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11-19-2007, 10:51 PM
I liked everything about the Y2J moment the crowd was very into it well when he hit the guy with the torch and came out at first maybe he went on too long with the talking, probably shouldn't have showed him hitting the guy with the torch it kind gave everything away not that everyone did not know he was returning

Y2J always dresses weird, when he first debut he had a shinny weird looking shirt on as well

still awesome on the mic, I miss those shoot style type of interactions with wrestlers which Y2J and The Rock was best at pointing out what others do so bad hahahaha but he was right on about Orton robotic mic skills LOL Orton is actually horrible on the mic well I won't say horrible but he is average, I don't know if it is because he nervous or what, I reminds me of Billy Gunn when he was in the WWE just sounded so nervous or something

but that was probably the only good moment on Raw this week, the entire show just felt like they was killing time for that one big part of the show, would have been more exciting if Y2J interrupted Santino Marrella or someone like that with excellent mic skills

but I thought it was a great debut/return, looking forward to see a Y2J vs Mr Kennedy fued that would be fun, even a Y2J vs Santino Marrella fued especially on the mics would be very entertaining

either way it is great to see him back

and does anybody know if Melina was ok? Jillian Hall almost killed her with that top rope move :(

Mad Metal
11-19-2007, 11:06 PM
I see people already bashing Jericho. Honestly, someone with the talent that he has as well as his outstanding performance, why shouldn't he be in the position he currently is in? I don't know any one else that should become the WWE champion right now other than Jericho. I was always impressed with his matches and listening him on the mic. Maybe some may still see him as the "mid carder" that he was for majority of his career but everyone always ends up climbing up the ladder, and now it's Jericho's time. He isn't crippled, he's not old, he still has a number of years left in him.

I, for one, am happy he is back. At least we have someone (other than Edge & Undertaker) that's a main eventer that actually has talent to keep me entertained and wanting to tune in weekly.

11-19-2007, 11:14 PM
^I agree

but Y2J is on the level that he does not need to be champion to be one of the most entertaining guys on the entire WWE roster, if he gets another title run then fine, if not that is fine too he will still be entertaining in everything he does regardless

on another Raw topic, but is it just me or HHH working with and helping Jeff Hardy seems so weird I don't know, but I give credit to Jeff he got a second chance with the WWE an the guy has been awesome since returning especially in the ring WOW!, even his mic work has improved alot

11-19-2007, 11:19 PM
Why would anyone look at Chris as a mid-carder? He has all the tools of a main eventer and a champion. Excellent mic-skills along with great wrestling. What more do you need? I for one hope to see him thrust into a feud with Orton, win the belt, and eventually feud with Cena when he returns or even someone like Kennedy.

11-19-2007, 11:25 PM
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the fact that Jericho is back. I marked out big time, even though I already knew it was him. I also would love to see the belt around his waist again, cause he deffinitly deserves. Especially since he has amazing in-ring and mic skills.

I just honestly wish they wouldn't of immeadilty of thrown him in a program with Orton. I was hoping that they would of given him a month or so to work off some ring rust, so that when he does take the belt from Orton (and he will), it can be another one of those amazing Jericho matches that he always has given us fans.


Papa Shango
11-19-2007, 11:58 PM
Jericho didn't say he was immediately gonna challenge Orton for the title. He said he was gunning for it. He was putting Orton on notice, that when Y2J decides to come for the title, he WILL win it. He probably will come for title immediately, but you never know.

11-20-2007, 12:36 AM
TheOneBigWill's "take" on Raw:

Opening Segment: So, as predicted it was either going to be Randy Orton bragging about defeating Shawn Michaels, or Shawn Michaels trying to gain yet another Championship match. (ended up being the latter) So, my overall thought is this. I love H.B.K., can't say it enough, I wish he could be World Heavyweight Champion, unfortunately it just isn't in the books. The one thing I hate, however, is when a person get multiple title shot oppertunities, & fails each time. I don't care if they win via DQ, or Countout, its still "failing" to win the Championship.. therefore, pointless.

Overall, this segment wasn't to continue with Orton/Michaels, but instead to end it & begin with Kennedy/Michaels, which I am pleasantly surprised with. I think these two will put on a great match, most likely at the next p.p.v. -- There brawl around the arena for the "opening match" was excellent, & saves their true match-up, hopefully, for Armageddon.

The Matches:

Santino Marella v. Jerry Lawler: Has it truly come to this? Does the creative higher ups just feel that they have no better talent to stick with Santino, than continuing to use Jerry Lawler? Don't misunderstand me, I think Lawler was a decent wrestler in his day.. about 10-20 years ago. But now, the guy winning is only hurting any talent he gets in the ring with. And sadly, Santino wasn't exactly "huge" before this match.. but cleanly losing to Lawler in back-to-back weeks isn't going to help him, either.

The only decent part of this, was Santino saving the day with his incredible mic. skills & way to control the crowd. Honestly, Santino will fail as a "wrestler" but live forever as an "entertainer/commentator."

Jeff Hardy v. Umaga: Could this match have went on any longer? It was absolutely amazing, & personally, I thought Umaga was gonna gain some revenge by simply squashing Jeff Hardy. Instead, I was given a treat, in seeing two good wrestlers, putting on the Match of the Night! Hardy takes incredible "bumps" & sells them very nicely. Umaga & Hardy, in my personal opinion, are matched nicely to each other.

I truly wish we could've seen an actual winner, instead W.W.E. decides that they don't wish to keep an incredible thing great.. so they toss Snitsky in the mix. (Why Snitsky? Because he's another monster?) So Triple H. comes to the aid of Jeff Hardy. The plus side for Hardy is, I doubt he'll lose with Captain Unstoppable by his side.. but the downside is, if they as a team DO lose.. it'll be Hardy taking the ass-beating on his teams end.

Hardcore Holly v. Cody Rhodes: Cody only continues to prove to me, with every match he has, that he isn't ready for mainstream yet. When Holly was in the corner, how long did Rhodes stupidly stand there, waiting for Holly to do something.. when Holly (who should've knew better) stupidly waited for Rhodes to turn around.

So Cody FINALLY picks up a win over Hardcore Holly. Who hasn't?! Overall, when he looks back on his career.. when explaining a defining moment in it, how do you think it'd come off, when you hear him say.. "Kids, I beat Hardcore Holly!" Yeah. If HeAT was still an actual t.v. show, a good portion of tonight's matches would've been seen on it.

Jillian Hall & Melina v. Maria & Mickie James: Is there truly any one reason why Beth Phoenix wasn't Melina's tag team partner? I mean, we were building James/Phoenix, right? The "move" of the night, had to be Jillian's 450 off the top rope, botch, onto Melina, which I truly think hurt her ribs.

I have no true comments outside of that, for this match. I give Jillian all the credit in the world for being brave & gutsy enough to go out there each & everytime, intentionally screwing up her vocals the way she does. lol

Main Event: Carlito v. Hornswoggle - Yeah, you read that right.. it was officially the "last match" of the night, therefore, the "Main Event" of the night. Its no wonder the head of U.S.A. network, Bonnie (something) is getting pissed off with Vince McMahon's production of Raw. They have the full capability to have matches like.. H.B.K. v. Kennedy, H.H.H. v. Umaga, World's Greatest Tag Team v. Paul London & Brian Kendrick, Carlito v. Jeff Hardy.. but nooooo.. our Main Event has to be a mock match.

Carlito is on his way out, so what does W.W.E. wanna do to help him out the door? Have him lose to a midget. (little person, whatever) I honestly feel bad for W.W.E. when Carlito goes to T.N.A., then shows the world that he actually STILL has talent..

And where exactly is this new angle going? I LOVE Finlay being face, & if you ask me personally.. I think it'll finally be revealed that Hornswoggle is NOT Vince McMahon's son, but instead, Finlay's son. Then.. (I can only imagine) a Tag Team match - Mr. McMahon & Shane McMahon v. Finlay & Hornswoggle. (Wrestlemania headliner? In today's wrestling, absolutely)

Ending Segment: "DID YOU BREAK THE CODE?" Who the **** didn't, should be the actual question?! I mean, come on. And you know what.. this is my honest opinion & take on this whole situation, ending on Raw.

Randy Orton.. is NOT Main Event "Heel" quality, he doesn't deserve to be the heel going into Wrestlemania with the Championship, yet he likely will be. So, whats the possible next month feud? The returning Eric You.. I mean, Chris Jericho.

Yeah, did anyone else FINALLY, after waiting oh-so-long give a big sigh of.. "eh?" I know I did. I knew it was coming, for monthes, it was coming. And now that its here, it did exactly what I thought it was going to do.. & the Raw live audience proved my point. The pop for Jericho highly awaited return.. sucked majorly! They stood, they clapped, but hardly anyone cheered. And Jericho's had monthes to think of something, anything new to say.. but instead, he finds something he said a long time ago.. to call Randy Orton.

"The robotic voice" thing.. that he claimed Orton was, it was the exact same thing he claimed Chris Benoit was. So, is Randy Orton the new W.W.E. version of Chris Benoit?!?! Jericho sure seems to think so.

And yeah, he returned/redebuted in the same outfit he debuted in to begin with. The only catch.. the short, Eric Young, hair-do.. is NOT doing him any favors. When I seen Jericho in that outfit, I thought two things..

1. Village People reject
2. Holy crap, he's skinny! (anyone else truly notice that?)

Overall Thoughts: So, the big (long awaited) return of Chris Jericho caps off the night. All in all, I'm HAPPY & THRILLED that Jericho is back.. ONLY as long as he hasn't lost a step, inside the wrestling ring, like he seems to have, on the mic.

The matches on tonight's card sucked, outside of Jeff Hardy v. Umaga, which was the match of the night to me.

The Kennedy/Michaels beginning feud was the highlight of my night, because I can only assume these two will light it up in the ring, & I can't wait to see it on p.p.v.

This has been my take. You don't have to agree with it, or like it. But if you read through it all, good for you, & Thank You.

11-20-2007, 12:59 AM
My take on BillWill take on Main event. It clear he's a Y2J hater and watched some other show,because the crowd poped huge.

11-20-2007, 01:00 AM
I just saw the Y2J part again. When Randy Orton talked about "kicking him in the head,etc"...awful, Y2J was thinking one thing. He comes back to work the mic with this guy? Last time he entered the WWE was against Rock. Whata downgrade

11-20-2007, 01:54 AM
My take on BillWill take on Main event. It clear he's a Y2J hater and watched some other show,because the crowd poped huge.

Its clear that you're not reading my entire post. In all actuality, I love Chris Jericho & think he's a great performer, or thought he was, anyways. I have yet to see him do anything of great importance yet.

So far, his return promo sucked. And if I knew it was going to be that bad, I would've at least opted for him to return & promo against Santino Marella, at least then maybe Santino could've mocked Jericho's sayings or something, which could've got Jericho more into the promo. What did Orton do to help anything? A whole lot of nothing.

Jericho v. Randy Orton is a bad return feud for Jericho, simply because Randy Orton isn't the right type of performer to match someone who's returning up against. Jericho could've went up against Mr. Kennedy, & it likely would've had a better outcome.

Again, I LOVE Chris Jericho, but the one that returned last night was skinny, & rusty on the mic. -- I'm sure with time, he'll return to normal, but for now.. combined with the horrible re-debut of W.W.E. having him clothesline that runner with his trademark stance.. it just hurt Jericho's overall "hype."

Mad Metal
11-20-2007, 03:01 AM
I really don't understand what was so bad about his re-debut or return. We all knew what to expect... for Jericho to return tonight thanks to Dave Meltzer, Dixie Carter and many more who decided to break a big surprise which seeing everyone knew what to expect, the expectations seemed to be higher. I'm sure if Y2J just appeared out of nowhere when none of us even expected it I'm sure there would be a much better reaction. We all knew he was going to return and [of course] was going to return as a face. What should happen here? Seeing he got a new haircut, does he need to change his name along with his mic style to fully separate himself from his past and come up with a different character? Damn. Maybe for some the hype was sucked out after finding out for a quite time that the promos were indeed for a Jericho return, but if that's the case (which I'm not verifying anything) then it's more of a personal problem because I didn't see the WWE announce on TV or on their website that Jericho was returning.

It really seems a lot are pissed off to see Chris Jericho for.... being Chris Jericho.... for wearing his trademark unique outfits.... for saying his usual Chris Jericho lines.... and for being smaller. If you want someone completely different, there's over 60 other wrestlers on the roster. I'm happy to see Chris Jericho for who he is, not for someone else I am expecting him to be. If The Rock were to return, you would expect him to say his usual "If Ya Smell What The Rock Is Cookin" lines with the same theme song and such. Or if Austin would return, you know you will be hearing glass shatter and him drinking a lot of beer. Same case with Jericho, except he has a new haircut now.

Where did the true excitement come from? When the first Chris Jericho "Save Us" promo aired. It aired out of nowhere unexpectingly and it got people excited, only problem was people got excited 2 months too early.

11-20-2007, 04:06 AM
It didn't look like Jillian botched the 450 splash to me. I think it just looks that way to some people because she always lands it with her legs so as to not hurt her boobs.

Rated K for Kennedy... Kennedy!
11-20-2007, 05:08 AM
Finally...... The Millenium Man has come back to (insert city where Raw was last night), personally I can't wait to see it via the magic of the internet, unfortunately its the only way I can, so all of this is based on readers reviews/results from the show but...

The Ayatollah is back, WWE have been promoing him for what, 2 months? 3? They clearly didn't have a time frame in mind as they kept changing his return date, and I believe I'm right in saying that Cena was champ when the first one aired. Now if that is true was Y2J's original "Saviour" gimmick to be against Cena? He was the champ, he was seemingly holding the title hostage, makes sense to me.

Anyways he's back, and he clotheslines some bloke who said he'd do steroids to get into WWE, smart move Vince! ?That is the stupedest move ever, suspension is important in returns/debuts like this, look at his original one you didnt see some guy's shadow in front of a coke machine in the back before he interrupted the rock, did you? My point is the crowed was peaked early by giving us that teaser and it would almost certainally have detracted from his entrance pop. If they wanted to do something like that they should have shot it over the shoulder, where you cannot see anything and then when the runner was knocked down do an "over the shoe" (tm) shot!

Miles and Miles
11-20-2007, 10:58 AM
That "Marathon runner" was pathetic. Please don't dress up a guy with a gut and call him a "Marathon runner". That was an insult to real runners everywhere. What did they make him jog like 20 feet and he couldn't even hold up the torch.

11-20-2007, 12:05 PM
TheOneBigWill's "take" on Raw:

Opening Segment: So, as predicted it was either going to be Randy Orton bragging about defeating Shawn Michaels, or Shawn Michaels trying to gain yet another Championship match. (ended up being the latter) So, my overall thought is this. I love H.B.K., can't say it enough, I wish he could be World Heavyweight Champion, unfortunately it just isn't in the books. The one thing I hate, however, is when a person get multiple title shot oppertunities, & fails each time. I don't care if they win via DQ, or Countout, its still "failing" to win the Championship.. therefore, pointless.

Overall, this segment wasn't to continue with Orton/Michaels, but instead to end it & begin with Kennedy/Michaels, which I am pleasantly surprised with. I think these two will put on a great match, most likely at the next p.p.v. -- There brawl around the arena for the "opening match" was excellent, & saves their true match-up, hopefully, for Armageddon.

The Matches:

Santino Marella v. Jerry Lawler: Has it truly come to this? Does the creative higher ups just feel that they have no better talent to stick with Santino, than continuing to use Jerry Lawler? Don't misunderstand me, I think Lawler was a decent wrestler in his day.. about 10-20 years ago. But now, the guy winning is only hurting any talent he gets in the ring with. And sadly, Santino wasn't exactly "huge" before this match.. but cleanly losing to Lawler in back-to-back weeks isn't going to help him, either.

The only decent part of this, was Santino saving the day with his incredible mic. skills & way to control the crowd. Honestly, Santino will fail as a "wrestler" but live forever as an "entertainer/commentator."

Jeff Hardy v. Umaga: Could this match have went on any longer? It was absolutely amazing, & personally, I thought Umaga was gonna gain some revenge by simply squashing Jeff Hardy. Instead, I was given a treat, in seeing two good wrestlers, putting on the Match of the Night! Hardy takes incredible "bumps" & sells them very nicely. Umaga & Hardy, in my personal opinion, are matched nicely to each other.

I truly wish we could've seen an actual winner, instead W.W.E. decides that they don't wish to keep an incredible thing great.. so they toss Snitsky in the mix. (Why Snitsky? Because he's another monster?) So Triple H. comes to the aid of Jeff Hardy. The plus side for Hardy is, I doubt he'll lose with Captain Unstoppable by his side.. but the downside is, if they as a team DO lose.. it'll be Hardy taking the ass-beating on his teams end.

Hardcore Holly v. Cody Rhodes: Cody only continues to prove to me, with every match he has, that he isn't ready for mainstream yet. When Holly was in the corner, how long did Rhodes stupidly stand there, waiting for Holly to do something.. when Holly (who should've knew better) stupidly waited for Rhodes to turn around.

So Cody FINALLY picks up a win over Hardcore Holly. Who hasn't?! Overall, when he looks back on his career.. when explaining a defining moment in it, how do you think it'd come off, when you hear him say.. "Kids, I beat Hardcore Holly!" Yeah. If HeAT was still an actual t.v. show, a good portion of tonight's matches would've been seen on it.

Jillian Hall & Melina v. Maria & Mickie James: Is there truly any one reason why Beth Phoenix wasn't Melina's tag team partner? I mean, we were building James/Phoenix, right? The "move" of the night, had to be Jillian's 450 off the top rope, botch, onto Melina, which I truly think hurt her ribs.

I have no true comments outside of that, for this match. I give Jillian all the credit in the world for being brave & gutsy enough to go out there each & everytime, intentionally screwing up her vocals the way she does. lol

Main Event: Carlito v. Hornswoggle - Yeah, you read that right.. it was officially the "last match" of the night, therefore, the "Main Event" of the night. Its no wonder the head of U.S.A. network, Bonnie (something) is getting pissed off with Vince McMahon's production of Raw. They have the full capability to have matches like.. H.B.K. v. Kennedy, H.H.H. v. Umaga, World's Greatest Tag Team v. Paul London & Brian Kendrick, Carlito v. Jeff Hardy.. but nooooo.. our Main Event has to be a mock match.

Carlito is on his way out, so what does W.W.E. wanna do to help him out the door? Have him lose to a midget. (little person, whatever) I honestly feel bad for W.W.E. when Carlito goes to T.N.A., then shows the world that he actually STILL has talent..

And where exactly is this new angle going? I LOVE Finlay being face, & if you ask me personally.. I think it'll finally be revealed that Hornswoggle is NOT Vince McMahon's son, but instead, Finlay's son. Then.. (I can only imagine) a Tag Team match - Mr. McMahon & Shane McMahon v. Finlay & Hornswoggle. (Wrestlemania headliner? In today's wrestling, absolutely)

Ending Segment: "DID YOU BREAK THE CODE?" Who the **** didn't, should be the actual question?! I mean, come on. And you know what.. this is my honest opinion & take on this whole situation, ending on Raw.

Randy Orton.. is NOT Main Event "Heel" quality, he doesn't deserve to be the heel going into Wrestlemania with the Championship, yet he likely will be. So, whats the possible next month feud? The returning Eric You.. I mean, Chris Jericho.

Yeah, did anyone else FINALLY, after waiting oh-so-long give a big sigh of.. "eh?" I know I did. I knew it was coming, for monthes, it was coming. And now that its here, it did exactly what I thought it was going to do.. & the Raw live audience proved my point. The pop for Jericho highly awaited return.. sucked majorly! They stood, they clapped, but hardly anyone cheered. And Jericho's had monthes to think of something, anything new to say.. but instead, he finds something he said a long time ago.. to call Randy Orton.

"The robotic voice" thing.. that he claimed Orton was, it was the exact same thing he claimed Chris Benoit was. So, is Randy Orton the new W.W.E. version of Chris Benoit?!?! Jericho sure seems to think so.

And yeah, he returned/redebuted in the same outfit he debuted in to begin with. The only catch.. the short, Eric Young, hair-do.. is NOT doing him any favors. When I seen Jericho in that outfit, I thought two things..

1. Village People reject
2. Holy crap, he's skinny! (anyone else truly notice that?)

Overall Thoughts: So, the big (long awaited) return of Chris Jericho caps off the night. All in all, I'm HAPPY & THRILLED that Jericho is back.. ONLY as long as he hasn't lost a step, inside the wrestling ring, like he seems to have, on the mic.

The matches on tonight's card sucked, outside of Jeff Hardy v. Umaga, which was the match of the night to me.

The Kennedy/Michaels beginning feud was the highlight of my night, because I can only assume these two will light it up in the ring, & I can't wait to see it on p.p.v.

This has been my take. You don't have to agree with it, or like it. But if you read through it all, good for you, & Thank You.

I agree with some of this. The pop was ruined by Jericho taking out the marathon runner. Although, i cant believe you said hes skinny. Ive never seen him more ripped in my life.

11-20-2007, 01:13 PM
I agree with some of this. The pop was ruined by Jericho taking out the marathon runner. Although, i cant believe you said hes skinny. Ive never seen him more ripped in my life.

I agree, I think he's lost body mass but is more cut like how HHH is now. All in all great opening segment. My only problem with the Hardy and Umaga match is that Umaga did that damn nerve pinch lock too many times. I am psyched for this Hardy and HHH team up, my immediate thought was is HHH gonna mentor Hardy for a while kinda like Holly/Rhodes only this will be succusful, then eventually lead to HHH turning heel by back stabbing Hardy. Santino I think is a great entertainer but can't wrestle much. The only thing that made me enjoy that match was when he took the King's crown and talked during the match. Jericho's return, very much expected but was still amazing. I agree he shouldn't have clotheslined the guy and revealed him like that first but oh well. That was the first amazing promo i've seen in years. Anyone else who wants to main event needs to take classes from this man on how to do a promo. I thought it was simply golden. I loved how the countdown was still in effect for him. If they change it later that's fine, but for his return I think it was needed to use the old song and countdown theme even if it was modified. Great Raw and I can't wait for next week's episode.

11-20-2007, 01:28 PM
And she always lands on her partner to right?

Haha, do you really believe that was unintentional? It was pretty clear to me that she was supposed to land on her partner, thus why Mickie James knocked her into position right before the 450.

Lil Kru
11-20-2007, 01:31 PM
Haha, do you really believe that was unintentional? It was pretty clear to me that she was supposed to land on her partner, thus why Mickie James knocked her into position right before the 450.

there is a difference between landing on her and stepping on her if she was suppose to land on her she wouldnt go feet first she would land on here with her body

11-20-2007, 03:44 PM
I love how people are already bashing the return of Jericho. Nobody can be satisfied can they?

First of all, we're talking about Ft. freaking Lauderdale, not Chicago. For Ft. Lauderdale, they had a pretty damn good pop, and, the pop was lessened by Jericho taking out the marathon man.

Jericho was right on cue with all of his stuff. The guy is the best promo man in the business today, and with the rock, the best promo guy in the business the last decade. I for one am glad to see Jericho back, because finally, I'll start to be entertained on Monday Nights for the first time since 2005.

11-20-2007, 05:17 PM
I liked everything about RAW last night, i felt entertained-the WHOLE night.That is the first time in a long time i have felt that. I usually find a dead spot of some sort. I like how the story lines are running, like Triple h renewing (well sort-of) his fued with Umaga. I always felt they had some unfinished business. I also like seeing Bob Holly back in singles action. He just comes across as a solo man. The only times i enjoyed seeing him in a tag-team was w/ crash holly.The best of all last night was Jericho's return. I loved how he came into the picture by lying out the torch runner, went great w/ Orton story line. He is just as entertaining as ever. I can't wait for next week!

11-20-2007, 07:57 PM
that was a great Raw last night! but there's one thing though! what is all your damn problem with Randy Orton?? Before winning the title, i read a lot of people saying that orton was the best heel on Raw! he looked weak in his feud with Shawn because he was not well booked! For those saying that he's terrible on the mic! cant you just understand that its his damn character of being cold and showing no emotion! sure he's boring recently but its only because of his gimmick! just watch his old promos back in evolution or even after! the cocky arrogant Orton was pretty good on the mic! and one last thing that makes me laugh, saying that jericho vs kennedy would be better! sure kennedy is good on the mic! but what else?? why are you all into him?? what has he done that makes you all into him?? you can't put orton and kennedy in the same league as for the inring skills! kennedy is slow, and he botches moves in like every 3 matches! dont get me wrong! i like kennedy! but saying he's better then Randy in the ring and saying that he would make a better feud with jericho is ridiculous! to return on subject! I'm exciting to see what will happen between these two! i dont think its the proper time to already book him in the title picture, but hey! who gives! it'll be damn good but dont expect orton to drop the belt to jericho! because the One man dynasty has only just begun!

11-21-2007, 04:09 AM
WWE's only wrong last night was showing Jericho clothesline the runner.

Other than that, bravo WWE.

Dj Martyn
11-21-2007, 04:47 AM
I actually watched raw on mon for the first time in ages ( i usually just catch highlights or read results) But did anyone else leave the show thinking....wow those last 25 minutes was the best thing on wwe tv in the past 3 years. The show was boring and just full of sports ent nonsense...Jericho is a god and his 20 minutes of promo outshone anything the rest of the roster did that night. Jericho why cant you make your return every monday and save us from the dribble that usually drips across the broadcast.

Rated K for Kennedy... Kennedy!
11-21-2007, 05:11 AM
Personally I majorly marked out. I'd known he was coming back for months but that was the best return ever, better than HBK when he came back from 4 years on the shelf, and HBK's my fave. I loved the buildup, I loved the marathon runnner thing and the clothesline was cool but I maintain that by making it clear it was Jericho who clotheslined him it ruined the suspension of disbelief and lessened the crowd pop, although as already stated b Paul Bearer, its not exactly like Ft Lauderdale is known or their reactions is it?

Either way congrats WWE keep up the good work (and the J Hardy push)

The not-so Great Khali
11-21-2007, 03:40 PM
Didn't anyone else think that Jericho looked and sounded like a gay stripper? His voice has become more squeaky than it was and I thought he was a rock singer! All that living on a tour bus with several other guys have turned to bat for the other side.

On a serious note Raw wasn't overly spectactular, just because Jericho unsurprisingly returned. The best match of the night was obviously Jeff/Umaga and that was ruined by Snitsky/H. Jeff is supposed to be the Intercontinental champion who defeated Umaga for the title and yet he wasn't allowed to get the clean win. If this was a rookie like Cody Rhodes or D H Smith then fine let Triple H take them under his big nose'd wing but Jeff is already over and a champion. Cody/Holly suck as a team, I hate seeing Lawler used in feuds and Michaels/Kennedy was crap. It looks like they were building a great Kennedy/Jeff feud over the IC title but then they have him go after Michaels, while Snitsky is brought in to attack Jeff. The divas match wasn't bad though. Ok Orton giving rko's to everyone is fine to build him up as an arrogant heel but the torch runner thing was stupid.

11-23-2007, 09:22 PM
Once again Vince and the backstage team of WWE show how great they can be. Sure one who has looked at the internet in the past three months knew that Y2J would be back this past Monday but still they put on a great show. The camera work could have been better with the whole clothesline on the torch barer as it was too much of Jericho was shown. However, everything after that was fantastic. The unveiling of SAVE_US Y2J made me feel good while the pause before the classic Y2J countdown sent a shiver down my spine. The whole code thing from the start was a great idea. I would actually have liked it to interrupt more live television such as during interviews and even match coverage, especially if it was decided that Jericho was going after the WWE champion. I only hope and prey that Jericho is not buried and that the feud with Orton can last until Wrestlemania. As much as I love watching them, I am sick of HBK or HHH being the main events on RAW. Vince and co. should build Jericho and Orton for the next PPV, which Orton should win/not lose the title and then have him avoid Jericho at all costs, forcing Y2J to enter and win the Royal Rumble, leading to a several months long build up to Wrestlemania. Jericho has the pulling power as the return saviour while surely Orton has been built up as the dastardly heel so he can make it to Wrestlemania as the champion... then again stranger things have happened...

11-26-2007, 09:03 AM
Though it is awesome to have Jericho back I have to agree with an earlier post that that was the gayest waistcoat of ALL TIME! Other than the waiscoat incident, RAW has been 1 of the best in a long time and Jericho did pull off the best promo in WWE probably since he left (with the possible exception of everything Edge has ever said)! This man is just phenomenal on the mic!

As far as Jeff and HHH go im curious to see what WWE r goin to do with this, though im disgusted that Snitsky has been brought into the storyline. The only time Snitsky has been enjoyable to watch was as the pervert with a foot fetish back in his Edge/Kane/Lita rivalry!

11-26-2007, 04:33 PM
I think that Jeff Hardy and Triple H would make an amazing team. They are both great entertainers and each bring something different to the table. Jeff's high flying moves and the way he brings the crowd into his matches is perfect, and Triple H's evil yet crowd pleasing tactics are the best. I did not see this coming but it was a very good idea.

As for Chris Jericho, I definitely agree with the idea that they should not have shown him clothesline the marathon runner. That definitely gave it away. If they just played his music, the crowd wouldve been louder. I felt that he was trying a little too hard to be like the old Jericho when he was talking. He is such an amazing entertainer and I think it comes natural to him. He just needs to let it flow. He was out of breath a couple times.

But all in all, I would LOVE to see Orton get HIS head kicked off and the belt taken away from him.

Serious Mozzarella
11-26-2007, 05:22 PM
RAW turned out to be a great episode indeed, minus clothslining the runner. Other than that, HHH/Hardy is a great team, though I smell a feud in the future (HOW BACKWARDS WOULD HELL JEFF VS. FACE HHH BE?!).

And... I'm starting to REALLY like Umaga. Is it like a full moon or something?

11-26-2007, 10:11 PM
omg tonight was one of the best RAWs ever. I loved Santino Marella's bit. KYJ. LMAO it was so funny. and when they were arguing about his name. Haha. That definitely made me laugh. And i think Hornswoggle is the cutest thing ever. That was so funny with him going into the wall.

And I cannot wait for the Triple H vs Jeff Hardy match. That is going to be a great one.

But, without a doubt, the best part was when Jericho came out and helped Flaire win!! Orton doesnt deserve to be the champ any more. I'm not saying that Jericho deserves it, cuz i know he just got there and even though he has a lot of championships under his belt, he still is new to the business right now and should, like any other person, have to prove themselves. I think that if tehy gave him a title shot this early, it would make this feud and his run short and redundant. It definitely would not last till Wrestlemania!!!

All in all, RAW was awesome. I LOVE THE WWE!!

No Count Pup
11-26-2007, 10:52 PM
Tonight was a hot RAW. Flair and Jericho shined. Having those two stars back on the flagship show is a breath of fresh air.

Armageddon is suddenly an attractive pay-per-view. Kudos to the writers for an effective hard sell.

Jericho was tons of fun tonight. He is this generation's Piper. And folks, that ain't a bad thing.

The opening was a fun tag match and Hardy looked like a million bucks. I'm sure people weren't happy to see Snitsky in the "main event" but that is irrelevant. The whole point was to put over Hardy and set up his match with Triple H.

I loved the backstage segment with Triple H and Jeff Hardy. Trips had a heel edge during the promo. I might be the only person that was pumped, but I miss the heel Triple H. He's a natural "bad guy", despite Bishoff's objection.

Let's give Raw credit when it's good. The show was in rare form tonight. And the Flair storyline might be among the most compelling in years.

11-26-2007, 11:17 PM
a good ppv and 2 great raws in a row.......this is unbelievable....

THE Orton FLAIR MATCH WAS GREAT......unbelievable way to BEGIN AND CONTINUE flairs road while not hurting ortons image and continue him and jericho

the jericho santino or santito was great too lol

umaga getting beat again is bothering me but ..... i guess i;ll deal with it.....

hardy is taking off but will triple h bury a great run/push of the jeff meister !

and is it me or is mickie james getting better and hotter everytime she appears !

only other negative other than umaga squash was kennedys weak ass promo....

overall great show.....great watch.....great times......i cannot wait to go to the 3 hour raw !


11-26-2007, 11:19 PM
Was a good show, would have been a better show if the crowd was behind it, they should never go to that city again LOL

anyway Y2J was entertaining, tried to get the crowd going but they was all I don't know sleep or something LOL

good to see Flair back but that was kinda fast, Flair having to fight fight for his career every week should be very interesting

and I must agree I hate that mr nice guy "helping Jeff Hardy" HHH, he is much better as a heel

my question, is Y2J being pushed too soon, to come in a leap frog over everybody is kinda weird but then again after the HBK fued I don't know who else Orton could fued with so I guess Y2J is perfect timing, look like it is going to be very entertaining, I would like see a long fued with Santino and Y2J also though

11-27-2007, 12:10 AM
TheOneBigWill's "take" on Monday Night Raw: November 26th, 2007:


Triple H. & Jeff Hardy v. Umaga & Snitsky: Overall, the match wasn't too prolonged & carried out which is what I feared would happen. I have faith that Triple H., Jeff Hardy & Umaga could've carried it.. but Snitsky is the unknown.

I'm slightly shocked that they didn't open with Ric Flair, to be honest. I figured this match would've ended hour one. The big "shock" of the match came after it was over.. & instead of William Regal making two fairly decent matches for Armageddon, he decides to W.W.E. it up.. Triple H. v. Jeff Hardy. Hmmm.. So, Triple H. has become so bored with burying heels, he's now building faces, then matching up against them when he feels they've reached a peak?!

Hardcore Holly, Cody Rhodes, Super Crazy & Hacksaw Jim Duggan v. Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch & The Highlanders: Could you please explain why. I mean, Rhodes & Holly v. the Tag Team Champions is understandable, but is it really even needed to have Hacksaw teaming with Super Crazy? Why not London & Kendrick.. (which I'll get to later)

Thankfully this match was over in the amount of time it took me to walk downstairs to the bathroom & back up.

Chris Jericho v. Santino Marella: I hoped, I begged, I pleaded with Jericho's first interference to be from Santino, at least I got what I wanted. Thankfully, Santino saved Jericho's promo.. seriously, Jericho is getting better.. but I think this shows everyone just how much W.W.E. loves Santino on the mic. to match him with Jericho the week after his debut.

The overall match was nothing more than to show the world Jericho could still go. Santino got a nice cheap shot in on Lawler before it ever began to likely set up his own match at the p.p.v. (or 3 hour anniversary show, in TWO WEEKS!) Jericho's new finisher, the "Codebreaker", is nothing more than a T.N.A. X-Division wrestler's normal move.. but exciting none the less. I think it'll do him well, much like Orton's R.K.O., Jericho can likely hit the "Codebreaker" out of any position.

Mr. Kennedy v. Brain Kendrick: Remember when I mentioned Londrick earlier? Yeah.. why couldn't Kennedy easily of squashed Super Crazy, instead of Kendrick? I mean.. obviously pairing Crazy with Duggan, there are no major plans of pushing him anywhere.. at least with Londrick you have a solid team.

This match was pointless & showed the world what? Kennedy can squash a guy that has the speed H.B.K. had 10 times of, at that age?

#1. Contender's Match: Melina v. Mickie James: It may of been better to have seen a Mickie James v. Michelle McCool match, at least then it would've added SLIGHT mystery to who Phoenix's opponent would've been.

None the less, the two top divas currently on Raw fighting for the p.p.v. spot. James wins, like predicted, & will hopefully put on a great match-up. Hey, anyone remember that James & Phoenix actually HAD a storyline long before Phoenix broke her jaw, or whatever that put her on the shelve forever?! I'm curious if they'd bring that back up.


Flair Promo:The Ric Flair promo is always a classic to view. The man breaks down on the way to the ring anymore. He can truly sell those tears. I seriously don't know if I'm ready for Ric Flair to retire. I know he's way passed his prime, but its gonna be like me toward Shawn Michaels when the time comes.. I know it'll be whats best.. but like hell if I'll want it to ever happen.

Hardy/H.H.H. Backstage: So, are they building Hardy to be a prick? Because he came off that way. Triple H. is telling the truth though.. he's never teamed with anyone he didn't turn against, so in all fairness.. this team of H.H.Hardy is falling apart in record time. (& to think I felt Regal's announcement was going to be H.H.Hardy v. Cade/Murdoch for the Tag Team titles)

Kennedy Promo: It could've likely been funnier had Shawn sold his own products, but I think Kennedy did a good job none the less. I'm personally buying it, simply because it has the title "Shawn Michaels" on it. And this was a great promo by Kennedy to hype their mega showdown even more. I truly am looking forward to it.

Horsemen Reunion: *sigh* I'll likely never get my true wish, but when I seen them show Arn Anderson & Barry Windham, I truly had a glimmer of hope that a new Horsemen ara, was about to begin tonight. *sigh* bastards.

Hornswoggle/Carlito Backstage: Seriously, tell me the creative team didn't just write Hornswoggle "Road-Runnering" his ass through a wall, only for Carlito to smack into it head on. I think Ron Simmons should've said "CANNED!!" instead of "Damn!" because this is truly what Carlito is being. Why does he even continue to show up? Seriously, I give him all the credit in the world for being capable enough to deal with the shit.

Main Event: Retirement Match: Ric Flair v. Randy Orton: I know I'm jumping about 2 shows ahead (anniversary show.. in TWO WEEKS!!!) but they could've made this match for the W.W.E. Championship, then had Orton getting DQed.. I doubt anyone seriously thought Flair would retire the same night his apparent last storyline would start. I see this going to Wrestlemania, but it could end as quickly as say.. the Royal Rumble, only to have Flair get screwed by Vince McMahon, or someone else, setting up a WM match. Overall.. I hope Ric Flair gets the World Championship one last time. I truly do.

Biggest Pop: Ric Flair

Most Shocking: Hornswoggle's "Road-Runner" impression

Worst Match: Mr. Kennedy v. Brian Kendrick

Overall Rating: 8/10: Having Chris Jericho back does up the rating. Ric Flair being placed into this storyline will also increase the rating, due to never "officially" knowing when he may or may not lose.

They seriously need to end the Hornswoggle/Carlito skits & either kill Carlito off, or just don't write him on anymore. The guy's talent will destroy W.W.E. upon his T.N.A. arrival, & all they're doing is sadly trying to bury the guy as fast as they can.

Jeff Hardy & Triple H. will be a great match, as long as it doesn't have the predicted Umaga/Snitsky run-ins to end it, or have a "bad ending." (where one doesn't know the other got hit by outsiders)

11-27-2007, 01:20 AM
Ok, it was a good show
Jericho was funny
Santino was funny
Hornswoggle been funnier
Carlito shouldn't have to be put through this
HHH v hardy will not put hardy over anymore because they dont want HHH with gold yet so it isnt for the belt but he isnt losing because he married the bosses daughter so he doesnt ever have to lose another match if he doesnt want to
Kennedy should use the downward spiral it works well for him
Brian Kendrick is not a jobber and putting him in that spot was ridiculous
Paul London is not a jobber and yet he jobbed to Charlie Haas on Heat?
Ric Flair deserves his final run and I'm happy hes getting it
I hate the fact jericho is not using the walls of jericho or the lionsault and instead doing some lame ass facebuster/code breaker bullshit
All in all was a good show but could've been better
O and Hacksaw I'm sre but its not the 70s, 80s, or early 90s and u really don't have it anymore

11-27-2007, 02:08 AM
The Lionsault is a dangerous move.. Jericho may not be capable of doing it anymore.. Or maybe he feels the need to ease into the move, get more into ring shape, shake out the bugs before doing the move again.

However, I think he'll still do the Walls... It's just they wanted to debut his new finisher for this match.

11-27-2007, 08:24 AM
overall great show.....great watch.....great times......i cannot wait to go to the 3 hour raw !


IM GOING TO IT TOO!!! HAHAHAH I CANT WAITT!!! LOL I went to the one in boston where Randy Orton kicked John Cena's Dad in the head. I fucking hate Orton...

And, I like the codebreaker. I think that once he uses it more, people will get used to it and like it more. It's just because we're not used to it yet.

11-27-2007, 11:02 AM
Triple H. & Jeff Hardy v. Umaga & Snitsky: this was supposedly the main event according to jerry lawler before the show. it didn't live up to expectation in my opinion. I mean when jeff was in the ring with snitsky he looked scared and tagged himself out straight away, now for a wrester who is supposed to be getting a huge push at the moment this just didn't make sense! Umaga got crushed which is a bad thing because recently his performances have been improving. Overall it was an easy win for HHH and Hardy, although snitsky was once again made to look dominating. Quite a good twist at the end with the match at Armageddon i think this is the start of HHH turning heel and setting himself up with a title shot at WM.

match rating: 6/10

Ric Flair Promo: mehh, usual ric flair stuff...was hinting at retiring then smashed it down and said he'd never retire. i think mcmahon coming out and telling him next time he loses he is out is a good storyline and it could last up till wrestlemania with him winning every match he is in then having one last title run.

Hardcore Holly, Cody Rhodes, Super Crazy & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch & The Highlanders.: this was god awfully boring people like jim duggan and super crazy belong on heat smackdown or ecw not the number one brand...this was the only downside to tonights show with holly picking up the win for the team.

match rating 4/10

Backstage promo (jeff hardy, HHH) adding importance to the match at Armageddon HHH doing his normal i dont have friends, i wont be your friend i will be the game crap...which again is indicating at a heel change.

Backstage promo (kennedy): well this wasn't great but i guess it was selling merchandise. would of been better if hbk came in and super kicked him, picked up a dvd and walks off or something.

Jericho and Santino Promo: my favorite bit of the whole night...was laughing out loud at the santaan? santa maria? santrino? bit and the whole promo just showcased the 2 best mic workers in the wwe today. was very happy to see this.

Jericho vs Santino : yeah i liked this, a good match to get jericho back in the grove, he looked slightly slow but above the standard of most the wwe talent today, santino didn't actually look too bad. new finisher for jericho was okay....i'd give it 7/10 it was quick decisive and looked like it could hurt.

match rating 8/10 purely because i love jericho

Mr. Kennedy vs. Brian Kendrick: poor kendrick he's better than a 1 minute loss to kennedy! nice move at the end by kennedy (flat liner) looked like it hurt. kendrick must of got on someones bad side for this!

match rating 6/10

backstage promo (mcmahon, hornswoggle, carlito, simmons) was actually quite funny in a childish way! i really don't want to see carlito go, but i see it inevitable in time, i think he's funny, good on the mic, not bad in the ring and a good heel, he's intercontinental class definitely, i'd move him to ECW definitely because i like him!

Mickie James vs. Melina for a shot at the Women's Title mehh boring mickie james wins with a ddt...then does some pointing to beth phoenix who is at ringside...

match rating 5/10

Flair vs Orton: i loved this match! it was actually a good contest even tho flair is nearing 60 now! when the figure 4 was locked in it brought a real smile to my face...then i thought when he got rko'd that was it cos the foot couldnt get on the rope but luckily the hand did. then a good distraction by jericho let flair use a low blow and pin 1-2-3...was very happy with this last match

match rating 8/10

biggest pop: jericho or flair (crowd were shocking throughout)

biggest heat: orton

worst promo: kennedy lacked everything

best promo: jericho santino made me laugh out loud!

overall rating: 9/10 loved this show best for months!

11-27-2007, 11:38 AM
I think that was the best Raw in a while. There was less talking and more wrestling, and the talking that went on was every bit great. At first when Jericho was waiting for Orton and Marella's music hit I was confused, but then I smiled because I knew the Mic action would be great which it was. The show opening up with a match was a great relief and a pretty good match itself with HHH and Jeff Hardy against Umaga and Snitsky. The topping on the cake had to be the Flair - Orton match. It was a pretty long match for todays standards. Even though Flair is limited to his trademark chops anymore he still took some rough bumps. It was a good match to watch and it even reminded me of some of the Flair - Sting matches from the late 80's early 90's. Melina and Mickie James was obviously some Monday Night Football time, just long enough to get filled in on the game and not miss anything important on Raw. Its funny how now we see some good Raws before the 15 year Anniversary. That should be one of the best shows we have seen in years.

11-27-2007, 12:05 PM
Melina and Mickie James was obviously some Monday Night Football time,

i hate that people think the diva matches are boring. yes, ill agree to a certain extent but im an aspiring diva and when/if i get into the business i want to change it. i want to make them more involved. i know that the divas are more important for other things than wrestling like the gimmicks and photo shoots and to attact guys and stuff like that but they are still wrestlers as their main job.

11-27-2007, 04:24 PM
I guess I'm going to have to be the party pooper here....

I thought the Hornswoggle/Carlito thing was absolutely horrible. There's cute/funny, and then there's completely ridiculous. I enjoy some comedy relieve in pro wrestling, but this was just way too much. I was even willing to let it slide when they did the TNT explosion thing under the ring a while back. That was pushing it, but I still enjoyed it.

Asking me to suspend disbelief long enough to buy that a couple of wrestlers can throw each other around the ring and beat the crap out of each other with no bruises is one thing. I can do that, and I enjoy it. But expecting me to sit and watch as a midget paints himself a door and runs through it? Am I really the only one who thought this sucked really really badly? Maybe I'm the minority on this one.

Regarding the Flair/Orton match, I'm on the fence. It had good and bad elements. It was good to see Flair pull some classic maneuvers (figure 4, the low blow), but he looked REALLY tired out there. He was on the mat most of the time, it seemed. I'd love to see Flair get the big send-off he deserves, but I'm not sure if he can put on good matches all the way to Wrestlemania. I'm going to go watch some of the classic matches from the 4 Horsemen DVD to put myself in a better mood, lol.

