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  7. What song are you currently listening to?
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  10. The Best Free Computer Programs, As Brought To You By Slyfox696
  11. HOMELAND: A Showtime Original Series
  12. Dexter
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  14. Coming Attractions Thread 2013
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  16. unpopular TV show opinions
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  18. Rank The Film Series Thread
  19. Film Revisionism: Your Top 10 For the Past 13 Years
  20. Are movie trailers showing too much?
  21. 24: Live Another Day
  22. The Expendables 3 Speculation Thread
  23. Final Fantasy 4 Walkthrough with Dagger
  24. New Terminator Film Will Be A Stand-Alone In The Franchise-Set For Release In 2015
  25. WWE 2K14 First Impressions
  26. Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  27. Johnny Depp Thinking About Retirement?
  28. TV Guide Magazine's Top 60 Child/Teen TV stars
  29. First Image Of A Sentinel In X-Men: Days Of Future Past
  30. Final Written Review of WWE '13
  31. Ellen DeGeneres Hosting The 86th Academy Awards
  32. Movies that brought a tear to your eye
  33. Who Should Be Batman?
  34. RT's List Of The Best 75 Summer Movies & Worst 60 Since 1975
  35. Songs That Make You Emotional
  36. The Greatest Movie Character (Mini-Tournment)
  37. Action Arcade Wrestling 2 - Discussion Thread
  38. Your Memorable & Disappointing Death Scenes
  39. Miley Cyrus At The VMAs: Get Over It Already
  40. The Media Hub Battle Dome: James Bond vs Sherlock Holmes
  41. Shows that died before their time.....
  42. Dead Men Tell No Tales Or Transformers 4?
  43. The New Harry Potter "Spin-Off" Movie
  44. Favorite Rockstar Games Protagonists
  45. A Pleasant Surprise/Happy Accident
  46. Bands You Only Have One CD By
  47. F*** Awards Season: Five Movies I'm Looking Forward To That Will NOT Get An Oscar
  48. Songs You Know You'll Never Stop Listening To
  49. What About A "Wolverine VS. Hulk" movie?
  50. The biggest a-hole on TV, but you love them anyway.
  51. Pokémon Non-Spam Discussion Thread
  52. Best Video Game Weapons
  53. Your Fallback Game
  54. Lostprophets Have Broken Up
  55. The future of NCAA Football video games
  56. Your favorite final levels/boss battles
  57. Nightwish's New Singer: Floor Jansen
  58. Popular Music and Vagina Colorization
  59. How many directors' top 3 films can we agree on?
  60. The Revelatory Properties of Music
  61. The ExpendaBelles.......
  62. Malware Alert: Cryptolocker
  63. Michael Fassbender is the Next Tom Hanks
  64. Ghostbusters 3: Do You Care?
  65. The Comedy Classics Of The Early 80s
  66. How I Met Your...Dad?
  67. PS4 and Xbox One - Initial Impressions
  68. Better Call Saul
  69. The Definitive Top 10 Best Actor/Director Pairings Of All Time
  70. Planned TV Series For Sin City & The Mist
  71. Metallica "BY REQUEST" Sonisphere 2014
  72. A Look Ahead To Horror and Cult Film in 2014
  73. New Terminator TV Series.......
  74. Coming Attractions Thread 2014
  75. Best TV Show of 2013
