a first. Talk about your stupid finishes, especially in a championship rematch and considering Kofi did the same thing a moment earlier.

Of course, the shocker of the night was CM Punk, in his first night as a member of the Raw roster, cashing in the MITB briefcase, becoming the WHC, and giving Raw a world title again. I was wondering how they were going to get out of having both champions retain at NOC. Did they replay his win enough times or what? I think it would have made for a bigger impact to end, not open, the show with Punk cashing in. I absolutely loved the look on Tista’s face as he passed Punk on the ramp. Will this will be the beginning of his heel turn?

So with all the promos, there was little time left for any actual wrestling. In two hours, there were five matches with three of them being around the 2-minute mark or less. I’ve seen more and better quality wrestling in one hour on ECW. Last night’s Raw stands for ‘Rarely Any Wrestling’.

07-01-2008, 02:21 PM
June 30, 2008

Ooooh! New entrance video. It was nice.

That opening segment was AMAZING. I don’t think I’ve watched one of those completely in a really long time. Usually I’ll be on my computer doing something while the opening segments occur. But tonight I was really wanting to see J.R.’s Farewell Address so I tuned in. I noticed something toward the end of his speech – he began to repeat himself. I was thinking “did he forget how he was going to end this speech or something?” Then Edge’s music hits! WOW. I did not see that one coming (By the way, that’s why he was repeating himself. He was waiting for them to play Edge’s music). And Edge was making his speech… and I was thinking “is he going to be a recurring person on RAW to try to keep the ratings up?” And it was evident why he was there… for CM PUNK! w00t! After a severe beating by Batista, Edge was lying motionless in the ring… and the CM Punk’s music hits and he comes out… I’m sure most people were thinking “Okay… why Punk?” And then when they saw Mike Chioda and the briefcase with him, the crowd erupted! Although it took a little while for the match to officially start, it was still amazing. Punk getting really eager was awesome. Then he hits the GTS and there is a new World Heavyweight Champion. Awesome. Anyone else notice that when Chioda held up Punk’s hand neither one seemed to want to let go of the belt…?

Back from commercial and we see a replay of the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Mickie James came out next looking good like always. Then Jillian comes out and everyone is like, “really? … really?” But it was totally worth it to know that she remembers the words to her entrance theme (I mean, I know she sang it but I probably would have forgotten the lyrics) and she sang the whole thing! Totally one of my favorite moments of the night. The match itself was short and kind of what you expected. High points though were Mickie James doing the hurricanrana to the outside of the ring after kicking Jillian with a modified baseball slide-like move and Jillian proving that she’s more than just a random jobber. I’m glad she didn’t get drafted back to Smackdown because I want her in the title picture eventually.

Rey Mysterio is out… anyone else get annoyed when Lillian talks with a Spanish accent? Rey Mysterio is happy to be on RAW! You know why? Because he doesn’t have to face Chavo anymore! Hooray! He talks about stuff and then Santino Marella comes out. “You are not the Batman! No, no, no, no – shut up, your face!” Hands down best line of the night. Rey Machio? Is that what he said? Awesome new feud in the making. And Mysterio will be making his return mid-July, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Great American Bash match with those two on July 20.

And we’re back with new World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk. He’s happy… and excited, something you’d expect from him. Uh-oh! JBL is back there too and he still looks fat… man I miss the APA… JBL tells CM Punk the usual heel stuff – you don’t deserve the title… I’m better than you… I’m fatter than you… and I’m from Texas… vote for McCain! CM Punk – screw you Fat Tits, I’m voting for Obama! I have no clue if JBL’s even a Republican… Oh by the way CM Punk is having a REAL match tonight against JBL.

We’re back from yet ANOTHER commercial break and we have a match! Oh just kidding… it’s Cena. I still think he should have won last night, but that’s because I really don’t like Triple H. Cena talks about how he lost… but he thinks that it means he and Triple H are the best in the business… Edge, you don’t matter! Hey Cena’s all butt-hurt because JBL wants to have a championship match tonight. Cena asks the fans – because they’re the ones that make the matches … right? Nah, the only power the fans have is to decide which Diva is the hottest looking in a bikini… Cena says that’s CM Punk’s choice ultimately… but that the fans should help… dude Cena stop being a bitch… go have a different match. Man I do not want to see John Cena vs. CM Punk and the Great American Bash. JBL hits the ring? Hmm June was a bad month at the Stock Markets; I guess JBL lost his limo… Did JBL just indirectly say he was the new GM? Marshall Law = GM? Nice… I think that could work for JBL. Oh wait maybe he traded in his limo for those security people… see I’d call that a lateral move. Cena’s jumped… and JBL beats him up. Is JBL really taking the spot as top heel on RAW? God Batista needs to turn heel NOW.

New World Tag Team Champions out… with TERRIBLE entrance music… Cody still acts the same… except he has a cocky grin now… damn, that’s character. Darren Wade and Some other Local Jobber Guy get the honor of being the second team to be crushed by these two. You know, I get they want to build these two up as a heel tag team, but uh… shouldn’t you have them beat people we know? You don’t know who Darren Wade is… and if you do… you have no life… but either way you should have seen the ending coming before the bell rang…. That match ended way to quickly for my ears – that crappy music came back on. Cody has a microphone now. He’s good at speaking … it’s just kind of unfortunate that he has a lisp… it’s hard NOT to laugh. Holly’s a baby boomer – and uh, Cody unfortunately spoke the truth: Hardcore Holly’s career was surviving off of Cody Rhodes. Does Cody Rhodes dye his hair? I just realized his eyebrows were blonde. I know Dusty Rhodes is blonde but I just figured his mother had black hair. DiBiase does the normal heel thing… and OH MY GOD that music is back on. Thank God we went to commercial.

So far it’s been two matches, three if count the CM Punk vs. Edge a match… at least these segments are pretty entertaining… well the opening segment was…

Cole and King thank us for ordering Night of Champions… yeah…

It’s the latest edition of: The Burchills! Katie’s accent bugs me… too bad it’s not fake. But she’s a good wrestler so I like her overall. Did Paul tell her to stay right where she was? She’s in the middle of a hallway, that line would have made much more sense if they were in a dressing room. But that wouldn’t make room for Jamie Noble to hit on her. God I hate him… stay as the backstage producer dude, no one wants to see him on TV… Katie made some funny faces. And then Kane shows up… he’s pissed because he jobbed to a jobber. “Knock, knock. Who’s there? Kane. Kane who? Kane you please go away Noble? No one likes you.” Jamie Noble runs to THE RING to get away from Kane… why do they do that? Don’t people understand that the ring is like a one-way only street? Kane beats up Noble and we go to commercial. Please don’t let Kane be drafted to RAW just to lose his championship to Mark Henry and be put in a really bad feud with Jamie Noble… please God, please.

And now Y2J is out in the ring. Hell, I’d be pissed too if I lost the championship to someone who people in the audience last night said, “who’s that?” Sadly, from what I’ve read about HBK and Triple H backstage, I agree with what Jericho says. I am a diehard Jericho fan so I don’t view him as a heel… even though Lance Cade is there… and still has his fruity cape/robe. Y2J vs. HBK at the Great American Bash? Who didn’t see that one coming? He wants his title back. Dude, Y2J is still amazing on the mic.

And I really like Kofi Kingston’s music. Haha. It’s good that I find him incredibly entertaining too. The match has already started when we get back. It’s normal Kofi and normal Y2J stuff… There was an awesome spot when Kofi was going to get suplexed and like… spun around Jericho into a sunset flip. That was really cool. Short match but it was fun and gave more credit to Kofi as to why he can stay on RAW. Then Jericho gets pissed as you’d expect… and goes for the eyes of Kingston… wow…

Still to come: CM Punk vs. JBL

Once we’re back King does his best to indirectly inform us that the Vince McMahon angle will continue. We get a recap of the night right before the main event. By the way, did you guys all remember CM Punk was the champion?

Edge blames the Edge-Heads for his loss. I think he slapped one… and that one looked like he was going to cry… awesome. Oh, and La Familia can only own a white sedan… I figured they went around in a limo or something…

But you know who does come out in a limo? JBL! Apparently he did not lose his limo… Really? Did we really just go to ANOTHER friggin’ commercial break? I swear to God if that wasn’t the last one…. And then the match follows eventually, and unless it just became so seamless that I didn’t realize it, I don’t think there was another commercial break. But eventually JBL’s personal security guards come out and stand around the ring. I was thinking to myself, “really? Punk wins the championship and JBL gets it ninety minutes later?” Besides the fact that the World Heavyweight Championship is already devalued from last summer and having it change hands so often… But Punk wins after Cena and Cryme Tyme come out and beat up on the security guards… hmm… don’t know what they’re doing now. Maybe a “Chain Gang” stable with Cena and Cryme Tyme… I bet it was only a one time thing but I wouldn’t mind seeing those three team up in the future. And that concludes RAW, CM Punk wins again. It’s not bad to see RAW shifting gears and whatnot… but to me it kind of seems like a post-war period when the losing side has to adjust into their new settings… hopefully that made sense. And if you guys liked this review, maybe I’ll do another next week.

07-07-2008, 09:59 PM
Well herewe go again with another edition of Monday Night Raw in the books. This Raw was by far the best I've seen in a real long time. Apparently from what I hear they've been pretty good in recent weeks, but I haven't been able to watch. So how I score my review is on a 5 point basis. 5 being best, 0 being worst... I do not rate every promo and segment, just the ones I feel were major.

Opening segment: The opening segment started out with a surprise apperence by Vickie. Now as far as I could always tell, she gets more heat from her annoying voice than anything else. Anyway she calls out Punk who heads down to the ring. They bicker for a while till JBL comes out and tells Punk he wants a "fair" shot at the title. Enter John Cena. He decides for there to be a number 1 contenders match for the title between himself and JBL. JBL is okay with that. Enter Batista. The match turns into a triple threat much to JBL's displeasure..... Enter Kane...... He demands into the match and there we have it a fatal four way main event. Pretty good segment to set up the main event. Rating gets a 4 out of 5. Only issue I had was that it ran a tick too long for me.

Match 1 Rey Mysterio vs Santino: Welcome to Raw Rey. It was nice to see Rey back in action, but it was so weird to see him on Raw. I'm happy they didn't throw him right into the ME scene, as it appears that he'll play in the mid cards probably till he's absolutley sure he's 100%. The match was really not too long, but pretty good otherwise. Glad to see Rey back for his first match on Raw I give a solid 3 out of 5.

Match 2 Layla and Jillian Hall vs Kelly Kelly and Mickie James: Kinda surprised to see Kelly on Raw, I never really watched her on ECW/Smackdown so I don't know much about her... Same goes for Layla. Unless I missed it I don't think I saw Layla in the match at all. This match showed that Kelly can wrestle apparently as Cole would not stop talking about how much she's improved. Also like to see Jillian go for the handspring elbow... Shame it got countered... Overall good high paced Women's match which we need to see more of... Did miss Beth though...... Rating 3 out of 5.

Segment 2 JBL, Cena, Cryme Tyme: Probably the funniest segment I've seen since DX. Now I don't know what's going on with Cena, but latley he has started to grow on me as far as his comedy goes. Still can't stand him in ring that much, but I gotta give him credit on the mic. Watching that segment had me thinking I was watching DX, cause that was literally something that they would do. Cena's "we're trying to help you" attitude was really just priceless. Also really built for what looks to be a lenghty feud between Cena and JBL. Segment gets the first 5 out of 5 of the night.

Match 3 CM Punk vs Snitsky: Gah why this match... Defiinatly the downer of the night for me. I had no interest in this match and I figured Punk would win... No surprise... Dunno what was up with the falling camera during the promo earlier in the night, but it seems like a lot of things are falling latley. See I'm leaving the topic of the match cause I just don't care about it that much. I give it a 1 out of 5

Segment 3 HBK, Y2J: Intense segment here with HBK accepting Y2J's challenge for the GAB. Lots of back and fourth talking that got pretty intense. Y2J as a heel can sound so stadistic at times, and tonight was one of them. I give the segment a 5 out of 5. Really just an overall great, serious segment. At this point Y2J/HBK is probably one of if not the best feud in the WWE.

Match 4 Kofi Kingston vs Charlie Haas: Actually a pretty good match. Haas and Kofi each had they're own high spots during the match, and I was actually impressed by both guys. I figured this match would let us know who Kofi would be feuding with next. When I saw Haas I kinda laughed cause he just got through with Shelton. The Kofi/Burchill fued looks promising. Let's see if it amounts to anything. The match gets a 4 out of 5. I'm gettin pretty impressed with Kofi latley.

Prior to the main event a "fan?" mocked Batista's entrance during a shot of him warming up. Just felt like throwin that in there lol

Main Event JBL vs Cena vs Batista vs Kane: This match served so many purposes it was amazing. With what WWE obviously had in sore the whole time was to branch everyone into separate stories. JBL took Cena out of the match with steel steps as probable revenge for the limo earlier. JBL got knocked out of the match by Kane. So it looks as if the Cena and JBL feud will continue as I mentioned before. Batista pinned Kane so he faces Punk. Kane goes crazy once again and looks to have turned heel (YAY). He kept asking Cole if he's dead or alive. I'm thinking he 's talking about the Undertaker. Given Kane's history I would not doubt that at all. Since Cole came from Smackdown it wouldn't shock me as to Kane asking what's happened to his brother while he was on ECW. The match itself had a lot of high powered moves, everyone got at least one finisher in and overall looked good. The match gets a 5 out of 5

Overall Raw rating for me...... 3.75 out of 5. Damn solid show really If it had not been for that damned Punk/Snitsky thing the show would have been nearly flawless.

07-08-2008, 03:53 AM
Okay, 6pm PST - I taped Raw - 2 hours. For some reason, on "The Score" in Canada, there was a 15 minute countdown. I wanted to tape American Gladiators at 8pm-9pm as I"m a fan of that show. I taped the replay of Raw - last 10 minutes as I knew there'd be an overrun during the live show.

Raw recaps: packages of Edge, lots of other stuff. FYI, I fast forwarded the ENTIRE show in 15 minutes because it was so long, tedious, boring, lame, cheesy, nothing interesting and full of boredom. Usually, I'd play the show if there was something I haven't seen before and see what happened. If there is interesting dramatic dialogue, I'll stay. If there isn't, I'll fast forward or change the channel. Keep in mind I haven't watched Raw in probably 2 years. and 2 years ago, I fast forwarded the show. I think the last full show I saw "most of" on tape was their first 3 hour show when Austin stunned all the McMahons - i think 2005.

Vickie Guerrero is in a wheelchair whining. I fast forwarded the dialogue. CM Punk comes out as champion to pretty much no reaction, gets on the mic, says something boring. So I fast forward it. I think all the other imbeciles come out too: meaning Cena, JBL, Batista. They talk about wrestling and their matches and after fast forwarding 20 minutes of boring footage, NO scuffles, no brawling, absolutely nothing.

Kelly Kelly comes out to no reaction in a women's match that has Mickie James. I dont even know who won because I fast forwarded it nor do I care.

They advertise a fatal-four way match with Cena (who is boring), Kane (who is lame), JBL (who is old, lame, cartoony, boring) and Batista (who can't cut a promo, looks like a dork, and is not interesting).

Kolt kingstin or Kohi (someone corrected me after i saw a clip of experience and got his name wrong) beat some jobber.

I fast forwarded more and found that Kane was facing some jobber.. AFter playing I found out that the jobber was CM Punk.. Fast forwarding I see that CM won after a move. Not sure if there was any interference or not but CM Punk won th ematch as he had the belt still

Rey Mysterio was facing this Santino guy. During the 15 minute countdown, they showed a clip. I have read a few posts on Santino being funny.. he was talking to Rey Mysterio. I stayed for a few minutes, got bored and fast forwarded the entire clip, and it ended up with them brawling. They wrestled. I dont know who won nor do I care.

JBL came out in his limo. Cena came out, grabbed the mic, saying the limo can't pass clearance or something. Boring. SO i fast forwarded it and some big black guy came out and the limo ended up having spray paint on it. I think there was some scuffling.

Shawn Michaels comes out, talks a bit. Jericho comes out. This "might" be exciting. Jericho talks about a match or something... or HBK being washed up (i didn't catch it). I fast forwarded it and they just stared each other down. No entertainment value, dramatic value for me.

Main event, cut off due to Gladiators. I decided to go on the net and vent what I just saw before spending 45 minutes getting pumped up from the well directed gladiators show (same director as Fear Factor, lol)

I'm probably not going to watch Raw ever again. It hasn't changed. It hasn't gotten drastically different or better and by reading the ratings, they have lost millions more since the last time I tuned in.

Pure piece of crap. TNA is a better written show (often) especially the times when Ru$so is writing

07-08-2008, 11:49 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: July 7th, 2008:

Opening Segment: Raw opens with Stephanie McMahon issuing a statement about her Father. She said that last week, her brother Shane, explained that he'd hope everyone could work together in this time and pull through as a civil group. As a result, total chaos and martial law broke out as everyone fought with everyone else. She asks that everyone try again, and work together.

The video feed is cut, as the arena is pitch black. Suddenly an all too familiar voice is in the ring, asking to be excused. Its Vickie Guerrero!!! The lights come up, as Vickie says with all due respect to Stephanie McMahon, her name is Vickie Guerrero and she is the Smackdown General Manager. She said shes there tonight, because she is protesting that C.M. Punk release hold of the World Heavyweight Championship that he stole from Edge. She refuses to leave until he does so, and also gives her an apology. With that, Punk comes out.

Punk taunts Vickie by placing the Championship directly in front of her face. Vickie is outraged that Punk would have the nerve to celebrate such a tainted victory. She said he took advantage of a brutally beaten and broken man, in Edge, last week. She said Edge's life is so torn up because of this and its also caused him to call off their wedding.

Punk cuts Vickie off and explains that whether she realizes it or not he won the Money in the Bank match and didn't do anything to Edge, that Edge hadn't done to others. And Punk feels what goes around, comes around. He then mocks the relationship situation by explaining that there are other "fish in the sea." He uses Khali as an example. Vickie slowly (and apparently painfully) stands up from her wheelchair, only to haul off and slap the shit outta Punk. Punk tells her she just bought a one way ticket back to Smackdown, then wheels her off to the side.

This is cut-off by J.B.L. coming to the ring. Bradshaw explains that Punk just bought himself a one way ticket to a short title reign, and explains that had it not been for outside interference J.B.L. would be the new World Heavyweight Champion now. J.B.L. said he'll leave tonight as Champion, because McMahon would agree and make the match. Punk cuts him off and explains that McMahon isn't here, and J.B.L. had his chance and lost. Bradshaw starts in again, only to get cut off by John Cena.

Cena starts off by mocking J.B.L. in classic Cena-childlike fashion, by using middle school humor. He then says that since noone is technically in charge, he is issuing a challenge. J.B.L. against Cena, with the winner facing Punk at the Great American Bash. This gets interrupted by Batista.

Batista said the way he sees it, Punk wouldn't of had the opportunity to win the World Heavyweight Championship, had it not been for him taking out Edge in the first place. Batista then goes over and talks with Vickie for a bit. He says that she made his life hell on Smackdown, and dispite all of that he feels sorry for her and is upset for her that her life is falling apart. He pauses, then expresses how he was just kidding and then proceeds to tell her to wheel her ass back to Smackdown. (He even makes a wheelchair motion with his arms, very funny stuff.)

J.B.L. says that Batista doesn't just get in for saying he wants a shot. Batista says J.B.L. will meet his fist. Cena then says the match can be a Triple Threat as long as its okay with Punk. Before Punk gets a chance to respond, Kane's music erupts and the monster walks out, gets in the ring, says he wants in and with that.. its now a Fatal Four Way.

The Matches:

1. Rey Mysterio v. Santino Marella: Mysterios debut match on Raw, as its more or less a squash. Mysterio shows off his high flying skills, as Marella has no counter for them. Marella gets in a couple moves here and there, but mainly its all Mysterio. In the end, its a 619 followed by a torpedo splash to pick up his first official Raw victory.

2. Kelly Kelly & Mickie James v. Layla & Jillian Hall: Mickie James and Jillian begin the match-up. Not very good chemistry between the two, as a lot of botches seemed to happen. Mickie knocks Layla from the apron, then tags in Kelly.

This match honestly featured how good Kelly Kelly is getting. While I won't say shes suddenly Women's Champion material, the fact is I was very impressed. In the end, it was Kelly rolling up Jillian to pick up the victory for their team.

3. C.M. Punk v. Snitsky: Very sloppy back and forth match, as this is a strong sign of whats to come regarding Punk against Heavyweights, unfortunately. While Snitsky obviously isn't a seasoned vet like Cena, Batista, J.B.L. or even Kane.. the fact is the size difference just makes you shake your head and how pathetic it is.

Punk uses his speed to his advantage, as Snitsky is merely happy to be back on television. Punk hits all his normal moves, and ends the match with a very half-assed G.T.S. to pick up the victory.

4. Kofi Kingston v. Charlie Haas: What the hell is up with giving guys who aren't normally used all television time in the same night? Very physical match-up that at one point even saw Haas delivering a very stiff kick to Kofi's face that ended up closing his left eye. (Shawn Michaels should take notes on what a real eye injury is)

In the end, it was Kofi connecting with several of his signature moves and connecting with his spinning kick to Haas' face that allowed him to pick up the victory. After the match they showed Kofi's eye and it was very nasty. Also after the match, and right before they went to cut away Paul Burchill lays out Kingston and puts his mark on wanting to apparently become the next Intercontinental Champion.


C.M. Punk/Snitsky: In the back, Punk is interviewed about the Fatal Four Way and if he had any thoughts on who he'd like to face. Before Punk gets to answer a light fixture falls over with two crew members calling each other stupid and rushing to pick it up. The question is asked again, as Punk starts to say he does have a personal favorite.. however before he gets to express who, hes cut off by Snitsky.

Snitsky says that he was drafted to Raw last year and never received a World Heavyweight Championship match when he came over. Punk says if it angers him so much, then he can release that in the ring tonight against him.

John Cena/Mickie James/Kelly Kelly: :disappointed: Just when I thought this stupid angle was over, they bring it back. Mickie is talking to John, as Kelly walks up and tells Mickie their match is next. Cena takes a big drink of J.B.L.'s juice, as Mickie introduces Kelly to Cena and explains she came over to Raw. Cena asks if Kelly was let out of her contract, to which Kelly replied with not knowing they had contracts. Cena's happy to be an american because of the dumbass girls in the country apparently. (and hes suppose to be a role model?)

J.B.L./Cena/Cryme Tyme: In the second odd event of the night, J.B.L.'s limo pulls out as the driver gets out and runs to the back. A commercial break splits that from the next segment in which J.B.L. walks out to question why his limo came out. Cena gets out of the limo with a crowbar, and explains that last week J.B.L. had Cena thrown out of the building, for Cena's protection and now Cena is gonna return the favor, and protect J.B.L. from the law's on limo's in New Orleans.

Cryme Tyme get out from the otherside, as Cena and Cryme Tyme more or less completely destroy and work over J.B.L.'s limo with shattering the windshield and windows, then give it a new paint job complete with the phrase "J.B.L. is poopy." Also C.T.C. which I'm to understand would more or less mean "Cryme Tyme & Cena." (a new faction??)

Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho: It should be noted before H.B.K. came to the ring, Michael Cole gave his best Adamle impression by explaining to the viewers watching that H.B.K. still had his "left" eye heavily covered.. dispite his injured eye actually being his right. :lmao:

Shawn instantly accepts the challenge for the Great American Bash, as its welcomed by the music of Chris Jericho, with Lance Cade. Jericho says he knew H.B.K. would accept because to Shawn its a win/win situation, even if he loses. He knows that to Shawn, if he wins he'll be seen as the injured hero overcoming the odds. And if he loses, he'll still win in the fans eyes as being the brave hero who tried his best. He also explains that he knows H.B.K. is worse than hes letting on, because H.B.K. hasn't tried to attack him yet.

Jericho says what he really wants to know is at what cost will this be to Shawn Michaels. Jericho & Cade understand that if H.B.K. gets hurt so badly that it ends his career, the fans won't be there to help him. Jericho goes on to explain that in time, he'll be swept away and forgotten. At that point H.B.K. smiles and cuts Jericho off explaining that he finally understands where Jericho is coming from.

Shawn said that he thought Jericho was just holding a grudge for H.B.K. lying to him, but in fact hes holding a grudge because he isn't H.B.K. himself. Shawn said the fact is, hes H.B.K. and if he left the business today he'd be remembered forever. And even though Jericho has done everything hes ever set out to do in his career, he'll never be H.B.K.

Batista warm-up: We see Batista warming up, as the 3rd weird event unfolds. A fan (apparently) out of nowhere comes into camera view and acts as if hes setting off Batista's pyro. Batista can't help but give a stupid look, as he was doing his best not to completely lose it with laughter.

Main Event: #1. Contender's Fatal Four Way Match: John Cena v. J.B.L. v. Batista v. Kane: Very solid, above average length match. (with too many commercial breaks) The match begins with J.B.L. and Cena pairing off, while Kane and Batista randomly tap each other awaiting to repair with the other two.

Several close calls and almost delivered finishers, but in the end its J.B.L. laying Cena out with the steel steps, then Kane sends J.B.L. into the crowd. Kane then goes to the top and leaps toward Batista, who moves out of the way and then connects with a spear to Kane to become the Number One Contender to Punk's Championship!

After the Main Event, Kane completely snaps as hes yelling at the announcers "Is he alive or dead?" He grabs Michael Cole as the fans explode with cheers, dispite it being a very heelish move. Cole is tossed in the ring and about to be killed, when Jerry Lawler out of nowhere jumps Kane to save Cole. As a result, Kane destroys Lawler as the fans give him the boos he was looking for, to end the show.

Overall Thoughts: Very high impactful show this week. A lot of action, for only 5 matches and most of them being matches that would be challenging to make even the old Sunday Night HeAT card. I'm very concerned with the fact that Raw picks up all this new talent in the draft, and delivered 3 very unimpressive squash-like matches. Haas, Snitsky and the Divas (short of it being Mickie & Katie) really had no place on this show.

Vickie's heat is just off the charts. I can not believe how much people truly dispise this Woman, and all because of Edge which just shows how much more incredible he is to not only make Punk anything of a World Champion.. but also making Vickie one of the most over heels next to him, in the entire business.

I'm starting to actually enjoy the anarchy and chaos that more or less remains uncontrolled. I think its fitting, and should only continue to get better.

Anyone who claims C.M. Punk had anything to do with the ratings of this week's show needs shot, in the nuts, then in several other body parts before finally being killed in the worst way possible for being a complete dumbshit. Punk had all about 10 minutes of television time, in which he was overshadowed by Cena, J.B.L., Batista, Kane & Vickie Guerrero. Then the guy has a match that he almost seemed even in, against a jobber who hasn't been used regularly in well over several monthes.

I popped incredibly hard to see Paul Burchill attack Kingston. While this means Cade won't be getting the midcard Championship push soon, it means Burchill could become an Intercontinental Champion and finally mean something to the brand. I'd love it more than anything, and just thinking about the type of match Kingston & Burchill could have is amazing.

Is Kelly Kelly really that stupid? I mean, I understand shes playing a ditzy blonde "character." But I don't think she should be made to look that incredibly stupid to realize she doesn't have a contract, or an agreement to any one brand.

What was up with the weird events? Either Raw was truly falling apart, of the W.W.E. creative team is trying to make us believe complete chaos is breaking out everywhere. Am I truly suppose to believe two seperate backstage promos were "ruined" because of a fallen light fixture and a fan interruption? Raw is on a 5 second, if not longer, delay. I'm not stupid enough to think they wouldn't of cut that stuff out, or simply wouldn't air the promo.

Jericho and Shawn Michaels could have such an amazing rivalry if H.B.K. wasn't playing the role of a cripple right now. Their match at the Bash could end up being completely pathetic if H.B.K. isn't acting at least over 70%. If Jericho taps his eye and he goes down instantly, I'm going to be pissed. Also, they really need to do something with Cade. When he came out with Jericho, he actually made me believe he could be something big one day.. but it'll never happen if all hes doing is becoming Jericho's shadow.

Batista seems to fit naturally on Raw. Don't ask me why, but I'm happy hes getting a Championship match. I also think its rather ironic that all the little Punk Bastards out there were raving over how the Championship picture has finally changed, when the fact is Batista is getting yet another World Championship match. In complete honesty though, I'd almost rather see Batista win this time around. Not because of my passion for disliking Punk, but instead because Batista since coming over to Raw is suddenly becoming enjoyable to watch. I think its got a lot to do with the fact that he has more Main Eventers to help work with him.

Finally, Kane. What is up with the Dead or Alive bit? Please tell me this isn't going to lead to Kane being the one who tried taking out Mr. McMahon. To be honest.. I have two theories on this. The first, T.N.A. just released James Mitchell. I'm begging them to sign him and allow him to manage Kane. That would be incredible! The second, Paul Bearer. Bearer's last appearance (to my knowledge) was in 2004, when the Undertaker more or less had him "killed".

While I don't know where exactly they're going with this, the one thing I do know is I'm loving heel monster Kane. This is the Kane that should've been E.C.W. Champion. It would've served them such a better feel for that miserable excuse for a brand.

All in all, Raw tonight gets a definate 9 outta 10. (1 off only because I still had to view Punk as a Champion, and that shit is already old and pathetic)

07-08-2008, 01:24 PM
Amy’s ‘take’ on Raw 07/07/08:

Like her brother Shane last week, Stephanie McMahon implored every member of Raw to pull together in this uncertain time so the show doesn’t lapse into chaos again.

Opening Segment: The darkness of the arena (prelude to Regal’s imminent return perhaps?!?!) was interrupted by Smackdown GM! Vicki Guerrero repeatedly screaming ‘Excuse me’. Wow, Vicki's heat is just amazing. She said CM Punk stole the WHC, ruined her life, and demanded he surrender the belt to her.

Punk made his ring entrance, pointing to his name of the belt and saying ‘That’s my name’ to the fans.:rolleyes: Punk quipped she wouldn’t get any sympathy from him or the fans and he didn’t do anything Edge hasn’t done before. Punk joked she’d find another young, good-looking SD! guy like the Great Khali to pretend to fall in love with her just to be in a position of power. Vicki stood and slapped him. He was helping her take her leave when JBL’s music hit.

JBL said he'd be the world champion if it wasn’t for illegal interference and challenged Punk again. Punk said he had his chance and lost. JBL said he lost because of one man’s personal vendetta against him. Cena's music hit and he said JBL is medically sick, he’s got a bad case of the "wasn’t fors".:lmao: Cena said that since no one is in charge it’s up to them to figure things out for themselves and he proposed a 1-on-1 match with JBL where the winner becomes the #1 Contender to Punk’s title at the Great American Bash.

Batista came down to add his two cents. He said Punk deserves to be champion because he earned MITB, but it was his attack on Edge that made it possible for Punk to cash in. JBL said no one cares what Tista thinks. Tista warned JBL to not cut him off again.

Cena didn’t expect Tista but the more the merrier so he proposed a Triple Threat match. JBL said he wasn’t OK with it. Cena said they'd do this thing with or without him. Kane’s music hit and he wanted in too. Punk didn’t wait for anyone else to wander out and declared a Fatal Fourway for later in the night.

Are we absolutely sure there’s no one else in the back that wants in? Kane’s inclusion seemed a bit random at first, but it would be important later on. It was a decent opening segment, but it felt like it drug on forever. All were solid on the mic, but the attempts at humor fell flat. I could’ve done without the Cena poop image. Still he carried that opening segment.

Match #1 Mysterio vs. Santino: Santino got in some offense the first minute, including a nice face plant, standing diving headbutt, and camel clutch, grounding Mysterio. Rey fought back with a series of kicks, top-rope double foot stomp, the 619, and top-rope splash for the win.

Decent albeit short (3-minute) and predictable opening match. No one expected Rey to lose in his Raw debut and I can’t remember the last time Santino won a match (be it singles, tag, or inter-gender).

Backstage: Todd Grisham asked Punk who he wanted to face at GAB. A light fell and two crewmen rushed to right it. Snitsky walked up and said he didn’t get a world title shot when he was drafted to Raw last year and it angers him Punk became champion on his first night. Punk said he’d prove why he’s the WHC in a match against Snitsky.

Oh boy, Mr. No Personality and Mr. No Personality Junior in the ring together!?! I can hardly wait.

Backstage: Kelly Kelly interrupted Cena and Mickie James. Mickie told Cena that Kelly is Raw’s newest diva. Cena said it was good Teddy Long let her out of her ECW contract. Kelly didn’t know they had contracts. Mickie and Kelly left for their match. Cena downed his MamaJuana and said ‘God Bless America’.

Boring waste of time segment. I figured it was only a matter of time Kelly joined Raw. The show is lacking divas, especially faces, at the moment with Candice and Melina out with injury, Ashley wanting out, and Maria recently drafted. And I get she's playing the dumb blonde, but not knowing she had a contract is a bit much.

Match #2 Jillian & Layla vs. Mickie James & Kelly Kelly: Mickie and Jillian started off. Kelly got the tag and sunset flipped in. She took Jillian down a spinning headscissors and did a hurricanrana for a nearall. Jillian tossed Kelly over the top-rope but she held on only to be knocked off the apron by her old ECW nemesis Layla. Back in the ring, Jillian worked over Kelly who fought back to score the rollup win.

Another short (3˝-minute) predictable match. Like Mysterio, no way Kelly was losing in her Raw debut. And it seems there’s still some unsettled business between Kelly and Layla, so I’m sure we’re in store for their 1,000th dance-off very soon.

CTC Segment: JBL looked on while the trio took great joy in vandalizing his prize limo in the name of protecting him from New Orleans' strict limo laws. Cryme Tyme smashed the windows and Cena spray painted ‘JBL is poopy’. I couldn't agree more.:thumbsup:

Another waste of time segment. It looks like the JBL-Cena feud is going to drag on (much like the JBL-Jericho feud went nowhere), so I don't see either man winning the Fatal Fourway.

Match #3 CM Punk vs. Snitsky: Early on, Snitsky overpowered Punk for a nearfall. Punk fought out of a bearhug. Snitsky missed a leg drop. Punk seized the moment, hiting an enziguiri, top-rope clothesline, corner high knee/bulldog combo. He managed to get Snitsky up and delivered an ugly GTS for the win.

Another ho-hum, short (3-minute), predictable match. No way was the new WHC losing to the guy that jobs to everybody.

Shawn Michaels-Chris Jericho Segment: Video highlighting their recent history aired. Michaels came to the ring and accepted Jericho’s challenge to a match at GAB. Jericho with Lance Cade came to the ring.

Jericho said that despite being more injured than he’s letting on, he knew Michaels would accept because of his need to please the fans. Jericho called Michaels a martyr, the injured legend who gives his all to give the fans one more classic match, but like all other martyrs in history soon he’ll be swept under the rug and forgotten.