11-27-2007, 06:11 PM
I dont really get this stuff with carlito , the guy hands in his notice but hes now getting more air time than he has for months....Im not quite sure carlitos done yet.
The codebreaker sucked. When i heard jericho had a new finisher i thought it would be innovative and something new , thinking it had to be better than the lionsault for him to justify it . Instead we get a flip backstabber, a double knee facebuster, wtf is that?
The Orton - Flair match was fuckin epic , best match on raw in quite some time , the crowd had such a bad reaction to pretty much everything , especially orton , you could hear a pin drop for 3/4 of the show.
Finally, if HBK and HHH win at armageddon then il have lost hope of a new generation of main eventers ever materialising. This is WWEs big chance to elevate the midcarders with the biggest pops and heat , at the same PPv. Knowing WWE however, both hardy and kennedy will job , and the old men will rule the main event scene forever until as ric flair said, they are "dead in that ring".

11-27-2007, 07:48 PM
Ok Im Really Only Going To Talk About The One Match I Liked. Jericho vs Santino *surprise surprise* It Was Pretty Quick. The Build Up Bantering Shit Was Pretty Funny But The Santino Not Getting His Name Was Fucking Stupid. Seriously I REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALY Need To Know Why This Shit Gets Onto T.V.! *deep blackmans voice* DAMN!!!!!!! Ok So The Double Knee Face Buster The Codebreaker Was Kinda Fucking Stupid You Know.

11-28-2007, 01:03 AM
yea i thought raw was amazing to. i mean that flair and orton match was off the hook. i'm glad flair won but i wished it was clean with a figure four lock. the jericho match was a bit weak i thought. it was entertaining but i thought they could of had a better oppenent like london. i no it wouldn't be much of a match but it defently would of been exciting like a high flyer vs a co highflyer/ techinacal wrestler.

but i am confused with the jeff/hhh match at armageddon. i mean why would trips come in and say he isn't friends with jeff it just doesn't make sense. because now jeff is out of the title picture for another 18 years and triple h is not in it either. i think it will be a horrible match. i mean when was the last time you saw a high flyer and a power house have a great match. also this match is 2 precidable. jeff is defently gonna win the loose at rumble but then win at no way out. then the fued ends there. that would just be a waste of the fued because it didn't go till mania, or wasn't long enough for these people to fued for or ifm it did go to mania then it will be a waste aswell because jeff misses another money in the bank and trips is gonna look like a looser not bein in a match at mania. he cant vs kennedy because kennedy will be in the wwe title match ( he was gonna be in the main event any way)
. hhh cant be in the money in the bank match to because it doesn't suit him. and there is no other superstar to vs him. so wwe has just stuffed up making jeff hardy vs hhh at armaggedon because of this raw. but other trhan that i'm happy

instant classic Dan
11-28-2007, 06:53 AM
I thought Raw was ok at best. The first match was bland imo apart from the end(but anything involving Snitsky is a dud). I loved the Jericho segment with Santino match was ok aswell. I loled when Jerry Lawler said a big win for those 4 young men and two of them were 43 year old Bob Holly and 55 year old Jim Duggan. I liked the Jericho/Santino segment and the match was ok. I thought the Diva match was alright and i liked the mainevent cause Flair is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time.Also the Hornswoggle skit was abysmal and made me feel dumb to be watching Raw.
Match review
Snitsky & Umaga v Triple H & Hardy
8 man tag
Jericho v Santino
Melina v Mickie
kendrick v kennedy
Flair v orton
overall i give the show a 5.5 out of 10 not because of the inring action but the promos were very well done.

11-28-2007, 08:29 AM
This was a good raw but like everything it had its up and downs. The opening match was average at its best. Snitsky is possibly the worst wrestler to ever step foot in the ring. He has no skills and cannot sell his pain or the bumps worth anything. No wonder he only wrestles for 30 seconds at a time. The announcement of Jeff hardy vs. HHH is bogus everyone knows how this is going to go HHH will manhandle him in the beggining then hell get tired and Jeff will do all his high flying maneuvers, finally he will slip up somewhere and HHH will catch him with a pedigree. Come on WWE writers come up with something original and stop regurgitating every thing over and over again. Mr. Kennedy is a great talent and they were pushing him hard on smackdown now thats hes moved to raw theyve made him a mid carder whats the point in having him and HBk wrestle thats just wasting time. After this match Kennedy needs to shake HBK's hand and become a face and entertain us like john cena did with his mic skills. For god sakes Mr. kennedy is a young talent give him a storyline where he can thrive and succeed in the main event spot. The 8 man tag match was quite interesting and tag team action needs to be used more with tornado tags or whatever WWE can do to spice things up. The womens wrestling on Raw is excellent the girls are getting more and more advanced and their move selections are improving greatly. Chris Jerichos return match was great and the code breaker who dosnt like that move that was a great addition. Now imagine this Jericho wins the title sumwhere down the line and then Mr. Kenedy and Jericho feud could u imagine the promos we could get out of that. Ric flair is one of the greats and his match was enjoyable he is getting old tho and looked a little winded after his match but any match is a great match if Randy Orton gets his ass kicked.

11-28-2007, 04:20 PM
I remember back in the summer of 2005(which had the best summerslam sincee 1992) there was on raw a lumberjack match and snitsky actually put up a good fiight on cena; he was on the mat 80% of the time.

I'm hoping Hardy doesnt win the rumble, I was already pissed when Batista won which gave the most boring champion a huge push. Can this guy ever get out the picture and place Edge, Taker, and throw Cena in SD! since about everyone wants Jericho to be the mic guy on RAW.

RAW was good; Damn it Flair, he can not wrestle that much longer. His durablity is poor and will put on boring matches if this 'you lose--you're FIRED!' match happens every main event.

11-28-2007, 05:22 PM
I'm hoping Hardy doesnt win the rumble, I was already pissed when Batista won which gave the most boring champion a huge push. Can this guy ever get out the picture and place Edge, Taker, and throw Cena in SD! since about everyone wants Jericho to be the mic guy on RAW.

ok first of all, batista is an amazing wrestler and he is absolutely one of the best in the business.

second, Cena will stay on RAW. i cannot believe you said that. wow. Jericho has excellant mic skills and is very entertaining but john cena is equally entertaining and equally skillful. they can both be there.

11-29-2007, 06:37 AM
ok first of all, batista is an amazing wrestler and he is absolutely one of the best in the business.

second, Cena will stay on RAW. i cannot believe you said that. wow. Jericho has excellant mic skills and is very entertaining but john cena is equally entertaining and equally skillful. they can both be there.

Batista??? Cena??? Amazing and skillful?

Yes they are.

Amazing and skillful at sending 95% of the arena to sleep!

When their "great" matches rely on HBK and Taker (among others) carrying them at WM for example, then they cannot be considered great.

12-01-2007, 05:45 PM
Batista??? Cena??? Amazing and skillful?

Yes they are.

Amazing and skillful at sending 95% of the arena to sleep!

When their "great" matches rely on HBK and Taker (among others) carrying them at WM for example, then they cannot be considered great.

Look Im by no means a cena or batista fan , but the arena aint asleep when theyr in the ring buddy, Cena always gave 100% and even though i may have wanted him to get beat 96% of the time , I certainly didnt fall asleep. and really even though im not a fan of the whole small moveset kinda thing , some of the best in the business have had the same agenda.

anyway to move onto your other point , those two great matches you pointed out werent simply the work of HBK and taker , cena and batista did ther fair share as well , cena kinda less i suppose (sell the leg man , sell the leg!)but really cena and batista have both put on great matches without the "carrying" of recognised legends like HBK and taker, like cena-umaga at the rumble '07 and batista-khali-mysterio at unforgiven '07.

12-01-2007, 08:40 PM
y2j that is a not a good idea imo orton is in the title picture and trips is like the leader so yeh and batista is also in the title picture i mean what cud they do
Batista:yuh know what teddy im going to raw forget the title
T.Lo: k not like ur a main sd star cya
Batista:Hey Hunter
Triple H:The hell
see its not right

12-03-2007, 10:21 PM
this weeks raw was no wear near as good as the last 2 weeks but it was ok i got a great feeling when i saw y2j hit the lionsault and the return of the a.p.a made me realy happy i cant wait for next week eric bischoff,trish stratus,stone cold,mick foley,hulk hogan,(booby lashley{yes booby}),and maybe just maybe the rock raw is gonna be kickass

Papa Shango
12-03-2007, 10:37 PM
If The Rock shows up it'll be the suprise of the century. Face it people Rock's done with wrestling. He still hasn't forgiven the fans for "Die, Rocky, Die!"
I enjoyed RAW this week. It's amazing how one more talented guy on the roster just brings up the whole quality of the show. Y2J entertained all night, both on the mic and in the ring. Good to see that he still plans on keeping the Walls of Jericho in his repertoire. Did JR call the Lion Tamer? Way Old School! Return of the APA was great, except for that terrible neckbreaker. Oh snap, Kennedy punked out Scott Hall. It just goes to show you how unimportant TNA is when not even a percentage of the crowd recognized the shot at Hall. I popped for it. But noboady else did. So we had Y2J, HBK, Kennedy, and The Game with speaking time tonight. If we had Santino it would have been the best promo night since The Rock was still active. I give the show a healthy A-.

12-04-2007, 12:02 AM
I thought Raw this week as a decent show, ratings might be down this week though because of a good Monday Night Football game but overrall I think this show was just used to build up next weeks special

I really want to see The Rock show up next week that would be nice just for the fans, maybe they want to keep the shock value for next week I don't know but I won't get my hopes up

the matches on Raw this week was I think good, I hate the way the Y2J vs Umaga match ended that match was getting very very good, Orton vs HBK felt like they was just trying to kill time, I love that Kennedy is finally getting a push What the Hell took so long, but this HBK vs Kennedy fued is starting to get very interesting, the part bring out a fake Deisel, and Razor Ramon was funny even though I am not sure if the WWE crowd is getting so younger to the point that the current fans don't remember those guys or what but it was really no reaction when those guys came out like they did not know what was going on

love the way HHH is right now too, you know he is turning heel you just don't know when

I thought it sucked that it was no Santino also, I think it would have been great if they started Y2J off with a fued with Santino then moved him up to Orton, Orton is just not a good Champion I can honestly say I really don't watch Raw because of Orton, some Raws I even forget all about him, he is good in the Ring but he needs a manager or a stable or something

overrall decent show but I am more excited about next week

12-04-2007, 01:07 AM
I agree. Tonight's RAW was the best in a long time, and it felt like there was a new writer or either things were being pushed in another, more comedic direction.

Did anyone catch it when Kennedy brought in the fake Razor, and when Razor got in the ring Kennedy said real casually 'thanks for showing up.' Guess the word was passed around about Hall at the ppv

12-04-2007, 02:53 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: December 3rd, 2007:

Opening Promo: Chris Jericho kicks things off, & in a fit of nostalgia it strangely feels good to finally have him back. Still not the best promo in the world, & his mic. skills will likely come back with time. Jericho points out that Santino had a point, about walking in off the street & gaining a Championship match. (Santino made this point, oh the irony) So Jericho basically rants off about how he more or less "earned" his Championship match, because he cost Randy Orton a match. (Hmm, always wondered how specific, undeserving, people ever became Champ, now I know)

Enter, Randy Orton. Your basic buid yourself back & forth stuff here, with Jericho reminding the world that he did in fact defeat The Rock & Steve Austin, in the same night.. while Orton relives us through his glory days of defeating John Cena, Triple H., & Shawn Michaels. I suppose its a nice back & forth segemnt.. & finally, enter William Regal to set up the double Main Event.

The Segments:

Mr. Kennedy's Heart-Breaking Promo: There is no way, I've seen a better promo, then the one he cut.. within the past 3-4 monthes. Mr. Kennedy pulled this out, & did an AMAZING job with it. I honestly had my heart set on an actual real life Marty Jannetty returning though.. so, he did kinda break my heart.

The best part, hands down, would have to be the Scott Hall reference to no-showing T.N.A.'s p.p.v. ("By the way, thanks for showing up!" CLASSIC!) My only real question, is as it looks through a real life (behind the scenes) stand point. I'm curious what Kevin Nash, & Scott Hall really think of the mocking?! Because even in other brands, Hall & Nash have always been faithful for sticking up for Shawn.. so this is kinda iffy to me.

15th Anniversary Build: Okay, didn't Raw debut in 1993? At, the beginning of the year? So, why would you run an "early" 15th Anniversary show? Just a random thought. Anyways.. Nice plug to get in all the Legends returning. Trish Stratus, Mick Foley, Steve Austin, Eric Bischoff, & the soon to be newly divorced, Hulk Hogan! (glad to see he's looking for an alimony check for the ex, brother! ;))

Triple H./William Regal: It opens with a plug for wweshop.com, without the .com part. Imagine that, Triple H. is trying to decide which shirt (of his own) he wants to wear. So, the billion-dollar question.. why H.H.H. v. Jeff Hardy.. & the answer is.. Triple H. only destroys those he doesn't respect, but he respects Jeff Hardy.. until.. (Lance Storm quality dramatic pause) a Royal Rumble Championship title shot is on the line!

If anything, I honestly think this gives Jeff Hardy MORE of a chance to win, simply because normally the Rumble title matches don't switch hands. (normally) Also, what would the assumed match be?! Triple H. v. Randy Orton, Triple H. v. Chris Jericho (two top quality WM matches to me) or.. Randy Orton v. Jeff Hardy, or Chris Jericho v. Jeff Hardy. (two top quality filler p.p.v. matches, to me)

Stephanie McMahon/Vince McMahon: Uhmm.. "Dad, you've always gotten your ass kicked, stay away." "No!" *ackwardly leaves.* Yep.. weird. Not really sure how to handle this, I figured Stephanie would've mentioned something regarding taking Hornswoggle's side.. & apparently Linda is back to not being on the same side as Vince with the inside crack.. but instead, we get a plug for Steph pleaing with her Father to NOT help the ratings by taking another ass stomping for the 547305743097 time.

The Matches:

1. Beth Phoenix & Melina v. Mickie James & Maria: After watching T.N.A. Turning Point, & their Knockout's Tag Team match.. I was surely in store for assuming W.W.E. would stick it to them, with 3 of their best performers. Its funny how wrong I apparently was. And its also funny how 3 of the best female performers W.W.E. currently has, can go out & botch so many moves.

On the match, or storyline side of things.. what purpose did it serve for Beth to pin Mickie, dominately & cleanly? I'm assuming Mickie James definately won't be walking away with Beth's unfinished Candice Michelle feud still looming, so why bury Mickie completely? Give the fans a glimmer of hope, let Mickie pick up the fluke pin on Beth.

2. Umaga v. Chris Jericho: Finally, a solid match to put Jericho back into. Umaga was a great choice to put up against Jericho, as it'd showcase that he hasn't lost a step, & can go with this year's headliners. (Umaga was dominately undefeatable at one time, you know)

This match had everything Jericho "fans" were complaining for. The Lion Sault, The (attempted) Walls of Jericho, the high risk & the new "Code Breaker." The ending also left Umaga with a shred of monster cred, as he didn't cleanly lose. Although he solid being "out" after Jericho's finish pretty nicely, enough to make me believe he would've lost.

3. Handicapped Match: Carlito & The Coach v. Hornswoggle: There were ups & downs to this pathetic waste of time. To start with the down, Carlito is just being destroyed & I'm standing by my word.. each week he's shit on.. he'll throw back at them when he's winning T.N.A. matches with his amazing wrestling skills.

Now then, the UP! A.P.A. Returns!! Assuming it was a one night only type of gig, but still another fit of nostalgia & a nice one. Was it just me, or did J.B.L. look thinner?! (Apparently listening to Cole's broadcasting ability makes you lose your appetite) Regardless, I marked huge for this.. as I want J.B.L. to return to wrestling.. (or at least did, until I seen how sloppy he was.. lol)

4. Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Hardy v. Snitsky: Honestly, I thought for sure Triple H. was "accidentally" going to cost Jeff Hardy the Intercontinental Championship.. but I was wrong. Thankfully, wrong, albeit. As I personally don't want Snitsky as Intercontinental Champion.. & I didn't think they'd have him take a clean loss. Definately destroys Snitsky's push, in my opinion.

The Triple H. ending wasn't surprising. I wouldn't see him bashing Hardy with the sledgehammer until AFTER Hardy defeats him at Unforgiven. (so, in most likelyhood.. don't expect to see the sledge)

Main Event: Randy Orton v. Shawn Michaels: As always, the Head liner, the Show Stopper, the Main Event.. the man himself, can carry you through a solid Main Event. Great match, most H.B.K. one's normally are. Nice finish, predictable finish.. with Kennedy interfering.

The only downside & thing that I hated.. why.. how, how is the word.. How is it, that in one match, someone can simply run to ringside & grab someone else.. causing an instant DQ.. yet in other instances, say this one.. Kennedy can blantantly hit Shawn Michaels & brawl with him, while the official is clearly seeing the whole thing, & just counting away?!?! Stupid finish through that side of things, but understandable, through storyline stand-points.

Best Match of the Night: Chris Jericho v. Umaga -- The only reason it beats out Shawn Michaels/Randy Orton, to me, is because it was solid & fast paced almost all the way through. Not a lot of slowly down, & more or less, straight to the point.

Worst Match of the Night: Hornswoggle v. The Coach & Carlito -- I continue to disapprove of booking Hornswoggle in anything OTHER than backstage segments & in-ring promos. Raw had "HeAT" talent that wasted away off air, while this mess was happening. A.P.A. allowed it to stay, thats all.

Most Shocking Moment: A.P.A.'s return! Easily, even though the Kennedy promo definately stole a lot of the show for me.. I honestly never seen A.P.A. returning.

Best Promo: Mr. Kennedy's Heart Breaker.. hands down, not only best promo of the night, but of the past 3-4 monthes.. easy. It was all around solid & I will definately be talking about it for days, even weeks to come.

Overall Thoughts: For next week's showdown for being (hopefully) one of the Best Raw's in a long time, I think tonight's gave it a good sized run for its money. Nice night of action & surprise returns. Matches weren't too drug on, & promos were all around solid. My rating.. 9/10!

12-04-2007, 04:36 AM
To respond to the poster above, the reason there wasn't an instant disqualification in the HBK Orton match is because when there is interference, the referee will only call for the bell if it is in-ring, not outside.

12-04-2007, 09:40 AM
It really was a great edition of Raw this week. The idea of Orton and Jericho choosing each other opponents was a good one. However from their choices you could see who is the smartest in ring. Orton went for the biggest guy in the business now, Umaga. Not the worst wrestler in the world, but definately not the best. Whereas Jericho went for one of the most skillful, HBK.

Both matches however were really good. Jericho and Umaga actually put on a decent match up. The Orton Michaels match was probably the best them 2 have had together. The only thing I'm going to complain about, is the way they finished. I detest matches not finishing with a clear winner, either by count out or submission. It really isn't fair on the fans to have DQ's, run ins, or count outs this often. 3 out of 5 matches ended like this.

The Michaels Kenndy feud is one I am really looking forward to. They are 2 of my favourite wrestlers, and know how to make the crowd work, and their combined skill is amazing. Even I laughed when I saw Kennedy's promo for tonight, very original. I laughed even more when Shawn gave them the super kick we'd been waiting for ;). It was so funny to see Shawn stood next to the fake Shawn, and I was just wondering how fast the fake one would leave. However it would have been aweosme to see Shawn super kick 'himself'.

I even enjoyed the Hardy Snitsky match, and I aren't big fans of either of them. I thought Triple H was going to be involved somehow. Thankful it didn't lose Jeff the championship though.

I have a very low opinion on the wrestling ability of divas. It seems to become a diva you need to be gorgeous and have big boobs. Beth Pheonix, Victoria, Lita, and of course Chyna, were the best divas I have ever seen. They all know how to put on a match, it's just sad they have very little worthy competition nowadays.

A.P.A! I was so excited to see them. I was a huge A.P.A fan, and it just raises my hope J.B.L is returning properly soon.

All in all, great edition of Raw, minus the endings of matches. Can't wait for Armageddon.

12-04-2007, 09:45 AM
Here's my take on last nights Raw. Y2J's opening segment was pretty good. I liked the one last week better with the whole me want title match thing, but it was still decent.

I agree with Will that Kennedy's segment was the best of the night. He did a really great job with it and I loved the crack at TNA.

HHH and Regal segment continued to hint I think a heel turn for HHH.

The Women's match showed that Beth is still the most dominant Diva on Raw, the way that she crushed Mickie in like three moves.

Umaga and Y2J I expected to end in DQ, they can't have Umaga continue to loose and maintain his "monster" status, and they can't have Y2J loose cause he'll look weaker. So no surprise with Orton interfering.

Hornswoggle vs Coach and Carlito was simply awesome. Never in a million years did I expect to see the APA return. Espically with JBL and his gimmick, but mabey he dropped a hint by saying the APA can be hired anytime for the right price. Mabey we have not seen the last of them?

Jeff Hardy vs Snitsky was again I thought rather predictable. They wouldn't have Jeff loose his title just 2 weeks away from the biggest PPV of his life? After Jeffwon, again not surprised to see Snitsky beat him down a bit and HHH make the save. I was waiting for him to crack him with the hammer, but he did say next time I see you it won't be friendly terms, and there is another Raw before Armageddon so we'll see about that.

HBK vs RKO has been done time and time again, and somehow they always seem to put on a pretty decent show. Would have actually liked to see how the match would have ended, but Kennedy decided to come in, which I guess was understandable to have the storylines collide with Y2J then attacking Orton. I can certainly see Y2J and HBK vs Kennedy and Orton before Armageddon.

12-04-2007, 09:57 AM

Ha they are actually making me want to order Armageddon now because of the last few RAWs and I was looking forward to not throwing down 40 bucks for another PPV till Jan.

Anyway. Y2J's promo was a solid one. I'm glad the WWE through a small curveball at us and had him pick HBK for his selection instead of Triple H as most of the crowd was cheering for.

I'm not a Kennedy fan...truth be told I don't know what he does exactly that makes people mark for him. Although HBK is once again helping a young star get over which will be good for the company in the future.

For once I'm not sure who's going to win some of the matches at the PPV thanks to these Raws.

It seems no one has gotten the upper hand in many of the matches coming up.

Believe it or not I actually thought the Womens match wasn't half bad and I think Mickie James has a shot to win the Womens belt at the PPV BECAUSE she was squashed this week.

Well. That is all.
Does anyone else think Cena will show up for Raw 15 next week like I do?

12-04-2007, 11:53 AM
I thought it was a good solid, but the matches pissed me off. 2 clean victories, that's it! That's disgusting when one of the clean wins was Jeff Hardy over Snitsky. I have no problem with that cuz I mark for Hardy, but wow there's no way he should've gotten a clean win him. Jericho's and Umaga's match was great until Orton interferred. Hey look Orton win's another match not cleanly WTF, they spent like what 6+ months building up Orton to be the most hated dominating heel in the company only to ruin him once becomes champ. That angers me.

12-04-2007, 12:04 PM
Eh RAW was ok, nothing great, but I can live with it. The Kennedy promo was of course awesome and the Jericho/Umaga match was actually great. Those two worked well together and I wouldn't mind seeing a feud between the two at some point next year. Snitsky/Hardy was rather boring, but only because it's fucking Snitsky. God I can't stand him. Why he is still on the roster boggles my mind. Where was Santino? His promos are the best in the entire WWE.

I was glad to hear that Hogan will be on RAW next week, though it's either going to be a spoof or a taped interview IMO. We know Booker T/Angle/Nash/Eddie/Trish/Yokozuna/Bret won't be there, but I for one would love to see Scott Hall come down and start something with Kennedy, but that's a no chance situation right there. The McMahon family portrait will probably be the highlight of the night and I expect to see Austin stun at least one of the McMahon's.

Prince Punk
12-04-2007, 01:00 PM
overall raw was good but they need to quiet wasting time trying to build snitsky as a heel he has no heat and on top of that he looks like a kane rip off. i have not seen a single match where he was good simply put the man has no charisma in ring or out. the kennedy promo made me laugh i have to say i have not seen the man in a good wrestling match for awhile but his mic work is great. hbk vs rko /sigh how can they declare randy the winner when hbk was hit by kennedy thats not a count out thats DQ HBK WON come on give me a break and he never wrang the bell or anything just sad. umaga and Y2J for what it was worth was decent Y2J is probably one of the best they have on raw right now and i hope he gets the title at some point and does not end up being a high end jobber that will piss me off. however Raw was missing two things where was santino i missed his weird promos and where was Rick Flair?

12-04-2007, 05:16 PM
How can I put this nicely, you're all wrong it sucked
I was bored for most of it
They ruined the women's title picture, it made no sense unless theyre setting up something with trish coming next week to rejuvenate micky
Jericho, Orton opening segment didnt even feel strong
The Kennedy thing bored me cause how many times are they going to pull the bring out the guys in costume angle only to have the real guy come down
Jericho/Umaga - you knew orton was going to come down and rko jericho, you just werent sure how long it was going to take for jericho to hit his new stupid finisher so randy could come down, and umaga stop over selling the miss in the corner its just too much, lionsault made the match
O Woohoo APA I was happy to see it at first but then as move after move was botched I started to realize how overthehill or rusty they are, the jbl promo wasnt necessary, the damn was inevitable, and carlito needs to stop being shitted on and they should just let him go
Orton/Michaels - i was at survivor series and i was bored. I was bored last night. Come up with some new spots, your both talented. Kennedy was obv coming down cause hes a heel and right now over more than any other heel on the brand, which is sad cause hes been getting squashed for months, and orton was best as a tweener chasing cena, i think his character works without a title, but as a champion he needs to be face, i miss the old entrance, and wish he'd just turn back face until he loses the title and snaps, I know not possible but his character is just off
Hardy/Snitsky - kinda forgot it happened, the double underhook hold spot is so bad its funny, and he can't sell, and hardy is atheletic enough to add to his move set
Where was Ric Flair? He makes this huge splash and then isnt on television for two weeks, it makes no sense, look for carlito v flair loser is fired/retires match in the next couple weeks
I was disappointed

12-05-2007, 02:04 AM
Gees you people are never happy!!
Try to look on the positive side of things for a change. Raw has really impressed me the last couple weeks. We have had more wrestling that has been pretty good and Y2J adds alot to the roster.
So on with the show..........

I think the opening segment was well done as it set up 2 main events for the night.
The diva tag match was average but ive seen these four ladies do a lot better.
The kennedy promo was pretty funny IMO but it also hyped up Armageddon.
Umaga vs Jericho was match of the night IMO but starting it off during commercial break is a dumb move. We knew Orton was gonna come out but it was still entertaining to watch.
The APA reunion during the Hornswoggle vs Carlito & Coach really surprised me and it was great to watch.
Hardy Vs Snitsky wasnt bad at all but Jeff really surprised me with the win because I thought Snitsky was gonna win so Hardy could have a realistic chance at beating HHH at the PPV so he could challenge Orton 4 Wwe title @ Royal Rumble without holding the IC title. It is now so obvious that is gonna be HHH vs Orton 4 WWE title at the Royal Rumble and that makes me mad as im sick of that match.
The main event was quite good but I got bored midway for some strange reason. The interference was expected but still interesting as I thought Y2J would nail the codebreaker on Orton, but that did not happen unfortunately.

And finally Vince and Steph hyping up next weeks Raw which shuld be amazing to watch with all the star power. How the hell can someone say that this Raw sucked?? It only had five matches but every single match was entertaining. Raw has so much talent right now its unbelievable.

The only downside that I can recall is NO SANTINO MARELLA!!! WTF is going on there, he shuld be on Raw every week coz he is so damn funny 2 watch.

OH AND BTW, RIC FLAIR WASNT ON THE SHOW BECAUSE HE IS A SMACKDOWN! SUPERSTAR!!! The only reason he was on the show last week is because that was his hometown and he needed to make the announcement in front on his own hometown.

12-05-2007, 04:25 AM
This is ridiculous that people liked the Kennedy promo. I though he was good on the mic, but after Raw I have changed completely. This was one of the worst segments I have seen in a while. I respect the Nash chirps and all, but Kennedy is just as boing as Randy Orton on the mic. He has no personality. The APA was awesome though. I love suprises, and I certainly did not expect that. Also, every match was boring. I propose no more wrestling. Just huge RKO's and promos with Santino

12-05-2007, 08:42 AM
This is ridiculous that people liked the Kennedy promo. I though he was good on the mic, but after Raw I have changed completely. This was one of the worst segments I have seen in a while. I respect the Nash chirps and all, but Kennedy is just as boing as Randy Orton on the mic. He has no personality. The APA was awesome though. I love suprises, and I certainly did not expect that. Also, every match was boring. I propose no more wrestling. Just huge RKO's and promos with Santino

I thought is was a really good segment. Kennedy is gold on the mic, and in my opinion he isn't getting dull. So tell me why you didn't like that promo?

12-05-2007, 08:36 PM
I didn't like the Kennedy promo based on the fact that the cheap shot on Hall was the only joke in the segment. If you weren't laughing at jobbers dressed up as 90's wrestlers, than it wasn't funny.

12-05-2007, 10:03 PM
To me it seems that Kennedy is trying to be something he is not on the mic. He seems to act like he is crazy or something with his glazed over eyes. I find him boring and think that he trys to be someone he's not. Plus, the whole sgment was way too long. Also, I was drunk when I wrote that last line. No Randy Ortons on Raw either.

12-06-2007, 01:20 AM
and I can say Raw sucked because as good as everyone thinks its been lately its simply better than it was before the jericho return
It seems so great now because it was bad for so many weeks
Still though there is no tag team division and i havent seen cade/murdoch in a tag match since o yea survivor series and before that the feud with londrick for all of two weeks..... and one of them were on the tour
The IC title picture use to be interesting as the belt could change hands and there was a good mid card with people who would actually rise in the company, and right now Jeff is the only one on Raw who fits that description with DH not back, shelton gone, carlito going, kennedy being used a jobber for months which i simply do not understand, and cade still bogged down with murdoch, and if anyone says santino please let him have a finisher and win a match or two clean, the guy has some decent mma type moves let him show it off even doink had a move set
So basically what you have is a top heavy roster dominated by the click and with Michaels saying how much he think Orton reminds him of himself you have HHH, Michaels and Orton dominating the major storylines until Cena comes back and pushes Orton back down and one of if not the most talented in ring guy on the show gets lost in the shuffle like he had been before injuries to DX and edge being moved over to smackdown.
In an ideal situation wwe would fire all the writers, combine brands, fewer titles, more title changes and some drama but until that happens we're stuck with a raw that is progressively better than a month ago but no where near the excitement to have the ratings jump back up and the product doesnt get better it gets older

12-06-2007, 04:15 PM
Nothing to do with this theme; but, i think, one story line can have so much success, if WWE is smart enough, to bringo to WM24, the last match for Ric Flair, against, he's eternal nemesis, Sting. But obviously, that's something that would not happen.

12-08-2007, 07:14 AM
i agree with 8five. it seems that at armegedon randy will defeat jericho and then wil lose it to hhh at the rumble (batista is going to win the rumble) . batista is going to fight hhh at wm24. And i think there is going to be a elimination chamber at no way out, who undertaker wins and faces edge at wm24. what are the going to do with michaels, orton, kennedy, and a returning cena... i don't knw

Mad Metal
12-09-2007, 03:46 PM
Here is something I do not understand and need some clarification on; how was the "Thanks for coming" quote from Kennedy towards the fake Scott Hall a direct shot to TNA? It makes absolutely no sense and IMHO it would be more of a shot towards Scott Hall for not being reliable wherever he goes. Yeah, like that quote was a shot to TNA that was so harmful on something THEY DID. </sarcasm>

Just trying to stir a fake WWE vs TNA war that people imagines. This is all common sense.

12-10-2007, 03:29 AM
Here is something I do not understand and need some clarification on; how was the "Thanks for coming" quote from Kennedy towards the fake Scott Hall a direct shot to TNA? It makes absolutely no sense and IMHO it would be more of a shot towards Scott Hall for not being reliable wherever he goes. Yeah, like that quote was a shot to TNA that was so harmful on something THEY DID. </sarcasm>

Just trying to stir a fake WWE vs TNA war that people imagines. This is all common sense.

Hey man I'd say you're right on point about that one. Although you could say considering Hall's track record, for TNA to even book him for a paid event reflects poorly upon managements decision making. Though I totally agree with you and say it is wholeheartedly a shot at Hall himself and not TNA. WWE will probably never even make notice of the company itself and have no intentions of giving it any exposure on WWE's dime.

That being said I'd love to see Scott Hall show up tomorrow night on Monday Night Raw.

12-10-2007, 10:09 PM
did anyone notice that during the funny moments rewind, the mini hardy's, matt was hornswoggle
LMAO. Good call, dude.

After having watched most of the 15th anniversary show, I just sit here asking myself WTF? Kennedy in the main event against Marty Freakin Jannetty? Are you serious? Yeah, I thought Marty was gonna win that one :icon_rolleyes:. Please tell me there was at least a dark match main event for the live audience. . .

Vince named himself the greatest Raw superstar of all-time. Yeah, um, didn't see that coming :icon_rolleyes:. At least Mankind grew his hair back. I didn't expect to see Undertaker in that segment. To Vince's credit, he sells a choke slam better than Hogan. I'm really shocked at how far this episode ran over. Usually they get five minutes past the hour, this one ran until 11:20 ET. That was the biggest surprise of all.

12-10-2007, 10:22 PM
the entire 15th show was beyond dissapointing I think, it was nice to see old guys comeback but that is all seeing Evolution together again was probably the best part of the show, nice seeing Hogan, Austin coming back would have been better if they did not bring him back to stun Santino just a few weeks ago

the Y2J Bishoff thing is entertaining look like they was getting a little serious, looks like Y2J is still mad at him from the WCW days

nice to see Trish and Lita

best match was the Carlito vs Jeff Hardy by far, could have made that the Main Event that is how good it was

other then that I thought is was a very average show and it was dissapointing but it was very entertaining like the Lita, Kane and Ron Simmons things was very funny

and after last week show fans on this forum knew Vince would name himself, it did not take a damn spoiler to figure that out, it once again shows you how predictable WWE is right now

did not get my hopes up for The Rock because I never really expected him but it would have been nice

12-10-2007, 10:38 PM
Next time they do something like they they should do it in December again but let's scrap the December PPV give a Christmas Gift to the WWE Fans and give em a great show. in my own opinion I thought the Y2J/Bish segmant was a lil weak.... due to the fact that they haven't seen either of them two in a long time Y2J fresh off a return and Bish hasn't been seen in a long time. Evolution's Reunion should have gone off much better and RKO should have brought in a Raw Superstar from the past. Don't get me wrong I love Y2J and Umaga but they were misused in this great show and it looked like it gummed up what started off as a great show..... next time let's get all the Diva's in there past and present and just give the fans something more to cheer for rather than tease us with a lil Sunny and have her stand in the background. I mean who else thought that Molly should have been in there with Lita and Trish as well? all in all it was a good show but had it's rough spots in there.

12-10-2007, 11:05 PM
I thought the show was pretty good. I think they wasted time by bringing back some of the really old guys. I've never seen half of those guys in the battle royal, and I've been watching WWE for years. The ladder match was great to watch, and the segments were really good, especially the first one. Two things though: 1. Lita looked awful, she tried to squeeze into her old ring outfit. Disgusting. She should have worn a t-shirt like Marty Jannetty. 2. Was that actually Mick Foley? Think about it...no mic time, and barely anytime in the ring. Plus, I dont think he was in the ring at the very end. Its not hard to dress up a fat guy to look like Mankind.

Papa Shango
12-10-2007, 11:12 PM
It would be a federal crime for anyone besides Mick Foley to don the guise of Mankind. It was him.
I liked the show. The ladder match was the best match I've seen on Raw in quite awhile, at least the last six months. Carlito showed why he should stick around in that match. Really gave Jeff hardy momentum heading into Armageddon, too.
The crowd seemed absolutely dead for the Kennedy/Jannetty match, although it really wasn't a bad match at all. In fact, for a Marty Jannetty match it was quite good (sorry to the Jannetty marks out there, my sincerest apologies to the BOTH of you.)
Overall, it was very good, but the absence of The Rock kind of put a damper on things.

12-10-2007, 11:16 PM
i know alot of people dont like him but i marked for scotty 2 hotty im a huge scotty fan and i gotta say i was not disapointed at all with the show i was never bored

12-10-2007, 11:22 PM
The Raw Anniversary show was nostalgia at its best. There were some rough patches but that's the art of going live right? Especially with some guys who haven't had the opportunity in years.

How about Carlito's plancha from the top rope onto the ladder? Where has this guy been hiding his athleticsm? It's funny how right when he resigns they give him a huge spotlight but hey, that's business. I thought the ending was a LITTLE weak and could've used a bit more back and forth on top of the ladder, then again it has been done to death, but Vince got Stunnered again so who knows right?

Ted Dibiase paying I.R.S. to eliminate himself from the battle royal was pretty damn priceless. I thought it was cool how blackman/gunn/funk eliminated each other, it gave them some credibility. Also I can't believe we saw Pete Gas from the Mean Street Posee in there, jesus!

The biggest surprise for me personally was that Marty Jannety got to main event, like someone has already stated. But I don't think that awe-striking fact can be discussed enough. How about Kennedy methodically working his leg for a good half of the match then Jannety not even showing an inkling of pain in it? Well I guess that's why he's still known as "The Rocker".

My favourite part of the show was the return of RVD. I really did not see him showing up. It's too bad Marella yet again had to job but hey, at least it was to Mr. Monday Night himself. Sick frog splash.

Where was Sid?

12-11-2007, 12:05 AM
that raw was awesome, i dont see how anyone could complain about it. but i cant believe the Rock turned down the invitation WTF...everyone from the attitude era was there except for him. i wouldve enjoyed a rock, hhh, austin triple threat (thats being delusional, i know), its the one dream match ive always wanted to see. it wouldve happened in the 99 survivor series but austin got ran over by rikishi.

Mad Metal
12-11-2007, 12:08 AM
This WWE RAW was absolutely awesome. This episode proved that the WWE still has "it".

Damn Stephanie looked good like always. I loved how Triple H came out during the photo shoot in the ring. It was a true "lol" moment when the crowd started to chant Triple H's name after he made out with Stephanie LOL. Vince getting pissed was pretty funny. Sunny looked excellent and yes I still want her.

RVD making an appearance was a surprise. I thought he was still bitter from being held back for his drug bust and such. That was a huge surprise. My only complaint was the match was too damn short. I hate 30 second matches but I guess RVD's surprise return makes up for it.

It was great to see Evolution's reunion. Of course with the same RAW set and all the superstars look the same as the last time we seen the stable, it literally almost made you feel it was still 2003/2004. It was so great to see the stable. I also loved Randy Orton's explanation for not joining his former teammates.

I'm not much of a Hulkamaniac anymore, but I actually liked the Hulk Hogan/Khali segment with Horny. It got boring to see Hogan every week cutting the same 30 second promo, which was good to see a classic Hogan vs Giant brawl and going on the mic for a little bit which reminds you of Hulk/Andre. Kind of like when Hogan/Muhammad reminded you of Hogan/Sheiky.

The match between "The Jabroni" Carlito and Jeff Hardy was good. It's always excellent to see a good ladder match that is somewhat lengthy.

The 15 man battle royal reminded me a lot of the gimmick battle royal from WrestleMania 17 which I was disappointed to see Mr. Bob Backlund eliminated second, but good memories. I wish the WWE would re-hire some of these guys such as Steve Blackman and Gangrel. Just like the WM 17 gimmick battle royal, this one went pretty fast. I loved the ending where Ted Dibiase came out in his Million Dollar Man attire in the ring paying IRS to eliminate himself.

Chris Jericho and Eric Bischoff's segment was excellent. It was hilarious when Bischoff told Jericho to give up to Orton then and there instead of making the fans waste $40 to watch a match Bischoff assumed no one wanted to see. Damnit, bring back Eric Bischoff as the GM. My only complaint is Jericho has too many chains on himself.

Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes as tag team champs. Cool.

I hate Jillian's singing. DAMN! Trish Status and Lita looked so gorgeous. It was good to see the two divas back again. Feels like they were gone forever, despite Lita was gone for only a year so far.

The Kane and Lita segment was hilarious. Ron Simmons coming in with his usual quote was perfect.

Kennedy vs Jannetty match was decent. I wish Marty Jannetty would of defeated Mr. Kennedy. I guess the crowd's dead reaction kind of made the match feel a little blah. It was funny how all of the sudden out of nowhere Triple H comes out handing HBK a DX shirt and hat for a DX reunion like said, out of nowhere lol. Triple H's reunion with the McMahon/Helmsley faction, Evolution and D-Generation X. We seen it all.

I actually found it hilarious how Vince's cocky self named himself as the greatest superstar of all time. When I first heard the car crash I actually thought it was Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall but then I assumed it was Mick Foley. I was wrong, it was MANKIND. Then out comes The Undertaker on RAW. Taker + RAW = good combo. The Undertaker attacking Mr. McMahon reminded me of the old days when it was the Ministry of Darkness vs The Corporation as well as 'Taker claiming he was going to become the owner of the WWE and made Vince's life a living hell. Then of course out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin. Damn I loved the Austin vs McMahon feud for a couple years. The only man Vince truly fears of is Stone Cold Steve Austin. It was funny to see Vince McMahon proceeding in massive pain making an attempt to drink the beer from Austin. Mankind, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vince McMahon.... good retro of 1999. Wait..... CM Punk drinking beer???? Vince McMahon embarrassing himself and "losing it" is just as funny now as it was 9 years ago.

I was only disappointed not to see a couple names such as Sycho Sid which I was highly expecting to see him. I was a fan of his and was expecting to see the psycho back. I guess I don't need to hope to possibly see Sid again. If he would make a return, it would of been on the XV Anniversary show.

12-11-2007, 12:08 AM
LOL i agree that marty jannety shit was surprising, but i liked it. they gave him some shine after all these years. it was like the raw of yesteryear vs today's raw with orton vs jannety.

that frog splash was so INSANELY good, leads me to believe he was only there for one night and wanted to do the move right.

12-11-2007, 12:44 AM
being there was great. we had great seats, not like any in that arena are BAD. Ive been watching the WWF/WWF for about 27 years now,way before the days of PPV,when they would go to springfield MA to wrestle.

Seeing hogan again was great, havnt seen him in years(live) Two things though. I figured with Hogan coming to the ring in all black there would have been some mention or angle of him being NWO, but oh well. And what the heck did he say in reference to the Macho man? the arena was loud at that point and we couldnt hear what he said.ANYONE KNOW?

Seeing RVD was great, short yes but still good. The hardy match was good but i would have rather seen carlito win the match, but knew it wasnt going to happen so close to the PPV.

The Hornswaggle/portrait in the begining was great. Something about that lil guy is making me like him more and more. I HATED when they announced him as the son.

AS many of you , i was hoping to see SID there, there was even a guy who had a sign about him, but oh well. Not seeing the rock there was expected by me ,so while everyone in the arena was waiting for him to show after Raw went off the air we left. Nothing happened after that anyways.

THere was ONE pre match as someone asked before about it. it was against D. smith(davey boy smiths son) and some other ham and egger. trust me you didnt miss a dam thing lol

Well if anyone has any questions im free to answer them about tonight.

12-11-2007, 01:32 AM
That was easily the best RAW in ages! In case some of you couldn't tell, getting the storylines over for the PPV were the last thing anyone had in mind. It was great having evolution come out and leave with their old music, and id say the big surprise was seeing RVD and having him hit the 5 star. Damn shame about trish though....still looking fine, but looks like she may have had some work done on her face and the part that had me tearing up....trish looks to have lost that world class ass she used to have.

12-11-2007, 04:13 AM
RAW for me personally was a good spike on a pretty meh year. They brought back some nostalgia from the attitude era, hell the raw logo shouldve been changed back to the attitude era logo just for old times sake.

but like all RAW's it had its up and downs. I loved the opening segmant apart from the cheap shot at moolahs funeral, very bad taste, great the see fades of the mcmahon/helmsley, steph and trips still work great together in the ring, and absolute gold when he said 'see you at home *pause* wait i mean your brothers a gnome', and even after all these years theres still something about steph that makes me want to mount her and go at her like know tomorrow.

the ladder match i have no complaints about, carlitos plancha onto the ladder, wwe really picked up the slack in convincing him to stay. I actually saw carlito winning the title and hardy going on to beat trips and facing orton, but thems the breaks.

i loved the 'raw flashback' video packages, lots of classic moments crammed into one, however i do feel too much recent footage was used and not enough of the classic attitude era RAW, great to see the dudleyz powerbombing mae young off the stage through a table, CLASSIC.