  76. Top 10: Album of the year
  77. Big name games that left your thoroughly disappointed?
  78. This is why The Rock gets to do what he wants in the WWE
  79. The Worst TV Series of 2013.
  80. What is a "gamer" to you?
  81. Why Do People In The UK and Ireland Hate James Corden So Much?
  82. 2013: The Year Country Music Died
  83. 2013's Best And Most Overrated Movies: Non-Spam Edition
  84. Video Game Challenges
  85. 2014 In Film
  86. Best Picture 2013
  87. Incredibox
  88. BAFTA 2014 Nominations
  89. Movies You Have A Love/Hate Relationship With
  90. Best Comedy Duo Of All Time
  91. 2013 Razzie Nominations
  92. 2014 Oscar Nominations
  93. Jonah Hill As An Actor: I've Bought In
  94. What are your gaming pet peeves?
  95. How to save the Wii U?
  96. Rank The Game Series Thread
  97. Gamer Culture, is it Leveling Up or Devolving?
  98. From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series
  99. Paper Luigi?
  100. Book Review Thread
  101. Least Favorite Mechanics in Gaming?
  102. The Protector 2
  103. Changing A Character's Race In TV/Film
  104. 86th Academy Awards Aftermath & List Of Winners
  105. What was the Best and Worst WWF Video Game Between 1987-1995?
  106. Were FPS' More Diverse In Previous Generations??
  107. Flashpoint
  108. Has Any Comedic Actor Ever Come Close To 80s Eddie Murphy?
  109. The Rock As Hercules
  110. Prometheus 2 Will Be More Alien-y?
  111. Worst Oscar Snubs and/or Winners
  112. Old Wrestling Video Games Topic
  113. WWE Films - 12 Rounds: An honest review.
  114. Book Adaptations On Television/Movies
  115. Your least favorite performance from an actor/character
  116. Achievements/Trophies In Games. Your Thoughts
  117. REMINDER To Hollywood: The Following Men Do Not Have The IT Factor
  118. Mark Ruffalo Needs To Prove He's A Good Hulk
  119. Fading Stars: Will Smith & Johnny Depp
  120. WWE 2K15
  121. The Best, The Worst, The Overrated And The Underrated
  122. Director Zack Snyder Reveals Images Of Batman & the Batmobile
  123. Oculus Rift
  124. Machinima: Street Fighter
  125. Game Genres You Just Can't Play Anymore
  126. Mobile Game App Review Thread
  127. Your Favorite Game from a Specific Genre
  128. Capcom Now Open For Potential Purchase
  129. Linkin Park's new album - The Hunting Party
  130. Robert Englund's Final Appearance As Freddy Krueger?
  131. More Sequels For Rambo & Predator?
  132. The Poison Of Pre-Order Culture
  133. Thor Godess of Thunder and Enemy of Neckbeards
  134. RODDY PIPER and MR. T should be in Expendables 4
  135. Warner Bros. & DC Blink First
  136. Batista is a better actor than The Rock
  137. WWE 2k15:Showcase Rivalry,My Career disccussion
  138. Actors/Actresses/Directors Who Have Gotten A Raw Deal
  139. P.T. and Survival Horror Games
  140. The Rock as Hercules
  141. Greatest Rapper Alive
  142. Dragon Ball Z 2015
  143. Sons of Anarchy, The Final Season
  144. Your Favorite Video Games: Past & Present
  145. The Hateful Eight
  146. Teen Titans Comes to Live Action...
  147. Ranking Opeth's Albums
  148. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past - A Walkthrough with Dagger