Michaels said that no matter what he’s done the fans still accept him and he could leave today and be remembered forever. Jericho complained it wasn’t fair. Michaels said Jericho has held every major title and sold out arenas yet he’s not content because he’ll never be HBK.

Another solid, intense verbal exchange from these two. They have yet to fail on the mic or in the ring. Theirs is one of the best feuds so far this year. I’m curious to see how Cade will factor in.

Match #4 Charlie Haas vs. Kofi Kingston: Nice back and forth at the start. Haas gained control with a series of forearms, kicks, side headlock, and headbutt. Kofi came back with a high crossbody, dropkick, ‘boom boom’ leg drop, and the Trouble in Paradise kick for the win. Post-match Paul Burchill attacked Kofi and delivered the Curb Stomp.

Shock of the night: Charlie Haas has a match on TV. No, I'm serious. Another short (3-minute) match, but it was the most entertaining thus far. I’m genuinely excited to see a Burchill-Kingston feud.

Backstage: Tista was warming up when a fan ran in and did his gun blast entrance bit. He was chased off by security. Equal parts random, lame, funny.

Match #5 Batista vs. JBL vs. Kane vs. Cena (Fatal Fourway Main Event): JBL went after Cena as soon as he stepped in the ring. Tista and Cena interrupted the cover and we cut to commercial break. Back from break, JBL hit Cena with a big boot just as he had Kane in the FU position. Kane and JBL landed stereo big boots. Cena FU’d Tista. JBL disrupted the cover and we cut to commercial again. Kane interrupted the 5 Knuckle Shuffle on JBL with a big clothesline. Tista went on the offensive with corner clotheslines to JBL, punches and a drop toe-hold on Kane, and a spinebuster on Cena. JBL delivered the Clothesline from Hell to Tista. Kane broke up Cena’s STFU on JBL. Cena and JBL worked together to prevent the double chokeslam. JBL and Cena took the fight to the floor. Tista and Kane mixed it up in the ring. Kane countered the Batista Bomb and drove Tista shoulder-first into the ringpost. Kane went top-rope but Tista moved and nailed him with the spear for the win.

Given the other short, lackluster matches, this was the match of the night no contest. Finally a solid, exciting match that went longer than 3 minutes but they killed it with the commercial breaks.:disappointed:

Closing Segment: Post-match Kane snapped. He upended the steel steps, attacked two crewmembers at ringside, chased Lillian away, screamed at Michael Cole “Is he alive or dead” then dumped him in the ring. Lawler saved his announce partner, but Kane took his frustrations out on him instead.

The Kane heel turn, if that’s what this truly was, is unexpected and I hope they don’t half-ass this. I really thought he’d finish out his career as a face. And is who dead or alive? Is this about Vince, the strange happenings on Raw, or something else entirely?

Overall Thoughts: With the promos, backstage segments, and limo bashing, it was another light show wrestling-wise with four of the five matches being 3 minutes or less. The show’s saving grace was another strong, dramatic ending.

07-14-2008, 09:47 PM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: July 14th, 2008:

Opening Segment: Shane and Stephanie McMahon begin the show in a taped promo, explaining how for the previous two weeks, each of them have urged and pleaded with the W.W.E. Universe to work together in this time of need, and co-exist while Mr. McMahon is out with an undetermined injury. Both McMahon's said they'll give it one more chance, and if things continue to be out of control, they'll be watching and actions will be taken.

Once the promo is done, they cut away to Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho outside the ring, brawling with each other. Both men are tearing into each other until Lance Cade comes down and attacks Shawn Michaels. This is followed by a group of officials who seperate all three men, and pull them apart. This is followed by Kane coming out, only to go around ringside to the announcers and somewhat violently yell hes sorry to them. Then he leaves.

The Matches:

1. Non-Title: Mickie James v. Katie Lea (w/ Paul Burchill): In a rematch of sorts from Night of Champions, this time with the Championship not being on the line. Both divas go back and forth, although this match wasn't as impressive as their first.

Katie didn't seem focused, and in the end it was Mickie James hitting a Thesz Press from the top rope, pinning Katie for the 3. After the match, Paul rushed in and grabbed ahold of Mickie, allowing Katie to paint-brush her time after time until Kofi Kingston rushed out from the back.

2. Intercontinental Championship: Kofi Kingston (c.) v. Paul Burchill: Instantly continuing from match one to match two, Kofi laid the Championship in the ring and offered to give Burchill a title shot if he came back to the ring. Burchill agreed and the match was started.

This was definately a contrast in styles, as Kofi's speed hit head on with Burchill's strength. Both men had moments in which they looked strong, but Kofi mainly stayed one step ahead the entire time. Burchill had one moment in general, when he reversed Kofi trying to spring up and behind Burchill, and instead received a stiff kick to the ribs that looked deadly.

In the end, it was Katie trying to get involved, but Mickie James pulled her off the apron, then bulldogged her to the ringside mat. Meanwhile, Kingston hit the "Trouble in Paradise" as he retains his Championship, and Burchill's last chance push (seemingly) got short sticked.

3. Santino Marella v. Beth Phoenix: Santino challenged anyone in the lockerroom, explaining that whomever it was, he'd make everyone forget all about his loss to Rey Mas-trio. The good thing is, Santino doesn't lie. The bad thing is, his opponent was Beth Phoenix and only gave people an even more embarassing moment to remember.

By far the best match of the night, as far as comedy is concerned. Santino rubbed Beth at one point, then proclaimed to be a man and whipped her to the corner at another. However in the end, it was Beth picking up the victory with a roll-up.

4. Non-Title: C.M. Punk v. Kane: Punk tries to show the world why he belongs wrestling Main Event talent, but still comes up just a little short. Punk tried keeping one step ahead with his speed and using his feet, however the only thing he did was enrage Kane further.

The match ended up on the outside of the ring, as Punk continued to struggle against his larger opponent. In the end, it was Punk beating the count, as he barely makes it back in the ring, while Kane couldn't.

That didn't stop the action however, as it only pissed Kane off further. Kane flips out similar to a week ago, and destroys Punk, placing a chair around his neck and going to the top rope. Suddenly, before Kane can make my wish come true, Batista rushes out to crush my dreams. Batista blasts Kane with the chair, then helps Punk up.

Punk showing how grateful he is extends his hand, and possibly even offered to suck Batista off. (It didn't come across, but I'm sure it happened) Batista told Punk he doesn't swing that way, and only wants Punk's title. Punk felt hurt because he was shot-down, so he shoves Batista because he doesn't know how to punch like a real man. Of course Batista is all about explaining how its done, and drops Punk with a Spinebuster.. leaving Punk laid out.

5. Chris Jericho v. Paul London: Squash of the night. (Since Snitsky/Noble wasn't a match) Jericho more or less was completely focused on Shawn Michaels, and won the match with the Liontamer-Walls of Jericho. (the extreme arch version)

After the match, Jericho explains that London has two options. He can do like Jericho has done, and take the loss only to learn from it and achive a greater career that could become legendary. Or he could follow in the path of Shawn Michaels, and lead himself nowhere. (London's on that path right now)

Shawn Michaels interrupts the proceedings and explains that Jericho was right in one thing, and that was this Sunday.. the worst is yet to come.


Santino/Matt Striker/Kane: Santino explains that hes issued a challenge to anyone on the roster because he felt embarassed in his loss to Rey Mas-trio last week. Striker finds it interesting, this is interrupted by Kane coming up to Santino. Santino quickly tells Kane he wasn't included in that, only for Kane to demand knowing where Punk is. Santino fires back with questioning if Kane's checked the Pepsi machine. (I lost it)

Kane/C.M. Punk: After finding Kane, he demands a match against Punk tonight. For whatever reason, he says he needs it. Punk says that he wants to prove he isn't a fluke Champion, and that he deserves to be where he is. So he accepts. (not before complaining that he has his biggest match of his career 6 days away) He asks Kane whats in the bag, only for Kane to clutch it, laugh and walk off.

John Cena: Has anyone truly sat back and really watched a Cena promo lately? I'm not even going to describe tonight's promo other than to say the Ultimate Warrior would be proud. Cena went in and out of storyline, often times rambling about being a pitbull and a couple other out of this world statements that had nothing to do with anything.

In the end, he accepted a match that had already been made. Then issued challenge for a 6 man tag team match tonight.

Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes/Hacksaw Jim Duggan: Kelly Kelly was meant to have a match, but thankfully the Tag Team Champions come out and put a stop to that shit. DiBiase explains that they don't care, and demand that she hit the breaks. Cody then explains that they've taken a lot of criticism from the fans, in people saying they've "turned bad." He said he knows they aren't bad people, but they aren't their Father's either. DiBiase then says the funny thing is, in 10 year's they'll only just then be hitting their prime.

Hacksaw interrupts only to say he knew them when they were little kids. He said he agrees they have talent, but as people they have a lot of growing up to do. Duggan explains that he worked with both of their Father's and all of them knew and showed respect for those that paved the way. Hacksaw gets cut off by Cody who makes a crack about Duggan still being in the business, wrestling in gym shorts.

DiBiase says he thinks of Steve Austin and thinking of Austin saying if you don't think you can win a title, then whats the point of being in the industry? They both them mock Duggan, and claim he doesn't have what it takes to win a title, and explain he desperately only comes out with the same old 2x4 and the same stupid chant, hoping to get any type of reaction. They leave Duggan with his head down.

Noble/Layla/Snitsky: Noble is in the back hitting on Layla, who shoots him down. Noble says he'll prove it to Layla, by challenging the first guy he sees. They then get interrupted by Snitsky who's upset they're being loud. Noble says sorry, only for Layla to ask if thats what he meant. Noble man's up and yells for Snitsky to come back over.

After berating Snitsky about his broken nose and calling him ugly, he enrages Snitsky and demands he follow him to the ring for a beating. Unfortunately Noble may have been slightly unsure who the beating was meant for.. as in the end, Snitsky left Noble laying, as Layla looked on at what she caused.

Main Event: 6 Man Tag Team War: Cryme Tyme Cena Nation v. Wall Street: Now Wall Street is a faction name I can love to see. Cody Rhodes begins the match against Cena, as this is yet another 5 star Main Event for Raw.

While this match might not look like a lot on paper, it was completely amazing. Most of the time it featured Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, or Cryme Tyme. Which is exactly the point of Cena and J.B.L., to put over the younger talent. I'm happy to have finally seen Ted DiBiase get more time to show his skills, and my approval of him and Rhodes has once again increased. I'm also shocked and amazed to see Cryme Tyme in this fashion again.

In the end, it was Cena cleaning house and putting Rhodes in the S.T.F.U., only for J.B.L. to do what a Tag Team partner does and kick Cena off. This leads to a disqualification?!?!?!?

J.B.L. yells for Cena to follow him to the parking lot, as Cena blindfully does. This ends up allowing J.B.L. to attack Cena with a pipe, then prop him up against a car. J.B.L. gets into another car at this point and attempts driving full speed into a prone Cena. J.B.L. hits the car Cena was laid up against, then gets out and stares somewhat shockingly as if he actually hit Cena. Raw ends.

Overall Thoughts: Okay, the first thing I have to get off my chest instantly is the ending. Raw was amazing, once again.. so why end it with a stupid angle in which J.B.L. gets out actually thinking he hit Cena? So unless Cena shows up half dead and covered with a shit load of bruises, then J.B.L. getting out looking shocked is so stupid simply because he should've or could've clearly seen Cena getting out of the way before he hit.

Obviously he didn't hit Cena, even in storylines they couldn't play that off. He'd be dead, simple as. So why run such a stupid angle? Cena being IN the car that got hit would've been better. At least then I'd believe Cena would've survived, but been busted up pretty badly.

I'm happy they did what a few of us predicted they'd do, in allowing the Tag Team Champs join up with J.B.L., and Cryme Tyme joins again with Cena. This is how they should truly be building their younger talent, not blindfully handing them Championships they have no possible way of carrying without a build up.

Speaking of which, if C.M. Punk is the World Heavyweight Champion, and the supposed top guy in the company, or Raw at least.. why has the World Champion yet to be in a Main Event? (minus against J.B.L. the night he won the title) Furthermore, I love how even after hes a Champion, hes still not getting a proper push. First he defeats J.B.L. in fluke fashion due to Cena and Cryme Tyme. Then he defeats a jobber in Snitsky, busting his nose I might add, now he barely beats Kane by countout.. only to end up being flattened not just by Kane, but also by Batista.

This of course will all lead to Punk likely picking up a fluke fashioned victory over Batista, no doubt with Punk actually hitting the G.T.S., but only because he'll have likely caught Batista by surprise. Either that or Kane interrupts the match and its thrown out.

Now then, everything else. Santino has once again found himself on my good side as the guy is a comedy genius. His backstage segment is what I'll remember forever, not his loss to the (heel/face?) former Women's Champion, Beth Phoenix. Speaking of that.. is she face now, or just taking revenge for Santino's comments about females from wwe.com?

Both Paul and Katie Lea Burchill got jobbed out in a very bad way tonight. Mickie James and Kofi Kingston pick up victories, when it should've been a mixed Tag Team match, leading to two seperate title matches at the p.p.v. in which their victories should've came then. Now, the Burchill's just look bad and have lost all their momentum. This also hurts the Champions, and neither would likely have a match for the p.p.v. Of course a reversal of fortunes in having a mixed Tag Team match at the p.p.v. is still possible, and a victory for the Burchill's could put them back in line for rematches. Who knows.

Almost no understanding of who Kane's been ranting about was explained. And now hes carrying around a bag. While I still love the storyline, sometimes it helps to at least give slight clues. The only clue I could blindly put together is the bag could be similar to an urn. Kane said he felt the person was dead, and Paul Bearer (last time he was on t.v./p.p.v.) was technically "killed."

The Jericho/H.B.K. feud picked up and got hot at just the right time. Finally, H.B.K. comes out and doesn't do that whole "my eye hurts so much, one hit knocks me out" bullshit. I'm re-interested in their match Sunday, but I'm slightly worried the entire Pay Per View is going to be tossed out. I'm coming up with a lot of no contest matches, including the H.B.K./Jericho match, and the Punk/Batista match.

In the end, Raw gets a definate 10/10 from me. Great night, and dispite the Pay Per View not having a ton of matches that are worth seeing, it at least pushed all the right ones from Raw. Definate great night of action, and the chaos that Raw has become is finally becoming worth watching. Punk as World Champion is still pointless though. The chaos on Raw can be done without him holding a title. Unfortunately the funny thing is, if he wasn't holding that title.. he likely wouldn't even be used at all. So in the end, Punk technically NEEDS the title, if only to get a television spot. (For those curious, thats not me saying he deserves it, thats me saying hes so pathetic, the only way he can get on t.v. is by holding a title that allows him to be there.)

07-15-2008, 05:31 AM
Random Raw Thoughts:

I turned on Raw in the middle of the Burchill vs The Jamacan-Nobody-Cares-About match. I'm saddened the the IC belt which has a great legacy is now used by the WWE as nothing more than a prop to try to get someone over... Not that it's working with Coffee... Kofi... Whatever his name is.

Vince: "I know. Maybe if we pair him up with one of our Divas people will give a crap."

Nope... Not gonna happen.

Santino is freakin' gold as usual.

"Have you seen Punk?"

"Have you checked by the Pepsi machine?"

It looks as if Y2J is forming a Raven-type stable. This should be interesting. His match with HBK at the GAB has been the best hyped in quite some time.

Solid main event to cap off a pretty solid show. Overall I'd give it a B+.

07-15-2008, 06:00 AM
its great idea having cena with cryme tyme helping him get over again! also loved the idea of puttin rhodes & dibiase with JBL one question no rhodes and dibiase last week yet main even this week hmmmmmmmmmmm!

one problem though not happy with the ending at all why cant they end a match with an actual finish or as i was thinkin where is Bob Holly wud have been great if he ran down and cost them 3 the match! have creative forget he got screwed i mean he only got DDT'd that wont put him out of action for 3 weeks bob holly needs to come back and get his revenge.

dont u think!?

07-15-2008, 06:31 AM
have to say raw was 10/10 one of the best shows i have seen for years there making unpredictable i mean the start of the show kicked off with a brawl and then kane coming out saying sorry lol i mean thats how u kick off a show grab the viewers attention the show was high quality through there very few boring and dull period apart from the bizzare cena promo is the guy on crack lol?? this is the type of show the wwe should have been given us the last 5 years we have been complaining i just hope the wwe continue to mantain the high standards for raw and smackdown, my worry is that in a few weeks or months time they will stop trying again and go back to their regular boring predictable show! i hope not long may this continue!

07-15-2008, 09:07 AM
All i have to say is that Raw was off the chain tonight..............great way to start off with the brawl and Kane and then the out-of-nowhere IC title match with Kofi and Paul...........the whole show was great, and the best part was Santino................i mean when Kane asked for Punk and Santino said "have you checked the Pepsi machine?" i was on the floor down and out!!! This guy is a genius, now if only he could stop jobbing to everyone!!!

07-15-2008, 09:58 AM
Was a good show, except for the ending, there really gonna have to pull something outa the hat to give us a logical reason to why Cena isnt dead. Kofi Kingston impresses me every week, his accent makes me laugh, and his flying kicks are awesome. Santino was awesome as always, and it was a good way to bring back Beth Phoenix. Im still warming to Punk being champion, and excited to see where the Kane angle will take us. Dissapointed to see London pretty much job to Jericho, he wasnt even wearing his wrestling boots! If they add London to the fued then ill be happy, but if not then ill be dissapointed. The Dibiase/Rhodes/Duggan promo was soooo harsh on Duggan, he looked genuinely upset lol, but it was a good promo nonetheless. I quite like Jamie Noble, so im glad there using him, I hope they continue to use him in some form. The main event was good, the fans were right into it which is easy for the viewer to get into it too. The fans went nuts for Cena, and he let loose with his 5 moves. Dibiase and Rhodes/Cryme Tyme are awesome and I think can be the ones to re-ignite the Tag Team Division.

07-15-2008, 04:25 PM
As soon as I saw Cena chasing JBL outside I thought 'not ANOTHER "let's run a guy over/squash him in a car/put his head through a car window" angle'.

The Austin one back in the day was actually relatively believable, and for me, well executed, but this one was just garbage. I mean as if fans are really going to go for a 'JBL just killed John Cena, I hope he is reincarnated by Sunday' storyline.

It would have been better if JBL had taken out Cryme Tyme with DiBiase and Rhodes' help, then watched as those two beat the crap out of Cena.

07-15-2008, 05:13 PM
as good as raw was i was really dissapointed with the ending though i feel it could have been even better they ended on something to do with kane a cliff hanger e.g he opens the bag but the lights go out and the show goes off air and we left wondering next week what was in the bag which would be his mask hopefully, rather then cena and jbls mid card feud which no one really carse about i mean j.b.l back is so screwed up he shouldnt even be wrestling we all know he is gonna lose on sunday

07-15-2008, 05:52 PM
As soon as I saw Cena chasing JBL outside I thought 'not ANOTHER "let's run a guy over/squash him in a car/put his head through a car window" angle'.

The Austin one back in the day was actually relatively believable, and for me, well executed, but this one was just garbage. I mean as if fans are really going to go for a 'JBL just killed John Cena, I hope he is reincarnated by Sunday' storyline.

It would have been better if JBL had taken out Cryme Tyme with DiBiase and Rhodes' help, then watched as those two beat the crap out of Cena.

Indeed. I saw Cena exit the building, and there is an eerie silence outside. Nobody is around. He looked around suspiciously like Vince did before his limo "exploded". Last night's segment had the same feeling that Vince's had, but because you didn't see Cena actually get hit by the car, the odds are that he fell over again, or was able to just get out of the way. I still don't know why they went with the angle. But, I guess we'll see eventually.

Wheres Punk?
"Have you checked the Pepsi machine?" = Priceless.

Also, did anybody notice the change of DiBiase/Rhodes' theme song? The song from last week was catchy with a good beat to it. The version they played last night had an extra guitar bit added in.

Yotsuba Snake
07-15-2008, 07:17 PM
Okay the ending was hands down the dumbest thing I've seen in my 19 years of existance. Cena gets crushed by a car and JBL tries to look like he commits murder? Oh god this was epic fail!

07-15-2008, 07:59 PM
i must say raw lately has been great and this weeks was no exception,
ya the ending was strange and kinda dumb but at least its unpredictable,
and santino might be the best thing right now in the wwe, hopefully they give him a nice push and let him win some matches because i think with his mic abilities he culd be a good star

07-16-2008, 02:48 AM
Aside from the ending, Raw has gotten me very excited over the last few weeks. I have been down on WWE for a while, but I am intrigued by the Kane angle, I think the Jamie Noble promo's are awesome, Santino also...Raw is becoming great again. I am very happy..

07-17-2008, 10:30 AM
Amy’s ‘take’ on Raw 07/14/08:

Opening Segment: Following a video recap of Batista winning the Fatal Fourway and Kane losing it on Cole and King post-match last week, Shane and Stephanie McMahon delivered a pretaped promo. She recapped the chaos of the past few weeks: vehicular destruction, the unauthorized removal of a superstar, announce talent attacked, general unprofessionalism, infighting, and the unexpected crowing of a new world champion. He warned that although they were unable to attend Raw due to their corporate responsibilities and dedication to their father, they were watching and action may be taken if things don’t improve. Once again, Steph urged everyone to work together.

We cut to Jericho and HBK brawling ringside. Cade rushed down to help Jericho. Referees separated them and escorted them to the back.

Kane’s music hit and he came down with a burlap bag in hand. He approached the announce table, angrily shouted “I’m sorry” a couple times, and walked away.

We cut to Jericho and HBK continuing the brawl backstage. Again, refs and security personnel separate them.

Wow, there was a lot going on just in the first ten minutes and it left me wondering what was going to happen next (that's a good, rare, special feeling). And the opening segment touched on several different angles. Again no mention of Vince’s condition. With the way they’ve handled the stage collapse angle, does anyone even care about Vince at this point? Great transition from the calm, professional McMahons imploring unity to the chaos of HBK and Jericho brawling. Their feud is red hot and I can’t wait for the PPV match. Angry, mysterious Kane is so much more interesting than boring face Kane. Last week Kane left us wondering who “he” is. This week it’s what’s in the bag. An all-around exciting start.;)

Match #1 Mickie James vs. Katie Lea (w/Paul Burchill): The finish seemed a little rushed to me with Mickie whipping off a headscissors then a top-rope Thesz press for the win. Still a decent 3˝-minute match with some nice back and forth throughout.

I had hoped for a Katie Lea victory considering last week she said she knew she could beat Mickie then Paul went to get her a rematch. That makes three clean losses now; I don’t see her getting another title shot anytime soon. But wait! Post-match Paul held Mickie’s arms while Katie got in some cheap shots. Kofi Kingston hit the ring for the save and the Burchills backed up the ramp. Kofi laid down the IC belt and challenged Paul to a match.

Match #2 Kofi Kingston vs. Paul Burchill (IC Title Match): Back from commercial, the match was underway. Kofi hit a flurry of offense that included a flying reverse elbow, corner shoulder blocks, hiptoss, and standing dropkick interspersed with several armbars for a couple nearfalls. Burchill fought back. Nice spot when he dropped Kofi face-first into the turnbuckle and kicked him mid-air in the midsection. Burchill worked over Kofi’s ribs with a waistlock, senton, and belly to back suplex. Off the Irish Whip, Kofi got his feet up and came back with a series of kicks, punches, standing dropkick, and Russian leg sweep. Katie hit the apron as Kofi landed his ‘boom boom’ leg drop. Mickie took care of Katie on the outside while Kofi hit the Trouble in Paradise kick for the win.

Solid 6-minute match. The Burchill-Kingston feud begins, and with the ladies involvement, I have a feeling we’re in store for an intergender tag team match next Monday.

Backstage Segment: Santino told Mateo (aka Matt Striker) he issued an open challenge and after tonight no one will remember his loss to Rey Mysterio last week. Kane walked up behind Santino as Striker left. Santino turned around, put his head down, and said “I didn’t mean you.” Fortunately, Kane wasn’t looking for Santino; he demanded to know where Punk is. Santino asked if he had tried the Pepsi machine.:lmao: Just priceless. Kane persisted and Santino nervously directed him to the locker room then downed some Tums.

I knew the Punk Pepsi reference was coming sooner or later and Santino delivered. Monday nights just wouldn’t be the same without the goofball.

Backstage Segment: Kane found Punk and told him he knows deep down he is dead. (There's that "he" reference again.) Punk asked who he was talking about. Kane said he NEEDED a 1-on-1 match with Punk tonight. (I NEED to know what’s in the bag.) At first Punk hesitated what with his title match against Tista just a few days away but eventually accepted Kane’s challenge because he needs to prove the naysayers wrong. Punk asked Kane what’s with the bag. Kane just laughed and walked away.

I think it's an interesting, smart move they're acknowledging the naysayers and Punk’s “fluke” victory. For months I questioned Punk’s booking post-Mania and now it’s all making perfect sense. I’m betting vbookie money the underdog champ retains come Sunday.

John Cena Promo: Todd Grisham asked Cena to explain the NYC Parking Lot Brawl match JBL challenged him to at the Bash. Cena said it wasn’t a match but a war where anything goes and anything can happen. Pride, health, and careers may fold. Cena said their rivalry dates back to WM21 and he will take great pleasure in hurting the ‘Great American’ JBL. Cena called himself a battle-hardened, war hungry, angry SOB and issued his own challenge. He told JBL to find two partners to take on him and Cryme Tyme in 6-man tag team action later.

You could tell Cena was trying his best to deliver an impassioned, captivating, serious, epic promo. But it felt like the high school jock does Drama 101. I just didn’t buy it. I can’t make that leap in one week’s time from joking that JBL is poopy to preparing for a hell on earth battle.

Match #3 Santino Marella vs. Beth Phoenix: Santino stood in the ring and said whoever accepts his challenge is “death meat.” The Glamazon’s music hit. Each tried to one-up the other with a collar and elbow tie-up then flexed their muscles. Beth countered a side headlock with a backbreaker and followed with a powerslam. Beth rolled up Santino for the win when he missed a corner charge. Post-match she symbolically held up her hands signifying where the Women's Championship will be again.

Not much to say about this 1˝-minute match. I’m glad Beth is back on TV, but I hope this wasn’t the beginning of a face turn. Mickie needs a strong, worthy heel challenger. And I’m all for Santino’s comedy character, but I think this loss is taking things a bit far. I guarantee he thinks twice before he drinks and drives again.

Rhodes & DiBiase Promo: Kelly Kelly made her ring entrance. Instead of her opponent, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase came out. DiBiase said no one cared about her match and dismissed her. Rhodes said they’ve received a lot of unwarranted criticism lately. He said they aren't bad, they're just realistic and they're better than their fathers so they don’t have to pay dues. DiBiase said they’ve been together less than a month, are already the tag champs, and only in their early 20s...they are the future.

Hacksaw Jim Dugan’s music hit and he came to the ring. Duggan said he’d known them since they were kids. He said their fathers were old school like him and respected those who paved the way. He said Rhodes and DiBiase were great performers but needed to grow up. Cody said Duggan was the one who needed to grow up and called him a past his prime 54-year-old man, wearing the same gym shorts, carrying the same 2x4, trying to relive his glory days that weren’t all that glorious to begin with. Ted recalled Steve Austin saying you shouldn’t be in the WWE if you don’t have a chance of being champion and told Duggan he was pathetic.

The tag champs made their exit up the ramp. JBL came on the Tron and offered them the chance to main-event with him. The duo briefly talked it over and seemed pumped.

Solid mic work by all three. While Rhodes and DiBiase didn’t say anything about Duggan we all haven’t thought or said, I can’t help feeling bad for the guy. I have a feeling we’re in store for Rhodes/DiBiase versus Duggan/Holly soon. Holly should’ve confronted Rhodes by now; it’s been three weeks now. The WWE handled Rhodes’ turning on Holly poorly IMO.

Match #4 Kane vs. Punk: Early on, Punk landed a kick that sent Kane through the ropes to the floor. Kane contemplated bringing in a chair but turned his attention back to the match and hit a flurry of offense, including an uppercut, punches, corner clothesline, running dropkick to the seated Punk, and big boot for a couple nearfalls. Punk fought back and went on his own offense run, including backfists, kicks, two corner high knees, flying reverse elbow, low dropkick to Kane’s leg, and crossbody for three nearfalls. Kane fought off the GTS. The two took the fight to the outside. Punk hit a bulldog and Kane didn’t get back in the ring before the ref’s 10-count.

Post-match Kane lobbed a slew of chairs into the ring and setup Punk’s head/neck in one. Tista’s music hit and Big Dave made the save, spearing then delivering a chair shot to Kane. Tista helped Punk to his feet and Punk offered his hand. Tista refused it, saying he didn’t want his friendship but his title then patted his cheek. Punk shoved him and Tista speared him in return.

The 6˝-minute match was what it was. The countout ending makes sense as they need to keep each man strong. The post-match segment was well done and needed to build toward Sunday’s WHC title match. I’m still waiting on one of these guys to heel turn though.

Match #5 Paul London vs. Chris Jericho: What’s with London wearing sneakers? He managed a couple of punches and kicks in this 3-minute squash. Jericho unleashed his frustration on London, called him Michaels during the match, and made him submit to the badass, old-school looking Walls of Jericho.

Post-match Jericho took the mic and told London to use the loss to change his career. He said he had two paths before him: Jericho’s path of integrity and honor that leads to greatness or Michael’s path of deceit and cowardice that leads to disgrace and pain. HBK’s music hit and he came onto the stage. He said their minds are made up about each other and the worst is truly yet to come at the GAB.

Throughout their feud, Jericho and Michaels mic work has been strong and one of the most captivating segments on Raw. Tonight I can’t help feel Jericho outshined Michaels on the mic though. I can’t wait to see if London joins Jericho in the coming weeks. I'd like to see Jericho take the partner-less duds and form a heel faction.

Backstage Segment: Jamie Noble tried to convince Layla they could be Raw’s power couple, but she doesn’t date short men. Noble pointed out he’s above average in other areas like in the ring. Snitsky walked up and told him to keep it down. Noble apologized and Snitsky walked away. Layla prodded him to prove himself and Noble called out “Get back over here boy.” He said he didn’t appreciate the interruption and said Snitsky looked like he was beat with the ugly stick. Noble challenged Snitsky and the two made their way through the backstage area to the ring. Noble kicked Snitsky as he entered the ring, but Snitsky quickly overpowered Noble and left him lying in the ring following the pump handle slam. Layla thought about checking on Jamie but walked away.

I can’t help but root for the clueless dork that keeps talking himself into impromptu beatings. I wonder though if there’s really enough need and time for both Noble and Santino’s comedy characters on the same show when so many guys can’t get any TV time.

Match #6 JBL, Rhodes, & DiBiase vs. Cena & Cryme Tyme (Main Event): Cena started out on Rhodes and looked to JBL after each move. Shad and DiBiase tagged in. Shad scored a couple power moves including a double underhook belly to belly suplex and powerslam. JTG and Rhodes tagged in. Rhodes and DiBiase whipped JTG into the ropes, DiBiase dropped to the mat, and Rhodes dropkicked JTG. JBL briefly tagged in and hit a neckbreaker and couple of punches and stomps. DiBiase and Rhodes isolated JTG and worked over his knee with quick tags.

Back from commercial break, Rhodes controlled Shad and JBL tagged in. Immediately, he knocked Cena off the apron, delivered a clothesline and four elbow drops, and tagged back to Rhodes who continued working over Shad. Moments later, Shad avoided the bulldog attempt. Cody knocked Cena off the apron to prevent the tag and tagged in Ted who landed a few punches then tagged back to Cody. Shad moved and Rhodes missed a top rope moonsault. Cena got the hot tag and cleaned house, hitting DiBiase with the 5 Knuckle Shuffle and FU and Rhodes with the top rope leg drop. JBL kicked Cena in the face to break up the STFU on Rhodes and the ref disqualified JBL’s team.

Another stupid finish. One week it’s Jericho for holding the tights and this week it’s JBL for making the save, something every other tag team does during almost every match.:wtf: As a whole, the 15-minute 6-man tag match was average. We got to see a little more of DiBiase wrestling and he and Cody worked really well together and stood out.

After the match, JBL drew Cena to the backstage area and outside the arena. Cena cautiously looked for JBL and was hit with a tire iron from behind. It felt like I was watching a really cheesy ‘B’ rate horror flick for a minute there. Then JBL lined Cena up on the pavement in front of a parked car, jumped in another car and gunned it at Cena. JBL got out of the car but Cena was gone.

Ugh, they followed a stupid finish to the ME with a stupid closing segment. That might float if it wasn’t the go-home show before the PPV.:disappointed: The ending was contrived and ridiculous and did nothing to make me care anymore or less about their feud. Next week Steph can add attempted murder to the growing list of offenses.

Overall Thoughts: For me, the highlight of Raw was Kane and his mystery bag. Despite the ending segment, a MUCH improved show this week. The show started strong and got better as it went along. They devoted more time to the matches and I didn’t mind the backstage segments and promos so much this week as they continued the build to the Bash.

07-17-2008, 02:51 PM
the whole cena thing was kinda cool... i knew something was gunna happen but that was definatly a SHOCK! but at the same time just because it's a shock doesn't mean it was the right thing to do. so we'll see what happens later on.
The kane mystery bag thing was awesome... i am a firm believer that it's his mask in the bag, and once bearer (hopefully) makes his return Kane will be back to his psycho old self again...WITH THE MASK!!!!! thank god Kane needs a good push the guy deserves it... he still got a good pop, people still wanna see kane, but i feel people wanna see him with his mask back!
Santino made the comment of the year "where's punk?"... "did u check the pepsi machine" that guy is gunna be huge once he gets some good ring time in, and quits jobbing.

Rhodes and dibiase are a joke... and i was surprised that they were honest about not paying their dues.... hopefully there's some good development with them and they can feed off each other... because so far, rhodes was never really liked and with the dibiase name, ted was never liked either, so there's some major work needed there. Perhaps a good singles/tag program with cryme tyme will show us what they can do......or sorry CTC? LOL

And is beth phoenix going the way of Chyna...will she be an IC champ as well... get a face push and then become a crack head? only time will tell.

Am i the only one thinking that y2j is trying to hard...or maybe not hard enough to be a good heel... i mean i used to like HBK but i would love to see Y2J knock his "I'M THE TOP FACE ON RAW ASS" right into retirement! and did anyone else notice that on his entrance it now says save_ME instead of save_US. HBK should heel turn with Y2j. Y2J/CADE/HBK seems to be a good fit for a pretty good stable.

It's too bad that in the dark match against Punk, Batista squashed him... i rather punk as the face champ and build a program with Batista, making Batista a heel.

