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  1. NXT & Jim Ross
  2. Which NXT stars will get a call up soon?
  3. Who should Dethrone the Queen?
  4. The first real stable of NXT?
  5. Finn Balor and Bayley.... Not just yet.
  6. Should 'Main Roster' performers step down to NXT?
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  8. Takeover: Dallas
  9. Does Asuka Make Nakamura Seem a Bit Old Hat?
  10. Shinsuke Nakamura's NXT Debut
  11. Report: NXT Call Ups
  12. So who do you think won the main event last night?
  13. What would you do with the Hype Bros?
  14. NXT Review and Aftermath Thread
  15. Bull Dempsey, two other talents gone from NXT
  16. Finn Balor injured at house show?
  17. A new Apollo Crews?
  18. NXT Secondary Single's Title - What Do You Call it?
  19. "Drift Away! Drift Away!"
  20. 3-9-16 2 Out Of 3 Falls - Sami Zayn VS Samoa Joe
  21. Does NXT have the roster depth to support two hours weekly?
  22. Tag Team Headed to NxT
  23. Jason Jordan's Potential
  24. Finn Balor's Demon Persona
  25. NXT TakeOver: Dallas - NXT Championship: Finn Balor (c) VS Samoa Joe
  26. NXT TakeOver: Dallas - Austin Aries VS Baron Corbin
  27. Vince not a fan of NXT?
  28. What Does NXT Need to Compete With WWE?
  29. Is Itami ever coming back?
  30. NXT TakeOver: Dallas: NXT Women's Championship - Bayley (c) VS Asuka
  31. NXT TakeOver: Dallas - Sami Zayn VS Shinsuke Nakamura
  32. Can we stop pretending Eva sucks now?
  33. Dallas: Three Legitimate Main Events and Balor vs Joe Isn't One of Them
  34. NXT TakeOver: Dallas : NXT Tag Team Championship - The Revival (c) VS American Alpha
  35. NxT TakeOver: Dallas ~ Apollo Crews VS Elias Samson
  36. The Vaudevillains
  37. Balor Club
  38. Grade The Reign: Bayley As NXT Women's Champion
  39. Grade The Reign: The Revival As NXT Tag Team Champions
  40. NXT fans, calm the chanting
  41. Baron Futhamuckin' Corbin
  42. Should NXT have its own Wrestlemania?
  43. An Interesting Crossover...
  44. Demonslayer???
  45. Back to NXT?
  46. New NXT Champion Samoa Joe.
  47. Grade The Reign: Finn Balor As NXT Champion
  48. Finn Balor's Lucky Bodypaint: Why The Demon Is Stupid
  49. Does anyone feel like NXT needs more storylines and "sports entertainment" vibe?
  50. Next NXT TakeOver Card could be....
  51. NXT Salina, KS results
  52. Do you want Eric Young in NXT?
  53. Missing Title Slot
  54. NXT TakeOver: The End: NXT Championship Steel Cage Match - Joe (c) VS Balor
  55. NXT TakeOver: The End: NXT Tag Team Championship - American Alpha (c) VS The Revival
  56. Asuka VS Bayley Or Nia Jax?
  57. NXT TakeOver: The End - Shinsuke Nakamura VS Austin Aries
  58. NXT TakeOver: The End: NXT Women's Championship - Asuka (c) VS Nia Jax
  59. Is the next NXT Takeover truly the end?
  60. An injury...
  61. Book NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 2016
  62. Authors of Pain
  63. What is your favorite NXT Takeover event so far?
  64. Could a small stint in NXT revive Swagger's WWE Career?
  65. An NXT Brand Split?
  66. NXT main roster draft - create a story
  67. Two New Signed
  68. Balor vs Nakamura
  69. Greatest Wrestler in NXT History
  70. NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II: NXT Championship - Samoa Joe (c) VS Shinsuke Nakamura
  71. Bobby Roode is an A+ Player
  72. NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II: NXT Women's Championship - Asuka (c) VS Bayley
  73. NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II - Andrade "Cien" Almas VS Bobby Roode
  74. NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II: NXT Tag Championship - Revival (c) VS Ciampa & Gargano
  75. NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II - No Way Jose VS Austin Aries
  76. Shinsuke Nakamura
  77. NXT Takeover Brooklyn: Which was the better of the two?