RVD's comeback, great for the pop, i never saw it happening, and i actually saw them playing RVD's music and sending out some jobber in an RVD mask. Hell its been done before.

evolution reunion i didnt see going any other way, trips getting the spotlight, made me feel like i was back in 2003, all brilliant stuff to see though, although i do agree with batistas status back then and i believe he shouldve remained a midcard powerhouse but nothing else. Ortons reason for not joining the evolution reunion was gold.

mickie james is always a joy to see on TV, it gives me a war and fuzzy feeling inside.

hornswaggle vs khali, wow what a low spot for the night, then all of a sudden hulk hogan comes out dressed in some semi NWO attire, and to be honest, it still did nothing for me, although i think it would be an entertaining match at WM it still does nothing for me. And was it just me or did it look like hogan had some sort of wig on underneath that bandana, his hair looked fake to me, i cant remember hogan having that much hair.

the legend battle royal was entertaining enough, great to see some of the older guys come out, gillberg was an absolute classic moment, although i was hoping for goldberg but that was a LONG shot. hilarious when dibiase came out and just gave IRS some chas to eliminate himself. Reminded me of RAW from back in the day.

jericho segmant was a little repetitive, its the same old y2j but its still as entertaining as ever, i actually hoped he would do the codebreaker onto orton just to get it over before their PPV match.

the world tag match i didnt really care for, much like the rest of the tag division it just seems bland and uninventive, put the titles back on londrick.

trish and lita in the ring made my night, nuff said.

kennedy and janetty again i didnt care for, i mark out for kennedy, but what the hell do we have to do to see him do the green bay plunge, i miss it dammit, show me the green bay plunge, do it to hbk, i want to see his over sell for it.

final segmant, vince naming himself the greatest superstar in raw history, wow i never saw that coming :icon_rolleyes:, great to see mankind, taker and austin coming out to close with some attitude nostalgia.

all in all i thought it was a good show, not great, but not the usual crap they shell out. Great way to pump going into armageddon.

12-11-2007, 06:39 AM
I thought the show was awesome!

I think the Rock turning down the invitation was disgraceful and an insult to the company that made him, and an insult to the fans! Sources say Pyscho Sid was backstage but Vince doesnt want to use him if he's going to return, as you may or may not know they are in negotiations about a return!

The Hogan segment to me was the worst part of the show, It looked so amateurish watching him against Khali, niether guy could block a punch, maybe a i'm neing nias i dont know, as i've never been too much of a Hogan fan.

Its a shame Cena wasnt used for the show, even something like a backstage segment. I'm not a huge fan of Cena but he's done a lot for raw in the past few years.

RVD along with Austin prob had one of the biggest pops, i dont think anyone had an incline he'd be on the show, none the less what a Frog Splash!!!!!

The ladder match was cool, finish was a bit lame tho, but think both guys need credit for the match.

I'm not bothered at all about the tag title change, i dont like either team, give the titles to some worthy team like London and Kendrick!

I have 4 words to say about the divas "Trish, Lita marry me" damn they looked smoking!!!

The ending was cool, dont think there was one person who wawsnt expectingt he Mcmahon to announce himself!! Once again Austin never disappointed, and boy did vince sell that stunner!!

There hasnt been a raw like this in years in my opinion. It goes to show the WWE need the guys from the Attitude era, the Austin era!!!!!

12-11-2007, 07:03 AM
I personally found the show quite dissapointing as it went off the air but it's only when i read this and look back on it that it was a really solid show. The reason i was dissapointed was because i was expecting a shock, and was always clutching at straws. Despite the fact that it was probably never going to happen i was hoping to see either Bret, The Rock or someone else unexpected. Even during the Battle Royal when they went backstage for the entrance of Gillberg, knowing there was no way Goldberg would do it i still for a split second thought MAYBE!?!?!?!

But RVD's return, the ladder match, seeing Austin again(although it's getting a little tedious what he does) were all what raw has really been missing.

My favourite segment however was the Hogan bit. I'm not a massive Hogan mark, although a Wrestling ring is where he belongs! but i thought the things he said and the fact he wasn't in red & yellow was great because it was something bit different.

a side note, when Hogan had black & white covering his t-shirt, was anyone else thinking...nWo???

12-11-2007, 07:16 AM
THere was ONE pre match as someone asked before about it. it was against D. smith(davey boy smiths son) and some other ham and egger. trust me you didnt miss a dam thing lol

steve corino's not really a ham and egger.

have to say i was surprised RVD showed up. didnt think he'd be asked after turning down contract. but i was wrong. still looks to have it...even though santino was made to job AGAIN.

'When I first heard the car crash I actually thought it was Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall' - Can u imagine the heart problems TNA management would have if scott hall showed up after no-showing turning point??? lol.

is it strange 1 of the earliest matches i remember was gillberg vs al snow??? battle royal seemed better than the one they did at WM yrs ago. good to see gangrel and steve blackman back in the ring.

i love the whole angle of HHH always hinting at the fact he's actually married to steph.

the ending was predictable. as was bischoff being attacked by someone...thought austin would have got both him and vince tho.

12-11-2007, 10:20 AM
i thought that was the best raw i have seen ever or in years. with everyone back like al snow, trish, lita, stone cold, hogan, blackman, rvd, list goes on....

amazing show put together and it was great throughout the show.

12-11-2007, 10:28 AM
It was a decent show but pretty much 100% predictable. Everything on the show was basically a setup for something you'd expect. McMahon talking about how great he is = stunner. A woman talking about how she's great = trish and lita. It was just way to predictable and all the cameos were extremely short. I loved that RVD came back but I didn't like that it was a 20 second win over Santino. It's always nice to see when older guys reappear but everything seemed crammed in there.

12-11-2007, 10:52 AM
I was in shock when RVD came out. It was great to see him. I only wonder if he might come back to wwe.

The great Khali thing was kind of a let down. I mean Look with the whole hornswoggle situation last week for the first time in a while I wasn't able to guess what would happwn. I mean I knew someone would get invlolved in his match, but I was suprised when it was the APA. Never would have guessed it was them. So my point is why couldn't they have done that for the 15th anniversary. I mean I was kinda suprised by Hogan's apperance, but we all know that he comes back to face big guys like Khali. As soon as Khali got his hands on Hornswoggle I knew someone would come out, and I couldn't help to think that they would have brought out BIG SHOW. I mean that would have been amazing, but it didn't so whatever.

Last nights DAMN! moment was great. I love how they made the Kane/Lita conversation go. I was expecting something else before Ron came over to them thou.

The whole Triple H hinting his real life marriage to Stephanie. It was funny how they tried to keep the camera off Steph's face when Hunter was talking because she keep on smiling at Nunter and then would quickly change her face back to anger/shock or whatever facial expressions she would would use towards her father. That whole thing was halarious.

I was psyched to see gangeral, steve blackmen, scotty 2 hotty, flash funk, and Al snow.

It would be great to see them all come back to wwe(with the execption of Al snow who is still contracted to wwe I believe)

Even thou I think Scotty 2 Hotty should not have been in the Battel royal. Instead they should have had Grandmaster Sexy and Rikishi come on to last night. Then they should have had a Too Cool reunion. That would have been amazing.

Seeing Trish and Lita in the ring again was awesome. It was even better because Lita got a positive pop from the crowd. Which it great that everyone isn't judging her anymore because of her past situation.

The ending was sort of predictable because we all knew Austin was going to come out, but it was cool to see Undertaker and Foly(as Mankind) come out.

over all it was a decent show. I only wonder what they will do for the 20th anniversary

12-11-2007, 11:30 AM
I thought it was a good show with great parts. I was very happy Lita got popped, because I thought it was horrible what happened to her on her last match. Trish is looking sexier than ever. The Lita/Kane was probably my favorite segment of the night, the only thing that could've made that better was if Matt Hardy was there. Steve Blackman still looks like the lethal weapon he once was in WWE. RVD was the biggest suprise of the night for me. The ladder match was the best match of the night. That main event sucked. Marty shouldn't be wearing those Rocker tights, it's not the 80's bright flashy colors aren't the rage anymore. Though I thought he wrestled well, he didn't do a good job at the selling the leg injury throughout the match. That match convinced me that Kennedy is no where near ready to be a main eventer. That crowd was just dead. Hornswoggle pouring beer "accidently" as they were signing off was awesome, along with the whole McMahon/Helmsly skit in the beginning. Except for the Moolah comments. All in all good show, could've better but i'm not complaining because nothing is perfect.

12-11-2007, 11:46 AM
And what the heck did he say in reference to the Macho man? the arena was loud at that point and we couldnt hear what he said.ANYONE KNOW?

He said, in relation to coming back to wrestle, "never say never, oooooh yeeeeeah." I'm not exactly sure what the point was taking a shot at Macho, but it was still cool.

I thought the show was good, if not a little predictable. I liked the opening segment with the McMahons and Hornswoggle. Sunny was HOT, damn. I knew Triple H would probably come out and interrupt, but it was still funny.

Jeff Hardy/Carlito had a pretty good ladder match, but it was too short. That spot when Carlito springboarded from the ropes to the ladder was stellar and the spot with the sunset flip over the ladder was awesome. I knew Hardy would win, but the match delivered.

The Khali/Horny match was what you'd expect and it was only saved by Hogan, who looked really good tonight. At least he's still keeping in shape. He looks better than any of the other guys his age that showed up. It was a nice change seeing him in all black again, with the black and white boas. I was hoping he'd body slam Khali but you can tell they are maybe saving that for Mania if the match with Austin doesn't happen, yet again. His promo was also a nice change from the usual 'whatcha gonna do?' He was even moving better in the ring than the last couple times I've seen him.

The battle royal was pretty cool. It was nice seeing Al Snow, Steve Blackman, Jim Neidhart and 2 Cold Scorpio again. Of course Gillberg was funny as ever. Ted Dibiase's appearance was gold, paying IRS to eliminate himself. I thought Sid may have made an appearance in this, but alas it didn't happen.

I was hoping to see the Iron Sheik. I'm do for another crazy Sheik rant.

The Kennedy/Jannetty match was what you'd expect. Jannetty looked okay in the ring, but he no sold Kennedy's attacks on his knee. The end of the match was predictable though with HBK coming out to save Marty and of course the DX reunion. I think everyone knew that would happen.

RVD's return was awesome. Too bad the match with Santino couldn't have been longer. That frog splash was dynamite.

The Evolution reunion was what I expected. Didn't think Orton would join the three of them, but the reason was cool and seeing Rated RKO reunite was awesome.

Trish and Lita both looked extremely good. I miss seeing them every week.

I liked Bischoff's return. He cut a good promo and still gets good heat. I'd love to see Bischoff come back as GM. I figured Austin would come out and stun him. Didn't expect to see Jericho confront him, but it was still entertaining nonetheless, though I can't help but think Jericho is being extremely repetitive ever since coming back to WWE.

We all knew that Vince would announce himself as the greatest RAW superstar ever, but I wasn't expecting Mankind to come down and attack Vince. That was cool seeing Foley like that. The Undertaker's appearance was awesome and seeing him chokeslam Vince brought back memories of the Attitude era. Austin's appearance was EXTREMELY predictable, but what do you expect from him these days? Everytime he returns it always is to stun Vince and drink beer, except for the Santino angle. Nonetheless that whole segment was entertaining, especially seeing Vince trying to drink beer while holding his neck in pain. The stunner was awesome, especially because beer flew everywhere lol.

Overall I think the show was pretty good, if not predictable as hell at points. I think they crammed in too many of the old guys just for short cameos who really didn't serve much purpose other than to have their faces on tv for maybe one last time. Nostalgia was the word of the night and it sure did flow.

I would have loved to have seen Scott Hall return and where was Sid? Maybe they are holding his return back until a later date, but after reading that he was backstage and not used, I'm starting to wonder.

Hopefully next week's show will be at the same level this one was, but I can't help but think that it will just be your average everyday RAW.

12-11-2007, 12:34 PM
i feel that raw has become terrible since the draft but last night made me remember why i was a WWE fan and why i watched raw in the monday night wars

it reminded me of what raw was made of, Austin vs McMahon, the hilarious promos like Val getting his dick chopped off and the birth of the hand,and the insane moments like Bischoff getting made GM (nobody was unamazed by that)

the video clips were amazingly good. WWE put together some brilliant footage.

the hogan promo was good but it was pretty sluggish. hogan still gets a good reaction and i hope we see more of him in WWE now that he and vince have patched things up

the matches were quite solid though they were all pretty short, i feel the ladder match should have been longer and i feel carlito carried the match and i felt he should have won.

Evoloution vs Rated RKO and Umaga was good because i thought that it would have been crap just to hear Orton say "im better than all of you" then leave. Seeing Edge on Raw again was good mainly because Edge is an outragous character and smackdown dosent fit his rated r gimmick. umaga was predictable. i was actually hoping The Big Show would team with them. the match was very short especialy for having 2 world champions and a number 1 contender in it.

the battle royal was fun to watch but i felt that a head cheese bit would have been cool or a hardcore bit by blackman would have made it better.

seeing RVD made my night. it was incredibly unnexpected and it just shows how missed he is in the world of wrestling. i hope this means that we can see more of him or a possible return. RVD 4:20 I JUST SMOKED YOUR ASS

the tag tyeam match was ok. i really dont like Cody Rhodes because i feel that he dosent have a proper move set or finisher and i hate the chlothesline that he does. but it was quite expected that he would win a title.

Jannety vs Kennedy. i was actually impressed by how well Marty is still wrestling but i feel the kenton bomb would have been a better finish to the match.

Trish and Lita did a great promo. i feel that they are the two best female wrestlers ever mainly because i would sit through and really enjoy trish vs lita matches. they are the only two divas that pulloed off the heel with a male partner well ie Lita and Edge, Trish and Christian. these two divas are missed incredibly because they had real wrestling talent. Lita cut a great promo with Kane and simmons. it was great to see that Lita god a pop when she came out because she is quite possibly the most hated diva ever.

Bischoff has still got it. he cut a good promo and still plays a great slimeball heel. i felt jericho could have made fun of him a little more but seeing the walls of jericho on orton was great.its been 2 years too long since ive seen that move.

the ending was great but i felt that if The Rock was there it would have been perfect. seeing Mankind was cool and im glad that Taker was a part of the show. Austin is still the greatest face of all time and he cut a good ending to the show.

best parts of the night:

Seeing RVD
Rated RKO
Trish and Lita
The video packages

12-11-2007, 01:48 PM
Raw anniversary , Thank you very much.

Did my day , what a episode it was.

The Jeff vs Carltio matchw as pretty good but coudlve had a better ending.

Lita and Trish , wow I almost cried of happiness at the end.

The battel Royal , LOL classic ending.

Hogan saying WWe being the greatest company of all time and fans went crazy...class

The ending was good but I really loved it when Austin said the Greatest superstart of raw history was...the fans. CLASSYY ACT from SCSA. The ending was only missing The Rock. Too bad he turned down. ANd Boy Austin knowsd how to throw a party or what.

9/10 , great show.

12-11-2007, 02:23 PM
i gotta say my true thoughts

marty vs kennedy-it was a lil boring but it was fun and marty can still go all in all a good match

the battle royal made my day and the crowd ruined it i mean come on cheer for someone! irs,slaughter,s2h,gangrel,JIM NEIDHART for god sakes

carlito vs jeff was awesome but i was realy pissed when jeff won carliti deserves the belt

the ending was awesome as well although it was weird seeing cm punk drink beer but oh well and bob backlund(i bet tna was suprised right there) was drinking water and regal was drinking coke lol but there were people missing scotty,taker,and foley weren't drinkin beer and i would have loved for bad ass taker one night only but all in all it was one of the best raws ive ever seen im 15 years old and i still knew who every person was that crowd and the past 3 crowds are a bunch of idiots

12-11-2007, 03:17 PM
OMG....I loved last night so much for 2 main reasons. #1. Divas....Lita is my all time favorite Diva ever and she was still hot(bigger but still hot) I loved that she got a pop she deserves it. Trish also love her and glad to see her(skinnier but hot), also nice to see Molly even though it was quick and Sunny my child hood crush is still pretty fine. For me Lita made the show. The backstage bit with Kane was also hillarious. Im just so glad she got some well deserved respect from the crowd. The second thing that made this the Best RAW in a long time was RVD. He definetly one of my all-time faves and it was great to see him in the ring.

12-11-2007, 03:47 PM
Great show.

First segment was funny, although the Mae Young thing was a bit much. Bashtion Booger got old! The HHH/Steph chemistry is on point---if they added some new twists to the McMahon/Helmsley regime I bet they could squeeze out another year of interesting stories lines with the two of them.

The ladder match was excellent, albeit a bit short. Some great spots, though. If (when) Jeff Hardy loses to HHH, they should have Jeff and Carlito feud for the IC title, maybe even give it to Carlito for a while.

15 Man battle royal was what it was. It was just nice to see some of those old faces.

Great to see RVD.

Kennedy vs. Marty. I was actually rooting for Marty. Am I the only one who thinks Kennedy is just about the most unentertaining wrestler ever?

Good to see Hogan, although I didn't really understand the Macho Man reference. Oh well. He should have slammed Kahli. I can't believe how they've ruined Kahli by the way and they are doing the same with Umaga. How many times has there been a tag team or a triple tag team with the heel side missing a partner...and then the GM or Vince or whomever will say, "Oh yeah? Well meet OUR partner...UMAGA!!!!!" Big whoop.

The last segment was class. Yes, we all knew vince was going to announce himself as the best but there really was no other way they could have done it short of making it a public poll on wwe.com (maybe they should have done that). I like how they did it. I had been waiting on the Undertaker all night and when I saw the time I thought he might not come out. Then when Foley came out I knew UT would follow suit and then Austin. I wasn't quite sure how they were going to pull off the transition as I didn't think they'd have Foley, UT and Austin in the ring at the same time but I think they did a good job.

I was really happy they didn't have Austin come out when UT was still in the ring. I spent the entire part of the late 90's with Austin always getting the upper hand on Taker, I did not want to see it again but I think they did it beautifully with UT "disappearing". Cool to see all the starts in at the end as well.

12-12-2007, 02:20 AM
So, I just now got to watch the 15th anniversary episode of RAW tonight, First I work on monday nights, and second I recently canceled my Cable for money reasons, and so I have to get on late monday night after work and download Raw everyweek.

This week did not let me down I have to say...

I completely Marked out when RVD :robvandam: showed up! OMG THAT was the LAST thing I was expecting!

I was amazed at lethal weapon's shape, damn, he looked in better shape then some of the current superstars.

Trish is hot as all hell, and I was so happy when the crowd gave Lita the positive Pop, I was gonna be pissed if they booed her.

The ladder match was pretty good, had an awkward start, but I do have to say, Carlito impressed me, and that springboard was awesome. Hardy, well as of late I've began to expect close to perfection week in and week out, and he was as good as he has been lately.

and yeah, HHH's hints and shit toward stephanie cracked me up.

Hornswaggle spilling the beer on McMahon was great too!

Good show, stone cold was predictable, but exactly what everyone wants from him anymore...

One question, What was CM Punk drinking? the only thing I could guess would be pepsi, cause it looked like a blue can, and thats what threw me off... I was like, no way thats a miller light... really? and I saw Regal with his Coke and shit, but they never did the close up on Punk.

ehh, whatever, good show, I liked it alot

12-12-2007, 09:28 PM
I though the show was completely weak!!

The only thing that got me was the surprise RVD return. Totally marked out for that as it was just not expected. But that aside there was nothing. The ladder match was good, but for a ladder match, kind of crappy. It was entertaining nonetheless but when you compare it to previous similar matches or even to what you would generally expect to find or get from a ladder match it was again weak. Spots were minimal (both in number and in impact), match didn't run for long enough as a whole and there was just something missing from it. And this so should have been the main-event ahead of Marty fkn Jannetty. Note to management: he doesn't actually work there!! Why is he headlining?

The 6 man tag I just skipped through. As much as I enjoyed seeing Evolution back together, seriously was there any fkn point to this? It was retarded. Trips was in so many segments I almost died. He comes out to re-unite Vince with his long-lost one night nightmares. He comes out to re-unite Evolution. And about ten minutes later he runs out to re-unite DX. I mean seriously WTF!!?? And I thought TNA booking was retarded. Dutch and Jarrett are looking like geniuses after this bullshit.

The ten man battle royal?? Don't we do this every fkn year at Mania?? Doesn't it happen at least once a year on Raw anyway when they run out of ideas to fill TV time, despite all the amazing talent thats sits there doing nothing? WASTE of fkn airtime!!!

I guess the biggest thing to piss me off was the fact that it was completely flashback mode. The Bisch/Y2J promo was fkn pointless and to be honest it was a reminder that Y2J doesn't have a role on the show. He is the number one contender for the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! Can someone please fkn remind us of it and have Jericho and Orton kicking eachother's asses all over the place all night long!! Build some sort of fucking hype - for the love of the wrestling gods!! (I know - wrestling gods is cheesy - so sue me!).

Again back to the whole flashback mode thing.... Nothing on this show highlighted the current and future stars. Hogan should not have been there. Bischoff perhaps should not have been there. Etc. etc. I mean fair enough - honor the past. This is why there was so much video on the show!! Why do we have to bring in Bisch for a mean-nothing promo. If what he had to say was of any impact or consequence or just worthy of a listen than fair enough. Even a reference to him attempting to take down Raw with Nitro and getting so close would have been noteworthy. But he had nothing to say. It was basically, "hey Eric we need you to kill 5 minutes, just go out and say something. Here's a mic. Don't say anything interesting or you're fucked!". Why were all matches featuring talents from other eras, or talents paired into factions that no longer exist? Why did nothing on the show build towards the PPV. Armageddon was completely forgotten about. It was an afterthought to the mish-mash of random bullshit segments that they strung together to serve no particular purpose.

Bottom line it was a train-wreck. Even if you take the show as a "out the window, one night only, just for the fun of it" type of deal, you can't hide the fact that it was a poorly pieced together show. It was as I said one random segment after the other and it made no fkn sense. But worse of all it was ONLY JUST entertaining. If you give yourself the freedom to put anything up on that screen and can just manage to make it bearably worthwhile you have serious problems.

12-13-2007, 02:08 AM
Omg some people just whine all day long. If u didnt like this Raw, then u wont like any other Raw because the 15th Anniversary is about as good as it gets. I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish. The Ladder match was awesome, the promos were great and the appearances were great too. The only thing that people shuld be whining about is the lack of quality matches. While that may be true, I didnt really care about the bad matches because this Raw was just amazing. It had awesome superstars even though it would have been nice for The Rock made an appearance even by video. The crowd was hot for 95% of the night. And Raw pulled a 4.1 rating which is damn good nowadays. The bottom line is THIS RAW WAS EXTREMLY ENTERTAINING. If u missed the show, I would stongly recommend you download it or something because you wont be disappointed.

Serious Mozzarella
12-14-2007, 09:22 AM
Omg some people just whine all day long. If u didnt like this Raw, then u wont like any other Raw because the 15th Anniversary is about as good as it gets. I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish. The Ladder match was awesome, the promos were great and the appearances were great too. The only thing that people shuld be whining about is the lack of quality matches. While that may be true, I didnt really care about the bad matches because this Raw was just amazing. It had awesome superstars even though it would have been nice for The Rock made an appearance even by video. The crowd was hot for 95% of the night. And Raw pulled a 4.1 rating which is damn good nowadays. The bottom line is THIS RAW WAS EXTREMLY ENTERTAINING. If u missed the show, I would stongly recommend you download it or something because you wont be disappointed.

This Raw might have been entertaining, but ask yourself this question: What did it leave you looking forward to for the other shows? Did it do ANYTHING to hype SD!, Armageddon, or the next Raw? I mean, yeah, the show was good and all, but it was like watching a televised house show... NOTHING happened.

Loveless Chulita
12-14-2007, 03:59 PM
I know I'm almost a week to late, excuse me.

I was pleased with the 15th Anniversary Raw. Now, the first 15-20 minutes were my favorite due to me being a huge HHH/Stephanie mark. I love the teasers they do about their love life which everyone knows about.

As far as the ladder match it was decent, but I was hoping for a Jeff & Matt Hardy vs. Edge and someone else (I know it couldn't be Christian) just to bring some of the old ladder matches back around.

I wasn't shocked to see Marty due to what Kennedy did last week with having all the impostors coming out.

The battle royal had me calling everyone I used to watch wrestling with, it was just a bunch of nostalgia going around.

I admit the THIRD time HHH came out I was like "come on!" When I saw the Evolution segment I knew that Randy Orton wasn't going to "join" back the minute he walked out, lol.
I was excited to see RatedRKO back together but it's so funny how they say "UMAGA" as their third partner like that's supposed to just shock and amaze the crowd. We all saw that one coming.
What else?
It was nice to see Lita and Trish back in the ring and the Kane/Lita awkwardness was interesting but I was expecting Matt somewhere in the background.
The ending was not surprising what did surprise me was it not going off until 20 after. I kept looking at the time and yes, I was one of the ones HOPING, WISHING, and PRAYING that the Rock would show up after "Mankind" (since they're thinking it might not have been him, lol, Stone Cold, and the Undertaker came out but no. It pissed me off though, it's not the WWE fault though.
All in all it was a decent raw. I thoroughly enjoyed the clips that made me go "oh man, remember when.."

12-14-2007, 11:17 PM
i thought it was amazing very good show but the slaming of khali by hogan just would not happen they made sure of it cause kahli is a bit bigger (not weight height) than andre and hogan is very old now and i mean he is nothing he was in the 20 ish years back i mean he was like cena back than huge face just money for vince at most he had 5 moves.

and that was just a big push for the ratings.

oh well

12-15-2007, 03:16 AM
This Raw might have been entertaining, but ask yourself this question: What did it leave you looking forward to for the other shows? Did it do ANYTHING to hype SD!, Armageddon, or the next Raw? I mean, yeah, the show was good and all, but it was like watching a televised house show... NOTHING happened.

Because this Raw was so good, what im trying to say is that people will want to see more and more. And it did hype Armageddon unless you missed the bit where y2j put orton in the walls of jericho. Or u missed that confrontation between kennedy and hbk. It also had Smackdown superstars competing in matches which encourages fans to watch the Friday night show.

NOTHING HAPPENED???? Are you serious because loads of things happened on this episode. Ladder match, 6 man tag match, Hogan appearance, Vince announced himself as the biggest raw superstar in history only to get bashed later by mankind, undertaker and stone cold. So i guess your saying that Hogan, lita, trish, sunny, mankind and all the others would appear on a house show. Give a break!!!

Italian MVP
12-15-2007, 05:01 AM
It was a great show which i enjoyed.

For the people saying it was weak because of the matches and so on, the night wasnt made for matches, it was made for special apparences and guests! and for that it was a very great show!

The first segment between HHH and Vince was very funny. And hornswoggles expressions when the godfather came out was priceless!

The Ladder match was good for the time it was given. Good spots and im glad they kept carlito. it should of been given more time, but it was still good.

RVD appearing shocked the hell out of me and he did get a huge pop. Bring back RVD!

Hulk coming out to save hornswoggle was expected but still great to see hulk back on raw.

The battle royal was not good but it waas great to see the legends back and that was what the night was for.

Evoultion returning was also great and i wish they were still together! Edge and Randy orton Rated RKO was also good and it was a decent match. Good to See two good groups back in action! Brought back good memories!

And trish and lita coming and kicking jillians butt was great, best two female wrestlers off all time! geez i wish they were back they were great and looked very very good!

The jennety, Keneddy match was alright, but the crowd was dead! HBK came in for the save which further promoted their match at Armageddon.

And finally Vince naming himself greatest superstar was expected but it was great to see mankind, undertaker and stone cold back to back. And stone cold thanking the fans was great

Overall it was a great show with all the old faces coming back. it wasnt about the wrestling it was about the legends and wrestlers that made raw what it is today!

12-15-2007, 12:42 PM
I agree, in fact I have thought Raw has been pretty weak for almost a year now. I am not seeing anything intersting and whenever something exciting has the potential to really take someone is suspended because of the drug policy. The Hardy Carlito match was not that good. I don't understand how everyone can get so hyped for a bland match that has been a hundred times over again. You might as well buy a best of Jeff Hardey DVD and save yourself the time of watching RAW every week. Some of the skits were funny, but I am tired of funny. I want to see some really good wrestling and some interesting matches. I think it was cheap for RAW to have a three hour special, but have almost and hour of that taken up with flashbacks. I did like seeing Trish, Lita, and RVD, but nothing actually happened. It was so boring. The Battle Royal really made me mad. They booked some great wrestlers and then let worst of all of them win. Scorpio or Blackman would have been a much better choice for the win.
So that is my opinion. I actually think TNA is more interesting lately than RAW.

12-15-2007, 09:43 PM
This Episode Reminded Me How Great Raw Was Back In The Day, And How Subpar It Is Now. I Think The Acquisions Of Wcw And Ecw And The Brand Split Destroyed The Wwf, I Mean Wwe. That Sucks 2

12-18-2007, 01:27 AM
Tonight's episode of Raw compared to the Anniversary one was stinker in my opinion. I agree that the anniversary one reminded me of it's glory days and how it's sunk to a level of mediocrity. And what is with Vince all of a sudden flipping out everytime he gets his ass kicked? Last time he flipped it was after he lost the ECW belt to Bobby Lashley. Now, it's after the claw from Mankind, Chokeslam by Taker and Stunner by Stone Cold. This whole crazy Vince McMahon thing didn't work the last time and it's not gonna work now. And you want to see how little confidence they have in Jericho, they take him from the WWE title to fighting JBL. And in the spot Jericho used to have is Jeff Hardy. I don't have a problem with Hardy going for the belt but ONLY if he actually gets a taste of the WWE title. And if the rumor is true that Triple H is backing Jeff Hardy, and considering Triple H put over Hardy at the PPV, maybe it'll happen. If it does, I see some hope. But if it doesn't, the sinking continues.

12-18-2007, 12:15 PM
I was at the show last night and it was an ok Raw, but not that great compared to the previous ones that i have seen in Buffalo. The only problem i have is people talking about how mediocre Raw has become, honestly if you dont enjoy watching the show dont watch it. Everyone continues to bash Raw and WWE for old storylines, I say if you have a problem with it, dont watch it nobody is making you. And for last nights show it was okay, but thats what you would have to expect. It was following a PPV, which them raw's recently have not been too great and its over a month until the rumble, so they have to stall on some storylines to make sure they dont get old, its too early for ppl to start talking about the rumble, which is why HHH was in that match. So for the timing of the show, it wasn't that bad of a show, not great but what i expected.

12-18-2007, 02:04 PM
Last nights Raw at first I thought too much talking was going on but then watched it a second time with my cousin and enjoyed it for being a decent show. The Diva's opening up was nice although when action goes on quickly it's hard to tell who is who when you have two blondes in there (kelly kelly and Michelle) the Vince was kinda interesting in that he was mumbling it made you kinda have to listen hard to what he was saying. HHH apologizing was unexpected I think they could have had Jeff out there to talk to Vince and then have Vince leave the area saying things that people couldn't understand. I do like Regal Wrestling it was nice to see him in there being a Vicious man once agian slamming HHH's Head with his foot into the Ringpost?
Flair cut another great promo but to cut to commercial I think the home audience kinda lost the flow when they did that. Match left a lot of questions like is this gonna be a DQ on Umaga? I did like how they showed Umaga destroy the barrier. Tag team match was also good with Cade and Murdock out there with a fire in them maybe they can make a nice feud for the belts in there but look out on the horizon is Carlito and Santino lol. Ultimately I would like to see Murdock and Rhodes as the Outlaws ,Yes I know Murdock is not in anyway related to Dirty Dick Murdock but I think they can pull it off. The end Tag Team match was pretty solid the workers in that match Orton Kennedy Micheals and Hardy the only way it could have stunk up the house was to toss in Vince in there changing stipulations and rules as the match went on. over all they had a lot of talk on the show but the Wrestling was above average.

12-18-2007, 05:40 PM
HHH vs flair every body knows that HHH is gona let Flair win unless a tital shot is on the line. And since JBL is gona be on Raw dose anybody else think that this is gona result into a tri branded war up until the royal rumble

Italian MVP
12-19-2007, 12:44 AM
I Thought Raw was alright this week. Lets take a look Shall we!

The divas match was your traditonal Divas xmas match, nothing really to it. But where was Beth? She is the damn Womens champ, She should be on the show and it was in her home town! That really dissapointed me not seeing her on the show. Anyway the match was nothing.

Vince's segment with Hardy was ok. Vince looks like he is going back to his mad ways like he was before blowing himself up, so it seems we are going to have a repeat of vince talking like he is emo which i hate. But Jeff is improving his mic skills and i was really impressed the way he was talking to Vince.

HHH vs regal and coach was just crap and a waiste of time. Havent they got anything for HHH to do? And regal should get back in the ring big time!

Ric Flair's promo i thought was awsome as it had a lot of passion. His match with Umaga was good and i thought it was the best with what Flair could do. I loved the ending and thought it was a perfect finish to keep Flairs career alive.

The tag match bored me. It was too short and Rhodes and Holly are just blah, they have nothing good about them. They should of kept the belts on Cade and Murdoch. This match bored me and it was again nothing.

Santino and Carlito as a tag team is interesting, Santino certainly is great on the mic and im going to see what they got together. they have the charisma but i want to see if they are good as a team. As for the match, it is sad to see what london and kenerick are going through. these two should be having the tag titles, they are the best high flyers on raw and should be fighting for the tag titles, instead of Rhodes and Holly. Sad it really is.

Finally, The main event between Orton and Kennedy Vs HBK and Hardy was great. I loved it, it went for a good amount of time and it certainly made Hardy look like a real contender for the title. Even though he wont win as its just a test to see how he goes.

I was suprised that there was no hornswoggle tonight as he is usually on their
and no Snitsky, but thank God for that!

Anyway im giving Raw a 7/10 this week, nothing special but lets hope it gets more interesting for the new year!

12-19-2007, 04:22 AM
This Raw was very disappointing in my opinion.

The diva match was good, I mean how can someone not like the divas because they are all soo hot!!

I absolutely hated the whole Vince segment with Hardy and HHH. The guy was fucking sitting in the corner for at leasat 20 minutes. I was getting so damn bored and that is not natural for me. Vince shouldnt be on TV anymore because nobody cares, the crowd was chanting "BOORRRINGGGGG" during the whole segment, doesnt he get the hint!!

As for the so called match, I thought it was completely BS. You must have been mentally retarded if you thought HHH was gonna lose.

The tag team title match was average but a little bit too short for my liking. I think Holly isnt the right partner that Cody needs to boost his popularity and therefore I think their title reign wont last very long.

Ric Flair vs Umaga was pretty decent. I must admit I was pumped up for this match. The ending was great especially because it made Umaga still look strong and unstoppable while it made Flair look like he only JUST won which is great since he is pretty old.

The Y2J/JBL segment was average mainly because I think it went on for too long. I thought the Vince segment was long enough not to have anymore segments but I was wrong.

The Londrick vs Marella/Carlito match was a pleasent surprise is my opinion. But the best bit was after the match when Santino spoke on the mic. Seriously the guy is gold is on the mic. I was laughing my head off when he called Carlito columbian and was hugging him 2 make it look like they are besties or something. My friend was cracking up when he pushed Maria into one of his opponents so he could escape during the match.

The main event was great and went for about 15 minutes which is very good. All four superstars really worked hard the pull off this great match. Kennedy and Hardy were very impressive. Michaels never fails to disappoint and Orton did very well 2. The surprise was that Hardy pinned Orton. Thats right Jeff Hardy pinned the WWE champion and HHH in just two nights. Good on him, the guy deserves it.

Im giving Raw 6.5/10 this week which is below average. Except for the main event, nothing at all stood out IMO. Ah well hopefully next year brings better episodes than this one.

01-01-2008, 01:31 PM
the last raw of 2007....it was good! i actually enjoyed it...shawn michaels vs. kennedy was great....the main event was great...except for the end...the jbl/jericho segment was alright...i just disliked the fact that the fireworks and jbl's stupid stare went far too long...the triple threat women's match was disastrous....too many botched spots...the randy orton/hardy feud seems to be doing good....mr. mcmahon as always entertains...overall it was good

Y 2 Jake
01-05-2008, 06:24 AM
Raw Roulette is pointless. It's just an excuse to have gimmick matches. Isn't that what the One Night Stand PPV is for? So we're probably going to have another cage match, possibly another ladder match, a handicap match, a lumberjack match, and a Judy Bagwell On A Pole Match. Great.

01-05-2008, 02:46 PM
Raw Roulette is pointless. It's just an excuse to have gimmick matches. Isn't that what the One Night Stand PPV is for? So we're probably going to have another cage match, possibly another ladder match, a handicap match, a lumberjack match, and a Judy Bagwell On A Pole Match. Great.

I actually love Raw Roulette. I know its nothing more than a pointless way to toss tons of gimmicks into one night, but I think its a nice way to boost ratings. A lot of people anymore, are getting tired of seeing single's & tag team matches anymore. People want violence, & gimmicks.

I could see Randy Orton v. Chris Jericho in a T.L.C. match, for the W.W.E. Championship (in a way to show Orton can do what Hardy does - & also J.B.L. could interfere, without getting the match thrown out)

I'm also seeing a hardcore match, or a cage match with Jeff Hardy v. Umaga for the Intercontinental Championship.

Possibly a handicapped match for Ric Flair v. the Highlanders. (stupid, but what other tag team could Flair end up beating without hurting them? The Highlanders haven't seen action in a while, so whats left to hurt)

Lil Wes
01-05-2008, 02:53 PM
I actually love Raw Roulette. I know its nothing more than a pointless way to toss tons of gimmicks into one night, but I think its a nice way to boost ratings. A lot of people anymore, are getting tired of seeing single's & tag team matches anymore. People want violence, & gimmicks.

It won't do anything for ratings IMO. This is WWE we are talking about...You don't get Hardcore violence and gimmicks. Instead I bet we get yet....anotherrrr.....:rolleyes:....Cage Match, possibly Extreme Rules, Handicaps and Arm Wrestling.

I like the RAW Roulette thing just because you don't know what's coming. So that part is fun but I doubt we see much of anything special during the matches. Other than Flair overcoming the odds again and Trips beating someone to a pulp.

01-07-2008, 10:13 PM
Dear God what a terrible Raw this was. Honestly I think the best part of the night was watching Jeff do the Whisper In The Wind off the top of the cage. Other then that one impressive move Raw blew hard I think. Normally Raw Roulette offers a nice surprise, but after tonight I noticed something. It's always the same. There is a strange bedfellows match with enimies teaming, handicap match, some sort of hardcore (first blood/street fight), Diva pillow fight, and there's always a cage match. None of these were impressive tonight at all. Once again we did not see the Women's champion... go figure... What happened to Flair? I guess the "offical Raw Preview" led us astray for once. HHH vs Regal was a waste of time. I must say though that it was very nice to see a beatdown like JBL gave Y2J, Haven't seen one of those in a good long time. However it did get dragged out a bit, but I think that the refs should have stopped it after Y2J was hanging for a few seconds.

My feelings
Funniest segment: Carlito... nough said

Best Match: Hardy vs Umaga

Worst Match: Diva's pillowfight

Lil Wes
01-07-2008, 10:25 PM
Meh, This RAW sucked IMO. The Cage Match was pretty good. It was just an average cage match up until Hardy's spot. Which was cool. That was my highlight of the night.

The rest sucked ass. The divas pillow thing was pointless and Ashley is a bore. I hope Maria stays away from the wrestling ring at Mania but if they go the Playboy route she'll be in. Sadly.

The HHH/Regal thing was ok I suppose. I expected HHH to come out with the win, we may see this again at the Rumble. Since HHH is out of it, I bet he goes after the opposite title that the Rumble winner chooses.

The rest nobody cares about. Y2J may be the Biggest Flop of 2008 or 07 or whatever. I want more promos between him and JBL because the matches will probably suck. Not enough building of the Rumble and dumb booking continues.

Regular RAW overall.

Mr. TM
01-08-2008, 01:29 AM
Raw Roulette
Is it me, or was all the matches to obviously fixed, if they want to make it interesting, have the wheel on the stage or something.

Shawn Michaels and Mr. Kennedy vs. Charlie Haas and Trevor Murdoch
- Boring
- Predictable
- This feud is kinda pointless, isn't it?

Trading Places Match �" Carlito (dressed as Hardcore Holly) with Santino Marella vs. Hardcore Holly (dressed as Carlito) with Cody Rhodes)
- The only entertaining part of Raw
- Carlito is hilarious
- I didn't understand all the talk about carlitos hair, if they weren't going to do an angle where carlito might have actually dyed his hair or something

Lingerie Pillow Fight �" Maria vs. Melina vs. Mickie James vs. Jillian Hall vs. Ashley
- I sure miss Trish vs Lita

First Blood Match �" Triple H vs. William Regal
- If i wasn't asleep during the rest of raw, i was nodding off here.
- The feud is at least better than the HBK/MR.K

Handicap Match: Chris Jericho vs. Snitsky and John Bradshaw Layfield
- Beat down was alright, just wish this feud had more passion to go with.

Royal Rumble Qualifying Match �" The Highlanders vs. Hornswoggle and B.H. Jordan (Replaced by Mick Foley)
- The faces are lovable, but Mick is getting slow unforatantly.

Jeff Hardy v. Umaga in a Steel Cage
- Whew, the overrun involved the only lively part of the show, and if anyone else saw it, they know what I am talking about, Finally warming up to Hardy in the main event.

Overall Raw was Pretty horrid

Best Parts
3.) Mick Foley returns
2.) Carlito/HH attire
1.) Whisper in the Wind

Worst Parts
3.) Charlie Haas's mask routine
2.) HBK/Kennedy tag team
1.) Pillow Fight

01-08-2008, 09:57 AM
RAW sucked hardcore, it was so bad that once the main event started I literally forgot everything that happened before then. That's how bad and forgettable this RAW was. As much as I may like seeing the occasional appearance of Foley he should no longer wrestle, he's getting fatter and slwoer and shouldn't be in the Rumble. Speaking of which, is it or does it seem like this Rumble match is gonna blow by who's in it so far? The main event was a great IMO, not amazing but had an amazing spot by the spot monkey everyone on here seems to love to hate.

Conor *Charmismo*
01-08-2008, 10:58 AM
This was a totaly flat episode of Raw

I'm sorry for those of you complaining about the lack of Raw tag division, i think tonight will show you why: The tag team wrestlers are really boring. Seriously, i respect their dedication and everything, but jesus christ come on! At least try to entertain me.

And what was up with the Wheel being spun between breaks? Come on. That takes out any fun out of it, and besides who didn't know there would be a steel cage match tonight XD

Also the choices were lame.

The saving grace was the main event, which was awesome.

The first blood match was okay.

The crowd seemed mega dead for everything, expect the high spot at the end, which was incredible.

01-08-2008, 02:19 PM
The ingenious traditional event hosted occasionally and innovated by Eric Bischoff, RAW Roulette. This should be a magnificent evening given to the Monday Night RAW fans and to impressively kick-start the New 2008 Year off. It's been too long since I've seen RAW Roulette.

(1) Shawn Michaels & Mr. Kennedy vs. Charlie Haas & Murdoch - Strange Bedfellows Match

JESUS CHRIST!! Sorry to say the lords name in vein. The name of the match...stupid. They put teams together who've not ever teamed up before and we've got HBK and Kennedy vs. ah, Haas and Murdoch? Eww. Thumps down to start off the night. Michaels and Kennedy couldn't even co-exist pass the 30 second mark and who couldn't forecast this coming. Haas needs to take that mask off. Send him the hell to ECW to join Benjamin. What are you doing, WWE? Moreover, this Kennedy/HBK feud has reached boring in my eyes and Kennedy is the one making it boring, no offence, and not to mention the sheer predictability. Kennedy and JBL would make a better rivalry in my opinion. I wish Mr. Kennedy turned the face way. But anyway, In the duration of this match had I gotten up and took off to seek something to fill my mouth with. Got back, Sweet Chin Music to Haas, Mic-Check to HBK, Kennedy pins Haas. Victory achieved. This match is equivalent to 2.0 stars.

(2) Carlito w/ Santino Marella vs. Hardcore Holly w/ Cody Rhodes - Trading Places Match

Second dimmest match of the night. Most of the crowd was silent, some gave a little sign of life...whatever. Carlito would dress like Holly, Holly would dress like Carlito. You know, The Tag Champions comes to me as a puppet show, though. They need to lose those championships now, and put them on... well... I don't even know. The tag division is surely deteriorating, that's for sure. Look at Carlito and Holly. Sort of funny, I guess. But come on, we couldn't get a Tables Match instead of a plain singles? I'm so disappointed and these fans have wasted money from what I've seen thus far. Henceforth, I couldn't remain seated. Alabama Slam! and this match is over after pinfall. Holly wins. Yeah, average stuff. Nothing interesting by like 45 minutes pass the hour. Mostly seen is Vince's face and plenty talking instead of great action. Match equivalent to 1.8 stars.

(3) Mickie James vs. Maria vs. Jullian Hall vs. Ashley vs. Melina - Lingerie Pillow Fight

Dimmest match of the night. Are you kidding me. You mean to tell me things can't get a little better tonight. Couldn't we have had an aggressive Six Woman Bra and Panties Match? Seeing how the damn show is indeed a fix? It sure would've been better and what I would've booked. Anyway, Ashley is BACK! YAY! Not that I care too much. Where the hell is Beth Phoenix? Yup, dropped off the face of the earth. She was always strong, pretty, and dominant to me but boring in personality. So maybe she went to get a personality check. The crowd was silent, I was bored and worried a bit those fans might have got up and left. It was that bad out there, though it picked up just by a spark by the ending with Ashley's momentum and when she scored with an elbow and picked the victory up over Hall. One hour gone, nothing interesting or entertaining or great and Lita, Trish, Victoria, Jazz, Molly Holly, we need you back! Match equivalent to 1.2 stars.

