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  3. Random Rhetorical Rants
  4. *OFFICIAL* Old School Wrestling Discussion (New Generation & Earlier Discussion ONLY)
  5. *OFFICIAL* Old School Wrestling Discussion (Attitude Era to PG Era Discussion ONLY)
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  7. The Wrestling Memes Thread, Starring Chrome
  8. On This Day In Wrestling History
  9. Name a wrestler more universally liked/respected than Randy Savage
  10. The WWE Network is LIVE in the UK (Early)
  11. General Lucha Underground Spam Thread
  12. This Is Progress: Sam Holds Up His End of the Bargain
  13. The Best Face In Wrestling Today
  14. What NOT To Do With Your Wrestling Show
  15. Derrick Bateman and how obviously good he was
  16. NJPW 2015 G1 Climax Megathread
  17. Proof Cesaro Is Being Held Back
  18. Hulk Hogan Pens Apology Letter
  19. Rusev Headless Fish Throwing Appreciation
  20. Wrestling Opinions You Don't Have the Guts to Post
  21. Eric Bischoff Talks Hulk Hogan Racism Claims, Ultimate Warrior, Goldberg
  22. Is the way NJPW is booking Naito the way forward for Roman Reigns?
  23. This is talk worthy
  24. RIP Hot Rod
  25. "The Racially Insensitive History of WWE"