Kofi Kingston is a refreshing change to raw... the guy has some moves and i am very pleased with him soo far... same with burchill, he's been improving over the past few years, and is really starting to hone in on being a decent heel... his curb stomp needs improvement tho.... needs to have more of a vicous finish to it.... right now it just looks like a typical boot to the face, that was used all the time by flair back in the day...lol.... Kingston's finish is pretty solid as well you can tell he's been working on it... it's simple but explosive!!!!.... hopefully we can see more of him in the mid-card.

Overall this show was well done, and as a former nay-sayer of wwe programming i'm happy with the direction it's going... unpredictable and the raw roster definatly has some depth to it now....

I just hope they don't drop the ball on the cena thing... as much as people don't like him, the guy bleeds WWE and is one of the top guys for mic skills, crowd pops/crowd heat... and without a doubt is the best skilled wrestler they have right now. i just don't wanna see CENA/JBL again it's almost as bad as HBK/HHH feuds.
and like i said, i hope kane's mask is in the mystery bag, feud with taker when he returns!!!!!

07-17-2008, 03:01 PM
Random Raw Thoughts:

I turned on Raw in the middle of the Burchill vs The Jamacan-Nobody-Cares-About match. I'm saddened the the IC belt which has a great legacy is now used by the WWE as nothing more than a prop to try to get someone over... Not that it's working with Coffee... Kofi... Whatever his name is.

Vince: "I know. Maybe if we pair him up with one of our Divas people will give a crap."

Nope... Not gonna happen.

Santino is freakin' gold as usual.

"Have you seen Punk?"

"Have you checked by the Pepsi machine?"

It looks as if Y2J is forming a Raven-type stable. This should be interesting. His match with HBK at the GAB has been the best hyped in quite some time.

Solid main event to cap off a pretty solid show. Overall I'd give it a B+.
I'd have to disagree with you on this one. Jamaican no one cares about? You need to have your ears cleaned out, Kofi Kingston is over like a motherfucker and I can't blame anyone for not liking him.. he's very good in the ring and has an interesting moveset, not to mention the overwhelming athleticism. I personally don't give a fuck about Paul Burchill, a lot of people want him to get pushed but I don't see why, I always skip his matches unless it's with someone like Kofi, Kennedy, Y2J, or someone who is entertaining to watch (I have a DVR). What stable is Y2J forming? He just formed an alliance with Lance Cade... did I miss something on Raw... I don't look at it as a stable at all, Lance Cade is moar like a manager or some shit.

Now the following paragraph concerns the popular wrestlezone reaction to Raw's ending. Why should you give a fuck about the finish of the 6 man tag match? Ohhh JBL got disqualified and ruined the whole fucking show. No, JBL interfered and got himself disqualified... if he didn't interfere then the match would have been over anyway because he would have tapped out. It's not like the match was cut short and had a bullshit finish like the Y2J/Kofi deal... that was a good ass match anyway and I hate how people find a reason to hate on a perfectly good show for some bullshit reason. OMFGGG THE ENDING WASN'T BELIEVABLE!!! CENA MOVED OUT THE WAY!!! THAT SHIT SUCKED!!! Who gives a fuck? You got the idea right? JBL tried to fucking kill John Cena just to show you how intense their match at GAB will be, stop complaining.

07-17-2008, 09:17 PM
i don't understand where this "Raven" type stable is comming from? it's not a stable... it's lance cade getting a small experimental character to see if it pans out..... Vince likes cade, he see's him as potential superstar... so he's building him through y2j... the only way y2j gets a stable is if some serious changes happen, which i doubt will.

And as for the comments about how shit raw was... did anyone of you predict that was going to happen?????... i mean Cena potentially losing his head..... i don't think so. WWE is making changes and trying to revolutionize again... some people will like it, some people won't, but we'll all still watch to see what happens next... if you don't like it you shouldn't be a wrestling fan in the first place... this wild crazy storyline shit isn't what's important... what's important is what's going to happen next.. that's been the way WWE has been for a long time. This madness that's been happening is great... if you like being entertained by a wrestling program.. you're not gunna get ANY better then WWE right now,

Some of us get and some of us don't i suppose

07-18-2008, 12:53 PM
After raw on monday, I have 2 main thoughts. First, I'm not saying I am a Cena fan, but even if you are a hater you have to recognize that he has really improved. He is much better in the ring now than when he was champion, both selling and working. In addition, he really is solid when delivering promos. True, the overall message behind them is pretty much the same, but on RAW, I don't think anyone is as good as he is right now in getting folks pumped up for matches.

My second thought is that it's a given that wrestlers to some extent are actors, and for storyline purposes they go over the top and do things that no one in their right mind would ever do in order to get the better of someone (e.g., big boss man hooking up big show's dad's coffin and dragging it around a cemetary). But even that should have its limits, and watching JBL attempt to kill Cena is a perfect example of going too far.

I guess another way to say it is that we all suspend reality to some extent when watching storylines unfold, but things only make sense when it still could technically be possible that someone might do something like that. But come on, is anyone really going to attempt to kill someone just because he's your wrestling opponent? And even in some sort of suspended reality in that someone would actually commit such an act, we're supposed to believe JBL wouldn't be immediately arrested and sent to jail for attempted murder, or at the very least, fired?

To summarize, I don't mind outrageous stories from time to time, but I think that whenever the storylines involve actual attempted murder (which thankfully isn't often), that it does cross the line. Because even with suspended belief to some extent, it is ridiculous to assume that such an act would not have dire legal consequences beyond just adding fuel to a fire for an upcoming match.

07-22-2008, 02:57 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: July 21st, 2008:

Opening Segment: The recap video of the World Heavyweight Championship from the Great American Bash opens Raw. After the video is finished, Batista is seen in the production truck, glaring intently at the screen. This prompts him to leave the truck, only to show up in the arena and come to the ring.

Batista said that he'd hoped on coming out tonight as the new World Heavyweight Champion, but unfortunately thanks to Kane, that isn't possible. He continues to express that since neither Shane nor Stephanie McMahon are there tonight, he's placing himself in charge and he's only making one match. Batista versus C.M. Punk, for the title, in a rematch. Batista also goes on to inform Kane that if he has an issue (which apparently he does) with Batista, that Kane should find him, before Batista finds Kane.

This gets interrupted by J.B.L.. J.B.L. explains that Batista isn't in charge, and J.B.L. doesn't answer to anyone, especially an Animal. He said that his body isn't feeling up for a Championship match tonight, but that doesn't mean Batista will be getting on either. J.B.L. apparently will go to Summerslam and face the Champion, as he also wouldn't shut up about it. (yay :rolleyes:)

J.B.L. then gets interrupted by C.M. Punk, and Punk replies quickly to J.B.L. in saying if this is the Jungle, then the Champion would be the king. Punk then turns away from J.B.L., to address Batista in saying that he wanted to prove to everyone that he could defeat Batista last night, but thanks to Kane that didn't happen, either. Punk then says he feels they should do it, until they get it right. J.B.L. attempts interrupting and complaining about this situation, but his microphone gets cut off very quickly.

Batista tells Punk if he's agreeing, then they're on. And on that note he slams the mic. down and exits the ring. Punk remains, while J.B.L. is throwing a mime impression on the titan-tron.

The Matches:

1. Lance Cade v. Paul London: In what started off as H.B.K.'s theme music, ends up turning into Lance Cade's theme music. I don't know if that's now his new thing, or if it was just a one time attempt at trying to swerve the fans. Either way this is Cade's first match since receiving his newest push (to my knowledge) and I think it's suppose to tell us whether or not he'll be worth anything.

Before the match, Cade gets on the mic and says he knows Shawn is in the building, and he wants Shawn to come out so they can have words that should've been had a long time ago. Whether H.B.K. comes out after, during or right then and there. This leads nowhere of course, then Paul London comes out.

The first set of issues I actually have with Cade's look is the fact that they're trying to push him off as a Main Event level contender, when he's really not anywhere close. His tights aren't anything unique, and he isn't the type of guy that can get by with the plain look. This entire match, all I could hear were the announcer's raving over how powerful Cade is. Why wouldn't he be powerful against a Cruiserweight though?

The second issue I have is the fact that Cade needs to find a new finishing move, if he expects to be taken seriously. The snap sit-out powerbomb is fine, but Batista does a better sit-out powerbomb so in comparison, Cade's is crap. In the end, Cade naturally picks up the victory, then introduces Chris Jericho when Shawn Michaels is an obvious no-show.

2. Kelly Kelly v. Beth Phoenix: I suppose Beth is returning to full on heel form this week, since she isn't taking on any other males. (yet) :lmao: And Kelly Kelly is getting more television exposure since moving to Raw than I really feel she's had ever. She's been in a wrestling match, what seems to be each week she's been on Raw. (minus last week I believe, and yet she was still featured)

I believe it was two weeks ago, and I think against either Jillian or Layla (or both in a Tag match) that I was giving Kelly a positive review in saying she was really trying hard to impress the Raw viewers, by showing that she's learning new things. Well, this is going to be the opposite review of that.

This match was horrible, and it was all because Kelly was trying TOO HARD to do everything right. It seemed she was over-excited to get into each of her next sets of moves, so she'd telegraph and end up waiting on Phoenix to catch up. The funny thing about a bad wrestler is, when you mix them with a moderately okay one, they end up dragging the okay version down as well. This has to be Beth's worst match to date.

In the end, it was Phoenix (duh) taking out K2. The only thing remotely pleasing about watching this match was the 20 plus crotch shots I seemed to always be receiving of Kelly. That had to of made Jerry Lawler happy, I mean the last time he seen that much barely above teenager pussy was likely this weekend.

3. John Cena & Cryme Tyme v. WallStreet: Just like a week ago, this 6-Man Tag Team contest is really more about showcasing the two Tag Teams, than it is about either Cena or J.B.L.

In my opinion, Cryme Tyme aren't anything worthy of being considered a great Tag Team, but at least they work well against Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, which in all honesty is all they need to do, considering they're arguably the only two teams on Raw right now.

The only time J.B.L. or Cena do enter into this match, both of them have constant control and it shows why they're in a league above their tag team counterparts. In the ending of this contest, J.B.L. bails through the crowd, leaving Rhodes & DiBiase to take a Double F-U for the finish.

I don't have a lot to say regarding this contest, except that I only assume it'll be a matter of time, possibly Summerslam, before Cryme Tyme and the team of Rhodes/DiBiase fight in a tag match for the Championships. The only thing that hurts Cryme Tyme is the fact that right now, DiBiase and Rhodes need the titles more, so it's likely that Cryme Tyme wouldn't win them.

Meanwhile, regarding Cena and J.B.L., since I doubt people will wanna see too many more 6-Man Tag Team matches, I would hope their feud is coming to a close and will finish up either next week on Raw in some type of Last Man Standing match, or merely fade away and end right now.

4. Kofi Kingston & Mickie James v. Paul & Katie Lea Burchill: By far, this would be what I'd consider the Match of the Night! It was just a week or two ago in which I was saying that Paul Burchill losing to Kingston was the end of his push, short of the Family Burchill getting a mixed tag team match that they could win. Well, that'd be tonight, and they did exactly that.

Kingston really needs to register his legs with air-traffic control, because anytime the guy leaps, he's flying like a plane. He almost over-shot Paul Burchill, when he was making the save from Paul attacking Mickie. And even if Paul wouldn't of moved, I'm believing that Kingston's leg/foot still would've went above Paul's head and connected with the ring post, outside the ring.

The ladies didn't get to see much action tonight, which I'm only assuming means they won't be fighting in the coming weeks like Kingston & Paul will be. The only wishful thing I have to ask for, is that William Regal return soon and help Burchill win the Intercontinental Championship. I don't care if Burchill doesn't win fairly, he's a heel, heel's don't need to win fairly. But Kingston doesn't truly have that many other challengers, short of Cade.. who after tonight has lost a lot in my eyes.

5. Santino Marella v. D-Lo Brown: Before anything happens with the match, Santino expresses how he doesn't fight people with fallopian tubes, but instead with the Adam's apple. With that in mind, Santino says he's going to try it again. In a shocking turn of events, whether it'll last long or not, D-Lo Brown is the returning Superstar in line against Santino!!

D-Lo gets a nice returning ovation from the crowd, one that I might also add doubled in size compared to the World Heavyweight Champion's.

Beth Phoenix comes out before the bell officially sounds, as Santino is confused by this issue. Once the match was under way, it wasn't long before it was over. D-Lo hit most of his old-school regular moves, including the head shaking leg drop, the sudden impact clothesline and the Lo-Down frog splash to pick up the victory.

After the match, D-Lo exited the ring while Beth Phoenix entered it. Santino backs into a corner, trying to calm Beth down, while Beth merely punches Santino once in the face. Santino then attempts holding Beth, by going for a waist-lock, which made Beth scream out in girlish fashion to let go of her. This was reversed by both individuals a couple times. However, in the end it was Santino grabbing Beth by the hair, Beth grabbing Santino back, and a greco roman lip lock is applied!

Once they stopped kissing each other, Beth looks almost upset and disgusted with herself, while Santino leaves the ring slightly happy and slightly unsure what just happened.


Chris Jericho/Lance Cade: After the Lance Cade match, Chris Jericho is in the ring and cutting what I assume to be his final promo until Shawn Michaels returns, against H.B.K. Jericho shows everyone the footage of what is arguably Shawn's last moments in the W.W.E., he explains the issue with the detached retina, then says it's everyone of the fan's fault. He said H.B.K. knew he was injured. Jericho knew he was injured. But he continued to wrestle at the p.p.v. to please all of them, the fans.

Jericho said whether anyone likes it or not, he's actually happy and pleased with what he's done, because Shawn Michaels was the most corrupt man in the W.W.E. and Jericho rid him of it. Jericho feels as if he's saved himself, and then we go to yet another break just as quickly as we came back from one.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan/Jerry Lawler/DiBiase & Rhodes: Before the 6-man Tag Team match, Jim Duggan is dressed in usual attire and explains to the world that he believes he's going to hang up his wrestling boots. He said he had a lot of fun, and won the first Rumble along with surviving kidney cancer, but he took in a lot of what Rhodes & DiBiase said to him the week prior and he believes they're mainly right, that this is a business for the young.

Jerry Lawler quickly gets in the ring, stopping Duggan before he can leave, as Lawler says this isn't the W.W.E. with an age-limit, this is the W.W.E. where you can wrestling as long as you want to, if you're having fun and loving doing it. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the W.W.E. in 1996 actually promoting being a company FOR the young? So since they bought out W.C.W., apparently they had to agree to take some of their policies in effect too?)

Lawler goes on to explain how Duggan can do what neither Presidencial hopeful can, and thats start a U.S.A. chant just by his mere presence. Duggan says he still wants to stay, but just needed someone to tell him it was okay to do so. This quickly gets interrupted by Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr.

DiBiase fires off instantly by expressing how just because Lawler likes to date girls his and Cody's age, doesn't mean he can relate to them. He said the fact is, both of them need to hang up their boots, badly. Rhodes takes the mic and explains how when Duggan won the Rumble, he was 2 years old. And when Lawler slapped Andy Kaufman on national television, neither of them were alive yet. Lawler replies by saying that if they didn't see it, he'll show them what it went like.. then hauls off and slaps the taste out of Cody's mouth.

Jamie Noble/Batista: Jamie Noble is shown in the back with Layla, trying to convince her to go to the Casino with him. Batista walks into the picture, and demands to know if Noble has seen Kane. Noble starts nudging in the direction of Layla, whilst explaining to Batista that he hasn't seen him recently, then advises Batista to go do some dumbbell flies or something. That doesn't sit to well with the Animal, as Noble is lifted against the crates and told if he sees Kane, to tell him, Batista's looking for him.

C.M. Punk/J.B.L.: Punk is still raving about trying to be a decent World Champion, as he instantly starts off by expressing how he'd rather be an ex-Champion with integrity, than a person who's held the title only through technicalities. (They give the title up already, you Punk ass Bastard!) J.B.L. walks into the interview as Punk asks what he wants, and J.B.L. merely says "that" and points to the Championship. J.B.L. continues to express how he wants a World title match and is fully intent on recieving one at Summerslam. J.B.L. then expresses how much he doesn't care if Punk wins or not, because he'll always, only, ever be.. a transitional Champion.

Punk says to check the history books and notice who his first title defense was against, then he mocks J.B.L. by saying why it was you. (Yeah, but like J.B.L. said.. you should always check the asterisk that will follow your career around, because you damn sure didn't beat J.B.L. fairly the first time.)

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship: C.M. Punk (c.) v. Batista: In a Great American Bash rematch, we were meant to see Batista against C.M. Punk. Instead what we got was Kane coming out first, and getting into a brawl with Batista, which ended with Batista taking a chokeslam. Punk made the save, dispatching Kane from the ring, whilst several officials rushed out and finally removed him. Punk goated Batista into accepting to go through with the match, by teasing him in saying "Come on Dave, you want the match or not?" Batista shoves Punk and we're under way.

The entire match was nothing short of a Punk squash fest, in which the Cruiserweight, World Champion, was in control throughout the whole thing against a very weakened Animal. The match is only what I could say looked to be like what he had against Snitsky, and just like always even before the bell for Punk v. Batista 2 even happened.. an asterisk was already being written into the situation.

Punk hit all his signature moves and did all he could to defeat Batista, yet the weakened Animal continued to over power and kick out of everything Punk threw at him. I can't help but notice how some idiots and morons might consider this Punk's best match, because he took it to Batista, when the truth is and very well should be.. this match sums up Punk's Championship reign perfectly.. Even when someone else already does the dirty work for you, you still can't win the damn match.

In the end, Batista shook off the Chokeslam Kane left him with. And Batista his a spinebuster, as well as a spear and once again, in a 24 hour span, Dave Batista had the Championship solidly in his sights, and Punk was yet again, laid out flat and barely moving after only two or three solid moves. But just like the Bash, this time with J.B.L. instead of Kane, Batista is stopped short of winning the World title.. and Indy Punk stumbles into another fluke retention.

John Cena comes down to the ring, and J.B.L. and Cena begin going at it, until J.B.L. ducks a fist from Cena, that finds it's mark on Batista. Batista gets outrageously pissed off and lays Cena out, only for Cena to get back up and the two men are now going at it to end the show.

Now, just incase anyone second guessed it.. Batista still actually won this match, via DQ, so Punk can't even do that properly now, and thus far his only solid victory without question, is against Snitsky. What a World Champion.

Overall Thoughts: I think it's about time Raw got a General Manager back. Tonight's Raw didn't have the high impact, in your face constant non-stop action that the previous three weeks or so had. What's worse, Shane & Stephanie McMahon both threatened to be here tonight (I believe) if the chaos didn't stop. Well, it hadn't slowed since last Monday, and yet not a single McMahon was to be found.

William Regal could easily fall right back into position of General Manager of Raw, and I'm completely convinced that the Mr. McMahon "accident" is via Regal and the McMahon children. (more explanation of that in the McMahon thread - coming soon) Regardless of if that'll be the case or not though, Raw can't apparently go too much longer without a G.M., otherwise it's going to continue fizzling out of fuel, much like it appeared to be doing tonight.

Is it wrong of me to be more interested in where they're going with the Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix storyline, then I am with what John Cena or J.B.L. will be doing next? I've heard plenty of rumors that Santino was going to be getting another on-air girlfriend, this looks to be the case. What's more, I highly believe Beth will end up in a bigger role, that of his bodyguard as well. I think that has comedy written all over it, and is well worth more time to watch then Punk, or another Cena/J.B.L. match.

Where would Chris Jericho go from here? It's way to early to have another Elimination Chamber match, but ironically the situation regarding the World Heavyweight Championship seems to be perfectly fitted right now to include C.M. Punk, John Cena, J.B.L., Batista, Kane, and Chris Jericho. And hell, even with Punk in the mix, that's a damn fine looking 6 man Elimination Chamber match line-up. I wouldn't be against seeing it, but I know it won't happen.

Instead, we'll likely get C.M. Punk v. J.B.L. (v. possibly Kane) and John Cena v. Batista (v. possibly Kane) and Chris Jericho will likely miss Summerslam entirely, because I highly doubt Shawn Michaels will be returning in 4 weeks from such a "serious" injury. I wouldn't expect to see H.B.K. back any sooner than at least Unforgiven. Of course when it does happen, I'm also fully expecting a Blindfold match to take place between the two men.

D-Lo Brown doesn't look like he's aged at all. I'm unsure yet if I'd rather him return to being a regular though. He's something nice to watch for a while, but that's only because I've had several years to get over how much he stayed in the midcard ranks, especially toward the end as a jobber. Gimme another two weeks or so and I'll be fine with not caring to see him again, most likely.

So tonight it was announced that Saturday Night's Main Event is returning, 2 weeks from now. But is it going to be anything worth watching, or will it be remotely similar to the last two in which the Main Event will be a pointless 8 man tag team contest with jobbers v. has-beens? This generation's Saturday Night's Main Event is nothing like the original, and that's not a good thing.

In closing, if I have to hear or rather see, yet another Punk Bastard talk themselves into an orgasm over how much Punk is a worthy Champion, I think I'm going to just fricken book a ticket to D.C., and snipe Punk's ass.

He hasn't done one thing that proves he's worth shit, and you can blame it on booking all you want, but the fact is.. they gotta be booking it for a reason.. perhaps that reason is because Punk winning cleanly is just too unrealistic, even for Professional Wrestling.

All in all, tonight's Raw was high and low in several areas. The Main Event could've been a hell of a lot better, had it included a clean finish, and Batista being full strength instead of playing the walking-wounded. I give tonight's Raw a 4 outta 10.

07-22-2008, 03:02 AM
Amy’s ‘take’ on Raw 07/21/08:

Opening Segment: Following a video recap of Kane interfering in the Punk-Batista WHC match last night, Tista left the production trailer pissed, his music hit, and he came to the ring. He said he’d planned on coming out as the new WHC but Kane ruined that. Since Shane and Stephanie McMahon weren’t present, he put himself in charge but only wanted to make one match – he challenged Punk to a rematch for the WHC. He also issued a warning that if Kane doesn’t find him first, he would find him.

From the Tron, JBL interrupted and said he was in charge. He told Tista he already got his world title match and has no reason to demand another shot, the next world title match is his, and he’s taking his torch back at Summerslam. Tista pointed out they obviously have a difference of opinion and invited JBL to the ring to settle it. JBL said he’s the boss and people listen to him not the other way around. He said he had to take care of Cena in 6-man tag action later (ugh, the feud that just won’t end) and suggested Tista go find Kane since he wasn’t getting a rematch.

Punk’s music hit and he came to the ring shaking his head. Punk agreed with JBL’s law of the jungle theory and as the WHC that makes him the king, which means he doesn’t have to listen to JBL. He told Dave that Kane screwed him too as he didn’t get to prove himself last night. He agreed to the rematch. JBL started to object and Tista had him muted then accepted.

Wow, no McMahons opening the show with an impassioned plea for unity again? Especially following JBL’s actions to close last week’s show?:wtf: All three were solid on the mic, but a pretty ho-hum opening segment. I miss the chaos of last week, but it’s early though. Still with all three men laying claim to being “in charge”, it reminds us that Raw needs order. Regal’s suspension is up, so tonight could be the night he returns.

Match #1 Lance Cade vs. Paul London: HBK’s music hit but changed to Cade’s and he came to the ring. He said Shawn was once his mentor and knew he was in the arena. Cade called him out. London’s music hit and he came to the ring for the night’s first squash and his second straight loss. London missed a blind crossbody early and Cade went to work on London’s back while verbally calling out to Shawn. London made a brief comeback, hitting a high crossbody for a nearfall. Cade threw London into the ring post then hit his sitout powerbomb for the win.

It’s been awhile (pre-draft definitely) since I recall Cade in action and this may be his first singles match since dumping Murdoch. He was decent in the ring and solid on the mic. I’m curious to see how much a role London will play in all this and whether he eventually joins Jericho and Cade.

Jericho Promo: Post-match Cade took the mic and addressed Shawn again, saying if that demonstration wasn’t enough to bring him out maybe this will and he introduced the man who possibly ended his career. Jericho introduced the GAB video to explain Shawn’s absence; he called the footage unsettling, graphic, disturbing.

Jericho said his hands are clean and blamed the fans for what transpired at the GAB. He said Shawn was hurt yet performed to please the fans, he took one chance too many and now is paying for their sins. Jericho said Shawn will regret that decision for the rest of his life and so will we for siding with him.

He ran down Shawn’s injuries including a detached retina and said that by closing Shawn’s eyes his own were opened. He said the fans didn’t accept him upon his return because he couldn’t be that long-haired, joke-telling guy anymore. He’s grown up and matured. Again he said we don’t deserve to be saved and is proud of possibly ending Michaels' career.

Another outstanding Jericho promo. He and HBK’s feud is one that leaves me wanting more.

Match #2 Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix: At the start, Beth pushed Kelly around, but Kelly took her down with a chopblock and dropkick then tried a quick roll-up. Beth picked Kelly up and drove her back-first into the second turnbuckle, powerslammed her the mat, and applied a sitting abdominal stretch. Kelly fought back, flipped out of a wristlock, and hit a sloppy enziguiri then a spinning headscissors. She went for the cartwheel back elbow but Beth caught her and applied a chicken wing. Kelly went for another roll-up but Beth delivered the faceplant for the win.

I am still stunned at the amount of offense Kelly got in and how strong Kelly was made to look in the 3-minute match. It’s no secret I’m not a Kelly Kelly fan but I don’t mind if they want to push her. Just let her do so against Jillian or Layla. Beth Phoenix just beat a man last week, granted it was Santino who jobs to everyone, but still she beat a man last week! Yet I’m supposed to believe Kelly was real competition for the most dominating woman in the WWE?:rolleyes: Tonight’s match should have been a squash.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan Promo: Duggan said he was thinking about retiring. He said it’s been a great 30 years from winning the first Royal Rumble to making a lot of friends to beating kidney cancer. Duggan said Rhodes and DiBiase might be right that this is a game for young men and thanked us for listening. King joined Jim in the ring and told him there’s no age limit in the WWE and he should wrestle as long as he has the heart for it. King said he could do something that even Barack and McCain can’t and that’s make the people chant USA, which the live crowd did accordingly. Duggan told King he didn’t want to give up but just needed someone to tell him he didn’t have to.

Rhodes and DiBiase came to the ring. DiBiase joked about King giving career advice and dating young women then said they both seriously needed to hang it up. Rhodes put things in perspective, saying he was only 2 when Duggan won the first Rumble and wasn’t even born when King slapped Andy Kaufman on Letterman. King said it went something like this and slapped Cody. DiBiase held him back and said they’d deal with them later as they have a match next. JBL made his entrance.

Nice segment with the right mix of emotion and humor. I saw that slap coming a mile away, but it was still a fun moment. What is it with WWE and these oldtimers lately? Piper now Duggan. I’m beginning to think we’ve seen the last of Hardcore Holly…I expect a “we wish him well in his future endeavors” announcement if he doesn’t insert himself in the next couple of weeks.

Match #3 Rhodes, DiBiase, & JBL vs. Cryme Tyme & Cena: Cena started for his team and it looked like JBL would but he quickly tagged to Cody. Cena hit a hiptoss, Irish Whip, bulldog, and backdrop for a couple covers and after each move stared at JBL before tagging in Shad (hmm, just like last week). Shad Irish Whipped Rhodes and followed up with a corner splash. He missed the second and DiBiase got the tag. Shad hit a nice T-Bone suplex and tagged in JTG who scored a nearfall.

Turning point came when DiBiase hung JTG up on the ropes. The heels took turns working over JTG’s midsection for several minutes (hmm, JTG saw the most ring time and got worked over last week too). Late in the match, Rhodes missed a corner splash. Cena and DiBiase got the hot tag. Cena exploded, tackling JBL who scurried from the ring and exited through the crowd. Cena picked up both DiBiase and Rhodes for the FU. He flipped Rhodes off first then DiBiase for the win.

I wasn’t excited at the top of the show when this rematch was announced. Why would I want to see the same exact thing as last week? At least the match didn’t end via countout or DQ and was commercial free this time. But again the 10-minute match was average and followed the same pattern as last week’s match minus the finish. And bring on the hate if you must, but Cena basically beat the tag champs single-handedly in less than a minute. Way to make the tag champs look strong there. And where’s the selling of his injuries from last night’s NYC parking lot brawl?:disappointed:

Backstage: Jericho and Cade were talking and walking backstage. They went to exit a door and met Kane. He stared them down then walked off.

Match #4 Mickie James & Kofi Kingston vs. Katie Lea & Paul Burchill: The ladies started and Mickie went on the offensive. From the apron, Paul reached out and swatted the back of Mickie’s head. She slapped him in return. He pursued her in the ring but Kofi took him down with a high cross body. The men officially tagged in and exchanged offense. Katie Lea entered to break up the pin. Paul went to work on Kofi’s left leg. Kofi briefly rallied but missed a corner charge. Katie came over on the apron and Mickie dropkicked her to the floor. The two fought at ringside and Paul went out to pull Mickie off. Kofi missed a kick, hitting the ring post. Burchill put him in the ring for the neckbreaker and the win. Kofi laid in the ring and sold the injury post-match.

So we got the intergender tag team match I predicted last week. This could have been a good match if they’d given them more than 3 minutes to work. Both feuds continue.

Backstage Segment: Jamie Noble told Layla that every gambling man needs a beautiful lady. Batista interrupted to ask if Noble had seen Kane. Jamie acted cocky, saying he and Layla were going upstairs to shoot some crabs it sounded like and catch a magic show. This looked like news to Layla. Noble told Tista to go do some dumbbell flies LMAO and he’d keep an eye out for Kane. Tista picked Noble up by the throat and told him to deliver the message he was looking for Kane if he sees him.

Poor Jamie Noble, he can’t catch a break. Will he ever get lucky?

CM Punk Interview: Todd Grisham questioned why he agreed to a rematch when he could be happy to have escaped with the title and move on. Punk said he’d rather be an ex-champ with self-respect than a champion who holds onto the title due to technicalities and taking the easy way. JBL walked up. Punk asked what he wanted and JBL said he intended to wrestle for and become the WHC again at SS. He noted that Punk will forever be an asterisk, a footnote, a transitional champion. Punk said time will tell but one thing is a historical fact – his first successful title defense was against JBL.

Ugh, JBL is getting more TV time than anyone else on the Raw roster at the moment, including the champion himself.

Match #5 Santino vs. D-Lo Brown: Before the match, Santino got on the mic to clarify his challenge last week. He said he doesn’t fight people with fallopian tubes...another classic Santino line. He re-issued his challenge this time to someone with an Adam’s apple. D-Lo made his entrance. Beth Phoenix followed closely behind and watched from ringside. All D-Lo in this 1˝-minute squash. He hit his Lo Down (frog splash) finisher for the win. D-Lo looked good. Now that’s how you debut…Ricky Ortiz and Braden Walker should be taking notes.

Post-match Beth entered the ring and looked down at Santino. He rose to his feet and she hit him with a forearm. He grabbed her from behind, she reversed it, he reversed it again. All the while Beth intermittently demanded Santino let her go then fight her. The two finally stood face-to-face. Santino reached out for Beth’s neck. She grabbed his neck. The two kissed quickly then broke apart and Santino made his way up the ramp. Both looked confused, not believing they gave into the passion of the moment.

The new odd couple. Opposites attract and all that. Santino was rumored to be getting a bodyguard awhile back. Is Beth going to be his muscle now? This storyline should be interesting.;)

Match #6 Batista vs. CM Punk (WHC Title Match): Immediately following Tista’s entrance, Kane’s music hit and he came to the ring to deliver a chokeslam. Punk rushed to the ring and clotheslined Kane over the top rope. Kane grabbed his bag (I still NEED to know what’s in the bag) and the refs escorted Kane from ringside. In the ring, Tista was holding his head and the official asked if he could compete. Punk hovered over Tista and asked if wanted this match or not to which Tista shoved him as we cut to commercial.

Back from break, Lillian made the ring introductions and the match started. The two traded offense the first minute or so then Punk went to work on Tista’s head and neck. He hit a neckbreaker followed by a series of stomps, kicks, forearms, and legdrops to Tista’s neck area. Tista got to his feet to break the modified crossface, but Punk came back with another neckbreaker, leg scissors around Tista’s neck, and the corner high knee/bulldog combo for a couple nearfalls. Punk sized Tista up for the springboard clothesline. Tista caught him mid-air and delivered the spinebuster. Moments later, Tista hit the spear and did the ropes shake thing.

JBL came down to the ring. The ref called off the match. JBL delivered the Clothesline from Hell to Tista. Cena rushed to the ring. He accidentally punched Tista instead of JBL. The refs restrained the two.

The finish makes sense, but I don’t like the fact that’s like three straight cheap ME finishes. It was a pretty good 9-minute match with Punk dominating. He needed that but needs a clean impressive win even more. In the end, Punk faded into the background as it was the Cena-Tista-JBL show.

Overall Thoughts: For the last few weeks, they’ve drawn me into Kane and his mystery bag, yet tonight he was just kinda there. They did little to build the chaos factor and lack of GM storyline. I kept waiting for the lights to go out but no Regal. Disappointing post-GAB show. Typical start, two squashes, a divas match, a short intergender match, a repeat 6-man tag match, and another crap ME finish. Jericho’s promo and the Santino-Beth kiss were the high points for me.

07-22-2008, 07:37 AM
I thought with Hacksaw Jim Duggan making another appearance, that possibly him & Harcore Holly would team up & go against Rhodes & DiBiase.

I guess i forgot to realize that Holly has been non-existant lately. He is "rumored" to have a run in with Vince, but does anyone know why?

Rated K for Kennedy... Kennedy!
07-22-2008, 12:31 PM
ok, so RAW is confusing me of late. Shawn Michaels is injured, AGAIN? How many times are we meant to believe in HBK's career being "ended" and really get excited when he returns. How many people have put him on the shelf since he's been back? Triple H, Kane, Orton and now Jericho (the real irony is I think I've forgotten a few). And HBK vs Jericho went on for so long when it clearly should have been stopped (Kayfabe) didn't anyone else think about Edge vs Matt Hardy from SSlam 05 when it was stopped within seconds of Matt being kicked in the head. bit of a double standard.

I'm all for Cade's push and I love Jericho being a heel but I just feel like we've been there before so many times with Michaels its hard to be genuinely concerned for him (and he's my favourite wrestler, EVER!). ANYONE ELSE?

07-22-2008, 02:08 PM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: July 21st, 2008:

Punk says to check the history books and notice who his first title defense was against, then he mocks J.B.L. by saying why it was you. (Yeah, but like J.B.L. said.. you should always check the asterisk that will follow your career around, because you damn sure didn't beat J.B.L. fairly the first time.)[/I]
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: July 21st, 2008: Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship: C.M. Punk (c.) v. Batista: In a Great American Bash rematch, we were meant to see Batista against C.M. Punk. Instead what we got was Kane coming out first, and getting into a brawl with Batista, which ended with Batista taking a chokeslam. Punk made the save, dispatching Kane from the ring, whilst several officials rushed out and finally removed him. Punk goated Batista into accepting to go through with the match, by teasing him in saying "Come on Dave, you want the match or not?" Batista shoves Punk and we're under way.