(4) Triple H vs. William Regal - First Blood Match

Gears shift as JR put it. Wow. William Regal looks great out there with Triple H and is hanging with him in the ring too. Perhaps, a wrestling comeback would be good. The show picked up with this match indefinitely. Exciting match. But wait, Ric Flair. He's not even here to be in HHH's corner? Continuing, crowd got behind match so it worked. This feud also is far better than Kennedy vs HBK. It sparks interest in me. WOW. Triple H clobbers Regal with several closed fists and draws blood from Regal. Game OVER Regal. Match equivalent to 3.0 stars.

(5) J.B.Layfield & Snitsky vs. Chris Jericho - Handicap Match

Match lasted about a minute or a little lower. Very short. I see them trying to make this really good but yeah, a bit drawn out. Found it quite hard to get behind the brawl but it was at least a plus to the already negative night. JBL a man possessed dragging Y2J up the ramp and intending to hang him on the metal frame constructional set but doesn't quite get to before refs come out to stop it and JBL leaves Y2J seeking breath. This was ok. Still leaving my seat a bit, though. Match equivalent to 2.7 stars.

(6) Hornswoggle & Mick Foley vs The Highlanders

Excels first three matches of the night. Mick, the pace, pick it up at least by a hair. It was watchable. Don't have much to say on this one besides not seeing Highlanders from some time. Frog Splash and Hornswoggle gets the win for the team. Everyone sure loves that Hornswoggle. Match equivalent to 2.5 stars.

(7) Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga - Steel Cage Match

Match of the night and Randy Orton wasn't going to miss this for the world. He was out there to get an intimate view of this match-up. A decent Cage Match between Jeff Hardy and Umaga and King made a bit of an overstating prediction saying it would be a match we'd never forget for a long time. The Whisper in the Wind off the top of the cage on Umaga was THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT! That one stunt Jeff did beats the show out, no lie. Pinfall and victory after that for Hardy. What momentum on Jeff's side going into the Rumble. I hope he wins the title. Match equivalent to 3.5 stars.

Overall show to me drew 2.7 stars and would of been less if it weren't for Main Event and Hardy. Not a very good RAW in my opinion.

01-09-2008, 02:36 AM
Ok lets see how I rated this Raw...... my Star ratings are out of 5

The Raw Roulette idea was unique and I personally liked it.

Match #1 - HBK/Mr Kennedy Vs Charlie Haas/Trevor Murdoch
This match was average but was a little intertaining with HBK and Mr K attacking each other during the match. WTF was with Haas and his mask. That was weird. Rating-**1/4

Match #2 - Carlito w Santino vs Hardcore Holly w Cody Rhodes
Below average match that had filler written all over it. I thought Carlito was going to win for some reason. Rating *1/2

Match #3 - Pillow fight that included Melina, Jillian Hall, Maria, Mickie James, and Ashley who made her Raw return!!!
Wow Ashley has some nice puppies and you could say that I missed them alot. Great that shes back though but the match was all over the place. Rating 3/4 *

Match #4 - Triple H vs William Regal in a First Blood Match.
For some strange reason, I thought this was going to be the main event of the night but it ended up lasting about 5 minutes!! Not a bad match but too short for anything special. Rating **1/2

Match #5 - Chris Jericho vs. Snitsky and JBL in a handicap match
This was more like a segment than a match. Snitsky disappeared after 2 minutes!!. So JBL beat the crap out of Y2J. Rating **

Match #6 - The Highlanders vs. Hornswoggle and MICK FOLEY
It was great to see Foley again but I dont understand why he is entering the Royal Rumble. Match was short and predictable and Foley helps Horny get the pin in another short match. Rating **

Match #7 - Jeff Hardy v. Umaga in a Steel Cage match
Absolutely great 15 minute match. The Orton interference was great and the Hardy whisper in the ring from the top of the cage was amazing DOWNLOAD IT IF YOU MISSED IT. The 2 mixed very well together and put on an extremely entertaining match. Rating ****

This Raw had it ups and downs. The Cage match obviously saved this Raw from sucking. Hardy and Umaga should get a pat on the back for that match. The Raw roulette was good but they should show us the wheel before EVERY match because we only saw about 2 matches decided on the wheel. Overall Rating **3/4

01-09-2008, 02:57 AM
this raw was ok i guess like everyone else here i think the best match was the hardy versus umaga match, other then that it would have to off been the worst raw i have seen in a long time.
I am a massive fan oh H.B.K and mr kennedy but i do not know why they are continuing with this fued.
and i pray to god they do not have hornswoggle win the rumble could u imagine that randy ortan vs hornswoggle headlining wrestlemania that better not be where wwe is going with this. wouldnt surprise me though

01-09-2008, 03:06 AM
and i pray to god they do not have hornswoggle win the rumble could u imagine that randy ortan vs hornswoggle headlining wrestlemania that better not be where wwe is going with this. wouldnt surprise me though

I doubt Hornswoggle will win the rumble. Wrestlemania is the biggest stage for the biggest matches and I will be surprised if Hornswoggle is even on the WM24 card. He will prob get tossed out of the rumble straight away.

Rated K for Kennedy... Kennedy!
01-09-2008, 05:26 AM
Personally, I thought this RAW wasn't awful, they seemed a bit afraid to do anything original though. Pillow Fight and WWE's basic stock match, a cage. Don't get me wronfg the cage match was off the chain, and I'd pay to see it again, I thought Orton really added too it as well with his assisting of Umaga.

I was just hoping beyond hope for some sort of a gimmick match with London and Kendrick, maybe a table match with whoever are the current tag team champs, erm.... I don't remember.

Not a waste of my time simply for main event and ending. I think Jeff is being built up awfully, just hope he doesn't lose at the rumble then get lost in the shuffle, but at least Trips likes him, till he gets too popular, or wears the wrong colour ring gear, lol.

01-10-2008, 02:06 AM
It won't let me post a thread in the forums, so I'm hoping someone can answer my question here.

But on the last edition of Raw where William Regal and Triple H participated in the first blood match, does anyone know how Triple H got Regal to bleed?

I know that usually it is done by the wrestler cutting himself with a small razorblade somewhere on the forehead, but after watching the show again, when Triple H picked up Regal's head and started hitting him, Regal wasn't bleeding at all.

Only after being punched several times, with his head held facing the camera, did Regal start bleeding.

Did Regal cut himself and it took that long to start bleeding? Or did they use some other way?

Did they use a fake blood capsule? Anyone know?

After watching it again online where I could stop and rewind the video did I notice this. My first thought was that maybe Triple H had something in his fist that cut Regal, but IDK.

01-10-2008, 02:28 AM
i actually didn't mind this raw that much. the steel cage match is great. i think hardy is taking it to orton and the first blood was alright. i wopuld like to see another raw raoulette this year but with a table match, and a last man standing. but i give this raw 8/10

01-10-2008, 02:29 AM
I thought Raw was alright this week as well. The Diva match was pretty boring wrestling-wise, but hey, we got to see bunch of scantily-clad women run around.

I thought the Umaga v Hardy match was great when he hit the Whisper in the Wind off the cage.

01-10-2008, 02:33 PM
It won't let me post a thread in the forums, so I'm hoping someone can answer my question here.

But on the last edition of Raw where William Regal and Triple H participated in the first blood match, does anyone know how Triple H got Regal to bleed?

I know that usually it is done by the wrestler cutting himself with a small razorblade somewhere on the forehead, but after watching the show again, when Triple H picked up Regal's head and started hitting him, Regal wasn't bleeding at all.

Only after being punched several times, with his head held facing the camera, did Regal start bleeding.

Did Regal cut himself and it took that long to start bleeding? Or did they use some other way?

Did they use a fake blood capsule? Anyone know?

After watching it again online where I could stop and rewind the video did I notice this. My first thought was that maybe Triple H had something in his fist that cut Regal, but IDK.

When HHH was measuring Regal just before he started the last series of punches, he bladed Regal. You can see his hand above Regal's eye make a small quick movement that would be consistent with that.

Edit: I took a look at the video on the WWE website, and realized clarification may help you see it. The blading was done once he had regal in the sitting position, between the first and second punch.

01-14-2008, 10:14 PM
This Weeks Raw 1/14/08 was an ok it seemed they were so much into talking about HD they forgot to write a show.. Womens match nice to see all the Diva's but Beth dominating every week it's getting pretty boring watching it week in and week out they need to be competitive to make this interesting. It was Nice to See HBK in action and well I kinda lost interest in the rest of Raw other than when Flair had his match with Regal, good match not the best for either one, and the Hardy Orton Match I was looking forward to but who was I kidding they wouldn't give a PPV match away before the PPV, Nice OMG Moment by Hardy though he put his body on the line and made me believe he is gonna go the distance with Orton. the Gimmick Royal Rumble was kinda funny but they should either put in Hornswaggel (sp?) or the Diva's in a squash match to Beth blah blah blah these 2 reasons are why I gave this a B in what was some decent matches and a nice build to RR they worked it by hyping HD, Hornswaggle, and a Diva Squash. what was up with "the deal"? between McMahon and Finley? kinda interesting.. and HHH gets a shot at the Royal Rumble against who? With News of the Big Show back in the WWE and Ron "K Kwick" Killings in the WWE it should add a nice shot of here is a temp fix to some terrible story lines.

Lyez. D
01-14-2008, 10:14 PM
Jeff being a spot monkey finally paid off. It saved the first boring RAW of 08'. This RAW was full of mishaps and difficulties but everything came full circle for the Main Event. Sure we've seen it in TNA before but this time it looked a lot better.

RAW programming has been lackluster the only thing decent to me worth watching is the Orton/Hardy program.

RAW is seriously full of too many replays of Ric Flair and just replays in general. They have some sort of story with Kennedy and Michaels going on that needs new life, they have useless belts in the Tag titles, establishing stories and not elaborating on them (carlito and Santino), divas that want to be known for something more than pretty faces but get no reaction cuz they can't wrestle.

RAW has offically become the B show as of tonight's edition.

The Sentinel
01-14-2008, 10:22 PM
I do like Michaels new use of the the Reverse Figure 4, it is good he is expanding his moves. The Hardy Orton segment was good, but done many times before, but always enjoyable. And when Hardy put his hand up at the end, that was really good. It was a good raw.

01-14-2008, 10:26 PM
Raw this week summed up in one sentance... A shit show with an insane ending. Raw broken down...

Opening Promo: Must say that Jeff is getting a lot better at them.

Diva's Match: Another 6 way tag, with Beth dominating. I'm also assuming that Ashley is back on Raw full time now and will *sigh* probably challenge Beth X_x

HBK vs Murdoch: Any reason why they had this match. I mean really they couldn't have pulled mabey Santino or something, Hell even Carlito. Why did HBK have to qualify in the first place. *shakes head* Waste of time...

Vice and Horny segment: Vince pumping up Horny for the Rumble... more wasted time IMO...

HHH vs Snitsky: *sigh* It doesn't matter what they have Snitsky do, he'll never get heat on him. He'll keep on wasting time on Raw by either winning by DQ or squashing someone... Shoulda kept the baby killing gimmick... Result: HHH possibly back in the Rumble pending next weeks match.

JBL Promo: The man's good on the mic. Not his best promo, but certainly got him even more heat then he already had. Enjoyed the fireworks that left the arena a smoke house for the rest of the night.

Midget Royal Rumble: Utter waste of time... Though a couple, Batista, and Kane were kind of commical they got old quickly. Khali coming out was unbelivably predictable. As was Finlay coming to the rescue...

Vince and Finlay: I wanna know what the damn deal is...

Ric Flair vs William Regal: With Flair facing MVP at the Royal Rumble, why would they make this match??? It made no sense and certainly was far from entertaining. I didn't watch most of the match so it's hard for me to say much...

Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy: one kick match over...

Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy: Holy Hell, Jeff is going to wind up breaking himself in half. Swanton off the titantron's supporters I belive they are? Damn I don't care what is under the area of which he landed, that's gotta hurt...

Highlight of the night: Swanton off the support

Funniest part of the night: JR's crack at Terril Owens

Best Match: tough one......... I guess HBK vs Murdoch... Aint that sad

Worst Match: Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy...

As I said in the beginning... Really a shitty show... nearly as bad, if not worse then last week... WWE needs to get back into the game. 2 weeks away from the Rumble and 2 straight shit shows... With the end of both being the exception...

Steamboat Ricky
01-14-2008, 11:10 PM
Jeff being a spot monkey finally paid off. It saved the first boring RAW of 08'. This RAW was full of mishaps and difficulties but everything came full circle for the Main Event. Sure we've seen it in TNA before but this time it looked a lot better.

RAW programming has been lackluster the only thing decent to me worth watching is the Orton/Hardy program.

RAW is seriously full of too many replays of Ric Flair and just replays in general. They have some sort of story with Kennedy and Michaels going on that needs new life, they have useless belts in the Tag titles, establishing stories and not elaborating on them (carlito and Santino), divas that want to be known for something more than pretty faces but get no reaction cuz they can't wrestle.

RAW has offically become the B show as of tonight's edition.

B show? No way. No matter how stale Kennedy v. HBK is, no matter how old Flair becomes, no matter how bad the divas are, they are all still better than Chuck Palumbo v. Jamie Noble or anything involving Vickie Guerrero. Never. EVER.

I actually really enjoyed RAW tonight. I thought the Jeff spot was a good twist, as I was expecting to see RKO get the upperhand on things tonight. But the more they do this with Orton, the more they are ruining him. They need to be careful.

01-14-2008, 11:19 PM
That was one of the worst Raw's I've ever seen... and I've seen plenty. I can't help but wonder what the hell the members of the creative are thinking when they throw this trash together. Even the spot at the end did nothing for me because I was already too pissed off from viewing the rest of the show. The midget battle royal was a tremendous waste of time... JBL's promo also wasted even more time... and who on this earth wants to see Flair wrestle anymore? I don't. Snitsky vs. HHH... why not just tell us HHH wins without putting on the match. Michaels vs. Murdoch... ditto for Michaels. Not one ounce of suspense throughout the whole program until the very end... when it's already too late. Good to see that the Creative Team is hitting their stride on the way to Wrestlemania... what a joke.

01-14-2008, 11:28 PM
I thought that swanton was insane!!!! In my record book that goes up there with Foley getting thrown off top of the cell and Shane and Steve Blackman.Still my opinion is that RAW doesn't put its best effort into the show.Great end but bad show, you had good performances with another good pedegrie and smashing the screen with the sledge hammer.You also had the Flair match going on which wasn't all great but good concept I guess.But overall I give the show a 7/10.

01-14-2008, 11:46 PM
all I can say is what a finish! Hardy is really becoming a headliner now lets see if he can do it for a whole match.can't wait to see vinces plan back fire with HHH wonder who he will be fighting? Flair has gotta go dear God its worse every week

01-14-2008, 11:56 PM
all I can say is what a finish! Hardy is really becoming a headliner now lets see if he can do it for a whole match.can't wait to see vinces plan back fire with HHH wonder who he will be fighting? Flair has gotta go dear God its worse every week

Yeah as much as I would love to see Jeff Hardy win the WWE title I really doubt it will happen.Seriously WWE today is too predictable in some cases, but you never are too sure.Who knows maybe Jeff wins it then loses it at Now Way Out? But what I am almost positive is that the only way Jeff will headline WrestlMania is if Mr.Kennedy wins the Royal Rumble and they have a triple threat match, which I wouldn't mind seeing.

01-15-2008, 12:14 AM
On normal WWE circumstances, and especially how vince and finlay talk about their deal and how its unsafe for horny.. I predict that Kennedy will win the rumble and that finlay will disclose the deal that Kennedy is actually the real bastard son and horny is just part of the deal to keep Kennedy in the dark.

01-15-2008, 12:21 AM
On normal WWE circumstances, and especially how vince and finlay talk about their deal and how its unsafe for horny.. I predict that Kennedy will win the rumble and that finlay will disclose the deal that Kennedy is actually the real bastard son and horny is just part of the deal to keep Kennedy in the dark.

that's actually a pretty good idea... like... Finlay and Vince had a plan to lie about his son... something like that... and ends up with Kennedy being the son... yeah.

In other ideas... you all know how Vince smiled when he said, "yeah, your match next week." The first thing that popped into my head was BIG SHOW... I don't know though, I didn't think that Big Show would come back so quickly. Hmm... you never know.

01-15-2008, 04:13 AM
either big show or lashley.....i dont think it will be lashley really cause last time i saw him he was shaving mr.mcmahons head......but i cannot belive that swanton...holy crap.....i didnt think that jeff could win the belt, but after the past two weeks i feel the crowd is even more over for him and this push is insane... i will still be shocked if he wins but i belive that its possible now...plus i am actually looking forward to this match...normally i could care less about the title matches at rr..cause it has the rr,but this fued interests me..

01-15-2008, 05:28 AM
I thought Raw was OK to be honest. Not amazing but it seemed like a fairly solid show for the majority.

I disagree with the people talking about Ric Flair, I personally love seeing Flair in the ring and even though it's a forgone conclusion that he is going to win for now it's still great to see his last matches and the finish was classic Flair.

The HBK match was obvious that he was going to win I suppose. But it was good to see a bit of something different at the end.

JBL's promo did seem like a slight waste of time however. He didn't say or do anything which he couldn't have done stood on the stage. He didn't need to take all the time coming to the ring.

The Royal Rumble preview. I don't usually like skits such as this, especially the midget things, but this did actually make me laugh. It was due to the surprise thing i think. Although WWE are usign midgets waaaaaaaaaaaay too much. They deem to be popping up everywhere.

The Randy Orton thing about the WWE & I.C title was good, because it was all mind games. When i first saw Orton take out Hardy and get DQ'd I was annoyed and thought it was a massive let down, but the aftermath was good. So what if Hardy is a Spot Monkey, at least it gets a reaction from the crowd, which is something the WWE is lacking BIG TIME!

01-15-2008, 05:54 AM
Wow, I see so little faith in your comments, it's just very saddening.

I thought it was a very nice RAW. Jeff Hardy is quickly rising to the top among my favorites, as he proves time and again his complete disregard of the laws of physics. Amazing Swanton! It got me kinda worried though, his landing seemed (as far as I can tell, since the cameras didn't show the landing) abrupt and I think he may have hit hard with the back of his neck on one of Orton's legs. I'm actually posting to ask if anybody has any news of his condition.

Ric Flair is probably going to retire soon, so please stop criticizing him. His match only lasted a short couple of minutes so really that wasn't where they could have introduced something else. And his match with William Regal was made to further develop the failures of W R in front of McMahon, which is something that may become an angle in the near future.

Trips vs Snitsky was a match made to give HHH the opportunity for another shot at the Royal Rumble. McMahon, who hates HHH tells Snitsky to go hurt him, which makes HHH even more angry, which forces McMahon to give him another shot against a mystery opponent. What better way to set up an angle or a comeback of a star? I really don't see why you would enjoy somebody lacking charisma and talent as a wrestler as much as Snitsky to mop the floor with HHH.

The mini-Royal Rumble I thought was very funny, although the impersonations could have been a little better. The finale was indeed predictable but necessary to keep alive the mystery of the McMahon - Finlay deal. Why else would Finlay go visit McMahon again? Of course the writing is not going to win any Emmys (if they're even applicable), but keep in mind that they have to also lure in people who just tuned in for this week's episode so let's make SOME allowances.

The Divas simply cannot wrestle. Correction. I think Beth Phoenix can wrestle, but we've never seen her at full speed. But the rest of them are just awful. Excepting the Glamazon , all of the girls have been around on wwe prime time for at least 3 years and most have been wrestling before that. Yet they look unbelievably amateurish in the ring. It feels like they're scared of grazing each other's bodies, which shouldn't happen in wrestling. Notwithstanding that I still like watching them flap about :D

The qualifying match of HBK wasn't bad at all, and reasons for making it may be to try to push Murdoch as a single wrestler, or simply to showcase HBK's new move in a more believable fashion, or allow Kennedy to rest for a week, etc.

01-15-2008, 07:30 AM
last nights raw was a very nice suprise... i was expected a win for hardy at the end but the disqualification was kinda nuts cause they rolled all the footage of the ultimate worrier and trips winning the belts... i would have liked to see a clean win for hardy or orton but i think that would have hurt ortons character...

everyone isnt so sure what they thought of the high spot at the end of last nights show... i for sure was curious if he was really going to jump, shocked he did with the crappy landing with foam flying in the air... why did they put that stuff ontop of the padding... poor planning if you ask me... oh well.

everyone is excited about jeff hardy having all this momentem.. everyone knows that whenever WWE gives someone momentem they dont win at the PPV... for as much as i would love to see jeff win the belt it wouldnt be a good idea cause it would be just like when cm punk finallly won the belt from morrison on ecw.

the flair match could have had more emotion leading up to the match, the 6 women tag was nice to watch but they need to put ashly over or mickie james over b/c right now im not convinced anyone can stop the glamazon... the mini rumble was funny until it lasted so long.. that could have been a backstage thing and in a mini-sized ring.. would have been a lot funnier...

hbk qualifying match was a little on the predictable side... would have liked to see them do something with murdoc.. i know kennedy was off on his hunnymoon, thats why he wasnt there but, i would have liked to see murdoc win, sad but he needs a job, right now he is a jobless jobber, if that.

jbl, my favorite heel right now, he is actually doing things to be annoying and spark some interest... i didnt know y2j had kids... kind of a shocker last night.

trips partner next week will be lashley. i think the tone in vinces voice was forshadowing the fact that he will be wrestling someone that is a hard-hitter...

wwe has done a good job with building up to the rumble, lets just hope next week is drama filled and exciting. i give the show a B- for its ability to keep interest before a ppv (which is good) and for its lame booking and techical difficulties (which of coarse is bad).

01-15-2008, 09:09 AM
if Triple H faces lashley next week in lashleys first match back, is it possible lashley could be a heel when he comes back?, cuz it looks like if it Vince is putting lashley back against trips(which would be a bad idea cuz he probly should vs. kennedy). the only thing is kennedy is already in his own feud with michaels. Personally I think big show returns to face trips next week and lashley makes a suprise come back sometime around the royal rumble, screwing kennedy out of a match against HBK or just spearing him or something.

01-15-2008, 10:42 AM
That was the best Raw I've seen in a while. It kept me entertained, and I could watch it again without getting bored.

The highlight was obviously the Hardy and Orton match. The two really put together a good match. And the ending was something we haven't seen in a while. You've got to respect the wrestlers after seeing something like that. Anything could have gone seriously wrong.

Everybody knew Shawn was going to win his match. But I really enjoyed the ending. I expected the Sweet Chin Music, as did everyone I'm sure, and was pleasantly surprised (:

I like the differences Raw had, lets hope it continues. And Triple H made me laugh, didn't expect him to go that mad.

01-15-2008, 03:05 PM
Give Jeff the belt, even if it's only for a month or two. I understand that he's probably not a 'long term champ' but for crying outloud, the guy deserves a run. I got chills last night when I saw that and I haven't gotten chills from wrestling in quite some time. Give Jeff the belt!!!

01-15-2008, 03:18 PM
Give Jeff the belt, even if it's only for a month or two. I understand that he's probably not a 'long term champ' but for crying outloud, the guy deserves a run. I got chills last night when I saw that and I haven't gotten chills from wrestling in quite some time. Give Jeff the belt!!!

If that gave you chills, you should find some Shane McMahon videos, those will down right make you piss yourself then.

Raw was good, I'll just give a quick run down of everything, & I'll debate on making a recap later.

The "mini Royal Rumble" left me in downright tears. I loved it so much, & when Khali's music hit, I knew it wasn't going to be a mini version. I think, however, that Khali's days are completely numbered because he's completely being owned by Finlay on a weekly basis anymore.

Triple H. v. Snitsky went way longer than it should've, & Trip's anger management definately needs to be controlled.. if he's gonna go all psycho, then do it on someone like Snitsky, leave the poor helpless video screen alone.

Also, whats with Triple H. getting another shot at entering the Royal Rumble? I've heard rumors or thoughts that he could face Big Show.. but seriously, I see it being another match against Ric Flair, or worse.. Triple H. v. Hornswoggle. I definately see it being against Hornswoggle, for Horney's spot.

Not sure what to make of the divas anymore. I just think W.W.E. doesn't know how to manage their Women'd Division, so they just toss them together in endless 6-diva tag matches.

Unfortunately, I missed the H.B.K. match, although I've heard he won via submission.. so I'll definately have to rewind the tape to see this. Gotta admit, I was disappointed that it wasn't from the sharpshooter though. I think it'd serve him well to take that over. Afterall, noone else is using it anymore.

Finally.. Jeff Hardy v. Randy Orton.. the match was a straight kick to the nuts, & a bell. It would've been so much greater, had they had title v. title at the Rumble. Then, & only then would I of actually thought Jeff had a legit chance.

Also, his leap from the top of whatever it was from.. come on, when they kept replaying it, showing the angle where the refs had to jump in front of the camera, as to cover up Orton moving under Hardy, & Hardy slightly getting up to lay across him. I dispised that so much. The original leap at the full speed shot of everything was amazing. They shouldn't of replayed it from the one angle though..

01-15-2008, 04:28 PM
the ending to raw was one of the most breath-taking things i've seen in wrestling for quite some time, the image of jeff hardy doing the swanton of the staging has stayed in my mind and made a permanant impression on me as wrestling can do to one every now and again.

like every raw there was many ups, and also a few downs which i will try to sum up quickly as i dont like to dwell on them... triple h smashing the staging was too theatrical, it annoys me that ideas like this which have the potential to be such good segments seem rushed and put together last minute, if this was planned better and maybe followed the idea that less is more, the image of trips smashing the tron would have been quite somthing.... it has just occured to me that this segment took place in order to make way for the new stage for next weeks raw in hd.

i am really quite intrigued to find out the meaning of the deal between finlay and vince, also i am intrested as to who will be triple h's opponent next week.. also although the result of the hbk match was predictable the figure four looked fantastic, i thought for a minute he was going to try the sharpshooter.

all in all i give raw a B + for this week, quite high, made higher by the ending

01-16-2008, 03:36 AM
On with my weekly Raw report.....

Opening segment was good but not great, how many times does Jeff need to say "Im gonna take you out Randy".

Match #1 - Beth Phoenix, Melina & Jillian def. Mickie James, Ashley & Maria.
The usual 6 divas tag match, I was entertained and in all honesty who wouldnt be entertained by the chicks??? Rating *1/4

Match #2 - Shawn Michaels def. Trevor Murdoch (Royal Rumble qualifying match).
Pretty much a filler but it wasnt that bad of a match. Predictability hurt this match because everyone knew HBK was gonna win. However the leg lock was a pleasant surprise IMO. Rating **1/4

Match #3 - Snitsky def. Triple H by Disqualification.
Surprisingly match of the night IMO. Snitsky really did shock me, he looked good out there. I thought it was a decent match. HHH going nuts after the match was pretty cool but I never knew breaking a big screen would cause all this explosion. It could have been a bit more realistic. Rating **3/4

JBL segment was good but I jst dont find him to be that entertaining in all honesty. The storyline is quite pathetic since all Y2J did was give JBL a little love tap. Last weeks segment involving these 2 was good but I find JBL a little boring on the mic sometimes.

Match #4 - Hornswoggle def. mini-Mr. Kennedy, mini-Mankind, mini-Batista and mini-Kane.
Not really a match but it was damn funny and entertaining. Mini Kennedy and Batista looked hilarious IMO. Hornswoggle actually looked good wrestling superstars his size lol. Rating(on humour mainly) **

Match #5 - Ric Flair def. William Regal.
There was no way a 4 minute match(2 of those 4 minutes was commercial) was going to be Flairs last. No way was Regal going to defeat Flair and retire him NO WAY! This match was jst a plain filler, the mini Royal Rumble got more time than what this did. *1/2

Match #6 - Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton (No contest).
The match itself couldnt have been longer than 5 seconds. But the segment after the match was amazing. 30 ft high Swanton I think it was. Absolutely amazing, something could have seriously gone wrong there, but thankfully it didnt!
Rating (based on segment) ****

Overall an above average Raw. The matches jst werent that good though. The segments were great especially the final one but there wasnt a match that stood out IMO. Match of the night goes to Triple H vs Snitsky but even that match was a great one. People watch SD because of the good wrestling and it proves that Smackdown shuld be called 'The wrestling show' as this Raw didnt have good wrestling. Final Rating - ***

01-16-2008, 11:46 AM
My beefs with RAW this week. Some should tell Vinny Mac that tearing a screen doesn't involve an explosion. Hell, Stone Cold destroyed the Titantron once with a long sharp metal object once and the titantron didn't have explosion like electrical equipment was destroyed. Vince unless you were watching a tv monitor, how did you know HHH was going to destroy that little screen, just wondering? Gee was Kennedy's segment taped this week???? Isn't there a display button someone could've pressed to avoid the timer from showing up at the bottom of that segment.

OK now with I liked. Jeff Hardy actually had a decent promo IMO he's getting much better, granted it's not upper echelon (i.e. HHH, HBK or Flair) promo work but getting better. My only complaint with it is that when he's trying to sound intimidating it helps if well you know, actually sound intimidating. I liked the new submission move HBK used on a predictable match. I think Flair and Regal should've had mroe time for their match because I would imagine a match between 2 wrestlers as those 2 could've been MOTN. Jeff's swanton off the light structure was incredible. Made up for an average show. Sucks he won't be winning the title but I'll enjoy watching him in the spotlight for as long as it lasts.

01-21-2008, 08:17 PM
Wow.... so I think the HBK vs. Kennedy match (1/21 Raw) was actually one the best matches I have seen in a long time. I actually enjoyed it and didn't think it was 100% predictable like most matches are. Very cool.....

01-21-2008, 10:16 PM
HBK Kennedy was a good match long and the new set was very vibrant and alive!!! another Beth Win over M J boring but if you want a title win to mean something you have someone hold it for a while give it some meaning and then have them lose it in a close match on PPV. Why have Hornswaggle(sp) at all he just is there like Eugene was cept Eugene could actually wrestle believably. To be Honest I lost interest in RAW then they had so many flashbacks to 2 weeks ago and last week etc. like they are afraid that everyone is gonna screw up on the first HD Broadcast so they hold everyone back? HHH vs a Mystery Opp. was wel done I like how they held off for a while make you want to know who it is was it Big Show was it Bobby Lashley was it Ron Killings , RVD? It is my wish they wrestle more and talk less the less time some of these guys have infront of the camera the less they can be probed in HD... just a thought if you had good action and more action who cares what people look like , look at Ron Jeremy in the Adult Industry he didn't look good at all but gave all action and nothing but haha

01-21-2008, 10:20 PM
Alright everyone here I go again with this Raw review thing. In my opinion there were wayyyy to many promo videos and promos tonight. I don't know wether or not WWE was still trying to work out some of the HD stuff with all the videos, but the amount was not needed to help the show. I give tonight's show a 2.5 out of 5. Kennedy vs HBK was really a great match. Back and forth, and actually a little unpredictable. I figured HBK would win, but I was not sure as to when after Kennedy ducked out of 2 Sweet Chin Music attempts. Best Kennedy match I've seen in a while. Mabey he's finally getting it back together a little. Mickie James vs Beth Pheonix was a pretty good match as well. It does not matter how many times we see it, I still say that that is the best Women's Match that WWE can do right now, and for the most part they are great matches. Then came two filler matches between Kendrick and Umaga as well as Holly vs Carlito... Both matches were not impressive. Then came HHH... 3 man gauntlet match including Snitsky, Mark Henry, and Regal??? Why? what was the point? I'd rather have watched Snitsky vs HHH again then have to have an extra 5 minutes of my life wasted on waiting for Regal to call out Snitsky and Henry b4 going insane and running down to the ring... Then we have Jeff Hardy owning RKO...AGAIN... Why has Orton been made to look like an incredibly weak champ?

Best Match: Kennedy vs HBK

Funniest Moment: Santino talking about cows and milk...

Worst Match: Gauntlet Match with HHH

Overall Thoughts: Got excited during the first two matches, thought it was going to be a good show... then it died...

01-21-2008, 10:51 PM
Some of the promos were good, others I wanted to stab one of my eyes out.

Positives: The HBK and Kennedy match was pure gold. I enjoyed the Beth and Mickie James match. As well, the first part of Raw really had me excited. I enjoyed the Santino cut backstage (lmao), and even enjoyed Vince/RKO and Vince/Hardy talks, they were brief and to the point. Even the Rhodes/Kendrick segment I enoyed. (Cause we all know that is the way Holly REALLY is, ha)

Negatives: The Umaga/Kendrick and Holly/Carlito. Both horrible. The Finlay/Hornswoggle vs Highlanders was better than the previous two matches mentioned, but not by much. I was bored as hell during the HHH interview (did we really have to have him promote the HD stuff, talk about clearity and then zoom in as far as we could?), and the Y2J promo found me drifting off.

Undecided: I didnt see the HHH match, well the 3 of them. I had to leave for work and got here in time to watch the ending segment. From reading about it though, I would bump it up into the negatives, but I've got to see it to say it for sure.

And the Screw Ups: The RKO/Hardy feud has been great, until tonight. They needed to give Orton one night on top of Hardy. Seriously, Hardy had the clean win in the tag match, the steel cage where he made Orton look like a fool, the now infamous Swanton last week, and this weeks twist of fate. Orton has only had one "up" on Hardy, and it was on a different Hardy! RKO really needed a strong night tonight.

Overall: 2.8/5

Not quite a 3, more than a 2.5. The HBK/Kennedy match really did a lot for me as did the Beth Phoenix/MJ match.

01-22-2008, 12:46 AM
I enjoyed tonights RAW. My favorite match was HBK/Kennedy..Did anyone else hear Kennedy ask Shawn if he was alright after he went over the top rope or was that just me? I actually thought that Kennedy was going to win this one, so i was happy with the results. I think my least favorite was Finley/Hornswoggle vs. the highlanders. I just didn't see the point honestly. The HHH match itself didn't bother me, but i definitely don't think it lived up to the hype of the mystery opponent,but then again why bring Big Show back just to lose his first match? I like Hardy getting the upper hand on Randy, because i think it's fairly certain that Jeff isn't going to win at the Rumble so might as well give him the advantage somewhere. Some of the promos were good, some bad, but I'm looking forward to the Rumble.

Tommy Boy
01-22-2008, 12:46 AM
I agree the Kennedy/HBK match was a great match....Anyone else notice that(probably because of the HD) HBK came out with an extra patch of hair attatched to the top of his head?...I noticed immedietly due to the HD and Kennedy actually tore it off and through it out of the ring when it started to come detatched.

I defenitly like the new HD presentation aswell....gonna take a couple months before all the looks back at the non-HD are done.

01-22-2008, 12:55 PM
I found Raw rather disappointing this week. HBK was again for two weeks in a row, seemingly more happy in the ring, which was entertaining, and the match was a decent match. The match between Mickie James and Beth Pheonix was pretty good, a few mistakes but it was still a good match, the storyline with that is what annoys me, its the same storyline as always, the bigger wrestler keeps winning and the smaller one then overcomes them because they have heart. They need to be a little bit more creative with mixed size matches.
Santino's back stage segment was enjoyable too, but they really need to do something with this storyline, its moving very slowly, and both Carlito and Santino need more mic time if you ask me.
I didn't mind the end segment, with Jeff and Orton, because it just showed Jeff is slowly improving on the mic, and he is getting more of a character, and I found it quite funny, he kept having to tell people to move, and he said it too close to the mic.
Other than that, the other parts of Raw where a let down, they could have done a lot more with the Triple H qualifying match/es. The match with Holly and Carlito could have been far more interesting, they don't seem to be using any of the 4 wrestlers involved half as much as they should be.

02-18-2008, 11:30 PM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: February 18th, 2008:

Opening Promo: Triple H. enters, unfortunately in my opinion he'll never be as good as he was back during the 2000-2001 era, with the Leather/Jean jacket and the real badass look/feel to him. He cuts a decent promo about being the number one contender, and of course that enters.. Randy Orton. Orton, who then cuts a promo about how everything has come full circle. And I really got lost on whether Orton meant full circle from No Mercy of last year, or full circle to when the Orton/HHH feud really all began in 2004. Anyways, Orton runs his mouth about beating everyone.. which then brings us to.. John Cena.

Of course everyone knew Cena would somehow find a way to come out, continuing to stay in the Championship picture.. when the fact is.. dispite never losing completely, he still didn't win, and that should've been it. Cut and dry, no second chance. Then again, when refering to Cena, the guy has an unlimited amount of chances.. its like he has a bag with Main Event spots. He can just randomly reach in and pull one out.

Finally, Regal makes the Main Event. Orton v. Cena, if Cena wins we get the Triple Threat match that'd been rumored since shortly after the Royal Rumble. Yay! I'm happy W.W.E. catches up with the rest of us, only took them about a month.

The Matches:

1. Money In The Bank Qualifying: Jeff Hardy v. Snitsky: Jeff Hardy comes out first to *new* theme music. Of course he's gotta win now. :rolleyes: The only good thing about this entire match, is that it wasn't completely predictable. Hardy truly sold his Elimination Chamber injuries, and made Snitsky look very dominating. I like that, especially since Snitsky's being pushed nowhere fast.

The reason I say this wasn't completely predictable, is because sadly Snitsky really could've been a random name in a 6-8 man ladder match. Just because he's in it, obviously doesn't mean he'd win it. But seriously, look at the previous MITB matches and tell me if you felt every single guy in each one, had a legit chance for winning. No, the answer is no. Therefore, thankfully Jeff Hardy picks up the victory.. meaning one thing is definate at Wrestlemania.. we're gonna see daredevil leaping off ladders.. at its best!

2. Paul Burchill w/ Katie Lea v. Super Crazy: I really didn't get to watch the match. It was over before it really started anyways though. Burchill in a squash, its just a shame whats happening with Super Crazy. He'd be much better served jumping to T.N.A.

And as far as the Incest angle goes. I really don't want a two month slow build to this, if they're doing it.. I wish they'd just completely jump into it.

3. Money In The Bank Qualifying: Mr. Kennedy v. Val Venis: Seriously, Val f'n Venis?! Why not just have Kennedy randomly pick a fan to squash?! Who the hell qualified Val Venis and even being a random contender for the Money in the Bank?! Its for a chance to win a Championship match, but I suppose someone didn't clearify to Venis, it really meant WORLD Championship.. not midcard.

Kennedy goes over in a match that never should've happened. This is how they allow Kennedy to redeem losing to Flair? Squashing a has-been? Nice.

4. Steel Cage: Mr. McMahon v. Hornswoggle: I love midget violence. Seriously, I'm warped in the head, but I laughed my ass off the entire way through this match. Theres just something about seeing a midget rag-dolled around the ring for 10 minutes, and randomly bouncing off the cage and the mat, that brings laughter out of you.

Also, J.B.L.?! :wtf: Does Chris Jericho know his feuds apparently over? Because short of J.B.L. and Mr. McMahon v. Chris Jericho and Finlay at Wrestlemania, I really don't see Jericho/J.B.L. anymore at all.

What I do see, however, is either Finlay v. J.B.L. (snoozefest) or Finlay and Hornswoggle v. J.B.L. and McMahon. (glorified handicap at its finest!)

5. Maria v. Beth Phoenix: So, the match was made in the attempt for Santino to keep Maria out of the magazine I'm sure she's already shot pictures for. Yeah. Anyways, this is quite possibly one of the worst things they could've done for or rather against the Women's Champion.

Candice Michelle returns, which was nice. It'll build that horrible single's match up for Wrestlemania, and in the process, they allowed a Diva to go over a Women's WRESTLING Champion, all for the ability to pose nude in a magazine. Isn't it nice, how they tie all that together?

One main question. What happened to Mickie James and her wanting to win storyline? Any chance of a Triple Threat match for the Women's Championship, with Mickie coming out on top? Doubtful, but the 3-way might still be possible.

The Promos:

1. Hall of Fame Induction: Ric Flair: So, Shawn Michaels comes out to get the pleasure and honor of introducing the first inductee into the 2008 Hall of Fame.. Ladies and Gentlemen, its.. someone who ISN'T YET RETIRED!? Seriously, what the **** I mean COME ON! This is the biggest crock of shit to me ever. The Hall of Fame is, or rather SHOULD BE, restricted for guys who are at least mainly retired.. and if at all, only wrestle on a limited basis.

NOT, for guys who are currently on a winning streak, and appearing for the most part each week. I'm ONLY assuming this is either building up to Shawn Michaels v. Ric Flair - Hall of Fame match at Wrestlemania, or they're giving us one hell of a spoiler by letting us know Flair will end up retiring before, or at Wrestlemania.. since he's being inducted and all. Finally, I can ONLY hope its one or the other, because if a miracle happens and Flair ends up winning at Mania.. the entire Hall of Fame induction ordeal, and quite honestly, the legacy of the Hall of Fame to begin with.. will be destroyed through my eyes.

Why?! Because the Hall of Fame is meant for guys who are retired, done, over and mainly not wrestling, if at all. Not for guys who still compete on a weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly basis.

2. Triple H./Randy Orton backstage: Orton tries to basically get Triple H. to screw John Cena out of the match. (which for the record, even if that did happen, we'd only be prolonging the undeniable) Triple H. explains roughly to Orton that you can't play mind-games with the guy who taught you how to play them.. Orton leaves.. Triple H's expression changes.. looks like he could play them after all.

3. Big Show/Mayweather II: Big Show is asked to apologize for getting his nose broken. Classic stuff, in my opinion. So, once again we get the pre-build to Boxer v. Wrestler. Mayweather slinks in and out of the ring, almost like a heel. (notice how he backs out under the bottom ropes?!) Yada, yada, hand shake.. assumed exit.. Show begins talking again..

Show runs his mouth about how Mayweather could only do something when Show was on his knees, and that Mayweather couldn't beat Show or rather Show could weather (haha weather) Floyd in 2 minutes. Sounds to me like we're gonna have a boxing exhibition match at Wrestlemania, with 2 minutes being the length?

You know my favorite part of this whole storyline? Big Show is playing the heel.. the heel thats being cheered. Floyd Mayweather is playing the face.. the face that not only gets booed, but also that brings 10 guys with him everywhere he goes, and suddenly doesn't act scared when they're surrounding him. uh huh.

The Main Event: John Cena v. Randy Orton w/ Triple H. as the Special Ref: So, Cena/Orton what, like 6, 7? Lost count. Anyways, the match is basically punches and kicks.. again. A couple body slams, more kicks to random body parts. Signature moves. NOTHING out of Triple H. to question how he'll react to Cena winning or losing.

Moving ahead.. Cena locks in the STFU, Orton glares at Triple H., then finally reaches the ropes. Cena refuses (let me reclearify, the FACE refuses) to break until right around a 4 count. tisk, tisk, tisk. Triple H. tells Cena that when he says break, he means break. Cena then gets in Triple H's face.. (let me reclearify, the FACE gets in the official's face) tisk, tisk, tisk. Orton rushes in, F-U.. Triple H. counts normally to three.. Cena's done it again.

Ah ha! Pedigree, is Triple H. suddenly heel? I don't think so, I think it was more of a point in saying.. even though you're in the match, I'm still going to beat you too. Thus would be the indication when he does the exact same thing to Randy Orton. The show then ends, and Triple H. is left holding up the Championship. Sign of things to come? Hopefully.

Overall Thoughts: Randomly, where was Chris Jericho, Umaga, the Tag Team division, Carlito and Mickie James?! Seriously, Raw was lacking some major star power on their first official Raw to Wrestlemania.

Each match was a definate one sided affair. The Money in the Bank qualifier matches were both crap, and it was clear to realistically see which of the two opponents would go over. Especially regarding Mr. Kennedy.

I understand the need to push Paul Burchill, but why? Sometimes I sit and question what they're even doing, bothering with a storyline such as this.. when ultimately, where will it lead? Seriously? Any type of Championship match? Doubtful. So whats the purpose of giving him all this air time, in squash matches.

Regarding John Cena yet again finding a way into the Main Event at Wrestlemania, or any Pay Per View for that matter.. its not that I "hate" John Cena, I don't hate him. I just can't understand how he keeps getting all the Championship matches, when its becoming clear that the fans are cheering louder and louder for a guy like Jeff Hardy.. and they're beginning to really boo the shit out of a guy like John Cena. If you turn Cena heel, it'd be understandable in keeping him in the Main Event.. but they aren't. They're still allowing him to remain the "top" face, and its pointless in my opinion.

The show itself sucked for being directly after a Pay Per View.. and all Raw's leading up to Wrestlemania in the final stages, shouldn't suck. Because of the lack of star quality actually wrestling, thats why the card, the night, and the show sucked. Rating: 3/10

02-19-2008, 07:41 AM
Im sorry, but is it me, or was the crowd last night rubbish? I can't remember the last time there was such a dull crowd! HHH hardly got a pop, Hardy hardly got anything, Kennedy got nothing, everyone got nothing except John Cena.

I think this is because the arena is full of 6 year olds with high pitched voices saying "Go Cena, go!". And then you get the ladies who just plain fancy him. Both these sets of fans just pop when Cena is around, and then sit there in silence for the entire night. (Not all women are like the above).

Mayweather got nothing when he came out, a tiny bit of heat. That was it. Hell, if that was in NYC, the roof would have come off! Especially for the Big Show. I feel the fans of today have really changed, and there are only about 10% of the crowd, which were around in the attitude era.

So my question to you, what can we do to improve the crowd?

My plan, you must be 16 or over to enter. Hell, im sure the great parents out there don't want their kids looking at Maria up n down do they?

Scrapyard Ape
02-19-2008, 08:23 AM
So my question to you, what can we do to improve the crowd?
Dud crowds happen. Not much that can be done about it except to try and improve the product. Hand-picking who could attend their events in order ensure a lively audience would only serve to alienate the fanbase... a sure-fire kiss of death.

