View Full Version : The Mexico City Region

  1. First Round: Los Angeles - Marty Jannetty vs. Bruiser Brody
  2. First Round: Los Angeles - Jake Roberts vs. Rikishi
  3. First Round: Los Angeles - Randy Orton vs. Terry Funk
  4. First Round: Los Angeles - Yokozuna vs. Steve Austin
  5. First Round: Greensboro - Paul Wight vs. Andre the Giant
  6. First Round: Greensboro - Rey Mysterio vs. Scott Hall
  7. First Round: Greensboro - Stan Hansen vs. Brian Pillman
  8. First Round: Greensboro - Taz vs. Rob Van Dam
  9. First Round: East Rutherford - Mike Awesome vs. Rick Rude
  10. First Round: East Rutherford - Scott Steiner vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
  11. First Round: East Rutherford - Dean Malenko vs. Great Muta
  12. First Round: East Rutherford - Michael Hayes vs. Chris Jericho
  13. First Round: Seattle - Ahmed Johnson vs. Buddy Rogers
  14. First Round: Seattle - Bobby Lashley vs. Tiger Mask I
  15. First Round: Seattle - Lance Storm vs. Roddy Piper
  16. First Round: Seattle - Vader vs. Mil Mascaras
  17. Second Round: Los Angeles - Randy Orton vs. Steve Austin
  18. Second Round: Los Angeles - Bruiser Brody vs. Jake Roberts
  19. Second Round: Greensboro - Andre the Giant vs. Rey Mysterio
  20. Second Round: Greensboro - Stan Hansen vs. Rob Van Dam
  21. Second Round: Seattle - Buddy Rogers vs. Tiger Mask I
  22. Second Round: Seattle - Roddy Piper vs. Vader
  23. Second Round: East Rutherford - Rick Rude vs. Scott Steiner
  24. Second Round: East Rutherford - Great Muta vs. Chris Jericho
  25. Third Round - Mexico City: Dog Collar Match - Rick Rude vs. Chris Jericho
  26. Third Round - Mexico City: Ultimate Submission Match - Jake Roberts vs. Steve Austin
  27. Third Round - Mexico City: Sadistic Madness - Andre the Giant vs. Rob Van Dam
  28. Third Round - Mexico City: Street Fight - Vader vs. Tiger Mask I
  29. Fourth Round: Iron Man Match - Chris Jericho vs. Vader
  30. Fourth Round: 3 Stages of Hell - Andre the Giant vs. Steve Austin