The entire match was nothing short of a Punk squash fest, in which the Cruiserweight, World Champion, was in control throughout the whole thing against a very weakened Animal. The match is only what I could say looked to be like what he had against Snitsky, and just like always even before the bell for Punk v. Batista 2 even happened.. an asterisk was already being written into the situation.

Punk hit all his signature moves and did all he could to defeat Batista, yet the weakened Animal continued to over power and kick out of everything Punk threw at him. I can't help but notice how some idiots and morons might consider this Punk's best match, because he took it to Batista, when the truth is and very well should be.. this match sums up Punk's Championship reign perfectly.. Even when someone else already does the dirty work for you, you still can't win the damn match.

In the end, Batista shook off the Chokeslam Kane left him with. And Batista his a spinebuster, as well as a spear and once again, in a 24 hour span, Dave Batista had the Championship solidly in his sights, and Punk was yet again, laid out flat and barely moving after only two or three solid moves. But just like the Bash, this time with J.B.L. instead of Kane, Batista is stopped short of winning the World title.. and Indy Punk stumbles into another fluke retention.

Now, just incase anyone second guessed it.. Batista still actually won this match, via DQ, so Punk can't even do that properly now, and thus far his only solid victory without question, is against Snitsky. What a World Champion.
Well obviously Punk would ask Batista if he wants the match or not. You make it seem like Punk is this despicable, disgusting heel that did an unforgivable act by forcing Batista into a match. What, was Batista supposed to say "no man I need to take a breather, maybe next week" And of course Punk wasn't gonna put Batista away after hitting all his "signature moves" regardless if Batista was selling the chokeslam. When's the last time you've seen Cena win with the 5 knuckle shuffle?? They're not gonna have Punk win a clean victory on Raw. It would be smarter to have him win by a fluke or DQ on RAW so that finally getting a clean victory at a big ppv like SummerSlam would make it that much more meaningful. And the way your criticizing Punk you make it seem like your one of the heels part of the show. I can tell you really have this severe illogical hatred for Punk, did he not sign your CM Punk t-shirt or something when you waited in line for hours?

TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: July 21st, 2008:

In closing, if I have to hear or rather see, yet another Punk Bastard talk themselves into an orgasm over how much Punk is a worthy Champion, I think I'm going to just fricken book a ticket to D.C., and snipe Punk's ass.

He hasn't done one thing that proves he's worth shit, and you can blame it on booking all you want, but the fact is.. they gotta be booking it for a reason.. perhaps that reason is because Punk winning cleanly is just too unrealistic, even for Professional Wrestling.
The problem with Punk looking like a worthy World Champion is the fact that he never got the oppurtunity to. The same night he won the title he started to look like a fluke champion. I can understand your argument if they had Punk win clean victories over JBL and Batista and the crowd still wouldnt react to him or he wouldnt draw. But the guy just entered the main event scene without event being considered a legit contender. He just won the title without even having a big feud to get there. So in a sense its harder for him to be a convincing main eventer to the fans especially with the likes of Batista and Cena on the same show. So the logical thing to do to get Punk over is not to BS the fans into thinking he could go toe to toe with those guys. Instead they would let the fans second guess Punk until he finally gets that legit win. And what better time to do that then at the one of WWE's main shows, SummerSlam. The only problem I have with booking though is they're really making Punk look like a chump. He's always getting his ass beat after matches or in segments like when he got pummeled by Kane, Batistabombed by Batista, and literally got kicked outta the ring by JBL in the closing segment never to be seen again. Also, ever since Punk won the title Cena JBL or Batista would be in the main event instead of Punk or if Punk was in the main event, all of them were involved in some way shape or form. I'm okay with the way WWE is booking Punk's title reign so far but at the same time, Cena, JBL, Batista, and Kane are completely overshadowing him as champ right now. They at least could of had Punk in the ring with Cena and Batista when Raw went off the air or something. I just hope Punk brings that up at some point like "I'm tired of all these big stars hogging the spotlight, I'm champ now and its my time to shine!" or something like that. Just so that when Punk does get that big win, it will be surprising but believable.

My only other comment on what to me, was another very good RAW is regarding Y2J/HBK feud. I seriously love Jericho's take on a heel this time around. Its like dark and methodical. And I loved his promo and how he gets a little biblical talking about how he's saved by the path he's taking and all that. But after talking to London after his match last week, telling him to choose to follow his or HBK's path, I was kinda hoping they would follow up on it. Like Jericho having this cult following filled with some jobbers that were once in the limelight or never got the chance so decide to rely on Jericho to guide them. Guys like Cade, London or Haas. Like Raven's flock I guess. It would've been cool but I guess it woulda made the odds really stacked against HBK too. Maybe when he ends that feud he can form that type of faction feuding with whoever's champ

07-22-2008, 05:43 PM
That was definitely an A+ ending to Raw. All sorts going on throughout the night. Batista has problems now with Kane, Cena, JBL AND Punk. Punk has problems with Kane, JBL and Batista. Cena has problems with JBL and now Batista. And Kane, well, he just has problems!

What is the timetable on Randy Orton's return? A match between Batista and Cena at Summerslam could be ended with Orton returing to aid Batista, and their mooted 'Evolution revisited' heel faction coming to life.

Paige Thriller
07-22-2008, 06:01 PM
I think at this point, the Jericho/HBK feud is the best thing going. The title picture is way too crowded and its needs to be sorted out into the champ and a challenger, with feuds between the others. I also wanna see where the Santino/Beth Phoenix story goes because he is great on the mic and she can make up for his shortcomings in the ring

07-22-2008, 06:16 PM
"Even when someone else already does the dirty work for you, you still can't win the damn match"

I don't do much writing on this forum but, I'd like to point out that WWE matches are scripted. You make it seem like its all real by stating that he couldn't win the match. I highly doubt it was up to the kid.

07-23-2008, 01:33 AM
I think Raw this week also showed how thin and lacking in imagination the Tag Team divisions (throughout WWE) are.

It seems like they are setting up Rhodes/DiBiase vs Hacksaw and Lawler, either for TV or Summerslam, instead of having real tag teams that can be in the division longterm.

07-23-2008, 05:35 AM
When I turned on Raw and saw the six-man tag with Cena and Cryme Tyme vs Rhodes, DiBiase and JBL I thought the were recapping something from last week. To me most of the show felt rerunish.

And since when do curtain-jerker nobodies get to hold and contend for the IC belt? This makes me sad because for as long as I can remember I've always loved that division and the feuds that came with it. Rock/Austin, Rock/HHH, HBK/Razor Ramon even back to Rick Rude/Ultimate Warrior. It's hard to watch as Vince and company takes what once was such a prized title and crap on it.

The main event was awsome and set up what could be a pretty good feud with Cena and Batista going into SummerSlam... Especially if they turn Cena and Cryme Tyme heel.

And how awsome was the return of D'Lo Brown!? Great to see him back!

07-23-2008, 06:33 AM
Pretty good RAW again this week (7/21/08). Not really a boring moment in it. They balanced it good with matches and promos.

I liked the opening, how Batista went into the production area to make it look like he intimidated the crew and was in charge. It was good that they made CM Punk accept Batista's rematch to show his stand up character. Adding JBL to the mix and Cena, even Kane, is interesting to see how it all shapes up to Summerslam. The Dibiase/Rhodes vs Duggan/Lawler thing was pretty well done. It's pretty obvious this is leading to some match whether on PPV or RAW. I wonder if Hardcore Holly will be involved somehow he pretty much dissappeared after getting screwed. Jim is actually pretty good on his promos when his out of the Hacksaw character lol.

The woman's match was pretty good. Kelly suprised me. That was probably one of her best matches. The Beth Phoenix and Santino thing was weird and funny. With Santino anything is funny. D-Lo Brown returning was a good surprise. It seems he was somewhat forgotten by many in the crowd. WWE seem to redebut wrestlers at the Mohegan Sun all the time it seems. I remember Tatanka returned to face Kurt Angle in 2005 I think. Then Matt 'freakin' Hardy also officially returned their and Vince gave him a contract back heh..

Kofi was pulling off amazing moves again. Burchill was decent but I agree with Nick from WZ he needs a better finisher. I think he is also a better wrestler but they are holding him down on his style. Cade and London also had a decent match. I don't see where London is going but he's getting some air time so they must have some ideas for him. Jericho promo was excellent again, he comes off as very cold and evil..And yeah I think it is Kane's mask in the bag..

07-29-2008, 12:02 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: July 28th, 2008:

Opening Segment: John Cena kicks things off by coming out and addressing the way Raw went off the air a week ago. He said that he understands there will likely be consequences for hitting Batista in the mouth, so he's ready to take them like a man.

Batista comes out and explains that he understands that during heated situations, sometimes accidents happen and he said he saw the reply and fully understands that John Cena had no intentions on hitting him, so things between them are cool. Batista goes on to explain that he not only likes Cena, but respects him as well.. which means, after Summerslam Batista will give Cena the first shot at the World title.

Cena replies with not wanting to offend the 'Animal' yet saying he just can't agree that Batista deserves another shot. He's had 2 already and hasn't been able to win the Championship. Batista fires back with saying Punk can't defeat him, and as far as that goes, neither can Cena. This causes a bit of sparks as Cena believes a match-up between Cena v. Batista is a Wrestlemania sized match.. so why not make it happen, tonight. Batista agrees, and it looks like we have our Main Event.. that is, until.. Shane McMahon interrupts.

Shane quickly says that Stephanie and he have selected the next General Manager, who'll come out later. However that G.M. has been hard at work, making matches for tonight's show already. One of which is C.M. Punk against, arguably, the best free agent on the market. (noone is named) Another match is the Main Event.. a match that will put Kane and J.B.L., against John Cena.. and his partner.. Batista.

The Matches:

1. Intergender Tag Team Match: D-Lo Brown & Kelly Kelly v. Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix: I'm still shocked and amazed at exactly how much air-time Kelly-squared has been getting. She hasn't missed a show, and the girl has wrestled on Raw more than H.B.K., Jericho, most of the other Main Eventers, and half of the rest of the roster, since the draft. What happened there?

Short match that saw Santino having a hard time lifting D-Lo, until Beth tags herself in and easily does it herself. This prompts D-Lo to tag out, at which point Santino is more than confident to take her on. In the end, it's Santino rolling up Kelly-squared and celebrating as if he's just won the World Heavyweight Championship.

After the match, Beth is happy for him that he won, as Santino is expecting perhaps another kiss. Each time Beth glares over toward Santino, he acts shy and turns away however. This leads Santino to attempt leaving the ring, until Beth grabs him, jerks him back to the center of the ring and lays one on him that leaves him, and the rest of the viewing audience, seemingly wanting more. :lmao:

2. Tag Team Championships: Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes (c) v. Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole: Originally it was meant to be Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Jerry Lawler, but the "mystery G.M." made a last minute change to the match that added Michael Cole. Why wasn't actually revealed until the ending of the program.

The match itself was rarely boring and horrible. Lawler had more offense combined than the Tag Team Champions, and all he did was deliver two slaps to each of them. In the end, it was Cody clotheslining Michael Cole and picking up the win, after Cole hugged Lawler and somehow "tagged" himself into the match. Cole seemed to be pretty badly shaken up, as he was helped to the back via the on-call medical unit.

I have no idea why I was expecting this to be Cryme Tyme, or even Hardcore Holly replacing Hacksaw. But I suppose with knowing who the G.M. is now.. it makes perfect sense why shit was just thrown randomly at the wall. Way to destroy the current Tag Team Champions.

3. Intercontinental Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) v. Jamie Noble w/ Layla: So, no signs of the Burchill Family thus far, and apparently Noble just randomly gets a Championship match?? Also apparently Layla and Noble are an on-again/off-again 'item'. Interesting. We also learned today that "Rednecks" can't pronounce jamaican names. Ko'fi, is pronounced by Noble as coffee.

Overall this wasn't anything more than a squash match, as Noble's "examples" are getting smaller and smaller, yet his offense isn't getting bigger and bigger. Kofi wins in the end with his spinning roundhouse kick.

4. Non-Title: C.M. Punk v. William Regal: In his returning match, William Regal makes a very nice example out of our current World Heavyweight Champion. Apparently Regal is a "Free Agent" which means he could actually end up on E.C.W. or Smackdown, if he so wishes.

This entire match was all William Regal, with Punk getting more or less under 5 moves in, all of which were some form of kick, and the final G.T.S. to win the match. But let's not look ahead just yet, instead let's reflect on the greatness that this match was. You see, in my books this was the Match of the Night. Why? Because William Regal completely smashed Punk's nose into pieces. Regal did exactly what he's known best for doing.. and that's being a very hard-edge brawler. Once the nose became an issue, he targeted and worked it over quite nicely.

To credit the World Champion, this has been only his second clean victory since defeating Snitsky in the second week of his Championship reign. This was actually a very impressive victory, over the 2008 King of the Ring, as well as someone that in my books is quite a step up from Snitsky. Unfortunately, Punk will still have to continue doing more to prove he's worth holding that title.. and that's still something I just don't believe he'll ever do.

After the match Punk is made to look exactly like he's been used lately.. and that's minor. J.B.L. and Punk have a staredown, until Kane comes out, delivers a boot to J.B.L., only for Punk to knock Kane backwards, only for J.B.L. to blast Punk, then stare Kane down.

5. Non-Title: Mickie James v. Jillian Hall: I know Jillian has always been a blonde, but did she do something different? She completely came out and looked unlike her normal self, and I swear it's something regarding the hair, but I don't quite know. Another interesting fact regarding this match is.. where ever Jillian went, I think more "divas" need to go, because she returned with even more wrestling ability it looks like.

This was a very evenly matched contest, that in the end saw Mickie James hitting her Mickie-T for the win, only to hug and kiss her Father and be blindsided by Katie Lea Burchill. We later find out that the Burchill's have sent this personal message to the new General Manager, in hopes of becoming the new Women's and Intercontinental Champions, respectively.


Santino/Beth: A segment is shown before the Tag Team contest begins, in which Santino explains that he's not a piece of meat, and their relationship is strictly professional. Beth agrees, as you can tell they have chemistry.

Shane McMahon/J.B.L.: J.B.L. admires a picture of Mr. McMahon, only to ask how he is, for Shane to elude from answering in asking what he wants. J.B.L. wants a Championship match, to which Shane believes that he needs to speak with the new G.M. (the one he later berates) J.B.L. gets slightly upset because he feels since Shane is a McMahon, he should be able to help him.

The conversation is interrupted by Shane's theme music, as a ringtone, as Shane is talking to the new G.M. and blows J.B.L. off completely, walking out of the scene.

Highlight Reel: Jericho/Cade: This was being booked as the final Highlight Reel, ever. Apparently the basis behind it, is Chris Jericho comes out and explains that he's tired of amusing and playing to all the fans. He said he's allowed them to sidetrack him long enough from what's truly the real goal of every Superstar, and that's to become World Champion.

Jericho throws his name into the hat regarding challenging C.M. Punk, and then says he has a tribute video to play, for someone the fans will never evah see again. No, not Shawn Michaels, not H.B.K., but instead.. Y2J. A video package of some great old-school Highlight Reel moments are aired, mixed with a couple new ones of his recent redebut. A lot of it is him mocking and making fun of Stephanie McMahon.

He says that noone will ever see that Jericho again, because that's the Jericho that would rather host a talk show, than try to win a World Championship. And that's the Jericho that was blind in trying to please all the fans. At this point, Cade interrupts and says that none of the fans will ever get it, but Cade does. Cade thanks Jericho for helping him re-energize his career. He said he used to be partners with a singing cowboy, but now thanks to Jericho, he's broken out onto his own! Something none of the fans would understand.

Jericho makes one final plea to Shawn Michaels, and that's to simply stay at home. To raise his children, to be with his Wife, to give up trying to come back for the individuals in the audience who could care less about his personal health. Jericho ends the segment by saying finally, he feels he should deserve the title shot at Summerslam, because he's been more dominant than anyone recently, and has proved it by ending H.B.K.'s career.

Todd Grisham/Shane McMahon: In the back, Todd Grisham is trying to figure out who the new G.M. is. Grisham is completely confident that it's a male, until Shane interrupts him and explains that the new G.M. could be a he, or a she.

Cryme Tyme/Cena/Batista: Cryme Tyme are seen in the back with Cena, asking if he'd like them to go to the ring with him. J.T.G. believes Cena can't trust Batista, but they have his back. This gets interrupted by Batista, who agrees and says that the best thing for Cena to do.. is stay out of his way. Cena agrees and claims Dave took the words right outta his mouth. They argue on who'll walk down the hallway first, as Cena finally does.

Main Event: John Cena & Batista v. J.B.L. & Kane: I think if this Main Event proved anything, it's that these four individuals should never be allowed to be in the same match again, especially against each other. J.B.L. looked even worse than normal, and is it that incredibly hard for Kane to take a D.D.T.? He constantly lands on his knees, but this time his head didn't even get anywhere near the mat.

On the flip side, I'm not so positive I wanna see a Cena/Batista match-up anymore, as they really don't look like they could have connecting styles to work well. The plus, if you wanna call it that, is that C.M. Punk added into the middle of these 5 individuals would get lost and forgotten, so thanks to the newly appointed G.M., and the newly made Summerslam match, at least that (regarding Punk) won't be happening at the up-coming p.p.v.

In the end, it's J.B.L. accidentally hitting Kane, as all hell broke loose. Cena somehow tagged himself in, and in the end it was an F-U to Kane, with Cena picking up the victory. This was very short lived, however, as Shane McMahon walks out and addresses the crowd, introducing the new.. Raw.. General Manager.. Mike Adamle!!!! (seriously)

Noone can believe it, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are in disbelief over it, and Cena along with Batista almost want to cry, because they're laughing so hard. Adamle explains that at Summerslam, Cena will take on Batista, and that's how Raw ends.

Overall Thoughts: If you're expecting some words of wisdom from Big Will over how Adamle is a great choice, then you're looking in the wrong direction. I could sit here and easily tell you Adamle could work as G.M. because he's literally hated by everyone, and will quickly gain Vickie type heat, but not because he's making out with Edge.. instead, because he just sucks that incredibly much. On the flip side, J.B.L. completely mocked Adamle, so in return, I doubt seriously Adamle will grant J.B.L. a title match. Which technically makes Adamle a "face" G.M., doesn't it?

All I know is, the Raw ratings have been higher than normal. The "Did you Know?" facts even claimed Raw was the most watched program last week. So, who was the idiot in the creative brain circle who brought Adamle's name into the picture for keeping the ratings up? I mean, because it's obvious he's really gaining people's attention on E.C.W., and he was doing wonders for that brand. :disappointed:

When is Raw going to start putting on decent wrestling matches? Kelly Kelly? Santino Marella? Jamie Noble? If Raw is really that low in trying to scrap the buckle for talent, I think they need to work out a "trade-program" to get some of the un-used talent that's rotting on Smackdown. Which is rather funny since originally half of the un-used talent, now rotting on Smackdown, was rotting on Raw. Nothing's changed except the colors from Red to Blue on what shirts those rotting stars will be wearing at next year's Mania battle royal during the 30 minute before show.

Regal returning was truly the high point of my night. Regal busting Punk's nose all over the place was by far the greatest moment of the month for me. It's also rather ironic that Regal has been the first guy to truly get a great match out of him, since becoming World Heavyweight Champion. And even at that, Punk still got owned (as it were) all over the ring.

I'm convinced completely Katie Lea Burchill will become the next Womens' Champion. Since Kelly Kelly is being built on a weekly basis, she's likely the next challenger while Mickie takes a break, then reclaims her belt back. Melina should be returning in a couple monthes as well, which she would likely take it if Kelly didn't. And I'm unsure if Beth is a face or heel right now, since she's with a heel but they both get cheered.

Paul Burchill, on the other hand, isn't doing himself any favors. Tonight, Kofi's shining moment was destroying Noble in a squash match that ended without any type of interference by Paul Burchill. Not exactly how you get yourself known better.

I understand Raw's "Tag Team division" really has only the Champions and Cryme Tyme, but does that mean you have to practically job them out to two announcers? They deserve better than this, and they actually have some amount of talent. I really hope Cryme Tyme against Wall Street isn't added to Summerslam, but at the same time I hope it happens soon, otherwise Rhodes and DiBiase will become better known for being never-was, than has-beens.

Kane definately needs to do something with that bag, other than carry it around. Chances are he won't even bother opening it until the show prior to Summerslam, and there's no guarantee it's even his old mask, or a new version of another mask. I think that's just everyone's wish in general.

So Adamle's first official Pay Per View match made is a blockbuster indeed, but what's the purpose of it? Cena against Batista, sure big time match and all that.. but why? What's the point, what purpose does it serve? And why didn't he bother addressing the real issue, and that's the Championship match that everyone wants to be apart of? I think it'll be hilarious when Punk is actually held off the card, but not even "I" can completely believe they'd be that stupid. Could they?

Tonight's show gets a whopping 2 outta 10. William Regal's return is it for me, nothing more. Adamle as the new General Manager is going to go over as well as the plague once did. Why I ever thought it was going to be the returning Eric Bischoff is beyond me.

Look on the bright side, W.W.E. wanted a child-like PG rating. No way Adamle is grown up enough to give them anything more.. so they got what they wanted after all. :disappointed:

07-29-2008, 02:05 AM
Wow, Will, I gotta disagree. The wrestling was entertaining. I know it's cool to not like Cena and JBL and Batista, but they put on a compelling main event. I enjoyed the match thoroughly.

The CM Punk and Regal match was great too. And I hate CM Punk. The ending was sudden, to say the least. But Regal's heel psychology is superior. Regal should be coreographing matches for that company. I am going to verbally felate William Regal in this forum, for-ev-er.

Kofi and Noble was a fun little match. It could have used three more minutes, but it got the point across.

The Shane segments were great. I love Shane McMahon on my TV.

I wish JBL would finally just break down and cry, "I wanna fight CM Punk instead of Batista for the title becuase he would be easier to beat." They made Punk look like a lucky bitch tonight.

Jericho delivered an all time great heel promo. The part about destroying the fans got him real heat.

And finally, I loved the idea of Adamle as GM. One, no one watches for the GM, but the more you make people despise him, the more pop the faces get, every time. Look at Batista on SD! Peope wanted so bad for Batista to kill Vickie. Plus, if they advance the idea that he has been playing dumb, and that all the abuse the announcers have given him will be dealt with, it could be great. The WWE did everything they could to get people to hate Adamle, and it worked. Now let's see what they have in store.

I love the direction of the show. There is so much intrigue leading up to SummerSlam. Undertaker coming back, Kane's bag, who's gonna face Punk, HBK/Y2J, the new GM's wrath/abuse of new power, how's Vince.......

How can you not be excited for SummerSlam?

07-29-2008, 04:02 AM
I also disagree with some of your thoughts Will:

So, who was the idiot in the creative brain circle who brought Adamle's name into the picture for keeping the ratings up? I mean, because it's obvious he's really gaining people's attention on E.C.W., and he was doing wonders for that brand.

It's because it is something totally new and unexpected. What were the alternatives? Bring back Regal? Raw is clearly looking to move forward and create new stars and fresh tv, so I think this is a potentially exciting move. I for one am looking forward to seeing this explained next week and also how Adamle's character pans out. This imo was the type of unexpected move that made Raw so good years back, with the suspense being built over the course of the show and then a swerve at the end.

When is Raw going to start putting on decent wrestling matches? Kelly Kelly? Santino Marella? Jamie Noble?

The way I look at last night's matches, they all in the most part served a purpose of furthering storylines and/or characters. Raw is never going to be 2 hours of pure wrestling, so I am pleased that we are at least getting a definite improvement from pre-draft Raw.

Regal returning was truly the high point of my night. Regal busting Punk's nose all over the place was by far the greatest moment of the month for me. It's also rather ironic that Regal has been the first guy to truly get a great match out of him, since becoming World Heavyweight Champion. And even at that, Punk still got owned (as it were) all over the ring.

I've seen you in quite a few posts complaining about Punk getting 'squashed' during matches. I believe you're missing the subtlety here of Punk's development as a champion. He is supposed to be the underdog, as any good face champion in the past has been (Hogan against monster heels, Austin against the Corporation etc.). We as the viewer are supposed to believe that Punk doesn't stand a chance of winning against his opponent, only for him to somehow come away with the belt. If he continues to do this enough times, then we will believe that he is a worthy champion. Also, I think out of your dislike for Punk you are missing the fact that he is actually pretty good at selling, because he obviously has you believing that he is getting beaten down in his matches. With the bloody nose etc, he really looked like he had had the shit kicked out of him, only to pull a win out the bag...

I understand Raw's "Tag Team division" really has only the Champions and Cryme Tyme, but does that mean you have to practically job them out to two announcers?

Again you're missing the subtlety here...the champions didn't 'job out' to the announcers - they won the match in a cowardly manner by getting the easy target Cole tagged in and then destroying him. They took the easy way out - that's what heel tag team champs do! And that's why we are supposed to hate them! (look at Ted Dibiase snr. in his tag team champion days!)

They deserve better than this, and they actually have some amount of talent. I really hope Cryme Tyme against Wall Street isn't added to Summerslam, but at the same time I hope it happens soon, otherwise Rhodes and DiBiase will become better known for being never-was, than has-beens.

I agree here, what Dibiase and Rhodes now need is a high profile victory that shows them as smart, cowardly cheats, and worthy champs. They are being built slowly and surely so I'd give it time.

Kane definately needs to do something with that bag, other than carry it around. Chances are he won't even bother opening it until the show prior to Summerslam, and there's no guarantee it's even his old mask, or a new version of another mask. I think that's just everyone's wish in general.

Totally agree again - Kane imo is already once again going stale already.

So Adamle's first official Pay Per View match made is a blockbuster indeed, but what's the purpose of it? Cena against Batista, sure big time match and all that.. but why? What's the point, what purpose does it serve? And why didn't he bother addressing the real issue, and that's the Championship match that everyone wants to be apart of? I think it'll be hilarious when Punk is actually held off the card, but not even "I" can completely believe they'd be that stupid. Could they?

Maybe none of these questions were answered so we all wonder, and tune in next week to find out??

Tonight's show gets a whopping 2 outta 10. William Regal's return is it for me, nothing more. Adamle as the new General Manager is going to go over as well as the plague once did. Why I ever thought it was going to be the returning Eric Bischoff is beyond me.

Can't believe you gave this show a 2. Good storylines and character development throughout, the show-long suspense of the new GM, and a great lead into next week's show with a lot of unanswered questions.

I think this was a very good edition of Raw and I am delighted with the way the show is going at the moment. So much improvement from pre-draft, and so much better without HHH squashing and burying everyone in sight. Can't wait for next weeks show!

07-29-2008, 06:10 AM
To be honest as much as people are saying c.m punk should not be world champion i think it makes it interesting because we honestly believe he could drop the belt anytime he defends the belt whereas we have a champion like Triple h who we expect to win ppv after ppv and continue his long predictable title reign till possibly wrestle mania 25 at least with c.m punk there is a feeling he could lose the next belt at summer slam or unforgiven or even next week e.t.c. while im not a big c.m punk fan at least its unpredictable when he defends the belt at p.p.v as he isn't certain to go over.

07-29-2008, 10:37 AM
Just a couple of quick thoughts.

1. Someone else pointed out that the match with punk ended suddenly, and I agree. My guess though is that it was a call made during the match to end it quickly because of punk's busted nose. Punk was obviously slated to win this one regardless but when he had a legitimate injury and those involved weren't sure how bad it was, they made the decision to just skip to the end. At least that would be my guess.

2. While naming adamle seemed random, there is some logic to it. But so that I don't get redundant, I'll save my thoughts on it for the Mike adamle as GM thread.

07-29-2008, 05:04 PM
Seriously underwhelming Raw. For example, I think you need to have more of an event between Cena and Batista to make a match between them, just an accidental crack on the jaw from Cena in the ring is a bit flimsy.

Shane McMahon billing William Regal as the 'hottest free agent' was a bit of a stretch no? The Adamle appointment is a bizarre one. I briefly thought it could have been HBK, but if it had been, he would have been introduced as Jericho did his final Highlight Reel.

Personally, I expect at least a few blunders by him during his first few live events, in terms of poor mic work etc. Also, what real reason was there to have JR out there? If you make Adamle the GM, he's already picked on the Raw announce team, surely if you bring JR out, you put him in a match, or have him attacked in some way.

Finally, what's with people all of a sudden calling Batista 'Dave'? I know it's his name, but did that happen on Smackdown a lot? CM Punk, Cena and Adamle have been calling him Dave since he joined Raw.

08-01-2008, 12:48 AM
Amy’s late ‘take’ on Raw 07/28/08:

Opening Segment: Wearing a new Cenation jersey, John Cena came to the ring. He stood there for a few seconds looking like his dog just died. He said judging from the mixed crowd reaction it’s obvious he is not perfect. He owned up to his mistake of socking Batista in the mouth last week. And in accordance with how he was raised, Cena asked Tista to come out and settle things. Wearing a Washington Bullets jersey, Tista came out to the nice hometown pop. He said things happen in the heat of the moment, the punch wasn’t intentional, and they’re cool. In fact, as a show of respect, Tista offered Cena the first title shot when he beats Punk at SS.

Cena said he didn’t mean any disrespect but Tista’s already had two chances and doesn’t think he deserves another. Tista pointed out he’d be the WHC if people would stop interfering in his matches. Tista said Punk can’t beat him and neither can Cena. John paused, let that comment go, and said Tista must be happy to be home. In accordance with the lawlessness that has been Raw for weeks, Cena proposed a WrestleMania-caliber match, Cena vs. Tista, to determine the No. 1 Contender later in the night. Tista was about to accept when Shane McMahon’s music hit.

Shane danced onto the stage and said a new GM had been appointed and would be announced later in the show. He said the new GM has been extremely busy making matches: (1) CM Punk will take on one of the most technically sound, hottest free agents in the biz, and (2) Cena and Tista would face the tag team of JBL and Kane.

All good things must come to an end. I’ll miss the chaotic Raw but can’t wait to find out who the new GM is. Please let it be Regal. I’m most pumped to know who this hot free agent is. Fingers crossed it’s MVP as they noted his contract issues on Smackdown a few weeks back. Up until Shane’s announcement, I found the opening segment a complete bore. Tista and Cena’s exchange lacked chemistry and came across forced. Maybe something is seriously wrong with me, but I could care less about Cena vs. Tista.

Match #1 Kelly Kelly & D-Lo Brown vs. Beth Phoenix & Santino Marella: Prior to the start, backstage footage aired of Santino telling Beth he can’t blame her for being attracted to him. He said his good looks are both a gift and a curse and made it known he is not a piece of meat. Beth scoffed and said their relationship was strictly professional. Let’s see how long that lasts.

Santino and D-Lo started off. Santino tried but couldn’t get D-Lo up, so Beth tagged herself in and lifted D-Lo onto her shoulders to Santino’s amazement. D-Lo tagged in Kelly. Once Beth had control of Kelly, Santino wanted back in. He knocked D-Lo off the apron and rolled up Kelly for the win. He celebrated like he just made the winning hit in the World Series.
Post-match, Santino tried to hug Beth who settled on a handshake. The stood there teasing another kiss. Finally Santino started to leave only to have Beth violently pull him back and deliver a kiss.The 2-minute match served no other purpose than to continue the awkward yet surprisingly entertaining Santino-Beth storyline.

Backstage: JBL approached Shane looking at a picture of his father. Shane evaded JBL’s inquiry into his father’s condition and asked what he wanted. JBL said he, not Cena or Tista, deserved the next title shot and he didn’t agree with being partnered with the psychopathic bag-carrying Kane. Shane told him he’d have to take those matters up with the new GM. Shane’s phone rang with his entrance music as his ringtone. He said it was the new GM and rushed off to make some last-minute match changes.

It looks like the McMahon stage collapse storyline is officially dead. No one’s said anything more about it in weeks now. And JBL continues to get a lot of TV time. I still don’t get it.:headscratch:

Match #2 Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler & Michael Cole vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase (Non-Title): Hacksaw Jim Duggan was King’s scheduled partner, but a ref came out with a last minute note replacing Duggan with Cole. It was a silent match with both Lawler and Cole in the match. At the start, King and DiBiase traded offense. Cody tagged in and hit a top rope bulldog that King stood and waited for (bad timing). Rhodes backdropped King who retreated to his corner. Cole checked on him and accidentally tagged himself into the match (um ok). Cody tossed King to the floor and brought in Cole who looked like he just dropped a load in his suit. Cole struck Rhodes who delivered a hard clothesline for the win. Post-match King and the officials checked on Cole.

This 4-minute match did nothing for me. I enjoy announcers in matches LESS than matches involving refs. Sure beating up old timers and Cole draws heat, but Rhodes and DiBiase have made their point and now it’s time they move on. I want to see competitive tag team wrestling damn it.
Back from commercial break, Mike Adamle (why God why!?!?) welcomed us then was joined by King. The Adamle said he got a call last week to be at the show so it seems Cole’s match was prearranged, which completely makes the supposed last-minute match change stupid. King said the new GM liked to play games.Jamie Noble Promo: Noble said the new GM needs to know he is the rising star of Raw and has all the tools to make it to the top. Jamie brought his part-time girlfriend/business associate Layla to prove to her and the world he is the next ideal IC champion. Earlier in the day he challenged “Coffee” Kingston to an IC title match.

Nice promo. I’ve always liked Noble so I’m glad to see they’re continuing to use him.

Match #3 Jamie Noble vs. Kofi Kingston (IC Title Match): Right away, Noble took it to Kofi with forearms to the back and a powerslam for a cover. Off the Irish Whip, Kofi got his feet up and went on an offensive spree (uppercut, standing dropkick, Russian leg sweep, “boom boom’ leg drop, kick to the head). Noble used Kofi’s momentum off the blind crossbody for another cover. In the end, Kofi hit the Trouble in Paradise kick for the win. Layla’s ringside look screamed “You got knocked the f*ck out.”

Solid match but too short (1˝ minutes) to really get into.

Backstage: A shot of CM Punk headed out for his match.

JBL joined the announce team. He told The Adamle he belonged on the home shopping network:lmao: and to shut up. (Well, that’s one thing JBL and I can agree on.) JBL said he was out to prove his point to the new GM. He stared down Punk during his entrance. Lillian effectively paused, as if saying “wait for it”, when she announced Punk’s opponent – the returning William Regal.

I’m psyched Regal’s back but bummed he’s the hot free agent facing Punk. So much for hoping MVP would jump ship to Raw.:disappointed:

Match #4 CM Punk vs. William Regal (Non-Title): Regal grounded Punk for the first minute with some mat wrestling then busted Punk’s nose when he kicked Punk’s head into the ring post. Back in the ring, Regal worked Punk’s head/neck with a full nelson for a couple nearfalls. Punk briefly rallied with punches, a backfist, and kick to the head for a nearfall. Regal hit a nice belly-to-back suplex, but Punk hit the Go To Sleep out of nowhere for the victory.