Skullz Crack'Em
02-19-2008, 11:38 AM
I do agree that last night's crowd was dull and very quiet, but they didn't get a very good show either so I wouldn't blame them for their lack of enthusiasm. Jericho didn't have a match, Umaga didn't have a match, HBK didn't have a match, and Trips was only the special ref in the main event so the only big match was Cena vs Orton and that was utter crap IMO. The rest of the night was filled with the most predictable MITB qualifying matches ever with Snitsky vs Jeff and Val vs Kennedy, then there was Paul Burchill's squash match against Super Crazy and Vince's precious cage match against Hornswoggle, and in the end there was no reason for that to be a cage match in the first place unless you think JBL hitting Hornswoggle against the cage twice was that important. And to top it all off, JR and King was totally lost last night, they would keep pausing and could barely finish their sentences as if they heard some horrible news before going on air last night and they couldn't concentrate. One of the worst RAWs of 2008 IMO.

02-19-2008, 04:29 PM
Raw in my opinion: Major let down coming off a PPV.

Opening segment: Nothing we haven't seen before with the number 1 contender talking, the champ interupting, and the loser from the previous match interrupting him. Nothing new there at all. Set up for what would be a rather bland special ref. match.

Hardy vs Snitsky: Utter waste of time. No point in having Snitsky going over, but good job on Jeff's part to sell off his chamber injuries. Jeff won and still made it look good, even though he only had Snitsky to work with.

Paul Birchill vs Super Crazy: Quick, but nessecary squash... Look to see a few more before the incest storyline picks up...

Mr. Kennedy vs Val Venis: Biggest waste of time of the night. Honestly what the Hell was WWE thinking, I like Val, but I don't think one person in that crowd through he had a chance...

Hornswoggle vs Vince Steel Cage: I'm all for the Hornswoggle angle, and I thought Finlay's acting was the best part of the whole damn segment. Anyway, another real waste of time. JBL runs in kicks the crap outta Horny and that's that. I see a possible tag match between Vince and JBL vs Finlay and Horny.

Maria vs Beth Pheonix: Wow... Just wow... Complete and utter stupidity to have Maria go over here... We all knew that she would be in playboy, but this'll probably make her #1 contender...

Cena vs Orton: Honestly I did not watch this match. With HHH as the ref. I figured either it'll go Cena's way or be called right down the middle. I tuned back in just as Cena Fu'ed Orton (thanks Luther) for the win. I enjoyed HHH pedigree to Cena, hoping for a heel turn, but then he hit Orton with one so I dunno.

Promos: Overall the promos were rather bland. Flair into the HOF without being retired confuses me. Big Show by far had the best segment with Mayweather.

Afterthought: Where was most ofthe tv talent... IE: Carlito, Y2J, Umaga, Mickie James, Melina, the whole tag team division...

RKO Orton
02-22-2008, 09:10 PM
Well, since this thread hasn't been posted in in a while I've decided to review the past Smackdown.

Edge-Undertaker opening segment was good, Edge telling everyone he isn't scared, but then once the Undertaker has him in Chokeslam position he runs away scared. He played his part well there. That's what's so good about Edge, he does the things that make you mad. That's what makes him a good heel. I give the segment 4 of 4 stars.

Next I believe it was the Shelton-Wang Yang match for a Money In The Bank opportunity at WrestleMania. Shelton really needed to move away from RAW because he was buried the months before when he was there. Now he is finally getting his chance in the spotlight and put on a good match with Wang Yang. When Wang hit that crossbody on Shelton I thought it was over, but I'm glad Shelton won because that means he's going to WrestleMania. I'd give it 3 stars out of 4. One of the better matches I've seen on WWE programming lately, along with Hardy-HBK match.

After was Jesse & Festus vs. D&D. Decent match, with Jesse and Festus getting the win pretty quickly. I like what Smackdown does with their Tag-Team division, unlike RAW, they showcase their talent for 15-20 minutes. I also like that they have Festus freak out once the bell rings but goes dumb right after it rings. I give this match 2 out of 4 stars.

Next up was Big Daddy V vs. Shannon Moore. This was my bathroom break. They only problem with the WWE having Wang Yang in a singles match is that means his teammate is going to get squashed. I actually liked that tag-team because they were two cruiserweights that were taking advantage of their opportunity as a Tag-Team. Hopefully they bring back the Cruiserweight Title so at least Shannon Moore could fight against guys equal size. Either way this was a boring match so I give 1/2 out of 4 stars.

After the boring squash match its a MVP-Batista rematch from last week. I personally loved their match last week and I think they could put on a good feud for WrestleMania for the US Title. Batista isn't doing anything important anyways, unless he is fighting Flair which I think should belong to HBK. I also think it would be a great way to push MVP to Main Event status if he feuded with Batista. The match was good and Batista won after a Batista bomb. I give it 2 1/2 stars. It wasn't as good as their match last week, but good nevertheless.

Kane-Khali was next on tap. I really don't know why Khali and Big Daddy V were in the Elimination Chamber over Kane except for that they wanted more heels then just MVP in it. Pretty average match with Kane getting the surprising pinfall on Khali when Khali had the Vice Grip on. Even if Khali's shoulders were up I like seeing Kane getting a win once in a while. Average 2 out of 4 stars.

Chuck Palumbo against something Jackson. I didn't catch the first name. Boring match featuring a boring wrestler (Palumbo) probably the worst match of the night just because Palumbo is less exciting then paint dry. 1/2 out of 4 stars.

Finally we have Mysterio cut a promo about his bicep. When is Vicki going to get out of that wheelchair anyways? Vicki comes out and says that Mysterio injured her on purpose. She then has him face ECW Champion Chavo Guererro in a non-title match. People may say Mysterio is overrated, but I absolutely love his matches that he has. Mysterio gets a win by a move off of the top rope, I forget. Big Show then comes out, steps on Rey's arm, and gives his about a 10 second chokeslam, just holding him in the air. Even though I thought it was kind of wierd that Mysterio was in the Main Event I give it a 3 out of 4 stars.

Overall a decent show, I liked the first few segments and the Main Event. The middle was just blah. Pretty good Smackdown show. Give the total show 3 out of 4 stars because even though they had 2 squash matches the Benjamin-Wang Yang, Batista-MVP, Edge-Undertaker segment, and Mysterio-Guerrero match evened it out.

03-03-2008, 08:46 PM
Wow this idea for the 3 hour Raw is a great idea but something tell me not every match will be a rematch from a previous WM. As if they are then they didnt there research very well or there are some old stars coming back just for one night. Unless there are going to do the MITB, or not going to have all 3 ppl from a triple threat match then we are looking at dud here.

Some matches that might happen:
HHH possible opponets- Taker, Y2J, Batista, Kane, Cena
Cena- JBL, HHH, Show, HBK
HBK- Vince, Cena, Y2J
Taker- Orton, HHH, Flair, Kane, Henry, Batista

If anyone else can come up with any do tell.

03-03-2008, 09:16 PM
This could actually have some potential to be a good show. Wrestlemania matches for the most part are pretty good.

I think they said it was tribranded, so you can throw in kane vs. taker or khali, taker vs show, flair, hhh, orton, and i'm probably forgetting a ton.

Y 2 Jake
03-03-2008, 09:55 PM
Didn't they do a version of this last year? I'm sure this show will throw up more intresting matches than Mania will this year.

The only problem I see is some of the potential matches. I doubt WWE will want to give away really good matches. So we'll probably get Taker vs. Henry, Cena vs. JBL etc. Big matches. But ones that wont deliver. Or I might be wrong and we'll get HHH vs. Taker again.

03-03-2008, 11:06 PM
I had forgotten about taker and henry. It does however sounds better than what we saw this past week. HHH and Taker sounds pretty good no matter how you say it. Some of those other matches on the other hand just sound dull. I do remember somethign like this last year. It wasn't bad, but not as good as it could've been.

03-04-2008, 01:10 AM
I see a Cena vs. HHH match next week with the possibility of Randy Orton taking over to pick the main event as per the Triple Threat Takeover.

Also, I think we'll get a HBK vs. Y2J match from WM 19...

They did mention CM Punk in the preview and since he's wrestled in the MITB from WM 23, I see a Money in the Bank redux involving Punk, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, Edge, and Finlay, omitting Orton, Booker (obviously), and Matt Hardy.

The possibilities are endless.

03-04-2008, 11:31 AM
Boy oh boy did RAW suck this week. That opening segment with Big Show was horrible. Just give him a real feud please and not this Mayweather crap. Also don't let Mayweather talk on the mic again, please. HBK & Flair against Cade and Murdoch was an alright match, nothing spectactular and short. Good promo by HBK after the match. If you blinked during the Umaga and Super Crazy squash of a match you would've missed it then. Highlight reel, was probably my favorite thing of the night other Carlito's commerical. Good promo cut Y2J, Hardy continues to improve on the mic but still sucks. I like the fact that he twist of fated Y2J to prove that he really wants to win the MITB match, I don't think it was to start a heel turn. To anyone that saw it, that Carlito/Maria Wrestlemainia commerical was awesome I thought, very funny and entertaining. Cena didn't use the 5 moves of doom to win, which is a plus I guess, his match with Kennedy wasn't bad just average. Carlito vs. Cody Rhodes was a good match for the 2 of them I thought, nothing memorable but solid. Cody sold that backstabber pretty damn well I thought. This whole Hornswoggle thing has run it's course and should be ended now. The main event did nothing for me, except I like seeing Orton RKO Cena.

03-04-2008, 05:58 PM
I dont think we'll see a money in the bank match because its a gimmick match and shown twice in quick succession (i.e monday and wrestlemania) would loose some of the excitement from it.

hhh versus taker is just too good a thought to even get hopes up for. with randy orton in charge and edge and randy orton being on good terms, it is likely that edge will persuade randy to make 'taker face mark henry.

at a long shot, big show versus akebono (i know it sucked) but woud keep in tune with the boxing theme kindof.

With any show like this the possibility of a return or two is always a big draw for me... Will we see a legend back in time for wrestlemania (probably no) but with the rock inducting his father and grandfather, is there any chance of him setting up a one off match with stone cold or hulk hogan (probably no)
Or what about a remake of the mcmahon in every corner match with big show, triple h, mick foley and the rock (slightly more likely but still not very.)

03-04-2008, 06:38 PM
Well like someone said ahead, SAY if randy orton is in charge, edge his good friend... they could even do something like a undertaker n kane vs cena n HHH or god knows... HHH as GM and Undertaker vs Orton (WM rematch). Possibilities are endless! Hopefully they wont blow it this time though and make it better than last years.

But really, no one should get their hopes TOO high on the episode seeing as WM isnt too far away... im sure they wouldnt wanna put on a great show (possibly BETTER then WM) on an episode of raw....we'll see i guess

03-04-2008, 07:09 PM
This was definitally a not so good raw. I loved the commercial too but not so long after I fell asleep. I completely agree this Hornswaggle thing needs to be over and this Big Show thing is really dumb. I am still waiting to see what is going to happen to cody Rhodes.

03-05-2008, 02:12 AM
I was surprisingly annoyed at this weeks raw, because im usually a huge WWE mark.

Exhibition was pretty annoying, mayweather isn't very good at promos, especially for the WWE. Pretty much a big show squashes someone match.

Triple Threat GM thing is pretty interesting, it adds a MUCH needed spin to the fued, and it fills up the weeks to WM, I was kinda anoyed with the fact Randy Orton was yet again made to look weak rather than a heel. 'I dont wanna get hurt 4 weeks before mania.' Etc.

MY NAME IS FINLAY, and I hate my crappy new theme. What a stupid thing that was. No reason, takes away from his character totally. Looks like we will be seeing Mr. McMahons mania inclusion in this. , I doubt the JBL Filay will be anything great.

Maria's playboy introduction was a good promo. Good for the eyes at least.

Y2J's promo was good, EXCEPT, if this is a heel turn for Hardy, it will take the place for one of the stupidest things you could do. The guy who got the biggest face pop in the business going heel, if it is a hell turn, I bet Triple Hoe is behind it.

HHH, Orton match wasn't great, although DQ finsih, Orton coming out on top wasn't too bad.

Average show, nothing memorable

03-05-2008, 09:22 AM
I see HBK vs Cena happening and Batista vs Undertaker happening...last years two main events...and Trips will interfere in the HBK Vs Cena and hit them both with a sledgehammer showin he is the true king of kings and how bad he wants the title also makin him turn heel again.

03-05-2008, 09:29 AM
My only question is, will the "Triple Threat Take Over" be in effect during this show? If it is, I see Triple H. being in charge, and making two Wrestlemania Rewind Matches.

1. Triple H. v. John Cena & 2. Undertaker v. Randy Orton

Those two matches alone would be worth watching 3 hours of Raw. Then you factor in the likelyhood of..

3. Shawn Michaels v. Chris Jericho

Then some type of possible 6 man Tag Team match between former Money In The Bank wrestlers. I'm really not sure how Jeff Hardy will ever be able to have any type of match, short of a Tag Team match with Matt Hardy, since hes never technically had a single's match at Wrestlemania.

I'm hoping the 3 above mentioned matches will happen, and we don't get screwed with a possible Chris Jericho v. William Regal type match. Or dare I say.. Undertaker v. Kane.

Obviously I'm sure not EVERY match will be from Wrestlemania's past, unless they could use the excuse that the "match type" was from a previous Wrestlemania. Otherwise stars like C.M. Punk, M.V.P., Mr. Kennedy and Finlay likely won't have any match on the show.

03-05-2008, 01:23 PM
since orton is in charge, i think we'll see john cena vs. big show (wm 20) and triple h vs. batista (wm 21) and i'm sure some how, orton will get pitted against the undertaker (wm 21). i also hope to see maybe hbk vs. y2j.

03-05-2008, 02:14 PM
since orton is in charge, i think we'll see john cena vs. big show (wm 20) and triple h vs. batista (wm 21) and i'm sure some how, orton will get pitted against the undertaker (wm 21). i also hope to see maybe hbk vs. y2j.

In complete honesty, I think your possible matches are very likely to happen. Although I think Triple H. would likely be in charge for them to happen like that. Also, you could replace Cena v. Big Show, with Cena v. J.B.L. then have Big Show take on someone else.

Either way, if you had those 4 main matches.

1. John Cena v. Big Show

2. Triple H. v. Batista

3. Randy Orton v. Undertaker

4. Shawn Michaels v. Chris Jericho

Then this up-coming 3 hour special of Raw would be awesome. Unfortunately, I somehow see W.W.E. screwing us out of such classic return matches.

Steamboat Ricky
03-05-2008, 04:55 PM
I'm pretty stoked about this event. I've always wanted to see a 3 hour RAW and see if it could out-do the 3 hour Nitro shows.

I would bet on seeing:

1) Cena v. JBL....They want to keep putting Cena over, so JBL is a much better candidate than either HHH or HBK.

2) I say Orton gets the takeover stip that night...gives himself the night off...and he makes Trips v. Batista. It makes sense. I don't really see Batista fighting anyone else.

3) I'd put ALL of my chips in on having Jeff Hardy v. Edge. It's a rematch...of sorts. I would absolutely LOVE this match. It would be a good testing ground for Hardy, also. I think these two could put together quite a feud. Blowup Smackdown, do one brand, and let the awesome feuding begin.

4) HBK v. UT...I think Flair somehow causes HBK the match.

5) Big Show v. Carlito....why not?

6) Hardcore Holly v. Big Daddy V (Hardcore Battle Royal WM2000)....again, filler.

7) Y2J v. Regal....um, because they fought at mania 18.

03-06-2008, 02:47 PM
If this episode of Raw was made to make me spend 54$ to buy wrestlemania, i did a really poor job at it. First what was it with all these in-ring promos this week, i'm sure that they had more people talking then wrestling during this show. So let'S look at all those in ring promos from this week's raw, First one of the night was the post match confrontation between Big Show and Floyd MAyweather. The only thing that this prove is that MAyweather is either really bad at promos or he did'nt when it was his time to talk because he was basicly talking over the big show. Then the highlight reel was pretty much useless. What was the point of this outside the fact that they took 2 of the most over stars on raw and made one of them turn heel. The Playboy cover unveilling was good but again what the point of it, does it help promote the match at wrestlemania, not really because MElina and BEth weren't nowhere to be seen during the unveilling. Finally we get more nonsense between JBL and Finlay. I use to like the Hornswoggle storyline but now with this promo i'm really getting tired of it. I completly forgot about the Floyd Mayweather interview. This was the most horrible interview ever done on WWE T.V.

HAs for the match themselves, First the MMA Match was stupid basicly because it didn't made any sense. Since when does a MMA match can be won by pinfall? Why would The big show not wearing MMA Gloves and his opponent was wearing boxing gloves. If that supposed to make me excited for the big show vs floyd MAyweather match, vetween that and the interview, they pretty much turn me off this match.

The tag team matchup was a decent match but then again, after the match you get a confrontation between HBK and Ric Flair that didn'T make any sense. The already sign the match for Mania so having HBK say that he can'T do it doesn'T make any sense.

Then we got the match between super crazy and Umaga. What does that prove exactly. That Umaga is a monster when he face a cruiserweight. I got nothing again super crazy but he'S in the same league as Batista and having Umaga beat him doesn'T prove anything.

Cena vs kennedy was a pretty good match and that's pretty much what i got to say about it.

CArlito vs Cody Rhodes was a good match and prove how much they don'T care about the tag team division on raw. Instead of having a tag title match at wrestlemania, they just put Carlito ,who with Santino is the no1 contender for the tag titles, into the money in the bank match.

The main event was your typical boting match between HHH and the forgotten champ randy orton. It wasn't a great match and i didn't help build-up the momemtum for the mania match.

They got 3 weeks left before Wrestlemania and since most of the match on the card are Raw matches, i hope the found a way to build interest for the PPV because after the last couple of weeks, the build-up for wrestlemania is very week and for a event like this one, you really should have a better build-up that the crap that RAw has been delivering lately.

03-07-2008, 12:52 AM
Triple H vs John Cena - They'll have each of the 3 people win a match in the coming weeks.

Edge vs Mick Foley? - They need to feed someone to Edge so he can still look like a legitimate threat to the Undertaker's streak.

Undertaker vs Batista/Mark Henry - For some reason, they're hell bent on doing these two matches 100 times over. Either one is possible and boring.

HBK vs Jericho - Can't see them doing many of the other options.

*Possible Undertaker vs Orton, which ends in a no-contest as Triple H, Cena, and Edge get involved*

Eh, you know what, they probably won't have every match be something from a previous Wrestlemania anyway, so its sort of pointless to predict. I mean, who is Jeff Hardy going to face when you can't bring back a lot of talent that has left in the past few years? Kennedy has nobody to face, and neither does CM Punk.

03-07-2008, 02:18 AM
In all honesty Im actually really looking forward to the special 3 hour Raw Wrestlemania Remind next week. I think the WWE should at the very least, give us 2 good matches involving main eventers preferably.

Im hoping Cena vs HHH will happen and if that match were to take place, I would hope that match lasts over 14 mins.

Undertaker vs Orton sounds pretty darn gd to me aswell.

HBK vs Vince is another option but I wont be too interested in that match.

Khali vs Kane could also take place but this match will most likely suck.

Edge vs Jeff Hardy would be awesome because hey.. they were both involved in the MITB match last year.

I really hope the WWE puts on a darn entertaining show.. the last time we had a 3 hour Raw.. it was the best Raw ive ever seen IMO, so I hope Wrestlemania Rewind is a night to remember and is much much better than last years Wrestlemania Rewind.

03-10-2008, 09:11 AM
This should be good and I believe that it is Orton's turn for Triple Threat Takeover. So there are a few main event possibilities, Orton could choose Cena vs. HHH which i hope he doesn't, because it would be too similar to last week and then it would be Orton vs. Cena next week, which would be dull. On the other hand we could get lucky and Orton could put HHH vs. Taker', that would be good, then HBK vs. Cena, probably the best match Cena could be in. I dont expect Orton to wrestle, because he isn't going vs. Taker if he has control, and his other Mania' matches were MITB and the Evolution vs. Rock and Sock, and Rey vs. Orton vs. Angle, obviously wont happen. Which means unless he is forced to face Taker', and sense he has control, that probably wont happen, Orton will just get involved in Cena's and HHH's Matches. Which would be fine because HHH vs. Taker and Cena vs. HBK would be a great 1-2 main event.

03-10-2008, 10:24 PM
Wow this Raw, for me came on the heels of a really tough day, and it made it no better. I was so let down by what I thought was going to be a great show that I had to turn it off twice. Once I went and played Nintendo 64 and the other I just sat around in the Live Discussion. Ok so let's review...

Opening: Another promo of HBK talking about how he's Mr. Wrestlemania until Orton comes out and makes 2 matches. HHH vs Kane and Cena vs HBK. Why HHH vs Kane???? Kane has been beaten just about by everyone over the past couple years... I give the segment a 1 out of 5...

Mark Henry vs Undertaker Casket Match: Worst casket match I've ever seen. 1.) I'd rather see Heidenrich in a casket match against Taker again over Mark Henry...
2.) By WWE making it a casket match, did anyone actually expect Mark to win? I don't think so... However the ending with Takers submission was cool. That thing just looks vicious... My rating: 2

Finlay vs Kennedy: Why make Kennedy the whipping dummy??? Two weeks ago he mic checked Cena as the show went off the air, now he gets pummeled by Finlay. Kennedy was my choice for the MITB match at WM, but when you have a guy literally get the shit kicked out of him... Well let's just say that it sent a message to JBL and that's about it...Nothing interesting involved, just a plain old whipping... My rating: 1.5

At this point in the show I turned it off... After watching it up to this point I give the show a 1.5 out of 5... Which for me in a word is... Terrible... I missed Y2J becoming the IC champ, but after hearing about it I could only think... What is happening to Hardy's push. Unless they felt that he held the title long enough and they'd move him to do something different, his push seems to be on it's last legs...

Iron Sheik/ Volkoff vs US express: Uhhhhh... if this match happened I'd give my opinion on it... Jillian came out to sing, but that's besides the point... Another waste of time segment gets a 1 out of 5... Though it was nice to see a couple of legends on the show tonight...

HHH vs Kane: I hate to say it, I really do, but Kane just looked horrible in that match. I mean he is one of my favorites, but he is getting older now. Perhaps he'll be hanging up his boots soon.. :(... HHH did not put on that impressive of a showing either here as he botched the Pedigree at the end of the match...Thus a painful Raw continues... 2 out of 5

Melina vs Ashley...Maria: So I was not at all surprised that Melina wound up facing Maria again. I was however surprised that she beat her. Melina's finisher is probably one of the sickest finisher in the Women's division. Santino came down and did his thing, which was funny as always. One of the best parts of the night right here. I gives it a 3 out of 5

Weigh In: Just when I thought the show was improving... Another stupid ass waste of time, I'm Floyd Money Mayweather waste of 15 minutes blah blah blah 20 million dollar man. Give me a break. Worse WWE celebrity angle ever IMO... Cannot wait until it's over... Terrible segment gets a .5 out of 5

Edge vs CM Punk: Save_Raw.Edge... Even though the show was really beyond saving I completly freaked when Edge came out. I don't watch SD! so I don't get to see him anymore, but for what this match was, it was really not all that bad. Edge got huge reactions from the crowd, and the crowd for the most part was into the match. Edge winning actually put a smile on my face. My rating 3 out of 5

Umaga and Batista thing: So... Let's cut a cool Umaga promo, then have him get owned by Batista... Ok... makes sense right... Another waste of time when it could have just been the promo without Umaga getting owned... My rating... 1 out of 5

End Raw for me. At that point I said enough is enough and shut it off till the end 11:00EST. HHH tells us that next week it will be Cena and Orton vs the Raw roster... Ok... They'll probably win it.

Cena vs HBK: Again... Didn't see the match, but read that Cena sold a knee injury rather well, and Orton wound up getting Fu'ed by an injured Cena... Probably happy I didn't watch it...

My Overall opinion: HUGE LETDOWN. I would have taken the two hour Raw over this 3 hour disaster anyday. I was really excited for this show, but as it went on it just was one letdown after another... My Overall rating...... 2 out of 5... Show got that simply due to the diva's match and Edge's match...

Funniest moment: Santino... of course

Worst Moment: The entire weigh in

Best Match: Edge vs CM Punk

Worst Match: HHH vs Kane

Mighty NorCal
03-11-2008, 12:13 AM
My first show as a newly converted RAW guy...ended up being a pretty big let down. Besides one match of course.

Shawn-Ric promo
Eh, was ok, nothing really good. Just kept reaffirming for me that the right decision was made as to who would do the honors at WM. And it also kinda made me think the symbolism of "to be the man, you gotta beat the man" was cool, as in, after WM, Shawn will be established as, THE MAN. 7/10

Casket match was pretty ho hum, some decent outside action going on. I liked the finish with UTs new submission. seemed pretty brutal puttin the big man down for the long count with that. 6/10

Y2J Vs Jeff Hardy, IC title match

Hell yes. very very good match, with lots of back and forth action, reversals, high flying, spots, and some brawling. good hard fought, clean finish for Jericho as he becomes the new IC champion. Im not sure why so many are doubting Hardy's push becuase of this match. He cant be fighting for the WWE title with the IC title around his waist for fucking ever can he?? LOL if anything they may have been further elevating him tonight. Now he is more than primed to win MITB. I mean who elsewill win NOW? Jericho who just won the IC belt?? No...Kennedy, who they obviously could give a fuck less about right now?? No. Hardy, who they have been grooming for the main event, and to be in the title hunt, and who just got himself out of the IC title division?? DUUUUH. LOL. He even has real music now. cmon. anyway, excellent match, showing that Hardy is very ready to be in the position they are about to put him in. 9/10

Iron Sheik/volkoff Vs Us express
Fuckin sweet even having hope of getting to see Mike rotunda. Sheiky baby looked ridiculous. Jillian has big boobies. 2/10

Kane Vs Triple H
eh, so-so okay power match here. Kane made the pedigree look like shit. Nothing special or good, but Ive seen worse 6/10

Melina Vs Maria
Pretty damn terrible, but what do you expect with Maria. gosh she is terrible, and not particularly hot, so is practically useless. At least Melina won, and with one of the more impressive finishers in the entire WWE id say. It was awesome.Santino's involvement was minimal, which was unfortunate.

The weigh in
well, this actually was about the only segment in this whole thing that ive enjoyed. I liked them playing to the crowds natural dislike of mayweather, and playing up all the wrestlers not appreciating him and his big money being around. Shane took a damn rough shot, and it mightve been legit. I personally really liked the segment, and though it was badass of mayweather to let the big show chuck him through the air like that. Is this really "good"...no...does it own the holy living fuck outta the celebrity angle of last year..hell yes...7/10

CM Punk Vs Edge
Marked out crazy for Edge, and was very happy to see him, as I dont get to watch SD anymore and he is one of my favorites. pretty bland match, that the crowd was supremely hot for, becuase BOTH guys were crazy over, and got fat pops when they came out. Another ending that makes edge look weak, as they further and further weaken the intrigue of the WM match with Taker. Way to go WWE.

The Umaga promo was fuckin dumb. why not just have them square off, why the fuck would u have Tista own him ALREADY?? We all know Tista will win, in probably a glorified squash, but shit WWE at least TRY to hide it a LITTLE. whatever. lets start ruining Umagas small re push already. Why wait til Mania?

HBK Vs Cena
The crowd was fairly apathetic during this, and was getting downright aggravated with it by the end. Cena tries to reverse the music into an STFU, and it looked terrible, which received a chorus of boos. It was ok, but not even close to their best. Actually probably the worst match these two have put on. At least Cena semi sold the knee injury this time. 6/10

Pretty lackluster show, especially given all the time and the roster they had to work with. Didnt really do much besides LESSEN and weaken any build for WM. they are reverse building I guess, its the new strategy. The Jericho-Hardy match was the diamond in the rough, and the bets match ive seen on free TV since HBK-Cena from London.

03-11-2008, 01:46 AM
I think this night has just been wasted in some cases. The Casket match.....sure great gimmick match but seriously, I respect mark henry as a company worker who acts well for the business. But he isn't a great wrestler as such. Other than that, it was a decent night worth of matches, although the matches weren't fantastic.

Y 2 Jake
03-11-2008, 09:50 AM
I'm really not sure why last nights show was 3 hours. Wasn't it WrestleMania Rewind? I haven't seen the show so I might be wrong. But weren't there only 5 rewind matches? On a 3 hour show. Why did they bother? They should have had a WrestleMania themed show just with opponents teaming with each other or something.

Y 2 Jake
03-15-2008, 07:19 AM
Loved the MVP/Batista match. To have MVP in the MITB is a total waste. You can argue that nobody has had a better year than him. If Hardy isn't ready to come back then they should have added him to the Big Show/Mayweather feud. Because that won't be a match in the end, it'll just be an angle.

I'm unsure why #1 WWE would promote 2 handicap matches on a card and #2 Why Big Show (Face) demolised Yang & Moore (Faces).

And when the angle started didn't McMahon say that if Flair lost he'd have to retire? I might be wrong. But I'm pretty sure he said lose, not pinned. Well Flair lost on Smackdown. So is his career over?

03-15-2008, 08:23 AM
Loved the MVP/Batista match. To have MVP in the MITB is a total waste. You can argue that nobody has had a better year than him. If Hardy isn't ready to come back then they should have added him to the Big Show/Mayweather feud. Because that won't be a match in the end, it'll just be an angle.

Wait, why do you want M.V.P. involved in the Big Show/Mayweather crap? I'd much rather see him in the MITB Ladder match. Everyone has been begging to see M.V.P. and Matt Hardy in a ladder match. Now I don't know everyone's reasoning behind it, but mine for it is to see how he'd do with a ladder. I'll get to (possibly) see that come Wrestlemania.

I'm unsure why #1 WWE would promote 2 handicap matches on a card and #2 Why Big Show (Face) demolised Yang & Moore (Faces)

Technically Big Show isn't meant to be a face. Hes suppose to be playing a heel.

And when the angle started didn't McMahon say that if Flair lost he'd have to retire? I might be wrong. But I'm pretty sure he said lose, not pinned. Well Flair lost on Smackdown. So is his career over?

And yes. McMahon did indeed say that the next time Flair lost, his career would be over. I'm mightly pissed about this too, because its utterly pointless and the chance is, they'll play it off as if it wasn't "billed" as a Career Threatening match.. when in fact, McMahon said ALL of Flair's matches from 'said' point on, could be his last.

Y 2 Jake
03-15-2008, 08:30 AM
Wait, why do you want M.V.P. involved in the Big Show/Mayweather crap? I'd much rather see him in the MITB Ladder match. Everyone has been begging to see M.V.P. and Matt Hardy in a ladder match. Now I don't know everyone's reasoning behind it, but mine for it is to see how he'd do with a ladder. I'll get to (possibly) see that come Wrestlemania.

When MVP & Hardy have a ladder match it should be after several months of build. After several singles matches. Outting them in this match together (If Hardy does become involved) will lessen the impact of their first one-on-one encounter. I know they faced each other at The Bash. But that was thrown together.

MVP would go well with Mayweather. I really don't know how you can say different. The original plan was supposed to be Rey/Floyd vs. Show/Shane.

Rey's injured so it turnes into a simple Big Show/Mayweather match. That won't sell. Did Mayweather turn heel on Monday? I'm unsure. Have him with MVP. They are both blinged up. They can both talk. And with the Big Show returning he could be have been face.

03-15-2008, 08:38 AM
When MVP & Hardy have a ladder match it should be after several months of build. After several singles matches. Outting them in this match together (If Hardy does become involved) will lessen the impact of their first one-on-one encounter. I know they faced each other at The Bash. But that was thrown together.

I agree that a Ladder match should be their finale. However the sad thing is, they've been feuding for almost a year through stupid "contests." And then Matt goes down with an injury.

The likely ending to this feud could be Matt Hardy returning in MITB, simply to cost M.V.P. the victory. (Like Jeff did to Edge, last year) Then, they could have a single's match, or some type of stipulation match at Backlash, whereas Matt would win.

MVP would go well with Mayweather. I really don't know how you can say different. The original plan was supposed to be Rey/Floyd vs. Show/Shane.

Rey's injured so it turnes into a simple Big Show/Mayweather match. That won't sell. Did Mayweather turn heel on Monday? I'm unsure. Have him with MVP. They are both blinged up. They can both talk. And with the Big Show returning he could be have been face.

I honestly think Mayweather did turn heel on Raw, but I can't be certain. Also, I think he got injured too. So with any luck, we could see Mayweather pick a replacement to face the Big Show. (Khali? As awful as it sounds, with the word going around that Khali needs to leave the W.W.E., this could be a way to play him out)

All I hope, is that this doesn't turn into another one of those W.C.W./Music Industry matches. (remember, I think the West Texas Rednecks faced off against Master P's no limit soldiers. Something like that, it was awful) Last thing I want is to see Mayweather and his "posse" against the W.W.E. in a collective group of Big Show, Hardcore Holly, Cody Rhodes and Charlie Haas.

Y 2 Jake
03-15-2008, 08:42 AM
I agree that a Ladder match should be their finale. However the sad thing is, they've been feuding for almost a year through stupid "contests." And then Matt goes down with an injury.

The likely ending to this feud could be Matt Hardy returning in MITB, simply to cost M.V.P. the victory. (Like Jeff did to Edge, last year) Then, they could have a single's match, or some type of stipulation match at Backlash, whereas Matt would win.

The only involment Matt should have in the match is if he does a run in. Anything else will devalue there next encounter.

I honestly think Mayweather did turn heel on Raw, but I can't be certain. Also, I think he got injured too. So with any luck, we could see Mayweather pick a replacement to face the Big Show. (Khali? As awful as it sounds, with the word going around that Khali needs to leave the W.W.E., this could be a way to play him out)

All I hope, is that this doesn't turn into another one of those W.C.W./Music Industry matches. (remember, I think the West Texas Rednecks faced off against Master P's no limit soldiers. Something like that, it was awful) Last thing I want is to see Mayweather and his "posse" against the W.W.E. in a collective group of Big Show, Hardcore Holly, Cody Rhodes and Charlie Haas.

That angle is great. It's not like the match at Manai is going to be anything other than an elaborate angle. It'll be 10 minutes of posing. A couple of punches. That's it. It'll probably end in a no contest.

But the most important thing of all is it's different. And it feels like something that could only happen at Mania.

Y 2 Jake
03-17-2008, 10:10 PM
That main event was beyond stupid. Cena & Orton vs. Everyone. Come one. It's ok to make heat regulars look like jobbers. But why was Birchill pinned several weeks into his re-debut, why was a tag champ pinned so easily, and why were Umaga & JBL on the team?

And why have your new IC champ look like shit one week after he wins the title? WWE have a habit of doing this, but I'm unsure of the point of it.

03-17-2008, 10:17 PM
I don't understand why they try to bury the entire roster for the sake of 2 guys who don't need to get over anymore. Ridiculous. How is Umanga going to stand a chance against Batista when he AND 15 OTHER SUPERSTARS couldn't even beat orton or cena. just baffling how they feel the need to destroy any sense of competition.

Are we as fans supposed to think "oh look how good cena and orton are, they can beat the entire raw roster by themselves. that is gonna be one good match at wrestlemania between those two and triple HHH. They are so tough since they can beat 16 superstars. who cares about the other matches on the card since non of them can ever stand a chance at beating orton or cena for the title. i mean they are just soooo good."

03-17-2008, 10:30 PM
I really gotta agree with ya Y2Jake, they made Jericho and the entire RAW roster aside from Umaga look like trash.

The Jericho/Show match had my hopes up, I thought that match would easily steal the match of the night, but no. They just turned Jericho into another jobber for the Mayweather Interactive Experience. And here I thought they had started to care about the IC belt again.

The RAW roster vs Cena/Orton was jobtastic. Apparently if you are a lower midcarder, your greatest talent is running into finishers. And the ending was completely predictable, the RAW roster clears out then HHH comes out and finishes them off. Spectacular.

Mighty NorCal
03-17-2008, 11:29 PM
Raw 3/17

Really liked the opening promo. Jericho is awesome on the mic, Big Show underrated. Very good, old school promo, with a challenge laid down, and accepted.

CM Punk Vs Carlito
Pretty solid, if not a tad sloppy, opening contest here.Very good closing sequence, with a good reversal to the GTS, in which the winner was in doubt. Carlito sold the successfull GTS about as well as anyone has. 7.5/10

Youmaynga Vs Londrick
Meh, monster heel squash at its finest. Weird segment towards the end with seemingly a heel turn for Kendrick. Not sure what they can do with a heel Kendrick, but we shall see. 5/10

Jericho Vs Show
Ended up being pretty shitty as compared to what I was expecting, but not bad in general. Pretty dumb, wealk ending though, as there is a semi turn/use of heel tactis from Jericho. Didnt really get that. I dont like it when HEELS use the belt to get disqualified and retain the belt, why in the world would u EVER have a face do it?? Let alone one who JUST won the belt???

Vince VS Flair, street fight
This was an abolishment, but very very fun at the same time. HORRIBLE "punching" from both guys, bad selling from both guys, and most absolutely slpa in the face obvious blade job ive ever seen. But it was pretty brutal with flair taking some pretty stiff chair/kendo stick (why the FUCK was that under the ring??)....and WHAT an ending...not for quality factor, but craziness factor...if upon waking today, if someone told you that you would see Ric Flair beating Vince by doing a top rope splash through a table, would you have belived it?? Fuck no. That definately goes on the list of "NOW youve seen it all" 8/10

Cena and Orton Vs everbody
er..well....all the heels, sans Kennedy. Which makes me wonder if they are trying to protect Kennedy from the jobfest, and save a little cred for MITB. Hmmmmm.

I personallly thought this was OK, but couldve been a lot better. If it were given more time, then it couldve made everything, and everyONE involved look stronger. Thought it was pretty entertaining for a 5 minute span, but much better than that can be done 8/10

Pretty decent RAW, although more, and better couldve been done with just about everything, however it wasnt a huge letdown botch like last week. Not Bad 8/10

03-18-2008, 12:29 AM
I watched an entire episode of RAW for the first time in a long time. I refreshed my memory on why I don't do that anymore. much as everyone has stated, the "entire" RAW roster vs. Orton and Cena was craptacular. While it was a little interesting seeing the team work of Cena and Orton, but beating a slew of midcarders means nothing. This was the first time I saw D.H. Smith on tv. wasn't impressed. Had some people who had been on RAW past the first hour been on the RAW team, that may have been interesting. No Shawn Michaels, no Ric Flair, no Y2J, no Big Show.
Not really sure why they split London and whatever his partner's name is...but then again, I really didn't care. Seeing CM Punk on RAW was....well, not a big fan of his either.
I did wish the Jericho/Big Show match would have been better but how many clean finishes are you going to see two weeks before Wrestlemania?? Sadly, I think the match of the night was watching Vince McMahon beat the shit out of Flair. Nothing else really entertained me.
In my own opinion, what I watch on RAW is about the same, if not worse, than what I flush down the toilet.

Steamboat Ricky
03-18-2008, 01:18 AM
Aside from the Y2J/Big Show promo...which was still questionable...a pretty horrid Raw. I forgot to spring forward the time on my VCR, so I only got the last hour. Not too pissed about that.

The whole Y2J/Big Show thing just befuddles me. They were BOTH playing heel roles.

A) In the promo, Big Show was heeling Y2J by calling him WWE's version of Mayweather, etc...then Y2J came back with a "junior" in classic face-Jericho fashion.

B) Then Y2J misses the pin on Show after the Lionsault and gets the belt and DQs himself. *Applauds* Way to make (IMO) the only legit contender for MITB look AWFUL. Why? So Show could give him a punch to the face. Cheesy. Stupid. At least put some jobber in that role. What a stupid filler storyline.

Street Fight: McMahon v. Flair.....why? What purpose does this match serve? Both looked terrible, and I was either waiting for Shawn to come down or Vince to win and have some prolonged loophole clause next week. Why not have a tag title match in here? Or heck...what about resurfacing the European Title? What about some GOOD WRESTLING. Crap. Such bollacks.

Match at the end was really stupid. Hacksaw Jim Duggan? That man looks like the stranded hermit from the old Monkey Island DOS game. He has no business in the ring (but meh, Flair is still in there). It was obvious from the beginning that the entire match was going to be finisher after finsher after finisher. Predictable and boring. And then, what was the point of HHH coming out to give the two Pedigrees? Stupid ending to a stupid RAW.

Boy, do I miss Jeff Hardy. How many more days? Blah.

2/10 (Only reason it gets a 2 is because it contained a Hardcore Holly appearance. Hardcore Holly = best RAW superstar. FACT.)

03-18-2008, 11:29 AM
So I missed the 1st half of Raw, which after reading, I'm glad I did. I'll just pick up the show from where I started watching... SUBWAY AND JARED. Why why why why was Jared there, let alone given mic time. God I hate that guy... Anyway...

Maria and Candice vs Jillian and Victoria: The only saving race of this match were two things. Victoria on Raw which is always nice to see. and Santino stealing King's sandwitch. Santino is probably the most entertaining thing on Raw nowadays. FACT.

Big Show vs Y2J IC title: Come on who honestly didn't think this would end in DQ as it did. Right from the start it was either Mayweather was going to come out of nowhere, or Y2J would get himself DQ'ed stupid waste of time that did IMO nothing for Show or Y2J.

Cena and Orton vs Raw Roster: I actually was enjoying this match a little... That is until it ended in a retarted fashion. RKO was basically cleaning house RKOing everyone in sight. Best part was right before the match went to shit. Cena tosses a guy into the air into an RKO. Would've loved to see how the rest of the match shaked out. Umaga dominated Cena and Orton when he was in, and delivered spikes after the match was over. Then chased JBL out of the arena. HHH coming down to Pedigree both of them after the match was pointless... Besides the fact that both men were already killed by Umaga... I would have loved to seen Orton and Cena nearly win and then DX comes down and kills them... HBK was not in the match. SO I was really hoping for it. Oh well... Another BLAH Raw over.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5: It got that because of Santino and Umaga saving the show otherwise... for a half show that I watched it would have gotten a lot less.

03-18-2008, 02:24 PM
where was kenndy ??? RAW was not a very good raw, maint event was dumb, spliting up one of the only legit tag teams in the wwe ... even dumber, jobbing the freaking crap out of dh smith who they could build up as the future of the business, hes bulldog/hart and he can wrestle and hes jobbing every where. RAW hasnt been hyping me up for wrestlemania and im pretty uninterested for this years wrestlemania.

03-18-2008, 05:05 PM
Kennedy is taking a little break right now, that's also why they chose him to be beaten up by Finlay.

I actually liked the main event, what I didn't like is that so many talented wrestlers have been degraded to jobbers recently. Especially Kendrick and London, and now Kendrick even seems to be turning heel. I think he is charismatic and letting him have a bit more mic time wouldn't be a disaster, so I'm hoping this choice is not as bad as it seems to be and actually helps London and Kendrick get out of that jobber status.

03-19-2008, 02:31 PM
Raw was good and I enjoyed Triple H as being the boss for the night, though I wanted to see more of him but I like the end like how he beat both of them and stood still with the gold.

03-19-2008, 09:00 PM
1. Londrick are nothing but jobbers. Making them champs was stupid. Vince had to have been watching a 1-2-3 Kid highlight film high on acid to even sign them. They aren't believable, they look and act like jobbers. Rule 1- If the average viewer could kick his ass, don't sign him. I couldn't care less about a heel turn as now they can job to each other. MooreWang is what happens when Londrick's gimmick is done correctly.

2. Burying the midcard, the whole midcard, in one match is never a good idea. A couple of those guys won matches earlier in the night, how does that make them look? Weak? Irrelevant? You pick the phraseology.

3. Whoever asked if we'd ever think the words, "Ric Flair beat Vince McMahon with a splash through a table off the top." would ever come out of our mouths, that was funny. That match was pretty entertaining to me.

Edited to add:
4. Jericho is a tweener. He is such a badass heel that people like him, i.e. Stone Cold, Rock, HHH. The lines are still cartoony for everyone but the top guys. You know Hardy is a face, you know Kennedy isn't. Y2J and HHH can go either way depending on who is in the ring. That is a valuable asset to the company. Putting Triple Haitch (Regal) in the ring with U-Manga makes people cheer, with Hardy, the crowd is split. Cena is such a cartoonish face, that people boo.

03-22-2008, 12:27 PM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Friday Night Smackdown: March 21st, 2008:

The Matches:

1. Handicap Match: Batista v. Deuce & Domino: The opening match of the show is surprisingly a highlight of the overview for the entire night. Batista cleanly dominates one of the few Tag Teams that are legit. in the W.W.E.

Why? How does this prove hes ready for Umaga? Because a Tag Team is compariable to a Samoan Bulldozer? How? I have tons of questions for what this explains. Deuce and Domino aren't the same they were last year. Batista could've fought Tommy Dreamer in a hardcore match and it would've been more of a warm-up for Mania against Umaga than this embarassment was. Batista wins with ease.

2. Handicap Match: Big Show v. Hawkz & the Naturals: Ladies and Gentlemen, W.W.E.'s answer to their lacking Tag Team division and piss poor teams? They add one of the great teams that were in T.N.A. Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas, the Naturals!

Opps. Someone forgot to explain to the creative staff on Smackdown that they were a former GREAT Tag Team, and accidentally filed them under Big Show meat. Seriously, is this ANY WAY to debut an actual Tag Team that could be very successful in this company? NO, its not.