  149. Favorite Soundtrack: Movie Edition
  150. The Strange Case Of Modern Music Videos
  151. Operation Black Unicorn - Co-Starring John Morrison
  152. Walking Dead: Season Five starts Sunday at 9!
  153. American Horror Story: Freak Show
  154. Great Horror Films You May Not Have Watched
  155. American Dad Returns On TBS For A New Season
  156. Syfy Has Really Missed The Boat
  157. The Death Of Wolverine
  158. Neil Patrick Harris will host the 2015 Academy Awards
  159. A New Saw Film?
  160. Is Scarlett Johansson The Next Action Superstar?
  161. Avengers: Age Of Ultron Teaser Trailer
  162. Jennifer Lawrence
  163. Who was Ozzy's best guitarist?
  164. Adam Sandler signs an exclusive deal with Netflix
  165. Amazon Prime
  166. Terminator: Genisys Trailer, Stills, & Plot Details
  167. Who Should Be The New Velvet Revolver Singer
  168. The Possibility Of A Prequel Series For The Sopranos
  169. Two and a Half Men final season: Going out with a whimper?
  170. Quentin Tarantino Contemplating Retirement After Tenth Film?
  171. Dragon Age: Inquisition
  172. Would You Be Up For An American Version Of..
  173. Ranking Deftones' Albums
  174. List it: Brad Pitt
  175. Are the American single charts as competitive as the British?
  176. Angelina Jolie Wants To Focus on A Career As A Director?
  177. Physical VS Digital
  178. List it: Jim Carrey
  179. Stand Up Comedy Review Thread
  180. List It: Leonardo DiCaprio
  181. My issue with Marvel/DC franchises
  182. Surprising Musical Facts
  183. Most Underrated Disney Song
  184. Will An R-Rating Help The Expendables 4?
  185. Top Hip Hop Albums 2014
  186. #1 TV Dad of All Time
  187. 106 and Park is over!!!!
  188. Coming Attractions Thread 2015
  189. The Interview
  190. 2015 In Film
  191. Amiibo
  192. 2015 Razzies Winners List
  193. Oscars 2015: The Full List Of Winners
  194. The Curious Case Of Bands Changing Their Style
  195. Film Critics & Rotten Tomatoes
  196. The Weekly Horror Movie(s) Thread
  197. 2014: Top Five Disappointments
  198. Best unmade films by foreign directors
  199. Long Delays Between Film Releases In Different Regions.
  200. It's Official; Neil Blomkamp Will Direct The New Alien Film
  201. The Marine Franchise - WWE Studios
  202. Two And A Half Men Finale - Your Thoughts?
  203. Are They Trying To Phase Out Physical Music??
  204. Hugh Jackman Wants To Hold On To Wolverine...Until He Dies?
  205. Better Call Saul
  206. American Horror Story: Hotel (Season 5)
  207. Games With Gold
  208. House of Cards Season 3
  209. The Expendables....As A TV Series?
  210. Movies With Wasted Potential
  211. Who do YOU want to see in a Smash Bros game?
  212. Favorite Movie of 1992
  213. From the Vault with FunKay
  214. Endless Forms Most Beautiful
  215. Does Branding A Reboot Hurt The Product?
  216. WWE2K16 Download packs?
  217. Transformers Sequels & Spin-Offs
  218. Orange Is The New Black
  219. Call of Duty Black Ops 3 - Teaser Trailer
  220. The First Trailer For Batman VS Superman: Dawn Of Justice
  221. Denzel Washington top 20 all-time?
  222. Fuller House Is Officially Coming To Netflix
  223. Jared Leto As The Joker
  224. Mario Kart 8's Downloadable Content
  225. No More Action Movies For Liam Neeson?
  226. A Bond Of A Different Color
  227. No Mercy or Slam Masters?
  228. Wayward Pines
  229. Hulk Hogan As A Villain In The Expendables 4?
  230. Hype Never Changes: Fallout 4 Confirmed
  231. The Official Sonic The Hedgehog Appreciation Thread
  232. San Andreas, Surprisingly Good
  233. Don't You Dare, Hollywood! Vol. 1: Big Trouble In Little China
  234. Michael Myers Returns!
  235. Interpreting Mulholland Drive
  236. Mad Max: Fury Road
  237. Post Interesting Fan Theories...
  238. Gears of War 4 / Ultimate Edition
  239. Favorite 8 Bit Era Video Games? (NES & Game Boy)
  240. The Dragon Ball Z Thread
  241. Mr Robot (USA TV Series)
  242. Sum 41 - New Album Pledge
  243. Ash VS Evil Dead
  244. Elder Scrolls Online
  245. Extreme Battle #1: Superman vs Hyperion
  246. Spyro The Dragon & Crash Bandicoot
  247. The Return Of The Springwood Slasher?
  248. The Neighbors (Hulu Series)
  249. Ranking KoRn's Albums
  250. Extreme Battle #2: Thor VS Captain Planet