It was strange seeing Regal wrestle in a singlet, but he still looked sharp after 2 months off. This 5˝-minute match was my match of the night. With the loss, I don’t see Regal being named the new GM though. Bummer. Punk needed a clean win but not another ‘fluky’ one. He didn’t look strong at all, being owned by Regal until the final seconds.
Post-match JBL entered the ring and instantly Kane’s music hit. Kane came down and delivered an uppercut to JBL. Punk kicked Kane in the head. JBL landed a big boot on Punk.The SS World Heavyweight Championship match is shaping up to be a Triple Threat featuring Punk vs. JBL vs. Kane. Thanks but I’ll pass. And when JBL loses again (and he will), he’ll blame Kane and demand (and receive) yet another title shot. Tsk, tsk.

The Final Highlight Reel: Wearing a suit and tie and with Lance Cade in tow, Jericho came to the ring. He said he’s matured and moved on. For years, he played the part of the performer/party host/showman because it’s what the fans wanted from him. He called it a pathetic mistake to reach for fool’s gold instead of another world title.

Jericho announced this would be the last Highlight Reel and had prepared a special farewell to an icon, a man we’ll ever see again. He wasn’t talking about HBK though. After highlights of the wild, crazy Y2J of yesteryears aired, he said he was embarrassed of who he was back then. Jericho said he could’ve continued down that path but the fans still wouldn’t have respected and adored him like they do HBK. Jericho said that when he destroyed Shawn he was also destroying each and every fan.

Cade took the mic and said that although the fans don’t appreciate him he does. He thanked Jericho for recognizing his talent and rescuing his career from being saddled with a singing cowboy. Jericho thanked Cade.

Jericho pleaded with Shawn to move on, stay home, cherish his wife and kids, and just enjoy his life away from the wrestling business. He wrapped things up by saying he, more than Cena, Tista, JBL, or anyone else, deserves a title match.

Yet another really good Jericho promo even if it drug on a bit. I really like the progressive depth to Jericho’s character and can’t wait until he moves into WHC contention. I’m up for Punk vs. Jericho, but I’m sure he and Michaels will have a SS rematch.
Jim Ross joined King and The Adamle at the announce table. He too said he received a call to be here. Nice to have JR and King back together for the moment. Maybe now I’ll be able to tune The Adamle out like I do every Tuesday.Match #5 Mickie James vs. Jillian (Non-Title): Jillian took control early on. Late in the match, Mickie rallied with a Thesz press, series of punches and lariats, and the tornado DDT for the win.
Post-match Katie Lea attacked Mickie as she celebrated with her father at ringside. Katie Lea met her brother on the ramp and said she hopes the new GM was watching. She called herself the next Women’s Champion and Paul the next IC champ.The 2-minute divas match served no other purpose than to continue the Mickie-Katie Lea feud.

Backstage: Todd Grisham asked Shane for the inside scoop on the new GM. Shane pointed out it could be a he or a she but the individual was already at the show. Shane told Todd he’d find out when everyone else does.

For 2 months now, we’ve waited for a new GM and they’re going to make us wait until the end of the show. The reveal had better live up the anticipation and suspense.

Backstage: Cryme Tyme said Tista couldn’t be trusted and wanted to accompany Cena to the ring. Shad pointed out that if Tista pins Kane or JBL, the title shot will be his. Tista walked up and Cena excused Cryme Tyme. Cena told Tista they needed to focus on their match. Tista noted they didn’t trust each other and told Cena to stay out of his way. Cena agreed and cautiously backed away from Tista.

Match #6 JBL & Kane vs. John Cena & Batista: Cena and JBL (yes JBL) traded offense to start. (Unlike weeks past, I guess he’s no longer afraid to face Cena having beaten him at the GAB. Or maybe he just realizes he can’t rely on past accomplishments and his big mouth to get him a title shot; he needs to work for it). Tista tagged himself in and overpowered JBL for the first cover. Kane made the save and Cena clotheslined him to the floor. Cena and Tista stood in the ring and stared at each other as we cut to commercial only 1˝ minutes into the match.

Back from break, JBL and Kane took turns working over Cena for several minutes. Late in the match, Cena rallied and hit a sloppy DDT. Tista got the hot tag and exploded on the heels. JBL Irish Whipped Tista into the ropes which Kane pulled down and sent Tista to the floor. Back in the ring, Kane worked Tista’s midsection and grounded him with a body scissors. JBL tagged in and took a shot at Cena on the apron. Tista speared JBL who recovered quickly with a big boot to Tista. JBL accidentally punched Kane on the apron. The ref called it a tag (again ok). Kane looked to chokeslam JBL when Cena tagged himself in and hit the FU on Kane for the win.

Decent but forgettable 12-minute match. WTF are they doing with Kane? They gave us the mysterious, crazed heel Kane and a few good weeks with him ranting about is “he” alive or dead and carrying that bag. The last two weeks he’s incurred two losses and had virtually no impact on the show. He’s just there. It seems they’ve dropped the ball on what has the makings of one of the best storylines going.:rolleyes:
Post-match Tista and Cena stared each other down. Shane’s music hit and he danced onto the stage for the second time. He joked we’re right back to where we started. Shane introduced the new GM, looked behind him for a few seconds, turned around and said it was Mike Adamle who was standing in the ring with Cena and Tista who had ‘What the f*ck’ looks on their faces. He announced they would meet each other at SS.Downer segment to close the show. Revealing The Admale as the new GM was a surprise but it was anti-climatic because it was done in such a lackluster manner. I know it’s early, but I just don’t see how The Adamle is going to make a good GM. He sucked as an announcer and he’s been ripped on by everybody. He also calmly announced the Batista-Cena SS match that should have been put over as a big deal.

Overall Thoughts: Another disappointing show that didn’t live up to my expectations. The typical ‘blah blah blah’ start, followed by far too many short matches, topped off with the GM reveal letdown. Jericho, Santino/Beth, Regal, and Noble were the hits. Everything else was a miss.

08-05-2008, 01:17 AM
Amy’s ‘take’ on Raw 08/04/08:

Opening Segment: Mike Adamle stood on the stage and introduced himself as the new Raw GM. He used the analogy of Ronald Reagan starting out as a B-movie actor then becoming one of the greatest US Presidents to counter his pitiful performance as an interviewer and announcer. He mentioned there’s an internet petition asking for his resignation. He said that’s our right as Americans but he’s believes in the land of opportunity where little guys like him can make it in the NFL. (No one cares.) Up this point, he received his share of boos. He asked if the crowd liked championship matches to which they cheered. He said three were planned. He announced the first – Rhodes and DiBiase vs. Cena and Batista for the tag titles.

Before he could announce the other two title matches, JBL walked out. He wanted to be the first to congratulate Mike. He plugged the latest cover of Fortune magazine with his wife on the cover and a story about him inside. (No one cares.) JBL sucked up to Adamle, said first appearances can be deceptive, complimented the great match in Cena vs. Tista he made last week, and asked him to book another blockbuster tonight – JBL vs. Punk for the WHC title at SS.

Chris Jericho came out and stated why he deserves a title shot. He and JBL bickered until Adamle booked a 2-on-1 handicap match – JBL and Jericho vs. Punk for later in the night. If either of the heels pin Punk, that man gets the title shot at SS. If Punk wins, neither man gets an opportunity. Adamle left the stage as JBL and Jericho continued jacking their jaws.

I kept waiting for Kane to come out and demand a shot. It looks like he's out of the main-event picture. Decent opening segment. Adamle was dull yet solid on the mic. I didn’t detect any slip-ups. I think I missed it but he may have explained last week’s decision to book Michael Cole in a match. Punk’s predictable booking continues. The 2-on-1 handicap match is perfect for him; now he can get beatdown by two guys at once and pull off the fluky win to further his legacy as champion.

Match #1 Kofi Kingston vs. Paul Burchill (Intercontinental Championship Match): Early on, Kofi executed a nice cross rope leapfrog/flying reverse elbow sequence then an uppercut for a nearfall. Katie Lea jumped on the apron, Kofi attempted to kick her, and Paul used the distraction to take control of the match. He hit a neckbreaker for a nearfall then locked on an armbar. Kofi escaped with an armdrag takedown and went on an offensive run that saw a nearfall off the blind high crossbody then the clean win after the Trouble in Paradise kick.

Decent 4-minute match. I believe that makes three clean losses for Burchill now. I don’t see this feud continuing or Burchill getting any more title shots. So much for his IC push.
Post-match, Katie Lea got in Kofi’s face. Off the distraction, Paul tried to toss Kofi from the ring. Kofi kicked Paul to the outside then followed him up the ramp. Katie Lea looked on from the ring. Mickie James’ music hit and she rushed out for the women’s title match.Match #2 Katie Lea Burchill vs. Mickie James (Women’s Championship Match): We joined the match in progress following the commercial break. Mickie was on control. She delivered several forearms to the face, a dropkick, and a Thesz press on Katie on the floor. Back in the ring, Katie hit a 2nd rope neckbreaker when Mickie missed a corner charge. Katie gloated and delayed the cover. Katie applied a surboard-type move that Mickie somehow flipped out of. Mickie scored a nearfall after the headscissors takedown and a neckbreaker of her own. Katie hit a jawbreaker then the Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall. Truly out of nowhere, Mickie hit the tornado DDT for the clean win.

Good 4-minute women’s match. Like her brother, Katie’s suffered several clean losses to Mickie now. I don’t see their feud continuing or Katie getting any more title shots either. So much for her becoming women’s champion anytime soon.
After the match, Beth Phoenix attacked Mickie from behind, drove her back-first into the ring apron then laid her out in the ring with the faceplant. Santino came onto the stage and applauded. Beth met him at the top of the ramp and grabbed his ass. In return, Santino gave Beth a love tap as she did her invisible title above head pose.Yay, it t looks like The Glamazon is back in the title hunt. The announcers did a good job reminding us Beth lost her title to Mickie a few months ago and now she wants it back. And the awkwardly entertaining Santino-Beth angle continues. These two look like they’re getting more comfortable with each other.;) Little to no hesitation in showing their affection this week.

Backstage: Adamle wrapped up a call with Stephanie McMahon, thanking her for the GM opportunity, as Santino and Beth entered his office. Santino proposed that he (a former IC champion) and Beth (a former women’s champion) have title matches at SS. Adamle said there was room for only one more title match and told them to decide. Santino said Beth wants to see him as the IC champ. She told Adamle to book the women’s match. Santino considered being women’s champion. Mike came up with another ‘Adamle Original’ booking Santino and Beth in a mixed tag match against Kofi and Mickie at SS where both the IC and Women’s titles will be on the line and the winning team takes all. Santino and Beth were pleased. Santino told Mike it’s nice to have a fellow Italian on board.

Nice segment. All three were solid but not as funny as expected. Since when is there room for only one more title match at SS? Prior to making the mixed tag match, there were only three championship matches yet there are nine titles in the WWE.:headscratch: SS is supposed to be one of the big four PPVs and four title matches isn’t exactly a stacked card. Still the mixed tag match is an interesting concept and I’m looking forward to the match.

Backstage: Following a video package highlighting John Cena, the master of ground and pound, Todd Grisham asked Batista for his thoughts on tonight’s match. Tista said he’s not thrilled about teaming with the guy he’s facing at SS and like last week advised Cena to stay out of his way.

Short decent promo by Batista. He didn’t really get me excited about he and Cena’s SS match though. Why exactly is Todd Grisham still on Raw? He’s the new ECW announcer. Is he going to pull double duty? They don’t have anyone they’re not using they can move into the interviewer role?

Layla/Noble/Regal Segment: We cut from Layla dancing in the ring to a WWE.com exclusive earlier in the day. Noble told Layla he made reservations at the Waffle House, lol. She said this thing between them wasn’t working and all he did was open his mouth and insert someone else’s foot in his ass. Noble said he handles his business. Layla said he was a loser and dumped him. Back in the ring, Layla was interrupted by William Regal’s music. He came out and reminded us he’s our king by virtue of winning the 2008 KOTR tournament. Noble came down and attacked Regal. The two brawled and were separated by referees as Layla looked on from ringside.

I honestly have no idea what to make of this segment. It didn’t really do anything for me. It looks like Noble and Regal are going to feud now.

Match #3 JBL & Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk (2-on-1 Handicap): Before the bell, Adamle appeared on the Tron. He announced a 10-minute time limit and if no one wins there will be a Triple Threat WHC match at SS.

At the start, JBL and Jericho wasted precious seconds bickering. Punk decided to take them both on. He backdropped Jericho over the top rope. JBL hit a fall away slam for a nearfall then a neckbreaker for another nearfall. JBL decked Jericho trying to reenter the ring. Jericho sent JBL into the steel steps and hit Punk with a side slam for a nearfall then applied a sleeper. Punk briefly rallied. Jericho came back with a knee to the midsection, top rope fist drop, powerslam, and reverse flying elbow for a couple nearfalls. Punk escaped the abdominal stretch with a hiptoss and followed with knee strikes to the head. JBL reentered the ring and clotheslined Punk for a nearfall. Jericho hit an elbow drop for a nearfall.

Punk rolled out of the ring while JBL and Jericho duked it out. JBL went out for Punk, drove his head into the announce table, and sent him back in the ring in time for the Lionsault. JBL pulled Jericho outside and drove his head into the steps. Back in the ring, Punk hit the high knee/bulldog combo followed by the GTS on JBL. Jericho broke up the cover. Punk hurled Jericho into JBL then went for the GTS on Jericho who racked the eyes and locked in the Walls of Jericho with a minute to go. JBL broke it up just as Punk was going to tap out. On the apron, Jericho hung up JBL on the top rope who fell back onto Punk. JBL hooked the leg and scored the victory with one second left.

Surprisingly, this was a really good 10-minute match. I expected the clock to run out. A Triple Threat would be the more entertaining SS match just by virtue of Jericho’s involvement. Punk was dominated by JBL and Jericho but didn’t get the fluky win. That honor goes to JBL. I’m sure Punk will throw that in JBL’s face next week.

Shawn Michaels Interview: Following the GAB replay of Jericho injuring Michaels’ eye, via satellite from his home in San Antonio, TX Shawn said he’s been better. In addition to the severe damage to his eye, he said all his injuries over the years have caught up with him. He’ll be at the PPV to announce what his future holds following his next doctor’s appointment on the Friday before SS. Shawn said for the first time he’s going to heed the doctors' advice. He said he’s enjoyed performing for the WWE fans but loves his family even more, so he’s considering taking Jericho up on his advice last week. Lawler and Cole thanked Shawn for his time and told him to do what’s best for Shawn Michaels.

Short solid promo by Jericho. So no HBK-Jericho SS rematch but there will be a confrontation of sorts to prolong the feud to the next PPV.

Match #4 Matt Striker vs. Kane: Striker introduced himself as our teacher and thanked Adamle for finally allowing him to wrestle as a member of the Raw roster. He said he’s sure Adamle has selected the right challenger against which he can show off his great wrestling skills, lol. Kane’s music hit. He came out with the bag and squashed Striker in 1˝ minutes. Post-match Kane approached the announce table then ran Lillian off as he grabbed a mic. Kane reentered the ring and said he’s been in a bad place lately but is better now because he knows he’s dead. He held up the bag and looked at it as we cut to commercial.

Kane’s supposed to be a heel yet he got cheered for squashing Striker. Um ok. And after weeks featuring Kane’s heel turn, crazy “he” talk about being dead or alive, and carrying that bag, that’s it? If so, then I’m going to be very pissed. They can’t just tease us then drop it. I still really NEED to know what’s in the bag.

Backstage: Following a video package highlighting the Animal Batista, Todd Grisham asked Cena for his thoughts. Cena said watching the video it’s clear why the fans adore him and he gained a perspective on what Tista is capable of. Cena said he couldn’t help think back to two years ago when he and Tista simultaneously won world titles and knew they’d one day face each other. He said that thought resurfaced when Tista was drafted to Raw. With the ‘Adamle Original’ match-up, Cena said that day will finally come at SS. As far as tonight goes, Cena said he will be ready for anything.

Good promo by Cena that did what Tista didn’t earlier – hype their SS match.

Backstage: Kelly Kelly told Adamle he’s doing a good job as GM, outdoing himself booking matches. She said Kane is scary. (Real smooth transition there.) Mike came up with another ‘Adamle Original’ – next week he’ll demand Kane reveal what’s inside the bag and if he won’t tell then he’ll just take the bag from him.

Sure Mike, you and what army? I’m satisfied for now they’re not ditching the Kane storyline. Adamle sure loves catchphrases…I’ll be hearing ‘Adamle Original’ in my sleep.:lmao:

Match #5 Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs. John Cena & Batista (Tag Team Championship Main-Event): Tista allowed Cena to start without any argument. He hit a hiptoss then Irish Whip/bulldog combo for the first nearfall. Cena gave Tista the tag to see what he can do and Cody got the tag at the same time. Tista shoved off Cody like he was nothing. Rhodes tried a sunset flip but Tista picked him up and drove him into the turnbuckle, delivered a side/gutbuster for a nearfall, then did a nice leapfrog/reverse elbow combo. Tista missed a corner charge, landing shoulder-first into the ringpost as we cut to commercial 3-minutes in.

Back from break, Rhodes was working on Tista’s arm. Tista powered out and Cena got the hot tag. Cena exploded on Rhodes and had him up for the FU when DiBiase blindly tagged himself in. He dropkicked Cena from behind and Cody snapped off a DDT before leaving the ring. DiBiase sent Cena into the steel steps and put him back in for the cover. Cody tagged in and they performed a double suplex for the nearfall. The two made several more tags working Cena over for the next few minutes. Cena powered up from Rhodes’ sleeper, but Tista wouldn’t make the tag.

DiBiase tagged in and continued Cody’s sleeper hold. Cena again fought out and slapped Tista in the face for the “tag.” Tista and Cena stared each other down until the ref made Cena leave. Tista exploded on DiBiase with a clothesline, backdrop, spinebuster, snake eyes, and spear. Rhodes hit the ring and Cena decked him. Tista delivered the Batista Bomb for the clean win. Post-match, Cena and Tista took turns holding up the tag belts and trying to out-pop each other.

Good 14-minute well-worked tag match, but I’m not happy with the outcome. I’m not surprised they put the tag straps on Cena and Tista. We’ve seen this sort of thing before. The belts will be used as part of their feud. Just when Rhodes and DiBiase were finally starting to gel in the ring, WWE proves once again how little they care about legitimate tag team wrestling.:disappointed:

Overall Thoughts: Wrestling-wise, there were only five matches tonight but all (except the Kane squash) were very good. No Adamle complaints. HBK, Cena, and Beth/Santino were solid and progressed their respective storylines. An all-around solid show yet dull at times. I sure hope they turn up the intensity next week for the final pre-SS Raw.

08-05-2008, 07:34 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: August 4th, 2008:

Opening Segment: The show opens with the new Raw General Manager, Mike Adamle. Adamle opens with explaining how sometimes first impressions can be deceiving. He tries to compare himself with the likes of former President, Ronald Reagan. He said that originally, Reagan was a horrible actor, but turned into a great President. The crowd continues to boo Adamle, until he asks if they'd like to see a Championship match. Of course they in-turn cheer, so he says how about two? The cheers increase. Adamle says that tonight, there is going to be a total of 3 Championship matches.

Before anything else can be said, J.B.L. interrupts Adamle and expresses how he and Adamle have a lot in common. Originally, these people never felt J.B.L. was anything more than a beer drinking Texan, then they learned that he's a self-made millionaire. J.B.L. explains how they were both former Football players, and they're from the same cloth. He goes on to say he would like to get Punk at Summerslam for the World Heavyweight Championship, because he deserves it.

Chris Jericho rushes out before Adamle can announce anything, and Jericho explains that if anyone deserves a shot at Punk, it's Jericho. He said it last week and again this week, he feels he deserves the shot because he's moving forward with his career and at the Bash he ended H.B.K.'s. J.B.L. interrupts and says that he beat a guy with one good eye, whereas J.B.L. defeated Cena in a Parking Lot Brawl!

Adamle announces an "Adamle Original" and says it'll be Punk against both of them, and if either of them can get the pinfall, then they'll face Punk at Summerslam, however if Punk can defeat either of them, then neither get the shot.

The Matches:

1. Intercontinental Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) v. Paul Burchill w/ Katie Lea Burchill: I'm honestly confused at why they allow Paul Burchill to remain in this storyline, yet anytime a Championship match rolls around he doesn't even look strong.

Burchill and Kingston had a great opening match-up in my opinion, but once Kingston turned things to his favor, he never looked back and not even the interference by Katie Lea helped Paul enough to switch things back around.

In the end, Kingston wins with his spinning roundhouse kick, and after the match it's Burchill and Kingston continuing to get into it with each other, until Burchill gets sent to the outside of the ring and leaves to the back, still slightly brawling w/ Kingston. Katie Lea stays in the ring, only for Mickie Jame's music to cue up and the next match is on tap.

2. Women's Championship: Mickie James (c) v. Katie Lea Burchill: I think the best thing to say is see what I wrote above, and apply here. Katie Lea has a ton of talent and the ability to be a great Women's Champion. Mickie James is so over with the fans though, it's hard to not just let her keep the Championship "forever".

This was a decent back and forth match and honestly reminded me of what Women's Wrestling used to be about before all the "diva's" contests took over for the most part. In the end, Katie Lea missed what I assume would've been her finishing move, or a set-up to it, and Mickie delivered on her Mickie-T for the win.

After the match, it seems the next in line Women's Champion made herself known, as Beth Phoenix attacked Mickie James. Santino came out at the top of the ramp, as he cheered her on. She grabbed his butt, as he seemed surprised, only to return the favor (slightly) by giving her a quick pat.

3. Adamle Original: 2 on 1 Handicap Match: C.M. Punk v. J.B.L. & Chris Jericho: I can't help but love and hate C.M. Punk anymore. I obviously still think he's a worthless Champion that'll never amount to anything or be remembered long after he's finally dropped the title, but at the same time they're at least using him each week in a manner that fits him.. losing.. and getting his ass handed to him each time. Adamle comes across the screen and says he forgot to mention this is a 10 minute time-limit, and if noone wins in the end, it'll be a Triple Threat at Summerslam.

This was suppose to be a Tag Team contest, but no sooner than 2 minutes in, if even that, J.B.L. dumps Jericho to the outside. I love how the announcing crew later says that J.B.L. and Jericho have been working as a well functioning Tag Team, when they didn't do shit as a team except break-apart. In the end, J.B.L. gets jerked down neck first over the top ropes, which slingshot him backwards and he landed onto Punk, picking up the victory with 1 second to spare.

I can't say I'm shocked that Punk would likely (finally) pick up his first realistic Championship victory, over J.B.L. at Summerslam, but I'm also half-way believing that Kane will somehow have an interfering role in the match which will allow Punk's streak of being "unproven" to continue.

4. Matt Striker v. Kane: Speaking of which.. Kane wins. Not really sure how else to describe this match. :lmao: I doubt anyone had a doubt over whether he would or not. The real story is the before and after.

Before the match, Striker thanked Adamle for giving him a chance to wrestle as an active wrestler on Raw. After the destruction of Striker, Kane said he's better now and he's sure "he is dead".


Santino/Beth Phoenix/Adamle: Best segment of the night. Both, Santino and Beth apparently want Championship matches at Summerslam. Adamle says he'll agree to give them a title opportunity, but only one more title match can fit on the card.

Santino says he wants to make Beth happy, so he feels that Adamle should go ahead and make the Intercontinental Championship match, since that's what he feels would make her happy. Beth disagrees and says the Women's Championship match would make her happy, at which point Santino replied with something along the lines of "Silly Beth, I do'not'a wanna be Women's ChampION.. or do I? Santino Marella, ChampION of the Women! Oh, I like that."

Adamle announces another "Adamle Original" (even though it's somewhat been done before) in having Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix against Kofi Kingston & Mickie James, with whichever team winning, receiving (apparently) both Championships.

Batista/Cena Promos: Throughout the night, they played two promos, for each Batista and Cena. They then interviewed both guys. Batista said plain and simply, for Cena to stay out of his way. Cena on the other hand rambled on and on about "one day" they'll fight.. and that day is now known, being Summerslam.

Layla/William Regal/Noble: A pre-segment segment is shown, of Layla telling Noble that they aren't anything, and she says everytime he opens his mouth, he gets himself in trouble. She walks off, leaving him. This turns into a dancing segment with her during the break, and continuing when we come back.

Regal comes out and says that he wants to have a chat with Layla. Regal reminds everyone that he's the 2008 King of the Ring, and before he can say anything else, Noble comes out. As Noble gets in the ring, before he says a word, he just goes right after Regal. The two brawl back and forth, with neither one looking to have an advantage.

Shawn Michaels: H.B.K. more or less says that Jericho hasn't ended his career because this injury has been something he's apparently had for a while, and Jericho only helped push it along. He said that the Friday before Summerslam, he's going to have a talk with his doctor, about whether he should retire or not and he'll announce at Summerslam what his decision will be.

He more or less said if his doctor says he can even go, even just half way, then he will. But if there is any risk, or anything to which his doctor might suggest retiring, H.B.K. said he's fully willing to walk away and spend the rest of his life with his Family.

Kelly Kelly/Adamle: For only the second time since she's been drafted to Raw, Kelly Kelly is WITHOUT a match on the card. She more or less just popped in to bring up next week. She said Kane is scary. (wow, understatement of the year :rolleyes:) Adamle announces another "Adamle Original" and says if Kane doesn't reveal what's in the bag next week, then Adamle is going to take it from him and forcefully reveal what's in the bag.

Main Event: Tag Team Championships: Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase (c) v. John Cena & Batista: The instant I heard this match was made, I knew we'd have new Tag Team Champions. Why? Because Batista v. Cena at Summerslam is a great match-up on paper, but without a proper reason. So now, what we get is Cena against his Tag Team Championship partner, Batista. (anyone remember King of the Ring 1997 - Austin v. H.B.K., Tag Champ v. Tag Champ?)

The match itself actually, in my opinion, made the (now former) Tag Team Champions look very good. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase both controlled the match and equally controlled Batista and Cena on a decent sized level, to which it wasn't a complete squash in the favor of the Main Eventers.

For a moment, I questioned if Batista was about to turn heel, since he short-armed Cena and almost seemed to walk away. Cena in turn slapped Batista to tag him in, and instead of causing a meltdown, Batista took his rage out on the Champs, and that lead to us crowning new Champions!

After the match, both men had a pose down to see who could get the louder pop from the crowd, and it sounded pretty even. That's how the show ended.

Overall Thoughts: I'm going to start off by saying Adamle as General Manager does work, and likely will continue to work. He's already reminding me of a very young and unexperienced Eric Bischoff. He's made both face and heel matches, and he's done both face and heel things, so he's borderline on where he really is. The fans boo him, which is to be expected, even though they cheered him moments after booing, merely because he gave them primetime Championship matches.

I was undetermined and didn't really like the decision to make him General Manager, and while I still feel Eric Bischoff himself would've been better, the fact is you must move forward with your company and make new stars, instead of constantly looking to lean on the already known ones. So Adamle should be a great G.M. and likely even better than Teddy Long or Paul Heyman were for Smackdown.

It was announced that William Regal was "resigned" to Monday Night Raw, as one of Adamle's first career decisions as G.M. (shocking) However I'm disappointed with how Raw has treated their U.K. connection. The trio of Paul & Katie Lea Burchill, along with William Regal need to definately be paired up. I can't tell you how excited I was to randomly (and foolishly) think Regal was going to attack Kofi Kingston and we'd get a Regal/Kofi match-up for Summerslam.. instead, no.. it's Regal and Jamie fricken Noble.. where'd that come from?!

Meanwhile, Katie Lea could've made history, but instead they go in the reverse route and head back toward Beth Phoenix apparently. Why? Beth's first reign sucked horribly, and there really isn't any big reason why her second will be any better, short of saying Santino Marella really IS that amazing with creating Champions.

Speaking of that, unless the announcers screwed up, Beth will be screwed out of winning the Women's Championship at Summerslam, because I doubt very seriously that Santino will become the Intercontinental Champion. If he does, then hell froze over as he isn't Championship material, other than perhaps the Women's Championship, which would be very damn hilarious!

I'm already hyped to the max about Kane remasking, so I will be very disappointed if/when it's revealed that whatever is in the bag, ISN'T a mask. I doubt Adamle would have the ability to forcefully remove whatever's in the bag, but I could see him signing a match with Kane against Batista, John Cena or some other randomly big powerhouse, so he could grab the bag, or have them attempt opening it. I'm convinced that will end Raw, regardless.. that way it'll set Kane up as being the unused talent that'll likely interrupt either the Cena/Batista match, or the World Heavyweight Championship match.

"Forced Retirement" angles don't work for Professional Wrestling anymore. The H.B.K. "retina" career-ending angle is just horrible. They should've focused on his back, at least them with the knowledge that Jericho's finisher is the Walls of Jericho (a painful back submission hold) and with the understanding that H.B.K. did once have a "career-ending" back injury.. it would be a lot more believeable. I doubt anyone is really thinking he'll "quit" at Summerslam.

The only sad thing is, Jericho killed the Highlight Reel. That could've been the segment used for Shawn to come out onto and either retire or Superkick Jericho (again) in the mouth. And you know Jericho will play a part in this segment, or Lance Cade one. (I'd rather it was Kendrick, personally)

Well, to end the show we crowned new Tag Team Champions.. and it wasn't an original Raw tag team. So, what's that tell you? A.) Raw's Tag Team division is horrible. B.) Raw's original Tag Champs weren't drawing a large enough attention span C.) They needed a reason to make a Main Event match seem important.

I honestly feel sorry for Cryme Tyme, Rhodes and DiBiase in this mess. I don't feel bad for assuming they were hurt in the issue. On the contrary Rhodes and DiBiase were made to look like a Main Event Tag Team, but Cryme Tyme has been lost in the mix and likely won't be a factor short of Adamle signing them to meet next week in a title shot opportunity, putting Cena against his faction.

In the end, I give Raw a 7 out of 10. Great show with a couple minor issues that I have personally. Mainly the way they disused the U.K. Connection of the Burchill's and Regal, but outside of that I loved the entire show as a whole. Very well put together and definately above last week's disaster.

08-12-2008, 06:56 AM
This isn't going to be my normal review, I can't honestly sit long enough to write out anything that long without the fear of blacking out right now. SO I'm just gonna skim over some notes.

Kane's Bag: Going into this show, outside of the final stop before the 2nd largest Pay per view in the company's history, this was the outside storyline looking in and they had such a huge opportunity to return Kane to the mask, to the "Kane of old".

I think people are so wrapped up in wanting Kane to return to being underneath the mask, that they absolutely refuse to give the guy a chance to be the same type of character, without wearing one. Furthermore, I really believe that returning him to the mask isn't going to suddenly make millions of people forget who he was for so long without it.. which was basically a guy who sucked.

The Mysterio twist on this who situation is oddly enough very interesting. I have to admit, "I" too wanted the old school Kane in a mask to return.. but I got sucked in just as deeply by this issue with Mysterio being tortured as well. And to be honest, "I" just wanted the original dark and sinister Kane to return. If he's been torturing Mysterio within an "inch of his life" then that's what I got back, mask or not.

Unfortunately, I don't believe most everyone watching is going to buy into this and without giving them what they want.. Kane's gimmick and storyline of being dominating and evil will likely end with Mysterio beating him. Such a shame.

Summerslam Build-up: As far as the drinking contest goes, the instant I read J.B.L. had a "contest" that he knew for a fact Punk would never win.. I knew it was gonna involve some type of alcohol. I'm two faced with this situation. On one hand, I finally seen a glimpse of what could be a determined World Heavyweight Champion, in C.M. Punk.

It took bringing into play his "straightedge" gimmick, but none-the-less it seems to have slightly worked. The fans really backed him, and the whole point of Punk being in the top spot was to likely get that message out to people (children most likely) that you don't need to drink, to be someone important. Well done. (He's still a shit Champion though)

On the flip side, the funny thing about being a World Champion is the title isn't defended under drinking game rules. It's defended in the ring, which is the one place Punk has still yet to prove he can win any type of match, short of it being against other midcarders or less important individuals. I think he'll get his first "big-time" victory Sunday, but I wouldn't be shocked if even then he falls into it somehow.

The Shawn Michaels storyline.. to me.. is downright stupid. His career isn't going to end Sunday, and the lead-up to this is even more bogus than him not being able to see. He said if the Doctor's told him there's even a remote chance he could injure his eye-sight worse, he's ready to call it quits. Well, if his eye injury was or is suppose to be considered "real" then of course the Doctor's would tell him there is GREAT RISK of reinjuring it.. if it got injured once, it's got even more chance of getting injured again, even worse. So the only way this storyline has a "realistic" ending.. is if H.B.K. quits. And everyone and their blind, mute retarded uncle knows he ain't quitting. What the hell is with Chris Jericho and the new tights as well? Guy looks like a fricken high school kid in underwear.

Would they really give Santino Marella the Intercontinental Championship? I could see Beth becoming Women's Champion, I could even see Santino pinning Mickie James.. but I just can't see Kofi losing his title, to Santino, which is what would happen if Beth & Santino win.

Now they could easily set-up a Santino v. Kofi rematch and bam, Kofi's a two time Champion then.. but all in all, I just don't think Kofi & Mickie lose this match.

Finally, Batista and Cena. I think having them win, then a week later lose the Tag Titles did nothing but hurt everyone involved. Sure, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes defeating a team of that caliber is a great accomplishment.. until you look at how and why. Cena & Batista were really seconds from going blow for blow, when DiBiase got the roll-up.

Meanwhile, I have to admit I didn't even realize the Highlanders were still even on the damn roster, and Cryme Tyme is just slowly fading away again it seems. So what did this do for Cena and Batista? They weren't a team to begin with, so it's not like it added any extra amount of heat to their feud. What feud, exactly? Both men claim to have been watching the other.. wow.. that's got me excited to wanna see them go. I think this was poorly made and managed, simple as that.

Adamle as General Manager: Is there some unwritten rule that once you become G.M. you instantly age faster? Maybe it's just me, but Adamle looked like in the span of one week he went from looking in his mid 30's, to almost touching 50. I swear his hair even turned grey in the span of a week.

On a positive note, I think Adamle is definately filling in nicely, so I like him being there for now. He stood up to Kane, he was taking charge of the show, all in all he's doing a great tweener job. But in order to make him someone important, he's gonna have to pick a side sooner or later.

Overall: The show wasn't bad, but definately could've been a lot better leading into Summerslam.

