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  1. WZPC Guide, Rules & FAQ
  2. WZPC Championships & Current Champions
  3. WrestleMania XXIV Participants
  4. No Way Out: Luther_Hull vs. Total Package **Example**
  5. No Way Out: A.J. vs. Conspicuous Asparagus **Example**
  6. No Way Out: Predictions Thread **Example**
  7. No Way Out: Y 2 Jake vs. TheOneBigWill **Example**
  8. No Way Out: Results **Example**
  9. League Table **Example**
  10. Wrestlemania XXIV: A.J. vs Agrex
  11. Wrestlemania XXIV: The Shockmaster vs bnn52
  12. Wrestlemania XXIV: Chris Vegas vs Chiefsfan8211
  13. Wrestlemania XXIV: C-Diggity vs DJ
  14. Wrestlemania XXIV: Enter. Sandman vs Edgehead80
  15. Wrestlemania XXIV: joeya51 vs RKO Orton
  16. Wrestlemania XXIV: Big Ace...Of Spades vs Phatso
  17. Wrestlemania XXIV: k/king8vs killerz369
  18. Wrestlemania XXIV: Luther_Hull vs Metfan374
  19. Wrestlemania XXIV: Mr. Sam vs Papa Shango
  20. Wrestlemania XXIV: RatedRMetalStar vs Rater R superstar95
  21. Wrestlemania XXIV: ShowTyme vs scotty16956
  22. Wrestlemania XXIV: Skullz Crack'Em vs strafro
  23. Wrestlemania XXIV: The Enforcer vs The_Next_Big_Thing
  24. Wrestlemania XXIV: The_Rocket vs Tomko
  25. Wrestlemania XXIV: Yoko Romo vs tristan
  26. Wrestlemania XXIV: WholeF***ingShow vs THe WHoLe FuCKiN SHoW
  27. Wrestlemania XXIV: precip666 vs redx619
  28. Wrestlemania XXIV: Joshy4Micky vs ABWrestling
  29. Wrestlemania XXIV: The Wabbit vs M@berry
  30. Wrestlemania XXIV: Capt. Charisma vs Phenomenal One
  31. Wrestlemania XXIV: nebs vs TMEWoody
  32. Wrestlemania XXIV: Predictions Thread
  33. Individual Thread Rules
  34. Wrestlemania XXIV: D.Miller vs hbksmexyboy
  35. Wrestlemania XXIV: psykohurricane vs gigilomann
  36. Wrestlemania XXIV: robpafc vs realchamp22
  37. Wrestlemania XXIV: tnafan95 vs MrKennedy07
  38. Wrestlemania XXIV: thecody2009 vs danhfd
  39. Wrestlemania XXIV: AleciaWWEDiva vs Matt Hardy Fan
  40. Wrestlemania XXIV: Mighty NorCal vs Rated R EdgeHead
  41. Wrestlemania XXIV: Orangel123 vs hartfoundation
  42. Wrestlemania XXIV: Steamboat Ricky vs PeteRose'sHaircut
  43. Wrestlemania XXIV: Bean vs W13rd0W
  44. Wrstlemania XXIV: TheOneBigWill vs jeffhardys#1fan
  45. Wrestlemania XXIV: Cage917r vs jpfizzle
  46. Wrestlemania XXIV: Death Is A Right vs Uncle Jake
  47. Wrestlemania XXIV: Results
  48. Backlash Participants
  49. Backlash: Yoko Romo vs Uncle Shocky
  50. Backlash: TheOneBigWill vs psykohurricane
  51. Backlash: Phatso vs RKO Orton
  52. Backlash: jpfizzle vs strafro
  53. Backlash: Cage917r vs Skullz Crack'Em
  54. Backlash: Uncle Sam vs Big Ace...Of Spades
  55. Backlash: The Wabbit vs precip666
  56. Backlash: A.J. vs Steamboat Ricky
  57. Backlash: Mighty NorCal vs joeya51
  58. Backlash: Agrex vs The_Next_Big_Thing
  59. Backlash: Luther_Hull vs The Enforcer
  60. Backlash: Rated R EdgeHead vs Orangel123
