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  1. The 2011 Zonie Awards!!!
  2. Zonie Award Categories
  3. Best Sports Film of All Time
  4. 2011 Zonies Schedule
  5. Best Actor Of All Time
  6. Best Non-Porn Sex Scene Of All Time
  7. Best Science Fiction Film of All Time
  8. Best Performance By A Pro-Wrestler In A Movie
  9. Best Remake Or Reboot
  10. Best Horror Movie Heroine
  11. Most Over-Rated Film of All Time
  12. Best Action Movie of All Time
  13. Biggest Movie Badass
  14. Best Crime Or Mob Film Of All Time
  15. Most Gruesome Movie Of All Time
  16. Best Performance By An Angry Black Man
  17. Best Movie Based On A Video Game
  18. Worst Performance By An Oscar Winning Actor Or Actress
  19. Best Movie Cameo
  20. Best Comedy Movie of All Time
  21. Best Animated / Children's Film Of All Time
  22. Best Movie Monolouge of All Time
  23. Best Actress
  24. Best Beating On Film
  25. Twilight Zonies: Best Non-Human Film Character
  26. Best Movie Based On A Comic Book Or Graphic Novel
  27. Best Cult Classic
  28. Most Quotable Movie Or Franchise
  29. Most Over-Rated Actor Or Actress
  30. Best Horror Or Slasher Movie
  31. Best Drama Or Romance Film
  32. Best Director
  33. Most Awesome "Shit" Movie
  34. Best Twist Ending To A Movie
  35. The Twilight Zonies: Funniest Use Of Subtitles In A Movie