  26. Titus O'Neil is Awesome! Takes Homeless Couple to Restaurant
  27. GFW ~ TNA
  28. Superfly has Stomach cancer
  29. James Storm finished with TNA...
  30. This Week On WWC TV
  31. WWE Is Encouraging This
  32. New Day Rocks
  33. Let's beat up Cole every week!
  34. Ted DiBiase Sr
  35. Vampiro and Pentagon Jr
  36. Some Young Bucks Awesomeness for your Weekend
  37. Full King of Trios line up
  38. I Feel Bad About Triplemania
  39. Sean Waltman Says Chyna "Bum Rushed" Triple H at Roddy Piper's Funeral
  40. EC3's Fireside Chat YouTube Show
  41. The Wyatt Family versus The Shield
  42. Hall Of Fame 2016
  43. Where do you rank Sheamus?
  44. Mean Undertaker
  45. Digging Pentagon Jr.
  46. Ratings for yesterday's Raw 8/17/15
  47. Brock Lesnar doing make-a-wish
  48. Special Guest... Directors?
  50. Roman Reigns makes Kevin Owens his BITCH!
  51. Remember When Donald Trump Bought Raw?
  52. WWE Hall of Famer Says Women Shouldn't Be Wrestling
  53. Paul Heyman Reveals Why He Was Paired with Cesaro
  54. Best Macho Man impression ever!
  55. Bayley v Sasha Banks
  56. PWS Outs Sabu
  57. Looking for predictions
  58. Random Wrestling Thoughts
  59. These Youtube vids are pretty brilliant
  60. So...
  61. Feuds That Should've Happened
  62. I kinda feel bad for TNA....
  63. Kevin Nash commits breach of contract
  64. Big E's Through-The-Ropes Spear
  65. Shooting Outside WWE Performance Center
  66. Has anyone here heard of IWC legend Rock=Greatness?
  67. Rollins is the heel, right?
  68. Jimmy Snuka Arrested for Murder
  69. Chikara - October 24, Jeffersonville, Indiana (outside of Louisville)
  70. This Generation Is The Greatest Generation Of Wrestlers...
  71. Encounters You've Had With Wrestlers
  72. Benoit, Hogan, Snuka, LOL
  73. The Bella Clan
  74. New shirt is disrespectful to the Attitude Era
  75. Kevin Owens drawing good numbers
  76. Michael Cole's Interviews
  77. 20 Years Ago
  78. PWI 500 is out and the two most important numbers are
  79. Most flagrant height lie? Bam Bam Bigelow?
  80. WrestleMania 32 Card without trolling
  81. Stardust and the Ascension? Could this work?
  82. Is these real or photoshopped (Potential Spoilers Inside)
  83. I'm optimistic
  84. Eric Bischoff rips Vince Russo on new WWE Monday Night War vol 2 DVD
  85. Bret Hart: The Owen Hart DVD is the shits!
  86. The Rock Talks Wrestlers Lobbying To Have Him Removed From WrestleMania XV Main Event
  87. Recommend a specific episode of a podcast
  88. Paul: Bearer or Heyman?
  89. Sasha vs Bayley - 30min IronWoman Match, Main Event @ Takeover - For Womens Title
  90. ELI 5: What Makes The Kilq So Different From The BSK?
  91. If you could be 1.......
  92. UFC Vet and Monster Factory Alum Matt Riddle to Debut For Evolve
  93. Would a legitimate-like presentation make the product better?
  94. Shocker: The WWE Wants To Have Its Cake, And Eat It, Too
  95. Is it possible for Bray Wyatt to botch a promo?
  96. 2015's Best Matches So Far...
  97. Lana with Racist tweets too... not this again!
  98. Petition surfaces online about booking Brock Lesnar for Tribute to the Troops
  99. So AJ Styles is the new #1 contender for the ROH World title...
  100. Is DBry The 3rd Guy?
  101. WWE Doesn't Do Subtlety Often
  102. Lucha Underground Confirms Season 2
  103. The Official CALLED IT Thread
  104. Prepare for the mill
  105. I'm oversimplifying, but I have a question
  106. Putting the WWE Roster into Tiers.
  107. WCW Talent Contracts from their dying days
  108. John Cena's Gym and One Astonishing Developmental Class
  109. Cena had nothing to do with Nikki's title reign
  110. Social Media
  111. Sitting Front Row at Raw Next Week.
  112. Michael Cole's Physique
  113. Essay Battle: Bayley vs. The Boss
  114. Jason Sensation's Uncanny Impressions
  115. Hornswoggle suspended for Wellness Policy violation.
  116. Earl Hebner is surely WWE HOF worthy too?
  117. Daniel Bryan's Fate Hangs in the Balance
  118. How long before TNA does..
  119. "Well, poop."