08-13-2008, 01:42 AM
Amy’s ‘take’ on Raw 08/11/08:

Cena/Batista Promo: Following a video recapping the events leading up to Cena and Batista’s tag titles victory last week, Cena came out to his usual mixed reaction. He said he’s never had a problem with Batista then poof he’s got a match with him at SS. He reminded us it’s the first time ever he and Tista will meet. Cena said GM Mike Adamle came to him earlier in the day to brainstorm ways to hype the match. Cena said they didn’t need any photo-op, weigh-in, or arm wrestling contest. All they needed was Cena and Tista in the same ring right here and now.

Out came Batista. Cena said last week they battled as allies and won and tonight must find a way to do it again in their rematch, then they can go back to being enemies in their match six years in the making on Sunday. Cena said he’d watched Tista, how he was mentored by two greats in Flair and HHH. Cena said he never had any mentoring but week in and out has turned critics into believers. He said their resumes are impressive, they’ve answered many questions, and Sunday we’ll get the answer to who is better. Cena said it would be him.

Tista said he’d been watching Cena as well. He said they’re different sides of the same coin and ran down their accomplishments. Tista told Cena he’s never changed and respects him for that but wouldn’t be caught doing some of the things he does. Tista said he understands why a lot of people over 15 want to see him beat Cena senseless and he will be the winner Sunday. They had a staredown and shook hands. JR and Cole plugged their rematch with Rhodes and DiBiase.

It was a decent opening segment, but I wanted intensity in their eyes and words – not the generic, cliché handshake. Again I didn’t sense any real chemistry there. Still a good promo by Cena. He drove home their first ever meeting. Maybe, just maybe, that should be enough.:headscratch:

Match #1 Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix (w/Santino Marella): Santino sat in on commentary for the match. He was a riot. He noted the media are referring to Beth and him as “Glamarella.” He said Beth couldn’t resist the delicious piece of man meat he is and she was going to take care of the ditsy blonde Barbie in the ring.

Kelly slapped Beth and jumped on her back. Beth snapped her down. Kelly botched a headscissors takedown then tried a roll-up. Beth dropped her face first then delivered a hard kick and utilized the 5-count with her knee across the throat for a nearfall. Santino said Beth was vicious but delicious. Beth military pressed Kelly but she wriggled out for another roll-up. Beth scored the win after a chicken wing/faceplant combo.

Post-match Santino congratulated Beth in the ring and asked her to deliver another move to send a message to their SS opponents. Mickie and Kofi rushed to the ring for the save. Santino said that for trying to embarrass them before their big match he wanted a match right now. Kofi accepted, but Santino said he was challenging Mickie so he could learn where he could and could not put his hands. In front of her hometown fans, Mickie accepted.

It was a decent 2-minute match overshadowed by Santino’s commentary. Nice post-match segment. Santino’s done a complete 180, denouncing Beth’s acceptance of his challenge the other week as he doesn’t fight people with fallopian tubes to now openly challenging a female.

Match #2 Santino Marella vs. Mickie James: Nice back and forth at the start. They exchanged side headlocks and leg sweeps for nearfalls. Mickie hit a drop toehold then mounted Santino and spanked him. He reversed an armbar into a powerslam but missed a double knee drop. He feigned a knee injury and threw his kneepad at Kofi who hit the apron. Behind the ref’s back, Beth hurled Mickie shoulder-first into the ringpost. Santino quickly recovered and rolled Mickie up for the win. He celebrated like he’d just won Olympic gold, lapping the ring and jumping into Beth’s arms. Their celebratory mood continued up the ramp as Mickie and Kofi looked on from the ring.

Some part of me says I should be offended by that match, but I loved every second of the 2 minutes. Pure FUN.:p I can’t believe how excited I am for this SS match.

Backstage: Adamle had a portrait of Ronald Reagan in his office. He told Todd Grisham (again why is he still on Raw?) he wants to run things Reagan-style, letting the superstars do their thing and interfering only when necessary. Kane walked in and asked why Adamle wanted to see him. Adamle said they already had a full SS card so he booked him in a match against Jericho tonight. Kane accepted as long as that was all he wanted. Adamle told Kane he would surrender the bag after his match. Kane warned him he didn’t want to do that. Adamle said they couldn’t have kids going back to school imitating him and scaring their classmates and teachers. He said tonight is the end of the burlap sack business. Again Kane told him he’s making a huge mistake.

What is Adamle’s deal with Reagan? And has PG-rated programming begun to rear its ugly head already? They couldn’t come up with a better reason to have Kane give up the contents? Regardless I’m pumped to finally know what’s in the bag.

Rhodes/DiBiase Promo: Following footage of Tito Santana and Ivan Putski defeating the Valiant Brothers to win the tag titles October 22, 1979, backstage Cody said they weren’t even born when that happened, but they respect and learn from history. He said they act and work together like a team is supposed to unlike Cena and Tista whose jealousy and egotism will be their downfall. Ted said they were invoking their rematch clause and will take back THEIR titles. DiBiase again noted they’re only in their 20s yet well on their way to Hall of Fame status. He said next year it could be Rhodes vs. DiBiase as the SS main event but tonight they would earn everyone’s respect.

The only thing that didn’t jive was Rhodes/DiBiase saying they respect and learn from history when they're the same brash guys dissing the old-timers Lawler and Duggan just a couple weeks ago. Still I really liked this promo, one of their best yet.

Match #3 Cryme Tyme vs. The Highlanders: Shad and JTG made quick work (2 minutes) of Robbie and Rorrie. Shad hit a nice inverted vertical suplex then a rock bottom for the win.
The announcers plugged JBL’s challenge to Punk.JBL/Punk Promo: JBL came to the ring that was set up with a table covered with a black cloth and chairs. Punk joined him. JBL said he was going to end Punk’s pathetic WHC run at SS. Punk told him to shut up, he’s tired of hearing that same old played out argument. Punk said the WHC belt is around his waist because he earned it and doesn’t care if he doesn’t fit the typical champion mold. He said that when he defends the title at SS it will be his career’s crowning achievement and prove he’s the man on Raw.

JBL said he held the title on SD! longer than anyone and helped build this business into what it is today. He belittled Punk’s career thus far and called him Cinderella. JBL said his luck runs out Sunday and there won’t be any fairytale ending. He said he can beat Punk as he did last week. He unveiled a bottle of whiskey and shot glass and challenged Mr. Straightedge to take a drink. JBL said he wanted Punk to prove to him he’s willing to do anything to be champion.

Punk said he is willing to put his body on the line come Sunday but won’t compromise his beliefs that have gotten him this far. JBL offered a toast to Punk’s footnote WHC reign. Punk took the shot glass and said the champ should give the toast then tossed the whiskey into JBL’s face and delivered the high corner knee. Punk made his way up the ramp as JBL tried to wipe the sting from his eyes.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed the segment (much more than Cena/Tista earlier or Khali/HHH arm wrestling). Good promo by both, particularly Punk.;) For the first time, I find myself actually caring about his character. And they managed to peek my previous non-existent interest in their match.

Match #4 Chris Jericho vs. Kane: At the start, Kane took it to Jericho with punches, running low dropkick, and hiptoss. Kane sent Jericho to the floor and delivered a mean uppercut. Cade grabbed Kane’s foot as he was reentering the ring. Jericho landed the springboard kick then followed up with punches, stomp to the head, and rear chinlock. Jericho went top rope but Kane caught him with an uppercut on the way down and followed with a side slam and flying clothesline. Just as Kane was looking for the chokeslam, Adamle and a slew of security guys came down and surrounded the ring. Off the distraction, Jericho hit the code breaker for the win.

Good 4˝-minute match with nice back and forth throughout. Despite another loss, Kane still looked strong and lost due to Adamle’s distraction.

Kane’s Mystery Bag Segment: Immediately after the match, Adamle entered the ring and told Kane he knows this must be difficult for him but we need a resolution and he’s there to help. Adamle said he knew that Kane’s old mask was in the bag and he’s been referring to the monster within himself. Adamle told Kane his life would be better if he gave him the bag. Kane said there was a mask in the bag and the man who wore it has been scarred, tortured, and damaged beyond human recognition. Kane said the mask wasn’t his and revealed it to be Rey Mysterio’s. He laughed as left the ring.

Weeks of intrigue and excitement for that? What a major letdown. I fail to see how Rey has been scarred, tortured, and damaged beyond comprehension. Oh Creative, you got some ‘splaining to do. I just hope they aren’t going to do a mask angle where Mysterio loses it.:disappointed:

Match #5 Jamie Noble vs. William Regal: If you blinked, you missed this match. Regal picked up the clean win in 1 minute 20 seconds following a nice scoop exploder suplex and kick to the head. There was little overrun tonight, so why couldn’t they give them three or four minutes?

Match #6 John Cena & Batista vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase (World Tag Team Championship): Tista and Cena dickered over who’d start. Cena allowed Tista the honor but tagged himself in as soon as the bell rang. While the champs were staring each other down, Rhodes and DiBiase double-teamed Cena. Rhodes scored a nearfall after a Russian leg sweep. Cena came back with two flying shoulder blocks and a side slam on Rhodes. Cena got in Tista’s face and did the “You can’t see me” gesture and we cut to commercial less than two minutes in.

Back from break, DiBiase had Cena down with a reverse chinlock. Tista got the hot tag and exploded on DiBiase with a clothesline, corner shoulder blocks, and spinebuster. He did the rope shake thing right by Cena and setup Ted for the Tista bomb. Cena pulled DiBiase away and stood face to face with Tista. Rhodes got the tag and clipped Tista’s knee from behind then followed with a dropkick to the leg. Tista powered Rhodes down with a spinebuster and slapped Cena across the face for the tag, just as Cena did to him last week. Cena was staring down Tista when DiBiase rolled him up for the win.

Post-match Rhodes and DiBiase tried a sneak attack while Cena and Tista were having another staredown. The new champs were quickly disposed of. Adamle’s security came down and did their best to separate Cena and Tista who fought through the pack to get at one another.

It was a decent 8-minute tag match, but its only purpose was to build to Cena-Tista at SS. I’m all for putting the straps back on Rhodes and DiBiase but not happy with their weak roll-up win.

Overall Thoughts: While it wasn’t great, must-see TV, it was a solid two hours. Punk, Santino/Beth, and Cena were the hits. While I’d have liked to seen them do something with Jericho to hype HBK’s SS announcement, they gave us a pretty good last build to the brand’s three SS matches, particularly the WHC and IC/Women matches.

Mr. TM
08-14-2008, 10:59 AM
The Only reason to watch Raw was Santino and his Glorious Amazon. I say, If the WWE ever fires Jerry stupid Lawler, they have a great commentator in Santino. He can commentate his own matches. These two are clicking together like Lego blocks. They each had a match, one after eachother. Santino commentate as Beth Phoenix dominated Kelly Kelly. Santino then took on a former WWE Champion. Santino also dominated. These two are hot going into SummerSlam, where they are assured gold. Oh yeah, other things happened on Raw, but it doesn't matter. For all of those who want to read more about the Main Event on Monday Night, Santino, check out the Santino Fan-A-Club in the Live Discussion and Spam Zone!

08-18-2008, 11:26 PM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: August 18th, 2008:

Opening Segment: Chris Jericho opens the show by coming out and talking about the events that unfolded at Summerslam. Jericho roughly and very quickly takes the entire blame of anything off of his shoulders and onto Shawn Michaels. He said that it's because Michaels, instead of retiring like normal and sending in a letter, had to showboat one last time, had to see the face's of the fans one more time, and because of that.. it's Shawn Michaels fault his Wife, Rebecca, got punched.

Jericho goes on to say H.B.K.'s career is finished, it's over, and the last memory he'll have of being in a W.W.E. ring is craddling the head of his injured Wife. Jericho goes on to say he believes H.B.K. deserved everything that happened, and with that, exits the ring without anyone stopping him.

The Matches:

1. Batista v. Paul Burchill: Paul Burchill was already in the ring, which more or less indictates that he's become the newest jobber on Raw. Congrats on the demotion. This match is over before it ever began, and Batista quickly makes short work out of the former number one contender to the Intercontinental title.

I can't say anything good about this, other than the two clowns in the front row entertained me highly. They obviously hated Batista, and it showed. I barely paid two moments notice to this match, as I knew it was a squash, and the clowns were more than entertaining enough for me to care less.

In the end, is this really helping anyone? I mean, Batista is coming off a great match, a great victory, and he's squashing a guy that should be Intercontinental Champion right now. Instead, he should've been in a better match. All this did was ruin any momentum he had coming off a great p.p.v. for him. Squashing someone that doesn't even get an entrance, isn't impressive, it's boring.

2. Mickie James & Kelly Kelly v. Jillian & Katie Lea Burchill: We continue with the Burchill's demotion, as Jillian and Katie are already in the ring. Jillian sings a Chicago song, for the chicago audience.

Kelly Kelly is, or rather has, received the biggest push of anyone in this entire draft. Including bigger than Punk. She's wrestled each week minus one or two, since coming over, and she's won 98% of all her matches. The sad thing is, she's becoming a better Women's wrestler and more impressive than the current Diva's Champion as well.

On the downside of this, Mickie's rematch for the Women's Championship seems almost not happening, which leads me to believe either Melina (I hope) or Candice Michelle (forbid) are next in line for Unforgiven and Beth. In the end, it was Mickie picking up the victory, but instead of doing it over Jillian, the official squash of the Burchill's has to come full term, as Katie takes the loss. I can't stand W.W.E. for this.

3. J.B.L. v. Jamie Noble: Wow. Seriously? J.B.L. comes off one of the most embarassing loses in his career (yeah I said it) and to make it up to him, he gets to defeat a cruiserweight via squash. Nice. Noble had no chance.

You know, I almost believe J.B.L.'s character and career path may of been more interesting if Noble would've rolled him up for a shocking victory, instead of J.B.L. just beating the holy crap outta him. Been there, done that, almost each time J.B.L. wrestles. Change it up, let someone get lucky. Oh wait... I guess Punk did.

4. Handicap Match: John Cena v. Wall Street: Is it possible for the squash to be against the two men with the advantage? This was complete and utter bullshit. Seriously, the only entertaining part of this entire match was Cryme Tyme coming out before the match began and stealing the Tag team Championships. That almost assures them a match at the p.p.v. which might be worth watching, depending on how it's continued through storylines.

At any rate Cena was more or less in control of this match. The only time the Champs were in control was when they were double teaming, which wasn't much. I think if anything this is a pathetic (my, how I've used that word a lot lately) attempt at giving their top star a reprive for his loss the night prior. And at the expense of the Tag Champions none the less.

5. Non-Title: Santino Marella w/ Beth Phoenix v. D-Lo Brown: Why wasn't this a Championship match? And how shocked am I?! Santino is actually getting a chance at being Intercontinental Champion, seriously, really?! No shit.

I would've marked more than anything to see D-Lo win the Intercontinental Championship, instead I'm witnessing Santino's meal ticket standing in D-Lo's way, making sure he only loses via DQ instead of by pinfall.

Kofi Kingston was at ringside doing commentary, or at least sitting. I never actually heard him speak, which may of been me blacking out again but I could've swore I seen the match. At any rate, in the end it was Kingston getting involved by slamming Marella's head against the table so it looks like we're gonna get either a 3-way with Santino getting a lucky escape, or Kingston's title reign will resume in 3 weeks time, at Unforgiven.


Adamle/Carlito's Brother/Cena/Batista: He's already getting more air time than Carlito, and he was only announced as being Carlito's brother. I don't know what to think of him, because the guy was practically shit on and likely knows how Carlito feels right about now.

Adamle runs off to explain to Cena about his match, but Cena's too busy telling Batista congrats then explaining it was last night and today's another day. Looks like Cena wants to get a victory so he can say he has.

Adamle/Unforgiven Main Event: If this is ever built as an Adamle Original, than apparently Adamle hasn't watched wrestling during 2000. The Championship match will be a 5 man, 20 minutes "scramble" in which it resumbles everything the Hardcore title match was, during Wrestlemania 2000, in which anyone can pin the Champion, become the Champion, and then try to remain the Champion for 20 minutes. John Cena, Batista, J.B.L., Kane & Punk will all be involved. My early guess is Punk will steal the victory as time expires, or the feuds between Cena & J.B.L. & Kane & Batista will take more presence than any of them bothering to even pin Punk. Either way, I don't see a new Champion being crowned.

H.B.K. Exclusive: After the events at Summerslam, Shawn Michaels was interviewed in the back about what he's going to do. He said that he's going home, because what happened was his fault. (How bout that, Jericho was right) He said he's going to comfort his Wife and children.. then.. he walks off.

C.M. Punk: Punk does everything under the "pop book" on gaining crowd reaction by mentioning Chicago as much as humanly possible. He explains what Jericho did won't fly in Chicago, because in Chicago, the Chicago fans handle their Chicago problems, by doing things Chicago style, in a Chicago-ish way.. chicago.. chicago.

That's pretty much what he said, honestly. I mean COME ON! "This guy's great on the mic, he's one of the best mic talents ever." That's ALL I've heard from Punk Bastards. Hey, "I" can cut a promo by mentioning the hometown crowd 20 times in two sentences, so does that mean I'm in line to being a World Heavyweight Champion someday soon? Doubtful.

Kane: Kane reveals why he has a problem with Mysterio. Apparently it's because he can't stand people who hide behind masks. (interesting) Kane goes on to call Mysterio a fungus and a lot of other things that just seemed slapped together. He said he attacked him in the parking lot roughly 6 weeks ago, and he's been carrying that mask since because it's made him feel good.

He said Mysterio is still alive, but his spirit is broken. Then Kane repeats the "Is he alive, or dead?" bit and laughs. This causes Batista to rush out.. as Michael fricken Cole of all people question why he's out there, dispite Cole being the guy to call the Batista/Mysterio tag matches and push them both as best friends. Wow, apparently when Cole drafted to Raw, he left his Smackdown knowledge on Smackdown.

Main Event: Non-Title: C.M. Punk v. Chris Jericho w/ Lance Cade: This is by far my favorite Raw moment on a very disappointing show. Jericho v. Punk, in Punk's hometown.. and Jericho WINS! This match wasn't nearly as entertaining as their King of the Ring tournament match.

I'm a bit unsure why they had Punk come off the best match of his Championship reign thus far, only to lose more or less cleanly to Chris Jericho. If anything, I was expecting either Jericho to get attacked, or Jericho to get DQ'd. In the end, it was Punk running into Cade, then into a Code-Breaker. Nice.

The sad thing is, Jericho isn't one of the 4 men getting a title shot, and he should be. Obviously he won't be due to likely getting a match against Shawn Michaels, but he should be getting a shot soon regardless.

Overall Thoughts: To be blunt and honest, this was a horrible show and possibly one of the worst since the Marshall Law situation has been on Raw. Adamle didn't look nearly AS old this week either. What's up with that?

Feeding the Burchill's to the likes of Kelly Kelly and Batista was wrong, and obviously shows they have no desire in letting either mean anything to the company, ever. Speaking of the English, William Regal was also held off the show and I'm still disappointed with his character's direction since returning.. no stable, not even a point other than randomly being there.

Kane is in the Unforgiven, Main Event which leads me to believe Mysterio won't be back for another 4 weeks, or if he is, the Kane storyline will end on Raw instead of in a match. I was hyped for the storyline a week ago, now it's switched to Kane against Batista which makes sense since both men are in the Main Event, but leaves Mysterio out of the loop.

Why is J.B.L. still in the title picture? He's the only guy to take two pinfall losses to the Champion. Meanwhile, Chris Jericho has a couple victories over Punk, and gets left out. Like I said just a bit ago, obviously it's because Shawn Michaels v. Chris Jericho is likely but still, I think J.B.L. being in this Championship match is for no other reason than being the guy who's going to end up taking the final pinfall more than likely.

Speaking of the Championship Main Event.. does anyone remember when I said adding more than one or two big names to a Main Event, for the title, then throwing Punk into it will do nothing for Punk, other than help people to forget he's even involved? Cena, Batista & Kane are all involved. Cena and Batista alone are going to cause people to forget Punk's even the Champion, let alone in the match. And in the end, I'm banking hard money on Punk fluking his way to another victory.

I'm kinda out of it at the moment, so I'm cutting this short(er). All in all, I wasn't impressed with Raw. It's getting 2 outta 10 stars, because nothing was overly great about it.. short of Jericho beating the Champion.

08-19-2008, 09:37 AM
Will you are amazing. Now that thats out of the way on to my probibly biased review. First I am pissed the Burchill's jobbed. Paul has way to much talent and Katie is majorly sexy (its the accent). These two should be champions but the WWE aperantly dose not like english people. Jamie Noble now has Val Venis Syndrome, seasoned ring verterans becoming jobbers. That.s another pet peave of mine. Thats why I am pushing for Jamie Noble for Hardcore Champion. D-lo needs to cut a pro-mo, so people can understand who he is. The best thing about last night was Cryme Tyme jacking the titles form Simply Losers. This could be good if the WWE dosen't fuck it up. I miss "Slow Chemical." The championship scramble is interesting, a little, but it is nothing special. The worst part about the main event wasnt that Punk lost after he finally picked up a clean victory in a stiff match on a PPV, and throwing down a good match that night and losing cleanly in his home town, destroying everything he did the night before. It was that Jericho won AND HE ISN'T IN THE TITLE PICTURE. This booking is horrible like and helped neither person involved, Punk lookes weak again, and Jericho isnt in the title picture so who gives a damn. And finally to my rant, The only thing more annoying than Glamerella are the Glammerella lovers. Look I was over on Santino for 2 weeks and I have always been impartial to Beth. This business is annoying and far from genius. This isnt a great story line its annoying and further destrying the importance of the IC title. So for goodness sakes stop loving on Santino he SUCKS! If he shaves that uni-brow mabey I will take him seriously.

08-19-2008, 12:21 PM
Hey Will quit being nice to this show. It deserves a .5 out of 10. It was cluster****ed from the beginning to the end. ABSOLUTELY HORRID. Championship scramble . . . give me a break. JBL needs to go back to the announce team. WTF is up Batista and Kane had a storyline started right after GAB and they cut it and now Batista is there for REY . . . how sweet. WWE is screwed. I am so happy Russo got his old job back.

08-19-2008, 12:33 PM
Wow, CM Punk and Jericho work well together. I now firmly believe these 2 need to get into a great feud. I haven't enjoyed a match on Raw as much as I enjoyed that in a while. I think Punk should have won, everyone did. However with the way Cade cheated in order to help Jericho win, it fueled his heel heat yet again and made the opening of a good feud. Punk will obviously want revenge. It also definitely makes me think Cade and Shawn will feud when he's done with Jericho.

Shawns promo after Summerslam had me in tears. Great emotion in that. I was crying telling him it wasn't his fault. Making me 'hate' Jericho even more. Wow this is truely a great storyline. The writers deserve a lot of praise for coming up with this.

08-19-2008, 01:27 PM
I enjoyed the Jericho/Punk match alot, and they seem to work well together. Jericho winning allowed the door to be open for a feud between these two. The only problem with these is that Jericho is still in a feud with HBK and Punk is in the scramble so I guess a feud between these two might have to wait. The Diva's match wasn't that bad, but not really entertaining either. Kelly is improving alot and reminds me of a young Torrie Wilson but is sloppy.

DLo Vs. Santino match was fun. Brown still can wrestle and Santino's comedy was as good as ever. I loved Beth getting involved and making the save, and then staring down Kofi. The WWE seems to be building Pheonix as not being afraid of the men and not backing down. I can eventually see Beth & Santino breaking up and beating Marella for the belt.

08-20-2008, 02:02 PM
i wasnt able to see the first hour of raw but i caught the second. the second hour was A+ IMO. First of all Kane's new music is awesome, and makes him even creepier than before. His bit on Rey was well done and Kane was able to make me believe he could have done something very bad to Rey. After Kane we were treated to Jericho vs Punk. Thats a pretty fresh match with two great workers in the WWE. Jericho in the ring with Punk finally made a Punk match exiciting for me to watch. Good back and 4th match with Jericho actually getting the win, which I liked. Too bad it wasnt for the belt!! Maybe that means if it were Jericho and Punk at SS ... someone else would have been walking away the champ. All in all the second hour of Raw was simply amazing very well done two thumbs up!!

08-22-2008, 03:54 PM
Amy’s LATE ‘take’ on Raw 08/18/08:

Chris Jericho Promo: Jericho said he wasn’t there to apologize, laid the blame squarely on Shawn’s shoulders, and replayed the SS footage of what happened to Rebecca Michaels. Jericho said Shawn could’ve sent in a letter/video resignation, but HBK just had to placate his ego and the fans (who are also responsible) with one final appearance. In closing, Jericho said Shawn got what he deserved and tarnished his legacy as the last image of him in the ring will be comforting his wife.

Jericho delivered another gem. He’s the top heel on Raw and second in the company only after Edge. Raw is Jericho right now.;)

Match #1 Batista vs. Paul Burchill: Tista tripped entering the ring and the announcers attributed it to the knee injury he suffered at SS. At the start, Burchill targeted the injured leg with a chopblock and stomps. Tista hit the spear out of nowhere then followed up with a spinebuster and the Batista Bomb for the win.

The ref was all in their way during the match. That was annoying as all get out. Tista did a decent job selling the knee throughout this glorified 2-minute squash. Who did Paul Burchill piss off? It was just a couple weeks ago he was challenging for the IC title. I get someone had to do the job, but why not Snitsky, Palumbo, or London who they aren’t even using?

Backstage: GM Mike Adamle introduced Carlito’s brother Primo Colon as the newest member of the Raw roster. Before Colon could say two words, Adamle blew him off for John Cena who blew Adamle off for Tista. Cena extended his hand and said it was a great match last night and the better man won. Tista thanked him and shook his hand. Cena said that was last night though and walked away.

Why is Mike Adamle interviewing? Crappy intro for Carlito’s brother. At least they didn’t job him out in his debut match…yet. The Cena-Tista exchange made sense and leaves the door open to revisit these two at a later time.

Match #2 Jillian & Katie Lea vs. Kelly Kelly & Mickie James: Jillian annoyed the Chicago crowd with her rendition of the band Chicago’s “You’re the Inspiration” then she and Mickie briefly traded offense before Katie tagged in. Mickie took both down then Kelly sunset flipped into the match and snapped off a sloppy hurricanrana. Jillian tagged in and went to work on Kelly’s back. Katie tagged in and hit a nice backbreaker then locked in a camel clutch. Jillian tagged back in but missed with the cartwheel splash. Mickie and Katie got the respective hot tags. Mickie hit a neckbreaker on Katie for a nearfall then pulled Jillian in. Kelly and Mickie delivered a double dropkick to Jillian. Mickie scored the win off the tornado DDT on Katie.

Katie and Jillian were good. Kelly and Mickie were all over the place and very botchy-looking in this 5-minute divas match. Like her brother, someone must not like Katie Lea. I’ve lost count how many times Mickie’s cleanly pinned her now.:disappointed:

The announcers plugged Cena versus Rhodes and DiBiase in a 2-on-1 handicap match later.WHY? Cena’s already gone over the tag champs.

Match #3 JBL vs. Jamie Noble: JBL was pissed after his SS loss to Punk and took it out on Noble in this 3-minute squash. He hit multiple elbow drops then clotheslines from hell before the ref just stopped the match.

The announcers plugged a major announcement by Shane and Stephanie McMahon.Mike Adamle Announcement: Adamle walked onto the ramp with a clipboard and very matter-of-factly said he had a couple of announcements. First he said CM Punk would meet Chris Jericho later in the night. Then Adamle announced a new WHC match concept at the Unforgiven PPV. Five superstars will compete and the title will change hands with every pinfall or submission. The man with the belt at the end of the 20-minute time limit will be the champion. The five participants will be Punk, Kane, JBL, Batista, and Cena. Adamle called the match ‘The Championship Scramble.’

Hmm, this sounds like the match that should have taken place at SS.:rolleyes: What’s wrong with an elimination match? You can get pinned cleanly, remain in the match, and still possibly come out the winner. How can that not lessen the credibility of both the WHC belt and the champion? Just sounds like an easy way to get the title off Punk to me. Why oh why does JBL get yet ANOTHER title shot? And Kane? He hasn’t even won a match in weeks and has the Mysterio storyline going.

Match #4 Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs. John Cena: After the tag champs introduction, Cryme Tyme’s music hit. Shad hit the apron and distracted Rhodes and DiBiase while his partner in crime JTG stole the tag belts. Cryme Tyme took off and Cena made his entrance. We cut to commercial at the opening bell.

Back from break, the ref separated Cena and Rhodes in the corner. Rhodes got in a cheap shot then drew Cena out of the ring after him. DiBiase blindly tagged in and he and Rhodes delivered a double suplex. Rhodes tagged back in and hit a nice Russian leg sweep/knee drop combo. DiBiase tagged back in and hit a side suplex and first drop. Rhodes tagged in again and continued working Cena both in and out of the ring. DiBiase in again hit two snap suplexes. Cena blocked the third and Rhodes got the tag. Cena rallied and unloaded on Rhodes with punches and the 5 knuckle shuffle. He leveled DiBiase entering to help his partner then made Rhodes tap out to the STFU.

For what it’s worth, Rhodes and DiBiase looked good in this predictable 12-minute match. So Cena needed a boost after losing to Tista, but why Rhodes and DiBiase again? Really couldn’t they have kept the Highlanders around just a few days longer to do the job? Why even have a tag team division at all when one guy can so easily defeat the tag champs?

WWE.com Exclusive HBK Post-SS Interview: The earlier SS Jericho-HBK-Rebecca video aired again. Lawler said Rebecca has a fractured jaw. Footage of Cole’s interview with Shawn rolled. At first, Michaels walked past Cole then came back to say he’s going home to comfort his wife and kids.

CM Punk Interview: Todd Grisham welcomed Punk who blasted Jericho for his actions and attitude. Punk said tonight he’d deal with Jericho Chicago-style.

Match #5 Santino Marella (w/Beth Phoenix) vs. D-Lo Brown (Intercontinental Championship): Right away, D-Lo established control with a dropkick, suplex, clothesline, and dropkick. He went top rope and Beth entered the ring, standing in front of/protecting Santino. D-Lo yelled at her “get to stepping.” Beth slapped D-Lo for the DQ. Post-match D-Lo cleared Santino from the ring. He landed in front of Kofi Kingston who sat in on commentary. Kofi drove Santino’s head into the announce table then Beth stared him down and pulled Santino away.

This 1˝-minute throwaway match did absolutely nothing for me. Nice to see D-Lo back on TV again at least.

Kane Promo: Kane said we all looked shocked when he pulled Mysterio’s mask out of his bag last week. He said he didn’t like Rey Mysterio because he hides behind a mask. He called Mysterio a fungus on the psyche. Kane said the reason Rey hasn’t been seen in six weeks is because he took him out in a parking lot. He said Rey is alive but his spirit is dead. Tista’s music hit and he came down to deliver a spear then a spinebuster. Kane quickly recovered, took a shot of Tista’s knee, and chokeslammed him.

Tista sticking up for his little buddy all but guarantees it’ll be Kane versus Tista in some capacity next week. Ugh, that has to be one of the most dreadful promos ever. Kane’s explanation was lame and made absolutely no sense. Whoever wrote that crap should have gotten the axe last Friday. And maybe it was intentional that Kane had food in his teeth, but this was just an ugly, painful promo any way you look at it.

Match #6 Chris Jericho (w/Lance Cade) vs. CM Punk (non-title): Punk came out to a big hometown pop. He went to work with kicks and an early submission move. Jericho kicked the back of Punk’s head. The announcers put over the head injury he sustained at SS. Two minutes in, Punk whipped Jericho into the corner ringpost and sent him to the floor.

During the commercial break, Jericho took control when Punk missed a springboard clothesline. Jericho had Punk grounded with a modified sleeper. He hit a backbreaker then applied an abdominal stretch. Punk avoided a bulldog attempt with an errant kick to the face then hit a double underhook backbreaker and corner high knee. Jericho avoided the bulldog and landed the Lionsault for a nearfall.

Punk hit a hurricanrana for a nearfall. Jericho held onto the top rope to prevent the GTS then locked in the Walls of Jericho. Punk made it to the rope and moments later went for the GTS again and again Jericho held onto the top rope. Jericho pushed Punk into Cade on the apron then hit the Codebreaker for the win.

Good 13-minute match. No one should have any doubts as to Punk’s reign after this one. Sure they couldn’t kill Jericho’s momentum, but at the same time Punk NEEDS credibility and it’s just too bad they didn’t let him win in his hometown.

Overall Thoughts: Raw sucked. How much did Raw suck? Let me count the ways. The backstage interviews were a bore, Kane’s promo bombed, and it wasn't the same without Santino’s comedy. Wrestling-wise, there was only one quality match in Punk-Jericho. The show consisted of five total matches, two squashes, one divas match, and one handicap match. Credibility-wise, tag champs, Punk, and the Burchills made to look like crap yet again. Jericho’s promo was a strong opening. The show fell off after that but managed to end with a quality main event wrestling match.

08-25-2008, 10:24 PM
Lets get this Train Wreck a-rollin'

Darkshot77's Review of Raw 7/25/08:

First off, Cole IMO did an OK job today. I think it was because he took JBL's advice and had a few shots before he went on out. But I digress. We start tonight with pyro and a match...what a strange new concept.

CM Punk vs. JBL-This was a solid match and a very good opener both traded hits and punk pickes up another clean victory...against JBL, so who gives a damn. Despite this being a good match and the best match of the night this did nothing for Punk and less for JBL. But a good match none the less.

Then we learned that Cena is injured and is out of the scramble. And that he has a herniated disk in his neck. What botherd me most about this whole thing are the smarks who cheered when they found out Cena was injured and cheered. From the looks of it now it semes legit because this is all of a sudden and if it was a work it would have been introduced last week not this week. But what pisses me off the most were the cheers. No one and I mean NO ONE deserves a legit injury in this business. I hate Batista, alot, but he dosen't deserve a legit injury, and if this was him I would not cheer. Its rediculos he is hated that much. They need to get off their lazy ass and realize that even when he was champ they still watched. Sooo in Cena's words. STFU

Kane cut a weak promo

Short meaningless segment with Primo ensues...yay...

Kelly Kelly v. Beth Pheonix w. Santino-I have seen worse divas matches in recent memory so this wasn't half bad. Beth Bleeds, and Kelly rolls up after Santino distraction. This promotes Beth to attack Santino...Hey creative nice job doing what you always do, fuck up storylines.

Charlito v. Primo Colon-This match had more comedy value than both Santino segments. I was suprised that Hass accually wrestled like Carlito. Primo wins with a cross body. Isn't it great Charlie Hass has more screen time as Carlito than Carlito :lmao:

Michales promo for an unsanctioned match. To tell ya the truth I really wasn't paying attention all that much. But what I did see was a great storyline get even better.

Simply Whiteboys (I got a new name for them every week) v. Lawler and Duggan-Cole, while better, is still an idiot. He said if Lawler and Duggan won they would be in the title hunt :headscratch: ...do I really need to add anything. Any ways Dibiassi won with the million dollar legsweep. this leads to Cryme Tyme and Priceless promo leading to an Unforgiven match. I guess this is good.