And this crap with Big Show punching people to win matches is bullshit. Unless the match at Mania is going to be a boxing match, which we're about a week away from Mania and its STILL not been explained what the match type will be.

3. Edge v. Funaki: The first non-handicap match of the night, and its involving our World Heavyweight Champion. The announcers had the nerve to call this a warm-up for Edge and Wrestlemania as well. WOULD YOU EXPLAIN THAT TO ME. Undertaker = Funaki? :wtf:

The only thing about this that was anything important, was how Edge drilled another nail in his own coffin come Wrestlemania. He pins Funaki with the Tombstone. He addresses the crowd about never being beaten by the Undertaker, and he makes the threat to show everyone what he can do. (Apparently squashing a known jobber didn't send a clear enough message. Who knew)

4. Kane v. Chuck Palumbo: The first match that isn't a handicap or mismatch, and it ends in a no contest. Should I be shocked? I'd like to think yes, but unfortunately I say no.

So, The Great Khali gets rid of Kane. Proving he could win the battle royal, until Mark Henry (heel) comes out and proves that he can top Khali. (heel) Chuck Palumbo was also added to the battle royal.

5. Tag Team Championship Match: The Miz & John Morrison v. Jesse & Festus: Best match of the night. And that speaks a lot for how horrible the overall show was. Seriously, this was the best match of the night. It was evenly set, and I honestly felt Jesse and Festus could've (and should've) won the Tag Team Championships. Nothing stands out about this match to me.


Diva Contest: Victoria gets eliminated from the fan voting diva contest. Shocking. The final three are Cherry, Eve, and Michelle McCool. The winning diva wins a bike. Hmm, McCool used to be with Palumbo, Palumbo still has a bike. McCool is the biggest fan favorite out of the group.. Palumbo can destroy the bike she wins in the end.

Have I spoiled anything for anyone yet? And whats with them pushing Cherry as an ugly diva? That was hilarious.

M.V.P.'s V.I.P. Lounge: Guest Chris Jericho: Best segment of the night. Best moment of the night. Why this didn't turn into a match is beyond me. I can only hope these two face each other either on Raw, or next week on Smackdown.

Z.I.T., L.O.S.E.R., J.A.C.K.A.S.S. all of them.. Jericho needs people like M.V.P. to get back in the swing of things with his promos.

Overall, neither guy is going to win the Money In The Bank. Why? Because they typically don't let the winner brag week in and week out on how they're going to win. M.V.P. is most likely going to get screwed over by Matt Hardy, and Chris Jericho isn't likely to win it, because he returned to the Main Event picture and it didn't pan out for him.

Main Event: Undertaker v. Chavo Guerrero: Okay, so your Main Event is just like the rest of the show. A complete Squash. Furthermore, if they'd actually had Chavo even remotely show any amount of possibility for winning I'd want Undertaker fired on the spot.

I (unfortunately) knew this match would happen sooner or later. Edge gets his Edge Heads, then aligns himself with Chavo. So, whats he done in truth? Found several handicap/mismatches for the Undertaker to have.. all while Edge heels himself away in fear. :disappointed: Seriously, this is bullshit.

Oh, lets not forget about the ending to Smackdown though. Edge, Ryder, Hawkins and Chavo in a 4 on 1 beat down. Who feels next week before Mania, the Main Event will be 4 on 1.. yeah.

Overall Thoughts: Might as well change the name to Friday Night SquashDown. (Thanks Justin, for the heads up) I honestly feel sorry for the people who were there for this show. I mean, who would've thought the best part of the night was the E.C.W. taping? I'm disappointed completely with how they shit all over the road to Wrestlemania with this show.

03-22-2008, 11:45 PM
Flawless recap above me what more is there to say. For the last few weeks I've dreaded watching Smackdown, it's getting to the point where I'm just going to stop and read recaps which are often exponentially more entertaining than sitting through the program itself. Here's hoping for a roster shuffle to bring some legitimacy back to the show.

03-24-2008, 10:23 PM
Oh lord Raw is finally over tonight... Well... Lets say in my opinion it was one hell of a boring show... Let's review shall we...

Show opens with a rather long segment where Cena, Orton, HHH, JBL, Big Show, and Umaga all cut promos about how they're going to make history, and as a result we get the main event tag match of those 6 guys and Flair and HBK... Best part of the night happened right here during Umaga's promo. (Yes Umaga did a promo)..... Rating: 2 out of 5 okay

We come back from commercial to a tag match featuring Y2J and CM Punk vs MVP and Carlito. I was let down right off the bat, I was really hoping for a MVP/Kennedy team, but oh well...Match was ok I guess. However it was rather sloppy for the most part. MVP got the win. I actually would find a CM Punk/MVP feud kind of interesting. Completley opposite gimmicks if you think about it. Hardcore SXE and Ballin... Match Rating: 2 out of 5. okay Commercial time again.

Kennedy appears on screen as the show returns and cuts a rather dissapointing promo, but still one of the better of the night. Too short to give a rating.

Then we had the match of the night... The Great Khali vs Hardcore Holly... What the Hell was the point in this. Honestly and why bury 1/2 of the tag champs. Squash match cause they couldn't have had Khali go up against someone else on a different show, so they had him squash Holly??? Rating: 0 out of 5 Pathetic

I didn't mention this yet, but there was an unbelivable amount of promos for Floyd Mayweather vs Big Show throughout the show. All of which were terrible and said the same thing. Evidentally Big Show is bigger than Floyd? Wouldn't have guessed... All the promos for that match combined get a... Rating: 0 out of 5

Flair cut a promo that actually got pretty intense and ended with HBK sayin he was going to bring Flair to the back of the barn and beat him, or something along those lines, which caused Flair to go berserk, stomp his jacket and slap HBK in the face a few times to which HBK did not retaliate... Rating: 3 out of 5 Good

Melina, Beth, Santino vs King, Maria, Ashley was another terrible display of the divas. Ashley is now in the Playboy Bunny match at Wrestlemania, and showed oh so much skill tonight. I mean a forearm to Melina was about all she did. Santino got the pin on Maria as it seems that every week leading up to the match at Mania. Beth, Melina, and Santino get the last laugh and I hope they do on Sunday. This match though gets... Rating: 1 out of 5 Bad...

More Floyd Mayweather nonesence here...

Main Event of the 6 guys mentioned before really broke down. Finlay came out and he and JBL brawled to the back, Batista and Umaga did the same, then HHH and Cena did the same, but not before Big Show chokeslammed his partner Randy Orton. HBK punches Flair in the face, in which Ric followed with a low blow. Then Flair locked on the figure four for the win... Commercials completley killed this for me. Just as JBL and Finlay started brawling. Also... I understand that it could be Flair's last Raw, but why have him make Orton tap???... Rating: 2 out of 5 okay

The show in my opinion gets a bad rating of 1.4. The center part in which Khali and all the Mayweather BS occured really blew the show apart...

Funniest moment: None
Best Promo: Umaga
Most Intense Moment: Ric Flair Promo
Most boring segment: Anything involving Floyd Mayweather...
Best Match:Y2J and CM Punk vs Carlito and MVP
Worst Match: Khali vs Hardcore Holly

Mighty NorCal
03-25-2008, 02:37 AM
A pretty much utter crap RAW tonight, very weak in making any kind of build.

Opening segment
Eh, so-so stuff, nothin in comparison to the promos we have seen in earlier years, but decent and falls in line with the WWEs currently geared toward children tough guy talk. Umaga cut a promo which I think did nothing but set his character back, as the whole crowd was laughing at him. 5/10

CM Punk & Jericho Vs MVP...and...carlito???
Seriously, was shelton Benjamin busy??? Or Morrison??? fucking carlito is what we get?? Ugh. you could almost here the air come out of the arena when Carlitos music hit, and he wasnt Kennedy lol. Very sloppy match, pretty crap. MVP won. so that was cool. LOL 4/10

Kennedy cuts a weak ass promo. good times

Kahli Vs Holly
Completely useless pointless squash. seriously WWE did this serve ANY purpose?? so JR and King could say "HOW in the WORLD will anyone EVER be able to get Kahli over the top rope in the battle royal????"...like every other fucking Rumble that Kahli and all the other monsters who are so impossible to eliminate get eliminated from. Utter shit. 0/10

BTW, ill mention that all of this was in the midst of 948 Big Show Vs Mayweather promos. Apprently they are fighting this weekend, and from what I undertsand there is QUITE a size difference between them...AND ITS A RATHER HUGE FUCKING DEAL!!!!

Intergender tag match that I didnt pay attention to...But smashley is back, with seemingly even BIGGER tits (she is up to like 38 double F or some shit) and is subbing in for Candice on sunday. A scintilating contest it shall be.

Ric Flair and HBk cut a promo which I found to be EXCELLENT and even got me a little emotional over here sitting in the bean bag chair of doom. Very good, intense work here. The highlight of the night, by far and away.

some decent mark out moments during the 8 man main event, especially when Finlay emerged, and JBL looked like he was gonna shit himself LOL. Pretty much what you couldve expected, and they have Flair going out (of RAW at least) putting away Orton with the figure 4. RAW ends with Flair standing tall, which was good I guess. too bad it didnt happen about 5 years ago.

Besides the sick HBK flair promo, and the pretty cool Triple threat promo video, this RAW was absolute shit, and did nothing to build WM. The crown Jewel of the worst WM build EVER. D-

03-25-2008, 02:48 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: March 24th, 2008:

Opening Segment: So the final stop for Raw before WrestleMania and you have to start big and finish big. What better way to do that, then with the guy who everyone hates yet he draws the most. John Cena! So, Cena cuts his typical promo about how hes fought and fought to get back to the top, and roughly put at Mania he'll reclaim what he never lost. Now, somewhere in between the lost promo that Cena was cutting, he gets interrupted by none other than.. .. .. The Big Show? :confused:

Big Show decides to explain to Cena that instead of the Triple Threat being the top highlight of Mania, him ending Floyd Mayweather's career will be the new highlight, that even replaces Hulk Hogan slamming Andre the Giant. (classic) Now, before anything else is really done.. we get our third entry for the night.. J.B.L.? (If noone else is lost yet, then you're better off than I am)

So, J.B.L. decides to put his name in the hat for best match of the night.. :lmao: and how it'll be the greatest Wrestlemania moment, for the greatest beating in Mania history, because his match has no rules. Cena & J.B.L. exchange some history, which gives us our 4th entry of the night.. Randy Orton! (finally, someone from the same storyline as someone else in the ring)

Orton runs down the possibilities for Wrestlemania, then explains that noone feels he'll win, and that drives him. He then exclaims he'll be the talk of the night, when he does the impossible and retains. So.. you'd logically assume the final member of the triple threat is next, right? Wrong.. Umaga! (I was completely waiting on a diva to be after him)

Umaga.. talks?! Well, he tried anyways. Thats the important thing. He showed better mic skills than Randy Orton in cutting a promo about Batista and Wrestlemania. It was all jibberish, but hes more understandable than half of what Orton says, and hes more believable then most of what Cena says. UMAGA FOR WORLD CHAMPION!!!

Triple H. now decides to enter, but not before instantly plugging his new t-shirt. (now available on wweshop.com for those who don't know.) Now, by this point in the cluster thats forming in the ring, I've just become lost. The basic point of what I got from Triple H. is that hes winning the match. (shocking, that he'd push for himself as the winner. You never see someone claiming they feel someone else is going to win, it'd be interesting to say the least)

William Regal! This segment has went on far too long, and we finally get the General Manager to come out and explain what tonight's Main Event is going to be. Yay!

The Matches:

Tag Team Match: Carlito & M.V.P. v. Chris Jericho & C.M. Punk: The best match of the night, how fitting its the first. A mini preview of the Money in the Bank match. Not to mention a mini preview of Chris Jericho v. M.V.P. for Smackdown! Overall, while this was the best match on the card, nothing overly exciting happened in it.

It was your typical back and forth Tag match, that ended on a great note when Jericho went for an enzuigiri to M.V.P., who ducks allowing Jericho to connect on his own partner. M.V.P. picks up the win, Carlito points toward him on the outside as the heels exchange words. Meanwhile, Jericho just stares blankly toward Punk, then glares at M.V.P.

The Great Khali v. Hardcore Holly: Another Mania preview, of the 24 man Battle Royal, as Hardcore Holly has been confirmed for being involved. More or less, this was a squash match in favor of Khali.. who learned a nerve pinch!!! Unfortunately, Holly doesn't understand how to direct his head under Khali's hand on the way down, so we got a botched chop to the shoulder, followed by a double handed chokeslam for the win. Go Khali, with luck you'll be the first guy eliminated at Mania!

Intergender 6 Man Tag Team Match: Santino Marella, Beth Phoenix & Melina v. Jerry Lawler, Ashley & Maria: Originally this started off as a single's match between Melina and Maria, until Ashley without music, or even the camera directed on her decides to randomly wonder down the ramp and into the ring. I'm downright shocked security didn't body tackle her. She looked lost.

During this screw-up, the match was changed to a 6 man Tag Team match. Also during this match, it was explained that Candice Michelle did infact reinjure herself, and Ashley will take her place.

Unfortunately nothing special about this match in the least, except for the fact that Santino got the biggest win of his career, with the pinfall victory over Maria!! Celebrating as if he'd just became a Champion again!!!

The Promos/Segments:

Mr. Kennedy/MITB: Mr. Kennedy's first time back on camera since the beat down he took in his hometown of Green Bay, via Finlay. So.. the promo was average at best, in all honesty it down right sucked. He predicted several things for Mania. Flair retiring. Taker's streak ending. And Kennedy (shockingly) winning MITB.

If anything, this only further proves to me that Mr. Kennedy will indeed.. NOT be winning the MITB match. If he does, I'll be downright amazed because this is the weakest push, not to mention promo ever for a man about to win a chance to become the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Ric Flair/Shawn Michaels: Best segment of the night. Hell, best moment of the night. Ric Flair calls out Shawn Michaels to complain (again) about how he feels he isn't getting the respect he wants. He feels unsure on whether he would've defeated Vince McMahon a week prior, due to H.B.K. interfering in the match after Flair repeatedly asked him not to.

Out comes H.B.K. who explains that throughout Ric Flair's entire career, Flair has always been the dirtiest player in the game. Flair has ALWAYS had someone there to watch his back, and to help him out of jams. H.B.K. was only doing what he thought Flair would've wanted done.

We get more history lessons from H.B.K. then Flair on what hes accomplished, before H.B.K. refers to Ric Flair in the greatest way possible. Old Yeller! H.B.K. exclaims that come WrestleMania, hes going to take Ric Flair out back and end him. Great segment, excellent promo. (Kennedy should take notes)

Triple H./John Cena: Boring pre-Main Event promo where Cena says the title's coming back to him at Mania. Triple H. disagrees. CODY RHODES BREAKS IT UP!!!!!! "Save it for Wrestlemania, guys!" GREATEST PROMO OF THE NIGHT! RHODES FOR CHAMPION!!!! WOOOOO.. okay, seriously, I just had to get it out. I'm done now.

Main Event: WrestleMania Showcase: Triple H., John Cena, Ric Flair & Shawn Michaels v. Randy Orton, J.B.L., Umaga & The Big Show: Nothing too exciting to be honest. Normal match that had Finlay's music erupt within the first 3 minutes I'd say. J.B.L. and Finlay fight to the back, leaving the heel side a man short. Batista interrupts next, gaining Umaga's attention, putting the heels in a very unusual place being at the disadvantage.

So, Randy Orton begins commanding the Big Show to do everything, which lasts long enough for Big Show to tag Orton in the hard way and leave him with a 4 on 1 major disadvantage. So, naturally we've had the heels break apart leaving the faces to figure out how to do the same. Triple H. and Cena quickly figure out they'll be against each other Sunday, and decide to tour the building violently. Leaving Flair to get slapped by H.B.K., only for Flair to low blow H.B.K., lock in the figure four and pick up the victory! Raw goes off the air with Ric Flair celebrating what could be his last match, or victory, in the W.W.E.

Overall: The final Raw before Wrestlemania was definately better than the previous 3.. unfortunately that doesn't say very much, and even more sadly, it doesn't mean tonight's Raw was anything great. It was good, don't get me wrong. However 4 total matches, one being a diva's match and another being a squash. The Main Event getting broken apart bit by bit within the first 5 minutes, and that leaves one great match on the night.

The only segment worth anything was Flair & H.B.K., which is all they've done within the previous few weeks, and I'm assuming that randomly placed Superkick from Shawn Michaels is just never going to shockingly find Flair's face, before Mania anyways.

All I can hope for is the Raw after Wrestlemania provides us with more matches, and a better storyline build for everything leading into Backlash.. or Mania Squared, whichever you'd prefer to call it.

03-31-2008, 11:00 PM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: March 31th, 2008:

Opening Segment: John Cena's music jump starts the show, to more mixed reaction with mainly boos. No Cena? Triple H's music the kicks up, as the fans erupt, yet just like before, No H.H.H.? Finally, Randy Orton's music erupts over the speakers and the W.W.E. Champion walks out.

Orton opens with the classic "You were expecting someone else?" He continues with a great promo, in saying that no one expected him to walk out the winner & Champion. He demands respect for doing what hes done, and continues to address that people might not like to hear the list, but its growing. Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Triple H., John Cena, & the Wrestlemania Main Event winner. He then finishes out with telling people to forget about Hulkamania, forget about the Attitude era, because this is the Era of Orton!

John "Bradshaw" Layfield interrupts the proceedings, as he makes his way to the ring and agrees with Orton about how Triple H., & Cena neither one deserve another shot at the Championship.. but he, J.B.L., does. He goes on to talk about how Orton got lucky during Mania and walked out Champion due to nothing more than that luck. He says Orton's entire reign as Champion has been based off luck. Then mentions himself as the longest reigning Smackdown Heavyweight Champion, and how he was dominate during that period. He went on to mention beating the toughest guy in the W.W.E. at their own game.

J.B.L. finishes up with saying the fans may dislike Randy Orton as W.W.E. Champion, but they'll downright hate J.B.L. He sticks his name in as the unofficial Number One Contender for the W.W.E. Championship then takes his leave. As Orton demands to know who J.B.L. thinks he is, he isn't getting a reaction. However what he does get, is the shocking return of Matt Hardy to Monday Night Raw, completely destroying the W.W.E. Champion. Officials rush out and we go to commerical.

The Matches:

1. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch v. Cryme Tyme: First match of the night and we get the big return surprise after Wrestlemania! Cryme Tyme's back!! The match wasn't anything great, but its nice to see Raw has added an old Tag Team back into the mix. Who knows how long it'll last, and by the looks of the finish with Cade & Murdoch, it seems like we'll be losing another good Tag Team soon enough.

2. Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes v. Paul London & Brian Kendrick: London & Kendrick are reunited, as they face off against the Tag Team Champions. Quick note that J.R. pointed out. He claimed that Londrick reminded him of the Midnight Rockers. (I know its not THE Rockers, but I'm thinking that was a hint at where this storyline is going)

London didn't do too much, until he made the hot tag to Kendrick who cleaned house and picked up the victory over Cody "Wet Dream" Rhodes. Kendrick seems electric with his victory, and in my opinion I can see this turning into Kendrick turning on London, thinking he can do better without him. Sadly, I don't see Kendrick being the next Shawn Michaels.

3. Chris Jericho v. C.M. Punk: Match of the Night! It was definately a back and forth match, not the very best but definately the best of the night. Jericho seemed to bust his mouth on something, not sure if he lost teeth or not. A lot of nice counters, but in the end its Jericho picking up the victory with the Code-Breaker on Punk.

The only unknown I have with this, is if they're pushing C.M. Punk as the next possible Heavyweight Champion at some point within the next year, do you think its wise to let him come out on Raw first thing and job directly to the Intercontinental (midcard) Champion? Overall, I'm still not sold on Punk being the Money In The Bank guy.. and I think he'll end up losing it, or being challenged and lose it at possibly Backlash.

If they are, however, giving the nod to Punk.. then I suggest they start putting him over Main Event talent, such as Chris Jericho.

4. Matt Hardy v. Randy Orton: The grudge of the night, and its not in the Main Event spot for matches? Matt Hardy did everything Jeff did against Orton in this match. He controlled the entire thing, from beginning to end. Matt hit every one of his signature moves, and even connected with a Twist of Fate on the floor.

Unfortunately, the outcome was exactly the same as it was for Jeff. All In, No Win. After connecting which his finisher, Matt picks Orton up and slides him back in the ring. Upon sliding in himself, Orton catches him with an R.K.O. and picks up the victory.

5. No Disqualification: Santino Marella v. Maria: Unofficially Main Event match of the night. I'm so happy the night after Wrestlemania could have this as something to remember. :rolleyes: Apparently there was a stipulation that Jerry Lawler couldn't interfere.

Not that it mattered, after Santino pie-faced Maria to the ground, the entire diva lockerroom emptied and Santino found out the hard way why you don't piss off a female. The match ends with a falling headbutt to the crotch. Maria picks up the victory, and the divas celebrate.

The Segments:

Matt Hardy/William Regal: After the opening attack. Regal demands to know why Matt Hardy is attacking his Brand's Heavyweight Champion. Matt explains in anger that he hasn't forgotten about Orton's kick, and putting him out even longer. He (Hardy) demanded a match.. Regal said he'd have to think about it. (only for it to be confirmed two segments later)

Shawn Michaels: Shawn comes to the ring, looking a bit depressed for what happened the night before. He addresses the crowd in saying that he was asked to do a job. He was asked to give his best, his 'A' game, to be the Show-Stopper at Wrestlemania. He said he has too much respect for Ric Flair to give him anything less. He expresses that he isn't sure how to feel about that, but its what he did.

He goes on to say that one of the greatest careers in Professional Wrestling is now over and its because of him. He says that its just another burden he has to live with. He goes on to sarcastically say "Lucky Me." Then he just stops, doesn't continue anymore, hands the mic. off and walks out.

H.B.K./Regal/Batista: Regal confronts Shawn Michaels in the back, after his promo and says that H.B.K. did what he had to do, and its something that should've happened a long time ago. Regal then walks off, as we see Batista burning a hole through Shawn Michaels. H.B.K. glances over his shoulder, as he then walks off.

The Big Show/The Great Khali: Big Show enters the ring, and gives congrats to Mayweather... Mayweather, along with his manager, his 6 body guards, a steel chair and his brass knucks. Big Show mocks Mayweather one last time in saying "Mayweather, greatest fighter on the planet." Show then moves on to the Hall of Fame show & Ric Flair addressing him as the best big man in the business.

Big Show says hes going back to what he was, and that noone can match him one on one. This brings out The Great Khali! Khali enters the ring, as both men go eye to eye. Khali rambles in jibberish, as Show demands Khali step out of his face. Khali backs up a bit, before making it look like the two biggest guys in the sport are about to collide, only for Khali to take the backdoor out of the ring. Khali walks up the ramp, before turning around one last time getting the crowd pumped to see the head on car crash, before deciding otherwise and leaving.

Personally, I know this match will draw big, but its a disaster waiting to happen. Khali has less than no talent, and the guy barely knows anything more than basic chops, punches and kicks. Its likely that Big Show will go over and this will be Khali's exit, if hes taking one, from the company for a while. It'll likely happen at Backlash, but the question is.. outside of seeing the tallest two guys go head to head in a horrible match, is it Pay Per View quality? I suppose for Backlash.

Santino/Maria: Santino with an incredible 88 reps that most people would consider 5. Thats pure talent right there. Maria approaches Santino in expressing that she doesn't wish to fight him. That his girl's won at Wrestlemania, and she doesn't know what else Santino wants from her.

He replies first with asking how her date with Snoopy the Dogg went, and if they had a nice dinner, with some nice Kibbles n' Bits. (:lmao: classic) He then says hes been held back by the divas. He said he should've been in the Royal Battle, but was stuck with the divas instead. He then expressed that he felt the divas should be at home making pasta and babies. He says he needs to release some frustration and unless Maria knows another way.... .. which is followed by a very nice slap from Maria, and the agreement that the match is on. (Apparently Maria doesn't like pasta?)

Dusty Rhodes: There isn't a big secret that Rhodes and Flair aren't the best of friends, and thats likely why Rhodes wasn't one of the names who came to the ring personally. Rhodes cut a small promo expressing that the terms, the words "legend" & "icon" are tossed around loosely in this day, but when it comes to Ric Flair, they're national treasures.

J.B.L./Randy Orton: After Orton's match, J.B.L. enters his lockerroom, picks up the Championship, glares then tosses it back to Orton and leaves. I'm only randomly assuming Backlash will give us a Fatal Four Way with J.B.L. entered as the 2nd heel with the Wrestlemania Triple Threat contenders being the other 3.

Ending Segment/Main Event: Ric Flair's Farwell Speech: Ric Flair enters the arena and the ring one last time to address the world with his Farwell Speech from Professional Wrestling.

Flair says that he isn't sad and the fans shouldn't be sad either, because he feels he had a full, great, career. He said he lost to the best man last night and that he thanks everyone for all the memories. Enter.. Triple H.

Ric went through his entire (small) speech without crying, until the Game's music played in which I'm unsure if Ric actually need it was going to happen. Ric busted out the tears almost instantly with Motorhead, as the Game expresses that he loves Ric Flair for everything hes done in the business and he wanted to give him his thanks. H.H.H. bows to Flair, then says that things aren't done. There were a few guys in the back, who wanted to thank Ric for his entire career as well. Thus enters roughly everyone from Ric Flair's past...

The original Four Horsemen, Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat, Harley Race, Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine, & Dean Malenko. From here, things get a bit off-note, as Triple H. then introduces... Chris Jericho, John Cena, Ric Flair's Family, & Shawn Michaels.

Finally, Triple H. opens up and says anyone else not brought out who wants to come out and give thanks can do so now. The entire W.W.E. roster fills up the rampway, minus the McMahon Family & The Undertaker. Raw goes off the air as everyone is celebrating Ric Flair's tremendous career in Pro Wrestling.

Overall Thoughts: While we knew the night was going to mainly surround Ric Flair's exit (for now) from Professional Wrestling, I was a bit disappointed to not see anything big or shocking happen in the line of storylines.

Big Show & the Great Khali isn't exactly shocking to me. J.B.L. wanting a Championship match after picking up one of his first big wins since returning to wrestling wasn't something I'm too concerned with either. I was hoping for a possible Shawn Michaels or Batista heel turn that didn't come, and clearly something is stirring between the two of them, likely to head-up Backlash.

The Ric Flair tribute show that played throughout the night, followed by the ending segment of the life of Flair brought tears to my eyes the MOMENT the Four Horsemen entered the arena. I have always been a Horsemen fan, and I lost it at that moment. I was completely upset that Chris Jericho & John Cena decided to play a role in being two of the solo names brought out, when neither guy did shit for Ric Flair in his career.

Jericho had a feud with Flair, but clearly Cena was only there for the spotlight, as the f*cker did jack all for anything regarding Flair. You want Jericho & Cena to be apart of it? Play Cena's music, with him leading the lockerroom out. But don't play him into the damn ring, when the bastard doesn't deserve it. Big Show deserved to be in that ring more than him.

In the end, I question how long before Ric Flair returns for another match? Could we see him against someone else in a Hall of Fame match at next year's Wrestlemania? I wouldn't expect Flair to think he'll ever top last night's performance, but I know Flair likely isn't done with wrestling completely. If he is, I'll be shocked more than probably anyone.

04-01-2008, 08:05 PM
Actually Jericho and Ric interacted alot back in the good ol' WCW days. . . they actually got into an argument backstage because both men wanted the other one to beat them in the fued.

04-01-2008, 08:43 PM
The Ric Flair segment brought some tears to my eyes as well. It was then that I truly understood the impact that Ric Flair has had throughout the business and will continue to do so. Seeing the past, present, and future of the business praising and thanking Ric was truly a sight to see. I now have a newfound respect for The Nature Boy. Punk and Y2J definitely have chemistry and can put on a darn great match so I really hope this fued develops into an amazing rivalry. Those two were the best things that I think Raw offered last night. Big Show's promo was pretty good as well and he handled "You Can't Wrestle" Khali pretty well. I really thought that Big Show was gonna take him down right there, but we have to wait for it. Seriously, JBL getting in line for a title match. I knew it would happen. I just hope that it isn't one on one. Can you say sleeper? The show was a nice Wrestlemania wrap up and a new direction for the next wrestling year. "Have a nice dizzle!"

04-02-2008, 12:00 AM
While it was nice to read that Undertaker and McMahon did come out after the cameras cut, it would have been more appropriate for both of them to come out while cameras were on to pay respect to The Man. I think by now people understand that Undertaker and Mr.McMahon are gimmicks and not the real men. Hopefully when they release the new Flair DVD, the retirement will be shown in its entire length.

04-05-2008, 08:26 AM
Amy’s ‘take’ on Friday Night Smackdown April 05,2008:

Opening Segment: “La Familia” (Edge, Chavo, Edgeheads, and Vickie) and Teddy Long come to the ring. Edge is upset yet apologetic. He let himself, Vicki, everyone down but vows on his “love” that he will be World Heavyweight Champion again. Then it’s crybaby Chavo’s turn. He too let the family, the entire Guerrero family, down but is quick to claim that Kane cheated. He promises to become ECW Champion again. Vicki announces that Edge and Chavo will get rematches at Backlash. She also announces the night’s main event: Brother v. Brother, Champion v. Champion, Kane v. The Undertaker.

MVP v. Matt Hardy: Following Hardy’s run-in at Mania costing MVP MITB, I expected MVP to call Hardy out and the two run each down on the mic before they’re just thrown into a match that’s been almost 5 months in the making (or waiting rather). The two put on a good match – indeed match of the night IMO. Lots of back and forth action in and out of the ring. I believe Good Ol’ JR would have called this one a slobber-nocker. Hardy working over MVP’s knee was fitting since the last time the two were in the ring the scenario was reversed. A very driven looking Hardy gets the win via The Twist of Fate.

Zack Ryder v. Festus: I’m not sure why this one wasn’t a tag match. Nothing special here, just more of the same. Festus wins easily.

"Mixed Emotions" Segment: Shawn Michaels comes out to address the fans. Although he still has mixed emotions, he feels he gained some closure Monday night during Flair’s Farewell. Enter Batista with more of the staring Shawn down. Batista says he hasn’t found closure and is taking Shawn retiring Flair, his mentor and friend, personally. Batista on the verge of tears was funny. Dave needs to leave the “sentimental” promos to Flair and HBK; it just came across as too forced. Shawn says it wasn’t easy but he had a job to do and he did it. Batista says Shawn is selfish, let his ego get in the way, and made the wrong decision because he didn’t job to Flair. Batista quote: “That’s right Shawn Michaels, Mr. Showstopper, doesn’t do jobs.” WTF! Gimme a break Batista – as if Flair would have laid down even for his best friend. I don’t think so. They could have done better with this segment, but I think they’re setting up an HBK-Batista feud.

Vladimir Kozlov v. Matt Bentley: The debuting Kozlov defeated the debuting Bentley in a 1 minute squash match. If you blinked, you missed it. I’m not familiar with Kozlov other than he was the guy in the audience a year ago that just said “Double Double E” (WWE). Kozlov came across as mechanical to me. In a display of strength, Kozlov looks to become a force to be reckoned with on Friday nights. I wonder who they will put him in a feud with.

Morrison/Miz v. Wang Yang/Moore: These two teams have given us some good matches in the past, but that wasn’t the case tonight. Miz clipped Moore’s knee behind the ref’s back giving the tag champs the quick (less than 2 minutes here) victory.

*Khali comes down and takes out all four guys. Seriously WWE what purpose does it serve to feed your tag teams, come on your tag champs, to Khali? Big Show came down and got in Khali’s face, returning the favor from RAW. Khali walked away but not before stopping to give Show a look saying, “We’ll meet again soon.”

Divas Contest Segment: No surprise Michelle McDrool (lol as Victoria now refers to her) won the divas contest. Her happy moment was broken up by Victoria and a mystery woman (Nattie Neidhart). I’m sorry but RANDOM is the only word I can use to describe this segment.

Kane v. Undertaker: Sure it’s been done before, but I was still pretty into this one. It started off tentatively with a couple stalemates here and there. A good portion of the match was Undertaker working on Kane’s arm slowing the pace. Crowd seemed unsure whom to get behind but finally they at least got “into” the match at the point the two were exchanging punches. I wasn’t sure how they were going to end the match, whether they were going to have one champion/one brand essentially going “over” the other. A double boot laid both men out only to have both sit up at the same time – just classic – and then we got the run-in/beat down by Edge, Chavo, and the Edgeheads. Kane and Taker didn’t stay down for long though, again sitting up in sync and handing out double chokeslams and tombstone pile drivers. I can't wait to see what "La Familia" has in store for the Brothers of Destruction in the build to Backlash.

Overall: The opening segment, MVP-Hardy match, HBK segment, and Kane-Taker match were solid and kept this show from being a disappointment post-Mania. Although the middle was boring, my hope is they are finally beginning some new angles/feuds for the coming weeks.

04-05-2008, 09:35 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Friday Night Smackdown: April 4th, 2008:

Opening Segment: Edge, Chavo Guerrero, the Edgeheads, Teddy Long & Vickie all make their way to the ring. Edge opens with expressing how upset he is at letting everyone down, but letting Vickie down the most. Edge devotes himself to Vickie in explaining that on their 'love' he'll regain the World Heavyweight Championship. (so, clearly this means he won't be regaining the Heavyweight title?) Edge passes the mic over to Chavo..

Chavo agrees with Edge that he too feels that he let the Family down, that he let the Guerrero name down, and then proceeds to address how he'll make it up to everyone, including the newest member of the Guerrero Family, Edge. (how much is Chavo making to sell this?) Chavo then goes on to express that Kane cheated, that he couldn't even face him man to man.

Vickie Guerrero addresses to both men that they'll have their respective rematches at Backlash, and in another (not so) surprising move by the Smackdown General Manager, she announces that it'll be brother v. brother, Champion v. Champion for the Main Event.

The Matches:

Matt Hardy v. M.V.P.: Matt Hardy's smackdown return, and its a non-title single's match against the guy he's had the second greatest feud against, M.V.P. The match is very solid and almost all Matt Hardy. Great opening contest between the two to start the show off, wrestling wise.

Matt Hardy picks up the victory, cleanly and as such I imagine that'll lock him in for a U.S. Championship match at Backlash. My only question is, will it be yet another regular match, or will it have a gimmick attached to it?

Festus v. Zach Ryder: Who books this crap? Why couldn't this of ended up being a Tag Team match between the Edgeheads against Jesse & Festus. Neither of these guys deserve to be in single's matches, but I suppose this is important (ONLY) if they're building these two teams up to feud.

Festus picks up the victory in almost squash fashion. So, the Edgeheads are jobbers in the biggest faction on the show. Does this make sense to anyone else?

Vladimir Kozlov v. Matt Bentley: The debut yet again for both men, as Kozlov (who's been unofficially with the company for what now, over a year in promos and dark matches?) goes against the debuting (former T.N.A. star) Matt Bentley.

The match is ALL Kozlov, and once again I think this is W.W.E.'s way of sticking it to T.N.A. as they sign anyone T.N.A. releases, only to have them job cleanly and clearly to debuting W.W.E. talent, or known Superstars. First the Naturals get destroyed by the Big Show.. now Bentley gets killed by Kozlov.

Kozlov has no music, no look, no special designs on his ring attire and looks rough in the ring. I bet he makes it 4 monthes before going back to dark matches then being released. Meanwhile Bentley (like the Naturals) deserve far better in this company. Why sign good talent when all you're gonna do is job them out to shit?

John Morrison & The Miz v. Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore: The unofficial cruiserweight division reformed into Tag Teams show off their skill in this match. Sadly, if Morrison is ever going to become anything great hes going to need to break away from The Miz.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore have been the next in line Paul London/Brian Kendricks duo, yet still aren't nearly as over with the fans. How long before they just bring back the cruiserweight division? I'm begging them.

The match itself wasn't anything special, and after the victory by the reigning Tag Team Champs, the Great Khali makes an "unscheduled" appearance as Morrison & Miz both decide they should remain in the ring???

So after dumb and dumber think they can go up against Walking stupid, they both get destroyed, only for Khali to take the other two and give them a what-for as well.

Before Khali has a chance to talk (thankfully) or do whatever it was he came out for, unless destroying the half assed Tag Team division was randomly it.. The Big Show's music erupts and Show comes out. (more on this below in the segments portion of the review)

The Promos/Segments:

Shawn Michaels/Batista: Best promo of the night. I was personally shocked to see Batista not botch dropping the microphone when he sold being pissed and walked out. Meanwhile, is it just me or did he have a very gay pissed off biker look going for him?

Anyways.. the promo actually starts with Shawn Michaels coming out to address that on Raw he didn't have a very good way of explaining everything, but something happened later during Flair's farewell that gave him a bit of closure. It was at this point, the gay biker comes out.

Batista, still clearly pissed off, addresses Shawn in saying that hes outraged that Shawn ended Flair's career. H.B.K. fires back with how Ric Flair asked Shawn Michaels to give him his very best and do his job, which he said he did.. Batista quickly replies with saying the thing is Shawn Michaels doesn't job, and because of that reason thats why Ric Flair is no longer with us.

Batista goes on and on about how he'll never get to ride up and down the road with his mentor, his best friend ever again. Last time I checked, they'd been on different brands for over a year plus, when exactly did they ride together the last time to begin with? I think Batista's been hit in the head one too many times and think Evolution was just last month.

So the promo ends with Batista getting pissed off and making Shawn remember the 'Old Yeller' reference, then he ends up dropping the mic and walking off.

Big Show/The Great Khali II: So, the Big Show explains that on Raw Khali came out unscheduled and interrupted the Big Show.. and tonight, the Big Show is returning the favor. Once again, Khali takes a backdoor retreat and heads up the ramp before turning around and yelling.

So they've went back to back shows in having Khali look like a wuss? Yeah, that'll sell him. Big Show is already over as a dominate Giant, the only thing Khali ever did dominately was squash the Undertaker during his debut in 06. Since then, nothing. (including his pathetic Championship reign that should've never happened)

Diva/Beverly Hills Chopper Contest: This contest has went about a month longer than it ever should've, and :icon_rolleyes: shockingly Michelle ended up winning in the end. So before she can enjoy her new bike, Victoria cuts the promo short and attacks Michelle.

During this time, an "unknown Woman" (Nattie Neidhart) attacks Michelle McCool to which Cherry tries helping McCool only to get bitch slapped to hell for her trouble.

The only thing I'll say is this.. Nattie's chest is just about as pointy as her Father's beard. Its nice to see her finally debut, but sadly why is it on Smackdown? Wouldn't she of been better served to be a face, against Beth Phoenix on Raw?

Main Event: The Undertaker v. Kane: Great, solid contest between the 'brothers.' Dispite these two being over used in matches against each other its never gotten old to me. Well, okay slightly, but its been years since the last time so I enjoyed this match.

The fact that it was Champion v. Champion was also a great plus and its adding great build for the E.C.W. Championship for the holder to be matched evenly against the World Heavyweight Champion, so I liked that too.

In the end, the match was nothing more than what everyone knew it was going to be. A clear-cut set-up for Edge, Chavo & company to end up doing a run-in and destroying the brothers. (Can anyone see Edge & Chavo v. Taker & Kane the SD before Backlash.. oh yeah)

I'd love to say this was the first great step in building Edge as dominate against Taker, but in the end it was the brothers who fought off 4 against 2 numbers and left everyone laying in the ring. :disappointed:

Overall: The opening segment & match, the Shawn Michaels promo, and the Main Event were the only things great about this show. Smackdown either needs better talent, or somehow needs another way to fill the middle of their show with something entertaining.. because Yang & Moore, jobbers & debuters, and Tag Team wrestlers in single's matches just isn't cutting it for me.

Obviously to my knowledge they still have the E.C.W./Smackdown connection going on. Why not use Elijah Burke, Shelton Benjamin, or any of the others? Also, WHERE IS UMAGA?! The guy has been off for a complete week of shows.. no way hes selling anything from his Mania match, unless its embarassment.

Next week, Finlay & Hornswoggle return to Smackdown. So, I assume this means the J.B.L./McMahon - Finlay/Hornswoggle gimmick is done, and Finlay will likely pick up a feud against Kozlov.

Mighty NorCal
04-07-2008, 03:03 AM
Meh, RAW was cool, but it wasnt real strong at all for a post WM RAW. I was expectinf better. And were the fuck was Kennedy?? The de-push continues. Nothing enticing in the way of matches, but the beginnings of a Batista-HBK feud, with Batista looking to be a heel. Which is awesome, becuase with Batista's look, he makes a better, beast lookin heel. I like him in that role. And HBK sells power offense very well. I wish they wouldve ditched the Santino-Maria segment to give more time to Flair, and I thought we might see some kind of badass return to save Maria, but that was a no. Big Show Vs Kahli is intriguing, but I dont like how they are making Kahli look pussy. Besides a pretty decent match between Punk and Jericho, and the return of Cryme Tyme, a rather uneventfull follow up to WM. Somewhat understandable though, given the occasion. Hopefully things resume this week.

Mighty NorCal
04-07-2008, 03:27 AM
SD! was rather lackluster coming fresh off of WM. And were in the fuckin WORLD is Umaga??? Did he live?? Is he dead?? did the Botchtista Bump fuck him up??

Matt Hardy and MVP resumed their festivities in what seemed like a fucking 40 minute match. I dont care how "sound" Hardy is in the ring, he is rather bland and boring as well. Not real entertaining, and MVP's selling of the twist of fate was absolutely horrible. hopefully this thing comes to a head at Backlash, so MVP can move on to bigger and better things soon.

They should really think about changing the name of this show to "SquashDown" becuase they sure love having multiple squashes on the program. This Kozlov fucker comes out WITH NO MUSIC (WTF??!?!?!) and just totally whips the shit outta some local guy. Rather useless waste of time. As was Festus, for whatever reason in singles competiton, squashing someone, who's name escapes me at the moment. Was I the only one pining for Umaga to appear out of nowere and destroy this guy??? BIZCUITS AND GRAAYYYVAAAYYY

Morrison and Miz faced off against Moore and Yang for 3763763rd time, and it wasnt particularly great. Kahli comes to the ring, decimates everyone (way to push Morrison guys) and then backs down to Big Show. again. like, you know, exactly what they did on RAW. Once again, a fine waste of air time.

I fell asleep during the scintilating Main event. I have been told it ended with BOD whipping ass on the familia. Meh.

I am becoming rather interested in the growing HBK-Batista issue. I like Batista in a heel role, and HBK sells power offense with the best of em. i think these two could put on a good one, and Im excited I might get to see it live. So that was the most positive part of SquashDown for me this week.

04-07-2008, 10:27 AM
The Raw preview for tonight (on wwe.com) is headlined by the caption - "Title Tormoil" and they also go on to explain how Randy Orton has defeated everyone, however guys like Triple H. & John Cena will still be looking to get their rematch. (just curious, when did people who were cleanly defeated randomly earn rematches?)

Then you got the likes of Matt Hardy & J.B.L. being discussed in the mix for wanting Championship title matches or unsettled business with Randy. I'm going out on a limb in saying tonight they'll announce a sorta 6-pack challenge match (remember 1999, when Triple H. had everyone gunning for him, then the Championship ended up being won by McMahon then held up in that match??)

I bet they'll announce something along the lines of.. Randy Orton v. John Cena, Triple H., J.B.L., Umaga & Chris Jericho. They're building it up in the lines of Orton v. everyone, and overcoming in the end.. what better way to have him look dominate than take the path Triple H. took in 1999? Outside of Umaga & J.B.L. hes defeated the other 3 in single's matches. (one way or another)

I'd love for Backlash to host a 6 pack challenge, especially instead of the assumed Fatal Four Way with J.B.L. added on top of the Mania 3-way.

Outside of that, I predict more H.B.K./Batista fireworks. Santino Marella likely challenges Beth Phoenix for the Women's Championship. (you KNOW its coming) C.M. Punk jobs to Mr. Kennedy. (:lmao: It fits) And I can ONLY hope to see more squash matches with Cody "Wet Dream" Rhodes & Softcore Holly going over!!! CODY FTW!!!!!!!

04-07-2008, 11:25 PM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: April 7th, 2008:

Opening Segment: Raw kicks off with William Regal in the ring to announce the Main Event for Backlash, first, the W.W.E. Champion Randy Orton.. then his opponent, John 'Bradshaw' Layfield. J.B.L. extends his hand to Orton, who shakes his head no. Regal explains how the match is going to be outstanding & should be a classic. At this point the assumed music kicks in.. and so enters.. Triple H.

Trips exclaims to Regal how he understands with being busy regarding Flair's farewell that he may of missed a couple things, but he was confused on whether Regal was out of his mind with announcing Orton v. J.B.L. as the Main Event for the p.p.v.

He continues to explain while Orton may have won at Wrestlemania, he didn't really beat anyone so much as took an open advantage. Then he questions how a guy who spent the passed two years as a Smackdown announcer, who's biggest claim to fame was beating around a midget, could suddenly lay claim to being a Number One Contender to the W.W.E. Championship.

Triple H. wants in on the Championship match, as a Triple Threat. Regals agrees that it could happen.. if H.H.H. wins his handicap match tonight.. against Orton & J.B.L.

The Matches:

Val Venis v. Umaga: Okay, who's bright idea was it to give Val Venis his entrance back?! Much less AFTER Umaga? The guy's been off Raw as a main stream player since 2003. His only purpose is to job, so lets give him the last entry spot complete with music and full out gimmick? He couldn't of done all that during commercial? Eh, anyways.. Umaga, squash, victory. So much for that 2 minutes of entrance time wasted. I literally thought I was about to see an upset with Venis magically getting a push from yesteryear.