  120. This Topic Doesn't Deserve It's Own Thread But...
  121. I made a new word
  122. Matt Hardy Vacates The TNA World Title
  123. Best Creative Gaffes That Turned Into A Good Thing
  124. Storm's a comin'
  125. Myzteziz Is Leaving AAA
  126. You Know, Maybe TNA Is Not In Bad Shape
  127. NXT is college, and the WWE is the real world
  128. <3 Table For 3
  129. Jokes...
  130. Reigns - Wyatt Fantasty Booking I did on Reddit
  131. What a fecked up business
  132. Mistico/Sin Cara/Myzteziz/Soon To Be Blackballed
  133. The WWE stock market.
  134. What's your favourite Sheamus match?
  135. A Friendly Reminder About Kayfabe
  136. WWE Hell In A Cell 2015: John Cena's US Championship Open Challenge
  137. Ok so Neville is not on steroids?
  138. Help!
  139. WWE Network Launches In India
  140. Shower Thought: The most smarky crowd for WWE is in Winter Park, Florida
  141. Who is the Best Member of The Shield?
  142. Gimmick Hometowns
  143. New Destination America executive might save TNA
  144. ROH draws biggest rating on Destination America yet & its out of primetime
  145. Worst ring attire ever
  146. So Brock Is In The UFC Game...
  147. Kanyon Cutter Montage
  148. Sasha Banks Is An Anime Fan
  149. New day gyrates a lot
  150. So, stop me if I'm wrong here
  151. Ambrose vs Owens- What do you think?
  152. Northeast Wrestling
  153. Did anyone get Wrestlemania tickets?
  154. Act Smug In a Few Weeks- Survivor Series Tournament
  155. Honma Vs Ishii 3
  156. What if Hunter wins the SSeries Tournament?
  157. Video Packages Can Make Stars
  158. Go Shiozaki returning to NOAH
  159. Dead Wrestler Beach
  160. It's the Ten Year Anniversary of Eddie Guerrero's Death
  161. What is a government mule?
  162. Billy Gunn fired
  163. 4+ star rated matches for 2015 so far
  164. Recent Axl Rotten photos?
  165. Help me Ronda
  166. Nick Bockwinkel Passes Away At 80
  167. The BSK?
  168. Does Cesaro Really Have It?
  169. FYI Owens Vs Neville was outstanding.
  170. WWE's Statement on Charlotte/Paige segment
  171. Grado's entrance at Fear and Loathing VIII
  172. WWE vs NFL Comparison Question
  173. Sheamus will cash in and lose
  174. 25 years since his debut
  175. "Save Us Sasha"
  176. The Other Unmentioned Fact About Last Night
  177. Brad Maddox Has Been Released
  178. Best Undertaker Look
  179. What is your dream WrestleMania 32 card?
  180. Honmania looks to be dead
  181. Wrestlemania 32 card (Game)
  182. The Nations of Castration
  183. Why should we care?
  184. So C.M. Punk's First Opponent WILL Be Joe Blow...
  185. Did the two crackpots from ECW really go over Strowman?
  186. Two kids and mom get kicked out for calling Reigns the N-word
  187. Sheamus as Rocksteady
  188. Full WrestleKingdom 10 Card
  189. A petition has been started to remove Trump from WWE HoF
  190. So how exactly does Reigns Vs H for Mania play out
  191. A high thought.
  192. Who Else Digs The Rosebush?
  193. Anyone else noticed?
  194. Mike Quackenbush on how he views Professional Wrestling
  195. 2015 Wrestling Awards Nominations
  196. Bayley Curses!
  197. Alberto Del Rio vs Brock Lesnar
  198. Some Suggestions please
  199. I'm Officially a John Cena Fan
  200. I have not watched wrestling in atleast 6 months
  201. Do People Think Ambrose Is Underutilized?
  202. Reigns vs. Cena: Dawn of Just Us
  203. Dat Spear Tho
  204. J.R. On Mark Madden
  205. WrestleMania Venue Possibility?
  206. Stupid Things WWE Will Do In 2016 Predictions Thread
  207. Confessions of a half-assed fan
  208. Gonna watch NXT Brooklyn & London now
  209. WWE Just Hit The Jackpot -Styles, Nakamura, Anderson, Gallows
  210. Some Thoughts From Rewatching Attitude Era
  211. Worst match of 2016 -> Shibata vs Ishii
  212. It's Kind Of Odd But
  213. Report: Cena likely out for WrestleMania and longer
  214. Sasha Banks reportedly injured as well
  215. i just started Lucha Underground today
  216. Sheamus vs Brock Lesnar
  217. At least we'll have two consistent stars for Mania...
  218. Sting in HOF
  219. It's a New Entrance Video, Yes It Is
  220. Who would you release?
  221. The Highlight Reel - 1/18/2016
  222. RIP Iron Mike Sharpe
  223. Vivid wants to buy Sunny's HoF ring for 100k
  224. PWG All Star Weekend XI Nights One & Two Preview Videos
  225. Wrestling Personality You Would Want For a GPS Voice
  226. Royal Rumble
  227. "Network Era"
  228. Something I just realized!
  229. why is Daniel Bryan out?
  230. NFL Teams As Wrestlers
  231. TNA Posts About AJ Styles On Official Website
  232. I Just Saw Jimmy Havoc At The Train Station
  233. How f'ing sweet is AJ's theme though
  234. Who else?
  235. The Phenomenal Saviour!!!
  236. TNA Schedule
  237. The COO is a 14 time World Champion
  238. Fast Lane's main event
  239. Game: Name a wrestler you believe WWE should push as a top face instead of Roman.
  240. Lucha Underground season 2 on NOW
  241. Supposed New TNA Contract System
  242. Another injury...
  243. Weird observation
  244. Triple H Defending At FastLane
  245. Biggest Name To Never Wrestle At Mania
  246. Inverse: Most Unlikely Name To Ever Wrestle At Mania
  247. Let's Get Nuts: Best Possible Version of a Year-Long Roman Reign
  248. TIL: The Young Bucks Have Been On WWE TV - As D-Generation-X
  249. Bret "The Hitman" Hart Announces He Has Prostate Cancer
  250. The Greatest Tweet By a Wrestler Ever