Santino v. Kofi Kingsaton for the IC Championship- Its a Santino match. So it sucked. Beth interfered and tripped Kofi causing Santino getting a pin...uhhh :wtf: When dose a trip count for a pinfall!? The announcers tried to sell it as him landing on Santino's knee...weak.

Then we learn that Cena is replaced by Ray Mysterio...so be it. This dosen't change anything except gaurentee two people who won't get the title. and another thing with the announces saying the deck is stacked against the champ and that he as a low chance of winning all but confirms that Punk will retain. Period.

Then we get to the main event Batista v. Kane-Never thought I'd see the day Batista and Kane would trade off holds...this is a dark day for wrestling. Both looked very out of their element. This match ended in a clusterfuck of steel and knees all in all a weak ending to Raw.

Final Thoughts
This Raw was OK and better than last week, Unforgiven seems to be shaping up real well, and things are looking up...I hope

out of 5 starts RAW Receives 2 1/2

08-25-2008, 11:08 PM
IMO, Raw has just been a big bore as of late. I feel that all the divisions are sort of stale and we just had a draft not too long ago.

CM Punk vs. JBL-This was a pretty decent match, but we've seen it like 4 times in the last month. This feud is very stale and they need Punk to move on. At least Punk was booked credible in this match, and he got a clean pin. The fans also seemed fairly interested and it made the match better. Punk just really needs a new feud and hopefully the scramble will create that.

Kelly Kelly v. Beth Pheonix- Again not the worst diva's match ever, but we have seen it already too many times as of late. Kelly countinues improving, but is still very green. You have got to give her credit as she has improved more than Leyla, Ashley, & Maria all who have been there longer. Santino costs Beth, the match and their post match bickering helped.

Team Priceless Vs. Lawler/Duggan-This match shows how poor the tag division is. They need the commentator and an old guy to job to them. The match was as good as can be expected having Lawler/Duggan in it. After wards cryme time makes an appearance and challenges the to a match at unforgiven. I like this feud but after it where does the division go? With only 2credible teams is this feud going to last months, because Cryme Time's act gets tiresome after a while and I dont want this feud to overstay its welcome.

Santino v. Kofi Kingston for the IC Championship-Again not a bad match but we have seen it before. Kofi shows off his skills/charisma while Santino shows what a good comedy character he is. Santino wins by interference by Beth. I really think their setting up a feud between these two where Beth becomes IC champ, but I hope not. Beth is great, but she needs to help the womens division and I see a Candice/Beth feud.

Kane v. Batista-This match was a bore to me. Both wrestlers, wrestle a very boring style and pitting the two together doesn't make it better. Ok, so I take it they are not trying to build Kane as an unstoppable monster since he ends up getting destroyed after trying to destroy Batista. The booking of Kane has been really poorly done, IMO. They turn him heel, yet they are making him look weak. Kane as a weak heel doesn't work. He is obviously just a jobber to the stars but if he isn't scary, it just doesn;t work.

The only thing that I liked on Raw was the Jericho/HBK promo. These has really been booked good, but I sure hope it ends soon so both can help liven up the mainevent scene. A punk vs. Jericho feud would work really good, IMO since they seem to work well together but Punk has to be made to look like Jericho's equal in the feud are it will fizzle out.

I don't want to complain, but it's just my personal feeling about Raw. It's probably just because none of my personal favorites are on the show anymore, and Im just tired of Batista/Kane/JBL. I really like Punk as champion as long as he is booked right. I cannot wait for Melina to come back.....

08-26-2008, 06:43 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw, August 25th, 2008:

The Matches:

1. Non-Title: C.M. Punk v. John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: We don't get an opening segment, as we go straight to action. Since moving to Raw, Punk left the channel and the brand that originally helped push him into 'so-called' stardom. This is Punk's return, apparently, to the channel that helped make him. :rolleyes:

I'll admit this match was a bit more enjoyable to watch than their p.p.v. contest, and Punk still hasn't changed one bit. I spent most of the match trying to figure out how to get into enjoying Punk and his reign, since it doesn't seem to go anywhere and I think I've come to the strong hard conclusion that it just isn't possible. Punk is a great athlete for the Intercontinental division, and watching this guy against Jericho, Regal, Kingston, Dykstra, Benjamin, Hardy(s), and other mid-card-kinda Main Event level players is entertaining and good. But against the Kane's, Batista's, J.B.L.'s and other big men of the W.W.E.. Punk just looks like a child, trying to fight off a drunken Parent.

All in all, again, this match was better than their Summerslam showdown, and it ended with the same result. I had to laugh at that as well, because Punk's only Main Event level victory's come off J.B.L. He's defeated the guy 3 times now, twice fairly and once with outside issues. But none the less, Punk's Main Event career is being made off beating J.B.L., while J.B.L. must of clearly pissed someone off to be the only guy that has to constantly lose to him.

2. Non-Title: Beth Phoenix v. Kelly Kelly: I have to be honest, outside of the out come I was very surprised this wasn't a Championship match. I'm assuming they'll rematch for Unforgiven. Kelly Kelly really has come on as a diva's wrestler. She isn't a 'Lita' or 'Trish' by any stretch, and she'll never be that great I wouldn't imagine.. but she's definately found her learning curve and she's adapted nicely. (A lot better than McCool)

Beth gets her nose busted, and possibly broken, early on in the match. The only other note-worthy comment is Kelly went for her twirling backflip, and that's how the match came to end, as Santino tried helping by pulling Beth out of the way, only for Kelly to stop short and roll Beth up, picking up the non-title victory. After the match, Beth beat the crap out of Santino, to thank him.

3. Charlito (Haas) v. Primo Colon: I'm instantly not sold on Carlito's 'brother'. (unsure if he is, or it's a gimmick, I'd assume he is though) I'm also suddenly thinking Haas has found a way to get both air-time AND job on a constant basis. It looks like he's stolen Stevie Richards old gimmick, of trying to rip-off other people's gimmicks.

I fully expect Charlito to appear next week as possibly "Chantino", "C-Lo Haas", or even "Chane", or "Chatista". This really is gimmick gold if you can find someone funny enough to work it, but I'm not sure if Haas is that person. All in all, I'm remotely happy they've found something for him though, because of Haas' background in the sport and the death of his brother. While his career hasn't and at this point never seemingly will reach anything high, at least he's doing what he loves.

As far as Primo goes, well.. he was right when he said he's not his brother. His brother was a lot more entertaining in the ring. Primo's tights are horrible, his gimmick seems too.. old school and unwanted. And even if he's not trying, tying himself with being related is only causing him more harm than good. His finisher was a cross body block, which tells me they haven't "assigned" him one yet, and that also tells me they don't foresee using him a lot.

To be honest, I would've rather this match been Carlito v. Primo Colon, a battle of the brother's would've been great for Raw. (even if Carlito's on SD)

4. Non-Title: Wall Street v. Jerry 'The King' Lawler & 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan: A month later we end up getting this match-up, and the stupid thing is.. some of us (namely me) are still waiting on Hardcore Holly to return and attempt revenge on Cody. This match is about a week or two late, and a whole crowd short. It wasn't entertaining in the least, and the only interesting fact is I'm sure both Lawler and Duggan have worked (I know Duggan has) matches with each of their Father's, so that just makes it even worse to think how mismatched and out of place this match truly is.

In the end, DiBiase gets the finish with his updated version of the Million Dollar Dream, into a Russian Leg-Sweep. I love that finisher, but he needs to use it more often. They also need to get a Tag Team finisher, in my opinion.

After the match, Cryme Tyme addressed them from the crowd and basically said they took the titles so they could gain a title shot. Wall Street agrees to a showdown at the p.p.v. which in today's Tag Team division, this is a Mania sized match-up, so I'm instantly awaiting it.

5. Intercontinental Championship: Santino Marella (c) v. Kofi Kingston: Santino is the new 'Punk' of the midcard division. That's it in a nutshell. If Kingston were going to win the Championship back, it could've and easily should've been here.

Instead, Kingston jobs out to Marella in the end, and from what I gathered, the p.p.v. match (assuming one will be signed) will be Santino Marella v. Beth Phoenix, for the Intercontinental Championship. It's the new Chyna/Eddie Guerrero storyline, which is funny and sad all in one.


Mike Adamle/Cena Injury: Adamle comes out to announce that John Cena apparently injured himself against Batista at Summerslam. (even though the following night, he was in a handicap match) The injury is being played off regarding a disc in his back, but I think the real one might be regarding his neck. The funny thing is, I think Adamle said "Cena's suffered a herniated disc in his necks. Yes, "necks".

All in all, I don't know if this injury is real or not, but to be honest it would make sense to pull him from the Championship Scramble, because Cena and Punk in the same title match.. with Punk being the guy they're pushing, just doesn't even feel right. So it makes perfect sense that Cena's being pulled. Injury or not.. it was fate and common sense that brought this decision forth.

Kane: I honestly can't even remember this interview. I'm going off the report on WZ.com. Apparently Kane explains how pain isn't a bad thing, it can be a good thing. And what Batista did to Cena is nothing compared to what he's done to Mysterio. The announcer's later in the night mentioned that Kane said something about "being beautiful" but they didn't report him saying anything like that, so I don't know.

Adamle/Primo Colon: Adamle instantly mocks Carlito, by telling Primo he's got a bucket full of apples and the ol' cabana. Primo says he's nothing like his brother, then says Carlito's a jerk to everyone. (slap in the face, is it?) Adamle finds something amusing, and when Primo asks, Adamle explains he'll find out before his match. I have to admit, if Primo is the brother of Carlito, all this is is W.W.E. finding out how much muscle they have to turn Family against Family in promos and storylines. Sickening.

Also, before the segment ended, H.B.K. comes in. He says he wants Jericho, and Adamle says Jericho isn't in the building yet. H.B.K. goes to leave, and Adamle mentioned Rebecca's name, asking how she is. Shawn stops, looks like he's about to kill Adamle, then just walks off.

Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho: Shawn starts off his promo by addressing anyone who's concerned about Rebecca. (like most fans even care) He said she's hurt, but after being with him for 15 yrs. she's tough and she'll be okay. (Alright, HBK-aholic, this is your cue.. I didn't think they were together 15 yrs. I thought it's only been like 11 at most, 97/98-08 what's the real story?)

Shawn continues with saying that the reason he didn't send in a letter to retire, but instead wanted to publicly do it was because after 20 yrs. in the business, he feels he's deserved the right to come publicly say thank you to everyone who's supported him. He said it was hard, and that's why Rebecca was with him.. only to get punched in the face for her troubles.

H.B.K. said when Jericho disrespected them on the following Raw, he knew he wasn't leaing. (shocking development there, I NEVER fucking saw that coming) Chris Jericho appears on the tron, apparently not in the building tonight. Jericho explains that he's not there, because of what he would/could do to H.B.K. Jericho goes on to say that H.B.K. only wants another match, to bring Jericho down. H.B.K. fires back by saying he wants it, because the things he wants to do to Jericho, would usually place him in jail.. but in a ring, it's legal. Shawn says he'll do anything to get it, sign anything, agree to anything.

Jericho agrees to the match, roughly after H.B.K. taunted him by mentioning Becca being stronger. Jericho demands that Shawn not allow his Family to watch, because it's going to be brutual. H.B.K. says he isn't looking to steal the show, he's just trying to get an eye for an eye. He then says he'll never forgive Jericho, leading them into Unforgiven. Cue commercial.

Batista: Batista basically does nothing more than claim he has respect for Cena and hopes he returns healthy and quickly. He then says tonight, he's facing one of the guys that'll also be in the Championship Scramble, but it won't be about titles.. it's personal.

All in all, I was looking forward to this match, and Batista's been on a roll, but his promo ability still has it's holes.

Adamle/Cena Replacement: Another not so surprising move, and a major let-down for me, because this was a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE opportunity to bring in the one guy that's name has been floating around, regarding a big return. Sid.. fricken.. Vicious. The idea of a Sid Vicious/Kane or Sid/Batista feud could be ate up with a mark-sized spoon. Instead, we toss little Rey Mysterio into the match.. and suddenly, you take out one HUGE Main Eventer in John Cena, toss in Mysterio.. and Punk's odds of winning go up greatly, as well as the overall match looking more in Punk's favor now.

If you step back and look. Punk has faced all of them before. Batista, Kane, J.B.L.. the only guy he hasn't faced is Mysterio, and that's a match-up that would be worth seeing Punk in. So this match just instantly got better, all because they removed the one guy that eclipsed everything Punk ever will be.

Main Event: Batista v. Kane: This match wasn't nearly as good as I'd hoped it'd be. I don't know what to say regarding it, other than while I was watching it and noticing Kane working over Batista's knee, I kept thinking.. "I wonder if they'll have another injury angle take Batista out too". I say that, because Batista is the second biggest star in the Scramble, and without him, arguably Punk really would be one of the bigger names in the match.

At any rate, the ending was a thrown out match after Kane blasts Batista with the chair across the knee several times. Instead of playing completely injured and out of action, Batista fights back and hits a spear. Then he takes the chair and returns the favor to Kane's knee, which has Raw going off the air with both men clutching injured knees. (ironically, both clutching their left knee, which is always the signature injured limb - I still never got why.)

Overall Thoughts: Raw had a nice pace of action tonight. Good flow, nice mix of stupid-pointless matches, yet each also had their own little meaning. I pretty much summed up what I thought in each match description, but overall I'll give some cliff notes.

Primo, to me, likely won't make it beyond next year's cutting block. Charlie Haas has more chance or remaining with the company than Primo, and even though the guy just debuted, the fact is you can tell a lot about a person from their debut. Whether they'll make it or not. I just don't think Primo will.

I have to admit while I'm impressed more and more each week by Kelly, I'm not interested in another match-up with her against Beth, especially on Pay per view. I'd be more interested in seeing Beth Phoenix v. Santino Marella, for the Intercontinental title.. with both of them playing "I love you, I love you not" silly mind games throughout a 5-10 minutes match. Just the idea of Beth demanding Santino to lay down, then Santino getting giddy with doing it, only to roll her up is hilarious.

Can anyone truly explain to me. John Cena gets pulled, and Mysterio's been "missing" for about 7 weeks now.. so why'd Adamle put Mysterio in as the replacement, if noone's seen or heard from Mysterio to know if he can even go for that type of match? Doesn't that kinda just ruin the whole storyline? Wouldn't it of been better to have Mysterio show up at the p.p.v., costing Kane the match, then having the story explaining how he "escaped" and wants revenge?

Instead, they make it instantly seem like Kane toyed with him for a bit, then randomly forgot about him to the point that he just.. let him go.. now Mysterio's getting a title match. Pointless.

I'm torn on whether or not to believe Cryme Tyme will win the Tag titles come the p.p.v. This reminds me of when the Highlanders first came in, challenged the Spirit Squad, then lost in the end. (ironically, it was at an Unforgiven) I'm thinking the whole point Cryme Tyme even 'have' the titles right now, is to just push their gimmick of stealing.. but in the end, wouldn't it be better served to have Wall Street cheat to retain? Then on the flip side, I doubt it'd hurt either team regardless of which direction they took this with.. and Cryme Tyme seem to have that whole Michael Hayes crap playing out on their side, so it wouldn't shock me to see them win and the streak of African American Champions increase. (sorry, but anyone who doesn't think that's a prime reason is blind.)

I have to admit, an "Un-Sanctioned" match instead of a blindfold match will be more entertaining. And to be honest, this is something I was thinking H.B.K. needed right now. When he originally returned in 2002, it was in an "un-sanctioned" match against Triple H., and H.B.K. claimed he wasn't out to steal the show.. yet he did, and it was arguably his best match. I think Jericho replacing the Game, this is going to be nothing more than a repeat with different moves.. but in the end, I bet it turns out very similar, with tables, chairs and ladders all playing into this contest. I can't wait.

Do I even have to bother anymore with explaining how much of a flop-fluke Champion Punk is? The guy is fucking opening the show. He only wins when he's opening or mid-carding, anytime he's Main Evented, I can't recall when he's won (since J.B.L. - in fluke fashion) outside of a Tag contest in which his partner's carried him. You know, stupid idiot Punk marks claim I'm being blind, but I fail to see how I'm blind, when I'm proving my beliefs with facts, and all Punk Bastards are doing.. are replying to me saying "you're blind because you just hate him being from R.o.H.". Wow.. nice rebuttal. No wonder you're a Punk Bastard, your debates over the subject are as flukish as his title reign.

In the end, like I said Raw was good. It had all the key elements and nicely timed segments/matches. I'd give it a 7 outta 10.

08-26-2008, 09:28 AM
Primo, to me, likely won't make it beyond next year's cutting block. Charlie Haas has more chance or remaining with the company than Primo, and even though the guy just debuted, the fact is you can tell a lot about a person from their debut. Whether they'll make it or not. I just don't think Primo will.

I think you should give him a LITTLE more time to prove what potential he does have then burying him and claiming he's not going to become anything based on his debut match. Its nice to claim you can "tell" someone's not going to make it, but I'm not buying that. No one was impressed with Santino in his first month or so in the company, now look at him?

Can anyone truly explain to me. John Cena gets pulled, and Mysterio's been "missing" for about 7 weeks now.. so why'd Adamle put Mysterio in as the replacement, if noone's seen or heard from Mysterio to know if he can even go for that type of match? Doesn't that kinda just ruin the whole storyline? Wouldn't it of been better to have Mysterio show up at the p.p.v., costing Kane the match, then having the story explaining how he "escaped" and wants revenge?

Instead, they make it instantly seem like Kane toyed with him for a bit, then randomly forgot about him to the point that he just.. let him go.. now Mysterio's getting a title match. Pointless.

Cen'as legitimately injured, so this wasn't some planned thing. They just found out about his injury, they had to "scramble" to play around it and replace him somehow, so I don't really judge the decision too harshly based on the fact its last minute and they have to do what they have to do with what they have. Cena was meant to be in that match, he can't be now. I also don't think it makes that little of sense with Mysterio. Kane's never claimed he captured the guy or locked him away somewhere, he said he attacked him in the parking lot and he broke his spirit. There hasn't been enough specific details to say what he did to Mysterio, or where Mysterio's been.. he may have just been at home, injured and lacking the spirit to come back. Now he's coming back, obviously to get some revenge against Kane and he'll be in a match with Kane to play off that. Give it a week to play out before bashing it so much, storylines are meant to build.

I'm torn on whether or not to believe Cryme Tyme will win the Tag titles come the p.p.v. This reminds me of when the Highlanders first came in, challenged the Spirit Squad, then lost in the end. (ironically, it was at an Unforgiven) I'm thinking the whole point Cryme Tyme even 'have' the titles right now, is to just push their gimmick of stealing.. but in the end, wouldn't it be better served to have Wall Street cheat to retain? Then on the flip side, I doubt it'd hurt either team regardless of which direction they took this with.. and Cryme Tyme seem to have that whole Michael Hayes crap playing out on their side, so it wouldn't shock me to see them win and the streak of African American Champions increase. (sorry, but anyone who doesn't think that's a prime reason is blind.)

I don't think Cryme Tyme will win the Tag titles just yet, and not at Unforgiven. Nor do I personally think they really Need the titles, as they're already over with the fans and their gimmick is used better with them stealing the titles then winning them and being champions. Its much more benefitial, in my eyes, for Dibiase/Rhodes to have the championships and I think they'll keep them for a while longer, but the feud may continue past Unforgiven.

Do I even have to bother anymore with explaining how much of a flop-fluke Champion Punk is? The guy is fucking opening the show. He only wins when he's opening or mid-carding, anytime he's Main Evented, I can't recall when he's won (since J.B.L. - in fluke fashion) outside of a Tag contest in which his partner's carried him. You know, stupid idiot Punk marks claim I'm being blind, but I fail to see how I'm blind, when I'm proving my beliefs with facts, and all Punk Bastards are doing.. are replying to me saying "you're blind because you just hate him being from R.o.H.". Wow.. nice rebuttal. No wonder you're a Punk Bastard, your debates over the subject are as flukish as his title reign.

It makes no sense to claim that you can't remember the last time he's won and then downplay and discredit the times he has won that answer your question. He's won against JBL, he won by disqualification I believe against Batista, he's won in a tag match (and how he was carried makes no sense and sounds just like you being biased and picking him out of a TEAM to claim as the weakest link). What are these facts that are proving your beliefs? I'm not a Punk fan, nor have I paid attention to any debate of yours about Punk, but I do think he's a nice change from the same old champions we've seen for the last three years.. over and over again.

08-26-2008, 10:01 AM
I think you should give him a LITTLE more time to prove what potential he does have then burying him and claiming he's not going to become anything based on his debut match. Its nice to claim you can "tell" someone's not going to make it, but I'm not buying that. No one was impressed with Santino in his first month or so in the company, now look at him?

It's not always "seeable". I mean, I doubt many people viewed a guy named "Edge" with the gimmick he had, being one of the best heel's in the business today. I doubt a lot of people viewed someone who debuted as "The Ringmaster" being one of the most known names in the business to this day.

But Santino is a bad example as well. Santino was a flop as a face, and the only saving grace he's ever had is his mic skills. He's still a horrible wrestler, and even his matches (as a 2-time Intercontinental Champion) are joking to watch.

Jake said it best. Santino has the title because he's making it look like he feels it's the World Heavyweight Championship. But that doesn't mean Santino himself is anything worth being a Champion.

I'm fine with giving Primo more time.. but as is, right now.. this gimmick won't get over anymore than D.H. Smith's debuting Raw gimmick, which I have no idea what it even was.

Cen'as legitimately injured, so this wasn't some planned thing. They just found out about his injury, they had to "scramble" to play around it and replace him somehow, so I don't really judge the decision too harshly based on the fact its last minute and they have to do what they have to do with what they have. Cena was meant to be in that match, he can't be now. I also don't think it makes that little of sense with Mysterio. Kane's never claimed he captured the guy or locked him away somewhere, he said he attacked him in the parking lot and he broke his spirit. There hasn't been enough specific details to say what he did to Mysterio, or where Mysterio's been.. he may have just been at home, injured and lacking the spirit to come back. Now he's coming back, obviously to get some revenge against Kane and he'll be in a match with Kane to play off that. Give it a week to play out before bashing it so much, storylines are meant to build.

First, Kane DID explain that he "kidnapped" Rey, and had spent the previous couple of weeks torturing him. He said it in a promo the week after revealing the Mysterio mask. He said he brought his spirit, and his will. But never eluded to just "letting him go" or whether Mysterio "escaped" or not.

Which lead many, myself included, to go along with why he was saying "is he alive or dead". Not in the physical sense, but in the mental sense. Did Kane torture him enough to the point that even though he got away.. did Kane do the trick.

And Mysterio being in this match isn't good for multiple reasons.

1. It's a Championship match, which over-shadows the feud. It's a match revolved around the title, and whether or not Punk will retain and continue proving he's worthy.

2. It would've helped both men more in their feud, if Mysterio would've interfered, and cost Kane the match. I'm not saying having him pinned, but definately distracting him long enough to explain why he wasn't involved in stopping the finish, or the finish itself.

It's wishful thinking to assume Sid Vicious could've been brought back into this, and he wouldn't of deserved it anymore. So Mysterio WAS likely the only alternative.. but even still, it's unfortunate for how it might hurt their storyline.

I don't think Cryme Tyme will win the Tag titles just yet, and not at Unforgiven. Nor do I personally think they really Need the titles, as they're already over with the fans and their gimmick is used better with them stealing the titles then winning them and being champions. Its much more benefitial, in my eyes, for Dibiase/Rhodes to have the championships and I think they'll keep them for a while longer, but the feud may continue past Unforgiven.

I agree that Cryme Tyme are a better team without the titles than with. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, even for being 2nd generation stars, still aren't as over as Cryme Tyme. So it'd serve more of a purpose for them to defeat Cryme Tyme and regain their "never lost" titles.. than to have them drop the titles for a second time, and seem even more like a flukish Tag Team.

However, because Raw only really has these two teams.. Cryme Tyme winning isn't out of the possibility. That's the unfortunate nature of having a weaken division.

It makes no sense to claim that you can't remember the last time he's won and then downplay and discredit the times he has won that answer your question.

The point I'm making is, as a World Heavyweight Champion.. your goal is to be the Main Event. Maybe not every week, but almost every week. And Punk's only been in the Main Event, twice, in single's matches. Once against J.B.L. (his first night) and last week against Jericho. Maybe there were more, but I don't recall them.

That means they believe there are bigger storylines, and other Superstars who gain more viewers than Punk does.. so he goes on first, or middle of the show. The ideal goal of a product is to push your best matches last, to keep your fans tuned in. If Punk was this "great" Superstar, wouldn't people of tuned out, the instant the first match was over?

He's won against JBL, he won by disqualification I believe against Batista, he's won in a tag match (and how he was carried makes no sense and sounds just like you being biased and picking him out of a TEAM to claim as the weakest link).

He's defeated J.B.L. 3 times. Once (due to Cena), the second and third times cleanly. (One on p.p.v., in the mid-card) The match at the Great American Bash against Batista was either thrown out, or awarded to Batista via Kane's interference. The following night, Punk was made to look like a joke because Batista had just been "destroyed" by Kane, and still almost won the title.. only for J.B.L. to interfere.

And what "team" victories has he won? Look who his partner's have been. I'm not trying to say he was the weaker link, I AM saying he was the weaker link.

What are these facts that are proving your beliefs? I'm not a Punk fan, nor have I paid attention to any debate of yours about Punk, but I do think he's a nice change from the same old champions we've seen for the last three years.. over and over again.

I'm not 100% trying to discredit C.M. Punk. I'll give him credit for being entertaining against select Superstars, and having decent to good matches against some as well. But the whole "fresh change" isn't working well.

Big deal, Cena, Batista and H.H.H. have all been in the title picture for years. So elevate someone who everyone believes SHOULD be there. M.V.P., Kennedy, Hardy even.. but to move beyond all of them, directly to Punk.. then keep it on him, just so you don't have to admit your failure in him.. it's like the X.F.L. all over again.

08-26-2008, 10:53 AM
Cena's legitimately injured, so this wasn't some planned thing. They just found out about his injury, they had to "scramble" to play around it and replace him somehow, so I don't really judge the decision too harshly based on the fact its last minute and they have to do what they have to do with what they have. Cena was meant to be in that match, he can't be now. I also don't think it makes that little of sense with Mysterio. Kane's never claimed he captured the guy or locked him away somewhere, he said he attacked him in the parking lot and he broke his spirit. There hasn't been enough specific details to say what he did to Mysterio, or where Mysterio's been.. he may have just been at home, injured and lacking the spirit to come back. Now he's coming back, obviously to get some revenge against Kane and he'll be in a match with Kane to play off that. Give it a week to play out before bashing it so much, storylines are meant to build.

Whether it was a late minute moment's notice decision, if creative had any ounce of idea to preserve the Mysterio/Kane angle, they would of sent over Edge, who Punk had took the title from in the first place though Edge said he'd never be back on RAW again, but they could always script something for that. Edge has done all period on SmackDown and even if it was a one-time thing on RAW, it would have worked better than screwing things up and replacing Cena with Mysterio (nothing against Mysterio, love that guy). If you don't recall MisterRob, Kane proclaimed he had destroyed Mysterio beyond all human recognition which is the equivalent of someone in a critical damn condition (in hospital), thus, how is Mysterio suppose to be able to compete if we were told to believe by Kane's words which shouldn't be a lie because Kane is not characterized that way, how can Mysterio compete in such a horrid state? Kane said his spirit is broken caused from the amount of beating he gave him. This is all fucked six ways to sunday and when Adamle announced Mysterio's name, another damn let-down. Just watch, I bet you anything WWE will fuck this shit up.

Now, as for Monday Night Snooze, it was pretty less of a decent show I've seen from the RAW brand seen the draft.

JBL vs. Punk, four times in counting now have they squared off against each other. Come on, they are playing the whole thing out so many times? I don't wanna see no more Punk/JBL, tired of it now. Glad JBL got the win, I can only hope he will request no more matches and even after he loses at Unforgiven.

Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly , hmm, I don't remember seeing this match. Punk and JBL had me doing something else while peeking in and out watching it before completely doing something else. Thus, I missed this match and don't really care, anyways. I wanna see Marella and Phoenix in a love feud.

Charlito vs. Primo Colon, Haas as Carlito? I'd say he pulled off the look. I swore it was Carlito, one of the best parodies in terms of dressing in a long time. Primo Colon, I like this guy. Can't make a call on his future from one match, but he did display some talent in the ring. Haas did a good job too. Nice to see Colon pick up the win and that's he's not like his brother Carlito, a jobber (at least not yet). Expecting Carlito/Colon feud soon.

Team Priceless vs. The Classic Old Folks, enjoyed this match, it was actually really good. Nothing like some classic wrestling from King and Hacksaw. Just think there should have been more false finishes. But at the end, Team Priceless wins which is predictable of course but yet, the right booking. Team Priceless though get more boring by the weeks, but they work well together as tag team.

Santino Marella vs. Kofi Kingston, Oh boy, well you know Kofi, always putting on a great performance even if his opponent is half a joke. But at the end was absolutely one of the most stupidest finish I have ever witnessed. Reminded me of "Finger Poke of Doom". I call this won "Knee of Doom". Fuck that shit finish. I'm worried now if that loss effected Kofi. I don't want to see him jobbed out.

Cena Injury/Kane Seg & Other Segs, read what I said above. But as for Cena's injury, ah poor thing. I mean, ah poor thing, RAW gets a break but only for a while. And just my point, Kane said he did worse to Mysterio than Batista did to Cena which means if Cena is out on injury, so should Mysterio be and even worse. Primo/Adamle seg was fine and even when Shawn came in and built some friction with Adamle. His segment time with Y2J was slow, smooth and classic. I loved that. Y2J/HBK should be an Unsanctioned match like HHH/HBK at SummerSlam 02. Batista's promo was okay, didn't quite hype a match up.

Kane vs. Batista, well, I switched my channel several times during this match after I thought this match could be good. Kane was so unfit-looking and Batista was just sloppy and disgusting. They moved quite slow and you could just tell the reaction of the fans were like, "Plz hurry up and finish, I wanna go home. Oh! Some chairs and great, the match is thrown out. Okay some excitement, but WTF, the show ends with both clutching their knees? I want my money back". I thought this RAW was half boring/half ok. So I rate it 5/10.

Mexican Geek
08-26-2008, 12:17 PM
Well, my thoughts of last night RAW: (not all the matches /promos, no order in particular, for now)

-Primo Colon is getting a moderate-decent push while his bro is getting his ass buried to the center of the earth?? only on WWE Tv, folks. I wish to see more of Primo Colon, and eventually a "battle of the bros" program down the line. Other than that, I agree with Will: This guy unfortunately (for him) is not what the company is looking for, even if they need some latino talent for many purposes.
Funny note: Charlito! lol@Charlie Hass and props to him for keeping his job AND getting TV time.

-Beth Phoenix vs KellyX2:
well, well.. look at Kelly! besides of being one of Vince's favorite eye candies, she's becoming a decent wrestler! good for her and good for the biz! I liked this match, specially when Beth got busted open: she performed her gimmick to the perfection: a strong, savage woman who obliterate the competition. Add to that a touch of PG-Rated blood = instant Win. The cherry on the pie: Santino getting a beat! :)

-Santino vs Kofi:
Man, i feel sorry for KK. this guy has everything to make a big impact in the brand and was in a roll putting the IC belt in a good stand. But i guess that is useless when you have a comedy man like Marella. I mean, it's all about ratings these days, so I guess Kofi will have to wait more to get back that edge.
The match was performed adequately, not boring but not exciting, just the exact amount of back and forth action. Typical Santino match if you ask me.
The end was kinda lame, but hey, thats how the storyline is scripted.

Priceless vs...the king and Hacksaw?? i know that Jim Duggan makes it for some patriotic-oriented pops, but for the love of Gawd, put a t-shirt on that gentleman! I mean, at least have the minimum amount of decency and respect his legacy without embarrassing him. Honestly, Jim Duggan need to pass the torch (or the 2x4, whatever...) to a newer, fresher "american" face.
BONUS: YO! Yo, yo yo yo yo!!.... Yooooo!! It's all about the Money, money with one of my favorite tag teams! I dont know how merch sales are doing for them, but judging by crowd reaction in EVERY arena they step, they must sell very, very well...
It seems that Cryme time is finally getting the push they deserve, and i see a long, healthy ($$) program between them and Pricele$$, giving the tag belts the action it needs.

HBK - Jericho Confrontation:
WOW. What we've seen is some of the best promo interchanges in a long, long time. We are talking about veterans of the game here folks. Guys who instantly add thousands of PPV buys and sell out arenas. Jericho is at his best since returning, and i'm proud to see him evolving (again) to a full blown heel, which is his natural environment.
As always, HBK gives us a fair, but in the end, very interesting segment. His speech abilities are not near of a Rock or Austin, but dont get me wrong: his speeches are just...different. We are not gonna hear the crazy DX - HBK hyped kinda guy, but instead, we get the semi-obscure, always tragedy driven Sahwn Michaels of always. HBK as always been that way: Losing his smile? Great speech, Returning from a near career ending back injury? great speeches, Putting out of misery to one of the greatest of all time? no worries, HBK is like Anon: he delivers.
People need to enjoy and fully appreciate the ring psychology that these two guys are bringing. It's a clear example on how two main eventers should be combined without blowing it bad (*cough, Batista vs Cena, cough*)
Let the mind games begin.

Main event: Batista vs Kane:
lol@ Kane's new music entrance. If you are going to turn someone into a Nasty monster, make sure his music entrance doesn't sound like a local fair cheap attraction.
The match was your average slow paced match, considering how "battered" Batista was and Kane's lack of mobility. Both sold their spots well; Batista is improving in all aspects during his matches. Even if he kinda no-sold in the end, the action was really good, getting beat until Kane gets DQed and then the comeback with the spear, which IMO, looks better on him than in Edge repertoire.
some Chair action and RAW goes off the air.

Overall, This RAW was plain average. John Cena's injury came up in the worst moment, as i really wanted to see him in a long program with Batista, ending in a Brutal match at SS. Also, this brought Rey's addition into the scramble, which is a bad move IMO. Why wasting a spot on a guy who is just returning from a "brutal assault" and is supposed to be looking for revenge? The answer: Creative is getting lazy gain. Lets just hope that this trend changes before SS.

Out of 5 stars, I give this RAW a solid 2 and a half, lol.

08-27-2008, 02:24 AM
Amy’s ‘take’ on Raw 08/25/08:

Match #1 CM Punk vs. JBL (non-title): Early on, Punk took control with a kicks, snapmare takedown, forearm shots to the face, dropkick, side headlock, armdrag, kick to the head, dropkick that sent JBL to the floor, a plancha onto JBL at ringside, then a high crossbody in the ring for a couple nearfalls. JBL skinned the cat on Punk then delivered a big boot, sending Punk to the floor as we cut to commercial.