  78. Why not?
  79. Booking NXT TakeOver: Toronto
  80. The Most Disappointing NXT Call-Up
  81. The 2016 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic
  82. Who CAN beat Asuka?
  83. NXT's Greatest Export
  84. Hideo Itami injured
  85. Former ROH Megastar Arrives In NXT
  86. NXT TakeOver: Toronto : NXT Championship - Shinsuke Nakamura VS Samoa Joe
  87. NXT TakeOver Toronto: NXT Women Championship - Asuka VS Mickie James
  88. NXT TakeOver Toronto: Bobby Roode VS Tye Dillinger
  89. Another NXT star gets injured...
  90. NXT TakeOver Toronto : NXT Tag Team Championship - Revival VS DIY
  91. NXT TakeOver: Toronto Discussion & Aftermath
  92. NXT TakeOver: Toronto - TM61 VS The Authors Of Pain
  93. Samoa Joe Is The First 2 Time NXT Champion
  94. Shinsuke Nakamura is the New NXT Champion
  95. NXT TakeOver: San Antonio: NXT Championship - Shinsuke Nakamura (c) VS Bobby Roode
  96. NXT TakeOver: San Antonio General Discussion
  97. Are entrances a little TOO scripted?
  98. NXT TakeOver San Antonio: NXT Tag Team Championship - #DIY VS Authors Of Pain
  99. NXT TakeOver San Antonio: NXT Women's Championship - Fatal Four Way Match
  100. NXT Year End Awards
  101. NXT TakeOver San Antonio: Eric Young VS Tye Dillinger
  102. NXT TakeOver San Antonio: Andrade Cien Almas VS Roderick Strong
  103. Ranking 2016's NXT Takeover Events
  104. NXT Takeover Surprises
  105. What do you think is wrong with NXT currently?
  106. Asuka About To Be Called Up?
  107. NXT TakeOver Orlando: NXT Women Championship - Asuka VS Ember Moon
  108. NXT TakeOver: Orlando: NXT Championship - Bobby Roode (c) VS Shinsuke Nakamura
  109. NXT TakeOver: Orlando: NXT Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match
  110. NXT TakeOver Orlando: Aleister Black VS Andrade "Cien" Almas
  111. New NXT Championship Belt Designs
  112. Drew Galloway signs with NXT!
  113. Who should end the "Glorious" title reign?
  114. Booking NXT TakeOver: Chicago
  115. The Roderick Strong "Documentary"
  116. Asuka passes Goldberg's undefeated streak record; 174-0 now.
  117. NXT TakeOver: Chicago: NXT Women's Championship Triple Threat Match
  118. What is SAnitY?
  119. NXT TakeOver: Chicago: WWE UK Championship - Tyler Bate VS Pete Dunne
  120. NXT TakeOver: Chicago: NXT Tag Team Championship Ladder Match
  121. NXT TakeOver: Chicago: NXT Championship - Bobby Roode (c) VS Hideo Itami
  122. NXT TakeOver: Chicago - Roderick Strong VS Eric Young
  123. Mauro Ranallo Joining NXT Commentary
  124. Does NXT need another hour and/or midcard title?
  125. NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III: NXT Championship - Bobby Roode (c) VS Drew McIntyre
  126. NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III: NXT Women's Championship - Asuka (c) VS Ember Moon
  127. NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III: NXT Tag Team Championship - AOP (c) VS SAnitY
  128. Percy Watson is the worst color commentator ever.
  129. NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III - Aleister Black VS Hideo Itami
  130. NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III - Johnny Gargano VS Andrade Cien Almas
  131. WWE Signs Former ROH World Champion
  132. Asuka Vacates NXT Women's Championship; Heading To The Main Roster
  133. Which NXT Takeover Brooklyn event was the best?
  134. Should King of the Ring return as an NXT event?
  135. NXT TakeOver: WarGames: NXT Women's Championship Fatal Fourway
  136. The Match Beyond Comes To NXT
  137. How I evaluate NXT talents
  138. NXT TakeOver: WarGames - WarGames Match
  139. NXT TakeOver: WarGames: NXT Championship - Drew McIntyre (c) VS Andrade "Cien" Almas
  140. NXT TakeOver: WarGames - Aleister Black VS The Velveteen Dream
  141. NXT WarGames - Kassius Ohno VS Lars Sullivan