  61. Backlash: Predictions Thread
  62. Backlash: PeteRose'sHaircut vs realchamp22
  63. Backlash: wrestlingfan701 vs zacjones1024
  64. Backlash: phaM vs EdgeHead 21
  65. Backlash: Dewey Cox vs CaseyismyGF
  66. Backlash: turbomonkey484 vs x2x
  67. Backlash: C.M. vs danmen001
  68. Backlash: DIAR vs Y 2 Jake
  69. Judgment Day: Participants
  70. Backlash: Results
  71. Champions To Be Decided At Judgment Day
  72. Judgment Day: C.M. vs Uncle Shocky
  73. Judgment Day: Big Wes vs Y 2 Jake
  74. Judgment Day: The Enforcer vs Skullz Crack'Em
  75. Judgment Day: DIAR vs jpfizzle
  76. Judgment Day: Uncle Sam vs Steamboat Ricky
  77. Judgment Day: Danmen001 vs wrestlingfan701
  78. Judgment Day: psykohurricane vs alex(the great 1)
  79. Judgment Day: TheOneBigWill vs PeteRose'sHaircut
  80. Judgment Day: Big Ace..Of Spades vs strafro
  81. Judgment Day: Rated R Superstar95 vs Dewey Cox
  82. Judgment Day: orangel123 vs cenah8r1000
  83. Judgment Day: A.J. vs brahma62
  84. Judgment Day: Rated R EdgeHead vs Phatso
  85. Judgment Day: Predictions Thread
  86. Judgment Day: Agrex vs Mighty NorCal
  87. Judgment Day Results
  88. One Night Stand: Participants
  89. One Night Stand: WZPC World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Vegas vs Uncle Shocky
  90. One Night Stand: WZPC Intercontinental Championship: Y 2 Jake vs Skullz Crack'Em
  91. One Night Stand: WZPC Cruiserweight Championship: The Enforcer vs psykohurricane
  92. One Night Stand: WZPC Tag Team Championships: Moon Knight vs Steamboat Ricky
  93. One Night Stand: WZPC Tag Team Championships: Uncle Sam vs Orangel123
  94. One Night Stand: Danmen001 vs strafro
  95. One Night Stand: Agrex vs wrestlingfan701
  96. One Night Stand: danzaroxa69 vs DrFeelgood624
  97. One Night Stand: PeteRose'sHaircut vs TheOneBigWill
  98. One Night Stand: A.J. vs Rated R EdgeHead
  99. One Night Stand: brahma62 vs Phatso
  100. One Night Stand: Predictions Thread
  101. One Night Stand: jpfizzle vs HBK-Aholic
  102. One Night Stand Results
  103. Night Of Champions: Participants
  104. Night Of Champions: Chris Vegas vs The Enforcer
  105. Night Of Champions: Skullz Crack'Em vs Uncle Shocky
  106. Night Of Champions: psykohurricane vs PeteRose'sHaircut
  107. Night Of Champions: Steamboat Ricky vs Moon Knight
  108. Night Of Champions: Orangel123 vs Uncle Sam
  109. Night Of Champions: Danmen001 vs DJ Supreme
  110. Night Of Champions: HBK-Aholic vs brahma62
  111. Night Of Champions: wrestlingfan701 vs strafro
  112. Night Of Champions: TheOneBigWill vs Rated R EdgeHead
  113. Night Of Champions: jpfizzle vs A.J.
  114. Night Of Champions: Jest XXL vs simpsons_fanatic742
  115. Night Of Champions: sparky vs r4owns
  116. Night Of Champions: MVP4WWEChamp! vs DrFeelgood624
  117. Night Of Champions: Agrex vs hbk4444
  118. Night Of Champions: Predictions Thread