Back from break, JBL controlled Punk with a side bearhug then hit a back suplex, suplex, clothesline, and elbow drop for a couple nearfalls. JBL put Punk in what has to be one of the weakest looking torture racks ever. Late in the match, Punk pulled off a tornado DDT then completed his comeback with punches, kicks, springboard clothesline, high knee/bulldog combo. JBL avoided the Go To Sleep and hit the Clothesline from Hell. JBL went for a chair at ringside but the ref stopped him. Punk scored the win via the GTS off the distraction.

A good long (13-minute) match to open the show (a rarity on Raw). I reckon Punk needed a clean win after last week’s loss to Jericho, but how telling is it that the only guys they let him beat cleanly are Snitsky and JBL? Cole really put over how Punk keeps finding a way to win and is making believers out of everyone. 2˝ months into his reign and NOW they’re trying to get him over? Yet they’re still making him sound like a fluke, unworthy champion. Tsk tsk. And what the hell is the WHC doing in the opening Raw match? That spot's usually reserved for the divas or a squash. Guess we all know what WWE think of Punk and JBL's main event worthiness.:rolleyes:

GM Mike Adamle’s 1st Announcement: Adamle asked we turn our attention to the Tron as footage of John Cena vs. Batista from Summerslam aired. He said Cena suffered a severely herniated disk in his neck that may require surgery. Since Cena can’t compete in the WHC Championship Scramble at Unforgiven, Adamle promised to name a replacement later in the night.

Whoa, that’s news to me. I hadn’t heard any rumors about any injury and Cena put on a good, long handicap match last week.

Kane Promo: Kane said pain can be a beautiful thing. He said what Tista did to Cena can’t compare with what he did to Rey Mysterio. He said it gets him off to choke a man and break his spirit.

WTF was that? Just when I thought nothing could be worse than his promo last week, Kane spews more boring, incoherent crap. The Kane-Mysterio angle is getting lamer with each passing week. I have serious doubts it or Kane can be salvaged.

Backstage: Adamle apologized to Primo Colon for dissing him last week, but tonight he’s ready with the apples, cabana, etc. Primo said he’s a better man than his brother; he’s nothing like Carlito who’s a jerk to his own family. Shawn Michaels entered Adamle’s office to ask where Jericho was. Adamle said he hadn’t arrived yet and told Shawn to take all the time he needs. He asked how Rebecca is to which Shawn stared at him and walked off.

I’m not sure referencing Primo’s brother Carlito is the best way to help get this guy over.:headscratch:

Match #2 Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix (w/Santino Marella): At the start, Kelly tried a side headlock. Beth picked her up and deposited her on the top rope like she was nothing. Kelly got right in Beth’s face then applied a wristlock and hard kick to the face that busted open Beth’s nose. She manhandled Kelly a little. Kelly reversed the faceplant into a roll-up pin attempt. She hit a drop toehold. Santino pulled Beth out of the corner just as Kelly went for her cartwheel back handspring move. Beth was talking to Santino when Kelly rolled her up for the win.

For fuck’s sake. I guess it was only a matter of time before Kelly scored a win over Beth. Surprisingly good match, albeit short (2 minutes), and the best Kelly has looked to date.

Post-match Santino hesitantly climbed in the ring and explained he was only trying to help. Beth took her frustration out on Santino. He escaped up the ramp.

Match #3 Charlito vs. Primo Colon: A pre-taped Charlie Haas, disguised as Carlito, promo aired in which he said he spits in the face of people who look like mules and munched on an apple. At the start, Primo went on the offensive with a knee to the gut, reverse elbow, and hurricanrana. Haas took control with punches, knee to the face, clothesline, stomps while Primo was down, and chinlock. Haas got the apple from the corner and took a big bite. Primo landed a big left, knocking the apple out of Haas’ mouth, then hit a clothesline, dropkick, and monkey flip, knocking Haas’ wig off. Moments later, Primo escaped the backstabber and hit a high crossbody for the win.

Raw is just one big joke at the moment. How many comedy wrestlers does one show need? Santino, Noble, and Haas are the three stooges of Raw. It’s disappointing to see the latter two guys used in such a way as they’re more than capable in-ring.

Underwhelming debut for Colon in this 2˝-minute match. I can’t help think his style would be a better fit over on ECW with the likes of Bourne, Crazy, and Chavo. Dude is much smaller than I expected.

Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho Promo: Following footage of the Jericho-HBK-Rebecca Michaels incident at SS, Shawn came to the ring and said his wife is hurt but she’s tough and will be ok. He said they watched Jericho blaming everyone (HBK, the fans, Rebecca) and taking pride in what happened on Raw last week. Shawn said he realized he wasn’t going anywhere.

Jericho came on the Tron and said it was good for Shawn that he wasn’t at Raw. Jericho pointed out the last time they met in the ring he destroyed Shawn and didn’t want to face Shawn again because he’d sue Jericho and the company. HBK said the reason he wanted a match is because in the ring he can legally do what he wants. He said he’d sign a waiver so there are no liabilities.

Jericho reminded Shawn what he’s capable of (his eye injury, Rebecca’s face) before accepting Shawn’s challenge to a match at Unforgiven. HBK said Jericho didn’t know the meaning of the word and he’d never forgive him. In closing, Shawn said he’s not looking to pin Jericho or steal the show, he’s interested in one thing only – “an eye for an eye.”

Another fantastic verbal exchange from these two to prolong the feud of the year and build to their Unforgiven match.

Match #4 Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs. Jerry Lawler & Jim Duggan: Following footage of King slapping Cody last month, Lawler and DiBiase started off and traded offense the first minute. Rhodes tagged in and took control with a snapmare takedown, neck vise/armbar combo, suplex, and slaps to the face. DiBiase came back in and grounded King with a sleeper. Duggan got the hot tag and hit a bodyslam then a clothesline for a nearfall. Rhodes made the save. DiBiase hit the cobra clutch/leg sweep combo for the win.

Decent 3˝–minute match that comes a month late. Now it’s just an afterthought and a big glaring sign of just how much the tag division sucks.

Rhodes & DiBiase/Cryme Tyme Promo: Rhodes told Cryme Tyme he hopes they’re listening because he and DiBiase are going to hunt them down. Rhodes said that championships aren’t stolen, they’re earned which is something those punks will never do.

Cryme Tyme’s music hit and they cut a promo from a skybox. Shad said it’s about time Rhodes/DiBiase put the titles on the line and challenged the champs to a match at Unforgiven. DiBiase asked why they didn’t use the proper channels but agreed to the match. Ted said he and Cody were going to take more than just their titles and it will be a priceless match. JTG said the match would be about that “money, money.”

Good segment to explain the stolen titles last week and setup their PPV match. Solid mic work by Rhodes and DiBiase as always. Shad should do all the talking for Cryme Tyme though.

Batista Interview: Grisham asked for Tista’s thoughts on his match with Kane. Tista first said he had nothing but respect for Cena and wished him a speedy recovery. Tista turned his attention to Kane, calling his Unforgiven opponent a sick, demented, twisted freak and said tonight it’s personal.

Decent promo by Tista. In order to get over the match being “personal” though, it’d have helped to at least mention Mysterio and their friendship.

Match #5 Santino Marella vs. Kofi Kingston (Intercontinental Championship): At the start, Kofi made two quick covers. He and Santino traded offense for a minute. Kofi missed a blind crossbody and Santino momentarily took control with an abdominal stretch. Kofi fought back and regained control off a hiptoss, dropkick, Russian leg sweep, and boom boom leg drop. Santino retreated from the ring and met the approaching Beth Phoenix on the ramp. She told him to get back in the ring and fight for his title like a man. Beth tripped up Kofi reentering the ring and he landed face-first on Santino’s knee. Santino scored the pin to retain the IC title.

Post-match Beth entered the ring and kissed Santino. He was ecstatic she wasn’t mad and gave her a kiss in return.

GM Mike Adamle’s 2nd Announcement: Adamle walked on the stage again and very matter-of-factly said that Cena’s replacement is former WHC Rey Mysterio.

Way to hype Mysterio’s comeback match there. Adamle is a total bore as GM. Watching paint dry is more captivating.

So Mysterio skips the midcard and is hot-shotted straight into the world title picture. I can’t say I agree with that. And what makes even less sense is adding Mysterio to the Scramble match when he’s supposed to be involved in the Kane angle. How can he be added to the match when he hasn’t been seen or heard from in weeks?

William Regal would have been my choice. Regal is the 2008 King of the Ring, which he won by defeating the current WHC Punk, yet he hasn’t been able to capitalize on that KOTR crown.

Match #6 Batista vs. Kane (Main Event): Early on, Kane went for Tista’ knee. Tista evaded Kane with a fireman’s carryover then applied an armbar, a side headlock, and a rear naked choke. Moments later, Tista clotheslined Kane over the top rope to the floor as we cut to commercial.

Back from break, Kane hit a low dropkick to Tista’s knee then spent several minutes working Tista’s knee both in an out of the ring, including the use of the steel steps and ring post. Late in the match, Tista hit a clothesline out of desperation then mounted his comeback with a bodyslam, drop toehold, corner clothesline, and spinebuster.

Kane went back to Tista’s knee then delivered several chairshots to Tista’s knee against the ringpost, resulting in the DQ. Tista hit the spear out of nowhere then grabbed the chair, delivering shots to Kane’s back then his leg against the post.

Solid, albeit a bit long (15˝ minutes) match. Tista did a decent job selling the knee until the very end. I’m actually ok with the DQ finish here as it served a larger purpose as it looks like the knees of both man may be a factor in the WHC Scramble match.

Overall Thoughts: Raw sucked again this week but not nearly as bad as last week’s show. Wrestling-wise, it was a much stronger show with six matches, four being of solid/good quality. Promo-wise, Jericho and HBK delivered again. However, Kane’s promo bombed, Adamle is a bore, and Raw needs Santino’s comedic mic work. Storylines plodded along. Kane-Mysterio is a total mindfuck. All in all, just another passable Raw – nothing great, memorable, or must-see.

09-02-2008, 04:33 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw, September 1st, 2008:

Opening Segment: I don't know about anyone else, but Raw started off already in progress to me. Tennis was on, I think it was Tennis, and when it cut off, Raw just randomly cut in.. and Randy Orton was in the ring. I thought tonight's show was going to be in St. Louis, and sure enough the announcer's mentioned that it was. I also knew of Orton making an appearance tonight. At any rate..

Orton says he isn't 100% yet, and didn't expect to return until he was, but he had to get something off his chest. He said he's disgusted at the way Raw used to be the flagship show, and the strongest brand. Now he feels it's just a joke. He said the Champions are the worst part of it.

He begins with the Women's Champion, Beth Phoenix, saying this isn't 90210, it's Raw and she's running around like a love-sick puppy. He turns his attention to whom she's chasing, and that just happens to be the Intercontinental Champion. Orton said Santino was the weakest Intercontinental Champion in the history of the W.W.E., and even still injured Orton could beat him. He then turns his attention to the Tag Team Champions, saying he feels they're more "worthless" than "priceless". He said in his time, if some random thug or thugs took his Championship, he'd track them down, and get his title back. Orton then says but all of them aside, the real problem regarding the Champions, is the Heavyweight Champion, C.M. Punk.

Orton said that Punk is disgracing the title (amen!) and that a couple years ago when Orton first became Champion, Punk was running around wrestling no-names, in no-name towns, wrestling for a no-name organization. He goes on to say he'd love to challenge Punk tonight and reclaim his Championship, and bring Raw back to being strong, but he can't because he isn't medically cleared. This brings Punk out.

Punk starts off by saying that unlike Orton, he didn't have a Granddad and a Dad to user him into the business. He said he had to work extra hard to get where he is. Punk runs down the list of things he doesn't do, which is just about everything because he feels he's better than everyone else.. Then he says he doesn't take motorcycle rides to delay his return. (Likely because he can't ride a motorcycle, not because he wouldn't want to) Punk called Orton jealous, and said he would be too. Then they just randomly brought their talk-session to an end when Orton leaves the ring.

Before we cut away, J.B.L. comes out. He basically cuts your under-average promo about Punk's fairy-tale of being Champion will hit midnight come Sunday. J.B.L. says the beauty of the match is he can hit his Clothesline from Hell at any time and win. This leads to Kane coming out. Kane mocks J.B.L. in saying he's been to hell, and didn't see J.B.L.'s clothesline anywhere. (classic) He said he did see Mysterio though. That leads to Batista coming out and forgetting that the match is later and the promo time is now.. because he instantly jumped the gun on spearing Kane and J.B.L.. Finally, we cut away.

The Matches:

1. Charlie "Cena" Haas v. Kofi Kingston: Much like last week, this week the fans in St. Louis actually thought they were going to see Cena. Instead, they seen a guy that's arguably 10x better.. Charlie "Cena". In continuing from his copy-cat gimmick from a week ago, Haas comes out as Cena this week.

The match isn't really long, and it has Haas trying to his both the 5 Knuckle Shuffle and the F-U, but doesn't connect with either. In the end, it's Kingston picking up the meaningless victory, on his way to apparently doing nothing again.

2. E.C.W. Battle Royal: Mark Henry v. The Miz v. Finlay v. Chavo Guerrero v. Matt Hardy: For some reason, E.C.W. is holding a Battle Royal like Raw, on Raw. I didn't see the point of this match, because until it started I held out hope that it was to determine the order of entry for Sunday's "Scramble". My original thoughts were the winner would enter last, and depending on who's eliminated from first to last, would enter 1st-4th. But that wasn't the case, so we just got a randomly useless Battle Royal. Two, infact.

Everyone jumps Henry at the beginning, only for Henry to completely dominate this whole thing. Henry ends up eliminating The Miz & Chavo Guerrero at the same time, followed shortly by Finlay, and finally Matt Hardy. Mark Henry in short, ended up eliminating everyone to show off that he's a force to be dealt with come Sunday.

The sad thing is, Sunday isn't a battle royal, and anyone can pin anyone to win.. so Henry's unstoppable nature doesn't even play a factor. If he's distracted for 3 seconds, that's all it'll take for him to be unseated as E.C.W. Champion.

3. Jamie Noble v. William Regal: Noble brings Layla out and explains he's going to prove himself to her. *yawn* Go buy a sex doll, you don't have to prove anything to them.

Regal comes out, as Layla seems less then impressed when Regal starts beating the crap outta Noble. In the end, after Regal's beat on Noble from practically start to finish, Noble ends up winning with a small-package roll-up. Layla smiles and seems suddenly impressed. :lmao: Whore.

I love how Regal's return was made to job to Noble, while the nice little packaged tag team of Regal & Burchill is just begging to be formed. Oh well I guess.

4. 6-Diva Tag: Mickie James, Kelly Kelly & Candice Michelle v. Beth Phoenix, Jillian Hall & Katie Lea Burchill: Candice is back!! Should that be more exciting? Maybe a couple more "!!!!!" will do the trick. At any rate, this is your classic "the returning face wins the match" type event, so it doesn't even really matter.

Candice went up top at the end of the match, and I'm quite honestly surprised she didn't lose her balance and break her neck. She ended up hitting a cross-body, that Phoenix rolls through only for Candice to get out of and then roll Phoenix back up for the victory. :glare: So does this mean Candice will challenge Beth? If so, when?

5. Non-Title: Santino Marella v. D-Lo Brown: Santino comes out and cuts a small promo about running Orton down, then says he's going to become the greatest Intercontinental Champion ever. He introduces the "Honk-o-tonk meter" as it shows a picture of the Honkey Tonk Man being a Champion for 64 weeks. Santino then shows being one for 2 weeks. He calls Honkey the "Honk-a-tonk Man".

D-Lo in introduced as the opponent, who quickly takes control of the match and in no time is up going for his frog splash finisher, only to miss and Santino rolls him over for the quick pin. Santino wins! Santino wins! Santino wins! That's 3 weeks now. (maybe he should've went with beating 64 guys, instead of keeping the title 64 weeks)

6. John Morrison & The Miz v. Cryme Tyme: For some reason it's played off that The Miz was pulling double duty, as Cryme Tyme is introduced. Before the match even starts, Wall Street jumps the thugs from behind and leave them laying, taking back their Tag Team Championships.

The match never happened, and it was just a short segment to show the Champs regaining their titles, in what could be them only ending up losing them Sunday.

7. Raw Battle Royal: C.M. Punk v. Batista v. J.B.L. v. Rey Mysterio v. Kane: At least this Battle Royal was a bit better than the E.C.W. one, but 5 man Battle Royals aren't exactly what I'd call anything amazing to begin with. I guess I should say 4 man, because Mysterio didn't actually show up to wrestle IN the match. So, onto the highlights..

J.B.L. went for a clothesline from hell, only to be speared by Batista. Batista is eliminated first, by Punk of all people. This followed up with J.B.L. rushing at Punk, only for Punk to eliminate J.B.L. as well. (the eliminations were crappy, noone even tried to hold onto the ropes) The final two guys were Punk and Kane.

Kane and Punk fight for a while, until Kane catches Punk and dumps him over the top, as Punk holds on then randomly just let's go of the ropes. Punk falls at the feet of Randy Orton, who smirks. Punk tosses water in Orton's face, then backs off.

Kane ends up winning, well that is until Mysterio's music cues up and the 6-1-9 specialist returns from hell, apparently. Mysterio quickly slides into the ring and takes it to Kane, the two find themselves battling on the outside, where Mysterio hits a version of the 6-1-9 by using the ring post. Mysterio then hits a hurricanrana on Kane, sending him into the fans as Mysterio celebrates being back.


Wall Street/Orton: Wall Street complain about Orton's comments. This lead Orton to asking Cody if he recalls when they first met, and he slapped his Father. Cody said he relives the memory every day, then Orton slaps Cody. :lmao: I seen that coming but it still made me laugh. Ted held Cody back, then asked what Orton's problem was. Orton said they're the most talented guys in the company and they need to wake-up and get their titles back.

Adamle/Long/Kane: Long thanks Adamle for allowing E.C.W. to join Raw tonight, this is quickly interrupted by Kane questioning why Adamle would put Mysterio in the match at Unforgiven, when Kane is sure Mysterio isn't coming back. Adamle said he hopes Mysterio will be back, and Kane tells him to keep hoping.

Jericho/H.B.K. Pre-Game: Each man, H.B.K. & Jericho had two different segments showing them getting ready to sign a piece of paper. Apparently you need to train now to do that. I once heard that Batista was sidelined 2 monthes with a sprained writing hand, after he didn't stretch it out before a contract signing. True story, true story. :rolleyes:

Wall Street/Orton 2: Orton is shown again, this time with Wall Street showing off getting their titles back. Orton smirks almost approvingly and that's pretty much it.

Ending Segment: Both Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho come out. It's quickly announced that Adamle has stated if any type of contact is made between the "two of them" that their match will be called off. So all there is to do, is sign the paper. (wow, what a Main Event)

They both sign, and that's that. Well, until Jericho picks the mic up and asked why H.B.K. wanted the security to surround ringside. H.B.K. said it wasn't his, and if he had it his way, they'd be the only two out there. So that leads to everyone leaving, and a war of words being said once again.

Jericho said he told his Wife & Children what Shawn asked him to, kinda. He said he told them he would never be a lying, manipulative, ego-maniac, like Shawn Michaels. Jericho continues by saying he also told them not to watch, because he didn't want his Family to see what he does. He goes on by saying he won't go easy on H.B.K. just because he accidentally hit his Wife in the mouth, either. Finally, Jericho says just like H.B.K. did to Flair, Jericho is going to end his career and he won't say he's sorry when he does it.

H.B.K. says he takes comfort in knowing Jericho's Family won't be watching, because Shawn isn't going to be held responsible for what he does Sunday, either. H.B.K. said someday he'll tell his Family about this whole thing, about how sometimes it's stronger to turn the other cheek.. and sometimes you gotta face evil right in the eyes and spit in it's face. He finishes by saying he hopes God can forgive Jericho, because he never will.

This leads to Lance Cade finding himself on the wrong end of a ass-beat sandwich, as H.B.K. does a number on him. In an odd turn of events, H.B.K. went to 'swat' at Jericho and fell through the ropes, landing directly on his head. (ala Lita in 2004) He gets up, but instead of chasing Jericho, he turns back to Cade and kicks him directly in the face. That leads to a staredown as the show ends.

Overall Thoughts: I couldn't of been any less impressed with Raw. I don't know why, it's just I kinda felt let down mainly because they have three matches going into Sunday's card. The H.B.K./Jericho unsanctioned match, which you have built about as high as you possibly can.. the Tag Team Championship match, which I think it would've been better to see Wall Street hold off until then to reclaim their belts.. and the Scramble.

Instead of a battle royal involving 4 of the 5 men, wouldn't it of been better to possibly have a Tag Team contest? Punk & Batista against J.B.L. & Kane? Or even 2 above average single's matches with Kane against Punk, and Batista against J.B.L.? I'd of liked that better than a pointless battle royal.

I think it could be just me, but Mysterio looked different, slimmer I think. He looked like the Mysterio of old, from W.C.W., which I have to admit I loved seeing. The small meeting Kane and Mysterio had tonight doesn't impress me enough to think a single's match between those two could be overly enjoyable, but I'll hold off on believing that until I actually see it. I trust Mysterio to put on the best matches he can.

I don't really know the reason for Orton being on Raw. A stable of Orton and Wall Street could be a theory, but it's rather odd. If Orton were to have attacked Punk at the end of the battle royal, revealing that instead of Mysterio, it'll actually be Orton.. THAT would've been a great way to cap-off Raw. In the end, this could be one big set-up for Orton to return after the Scramble on Sunday, setting up Orton v. Punk for No Mercy.. but I still don't know.

I'm less than impressed with how they're using William Regal. I get that he should probably be punished by losing, if that's what they're doing, for his mistakes.. but they're only hurting themselves by not pairing him up with Burchill, to form another good (if not great) tag team. And Noble? Seriously, where will this lead? Another love story?? Please.

Kingston is apparently just waiting around until he can be seen as useful again, while Santino just started what looks to be a storyline that'll likely go at least a month or longer, in-route to trying to become the Greatest Intercontinental Champion, ever.

Candice being back, in my opinion both helps and hurts the division. It helps because obviously she knows how to wrestle a bit better than some, but it hurts because shes so injury prone, I don't think putting her instantly in a title match anytime soon is a great idea. And it's apparent that's the direction they've already begun taking.

Overall, Orton is right. Raw has become a joke anymore, and tonight's final stop before the Pay per view wasn't what I'd call "positive". In the end, I give it a 3 outta 10, only because it had semi-decent matches.

09-02-2008, 06:11 AM
Hi this is Darkshot77 and I am not doing an "I approve this review" joke
OK lets get this show on the road

Darkshot77's review of RAW 9/1/08

I didnt see the begining, but from what I read I am ashamed at the St. Louis fans. Cheering for an admited Cubs fan over their home town boy...disgracefull.

John Hass vs. Kofi Kingston-I love Hass's new character he is the new Stevie Richards and mabey Stevie will pass on the torch of 'Most Underutilized, Underappciated Wrestler' to Mr. Hass. Kofi wins. Big deal.

ECW Battle royal-The only thing that left an impression on me was Ademle "Like the Jerry Lewis Telathon with out the sick kids":lmao:Awsome. Is it just me or has Mike Ademle gotten alot better, and who is Teddy's escort this week. Whoops almost forgot Mark Henry did something.

Divas Tag-Despite all my hopes the new Face Diva was not Gail Kim:disappointed:insted it is Candice. Small Package on Beth Candice gets the pin. BTW what were the announcers talking about that "effective move" that Candice used was a botch and yet they had a replay for it.....whatever. Candice will be womans champ...whoopdyfuckingdoo. I personally didnt think her wrestling ability was all that impressive and whats with her new outfit.

William Regal v. Jamie Noble-Jamie wants to impress Lalya. So he has a match with Regal where regal dominates and Jamie wins with the move of the night, The Small Package...WTF is Bryan Danielson wrestling. In the end everyone goes home happy eccept Regal who is waiting for that English stable to be formed but apeantly the WWE will only form and English stable with a black guy trying to be English. Burchill is left off TV two weeks in a row...

Raw Battle Royal-I dont know who said it but they were right Punk again takes a back seat to sombody elses feud. This ended so poorly that I can not begin to describe it. First if Mysterio is gonna come out after the battle royal and attack Kane, this means he is healthy enough to wrestle meaning...HE COULD HAVE BEEN IN THE BATTLE ROYAL!!! And thats just one mistake. Also this killed all suspicion that could have been held over to unforgiven anbd this confirms Punk retains because Orton waits in the wings. That might be a good feud. But here is how I would have ended it. Just as Kane goes to eliminate Punk, Mysterio's music hits and distracts Kane giving Punk the win. Punk stares down Orton. This keeps the suspicion up on whether or not Mysterio will be at Unforgiven or not, and Punk remains the focus not Kane. So simple yet could have worked so much better

If the show ends in a promo I won't watch it its not worth my time. But it was HBK v. Jericho so im guessing it was golden.

Raw was bland nothing good stuck out in my mind. If I left something out I didnt care about it. Lets just hope The Championship scrambles work because if they dont Unforgiven is Screwed. I give Raw 1.75 out of 5 stars

09-05-2008, 12:39 AM
Amy’s LATE Take on Raw 09/01/08:

Opening Segment: Randy Orton was a pleasant surprise. He looked and sounded intense, not his usual unenthusiastic monotone self. He said what we’ve all been thinking and saying for weeks now – that Raw sucks – then he ran down the current champions with special emphasis on CM Punk.

I like the Orton vs. Punk tease. Punk was solid on the mic. But is it just me or is he becoming as repetitive as JBL? The ‘it doesn’t matter how I won, I’m the champion’ bit is starting to get a little old. Speaking of JBL, he was his usual boring, repetitive self. Seriously, when is the last time he won a match with his clothesline?

Kane’s clothesline line was memorable and laugh-out-loud funny. Unfortunately, Kane’s sounding more like a joke every week. Kane saying Mysterio wouldn’t be there meant you could bank on him being there. Tista let his actions do his talking, as promos aren’t really his strong suit, and just speared the hell out of all three.

Overall, a good way to start Raw and build to the Raw Scramble match.

Charlie Haas Impersonates John Cena: Haas looked the part and did a really good job mimicking Cena’s mannerisms. I’m still in shock that Charlie Haas has been on TV for two straight weeks. It looks like they’re running with this copycat gimmick. I’m enjoying it so far but caution against making it a weekly thing. Also it only furthers the prevailing notion that ‘Raw is a joke’ right now with so much comedy on one show.

Match #1 Charlie Haas vs. Kofi Kingston: Early on, Haas went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Kofi kicked Haas in the head then took over the match. After his usual offense, Kofi countered an FU attempt with the Trouble in Paradise kick for the win. Fun 1˝-minute match.

Backstage with Orton/Rhodes & DiBiase Part I: The tag champs confronted Orton about his earlier statements. Orton bitch slapped Cody just like he did to his dad then told the pair to grow a set.

Man, does Cody have it in his contract to get slapped like that bi-monthly or something?:lmao: Nice segment. Again more intensity from Orton who came across as a seasoned veteran.

Backstage with Adamle/Long/Tiffany/Kane: Kane interrupted Adamle and Long with Tiffany talking about making the ECW and Raw battle royals an annual thing. Kane wanted to know why Mike announced Rey’s return. Adamle wanted to send a message that Mysterio is wanted and needed on Raw. Kane went on about Mysterio being destroyed and that Mike could keep hoping.

Match #2 ECW Battle Royal: The four challengers ganged up on Henry at the start, but he quickly overpowered them. Miz and Hardy paired off and traded offense as did Finlay and Chavo. From behind, Henry eliminated Chavo and Miz then splashed Finlay. Hardy and Finlay worked together to try and get Henry over. Late in the match, Henry eliminated Finlay then Hardy as he was going for the Twist of Fate.

Good pace and action. My only complaint is the match was too short (3˝ minutes). It came down to Hardy-Henry once again; that’s the real story there. The match made Henry look like the strong, dominant champ he’s been built as, however having him win so quickly, easily doesn’t really make me excited for the ECW Scramble match.:disappointed:

Match #3 Jamie Noble vs. William Regal: Before the match, Noble cut a promo saying he wanted just one more chance to prove himself to Layla. She was sitting ringside looking disinterested. Just like their first meeting, Regal manhandled Noble. His throws are very impressive. In the end, Noble impressed Layla with a small package for the surprise win.

Match #4 Divas 6-woman Tag Match: Beth cut a promo addressing Orton’s comments. Just as she said there’s no one who can match her power and beauty, Candice Michelle’s music hit. Kelly started off with a sloppy dropkick on Katie Lea then tagged in Mickie. She took the prolonged beatdown from the heels. Candice got the hot tag and made quick work of Beth. She hit a crossbody then rolled Beth up for the win.

Meh 4-minute match. Candice gets the predictable return win with some unimpressive in-ring work. At least she didn't injure herself this time.:thumbsup: That’s two losses for the Glamazon via roll-up now. I don’t think I like how/where her reign might be going.

Santino Promo: Santino said he was going to prove Orton wrong and become the greatest IC champ of all time. He unveiled a Honk-a-Meter, comparing the Honky Tonk Man’s record 64-week reign to his 2 weeks.

Funny stuff. The Honk-a-Meter is rather catchy. After a couple weeks of no mic work, this was a refreshing and welcome promo from Santino.

Match #5 Santino Marella vs. D-Lo Brown: Just like their first meeting, D-Lo was on his way to a 1-minute squash until Santino scored the surprise pinfall after D-Lo missed the Lo-Down splash.

Santino and D-Lo have faced each other three times now; one match was a throwaway due to Beth’s involvement and the other two they split. So is this a feud? I say not until D-Lo gets some mic time. It does look like Kofi’s out of the IC picture for the time being though.

Match #6 The Miz & John Morrison vs. Cryme Tyme: The match that didn’t happen. I was annoyed I didn’t get to see Morrison in action, but he did a hilarious imitation of JTG’s dance before the teams started brawling at ringside. Rhodes and DiBiase attacked Cryme Tyme from behind and took their belts back.

Backstage with Orton/Rhodes & DiBiase Part II: Rhodes and DiBiase proudly walked past Orton with the belts draped over their shoulders and got a look of approval.

I hadn’t given it much thought before, but I’d really love to see a stable with these three guys down the road. Also I'm feeling a little more confident about Team Priceless’ chances of retaining their titles at the PPV now.

Batista Interview: He told Todd Grisham his game plan for the night and Sunday was “destroy everyone”.

Sure Tista doesn’t have the greatest mic ability, but a two-word promo? At least it fits with his earlier actions. He’s a man on a mission.

Match #7 Raw Battle Royal: Orton watched the action from ringside. Tista dominated Kane, JBL, and Punk for the first minute. Punk eliminated Tista after a big boot assist from Kane. Moments later, Punk eliminated JBL. Kane and Punk traded offense for a minute. Punk got Kane up for the GTS but Kane fought it off. Punk then went for a springboard clothesline. Kane caught him by the throat and sent him to the floor to land in front of Orton who mockingly clapped for Punk. The two had another staredown that ended with Punk tossing water in Orton’s face.

Decent 4-minute match. I certainly didn’t expect Tista to be the first eliminated or Kane the last man standing. I’d say Punk looked strong, seeing as he did eliminate two men, but again he only did so after some help. I’m curious to see if his underdog fluky storyline is coming to an end Sunday.

Rey Mysterio’s Return: Immediately after the match, Mysterio came to the ring and attacked Kane. He hit the 619 off the ringpost and a hurricanrana that sent Kane into the crowd then celebrated in the ring.

Mysterio’s return may have excited the live audience, but it was a downer for me. Supposedly Kane put him through hell, yet he looks the same (actually in a little better shape than 2 months ago) and took care of Kane like he was nothing. Really stupid angle. I wonder if Cena didn’t get hurt, would Kane-Mysterio have played out like this?

Chris Jericho/Shawn Michaels Contract Signing: Jerry Lawler introduced both men. Michaels glared at Jericho who wouldn’t look at Shawn. Lawler said their unsanctioned match would be called off if there was any physicality between the two tonight. Each signed the contract absolving the WWE of any liability then they dismissed Lawler, their lawyers, and the security surrounding the ring.

Jericho said he forbade his wife/kids to watch the brutality he’s going to unleash Sunday. Jericho said he won’t say he's sorry either when he ends HBK’s career. He told Shawn to remember that he’s the one who asked for the match when he’s left a broken man. Shawn told Chris his kids won’t be watching either but someday he’ll tell them how he almost walked away, which is the noble thing to do, but how sometimes you have to look evil in the eye. Shawn said he’ll have no regrets for his actions at Unforgiven and hopes God will forgive him.

The two stood and had a staredown until Cade came up behind Michaels. Shawn assaulted Cade as Jericho made his exit. Shawn took a nasty spill swatting at Jericho through the ropes (the spot where the injury occurred I believe), but he covered it well by continuing to pummel Cade in the ring. The show closed with Jericho on the ramp and Shawn in the ring glaring at each other.

These two delivered another great, intense exchange. That said, this is a perfect example of why I dislike contract-signing segments so much. Not only is the beatdown predictable, it’s just unnecessary. A promo/staredown would’ve worked just as well. Cade getting his ass whooped didn’t really add much here. Still they got me ready for their Unforgiven match. I have confidence the match will still be good, just not what it could’ve been if Shawn were 100%.

Overall Thoughts: I thought Raw was a vast improvement over the last few weeks. The show opened and ended strong, progressed some lower/midcard storylines in between, and did a solid job building to the Raw Scramble and HBK-Jericho PPV matches. They didn’t really promote the Tag Team Title match though, but that's no shock considering the state of the tag division. The hits include Santino, the ECW Battle Royal, the Jericho/Michaels segment, and all segments involving Randy Orton. For me, Orton WAS Raw this week.;)

09-09-2008, 06:08 PM
man the crowd was HOT for the Miz/Morrison vs Bourne/Mysterio match, and for good reason, they put on a fuckin SHOW. Bourne is one of the most exciting young stars in the WWE man, I just hope he has a chance to build his charisma and be a major player some day because he is talented as hell.

09-10-2008, 10:21 AM
Just had to say that Mysterio/Bourne vs Miz/Morrison was fucking awesome. Fast paced action, lots of cool spots, lots of cool moves. Kept me entertained. Bourne is one bloody good performer, the hurricarana off the ring to Morrison was amazing. Everything else he did was just brilliant, all timed to perfection and pulled off each move without botch.


09-10-2008, 12:11 PM
i think Mysterio/Bourne would make a good tag team to try and help it out but it would be just like filling london/kendricks spots? also mysterio is in a feud with kane:(
but yep id say it was match of the night lots of cool flips a nice hurricarana on morrison which i didnt see happening and of course the shooting star press which is awesome

also CHL vs jbl was pretty funny but i never thought in a million years haas would go over jbl lol