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  1. It's Awards Time! Request Forum Categories Here!
  2. The Golden Keyboard Award for Best Non-Wrestling Poster
  3. The Chairman of the Board Award for Best WrestleZone Mod
  4. The Affirmative Action Award for Best Minority Poster
  5. The Tyler Reks Award for Future Endeavored Poster we Miss the Most
  6. The Claire Lynch Award for WrestleZone Storyline of the Year
  7. The Paul Wight Award for Most Improved Poster
  8. The Dovahkiin Kellermeyer Award for Best User Name
  9. Bruce Willis Shiny Dome Award for Biggest Try Hard
  10. The George Carlin Award for Funniest Poster
  11. The Spiced Meat Award for Best Spam Poster
  12. The Cheeky Cunt Award for Best Troll
  13. The Iron Donkey Award for Worst Poster
  14. The Cheap Ho Award for Poster You'd Most Love to Pimp Slap
  15. The Brock Angle Award for Rookie of the Year
  16. The Stone Cold Steve Austin Award for best Arrive, Raise Hell, and Leave Performance
  17. The Norm Peterson Award for Best Barfly
  18. The Undertaker Award for Best Return
  19. The Brass Ring Award for the Poster that Finally Grabbed a Brass Ring
  20. The Pleather String Award for Wrestling Thread of the Year Award
  21. The Bronze Bracket Award for Best Tournament
  22. The Triple H/Sheamus Award for Best Mentor/Mentee Pairing.
  23. The Tin Can Award for Best Spam Thread
  24. The Flair Steamboat Award for Best Feud
  25. The Joe Biden Award for Debate of the Year
  26. The Platinum Keyboard Award for Best Wrestling Poster
  27. The Brock Angle Award for Undisputed 2009 Rookie of the Year