  119. Night Of Champions Results
  120. Great American Bash: Participants
  121. GAB: Chris Vegas vs The Enforcer
  122. GAB: Skullz Crack'Em vs Moon Knight
  123. GAB: Steamboat Ricky vs Uncle Shocky
  124. GAB: Orangel123 vs PeteRose'sHaircut
  125. GAB: Psykohurricane vs TheOneBigWill
  126. GAB: Danmen001 vs Sparky
  127. GAB: hbk4444 vs adampate
  128. GAB: Jest XXL vs jtbsoon2b
  129. GAB: MVP4WWEChamp! vs DrFeelgood624
  130. GAB: A.J. vs Lyez. D
  131. GAB: wrestlingfan701 vs twisterwrw929
  132. GAB: Uncle Phatso vs Agrex
  133. GAB: strafro vs CenaHardyFan
  134. GAB: simpsons_fanatic742 vs Codebreaker Y2J
  135. GAB: HBK-Aholic vs Save_US 619
  136. GAB: Predictions Thread
  137. GAB: Rusty
  138. Great American Bash Results
  139. Summerslam: Participants
  140. Summerslam: C.M. vs The Enforcer
  141. Summerslam: Skullz Crack'Em vs Moon Knight
  142. Summerslam: Steamboat Ricky vs Uncle Shocky
  143. Summerslam: Orangel123 vs Psykohurricane
  144. Summerslam: PeteRose'sHaircut vs TheOneBigWill
  145. Summerslam: Jest XXL vs DrFeelgood624
  146. Summerslam: hbk4444 vs Kingofthering92
  147. Summerslam: A.J. vs wrestlingfan701
  148. Summerslam: Sir sparky vs Danmen001
  149. Summerslam: HBK-Aholic vs CenaHardyFan
  150. Summerslam: strafro vs simpsons_fanatic742
  151. Summerslam: afromania vs twisterwrw929
  152. Summerslam: MVP4WWEChamp! vs hey_yo
  153. Summerslam: adampate vs Rokitka
  154. Summerslam: fozzywna vs cm_rko
  155. Summerslam: D.I.S 202 vs Lyez. D
  156. Summerslam: jpfizzle vs Rusty
  157. Summerslam: Demolition Punk vs EmersonFav1029
  158. Summerslam: pye1977 vs Booyaka
  159. Summerslam: Pepsimania vs Save_US.619
  160. Summerslam: Juggalo4Life vs Crimson Bonez
  161. Summerslam: Predictions thread
  162. Summerslam: Results
  163. League Table
  164. Unforgiven: Participants
  165. Unforgiven: The Enforcer vs C.M.
  166. Unforgiven: Skullz Crack'Em vs Steamboat Ricky
  167. Unforgiven: PeteRose'sHaircut vs TheOneBigWill
  168. Unforgiven: Uncle Shocky vs Moon Knight
  169. Unforgiven: Psykohurricane vs Orangel123
  170. Unforgiven: Tim Tam vs Sir Sparky
  171. Unforgiven: Danmen001 vs HBK-Aholic
  172. Unforgiven: simpsons_fanatic742 vs Juggalo4Life
  173. Unforgiven: mysterio_fan vs afromania
  174. Unforgiven: Jest XXL vs DrFeelgood624
  175. Unforgiven: hbk4444 vs D.I.S 202
  176. Unforgiven: wrestlingfan701 vs Lyez. D
  177. Unforgiven: DJ Supreme vs CaseyisIC25sGFnow
  178. Unforgiven: Rusty vs strafro
  179. Unforgiven: twisterwrw929 vs cool_guy_12
  180. Unforgiven: FanOfAllThingsWWE vs Harthan
  181. Unforgiven: A.J. vs RichardREVENGE
  182. Unforgiven: Hunter Hearst Punksley vs U.S. STEELE
  183. Unforgiven: Uncle Phatso vs Gordon-Lindsay
  184. Unforgiven: Predictions Thread
  185. Unforgiven: Markster vs undertakerrulesmania20
  186. Unforgiven: Aerandir vs FlameLeeUK
