View Full Version : 2010 WZF Posters EOYA

  1. The Jeff Hardy Award For Finally Grabbing That Brass Ring (i.e., Joining Staff)
  2. The Shit Flinger Award For Best Cage Monkey
  3. The Undertaker/Nathan Jones Award for Best Mentor/Protégé Pairing
  4. The Bill Clinton Silver Cigar Award For Best Administrator
  5. The Tim Russert Award For Best Moderator
  6. The Bully Pulpit Award For Best Forum
  7. The Bronze Bracket Award For Best Tournament
  8. The Biggie And Tupac Award For Best Feud
  9. The Mickie James/Matt Hardy Award For Fastest, Most Sudden Fall From Grace
  10. The ECW Pimp Slap Award for the Person You'd Most Like to Go Joey Styles / JBL On
  11. The Brock Angle Award For Rookie Of The Year
  12. The "It's Kinda Like a Real Job Award" for Best Graphic Designer
  13. The Golden Keyboard Award for Best Non-Wrestling Poster
  14. The Singer Sewing Machine Award For Best Thread Starter
  15. The D'Angelo Dinero Award For Most Improved Poster
  16. The Fr. Dougal McGuire Award for the Most Insufferably Stupid (and Annoying) Poster
  17. The Hemorrhoid Donut Award for the Poster Who Tries Too Hard
  18. The Steve Austin Award for Best Arrive, Raise Hell, Leave Performance
  19. The Vince Russo Award For Best WZ Storyline
  20. The Bee's Knees Award For Best Wrestling Thread
  21. The Ill Nana Award for Best Non-Wrestling Thread
  22. The Platinum Keyboard Award for Best Wrestling Poster