And what the hell are they doing with Umaga? I'm almost completely convinced now that he'll be on Smackdown by Backlash, or shortly after since its clear he has NO storyline on Raw right now except for to give past-their-prime former stars entrance time on Raw.

Jillian Hall & Melina v. Ashley & Mickie James: First diva match of the night, and I must say I was impressed. Ashley is a screw-up like usual, she can't even fall off the second turnbuckle properly, but Melina is tremendously coming along as the next top diva turned wrestler.

Mickie gets another random television spot with no purpose, but picks up the victory in the end over Melina. Will this go anywhere? I doubt it. Was the match better than the average diva match, absolutely.

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch v. Paul London & Brian Kendrick: Week Two of Kendrick steals the match & the victory. Seriously, anyone who can't see that this is building to Kendrick turning on London because he'll claim London is the weaker link, well.. its just obvious.

The match was average at best, nothing too special. Kendrick botched the finish at the end when he dropped instead of jumped with Cade, so how to you fix any botch? DO IT AGAIN! Cade picks the cruiser up and slams his ass down for the second time! That'll teach him! Then Murdoch walks over to get rolled up and loses the match.. wait, what? Hmm, someone forgot to mention to Cade that his finisher apparently wasn't very affective anymore.

After the match, seems like theres a bit of trouble between Cade & Murdoch. This will build to Backlash in a Tag Team Tormoil I'm sure, where Cade & Murdoch will likely finally implode then split, only to either both end up on E.C.W. or fired one.

Handicap Match: Triple H. v. J.B.L. & Randy Orton: Nice solid Hour One Main Event. Even playing time for Orton & J.B.L. taking turns on Triple H. before Trip's fights back for the victory. In the end, H.H.H., Orton gets cocky tagging himself in when J.B.L. seemed to have everything in order.. goes for an R.K.O. that gets reversed as Trip's shoves Orton into J.B.L., then connects with a Pedigree on Orton for the Backlash spot!

The only thing I can say, is at this point during the show I was extremely pissed off simply because I had read the spoiler of a 3-way between these three and that was such a disappointing match. Unfortunately, I really shouldn't feel sad, because even worse comes out afterwards... (more in the promos section)

Softcore Holly & Cody "Wet Dream" Rhodes v. Carlito & Santino Marella: This was a sad night indeed. Not only did Wet Dream lose, but he lost to the guy who suddenly discovered a new finisher? Santino connects with a saluting headbutt (looked more like a botched elbow drop) for the victory.

The question begs to be asked. What the hell is up with Santino's wrestling tights? Each week those things get smaller and smaller, or hes getting fatter. By Backlash he'll be wearing a damn G-String.

Did anyone else notice the screw-up with the official? He must of forgot that heels don't need to be seen to Tag in and out of the match.. but the hilarious part was when he complains Carlito WASN'T legal, yet demands Santino tag IN to the match to come back in. :lmao: So what would've happened had Santino NOT tagged back in, yet the official continued to complain about never seeing Carlito tag in.. would noone be legal? No way this official keeps his job with another screw-up like tonight. Classic, but awful.

I'm calling it now (for the second time) at Backlash this is all building into a 5 man Tag Team tormoil match. Rhodes/Holly v. Marella/Carlito v. Cade/Murdoch v. Kendrick/London v. Cryme Tyme. (I'll update even more in the Backlash section about this. :lmao: Shameless forum plugging at its best)

Maria v. Beth Phoenix: Its official, Beth Phoenix is the WORST Women's Champion in the history of the W.W.E. :disappointed: Seriously, she almost lost to Maria.

Now while Maria has no business being in the ring against the Women's Champion, the one thing I will say is Maria greatly impressed me tonight with showing off some new skills. Shes officially better than Batista in the ring.

In the end, the Women's Champion picks up the victory only barely. I think at the Pay Per View we'll either see a rematch of these two, or a multi-woman match of sorts. I'm thinking Phoenix drops the title at Backlash if thats the case, since they really haven't done anything with her.

And it'd be pointless to have her hold it & attempt dropping to Candice, only for Candice to break her shoulder dancing to the ring for a 3rd time.


J.B.L./Randy Orton: Very little drama between the two opponents for the Championship at the Pay Per View. J.B.L. begins to explain how teamwork should be key, when Orton simply explains for J.B.L. to stay out of his way while he defeats Triple H.. again.

After 1st Handicap Match: Regal enters the ring, announces the Triple Threat match for Backlash.. thus, enters John Cena!!

Cena exclaims that he has a proposition. Cena explains that hes defeated Triple H. at the Royal Rumble, and Wrestlemania 22.. continues to explain he defeated J.B.L. at Mania 21 for his first Championship.. then explains about defeating Orton a year ago at Backlash. (do you think W.W.E. truly circles this, or just gets extremely lucky?) This is all followed by some beat-off jokes aimed at Orton.. which leads us to... Cena wants a Fatal Four Way.

Regal loves having braindead ideas, so hes been hit with yet another. Cena v. J.B.L. &.. Triple H.??? In yet another handicap match, as the Main Event. You know, personally I figured it was gonna be Cena v. all three of them, but the way it panned out was far more stupid, so I understand why they went with it.

Cryme Tyme: Once again back with some more special sales for the W.W.E. Fans. Wrestlemania Clearance sale. First, some soul gel from Rocky Johnson. (apparently the reason for why we have The Rock, Ladies and Gentlemen) Maria's playboy.. which then gets taken off the market. (well, at least someone bought one) And finally.. Kim Kardashian's Hall of Fame underwear. :confused: Well.. that is until Jay's reminded by Shad that Kim wasn't the female that was inducted.. and those panties are the former undies of now Hall of Fame legend... Mae Young!

Horrible, horrible set-up. I thought these two were a Team? How could you let your partner take that bombshell?

Highlight Reel: Batista/Shawn Michaels: Best segment of the night. Botchista might suck inside a ring, but he works as a heel. Meanwhile, Shawn is tired of the shit. H.B.K. informs Batista that the reason Ric Flair picked him over Batista, is because he knew Shawn would be the only one that could deliver. (So basically Flair knows what the rest of us do, and he was afraid if Dave would've been his final match, it would've REALLY been his final match after a botch-bomb killed Flair accidentally.)

Bottomline, Chris Jericho is a f*cking instigator. Whenever dramas brewing, hes the first one to cause more chaos to it by hosting both parties on the show. Way to draw shameless ratings. Anyways.. H.B.K. tells Batista do something about it, if he wants. Batista smirks (heelishly?) and replies with.. "I already have." Then leaves.

William Regal/Randy Orton: We find out what Batista was refering to, as its official. H.B.K. v. Batista, Backlash. (didn't see that coming) Orton storms in, demanding respect. Regal explains he'll show everyone respect when Raw heads to England next week.. when Orton will face.. William Regal? WTF?!

By this time next week, Regal will have fully abused his authority and turned the match into a Championship match. In which Orton will add another "Legend" to the list, by killing Regal in his home country.

Main Event: Handicap Match: John Cena v. J.B.L. & Triple H.: John Cena v. J.B.L. to start, and continue, and finish.. because J.B.L. refused to tag until Cena started getting the advantage, at which point Triple H. allowed Bradshaw to continue with what he felt he wanted, which was the spotlight.

J.B.L. attempts jacking his partner, who blocks it and replies with a fist of his own. Triple H. and J.B.L. brawl outside the ring, which brings Orton to grab H.H.H., only to receive a misplaced fist by Bradshaw. Triple H. slides into the ring, J.B.L. follows, as does Orton.. Bradshaw turns and gets an R.K.O. in return, Cena tosses Orton out and picks up the victory.

Backlash, Fatal Four Way! Woooo, I predicted this all along, hopefully it won't backfire with Cena winning the Championship.

Overall Thoughts: Where was this type of action during the entire build-up to Wrestlemania? Where was this last week when the show needed some post-Wrestlemania action? All in all, we got 7 matches! 2 Diva matches, 2 Tag Team matches, a Squash & Two Main Event handicap matches. Not great, but definately above par for their average.

I hope next week's overseas show will prove to be like usual. Typically each out of country show has a lot of classic matches. Regal v. Orton proves to be technical, if it happens, but outside of that I hope something else is planned. Triple H. v. J.B.L., perhaps? Cena v. Umaga?

I'm not sold on giving the diva's two spots on a show, but W.W.E. is pushing the shit outta their Women's Division suddenly. I suppose you can thank T.N.A. for that. I have no clue whats going on with the Tag Team division either, but they're wanting to showcase the only 5 teams they have.. so while half of them suck, at least it provides action.

I doubt H.B.K. will be in action from now until Backlash, to play off the "broken ribs" Jericho mentioned on the Highlight Reel. Unfortunate, as he really kicks into another gear during overseas shows.

All in all, good show tonight. Not the typical shit I've been used to. Hopefully this streak continues into Backlash, its doubtful, but who knows.

Mighty NorCal
04-08-2008, 01:13 AM
NorCals NightCap (ooooohhh schnazzy eh)

RAW wasnt bad tonight, and we got SEVEN matches out of it LOL. And a very good promo from Batista and HBK. HBK was prestine in his promo tonight, and the battle is on for Backlash.

Val Venis got obliterated by Umaga. it was a decently done squash tho. So I guess this is their basic plan for Umaga forever. Have him squash folks for a few months, then job to some huge baby face super hero. Eh. Venis sold the Spike damn well.

Jillian and Melina had a half decent tag match with Mickie and Smashley. Smashley just looks more and more washed out and smacked up every week. she is repugnant, and even worse in the ring. Melina and Mickie did well, and Mickie picks up the clean win. Match had no point really, but I personally feel that every last match doesnt have to be wrapped up in soap opera, u can just have a match to have a match, especially in the undercard.

The rednecks had a decent match with Londrick, although its tough to have a shitty match with londrick. Good preformance by everyone, besides the botched finish. They are tag teamin it up on RAW....THREE tag matches this week. ridiculous.

Triple H overcomes Orton and JBL to get into the triple threat, to an extremely hot crowd. Trips was way over in this arena, and it made this battle a lot of fun. Regal then enters, and announces the three way. and Cenas music hits, and he cuts a promo that makes no sense really, as he uses victories that are years old as a reason for him to be a number 1 contender. whatever. he has his own handi cap match to win and qualify in.

Holly Nd Rhodes have a run of the mill tag match with Lito, and Santino, without anything great to speak of. for being the tag chamos, Rhodes and Holly sure as fuck dont ever win lol. SANTINO picks up the pinfall win

Cryme Tyme cuts a stupid promo. It wasnt funny.

BETH goes against Maria in what was an embarassment. Maria might very well be the worst wrestler ive ever seen in my life. she blatantly botched out almost EVERY last move that was done in this short match. Beth did her best, and was hot while she did it. Still though. fucking heinous.

Cena overcomes Trips and JBL in what generated down into a 4 way brawl, to get him into Backlash, and make it a fatal 4 way. Pretty heatless match, that was fairly boring, which wasnt suprising since the vast majority of the match took place between JBL and Cena.

Not the greatest most exciting RAW, but much better than last weeks. Did a decent job of building BackLash. Speaking of which, what is Jericho doing?? They had better start a build for a backlash match for him real soon.

04-12-2008, 06:38 PM
Undertaker/Festus match was worth the show. I see them pushing Festus, but I think he can't do anything without Jesse right now. However, I'd like to see them get the tag team belts.

Mighty NorCal
04-13-2008, 04:07 AM
NorCal's NightCap (ya kno, like what you put on to sleep in)

Utterly dumb segment to open the show. Cept the punjabi music was sweet. Show drops Kahli with ONE PUNCH. Way to make them seem equal monsters about to have a titanic battle. fools.

Morrison and Miz go against MooreWang for the 582377827837th week in a row. As always, a fairly good match, showcasing how everyone involved, especially Miz and Morrison, deserve much better. Send Miz to RAW to feud with Jericho/Hardy for the IC title, Have Morrison feud with Matt for the US title. I should just copy this paragraph and have it ready to paste for every reveiw I do for SD!/ECW, since I seem to write the same damn thing every week. Sometimes watching WWE makes me want to slam my head into a wall repeatedly for some reason...

Finlay returns WITHOUT his badass music, and comes out to the homo Hornswaggle music, to face...GASP...MATT STRIKER!!! A Matt Striker wrestling appearance!!! Both guys put on a pretty decent, old school match, before midget shenanigans break out and ruin everything. Finlay wins with a shilaylay shot (fuck it, ima just start spelling it frenetically....act like you didnt know what I was talking about just now...)

HBK and Batista cut a fairly decent promo, and im liking the "personal issues" between Batista and HBK that are seeming to be putting the focus past the flair issue. This has storyline with Trips getting involved written all over it.

Kozlov whips the shit outta some local guy. This dude is heel gold. Just becuase that fucking IGNORANT look he always gots on his face REALLY makes me want to hit him with a baseball bat. or a truck.

Matt Hardy and palumpo have what seemed like a fucking hour long match. Pretty fundamentally sound, with both guys preforming their dispostions well, and having some decent near falls witgh Palumpo almost winning. He almost broke matt's neck TWICE during this match. Win for Hardy in what was a decent match

Undertaker and Festus actually had a damn pretty nice little match, with the unstoppable special dude gimmick thing working well for Festus against UT, and I REALLY enjoyed the ending, with festus not knowing to tap, and just gettin fucked up by the gogoplat. Taker even seemed Noble in showing mercy at the end to a beaten down festus, and a cowering Jesse. good shit.

Overall, an OK show tonight, if not just for the quality of the main event, and the HBK-Batista promo. Im waiting for the impending batista squash of someone nextweek before the Backlash match.

04-13-2008, 02:55 PM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Friday Night Smackdown: April 11th, 2008:

Opening Segment: The Great Khali is in the ring with a host of Indian dancers, and officials. A representative of Khali addresses that Khali would like to offer a peace-offering to the Big Show before things get out of hand. The Big Show makes his way to the ring.

Khali addresses the Big Show in first offering Show some of the world famous water from India. Then the finest bottle of scotch. Big Show sips only to look displeased by it. (NorCal said it best in the Backlash thread - it should be later discovered that it was Goat piss) Continuing with the gifts, Khali next offers the Big Show a chicken so Big Show will never again be hungry. (Like a chicken's eggs are gonna fill that man's stomach) This is followed by a GOAT!!!! (The Goat received a bigger pop than Batista) Big Show is given a Goat, so he'll never again go thirsty, and have all the goat's milk he wants.

Big Show finally expresses that everything is too much and words can't describe how he feels, but he can instead show us. That is followed by Big Show continuing to think hes training for Mayweather, as he lays Khali out with a single shot to the head.

The Matches:

1. The Miz & John Morrison v. Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore: These four are gonna end up a question on Jeopardy being something along the lines of "What match happens every week, on Smackdown?" -- answer, "What is Miz/Morrison against Yang/Moore" That is correct, for 500!

The first 50 times I seen these guys work, it was remotely interesting and enjoyable. Now its just a week by week job-out by Moore & Yang, to two guys that deserve better. While I won't go as far as NorCal to claim Miz deserves a Raw push, I will continue on my Morrison deserves Main Event status claimer. Miz & Morrison pick up the win, for those who cared.

2. Finlay w/ Hornswoggle v. Matt Striker: Father and Son return to Smackdown, which is apparently the brand they were always on to begin with, dispite the random jump to Raw without explanation other than the McMahon angle. :disappointed: (Why even have the brand extension if wrestlers can randomly wrestle other brand wrestlers without proper explanation?)

This match was nothing more than shenanigan's at its best. At least Striker is still being used for something, while Big Daddy V is trying to lose some weight. Hornswoggle & Finlay, meanwhile have apparently dropped to no storyline what-so-ever and will go back to fading away shortly enough it seems. Finlay picks up the victory, after Striker gets caught with a fake shillelagh.

3. Michelle McCool v. Victoria w/ Natalia: Victoria aginst the lady to mess with.. especially with that new weird-ass haircut. She introduces Nattie as Natalia. Its addressed very quickly who her Daddy is.. only for Nattie..talia.. to explain that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but this isn't about her Father, its about her. And when you mess with the best, you go down like the rest. (isn't that kinda old?)

Very quick match, ending with Victoria picking up the victory over McCool after a distraction by Natalia.

4. Vladimir Kozlov v. Matt Logan: The fact that it took me longer to type out the jobbers name, than this match actually went says a lot. Kozlov is still on a very dominate role in his second match, and I still am not convinced that he'll be anything big within the company.

Most likely, his first feud will be squashing Finlay at Judgment Day, then he'll get a push against Botchtista in which he'll suffer a career ending injury and Tista will suddenly go back to being everyone's favorite for ending their mild suffering over watching Mr. no emotion double double "e" guy. Just once I wanna say.. the jobber wins.

5. Matt Hardy v. Chuck Palumbo: THE JOBBER WINS! Well, okay so its kinda true. Hardy jobbed for the longest time. This match served almost no purpose except for M.V.P. to do commentary for. (promos section) Nice back and forth match with Matt picking up the victory via a twist of fate.

This was the longest match of the night. Was it really worth it?

The Promos/Segments:

Vickie Guerrero & Edge: Edge deserves not only an Oscar for this week's performance, but he deserves a John Cena class World Heavyweight Championship run. The man is solid in the ring, out of the ring, on the mic and selling to the world that Vickie Guerrero is hotter than Lita. They broke down 3 segments with these two..

The first, was Edge & Vickie receiving full body massages, in which Edge addresses his love for Vickie and that it feels wonderful to take a break.

The second, was Edge & Vickie getting facials. (haha like that was her only one of the night) Edge explains that hes learned something from all of this, and thats that he loves pedicures. (Apparently thats good, because if the assumed Triple H. match happens hes likely gonna be receiving a nice pedigree. :() The only other funny moment here was both Vickie & Edge handing Teddy their used cucumber eye covers.

The final scene is of Edge & Vickie, apparently 'naked' under the covers in a hotel room, with whipped cream! Suddenly T-Long interrupts expressing that its one thing that he has to know about the horribleness of Edge & Vickie, but he refuses to watch it unfold. Edge having whipped cream all over his face made me practically piss myself.

Vickie is displeased that Teddy always ruins their moment. (Apparently she likes being watched!?) Edge tells her not to worry, because he'll get her back in the mood. The lights go out.. and we go to the Main Event!

Shawn Michaels/Batista: Another solid promo of personal issues between these two, building toward their Backlash showdown. H.B.K. addresses that everyone has gotten over Ric Flair being retired, except Batista. Batista says that he hasn't gotten over it because H.B.K. hasn't changed a bit. He goes on to rant about H.B.K. stepping and stabbing everyone in the back to get to where he is today.

That is completely not true. Just go ask Marty Jannetty & Bret Hart.. oh wait.

H.B.K. fires back with how he isn't 6'5 and a heavyweight, how he had to fight to earn his spot and fight to keep it. (Hmm, any truth to these words? I think so, does Batista?) H.B.K. explains at Backlash, hes gonna kick Tista's teeth down his throat. Both men drop their mics, Shawn teases some Sweet Chin Music, followed by Batista loading up H.B.K. for the Botch-bomb, only for H.B.K. to fall out of the ring as both men smile. (so they hate each other, yet smile?)

M.V.P. on commentary during Hardy/Palumbo: The only purpose I put this here, is because of 2 reasons.

1. M.V.P. addressed that he'll face Matt Hardy next week on Smackdown in England, non-title. However on wwe.com its been addressed that these two will meet FOR the title, at Backlash. So if thats the case, will next week's match still happen? Or will Matt get a passport in time to make the flight? (Matt's passport was reported stolen at Mania)

2. M.V.P. explains that everytime hes fought Matt Hardy, when its mattered the most, hes defeated him. To my knowledge they've had exactly 2 matches. One - Great American Bash, in which M.V.P. retained. Two - last week, non-title, Hardy won.

Jesse & Festus: Jesse addresses that he doesn't know what or where Festus is right now, mentally. (hahaha it was funny to me) He said he hopes hes prepared for the Undertaker, because Jesse is nervous and scared for him. Jesse says that .. that is the face, hes never seen before.

All I have to say is, if they ever turn Jesse against Festus, it needs to be addressed that the reason for Festus' retardation is because of something Jesse did to him. I think Jesse would be a monster heel (no pun intended) against Festus, simply because he wouldn't have power on his side.. but he'd know every trick to cause Festus to return to mental form.

Main Event: The Undertaker v. Festus w/ Jesse: Clearly the match of the night. I have to admit, I was likely with the rest of the world wondering what the hell they were doing with Festus going up against Taker, but I have to admit I'm pleasantly surprised.

Festus is being built oddly enough as a strong and solid single's superstar, as long as he has someone help him when the bell hasn't rang. Undertaker sold Festus being a challenge, dispite everyone feeling it would be a glorified squash match. And in the end, I think this is our generation's version of Taker/Hardy, in which Festus didn't know to quit.. and in the end, Taker's respect was earned by both Jesse & Festus.

I see an 8 man Tag Team match in the future, with Edge, Chavo & the Edgeheads against Taker, Kane, Jesse & Festus. Mark it!

Overall Thoughts: Not bad. Definately not great though. I'm very happy that they're returning to form with loading up their shows with tons of matches. Crap matches, squash matches, as long as I see something I'm generally happy. And it gives me more to complain about later.

I'm disappointed that they likely aren't going to use Finlay for anything anymore, and the Father/Son angle will slowly fade with people knowing its there, but no longer caring. Meanwhile, as stated above I'm very unhappy with W.W.E. pushing Kozlov simply because hes "big" while they stick talent such as Morrison in repeating no-where matches.

The Edge skits/promos were hilarious, and I feel sorry for Vickie because shes probably a very wonderful Woman.. its just they push her as gorgeous and sadly millions are probably disagreeing with this.

I'm happy and unhappy to see Nattie on Smackdown. I'm happy because shes paired with Victoria, which gives Victoria purpose. I'm unhappy because Nattie is a wrestling female, not a diva. And as such, would've served better on Raw taking Beth's spot.

The M.V.P./Hardy feud is starting to bore me. Its every week that these two do next to nothing, except taunt one another. The Shawn Michaels/Batista promos are solid, but I think a match (tag) is in order to address the next level before their showdown.

Big Show is being dominately pushed over Khali, as if Khali is nothing. If this match is going to work as anything, they need to start pushing Khali (starting on Raw) majorly over Show to even things out.

The slow build to wear Undertaker down is pointless. I get why its happening, but its like beating a dead horse. Everyone has constantly tried to wear the "deadman" down and its impossible. Edge needs to strike himself, addressing that hes taking aggression, not continuing to have people fight for him.

04-15-2008, 12:21 AM
OK, not to give the women's title legitimacy or anything, but does anyone else think it's stupid that Mickie won tonight? I mean, cool, she's hot, but no fued, no build, just a random one-off match between two girls who haven't gone one on one in three months?

We complain that Raw is too predictable, so 10 cool points for a shock, but minus 50 for doing it a non-sensical, stupid way. Oh well, I'll just go look at those Penthouse pics of her, maybe that will make me feel better.

04-15-2008, 12:42 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: April 14th, 2008:

Opening Segment: Shawn Michaels kicks the show off, in London, England, as he once again addresses the situation with Dave Batista regarding Ric Flair. Shawn explains what we've more or less heard for the passed few weeks in which everyone's moved on, Batista blames Shawn, claims hes stabbed people. Shawn explains that he'll finish everything at Backlash.. etc, etc, etc..

Ric Flair's music erupts over the arena, as everyone jumps to their feet expecting the former multi-time World Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Famer. Instead what they get is shockingly Chris Jericho?!

Jericho enters the ring and explains that hes sorry for the misintention of playing Flair's music, but he had to get a point across. (so the point of playing the music is that regardless of him retiring, he'll still never go away? I got it) Jericho explains that hes out there to explain that he feels Batista would simply quit and back off of Shawn Michaels, if Shawn simply owned up to ending Ric's career when he could've easily laid down and allowed it to continue.

Jericho went on a small rant about how he feels Batista might be in the wrong for how hes going about dealing with Ric Flair's retirement.. but he doesn't feel Batista is wrong in how he views Shawn Michaels. (I feel some Wrestlemania XIX hatred still brewing) Jericho continues to explain that he feels H.B.K. is a phony, and that Batista is telling the truth about Shawn stabbing people in the back, and using others to get himself to the top. He goes back to the Marty Jannetty story, in saying he was the first one to suffer.

Jericho finally expresses that he wouldn't put it passed Shawn, to go all the way back to the beginning and find out that it may of actually been Shawn's idea to start the whole Ric Flair retirement angle to begin with. (surprisingly, as far as real life goes the irony is probably that this is true) H.B.K. has heard enough, as Jericho berates him into trying to get him to own up to being behind forcing Flair to retire. H.B.K. delivers a Superkick that if it didn't connect solidly to Jericho's mouth, I'd be damn shocked! Shawn says the one thing he will say.. is that felt pretty darn good. And then leaves.

The Matches:

#1. Contender's Match: Santino Marella & Carlito v. Paul London & Brian Kendrick: So much for assuming the W.W.E. would place focus on their entire tag team division in a turmoil match for Backlash.. looks like the winner of this match will move on to the Pay Per View.

This was the opening match of the night, but by leaps and bounds was no where near good. Somehow Carlito and Santino barely look as if they work well together. Carlito seems bossy to Santino. The ending saw Carlito connect with a back-stabber on Paul London, that was nicely wicked and London over-sold the shit outta it with a backflip.

Santino gets on the mic and explains the reason they'll go on to win Tag Team gold is because they're international, talented, and weiners!

Women's Championship: Beth Phoenix v. Mickie James: It looks like W.W.E. is taking the next step in confusion with their Women's Division. I'm not sure if this match would deserve match of the night quality remarks, but I'm gonna go out and give it that title anyways.

Mickie James had some nice offense, and Beth had one nice submission crab like move that impressed me. Overall, I think this direction is being taken due to the injuries suffered by Candice Michelle. I was talking with a diva lover earlier and she felt that it was crap how Mickie is being given the title for a 4th time, while Jillian has yet to have it, or Melina wasn't given the chance.

All in all, I believe Mickie James was given the Championship back, because Beth wasn't being used since she had noone she could properly feud with. Maria and Ashley would've been her only other biggest opponents. Meanwhile, with James now Champion again.. it sets-up the possibility of Melina, Jillian, Nattie, Victoria and Beth to all get matches against her.

All in all, T.N.A. owns W.W.E.'s Women's Division.. but if the W.W.E. gave the title to Mickie, so we could go back to matches of the quality they used to be, against the likes of Jillian, Melina, Victoria & Nattie, then I'm all for it. If Mickie regained the Championship to play a face role of Beth and just sit with the title.. then I agree this was utterly pointless.

J.T.G. v. Trevor Murdoch: I almost would've rather watched the HeAT squash match between Snitsky and Val Venis than watching this match. What did I say about Tag Team wrestlers NOT needing to be put into single's matches.

J.T.G. & Trevor Murdoch neither one are single superstar material.. and the only purpose this match served, was for the further blow-up between Cade and Murdoch to be seen yet again for another week. J.T.G. wins when Trevor connects with a cross body block off the top, but J.T.G. rolls through.

Randy Orton v. William Regal: The England fans popped insanely huge for this match.. and the hilarious thing is, they weren't even paying attention TO the match. The entire match, they were as loud as ever, and not a single fan was actually watching the ring. They were cheering amongst themselves, apparently finding humor in the fact that an English wrestler is jobbing to the World Champion.

Regal connected with one hell of a stiff looking suplex that I believe was meant to be a version of a cradle german suplex into a pin, when Randy must of thought it was meant to take him over all the way. Either way, Orton landed directly on his head and neck and I'm completely surprised we aren't reading a new article about Orton's neck being broken right now.

As always, the ending came out of no where with a surprise R.K.O. which Regal completely sold like shit. And Orton walks away with a victory.

Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho v. Umaga: I believe this was the longest match of the night, but I'm not sure. Apparently Jericho has nothing better to do for Backlash than turn heel and end up being an official for a match that he has utterly no purpose in.. than to find his next major feud, in screwing Shawn Michaels over.

Meanwhile, Umaga is apparently changing from heel, to tweener, to face, to tweener, to heel, to face, to tweener.. you get the point. The guy is used to destroy random jobbers and vets.. then hes used as a tweener, while Jericho picks up the victory with his feet on the ropes. Apparently knowing Jericho "cheated" to win, makes him instantly heel. While Ooh-Ooh-Umanga, is left to wonder aimlessly until he gets switched to Smackdown.

Like I said, I think the match was the longest of the night. As a result, it went way too long. Wasn't a bad match, infact it was likely the second best match of the night. It just went way too long, for the ending to be a roll-up with feet on the ropes. They could've did that a lot sooner.

Paul Burchill w/ Katie Lea v. 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan: Regal returns to England and gets a huge ovation. Burchill gets announced as "England's own" and noone knows who the hell he is. :disappointed: This is why the guy will never get pushed, his own country doesn't even cheer for him, or boo him for that matter. Completely Squash over Duggan.

The Promos/Segments:

Mickie's Celebration: We go to commerical and come back with Mickie being hugged by Ashley and Maria. No doubt wanting more spotlight since Playboy has a new issue coming out and everyone's forgot about Maria already.

Todd Grisham ends up getting a kiss because Mickie is so thrilled to be gone for monthes on end, only to return and win a Championship. :lmao:

Regal/Jericho: Jericho bursts in on Regal asking if he seen H.B.K. knock Jericho's teeth down his throat. (way to see the kick) Jericho says he wants entered in as a wrestler and to have the Batista/H.B.K. match a triple threat. Regal agrees to enter Jericho into the match.. as the official. :wtf: So you let someone who openly has an issue with one of the two guys, ref the match. Yeah.. that just made the match worth watching. Dumbass.

Jericho bitches (about as much as I was) about not wanting to be the offical, but instead wrestle. Regal agrees (again) and says he'll wrestle Umaga, tonight. Jericho doesn't understand how thats giving him what he wants.. Regal then says the Intercontinental Championship is one the line. (I have no clue)

Triple H. pre-match: Grisham wants H.H.H. to explain his game plan (haha pun intended) for tonight's match with J.B.L. -- Triple H. explains that he'd have to be pretty stupid to just tell the world, and J.B.L., what hes gonna do in the match tonight.

I kinda zoned out on what was said after all this. I think Triple H. said something about how hes gonna prove why he'll be the next Champion, blah, blah.. I got bored. Sorry.

Main Event: John 'Bradshaw' Layfield v. Triple H.: Shit. They kept pushing this as the first-ever meeting between the two when thats straight up bullshit. It MIGHT of been the first-ever meeting of these two since J.B.L. has been calling himself that.. but I'm almost definately sure Triple H. v. Bradshaw back in the A.P.A. days happened on Smackdown and Raw, especially during 2000.

At any rate, the match went back and forth.. nothing too exciting. Orton interferes at the end, attacking Triple H. The fans suddenly cheer for Cena (hahaha who wasn't there, thankfully.) Apparently when Cena's not a Heavyweight Champion, he no longer feels the need to show up every Monday.

Orton R.K.O.'s Triple H., only for J.B.L. to tell Orton to kick his head off. Orton sets up, J.B.L. backs Trips up.. Orton runs in, J.B.L. blasts the shit outta Orton with a Clothesline From Hell!!! WOOOOOO! The show comes to a close with John 'Bradshaw' Layfield holding up the W.W.E. Championship, exclaiming that he will indeed be the next Champion.

Overall Thoughts: Overall, this was a horrible show. Especially by England standards. Each time they've went to England before, they typically had several great matches. Apparently their view of great this time around was Triple H. v. J.B.L. (ending in a no contest) and Randy Orton v. William Regal (dispite Regal not wrestling in a couple monthes) then the added surprise of Jericho v. Umaga.

Mickie winning the Women's Championship gave the fans something to pop over, but in the end, people who read the spoilers bitched before it ever "technically" happened. And people who watched the show, without knowing, bitched after it happened. Something tells me noone is happy with Mickie being the new Women's Champion.. when the fact is, whether anyone wants to deal with it or not, Beth Phoenix was a horrible Women's Champion (not her fault) because she merely had NOONE to feud with.

What did you expect them to do? Keep the title on her, and let her continue to fade without having any Championship matches while Candice works on figuring out how to enter a wrestling ring without breaking more bones?

Jericho's heel turn was nice, and hopefully that'll give him whatever it is hes been missing since his return. Hopefully that tied into a Jericho v. H.B.K., Judgment Day match will give him a new spark.

I feel sorry for Umaga who gets used randomly for no purpose other than to lose. And Paul Burchill, who's own home country doesn't even know who the poor guy is.

Next week is the 3-Hour King Of The Ring special.. and I'm already pissed because the tournament is lined up to be a who's who of Backlash opponents. Batista, Shawn Michaels and Jericho are all in. Big Show, M.V.P. & Triple H. are also selected to be in it, yet all have their own Backlash matches. That leaves C.M. Punk, who since winning Money In The Bank has done nothing.. and Umaga.

All I have to say is.. if C.M. Punk wins this tournament, he'll officially win both the MITB & KOTR tournament yet still suck worse than ever. How many titles are you gonna give the guy, before realizing noone gives a shit about him? John Morrison was robbed. And Raw from England sucked.

Y 2 Jake
04-15-2008, 07:09 AM
It was an average show. But that is how it's done when WWE is in England. Why have your talent do anything good? Take the week off guys we're in England, they'll pop for anything. It always happens. Not that it's important. WWE tickets go on sale, I buy them, I see a poor show like always. It's cool. It makes me more excited for the TNA & NOAH shows.

I love how WWE gave us a title change. That'll keep 'em happy they think. Man if only people gave a shit about that title.

04-15-2008, 10:52 AM
What the HELL are you guys on about!!

RAW was amazing last night! The best I can remember for a while!!

The opening match didn't need to be a classic, it did its job, and did it ok.

The Womens title match was awesome compared to the usual. To be honest, didn't see Mickie winning, but maybe thats because I don't read the spoilers.

JTG vs Trevor was not the greatest, but furthered the division between Cade and Murdoch.

The Intercontinental title match was awesome IMO. Back and forth with some great moves. Awesome match.

Regal vs Orton was fantastic. Regal was awesome. Orton played his part well. The crowd was absoloutly amazing. The FOOTBALL chants were awesome (not fucking soccer, stupid Americans, FOOTBALL!), "Lets Go Regal" chants awesome too. Crowd made this match. Shame about the ending but y'know.

Squash match, meh.

HHH vs JBL wern't great, was expecting Cena but what the hell.

All in all, at 2 - 4AM in England, I was seriously into this RAW. Better than the two of you above my post think anyway.

04-15-2008, 11:24 PM
Ummmm, Y2J didn't turn. It set up the possibility, but he's always been a tweener. He takes the heel role in matches against Jeff Hardy, and the face role in matches with Umaga. Secondly, with HBK and Batista both being faces who happen to be angry with each other, he would have to attack them both with chairs and piss on them in the ring to turn before or at Backlash, as I am sure that match will end with the "hug of mutual respect."

Secondly, two non-sensical title matches in one show. They should've had Rhodes and Holly wrestle London and Carlito too, you know to sell the idea that HHH's baby is writing the show by throwing colored labeled balls to manatees with monkeys and typewriters duct taped to them.

Does Mickie James deserve two segments....a month, much less on the same show? I know that the shows when they go overseas never do much to further story-lines, but this one gives me the idea that they just don't care. One night after TNA throws a 4 star out of five PPV, they need to come up with something better. Where was Cena? Seems like if you're going to be in the ME at the PPV they're shilling, you should show your face. The British speak English, he's still only getting booed in one language, it's ok.

The ONLY segment that did anything was Cantino winning, and the only reason I liked that is my hated of Londrick. As I've said before, I don't think I should realistically be able to kick anyone in the WWE's ass, and I think I could take London and Kendrick at the same time in a confined area.

WWE, you're better than that.

Mighty NorCal
04-17-2008, 01:07 AM
NorCals NightCap

I am somewhat baffled at some stuff im reading...did we watch the same show???

First off, Big Willie, those ARE NOT the guys who will be in KOTR, and no one seems to know whatthe fuck WWE.COM was thinking when they put that Graphic up. Maybe thats why Joey Styles is running it now. LOL

Santino and Lito beat Londrick, in what is pretty obviously looking to become the storyline ive been crying out for, in giving these two guys a comedic tag title run. Its pretty easy to tell thats whats coming, probably the night after Backlash. Santino cut what was one of the few promo's that have ever made me legit LOL sitting at home. Decent, if not a tad sloppy match here. You can see Kendricks heel turn coming miles away.

Mickie James and Beth Pheonix had an EXCELLENT match, that the crowd was pretty into. For a WWE womens match, this is quite the feat. Neither girl botched, and there was a lot of good looking submission moves used, and an EXCELLENT finish, which saw a victory roll that could NOT have been executed any better. Crowd explodes, Mickie cries. Good shit.

JTG prevails over Murdoch in what was a fast match, padding the way for the break up of the team. Not much to speak of here, besides that Cryme Tyme werent much over til they cut the promo in the ring. England aint feelin them boys LOL

Regal Vs Orton was awesome. The crowd was on fire, and Regal is an absolute fucking ring general. He showed up, and preformed DAMN well in this match, and damn near broke Randy Ortons neck. Holy SHIT that was a fucking nasty suplex. I thought for sure Orton was fucked up. Match ends like every Orton match, him getting the shit whipped outta him, and then busting out the RKO outta nowere FTW. Funny people get all fired up about Cena supposedly doing this, yet I have yet to see nary a one post about Orton doing damn near the exact same thing.

Jericho and Umaga had an absolute WAR, that kept everyone guessing til the end. Very good match up, that was given a good amount of time, and both men went at it damn nicely. I was actually pumped for this match before it happened. I actually wouldve been all about an Umaga win, but no matter. Still a very very good match.

Burchill absolutely squashes Duggan. Funny when the "USA USA USA" guy outpops the proud englishmen by about 1000%. Wow this couldve been a ton better had WWE not squandered Burchill again.

Pretty Hard hitting, physical match up between Trips and JBL to finish the night, but I thought the end was a bit of a let down for an excellent RAW. Pretty weak to go out with JBL's gut jiggling in triumph over Trips and Orton.

Personally I felt this to be the best damn RAW ive seen in ages, and better then a few of the PPVS. The night had an "anything can happen" feel, and you just NEVER get that anymore these days. Very funny promo, and all solid matches, and an insane crowd. fuck guys, what the hell else to you need???

04-18-2008, 03:07 PM
Amy’s VERY LATE ‘take’ on Smackdown 04/11/08 edition:

After a 10 day internet/wrestling hiatus, I'm back and playing catch-up. Due to time constraints and the fact we have an all new Smackdown tonight, I’m forgoing my standard format. Without further ado, here are my thoughts on last week’s show. Sorry in advance I can’t be more positive about last week's show.

The opening segment - the bearing of gifts - was laborious to watch due to Khali’s translator. I think I said this somewhere else, but where the hell is the Khali’s regular translator/manager Ranjin Singh these days? Seriously, he is still NOT selling the knee thing from No Way Out. Khali sold that punch better than Jericho did. I wonder if they are going to try turning the monster Khali into some kind of gentle giant now.

At least Miz and Morrison didn’t get squashed by Show or Khali this week (a positive). Miz/Morrison and Wang Yang/Moore in a rematch from last week and this one was given longer than 2 minutes (another positive). Miz/Morrison displayed some nice teamwork. I don’t know what the hell that gyrating hips thing Morrison did was or if it will become a regular thing, but it sure did make me think *shades of Rick Rude.* Solid, entertaining, best match of the night IMHO. Tag champs keep looking more impressive each week.

What exactly do the spa segments do for Edge’s character? There’s making someone look weak and then there’s making someone look like a fool. Edge deserves better. Seriously, matching pedicures with Strawberry Fields Forever nail polish? Also, he should never ever do that hair thing again. And those were the fakest looking massages in the world. They were barely touching them. I’d so want a refund.

Meh, Hornswoggle and Finlay made their Smackdown returns. Smackdown just became Suckdown again. Nothing against Finlay at all. I’m just sick of Hornswoggle. There is a time for everything, but his is over. How much longer can they go on with this character? And why wasn’t this match stopped when Hornswoggle doused Matt Striker with the water bucket? Isn’t that grounds for a DQ? And I don’t recall it being a no-DQ match.

I like they showed video of Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart to play up the second generation superstar bit, but I don’t like they changed her name to Natalya. What’s wrong with Natalie or Nattie? They probably would have gone with one of those if she’d come in as a face. Sending a “message” to all the Smackdown divas is all fine and good, but I’m still waiting to see what she can bring in the ring. I think I'm going to like this “bad girls” pairing of Victoria and Natalya in time. I’m also really hoping her voice grows on me.

What can I say about last week’s Batista-Shawn Michaels segment? I am sick of the word “closure”. Again, Batista didn’t come across as taking the segment “serious” to me. So far both have looked strong, but I see Batista winning at Backlash now that Jericho is involved. Honestly, I’d much rather see a Batista-Umaga re-match to make up for the crappy Mania finish. I guess there truly is no one left for Batista to feud with on Smackdown anymore.

In the squash of the night, Vladimir Kozlov won via a different finisher than he used in his debut squash. I know he’s going for this intense scowl, but I can’t help thinking Gomer Pyle with some of his facial expressions.

The Palumbo-Matt Hardy match went much longer than I anticipated. Although Hardy got the win, I don’t think the match made him look strong for when he next meets MVP. It was the best Palumbo has looked in a while…hard to believe he was jobbing to Jamie Noble just 2 months ago. I have a feeling Palumbo is going to become the #1 contender for the US title when MVP drops it to Hardy.

Speaking of MVP, I’m normally excited anytime MVP is on the mic so his commentary during the Hardy-Palumbo match should have been the high spot of the night for me yet it just felt flat. He spent too much time berating Coach instead of talking about himself, which is what he’s best at and draws him the most heat.

Festus in the main event with the Undertaker? The two actually put on a decent match although it was heavy on the punches for my taste. I wonder if they’ll do something with the fact that when Festus was choked out it affected his brain and now he is “normal”.

I think it’s safe to say Smackdown’s main event scene has hit rock bottom. Edge is off with Vicki, no one wants to see Taker-Batista or Taker-Mark Henry again, BDV is at fat-camp, Mysterio is still injured, Kane’s busy being ECW champ plus we don’t want to see too much more Taker-Kane either. They seriously need to elevate someone and fast, but I just don’t think it’s Festus.

Overall, last week’s show was one of the poorer shows in recent memory. I tape everything as I rarely get to watch when it’s on, and it took me three attempts to get through last week’s Smackdown – I kept falling asleep it was that boring. It also did very little towards building for Backlash.

04-19-2008, 04:26 AM
Amy’s ‘take’ on Smackdown 04/18/08 edition (from England):

Opening Segment: On the Highlight Reel, Jericho wished guest Batista luck tonight against the Undertaker and agreed Shawn’s a phony. Batista told Jericho he can handle Shawn on his own and now he has to put up with him as the special ref. Jericho was miffed and gave us his ‘analysis’ of Batista. He said Batista’s reaction to Shawn retiring Flair was irrational and he was “too cool” with his sunglasses to show emotion at his mentor’s Farewell. He got under Dave’s skin saying he’s more selfish than Shawn because he wanted to be the ONE to retire Flair and is hurt that Ric chose Shawn because he wanted to be in the ring with the best. Jericho played to the crowd taking a show of hands to see how many agreed with him. Batista had had enough and shut Jericho up with the Batista Bomb.

Match #1 MVP vs. Tommy Dreamer: Maybe I misheard MVP last week, but I thought he said he’d take on Hardy in a non-title match in England.:headscratch: Tonight was Hardy’s turn on commentary. He sounded under the weather but did a nice job, just didn’t bring the ‘intensity’ I expected after his return win over MVP two weeks ago. Nice back and forth in this short match. MVP hit the Ballin’ Elbow and won with the running corner kick. Exactly when did that become his finisher?:glare: I can’t remember when he last got off the Playmaker.

Match #2 Matt Striker vs. Hornswoggle: The Suckdown portion of the show. Beforehand Striker told us that as a man with a 186 IQ and degree in Educational Psychology he was embarrassed last week and is insulted to face half a man tonight. After getting pumped for his match backstage, Hornswoggle came out juggling tennis balls then hurled them at Striker. DQ ref? No. Horny then hit Striker with a barrage of water guns. DQ ref? No. Striker momentarily took out Finaly at ringside and began slapping Horny around. Striker went for the shillelagh, the ref took it, Finlay hit Striker with another shillelagh behind the ref’s back, and Horny hit the tadpole splash for the win. Did Striker piss someone off to wind up playing the fool to a midget?

Backstage Segment: Eve interviewed Big Show. He said Khali’s gifts didn’t win him over and at Backlash he’s going to finish what he started but tonight we are in store for the World’s Largest Athlete versus the World’s Strongest Man.

Match #3 Chavo Guerrero (with Bam Neely) vs. Jamie Noble: Good to see Jamie Noble back on TV. Pretty even contest until Noble missed a running knee. Chavo got control and hit the frog splash for the win. I don’t think pitting Chavo against a guy his own size who gave him some real competition in this one makes Chavo look strong for his rematch with Kane. I guess that’s why Chavo has a bodyguard now who can do his dirty work. Bam Neely dished out a little punishment to Noble after the match.