  187. Unforgiven: Results
  188. No Mercy: Participants
  189. No Mercy: The Enforcer vs C.M.
  190. No Mercy: Steamboat Ricky vs Skullz Crack'Em
  191. No Mercy: TheOneBigWill vs PeteRose'sHaircut
  192. No Mercy: Orangel123 vs Uncle Shocky
  193. No Mercy: DIAR vs psykohurricane
  194. No Mercy: HBK-Aholic vs RichardREVENGE
  195. No Mercy: Danmen001 vs hbk4444
  196. No Mercy: jpfizzle vs twisterwrw929
  197. No Mercy: DrFeelgood624 vs oneandonly
  198. No Mercy: Jest XXL vs Uncle Phatso
  199. No Mercy: A.J. vs FanOfAllThingsWWE
  200. No Mercy: afromania vs wrestlingfan701
  201. No Mercy: Rusty vs Sparky
  202. No Mercy: Juggalo4Life vs mysterio fan
  203. No Mercy: simpsons fanatic742 vs Vagrant
  204. No Mercy: Lyez. D vs kamikazeking20
  205. No Mercy: Timbo Slice vs j.hardy for wwe champ
  206. No Mercy: D.I.S 202 vs xN Starksx
  207. No Mercy: Predictions Thread
  208. No Mercy: strafro vs AMERICANFIRE
  209. No Mercy: Results
  210. Cyber Sunday: Participants
  211. Cyber Sunday: The Enforcer vs Paul Revere
  212. Cyber Sunday: Steamboat Ricky vs Orangel123
  213. Cyber Sunday: PeteRose'sHaircut vs A.J.
  214. Cyber Sunday: Psykohurricane vs afromania
  215. Cyber Sunday: Count Shockula vs The C.M.
  216. Cyber Sunday: Tim vs Richard
  217. Cyber Sunday: Rusty vs Skullz Crack'Em
  218. Cyber Sunday: Kamikazeking20 vs wrestlingfan701
  219. Cyber Sunday: HBK-Aholic vs DrFeelgood624
  220. Cyber Sunday: TheOneBigWill vs Danmen001
  221. Cyber Sunday: simpsons fanatic742 vs xN Starksx
  222. Cyber Sunday: mysterio fan vs Jest XXL
  223. Cyber Sunday: jtbsoon2b vs carpie dium619
  224. Cyber Sunday: Predictions Thread
  225. Cyber Sunday: AMERICANFIRE vs sticky
  226. Cyber Sunday: Results
  227. Survivor Series: Participants
  228. Survivor Series: The Enforcer vs Paul Revere
  229. Survivor Series: Steamboat Ricky vs Richard
  230. Survivor Series: A.J. vs Orangel123
  231. Survivor Series: Afromania vs strafro
  232. Survivor Series: C.M. vs simpsons fanatic742
  233. Survivor Series: Tim vs psykohurricane
  234. Survivor Series: Rusty vs Skullz Crack'Em
  235. Survivor Series: HBK-aholic vs jtbsoon2b
  236. Survivor Series: kamikazeking20 vs wrestlingfan701
  237. Survivor Series: Danmen001 vs Showtime
  238. Survivor Series: Santino 48/7 vs DrFeelgood624
  239. Survivor Series: bigryan 10 vs NightShiftLoser
  240. Survivor Series: carpie dium619 vs supersayian
  241. Survivor Series: TheOneBigWill vs xN Starksx
  242. Survivor Series: PeteRose'sHaircut vs Fizzywink
  243. Survivor Series: TM canada Bowles vs thelaw18489
  244. Survivor Series: Predictions Thread
  245. Survivor Series: MaskedKane vs tdigle
  246. Survivor Series: Results
  247. Armageddon: Participants
  248. Armageddon: Paul Revere vs Orangel123
  249. Armageddon: Steamboat Ricky vs Psykohurricane
  250. Armageddon: Afromania vs simpsons fanatic742