Match #4 Big Show vs. Mark Henry: After a couple stalemates, they exchanged blows and headbutts. Show fought out of a bear hug and got Henry up for a chokeslam. Khali came down and he and Show went at it. The match was called. Khali got the upper hand tonight putting Show down with the Khali Bomb.

Match #5 Cherry (with McCool) vs. Victoria (with Natalya): Cherry made her Smackdown wrestling debut. I really enjoyed watching Victoria toy with her. That kick to the head was sweet. What was even better was Victoria talking smack the entire match – “There’s no crying in wrestling” – priceless. I think Cherry landed a kick and a forearm (maybe) but got a quick rollup pin when Victoria was distracted with McCool. I’m disappointed I didn’t get to see the Widow’s Peak; I was anxiously waiting to mark out for that…hopefully next week.

Match #6 Vladimir Kozlov vs. local wrestler Leroy Kincaide (sp): What can I say about a 1-minute squash? Kozlov stuck with the same finisher this week. Seeing Kozlov in squashes is already starting to get old.

Match #7 The Undertaker vs. Batista (Main Event): Edge, Ryder, and Hawkins watched from the first row. I wasn’t all that psyched for Batista-Taker AGAIN, but they put on a good match with lots of back and forth. Taker landed a DDT early on then worked on Batista’s arm. Batista got in a spear and superplex. On the third attempt, Taker went Old School. Eventually they took the fight to the outside and both were counted out. Taker pulled Edge out of his seat, then it was a free-for-all with Taker, Edge, Batista, the Edgeheads, Chavo, and Bam Neely.

Power-tripping Vicki came out in the wheelchair again. She said both men put her company in legal jeopardy by attacking Edge, Ryder, and Hawkins as they were paying audience members. There won’t be any civil or criminal charges though as their punishment will be another match next week, but this time the World Heavyweight Championship is on the line.

Overall Thoughts: A BIG improvement over last week’s snooze-fest. I hope next week’s show, the last Smackdown before Backlash, is even better because I will be there to see it in person!:D

04-19-2008, 10:35 AM
I know Im late but can someone think this weeks episode was bad.

First of all we got an IC title match between Umaga and Jericho , this match was awsome , full of back and forth and a unperedictble outcome.

We got the Awekning of the Tagteam Division , with a great match between Carlito and Santina vs Londrick. Very good match with an amazing Backstabber with Carlito for the finish.

A Womens title hand change in what was another good match between Beth and Mickie. Nice ending.

A very good match between Regal and Orton and Regal is one of the most underrated wreslers ever. Hes Awsoem

Triple h vs JBL , Very stiff but not a very great match , but loved the ending and How Jbl was standing tall.

A Tweener turn for Jericho.

Overall you guys asked for Tile matches and less promos and here you them and still complaining. It was a great show.

04-19-2008, 06:26 PM
I enjoyed Raw up until the Regal match. After that it seemed to just peter out.

The Burchill reaction really peeved me off though. We do know who he is in England, just take a look at the pop he received previously here in England against Nunzio, but the way he's been used recently seemed to suggest the fans didn't really know what to do. Maybe having him cut a quick promo about how great England is, or to have announced he was from England before he hit the ring might've helped. Plus why book him against Hacksaw? No matter how unexciting his matches are nowadays, with who he is and his "Ho" chants, nobody's going to boo him!

I enjoyed the Regal reaction and his vicious suplex (although I thought I saw the ref give the X sign after it which concerned me slightly) and the Women's match was good. I was so hoping for them to milk being in England with solid bookings for Birchill & Katie-Lea and DH Smith. Damn!

04-21-2008, 09:50 PM
i was totally shocked regal won and i dont think anyone will be happy about except me because i beleive he has deserved a psuh for many years and i am extactic that he won the whole thing he deserves the wwe title and is a great wrestler and hey it would make more sense then jbl jumping from tag division to wwe champ regal is a high midcarder

04-21-2008, 10:35 PM
Alrighty here we go with another edition of Raw. KOTR style. 3 Hour broadcast.

First Impression: I was really excited for the show. I was hoping for a really intense KOTR race, but that didn't happen. The Presidental Canidate thing I had no intrest in as I figured it would be the same as the Rosie/Donald thing. The main event... Looked awesome.

Match #1 Y2J vs MVP: This has been like a mini feud between the two of these guys and it seems that Y2J may have won it here. A great opening match that I thought would have set the tone for the show.Damn was I wrong... A few little mistakes that were visible here and there, but nothing major. Y2J wins with the walls. Match rating: 3.5 out of 5

Match #2 Matt Hardy vs CM Punk: I'm sorry, but every time I see Punk he seems sloppier and less entertaining to watch. However the match was rather high paced. Not as good as the opener, but still a very solid match, Punk's best of the night that he won with a GTS. Match rating: 3 out of 5

Match #3 Khali vs Finlay: All good things must end... Here is where the show died for the most part. Finlay wins via DQ as Khali slams his leg into the ring post and ignores the ref's count. This disabled for the most part Finlay's leg and made it obvious whoever he faced was going to the finals. Big Show came out and Khali walked away. Pointless and a waste of a KOTR match... Match Rating: 0 out of 5

Match #4 William Regal vs Hornswoggle: Alright so let me get this straight... You have 2 good matches to open the show, then follow them with this shit. Regal beats Horny in about two minutes, then cracks Finlay in the knee. The next round would be Finlay vs Regal... Match Rating: 0 out of 5

Match #5 Hardcore Holly vs Carlito: I don't understand how many times we need to see this match. How many times do we need to see Carlito pick up the win? It's gotten old and the only thing saving it is Santino's commentary after it. Cody was actually given some mic time, and I thought did rather well with his two lines/hit Santino with mic. and the champs cleared the ring The match though... A rather bland filler... Match Rating: 1.5 out of 5... If I did post match stuff that rating would be at least a 3.5 out of 5 for comedy XD.

Match #6 CM Punk vs Y2J: An alright match. Started very slow, but did pick up as it went. Punk got no love, and there was a lot of Y2J chants. Not too sure what happened with that Lionsault. I don't know if it was supposed to happen or if it was botched. Punk looked a bit more sloppy then his match with Hardy... He won with a GTS. Match Rating: 2 out of 5. Match just was not intense enough for me. Yes there was some nice reversals, but still... Rather bland...

Match #7 Finaly vs Regal: What's the point in going into detail in this. Regal won with a stretch in an intriguing match. Now the match gets a rating of 0 out of 5 due to the fact that it literally was a waste of time, but I wouldn't mind seeing Regal vs Finlay in some sort of brawl.

Match #8 Obama vs Clinton: Just no... Umaga comes in and the match is over. He kills the canidates... End section... Match rating 0 out of 5... I wish I gave negatives...

Match #9 Regal vs CM Punk: Very surprising outcome with Regal winning. Do I like it? I dunno we'll have to see where WWE takes it. Now the match though... Regal stuck to his brawler style and literally schooled Punk. I don't see why WWE made they're MITB winner loose to Raw's GM, but ya know... Overall a great match compared to the crap before it... Match Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Match #10 Randy Orton, Edge, JBL, Chavo vs Cena, HHH, Kane, Undertaker: Awesome main event... For the whole 5 or so minute match. They began doing entrances at 10:30EST, and the match did not start until around 10:55EST. Wayyyyy toooo long on entrances. The ending was sick with Kane crushing Chavo, only to get speared and Edge gets the win. It was awesome seein Rated RKO back again, as well as the Brothers on Raw. After the match all Hell broke loose and ended with Taker chokeslamming RKO and JBL. Match Rating: 4 out of 5

Promo: HBK/Batista: HBK calls out Batista on a question Y2J asked last week. Batista comes down and says the same thing he's been sayin for weeks now. Promo ended on a rather intense note with HBK faking a kick to the face, where Batista didn't even move. Then Batista just knocks HBK out of his way as he left the ring. Promo Rating: 3 out of 5

Promo: Divas: Maria leads out the faces to celebrate Mickie's title win. Beth brings out the heels. They brawl after Beth gets slapped in the face. Faces clear the ring, which I don't agree with since all the faces have as far as talent is Mickie, so it really made no sense. Beth leaves saying it's only a matter of time before the title is hers. Promo rating: 3 out of 5

Promo: Presidental Promos: I figured I'd do all of these together. As they were all shit and not needed. We have Hillary "hulk" Clinton, Barack " The Rock", and "the man" Mckain. who cares... Promo rating 0 out of 5.

Promo: Fatal Four way promos: All of these promos had the same idea that the guy talking would walk out of the match as champ. Generally the same promo you would get before any PPV. Promo rating 2 out of 5

Overall Match Ratings: 2 out of 5... The amount of stupid wastes of time really killed the quality of the show as the 8 man KOTR tourny was basically 5 guys...

Overall Promo Ratings: 2 out of 5... WWE needs to just quit doing the stupid bullshit political stints. They are not funny and are not entertaining. Also... Come up with some new pre PPV promos...

Overall Show Rating: 2 out of 5: What more needs to be said. WWE still has serious work to do. What started off as a great show deteriated into a 2... I thought with that first match it'd be a solid 4... Oh well... Theres always next week... KENNEDY RETURNS!!!...

**Final show ratings, match ratings, and promo ratings all rounded to nearest 10th...

04-22-2008, 03:18 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Monday Night Raw: April 21st, 2008:

The Matches:

King of the Ring Quarter-Finals: Chris Jericho v. M.V.P.: The night officially kicks off with the KOTR Quarter-Finals, and Chris Jericho is the first man entered, followed by his opponent, M.V.P. This was quite possibly the best match of the whole night, and it was very fitting that it started the show. It gave people hope that their 3 hour treat would be one to remember for the ages. Sadly, if tonight's event is remembered at all, it won't be seen as a 'treat' of any kind. But I'm jumping far, far ahead.

Jericho and M.V.P. put on a classic showing and a match that could later spark a feud, should M.V.P. be moved to Raw, or Jericho to Smackdown. Jericho picks up the victory after countering M.V.P.'s 'Play of the Day' into the 'Walls of Jericho' for the submission and the advancement into the Semi-Finals.

M.V.P. on the other hand got a nice losing prize.. a 'goose egg' on his forehead that won't likely be gone by tomorrow night's Smackdown taping.. so you know a "V.I.P. Lounge" will be had, in regard to that.

King of the Ring Quarter-Finals: C.M. Punk v. Matt Hardy: While I wasn't the least bit happy C.M. Punk, Mr. "Money in the Bank" (who since has lost basically every match) was added into yet another midcard push spot.. I must admit he put on a great showing against Matt Hardy.

Nice back and forth match that would've been even more in favor of Matt Hardy to pull out the victory, had M.V.P. advanced and it gave us the glimmer of hope that an early Sunday match-up might take place. No M.V.P. interference either, as C.M. Punk counters into a sitdown pin to advance to the next round.

King of the Ring Quarter-Finals: The Great Khali v. Finlay: I could not have called this, at all. When The Great Khali's music began, the first thing I did was throw my remote on the floor and yell as loud as I can "Fucking W.W.E."

With Finlay coming out to face Khali, it was almost instant that I knew Finlay would advance but not without being injured enough to either make a run for the Finals as a wounded underdog, or drop an easy one to a heel. Finlay (as we seen) picked up the victory, after Khali refused to quit slamming his knee against the ring post. (thus, the injury)

Big Show comes out after the match, only to once again have Khali back down and walk away.

King of the Ring Quarter-Finals: William Regal v. Hornswoggle: Okay, before I even start.. HORN-FUCKING-SWOGGLE?! Seriously, William Regal is technical and could've at least jobbed to someone great. Paul Burchill would've been the better, more reasonable replacement than the current Raw General Manager, but Regal was still SLIGHTY okay.

However, when his opponent was announced.. I simply had to remove myself from my chair and walk away. Not only was Mr. Kennedy & John Morrison utterly FUCKED out of a great opportunity, but to not even place a reasonable opponent in the 8th and final spot. I mean seriously. Elijah Burke, Shelton Benjamin, The fucking MIZ! Hell, Shannon Moore, Jimmy Yang, anyone but a fucking midget?!

At least I know Vince didn't get his complete wish, otherwise we would've seen Hornswoggle win the damn thing. I can see Triple H. convincing him in the back now.. "Vince, I know you love midgets, but the people will never buy one going over 3 of your better talented athletes, wait a year and make him W.W.E. Champion for a week."

Hardcore Holly w/ Cody Rhodes v. Carlito w/ Santino Marella: So, is the Tag Team Championship match unofficial for Sunday's Pay Per View? Because it was never announced, and they continue to push Santino & Carlito into claiming an upper hand over the Champions. Apparently this is a Number One Contender's team that'll just never receive their shot. (Kinda like Cryme Tyme.. who apparently weren't smart enough to show up on Raw and try to steal the crown)

The only worth while part in this whole time wasting experience, is Cody Rhodes turning someone aggressive. After the match, Wet Dreams cut an average promo demanding that Santino shut up. Then when Santino refused, Cody slammed the mic into his head and the Tag Team Champions took it to Carlito & Santino. Not bad, I just don't know if Carlito & Santino have what it take to be the next "heel" top team.

King of the Ring Semi-Finals: Chris Jericho v. C.M. Punk: I honestly don't know what it is, but anytime these two wrestle C.M. Punk looks above average and downright great. I don't like the guy, but Jericho works well with him and somehow has the ability to bring the best out in him.

There was one solid botch in which Jericho went for a Lionsault, and I think Punk was suppose to roll out of the way, as Jericho instead of laying out to connect properly for it, tried landing as if he 'knew' the guy had moved. Only problem was, someone forgot to tell Punk to move.. and as a result, Punk got Jericho landing foot first directly across his face and nose. (suprised completely that it didn't break)

The ending saw C.M. Punk connect with the G.T.S. and the replay they showed of it really had a great angle in slow motion of Punk's knee connecting hard with Jericho's jaw. Great replay, and Punk advances to the Finals.

King of the Ring Semi-Finals: Finlay v. William Regal: When this match happened at (I think) the Great American Bash in 2006, it was an okay match and very physical and tough for both men. As each have similar skills and styles of brawling.

This time around, however, it was obviously meant to be with Finlay at a distinct disadvantage as he came out on "one leg" to face a man who delivered a solid knee to the face, then locked in the Regal Stretch to advance to the Finals. (how funny that Finlay's injury gave a direct opening to Regal's finisher - shocking)

Presidential 'Smackdown': Hilary Clinton w/ Bill Clinton v. Barock Obama: Rosie O' Donnell v. Donald Trump saw TREMENDOUS RATINGS.. :rolleyes: So why not pull another mock fight? :disappointed: And wrestling fans get upset and outraged when people call wrestling fake and stupid. Hmm, I wonder why.

Seriously, I get W.W.E.'s will to drive their viewers to vote. But what purpose does it serve to make the Presidential Hopeful's look like fools? Some say Hilary was actually played by Mickie James. I can only HOPE that isn't true, as its such a horrible role for the *New* Women's Champion to be put into. Meanwhile, a local indy wrestler played Barock.. and the guy playing Bill, I think, is the same guy who played him during the 1995 Survivor Series.

Overall, I popped louder for Umaga, than ANYONE ELSE on this entire night. I was so thrilled to see W.W.E.'s poor misuse of great talent coming out to squash and kill a horrible angle and storyline. (By the way, when the creative masterminds were thinking of the KOTR entries.. when Umaga's name was brought up, what genius said "Nah, he doesn't need built for anything, lets have him squash the soon to be next President, it'll be great!"

King of the Ring Finals: C.M. Punk v. William Regal: So before the match ever started, when Regal defeated Finlay, I sat in my chair all night thinking to myself how horrible its going to be to see Punk flush away both the MITB case as well as the KOTR crown. Then I stopped and asked the question.. "Does Regal actually stand a chance of winning?"

It was at this time I began talking to a friend of mine, Mighty NorCal, who told me his ideas for how William Regal should be and ultimately would be winning the KOTR. NorCal believed solidly that Regal would be winning. And he told me the reason behind this, is because Regal could pull off a faction with guys such as Paul Burchill, Lea, D.H. Smith, and Mcyntire. (sp?)

Going into the KOTR, there were rumors of the winner replacing Booker T. in the "King" role. And when I grouped together all the guys who'd advanced from the Quarter-Finals, I knew instantly William Regal would be the ONLY guy capable of filling that role. However at that time, I was more convinced they'd just give the whole thing to Punk, because I'm solidly convinced W.W.E. is braindead and doesn't understand that Punk is NOT a better talent then the likes of Mr. Kennedy, or John Morrison.

Now, while I'm not sold on Smith or Mcyntire (sp?) I do solidly believe that Paul Burchill will still benefit from this greatly. I think he'll become William Regal's personal bodyguard, or hired muscle.

As far as this match (Punk v. Regal) goes, it wasn't by any means great. And the funny thing is, Punk didn't look at all like he could win. Regal was in control 90% of the time and took the whole thing in the end.

The Promos:

JBL: J.B.L. cuts more of a promo on his own personal lifestyle and businesses on the side then he did winning the W.W.E. Championship. Its your typical promo from a guy who likely won't be a factor at all. In the end, he claims he'll be crowned (KOTR reference) Champion, and he'll be the big news story come Sunday.

Shawn Michaels/Batista: A solid month of nothing but promos. Seriously? I love Shawn to death and the guy is great on the mic, but did we really need a month worth of promos ON RAW AND SMACKDOWN?! Shawn calls Batista out, says Jericho had a point.. and asked if Tista wanted to end Flair's career. Batista says he won't give H.B.K. the pleasure of hearing him say that.

Shawn says the funny thing is, he is everything Batista says he is. And he feels that regardless if Batista's mind is on winning the World Heavyweight Championship come Smackdown, regardless of all that, thus Sunday he will be in the ring, in a match, against the guy that will take any step, do anything, to win. (Is that H.B.K. saying he'll cheat if he has to?)

Shawn offers a handshake, Batista does so, then pulls H.B.K. back when he goes to leave. (What is it with Wrestlers and handshakes? Its like neither know they have to let go when one walks away, someone's always forgetting and the result is the guy walking away always getting pulled back) When H.B.K. finally does get released, he goes for a fake out with an attempted Superkick, however Batista doesn't move a muscle. (and believe me, in HD you can see those things pop with even the slightest movement) Tista smiles, then walks by H.B.K., shoving him with his shoulder as he leaves the ring.

Triple H.: Another average promo about being the best of 4 guys come Sunday. Trips goes on to explain that all everyone is doing is talking, all that is is a bunch of words, but on Sunday, words won't win the match and the true Champion, the best of the best will come out victorious and with the Championship. Oh yeah.. naturally, he says it'll be him.

John Cena: See Above. Seriously. Cena basically said what everyone is meant to believe. He has 25% chance of winning, as does the other 3. He claims that its not up to him to prove hes a winner, its up to everyone else to prove hes not.

Divas: I have no idea what to say about this, except for if Joey Styles was commentating on Raw he would've died from saying the words "Cat Fight" over and over.. and over.. and over.. and over. Mickie tells everyone to never give up, Beth says she'll win her Championship back. McCool bitch slaps Beth which starts a huge blow up between all the divas. (way to go Cool.. that was definately anything BUT)

Randy Orton: Orton cuts a live promo. (Sad thing is, I never knew he didn't cut a taped one before) Orton goes on to explain hes tired of continuing to hear everyone talk about how someone else is gonna be walking out of Backlash with his Championship. He says he'll let his actions do the talking for him, for the most part, except to say.. No Mercy, Survivor Series, Armageddon, Royal Rumble, No Way Out and Wrestlemania. (listing off all the times hes proved people wrong, apparently)

Presidential Promos: Yes, its getting its only little section. I'm not gonna bother with Hilary, Barock or John's outrageously horrible "promos" on what they're gonna do as our next President. Instead, I simply wish I could meet each of them and slap the fuck outta them one by one.

Who's bright idea was it to tell them to use wrestling phrases? Who's genius thought sparked them to each write speeches in which they used phrases like "Hil-rod" and "People's Elbow." "Smell what Barock is cookin'." "To be the man you gotta beat the man," "Game Over" & "Because McCain said so."

Not only do all three deserve to be publicly shot.. violently.. but none of these fucktards deserve to be our next president, because between the three of them, apparently they find the wrestling related viewing audience naive, simple minded and utterly braindead. I have no other reason to think on why it was a great idea for them to use these dumbass terms.

Certainly noone in this world thinks any of these three are as entertaining as the likes of The Rock, Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin. And I'm almost positive there wasn't a single wrestling fan who wanted to be treated like a moron, in having these three idiots refer to themselves in wrestling terms.

Main Event: 8 Man Tag Team Backlash Preview: Triple H., John Cena, Kane & The Undertaker v. Randy Orton, J.B.L., Chavo Guerrero & Edge: I love how Edge received one of the biggest pops of the night, only for the fans to suddenly realize midway down the ramp that hes still heel, and then they boo him. :confused:

This was more or less exactly what I dubbed it. A "Backlash Preview" match. Overall a pretty solid match but for as much mega star talent as it held, you'd think they would've allowed the match to have a bit more than 10 minutes to run. This had all the makings to be a great, if not the greatest Raw Main Event ever and they 'W.W.E.' themselves in the foot by having the overall entrances take longer than the match.

The end saw Edge pick up the victory, only to receive an F-U from Orton, as things began spiraling out of control with each wrestler from here delivering a finishing move until the final remaining one was the Undertaker, standing solid in the end.

Overall Thoughts: H.B.K., H.H.H., M.V.P., Jericho, Batista, Big Show, Randy Orton & Umaga. Those (I think) were the very first, original, graphic for the King of the Ring tournament. I wish I never would've opened my mouth in the first place to complain about it. Because had those names had remained the same and those solid type of matches would've been had.. I wouldn't be ranting like I'm about to, on how horribly disappointing this whole fucking show was.

Night starts out.. Jericho, M.V.P., I thought perfect. Punk, then Hardy, I thought.. well, Hardy was a stretch, but still above great. Khali then enters.. I stop. Instantly I hate bottom half of the brackets. Doesn't matter if hes only one person outta the bottom 4, hes still one BAD person. Finlay.. thats fine.

Then I get William Regal, and its my second :wtf: of the night. Followed by the most shocking development of all. Horn-fucking-swoggle. I shit you not, you are my favorite turd. The midget somehow out boosted the likes of Kennedy, Morrison, Burchill, Benjamin and Burke. Apparently W.W.E. feels the little bastard is more over than any of the above mentioned names. Hooray for idiots.

The only justifying thing out of the whole tournament is I hope they use NorCal's idea for Regal to start a faction on Raw. Because if they don't, then why on earth would Regal have won, much less even been entered into the fucking tournament in the first place? Hes definately not "young" and he isn't (to my knowledge) gonna receive a sudden push for W.W.E. Championship gold any time soon. So outside of taking on a fresh "king" gimmick, Regal winning served NO PURPOSE!

Raw had quite possibly the greatest chance, EVER, to blow the roof off of entertaining the world by giving us SEVEN, count them, SEVEN GREAT KOTR MATCHES. We got, maybe, 4. If you look at the upper half of the bracket, you'll think to yourself "Wow, thats a nice line-up." Then if you look to the lower half of the bracket, you'll more or less have a heartattack because you won't be capable of believing it to be true.

Mighty NorCal
04-25-2008, 11:41 PM
NorCal's (late as a motherfucker becuase im lazy as fuck) Night Cap

as if anyone's week was really fucked up from not having this around to read :rolleyes:

aaannnyyy WAY....

KOR qtr final saw MVP and Jericho in what was probably match of the night to be honest. Very good back and forth action, just not sure if I think its a great idea having a giuy who has a very high profile match sunday being owned via submisson by a guy who has NO match sunday. especially if the winner of this one was just gonna job next round ANYWAY. I digress. Jericho goes over in a good one.

The next KOR match saw ANOTHER guy with a high profile match on sunday losing to someone with NO match on sunday. I guess this is that new "reverse build" technique the WWE is trying out LOL. Match was sloppier than a pig pen. thumbs down. Bland and sloppy. felt like I was on a date with a drunk sorority sister.

Kahli against Finlay, part 74. I love how the commentators talk as if this match has never happened before, and as if Finlay hasnt beaten Kahli soundly about 4 times already. No matter. Right when the match started the obvious "Finlay goes over, but Kahli whips the brakes off him first" scenario was gonna happen. Nothing flashy here, and nothing better than anything else they have done.

Will I AM Regal goes against Hornswaggle in a match seemingly purposely to utterly piss fans off. and no, not in the heel way they are supposed to piss people off, but in the "i payed money to see THIS shit?" pissed off way. Regal goes over after a hardfought entrenchment by Swaggle.

Not really.

Hardcore Holly and Carlito have a match for no reason that accomplishes nothing. sweet. so what the fuck exactly are they saving this "epic" tag team title bout for?? A RAW in the fucking middle of this month??? Lets get Santino and Lito the cheap win and get this comedy run going already for fucks sake.

Jericho and Punk had a decent little match, as Jericho overcame Punks sloppiness to give us something better than bland shit. And punks face got its ass whipped on accident, which make me chortle. Decent finish with Punk getting the heroic GTS outta nowere.

Finlay put on a game fight against Regal, in what was actually a pretty damn good match. Finlay "passes out" in the Regal stretch.

I found it funny that it seemed like WWE KNEW the presidential thing was gonna totally suck balls and be met with anger and outrage, so they in advance set Umaga up to come out there to destroy it. Hey WWE. Generally things that you know for certain people would rather masturbate with Icy-Hot than watch, arent good things to put on your television program. Just sayin.

The KOR finish saw basically the greatest thing ever, with Regal going over Punk cleanly and making him tap out. first REAL mark out moment that had me cheering in my living room in a VERY long time. As I posted in the KOR thread, Regal could REALLY start a stable with this, and have a reighn of terror over RAW. I really truly hope this goes down.

ANNNND they had tag match that accomplished absolutely nothing. I dont even think every person got into the match.

In summary, this match may end up being a very good one retro actively, as in if they used this as a luanching pad for other things. Will Regal start a stable??? Will this up the entertainment value of the show?? will the laborious rating make Ortons boring ass title reighn end?? we shall see....

Lil Wes
04-25-2008, 11:44 PM
I'm not going to write a book but here's a little short summary on what I thought about RAW.

Complete shit folks. Seriously, Did WWE really really really have to pass up on this opportunity for a Kennedy push, but yet gets a short return promo, only to start a feud with Punk next week and job in the end? Christ's sake. That alone was the whole travesty of the show, Punk's push is why WWE is a mockery. Back to KOTR, Hornswoggle? Khali? Need I say more. No wonder this shitty show is getting low ratings.

Put the belt on HHH Sunday, terrible build, terrible booking, terrible show.

04-26-2008, 04:41 AM
TheOneBigWill's 'take' on Friday Night Smackdown: April 25th, 2008:

Opening Segment: Edge & most of La' Familia are already in the ring as Smackdown opens. Edge begins with his final promo before Sunday's Backlash Pay Per View. Edge hyping everyone up, letting them know that change is coming, and its all thanks to Vickie. Vickie says that everything is so special, and to make it even more special she announces that the Main Event for the World Heavyweight Championship, is no contested under No Disqualification rules. Meaning Batista can win anyway he wants, and both men will completely destroy each other.

C.M. Punk's music ques up as he enters the arena, only for Edge to quickly take a shot at him being the "Queen of the Ring" for coming up short against William Regal on Raw. Punk fires back with "If you wanna call me anything, call me Money in the Bank." (Wow Punk, way to thrill me with those impressive mic skills :disappointed:) Punk goes on that he feels winning the case was a better way to get to the top, instead of sleeping with the boss.

Punk then threatens (is it a threat when its not dangerous?) to cash in the MITB case tonight or at Backlash, only for Edge to tell Punk he better think again then to cash it in on him. Punk quickly fires back with stating he was thinking more along the lines of Batista or Taker, as Punk feels he can beat Edge. This opens the gate for a match that ends up signed for later tonight.

The Matches:

The Miz w/ John Morrison v. Shannon Moore w/ Jimmy Wang Yang: So someone clearly read my last review about how I'm tired of seeing Miz/Morrison v. Yang/Moore. Sadly, this isn't the alternative I had in mind. On E.C.W. we seen Morrison drop one to Yang, and now we see Moore pick up a victory over Miz. This sparks two issues.

The first is that sadly I'm sure we are in store for another 4 monthes worth of Miz/Morrison v. Yang/Moore. The second is, upon the end of that never-ending story(line) we'll see the demise of Miz/Morrison, as Yang/Moore will likely go over them in the end. All I can say is, I hope they plan on pushing Morrison to the top and pushing Miz.. out the door. This match was average, nothing great and in the end Morrison & Miz have more debating over their short-comings.

Cherry w/ Michelle McCool v. Natalya w/ Victoria: Natalya's debut match and I must admit, Cherry isn't awful.. but definately doesn't belong in the ring with a Hart Family member. I'm not sure what more to say about this match, other than watching Natalya actually reminds me of watching her Father.

They both look HORRIBLE. (in a good way) :lmao: But the 'car wreck' in the ring is so unreal you can't turn away. Natalya is definately a Canadian Woman. Big built, and deadly. The finish of the match comes when Natalya dusts off a Family heirloom, the Sharpshooter.

C.M. Punk v. Edge: Quite possibly the match of the night in my view. And I dispise Punk. This was a quality back and forth match, with W.W.E. continuing to build Punk as something of a Main Eventer, only to have him drop the match in the end.

The only thing I fail to understand is. How on earth are they pushing C.M. Punk as quite possibly the next World Champion, when he continues to job to every other Main Eventer, and Midcarder?

People will open the claim that Punk had the match won until one half of the Edgeheads ran down and interfered but the fact is, to me, and even as Coach pointed out "Punk was never touched, he merely took his eye off the prize." And if you wanna compare apples and oranges (so to speak) the theory can be used that heels get "taunted" by the fans throughout the whole match. So one of the Edgeheads interfering equals out to all the mindless fans taunting the heel. Edge wins, Punk loses. Next.

Vladimir Kozlov v. Marty Gardner: Okay, I've given this guy about as much thought as it takes for one of his matches to conclude. I believe the reason they have yet to give him a tron video, music, or proper ring tights is because they aren't sold on him being marketable as anything.

They have him destroy jobber after jobber and they continue to push him as something of a destructive force, yet he still comes out week after week during commercials and without videos, music, or colorful tights. Not to mention, this week the lights were completely off. I'm still saying within 5-6 monthes tops, this guy won't even be a thought in people's heads anymore.

The Segments/Promos:

Matt Hardy/M.V.P.: Micheal Cole stirring the pot, as it were, by calling out Matt Hardy and asking how the knee is. Hardy says hes 100% and ready to go for Sunday. Hardy goes on to lay claim to being the biggest threat M.V.P.'s ever had. (If this is true, the M.V.P. might as well retire instead of even consider going to the Main Event side of things)

This triggers M.V.P. to come out, and he says that Hardy is adding a lot of false to the situation. M.V.P. explains that hes tried so hard to be Hardy's friend, Hardy's partner, and if it wasn't for M.V.P. Hardy wouldn't even be an 8 time Tag Team Champion, or a note-worthy name in any Single's division.

Some nice back and forth banter, only for M.V.P. to give Matt Hardy what he wanted in the end. A shot, at the United States Championship.. .. upside his head, leaving him knocked out in the ring.

Batista/Vickie Guerrero: Watching this promo made me think Batista was on prozac during the whole thing. Hes smiling, firstly and thats just fricken creepy. He giggled on a couple different occations during this promo, and thats just not animal like at all.

He thanks Vickie for the match, and went on to claim No DQ matches were his favorite. He literally made it sound flakier than when Rico was managing Billy & Chuck. He breaks his phase for a moment to explain that he understands Vickie's complete plan to make Tista & Taker wear each other down for Edge to pick them clean on Sunday.. but Batista explains that her plan won't work completely, because after he defeats and reclaims his Championship from the Undertaker, hes then going to beat Edge senseless on Sunday.

Raw Recap: The only reason I'm adding this in, is because they truly didn't have hardly any segments on Smackdown this week, except for recapping the Hilary Clinton/Barock Obama/John McCain crap.. and I'm still a bit furious over how retarded all three of them consider wrestling fans to be.. so I've decided to add my new take on last Raw.

Since E.C.W. on Tuesday, and now Smackdown last night, I've decided that William Regal is quite possibly the best choice for the King of the Ring. Not over the likes of a Mr. Kennedy or John Morrison, mind you, but when filtering through the possible choices for an actual "King" gimmick.. Regal's look, his current gimmick, even his music ALL give you King like qualities. Now he has the gimmick and "crown/title" to add to the list. The era of King Regal will, or hopefully at least should be, very entertaining.

Main Event: No Disqualification: World Heavyweight Championship: The Undertaker v. Batista: Clearly not their best match-up, but in my opinion still way better than their Survivor Series Hell in a Cell match. During the first half of this match, it was a normal single's match. Then they go to break and upon returning, the actions outside the ring.

Infact to be completely honest, I don't recall one "No DQ" moment in this match, outside of the steel steps and of course the ending, being a difference. Taker tried for a Tombstone on the steps, inside the ring. Batista counters down the back, then delivers a Spinebuster to Taker on the steps. Batista gets ready to deliver a Batista-Bomb to Taker, until Shawn Michaels runs into the ring via the crowd, pops Tista in the mouth with some Sweet Chin Music, and Taker ultimately picks up the victory.

Overall Thoughts: Honestly, Backlash is set to be one of the bigger versions of that Pay Per View in a long while. Even the Chavo Guerrero v. Kane match had a great build coming off of E.C.W. Tuesday night. However, Backlash is Sunday and Smackdown is Friday. This is a Smackdown review, not a Pay Per View one.. and Smackdown.. well, it still has a ways to go.

Overall, I'm more comfortable with the brand extention now then I have been in a long while because I can clearly see a whole host of great talent just waiting to be used. Unfortunately, you have 3 brands and the company still opts to only push about roughly 10 people.. 6 of which were being pushed before the brands were split to begin with.

I really did enjoy the Punk/Edge match, but I'll remain even more close to my previous statement on Punk getting more than he deserves. He only has entertaining matches against guys that carry everyone. Jericho on Raw, Edge on Smackdown, Morrison on E.C.W. Seriously, the guy can't have an entertaining match unless its against someone entertaining to begin with.

Speaking of Morrison, I'm so overly sick and tired of the repeated shit with these four individuals. I mean seriously, does Smackdown just no longer remember they have Jesse & Festus or Deuce & Domino? What the hell are they doing with Hawkins & Ryder? Are Yang & Moore the ONLY fricken opinion?! Let alone, the "best"?

Kozlov is nothing more than a waste of television space. I can't complain too much because it takes him almost just as long to get to the ring, as his matches last.

Hardy & M.V.P. should have a great match on Sunday, but somehow I just don't see Matt picking up the victory, NOT quite yet. M.V.P. needs to step up into a Main Event spot, but why not let Hardy/M.V.P. go one more month into a gimmick match, that way M.V.P. can have a year long reign. Hell, Cena got close to a two year reign, give or take about 3 monthes collectively in between.

For the passed four weeks we've seen nothing but promo after promo with Shawn Michaels and Batista. Finally, H.B.K. draws first blood with something physical.. will that prove to be his downfall? And what seriously will happen with Chris Jericho!?

Edge has had an above average build this time around than going into Wrestlemania, but both pushes have been roughly the same shit. Going into Mania it was the Edgeheads and Chavo up against Taker, with Edge being no where in sight. This time, its bigger guys like Kane, Festus and Batista.. with Edge being no where in sight.

All in all, Smackdown is never horrible.. well, I take that back I remember one not that long ago that was just plain disturbing with all the squash matches it had.. but overall, the Edge/Punk, and Tista/Taker match saved tonight's show. Those matches, along with the M.V.P./Hardy promo that is.

04-27-2008, 10:11 AM
Amy’s ‘take’ on Smackdown 04/25/08 edition:

Opening Segment: La Familia is in the ring. We’re sure getting our fill of them this week. Edge is excited for tonight’s World Heavyweight title match. He thanks Vicki for making it happen. She happily announces the match is now no DQ. Edge says since Taker and Batista can do/use whatever to destroy one another, it’s going to be a great night for him and his familia.

Punk spoils Edge’s moment. For losing to Regal, Edge calls Punk the ‘Queen of the Ring’ and Chavo says he’s the court jester. Punk says they got jokes but he’s got a briefcase and winning MITB is a better way to the top than sleeping with the boss. Edge says he wouldn’t understand their love. I think we can all agree with Punk “that’s gross.”

Edge asks what we’re wondering: “Why exactly are you here?” Punk’s thinking of cashing in at Backlash against Taker or Tista; they can beat Edge and so can he. Guess he forgot he lost to Edge in their first meeting. Vicki says Punk talked himself into a match with Edge tonight. Edge will leave Punk bankrupt. *Lame*

Punk sounds so boring and mechanical on the mic and his cockiness seems at odds with being a face. They teased some future “main-event” match-ups for Punk with the big boys (Edge, Tista, Taker).

Match #1 The Miz vs. Shannon Moore (w/Yang): ECW Part II. Solid 5-minute match. Morrison was OK on commentary; he has and can do better. He quipped Coach is no longer being the worst announcer in the WWE (shot at Adamle). He dismissed his argument with Miz and loss to Yang on Earth Day; he was planting trees all day to save the planet. Not a very heel thing to say now is it? He said Yang/Moore would get a title shot if Moore won, and he did get the surprise (not) pinfall. Morrison didn’t go off on his partner; he just stared down Yang/Moore who claim they’ve got the tag champs number.

Nothing against Yang/Moore, but I’ll be disappointed if they end Miz and Morrison’s reign when there are more legit teams being wasted. And why are they making Miz the more dominant one? Is a face turn in store for Morrison?

Match #2 Cherry (w/Michelle McCool) vs. Natalya (w/Victoria): I was worried Cherry (who they’re pushing ATM) would go over Natalya; thankfully that didn’t happen. Natalya looked impressive in her Smackdown wrestling debut with a very powerful style like her father. She made Cherry submit to the Sharpshooter (ah shades of Bret and Owen).

Interview Time: Michael Cole introduces Matt Hardy and reminds us MVP turned on him and took out his knee 5 months ago. Hardy says he is 100% and has waited 10 months to get his shot at MVP who did everything to avoid him because he’s MVP’s biggest threat.

Out comes MVP and excuses Cole. He asks why Matt is speaking untruths. MVP says his friendship was genuine and it’s because of him Matt is an 8-time tag team champion and his name has any significance in the singles division. Hardy says their teaming was a smokescreen so MVP wouldn’t have to defend the US title against him.

MVP says Matt’s jealous that he’s accomplished more in 1½ years than Hardy’s 9 year career. Hardy says it’s confidence in his eyes and uncertainty in MVP’s. Reluctantly, MVP says Matt will have his shot on Sunday then kicks his knee and lays him out with the belt.

While I was disappointed I didn’t get to see either in action or the VIP Lounge, solid segment building to their match. MVP gets the upper hand here and I see him retaining Sunday via some DQ finish.

Match #3 Edge vs. CM Punk: Match of the night IMHO that went longer than I expected. Kudos to both. The ending was the same as their first meeting, but Punk looked strong, getting several nearfalls, even hitting the GTS. Punk had to put Edge back in the ring, allowing a distraction by Ryder and Edge to hit the spear for the win.

Despite the loss, this match helps elevate Punk. Now they just need to commit to pushing him, get him on Smackdown or Raw for good, and no more burying him in 6 or 8 man affairs on ECW.

Backstage:Batista thanks a frightened Vicki for the no DQ title shot. He knows it’s to weaken Taker for her man but he’s going to reclaim his WH title then beat the hell out of Edge on Sunday.

Match #4 Vladimir Kozlov vs. Marty Garner (aka Cham Pain): His 1-minute squashes are as exciting as his entrance. I can’t help thinking he’s the anti-Delaney. I wouldn’t be surprised to see those two face off soon.

Match #5 Batista vs. The Undertaker (Main Event): These two put on yet another good match with lots of back and forth. I was surprised Taker went for his submission move so early; to date Batista’s the only one to evade it. No way Taker was losing. I expected some interference but not in the form of Sweet Chin Music! Guess Shawn had to live up to Tista and Jericho’s opinion of him. Expect Batista to exact some payback for tonight on Sunday.

Overall Thoughts: All-around great show with good promos and exciting matches. They *finally* succeeded in getting me pumped for Backlash.

04-28-2008, 09:42 PM
Ooookay, RAW just ended during Orton's title clause, with him still in the crossface. So, does this mean Age of Orton has restarted and it's Game Over for Triple H? I really want to know who won... news soon, please.

04-28-2008, 09:50 PM
How can they wonder why the ratings suck??? What a piece of crap show. The main event starting as early as it did really got me excited. Great match going and they end it with that freaking loser Regal telling them to go off the air??? What a lame ass ending! Where is CM Punk's title shot? Oh wait, they'll keep having him lose and make him so illegitimate we'll forget he ever won money in the bank. Where's Kennedy's push? Regal sucks, this is a terrible angle. Just terrible!!! And perhaps one of the only good things going for Raw right now, Santino Marella, loses to Cody Rhodes??? Holy crap, they're basically ruining so much potential in so many guys and keeping the same old faces at the top of a crappy show! Wrestlemania was good, and there hasn't been a good thing since!

Don't even get me started with that lame excuse of a King of the Ring. Vince ought to fire every writer and get some fresh ideas. It's all so terrible!!! So many guys they could have had in KOTR and they put in Hornswoggle? He's good at comic relief but maybe they don't realize he's a MIDGET! Wow this is a sad day for WWE!!!

04-28-2008, 09:55 PM
I am sitting here now, wiping the spit of Vince McMahon off my face, and so are any of you that watched Raw tonight.

I have long been patient when it comes to storylines, no matter how dumb, insulting or lame.

But, to cut off a world championship match to further the storyline of a wrestler who is, let us face this, washed up and unimportant, is a disgrace, and rarely have I felt so utterly insulted as a wrestling fan.

First off, IMO, tonight Raw sucked. Absolutely and completely. We had a singing wrestler, a tuxedoed wrestler who talked about nothing important, and another idiot being slapped by Roddy Piper.

Then, when all was said and done, Randy Orton and HHH saved the show with a very good match. Excellent give and take, and some great moves. I was truly enjoying it, and thought it was one of the Game's and Orton's better matches.

And then, to cut us off over something so dumb, so unimportant, so lame and so trivial. No storyline has ever called for such a disruption. Not only an insult to two great wrestlers, but an insult to the fans and a glob of yellow spit on the world title.

I am serious about my anger, and, quite frankly, my disappointment in the WWE for doing such a thing. They could have easily ended the title match a little earlier, and then did the Regal crap.

Even if the storyline calls for Regal to be punished next week, that is no excuse. I cannot recall any organization doing such a thing in recent memory.

Yes, back in the old days, Raw used to be cut off at a certain time, even if a match was going on. But this was clearly a business decision, and a selfish, idiotic and insulting one at that.

Are we expected to truly honor the world title, a title that WWE has always said personifies the best in wrestling, after this fiasco? After this slap in the face to the tradition of wrestling?

Are we to understand that the bland, lame, promo cutting abortion William Regal is more important then a title bout? An in ring interruption, a DQ, anything could have set this up, but to simply cut off a good match, again, the ONLY good match of the evening for such drivil is shameful.

It looks like we cash cows are only respected during a Pay Per View, when we open our wallets and further the McMahon legacy.

I am sickened by this, and I am sure you all will have your own opinions, maybe even saying it's not a big deal.

But, it is. This was a world title bout, a good bout, a bout between to guys who were giving it their all and having a great match. A bout for the most important belt in wrestling, now, or in the past, and it was stopped to show a 90 year old man being angry for not getting a plastic crown.

Shameful and disgraceful, and, IMO, the lowest Vince McMahon has ever sunk.

04-28-2008, 10:06 PM
NYSandman, well said! It's an absolute disgrace. It sickens me that such a good, RAW SAVING match ended so bad. I was texting my friend telling him that it was a great match and that it was saving Raw. Then they cut to Regal and the way it ended, when I called my friend who was unable to watch, he just laughed! It's so ridiculous to see them try to push someone like Regal. HE IS ONLY GOOD FOR GENERAL MANAGER DUTIES! Man I am so disappointed.

04-28-2008, 10:07 PM
With the abrupt end and few viewers, I'm guessing Orton won. HHH couldn't lose a main-event match with EVERY viewer watching, agreed? It was an okay RAW, great promos from Kennedy, Jericho, Orton and HHH... and okay-ish matches until the main-event. I was really wrapped into it until Regal was an asshole... D<

The match was canceled... so HHH is the winner by default. D: I put my hopes too high, aw well... hail the King of Kings.

04-28-2008, 10:19 PM
What happened tonight confirms what I've been thinking for a long while. From now on, fans have to pay to see the WWE title change hands. Any chance of that happening on Raw, someone either interrupts the match, the champ gets themselves DQ-ed, or there's some unexpected twist and the champ keeps it.

When wrestling was at its high point, the #1 Title belt was contested on cable tv. It changed hands on cable tv. The weekly show was a quality program and was worth talking about the next day.

With the ending tonight, it just goes to show the lengths WWE will go to ensure that their fans pay to watch the champion lose their title. I only tuned in tonight to see the title match becuase i couldn't remember the last time there was a WWE title match on Raw and I get that crap with the ending. It was a solid match, great counters, and it kept you wanting more. To end like that just shows how far they will go to make sure you pay for a title match. This was a disgrace.